i tried and i have failed

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I have never drawn these two in my liiife, I hope they look okay-

Well I failed my comprehensive exam. Only two more tries and if I fail those I cannot get my master’s degree.

Several professors were all like “you’ll do fine, you’re a good student, you know how to write and study,” but apparently fucking not.

I worked hard. I read the novel. I read the articles. I got their content down.

I failed anyway.

This week has been shit, between the sheer workload exhausting me to  psychotic homophobic Valentino fangirls to my allergies to all my simmering personal anxieties coming to the surface with a vengeance. I’m sick of everything, I’m sick of myself so very much. I have not felt this hopeless and low since the summer and that was a bad, bad time.

anonymous asked:

I hate being trans. So much. It's tearing my family apart, ruining my relationship with my sister, my mom cried, and no one understands me. Furthermore, it's hard to cope with the dysphoria when im at an all-girls-school that has a strict uniform. Do you know any ways to stop being trans? I hate this. I just want to be normal and loved

Trans is normal and no there is no way to ‘stop’ being it. You can pretend to be something you’re not but it doesnt make it go away. In the same way you cant just stop being gay or whatever else, its part of who we are. Conversion therapies have tried and failed and that is why they fail, and also why it is normal. Something being different from some determined ‘norm’ doesnt make it wrong or abnormal. It is less common that is all. Society likes to view everything as being black and white which is so far from reality. There is evidence of the existence of non binary genders dating back to ancient Egypt yet people still insist ‘there are only two genders’ because thats what society forces. Trans people have always existed

If someone cant love you for who you are then the problem lies with them. Its them who have to learn acceptance, not us having to change to suit them. Love should never be conditional. Im not saying this is easy, its not. Especially in the early days. But it does get better. I was mentally in the same place and have since done a 180 on those thoughts. It takes time and education to get there. Its not an easy life but the majority of that is because of others. They are the ones that need to change. In terms of school I would personally try to transfer to another but thats not always easy or possible to do. It may be hard now but see it as temporary then you can get away from all that and leave it in the past. I wasnt out at school and it wasnt easy being seen as something you’re not. But focus on the future. It may seem like a long time now but its a relatively short amount of time in the span of your life. Find any coping mechanisms that help you get through it if you cant get out of it. Like if you have to wear a dress dont see it as ‘female’ clothing, if you are all referred to as ‘girls’ then know that you are the exception to it. Some even use methods like pretending they are undercover trying to pass as one of them, pretend they are acting/playing a role etc. It might not work for you or make it go away completely, but anything that can help at all can make it easier to get through it. Whatever helps you, however small. You can come out strong at the other side. The end result is worth it. It may not be easy but you can get through this

Take me trying to use a blue highlighter to enhance this sketch and managing to fins a way to succeed and fail at the same time XD
I tried to make it look like his staff was dripping water, or whatever the blue stuff is supposed to be (it looks more like blue fire to me) but have this while I’m working in the digital versions of those SorMik sketches


#Yoda uses #theforce to raise the crashed ship out of the Swamp. #LukeSkywalker says “I don’t believe it.” #MasterYoda replies “That is why you fail.” - Beliefs can #empower us or cage us in forever. Beliefs are that powerful. I once heard a sad story. There was an elephant at a circus that was chained to a pole as an infant. He tried to break away, but was not strong enough too. Over time, he became monstrous. One day, the circus accidentally caught on fire, and the elephant died. He was enormous, and could have easily ripped the pole out of the ground to run away to safety, but there was a SELF-LIMITING BELIEF IN HIS MIND that told him he would not be able to do it, and so he didn’t even try. Do you understand the impact your beliefs can have on your life? I hope you understand that even though you may not be able to see how or why (just like the elephant), they have the ability to #transform your life. #4biddenknowledge

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I tried anon, i really did. I hope this passes for ‘soft and cute’ lmao. Poor Frisk can’t catch a break.

and here’s a bonus panel as if this thing wasn’t long enough already:


Real people don’t boil down to types as easily as television wants them to, and Britta’s got two halves. One of those halves is a cocksure, liberal kinda girl who’s sure that she can understand the world if she just tries hard enough and is compassionate enough. But the other half of that girl is a rather bitter girl who’s seen too much of her life slip by her and has turned a lot of anger inwards. She’s a prickly character, very smart and very compassionate but also not able to cut most people any slack. In her own way, she’s the most developed character on the show. She may not be the most easily lovable, but I feel like she’s shaping up to be something really new and special. - Todd VanDerWerff


(Where Bucky panics if he can’t find Steve next to him when he wakes up in the middle of the night.)


Happy Birthday, Francesca! (´ ▽`).。o♡