i tried a tutorial i found


So after many failed attempts and a lot of swearing I finally found a way to make a template that works! Feel free to use it you should be able to adjust it fairly easily. The dots are all 1 inch apart.
• I made the paper myself by laying it over my handy cutting board which has a grid on it each line is exactly an inch apart. My first couple of tries I was drawing the full line onto my paper but that was very confusing and hard to sort out so I just marked the 1 inch intervals wih dots which worked a lot better. You can also do this using a ruler it just might not be as precise but that’s ok.
•I highly recommend you make a paper mock up tape it together and try that on to make sure it’s going to fit you before you cut into your materials.
• I used EVA foam to make my armour. I was able to get a huge roll of the stuff at canadian tire in their carpet and rug section. When cutting EVA foam if you mess up a line don’t try recutting it just sand it down with a bit of sandpaper otherwise it ends up looking choppy and really rough around the edges. I used contact cement to glue everything together.
• I had to put elastic on the back edge of the side panels to attach it to the back panel so I could fit it over my shoulders without ripping it. This seems to work pretty well so far.

If you have any questions let me know I’ll be happy to help you out if I can! Good luck


So I found a tutorial that shows you how to do guy make up and I tried it out (with sloppy results) but I was fairly happy with it and made a post on it here!


But the longer I looked the longer I was like….wait…WAIT! So I like grabbed some eyeliner and this crusty old bomber jacket that’s coming apart and DO YOU KNOW WHO I LOOK LIKE????

Dude just give me some spikey hair and goggles and I’m ready to cosplay this shit!!!

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hey! I don't know if you answer any coding related questions so I'm sorry if you don't. I wanted to ask how you made the category tabs in your relationships page? I tried to follow a few tutorials I found on tumblr, but none of them worked. thanks in advance.

Hello :) I DO take coding and theme related questions any time, so you’re good. I call that particular code DROPDOWN MENU, and you’re right to be frustrated with it, since there are so many different versions of its tutorial and the whole thing can get a bit tricky. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, here it is:

The best ( as in, the easiest to understand and work with ) tutorials I’ve seen about this piece of coding are LE4F’S SLIDING DROPDOWN MENU TUTORIAL and SHOWMAXTER’S DROPDOWN TUTORIAL. I checked out both of them and tweaked the code to fit better to my page. I’m going to share MY code for it, straight from my own theme, but I would recommend that you check out both of those tutorials to learn how to customise and fancy up the code to your liking.

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I just found out your watercolor gifs tutorial and ...OMG I'M SCREAMING!! I don't think I can't thank you enough, I always wanted to learn how to do that kind of gifs ❤❤ I'm definitely going to try and let you know how the gifs turn out :3 Thank you again, you're a great artist and a great person ❤

i’m so happy you found it helpful!!! ♥ i tried to find a good lineart gif tutorial a while ago but my searches came up with pretty much nothing… so i ended up experimenting with some methods i’ve used to make real life photos look like sketches :D i’m sure other people do them differently but this turned out to be the best method i could come up with!

naturally, the settings i used for the tutorial don’t work for all scenes but in my experience they’re a pretty good place to start from! also, if the scene has a very busy background i usually mask it before resizing and applying the lineart effect to make sure it looks as good as possible (and it also gives you the option to use the same frames in other projects without having to do it all over again)! in those cases the blurred layer leaves a fuzzy border around the image when you merge the layers, so you need to select the sharpened layer’s pixels before merging and mask the resulting layer with the selection. oh and i usually convert the layers for the first frame into smart objects before sharpening or blurring so i can easily adjust the settings to be optimal for the scene.

and yes please let me see the gifs you come up with!!! ♥♥♥ and thank you for all the compliments, you are too sweet ♥

So i made a wig tutorial on cosplay amino and the tutorial went down really well. I know i haven’t really posted anything about cosplay on this tumblr but anyway here it is. The zig zag method to hide wefts doesn’t work on all wigs as i tried it with this wig and it just downright refused so i found this method better.


Step 1: Section off any hair you want to use at the front for a fringe or bangs and tie these so you don’t accidentally style them into something else also do this with any layers that are on the top of the wig if there are no layers section some off that you will style and cut later. (this is really important as this is how we hide the wefts

Step 2: Part the wig hair at the back into sections for the pigtails and tie them as high or low as you require don’t worry that any of the wefts are showing as we will cover those later.

Step 3: Take the section you tied at the top for layers and untie it. If the wig already has layers like mine did it will fall down over the wig hiding the wefts at the back of the wig, if the wig has no layers cut the back to look like the photos above make sure not to cut the layers too short as this will show the wefts.

Step 4: Untie the fringe/bangs and style as you wish. I was cosplaying askyary pamyu pamyu so i needed a full fringe. 

Voila! You now have a wig with pigtails and no visible wefts. Shout out to my boyfriend modelling my wig. Kawaii doesn’t cover it hahaa

Female vs. Male - Anatomy Comparison

Unfortunately, this was one of the older references saved onto my hard drive and I have since lost the author information. I would like to credit the artist and I believe I found this one somewhere on DeviantArt. I have tried to search for it on there, but I couldn’t get it to appear in the results. If anyone knows who the artist is, please let me know!

Videogame Tutorial Thoughts

Lately while I work I’ve been listening to a ton of GDC talks, which can be found at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0JB7TSe49lg56u6qH8y_MQ because I’m an artist who loves videogames and love to hear behind the scenes stuff and critical analysis about game design. And today I watched one that brought up tutorials The developer mentioned that the average person that tries a game will often give up if they can’t get through an area on the first try, so they had to expand the tutorial.

And this made me think about how I feel about tutorials in games. I’ve mentioned on here time and time again that I despise tutorials in games. I even wrote a big thing about hating most 3D Zeldas and their use of tutorials. But I also understand that I’m not every player. I’m not a kid trying out a game for the first time, I’m not an 80 year old person giving games a shot for the first time, or maybe I’m not a veteran of a certain franchise. 

If only videogame veterans play videogames there is no future for them. I know this for a fact because I work in the comic industry and for the longest time the comic industry was dying because it exclusively made books for men in their 40s-50s. Wanna know what’s caused a renaissance in the comic industry? Comics being more accessible to everyone, not just one group of people. So even though I hate tutorials in games, I also care about seeing a future in that industry.

But why, Heather, why is it you hate tutorials so much? I was thinking about it today and was trying to get to the bottom of it. I thought about games I legitimately enjoyed that had them in it. And well…I realized that tutorials alone aren’t the issue. The issue is that most games tend to do a lot of hand holding instead of having the tutorial occur in a way that feels natural. Even in games targeted at all ages or younger players, you should still respect their intelligence. 

There are 3 games I can think of in recent memory that do a good job with tutorials, I’m sure there’s more, but these are the ones that popped up when I thought about.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The tutorial all takes place while Alloy is a kid. She’s taught how to hunt, fight, use the environment, etc. by her father figure. This tutorial flows perfectly and it makes sense within the narrative. It feels like it belongs in the game and doesn’t feel at all jarring.

Breath of the Wild: Holy shit a 3D Zelda that doesn’t talk down to me in the tutorial?! That’s crazy talk. The tutorial is given through a set of goals and like, HZD, it’s done in a way that feels natural. It also doesn’t go out of its way to explain everything. The player also has the freedom to explore and do whatever the fuck they want. I know before I bothered to finish the tutorial I looked around, climbed mountains, learned how to fight, etc. on my own. I was able to complete the tutorial at my own pace while learning how to play the game.

Bloodborne: A lot of people are going to see this and be like what the fuck haha FromSoftware doesn’t usually explain much in their games, you’re thrown into all their games without any info. And at a glance, aside from the basic info you find on the ground in the Hunter’s Dream, the game doesn’t seem to have a tutorial. That’s because the entire first area, Central Yharnam, is the tutorial. While it doesn’t tell you how to do anything, every single thing in that area is about teaching you how to play the game.

Almost immediately you get pebbles, items that you throw to attract 1 enemy at a time. Guess what you run into next? A bonfire with like 10 dudes. As you make your way towards the bonfire you run into 1 enemy that will pop out and surprise you. If you go up the stairs before him there is another enemy hiding around a corner, but since you already ran into that 1 surprise, you’re now more cautious and know what to expect. After that there’s an enemy facing away from you where you can learn how to back stab. There’s tons of stuff like that that teach you how to fight and explore the game.

So as you can see tutorials don’t have to be boring! They can be fun and fit the story or blend into the game to the point where you don’t even notice they’re there. I think it’s important that games are accessible to everyone, but I think games also need to respect our intelligence and stop doing them in lazy ways. Teach players through the story or through the gameplay and good game design.

Catwoman Cowl Tutorial

I have found cowls to be one of the most difficult cosplay items to create. My first cowl I made two years ago turned out a disaster, so this time I tried something new (although NOT a new technique, I know), and I want to share it with you guys! 

Moderate/advanced sewing patience :D Mostly because of the materials you’ll be working with–stretch PVC is unforgiving and a general pain the butt. For an easier cowl, try a stretch pleather or lycra! 

Things you need:
Plastic wrap
Masking tape/duct tape
4-way stretch PVC/stretch pleather/lycra
sewing machine with walking foot (if working with stretch PVC/pleather)
9" black zipper
Pony ears from Yayahan.com

#1: Look like an absolute dope by wrapping plastic wrap all over your head. Be sure to NEVER cover your nose and mouth– suffocating is BAD! Don’t do it!

#2: Cover the plastic wrap with masking tape or duct tape– since masking tape is easier for me to rip with my weak little hands, I prefer masking tape. I covered as much of my face as I could, because it’s better to cut some off later than not have enough!

#3: Carefully cut along the side of your head and just past the ear, making sure not to cut your hair! Remove the cowl from your head. 

#4: I sadly don’t have this pictured, but I then put the masking tape mask on a mannequin head and taped the slit back up where I had cut my head out of it. I then drew on the head where I’d like my seams to be. Generally cowls have four seams: two center panels and two side panels. I also gave myself a chin panel, due to my desire to have a very covered neck. 

#5: Here are my pattern pieces all cut out! Be sure to label them! Whereever there are curved edges that won’t lie flat, cut a slit in the pattern until it lies flat! These are called “darts”! They’ll make your cowl lie smoother against your head! 

#6: Cut out four of each piece (with added seam allowance) and sew together two cowls– one will be the lining! Be sure to try both on multiple times throughout the process to get a nice fit– just be sure to try to get it right the first time, because sewing along stretchy curves can result in puckering! Leave an opening in the back about seven inches high to install a zipper once you’re done! 

#7: Sew both of the cowls together, right sides together, at the circle where your face goes. Turn the cowl right side out and fold in and sew the bottom edge to get a nice, clean finished look. Install zipper. 

#8: I used Yayahan.com ’s ears for my cowl– just super glue them onto the stretch PVC– they seem to hold VERY well! Before you put the glue on the ears, make sure to put the cowl on and see where you want them! I filled the strap holes with spackle and painted mine with metallic black paint to match the shiny PVC

#9: You now have a wonderfully fit cowl! 

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I just wanted to say you improved a lot like a lot this year!! What do you have to say that helped you improve this fast other than drawing everyday? also I wanted to know what program and brush setting do you use for line art and colouring? also can you ever make us a coloring tutorial please?

Holy crap you are the sweetest thing. I just sat here quietly squealing as I read your message~ So thank you!!

I think in the past I never quite knew how I wanted to actually draw.. like the techniques and I was constantly changing my mind on how I should paint until recently. I think I found an actual style that I’m happy with this year and since then I’ve been steadily improving. I’ve also found a lot of artists that inspire me and I’ve tried learning things from them. here’s a few off the top of my head: pigeon666, kelpls, kada-bura, sacetcendre, bwubwuartiguanamouth. Not to mention I’ve been scouring the world and internet for possible art references on architecture and lighting, among other things. It’s always good to use a reference and learn from nature.

Sometimes when I feel like i’m not really progressing I’ll think of something I can add and focus on. Right now I’m focusing on stuff like veins and more realistic eyes and fingernails… and like, light shining through ears. Also I think that drawing what you want to draw is really important. I decided a while back that I wont draw anything unless I actually want to draw it and just have a good feeling about it. And while I do draw almost everyday, I think it is also good to take a break every once in awhile. Play some video games for a few days or go on nature walks or play an instrument or even just take a break from digital drawing and do a few watercolors or sketches or something. Just let your mind rest and do something different for a bit. Get inspiration flowing through your body before you pick up a pencil. I think that’s good.

For the program I use Paint Tool Sai and for the brush settings i’ll do a smol tutorial with a drawing of my smol son  ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I start off with a softer brush to do the sketch.

do a quick outline, doesn’t need to be perfect cause I’ll paint over it eventually. I mainly use it for a guide

do base colors on separate layers with a solid brush. I usually lower the opacity on the sketch and outline layers at this point.

do some quick shadows and lighting with an airbrush tool. I like to do the lighting on luminosity

block out some colors and add depth. I like to use colors and not just a ‘lighter and darker’ version of the base color. I usually use purple for shadows and lots of reds and oranges for light.

paint and blend. I lowered the opacity on the outline and sketch layers again so you can barely see them. I also outlined around his eyes with the outline pen.

I got rid of the outline and sketch layers entirely here after I decided I was done painting. I use that water color brush a lot. It’s probably my favorite.

And for the last step I just did a small outline around the places I thought needed it. <3

Thank you for asking!! I think I’ll start posting more progress pictures and maybe tutorials in the future just so ya know!

*Smooches you and then flies into the darkness*

Okay so, I tried searching for the mystery protector today. While in 3D class, because I am terrible at 3D and decided to opt for watching tutorials at home for my assessment and most of my learning.

In any case, I looked at the threads that’s extending from my soul, which tends to represent my connection with my peeps and is one of the many ways I can instantly teleport and reach them whenever I need to.

There was a new one. A black one. I knew that was them, but when I tried to go to them, they ran.

But I still talked to them, after giving them some time to get used to my presence, but they were a little defensive. But more because they were confused. They didn’t know if they were a tulpa, or a guardian, or whatever; just feeling a lot more panicked and near to tears.

I honestly didn’t expect that.

But then I remembered that last night I actually gave them a name, and used that, gently calling them and having them follow some easy breathing techniques and tell them assurances that they’re okay.

The skeleton was actually female, and I had named her Onyx, but that was in a sleepy daze. But now it stuck, but Onyx actually fits her quite well.

I had Veto go back and tell the others about her, while I forced with Onyx for a little, taking her to one of my special haven spaces. One one where it’s just an endless expanse of water that we’re able to walk upon, our only light in the night being the bright stars that pepper the sky.

I walked with her, sharing with her my energy and letting her get used to me. She felt a lot more calmer and better.

I decided that Onyx will accompany me for the day, since I already forced with Veto on my way to school and we’ll be having a little date later for her birthday.

She’s currently hanging out in the forefront of my mind, where it’s now a nice lounge with soft sofa chairs so whoever is accompanying me for that day doesn’t need to be imposed, but just hanging out near me.

She’s definitely enjoying herself. She doesn’t really have eye lights like the other skeleton peeps I have, and was perfectly happy adopting Mabel Pines’ voice.

She’s also pretty short, being 4 foot 5, and a little shy.

Onyx seems to be feeling a lot better now, which is great.

I was thinking to have Veto share a birthday with Onyx, but Onyx says that she was sort of present before. Guess her birthday is on the 21st.


Polymer Clay people~ I’ve found the most amazing glaze technique! I’m going to talk about the airbrush and my previous glazes and why they didn’t work- this will be long. I posted a few weeks ago about purchasing an airbrush system for finishing my work and I finally got the glaze in the mail and tried it out. I bought an old Iawata airbrush from someone on Craigslist. Airbruses can be very expensive so I recommend getting a used one or a cheap model especially if it’s just for glaze. I got the whole system, compressors and all for $65. At first I tried to dilute polyurethane and diamond glaze to put through the system but they gunked up pretty quickly and I had to thin them so much to get them to pass through the system that in the end they didn’t leave much gloss behind. I asked a few toy designers I know what kind of gloss finishes they used on their work and they all used airbrushes with either automotive finish or Monster Kolor which is what I used in the end. The glaze is a two part mixture 2:1 ratio and is just beyond incredible. It cures to an insanely hard intense gloss like nothing I’ve been able to achieve before. They also make a matt version and different glitters and such you can add to them. I’ve been working with polymer clay for 5 years now and the most difficult thing to manage was the finish on my pieces and I’m so beyond happy I invested in this kit. All I had to do was spray it on! It was so fast I could have cried. I’ve tried so many different kinds of finishes, from brush ons to sprays and everything had a drawback. Everyone has different needs for their polymer clay work and I need a super glossy and durable finish for my jewelry and keychains as they get a lot of wear.  I make complex pieces that are difficult to brush and dip glaze. (not to mention insanely time consuming) I’ve been using either Varathane Polyurethane or Diamond glaze and while both of these work pretty well, in the end polyurethane isn’t as strong as I need it to be i.e. it will scratch off and eventually rub off pieces like necklaces etc, and Diamond glaze while very strong, is time consuming to apply as it dries quickly and I have to divide a piece into 3-4 sections and glaze it over as many days. I always wanted a finish that would protect and preserve all the hard work I put into my pieces and I think I finally found it. I hope this helps someone else out there and please feel free to ask any questions you have. I’m new to the airbrush system but I’m happy to try and help. Good luck!