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i cant believe how talented you are im literally in love with your art its honestly amazing, can i ask you how long it took you to learn how long it took you to define your art style and to use photoshop so well? i love drawing and last summer tried to dedicate my time to learn how to draw in photoshop and failed miserably, im afraid that its something that i'll just never get to do because of its complexibility, also figuring out an art style is hard, so anyway end of ranting love ur art bye

awww thank you so so much!!! So I actually am a bit clueless when it comes to Photoshop. I use paint tool sai (it’s like the watered down version of photoshop that’s like so much easier to understand!) So I’m in the same boat as you haha! 

And for how long it took to develop my art style… well… here’s a timeline? 

2006: No photgraphic evidence… shortly gave up after a year in 2007

2009: I tried again and was still terrible!

2010: Gave up and started working on more traditional art pieces. (bowls of fruit, etc.) 

2013: Eh… third times the charm, right? 

2014: I was just being stubborn at this point.

2015: Steadily practicing and ended up switching the way I draw entirely.

2016: Found a lot of time to practice this year, along with different tutorials and experimenting with brushes. There were so many drawings… so so many…

2017: And that all leads up to here :D 

My style is always evolving and will continue to do so for a while because I’m still learning :D So don’t give up! It takes a lot of effort into developing something of your own but it’s totally worth it, in the end! 


Some sample pages from Andrew Loomis’s series on how to draw comics, 1939-1961, concerning perspective and composition. (The changes in font and layout stem from the fact the pages come from different prints.)

I tried to collect the most useful pages, but of course I’m limited to only 10 images per post.

This is a follow-up of sorts of the Disney “how to draw comics” handouts I posted earlier, and which can be found HERE.

How to Capture Video & Use for Gifs 

Okay, so an anon asked for this tutorial and I’m not quite sure if it’s what they wanted, and I’m sorry it’s super late. But basically, this is a tutorial for how I record video from Netflix/Amazon/Hulu etc. where it’s hard to download the video file from (in the cases that I can’t find the episode downloadable online or don’t want to torrent, etc.) so I can use the video for making gifs. You’ll need Quicktime, Photoshop, and (probably) an account for the website you’re trying to use the video from depending on what streaming service you’re using. Also please note, this tutorial is for recording video only, audio is harder to record with Quicktime and since this tutorial is only for making gifs, I’m not including how to do that. 

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So I recently just started getting into drawing. I'm really late in the game lol (close to being 16). I was wondering if you had some advice to start out? In my opinion I'm not great at all but it's expected! I liked the shrimp post you reblogged. Just, if you have any personal advice that'd be great. ♥︎

You aren’t late for the game! I think I was starting to try drawing from my head when I was around 15 too! It’s never too late, really.

I’m not really sure where exactly one starts. When I only began I first tried to just, you know, draw. With no understanding in mind. Later I found tutorials on how things work and how everything is “built”, which made it all a bit easier. So…I can only suggest trying to search for tutorials on the internet! 

Go for a simplified ones at first, with time choosing those more and more detailed:3

Good luck and inspiration on your way! 

decorating the christmas tree au! stray kids

  • chan is really excited
  • “this is our first christmas together, alright? it has to be perfect!”
  • as a matter of fact, he already bought all the lights and ornaments off of amazon a month ago 
  • he also bought a real tree
  • he takes this very seriously
  • jisung takes the lights out of the box
  • and trips over them 
  • “they’re so whimsical! i love how colorful they are” seungmin says, at the exact moment that changbin says “white lights would have been classier”
  • thus beginning the multi colored lights vs white lights debate
  • aka the sequel to the cereal debate
  • the multi colored lights enthusiasts - chan, woojin, seungmin, felix, jeongin
  • the white colored lights enthusiasts - changbin, jisung, minho, hyunjin
  • chaos ensues
  • “i had no idea that you guys felt this passionately about christmas lights” chan says, helplessly
  • “maybe we should start wrapping the lights around the tree” offers hyunjin, an intellectual, after ten minute of fighting 
  • woojin attempts to untangle the lights 
  • and fails
  • changbin tries next and ends up throwing the lights across the room in frustration
  • the lights happen to hit felix, square in the chest
  • changbin screams 
  • several more boys try, but the lights only get more tangled
  • finally, minho comes to the rescue
  • “i found an untangling lights tutorial on youtube” 
  • “we’ve reached a new low” says chan 
  • with the video’s help, they finally manage to untangle the lights
  • only to realize that they don’t know how to put them on the tree
  • again, minho looks it up on youtube
  • they begin arguing over who gets to put the lights on the tree
  • they grab the lights out of each other’s hands, stringing them onto the tree in a haphazard mess 
  • but when jeongin exclaims, “i’ll do it!”, with the gummiest smile on his face, the boys can’t help but hand the lights over
  • he’s in his own world, humming christmas songs under his breath, wrapping the lights around the tree with care and precision 
  • the boys stare at him, speechless and starry eyed
  • because honestly, they all adore him so fucking much
  • “i need to call god” says felix
  • “why?” asks jeongin, finally done putting the lights on the tree 
  • “because heaven is missing an angel” 
  • chan brings out a long string of silver and gold tinsel
  • “it looks cheap” changbin says
  • “no, it looks really cool!” exclaims seungmin, poking a finger into the tinsel
  • thus beginning the second quarrel of the hour
  • chan takes a seat, he’s had enough
  • “i’m slowly losing hope in humanity” hyunjin sighs, taking a seat beside him
  • ten minutes later, the tinsel is on the tree, just a little messy and uneven
  • chan proceeds to open a huge box of ornaments, sighing in relief when no arguments break out
  • “see, this is easy,” woojin says, “we can do it perfectly, right guys?”
  • “mhm” jisung agrees, reaching his arm above woojin to put an ornament on the top tier of the tree
  • jisung’s elbow hits woojin’s chest, causing him to stumble forward, his entire body colliding with the tree
  • the boys take a step back, watching the tree with wide eyes, waiting
  •  a quiver…then it stills.
  • chan appreciatively pats the the tree, “you can endure anything, can’t you?” he coos, shooting jisung and woojin a dirty look
  • twenty minutes later, the tree is entirely covered with ornaments
  • chan narrows his eyes at the boys as he brings out the star that will top the tree
  • the last twenty minutes have been fairly peaceful, and he wants that to continue
  • “my mom gave it to me,” chan says, a dopey smile on his face. “it’s kind of a tradition in our family to pass it down.” 
  • “so who’s gonna put it on the top?” 
  • chan looks at jeongin, raising his eyebrows, “do you want to do it?”
  • “well, actually..” jeongin begins
  • “what?” 
  • “i think that..it needs to be you..who does it” 
  • chan frowns, “why?” 
  • jeongin bites his lip, a light blush creeping up his cheeks, “well.. i mean, it’s not that big of a deal? but like, you’ve done so much for us over the past couple of months, y’know? i think you deserve that honor.” he chuckles awkwardly, “i mean, you said that it was a tradition in your family, didn’t you?”
  • “i mean..yeah,” chan says, eyes crinkling, “when i was little my dad would always let me stand on his shoulders so that i could reach the top of the tree. i was a pretty short kid haha”
  • “anyway, are you sure?” chan asks jeongin. “you can do it if you want..i’m sure that changbin would let you stand on his shoulders,” he teases
  • “hell no,” says changbin 
  • “i’m sure,” jeongin says, rolling his eyes at changbin. “do it !” 
  • chan shrugs, anchoring the topper on to the tree
  • he turns around when he’s finished, looking down at the eight boys whom he’s come to regard as family. he chuckles when he sees them all sprawled beside the fireplace, snuggling under a pile of blankets, Felix’s head resting on Changbin’s lap. 
  • and suddenly, chan is enveloped by a feeling…a warmness that he feels in the pit of his stomach, spreading through him, and every thing just feels so fucking right and in that moment, he realizes that there’s no place that he’d rather be than right here with his eight best friends.
  • “goddammit,” he sputters, collapsing into the group of boys, “i love all of you so fucking much.”
  • “and like…i know that this is your first christmas away from your families. and i know that you’ve all been through so much shit, and i just want to say that you’re all so fucking strong for that?” he continues, the words pouring out of him faster than he can think. 
  • “all of you are stunning, amazing, beautiful human beings and i don’t know how i was lucky enough to end up with all of you? like, we all could have debuted in different groups, y’know? but we didn’t, we debuted together, so, i don’t know, we must somehow all..be meant together? i don’t know, maybe i’m just talking nonsense.” 
  • chan doesn’t even know what he’s saying at this point, but he can’t seem to stop. he picks at the carpet with his fingers, not daring to look up at the other boys. “and that moment that it was confirmed that we could debut as nine? best fucking moment of my life. honestly, i don’t think that i could have done all of this without you. you guys make every single day worth it.”
  • “never forget that you’re amazing, okay? never forget that i love you, alright? i’m always here for you, fuck, i just..you can always count on me. it’s never too much. i’ll go to the moon and back for you. i promise.” 
  • chan breathes heavily, exhausted. “so yeah, um, that’s all, i guess.” he continues picking at the carpet with his hands. the room is completely silent.
  • he dares to look up at the boys a couple of moments later. he knows that they must think that he’s absolutely ridiculous; he’s prepared for hyunjin’s uncomfortable laughter, for changbin’s witty remarks, because dammit, he’s too fucking emotional about everything, and he knows it.
  • but when he looks at the boys, his darling, precious, beautiful boys, he sees their eyes shining with…
  • …tears? 
  • “i love you, too, bro,” says hyunjin before bursting into sobs
  • the other boys quickly follow suit
  • changbin cries the hardest 
  • seungmin cries the second hardest 
  • and woojin and minho bake cookies to cheer the boys up 
  • they all end up skipping dinner, eating cookie after cookie, talking and giggling around the fireplace 
  • and of course they all have huge grins on their faces….because, well, they’re together ;) 

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:0 can you do a tutorial for this edit? Mostly the word search part! Also thanks so much for making such awesome stuff Ily and ur edits /post/129348976012/ikon

How to make this gfx

Ok first you need to know that english is not my first language and i’m really really really bad at explaining things also this is my first time making a tutorial but i’ll try my best so pls bear with me. This is the final result.

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Sigil Tutorial

A lot of people have come to me to ask how I make my sigils, how I found my style, how I get inspired, etc. So today I decided to make a tutorial (my first tutorial so please bear with me).

I´m going to make a sigil for water, to use it as an example. So first I write down the intent of the sigil, in this case just the word Water, and then I draw shapes, symbols, “movements”, anything that I relate to the intent.

I drew the alchemical symbol for water, a drop of water, some curves that represent the flow. Then I begin playing with those elements, combining them, adding more if necessary.

In blue I selected two that I liked, that felt complete, they are not perfect yet but I can feel something talking to me in them. After looking at them and trying to listen to my intuition I choose the bottom one. So then I start to “perfect it” which is just re-doing it until it looks good and balanced.

After a few tries I found the one I liked and that is it, a sigil has been created 😊

Hope this was a helpful tutorial 💖

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I just wanted to say you improved a lot like a lot this year!! What do you have to say that helped you improve this fast other than drawing everyday? also I wanted to know what program and brush setting do you use for line art and colouring? also can you ever make us a coloring tutorial please?

Holy crap you are the sweetest thing. I just sat here quietly squealing as I read your message~ So thank you!!

I think in the past I never quite knew how I wanted to actually draw.. like the techniques and I was constantly changing my mind on how I should paint until recently. I think I found an actual style that I’m happy with this year and since then I’ve been steadily improving. I’ve also found a lot of artists that inspire me and I’ve tried learning things from them. here’s a few off the top of my head: pigeon666, kelpls, kada-bura, sacetcendre, bwubwuartiguanamouth. Not to mention I’ve been scouring the world and internet for possible art references on architecture and lighting, among other things. It’s always good to use a reference and learn from nature.

Sometimes when I feel like i’m not really progressing I’ll think of something I can add and focus on. Right now I’m focusing on stuff like veins and more realistic eyes and fingernails… and like, light shining through ears. Also I think that drawing what you want to draw is really important. I decided a while back that I wont draw anything unless I actually want to draw it and just have a good feeling about it. And while I do draw almost everyday, I think it is also good to take a break every once in awhile. Play some video games for a few days or go on nature walks or play an instrument or even just take a break from digital drawing and do a few watercolors or sketches or something. Just let your mind rest and do something different for a bit. Get inspiration flowing through your body before you pick up a pencil. I think that’s good.

For the program I use Paint Tool Sai and for the brush settings i’ll do a smol tutorial with a drawing of my smol son  ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I start off with a softer brush to do the sketch.

do a quick outline, doesn’t need to be perfect cause I’ll paint over it eventually. I mainly use it for a guide

do base colors on separate layers with a solid brush. I usually lower the opacity on the sketch and outline layers at this point.

do some quick shadows and lighting with an airbrush tool. I like to do the lighting on luminosity

block out some colors and add depth. I like to use colors and not just a ‘lighter and darker’ version of the base color. I usually use purple for shadows and lots of reds and oranges for light.

paint and blend. I lowered the opacity on the outline and sketch layers again so you can barely see them. I also outlined around his eyes with the outline pen.

I got rid of the outline and sketch layers entirely here after I decided I was done painting. I use that water color brush a lot. It’s probably my favorite.

And for the last step I just did a small outline around the places I thought needed it. <3

Thank you for asking!! I think I’ll start posting more progress pictures and maybe tutorials in the future just so ya know!

*Smooches you and then flies into the darkness*

While we here at Potterwatch applaud Hagrid’s spirit, we would urge against following Hagrid’s lead. Support Harry Potter parties are unwise in the present climate.

Did a trade with gaddingwithghouls based on Potterwatch! Mine is Pals of Potter with Remus Lupin and Lee Jordan :)

So I tried something...

A while back I found a picture on pintrest of a super cute crib (this was while I was making my first crib) but it was a bit too complex for me.

I started doing some blender tutorials and got help from some awesome people in this community and very slowly I actually managed to make it (slowly as in I have been working on it for months).

Soooo, this is my result :)

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67(.)media).(tumblr(.)com/812263568b89eee08e89fb7a26754e9e/tumblr_ofrjq0OFB61ty1s4do2_540).(gif Can you do a tutorial for how to make this kind of gif style?

Hello!! I’d never really tried it myself and the tutorials I found were kinda confusing, so I ended up making my own tutorial after playing around with it….

Tutorial: How to Make Line Art Gifs

Difficulty: Easy - Medium
Time Allocation:  less than 10 minutes
Prior Understanding Requirement: it would be helpful to know how to make gifs beforehand and have some general photoshop knowledge.

Please Note: If you do not have an extended or portable version of photoshop, you won’t be able to do it with the method I’m going to show you (since those versions don’t have the timeline option and this is the only method I know I’m sorry;;)

Final Result:

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Can we have an art tutorial of your choice or something new, fluffy brush master? :)


And fluffy brush master… I dig it xD 

Take your pens and notes up, students ~ 

(( On the multiply layer ))

The blur tool is a good buddy~ It adds a certain glow to the picture <3 

I ain’t good at explaining but I tried by best ^^;


I also learned more about this with @missmorena707 , shes does really good traditional artworks at lineart and ink shading~~ check her out!! :D <3 

UPDATE: Her tutorial can be found here :D <3  :3 https://missmorena707.deviantart.com/art/Hair-Shading-tips-687565475

how to get into sfx (”horror”) makeup

I recently made a post about how to get into makeup, but in it I only talked about traditional, “pretty” makeup. I didn’t address the creepier side of it at all. I’ve heard a LOT of people say that they think SFX makeup is really interesting and that they would love to start experimenting with it, but they have no idea what products to buy or how to use them. I’ll warn you now – FX products are not cheap, and some of them can be a little intimidating the first time you use them, but once you get used to working with them, it’s really fun! With this kind of makeup, you can really transform yourself; the only limit is your imagination. I’ve only been into SFX for the last year or so, so I’m still learning and building up experience, but I think I’ve more or less mastered the basics. I feel like this kind of makeup is really more of an art form than traditional makeup, and (as with any other kind of art) you can really see yourself progress as an artist over time.

like with traditional makeup, there’s a few basic products that I recommend starting your collection with:

  • liquid latex (This is probably the product you’ll use the most in your projects. It’s easy to use, easy to remove, and not too expensive. Latex is most commonly used to create “fake skin” for fake wounds.)
  • face paint (Unfortunately, I can’t link you to the palette I use, because it came as part of a makeup kit. There are three common formulas: water-activated paints, alcohol-activated paints, and cream paints/grease paints. I recommend starting out with cream paints, because they’re the safest, easiest to use, and most forgiving of the three.)
  • a bruise wheel (These are special paints with a creamy, easy-to-blend formula, used to create realistic-looking bruises. If you don’t want to buy one, you can get the same effect with a combination of very dark red lipstick and black eyeshadow. I do recommend the bruise wheel though, because the yellow and green colors are really good for making your skin look sick or infected.)
  • coagulated blood (There are two types of fake blood. This one is the thick, clotted, nauseating kind. It doesn’t smear or run as easily as the more liquid-y blood does, and it adds an extra layer of icky texture to wounds.)
  • squirt blood/fresh blood/standard fake blood (This stuff looks like fresh blood. Different brands market it under different names, but they’re all the same: runny, deep red, and a complete mess. It’s super fun to work with, but you WILL ruin whatever clothes you’re wearing.)

Those products cover the basics, and it’s a good idea to master them before you move on to less forgiving SFX products. If you need ideas/examples, try one of these tutorials: x x  They’re both pretty easy, so they’re good “first attempt” looks to help you get used to the products.

Here are some other commonly-used FX products that you might run into:

  • rigid collodion (This is one of the scariest FX products to use, so I definitely DO NOT recommend experimenting with it until you’ve mastered the basics. This product puckers your skin in a way that creates very realistic fake scars, but if you don’t remove it properly, or apply it in the same place several days in a row, or put it on your lips or eyes, you could seriously damage your skin. I HAVE used it before and I was fine, so you don’t need to be afraid of it, but if you’re going to use it, be careful and make sure you know what you’re doing.)   
  • scar wax (This is literally just modelling wax for your face. I’ve seen it used with rigid collodion or alone to create scars or wounds, and used on its own to make prosthetic noses and brows. I have some, but haven’t used it yet, but my understanding is that it’s very easy to use.)
  • spirit gum (This is an adhesive, used for gluing prosthetics to your face. I’m pretty sure you need a special removal liquid to get it off, but I haven’t used it yet so I am by no means an expert. On the rare occasion that I do have prosthetics, I just glue them on with a little liquid latex.)
  • tooth fx (It’s paint for your teeth. You have to make sure your teeth are completely dry before you can put it on, and you have to make sure the paint is dry before you can close your mouth, but it looks really cool. It comes in lots of colors, from black to blood red to nicotine yellow.) 

Honestly, if you’re serious about getting into SFX, I recommend getting a stage makeup kit. It’s the easiest way to get all the basic products at once, and it’s actually cheaper than buying them all individually (like I said, FX products aren’t cheap). I got the Mehron Special FX Kit (which has all of the products I mentioned in this post in it) for my birthday last year, and it’s been a really great introduction. While some of the products aren’t the best quality, they’re good for learning and starting out. As you run out of things, you can replace them with better quality products.

Here are some tips and tricks to remember when you’re working with these new products:

  • ALWAYS DO AN ALLERGY TEST BEFORE USING A PRODUCT ON YOUR FACE. Testing products is really easy: I just apply them to the back of my non-dominant hand and leave them on for a couple of hours to see if I have a reaction. The only time I’ve used rigid collodion was when I recreated the Outsider’s brand from Dishonored, which doubled as my allergy test for the product. (And it did break me out, so I don’t use collodion anymore.) I really cannot stress how important allergy tests are – this is definitely a “better safe than sorry” kind of thing. 
  • You can use spirit gum near (but not on) your hair, as long as you have the proper removal liquid to get it off. This makes spirit gum the ideal adhesive for attaching things like elf ears, horns, ect.
  • With the bruise wheel, a little product and a lot of blending goes a long way. 
  • If you plan to work with latex a lot, I recommend buying a ton of cheap cosmetic wedge sponges to apply it with, because you will ruin every sponge you use for latex after one use.
  • Like with pretty makeup, I recommend buying a set of professional makeup brushes for this. DO NOT USE YOUR REGULAR BRUSHES FOR FX MAKEUP. YOU WILL RUIN THEM. (The Mehron kit I have came with several brushes, and you could also use normal paintbrushes as long as they’re soft and made from material you aren’t allergic to.)
  • You can create realistic-looking fake skin by layering liquid latex with very thin strips of tissue paper. Warning: doing this takes forever, because you have to wait for each layer to dry completely before adding the next one.
  • Don’t worry if your makeup doesn’t end up looking exactly like it did in your head, or exactly like your reference picture. SFX looks are very forgiving, because they don’t have to be neat, or pretty, or symmetrical. In fact, for most horror makeup, messier is better.
  • Contouring the hollows of your cheeks and your temples with a black or dark grey eyeshadow is a great way to instantly look more sunken in and skeletal (especially if you already have a white or grey foundation on). 
  • You can make your own foundation shades for whatever monster you’re creating by mixing face paint (or matte eyeshadow pigments) with your normal foundation. Foundation + white face paint = vampire. Foundation + grey (and maybe a tiny bit of green) paint = rotting corpse/zombie. And mixing your own colors is really fun! 

And finally,

  • Don’t be afraid to try new things, and don’t expect all of your SFX looks to turn out the way you wanted them to, especially at first. No one starts out as an expert. Remember the first time you tried to use liquid eyeliner? Be patient with yourself, and take on new challenges as you master basic skills. 

I hope at least a few of you found this helpful. If you have any additional questions, feedback, or product recommendations, or if you’re an old SFX pro who has advice/constructive criticism for me, please message me! I love hearing from you guys! I’m also open to take requests for tutorials (horror makeup or traditional makeup), if there’s something specific you want to know how to do (or at least see my take on it). 


Inktober #15: My Waifu Zarya

I’ll catch up on the missing days in Inktober, but I couldn’t resist drawing my waifu Zarya’s new 80’s skin! I mean, MY GOD! Those colours, man!!! (Also tried out a cool VHS effect tutorial I found, and I think the results came out nicely!)

@overwatch-fan-art @blizzard-games

Twitter: https://twitter.com/theaaronschmit/status/919791152055930880

Instagram: https://instagram.com/p/BaTwoqHh2C2/

Body Stitching Tutorial

So I made a tutorial because it was requested! I’d like to start off by saying that i’m no professional, I taught myself how to do this. Also I don’t have any kind of special equipment for recording or anything so i’m making this tutorial to the best of my ability. I’ll put the tutorial under the read more. 

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Week 1: Artistic - Motion

I won’t lie, I totally googled how to do this.
I really wanted to try something with a liquid because I have really loved the shots that RK and Shy have done in that vein, and I wanted to see if I had the right equipment to achieve something similar.
I set this shot up by duct taping the glass to my spare tripod and then tilting it and placing it over a large, empty storage bin. Next, I MacGyvered a backdrop using a cheap roll of white paper used for wrapping parcels, some string, and some clothes pegs. I placed a lamp behind the paper, directed at the glass. I set my camera up in front of all of this.
The settings in the tutorial I found only delivered me a black image, so I kept messing about until I got an image (higher ISO, and bigger aperture). It’s not as clear as I would like it to be but it was lots of fun to try something new.
I also tried this with my new speed light, but I had a shadow of the glass on the background and I didn’t like the overall aesthetic of the picture as much as this one.
Now that you know my life story, here are the settings:
Nikon D7500 • Nikkor 18-140mm lens
ISO 5000 (all that noise, ugh) • 34 mm • f4.2 • 1/1000 sec

This is not an easy shot to pull off and your result is spectacular @mrspage!  The light source behind your background is a subtle trick that not everyone realizes is possible.  It creates the interesting contrast in the water and edges of the glass.  Don’t be afraid to admit you did an internet search on how to do this.  Ask Shy how many Gavin Hoey or Mark Wallace videos we’ve watched together on youtube.  I’m so excited to see that you were also experimenting with flash, even though in the end you decided to go a different route, it sounds like it was a great learning experience.  This is so cool…as soon as I read your post I gave my phone to Shy for her to read it too.  We are both smiling…just awesome work here.

- RK