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IG boyfriends! Jungki~ (who are in different countries and can’t stop missing each other)

[Translations of the captions and the commetns:

JungJung’s picture-

zzt_1996-    who are you missing, teddy bear? #sad

eun_doitz-   could that person be…me… hahaha

Eunki’s picture-

eun_doitz-   Hello Teddy Bear… #dontbesad

zzt_1996-    Missing you Eunki-ah~ byung byung]

soulmate!jung jung
  • when you turn 13, a small box containing an oval locket that is sealed shut is sent to you
  • this locket is specially made to get warmer when you meet your soulmate
  • and opens to a picture of them
  • it’s been 9 years since you’ve received this gift and you’re starting to think the whole thing is a hoaxed
  • you’ve seen a couple of your friends complain about the warmth of their necklace only to have it feel cold in your hands
  • and the opened locket they show you only shows nothing from your eyes
  • 21 and you’re almost done with your college career
  • you’re preparing for a district-wide showcase the dance program in your school partakes in
  • once you reach your second year in dance, you can participate in the showcase
  • you missed out last year because of a bad fall but this year you were more than ready to participate
  • the night before the showcase was a final run through of the show
  • it was your first time seeing everyone and what they were performing
  • sitting in the audience was you and your school mates also participating in the showcase
  • a boy with auburn hair entered the stage dressed in all white
  • his hair stuck out like fire
  • upon landing your eyes on him, you felt a warmth on your chest
  • it only got warmer the more you watched the boy dance on stage
  • his body moved flexibly with the music
  • your necklace became too unbearable on your chest as you decided to yank it off your neck
  • confused at the feeling, you stared at the chain that dangled in your hands
  • your friends stared at you in confusion as well 
  • “are you okay?”
  • “why did you yank that off your chest?”
  • moments later soft mumbles filled the room as everyone conspired what was going on
  • you looked around the room to see the dancers around you whisper to each other and pointing to you and to someone else
  • searching, your eyes wandered to where they were pointing at only to see the boy on stage holding a gold chain in his hand
  • he looked at you with intense eyes, catching his breath from his dance
  • then his look changed. it became softer. his eyes somewhat relieved after seeing you.
  • slowly, he made his way towards you
  • his facial features became more prominent the closer he got and his smile grew wider
  • he stopped just a foot away from you and crouched to meet your eyes
  • “you look a lot like the person in my locket…” he said with shy eyes
Inktober for Writers Day 3

3. Warmth

“Okay, here’s the thing,” Stiles said and nervously wrung his hands in front of his chest. “I can’t get warm.”

Derek raised an eyebrow quizzically at him, but otherwise he waited Stiles out.

“Ever since the Nogitsune I’m cold all over. Deaton wasn’t really any help at all, and I swear I tried a million things, but nothing helps.”

“Nothing?” Derek asked and now his voice was tinged with worry.

“Nothing. I tried hot drinks and layers, showers, baths, heating pats. It really doesn’t help.”

“This has been going on for several weeks now,” Derek stated and waited for Stiles confirming nod. “Why tell me now?” Derek asked and this was the point that worried Stiles.

“You touched me, last night, when we ran from the kelpies?” he asked, nervous as hell.

“And?” Derek’s voice was full of confusion and Stiles began to pace.

This was much more difficult than he had thought especially since ever since the Nogitsune mess Derek had avoided being alone with him. This could break their, admittedly more than fragile, friendship.

“It was warm,” Stiles eventually rushed out and avoided looking at Derek. “For the first time in weeks I felt this warmth spreading through me and before you ask, yes, it’s just you, I tried it with Scott but his touch is as chilly as everything else and I know you don’t trust me anymore, and don’t want to be alone with me, so I am really sorry for this but could you maybe bring yourself to cuddle with me every now and then because I am really fucking cold all the time and it’s tiring and to be honest it kind of hurts and….”

“Stiles,” Derek interrupted him and his voice was low and kind. “Of course I’ll help you. Why do you think I wouldn’t?”

Stiles had stopped dead in his pacing and was staring at Derek now.

“You will?” he whispered and Derek held out a hand to him.

“Of course. Whatever you need,” he said and he sounded so sincere that Stiles wanted to cry.

The promise of warmth was so strong that he couldn’t even resist grabbing for Derek’s hand for a second. As soon as their skin made contact the same warmth as last night spread through him, starting from his hand, radiating all over to his feet.

Stiles let out a small sigh, content and warm for the first time in weeks, and Derek pulled him closer.

“You only have to ask, whatever it is,” he mumbled, but Stiles was already half asleep on his feet.

Always being cold was more exhausting than he would have thought, and he was only barely aware of Derek steering him somewhere. Keeping his eyes open was too much work right then, and he trusted Derek to not let him fall anyway.

When Stiles managed to open his eyes, the first thing he noticed was that he was hot all over. He could feel the sweat on his forehead and his shirt clung to him.

It was gross and the best thing he had experienced in way too long. So instead of moving away from the source of the warmth he burrowed closer and only the soft laugh he heard reminded him that he was currently being cuddled by Derek.

“I’m sorry?” he tentatively offered and Derek scoffed.

“What the hell for?”

“Using you for your warmth? Making you cuddle with me?”

“I’m right where I want to be,” Derek told him and pulled Stiles even closer. “So maybe you should just stop apologizing for this.”

“If you are sure,” he whispered in the space between them, too warm and content to really fight Derek on this anyway.

“I am.”

“Good,” Stiles declared and then promptly drifted off to sleep again, feeling warm and protected like he hadn’t in so long.

Ikinuite Ikou

Okay, so I tried that challenge where you have to write something based on the first song that comes on when you shuffle your playlist. I got…

“Sparkle” by RADWIMPS from ‘Kimi no na Wa’/’Your Name’.

The title is derived from the last line in the song, to “keep living".

This was a little difficult to accomplish, let me be honest with you all. But I hope you enjoy this little drabble I have to offer today.

I tried two new tings today as well: Explaining a Story with GIFs and “I Open With The Close”. Simply put, the first line I write is the last line I write.

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Ikinuite Ikou

You opened your eyes to the bright world around you, the sunlight dancing across your face as you let out a soft sigh.

Your dreams never changed since that day.

You felt a familiar pang in your heart at the thought. You knew it was all too good to be true.

Your eyes fluttered shut as a slow and deep breath escaped your lips. You fought to clamp down the sudden wave of emotion that threatened to consume you.

None of it had been real. He’s gone for good. You reminded yourself bitterly. There are things in life you can’t control, no matter how hard you try to. He taught you that, in the most painful way imaginable.

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Holding on would not change the past at all.

It’s all a lie…None of this is real. You thought sadly. It felt so much like home…so safe and familiar. But it’s just an illusion. Perfect. Beautiful.

You took a final glance at the stunning view before you, savoring the feel of the soft green blanket beneath your feet.

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Time for me to leave. You knew exactly what you had to do.

You felt like you were in a trance - one which you longed to be in forever. Time seemed to come to a halt - or maybe it had sped up…It was difficult to say. Did the world around you shift and change, or did you?

For a sweet and fleeting moment, nothing seemed to matter anymore.

Astrals, how I’ve missed this.

Your lips curled into a small smile as the familiar taste danced around on your tongue, your fingers relishing in the feeling of smooth and perfect porcelain against your skin.

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It was all a blur then.

Something familiar, yet strange washed over you…Something from a memory from long ago, maybe even a dream. You thought it had been lost to you forever.

But there he was, right before your very eyes.

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You thought it had been lost to you forever. Something from a memory from long ago…Something familiar, yet strange washed over you.

It was all a blur then.

Your fingers relished in the feeling of smooth and perfect porcelain against your skin. Your lips curled into a small smile as the familiar taste danced around your tongue.

Astrals, how I’ve missed this.

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For a sweet and fleeting moment, nothing seemed to matter anymore.

Did the world around you shift and change, or did you? It was difficult to say. Time seemed to come to a halt - or maybe it had sped up. You felt like you were in a trance - one which you longed to be in forever.

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You knew exactly what you had to do. Time for me to leave.

You took a final glance at the stunning view before you, savoring the feel of the soft green blanket beneath your feet.

Perfect. Beautiful.

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But it’s just an illusion.

So safe and familiar…It had felt so much like home. You thought sadly. None of this is real. It’s all a lie.

Holding on would not change the past at all. He taught you that, in the most painful way imaginable.

There are things in life you can’t control, no matter how hard you try to. You reminded yourself bitterly. He’s gone for good. None of it had been real.

You fought to clamp down the sudden wave of emotion that threatened to consume you. Your eyes fluttered shut as a slow and deep breath escaped your lips.

You knew it was all too good to be true. You felt a familiar pang in your heart at the thought.

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Your dreams never changed since that day.

You let out a soft sigh as the sunlight danced across your face.

You opened your eyes to the bright world around you.

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Destined To Be

So, I am posting the third part of this story due to the fact a lot of request came in: honestly surprising me. Sorry if this isn’t want you wanted. I’m trying here!

| Kylo Ren x Reader |

Requested: No.

Summary: Celestia Lux is a childhood friend of Ben Solo, who is infamously known as  Kylo Ren: the apprentice of Snokes. Celestia is fine having nothing to do with Kylo, but Kylo has other plans to be reunited with his love.

Chapter III

Part I II

           I had woken up in the middle of the night, sitting up on the bed. I looked over at Kylo, who was sound asleep next to me. I felt the sheet leave my body as I went to look down to see my bare body. “Ass,” I muttered, carefully getting out of bed. I quickly got into my dress, about to leave the room—where I couldn’t help but look back—my face softening at the sight of him, “Please, come back to me, Ben.” I whispered.

I went down the hall, trying to avoid all the troopers that I could as I was looking for an exit. I stopped at a viewing deck to see that we had landed; my eyes widened to see all the TIE fighters being worked on. Poe and the Resistance didn’t stand a chance, they had so little compared to the First Order. A few guards were on duty in the halls, but that shouldn’t be an issue. I slowly made my way behind a pillar, leaning my head back and shutting my eyes. My heart was beating out of control.

You can do this, Celestia. Just get a Fighter and go.

I went to take off one of my flats, throwing it down the hall; causing a loud noise. It alerted the guards, as they ran down the hall to inspect the noise. I wanted to move: I really tried. “Kylo,” I growled.

“Did you really think I wouldn’t notice?” He asked in his metallic voice.

“Let me go,” I snapped, “You tricked me into staying.”

“What makes you think I wouldn’t do it again?”

I opened my mouth to add a remark but was interrupted, “Master Kylo, you returned.” A voice called out. I looked up to see a man, in a uniform with his hands behind his back, walking towards us. He made eye contact with me, his brow rose in curiosity, “This is not the pilot.”

“We have a real genius here.” I snickered. I felt being release from Kylo’s force as he brushed up behind me. Just like his father: Kylo cursed under his breath.

“What is it, General Hux?” Kylo questioned.

“This,” Hux motioned towards me, “This is what you traded the pilot for? Master Snokes is not pleased one bit with this nonsense.” Hux pressed his lips together, narrowing his eyes at me, “Who might you be?”

“Celestia Lux. This is who I traded for.” Kylo answered for me, now stepping to be in front of me; as if he was protecting me from Hux. “I will explain to Master Snokes what my plan with her is. He will certainly be pleased.”

Hux brought up his head, looking down at me, “So this is Solo’s so-called appetence.” He huffed. I could sense Kylo letting that get to him; his body tensing as his fists were clenched.

“If you call scamming as a way to be one, then sure,” I interjected.

“How can someone like her be of use for us? We had the Resistance’s best pilot! We had weakened them!” Hux yelled, catching me off guard, causing me to wince. Kylo dragged Hux over, grabbing ahold of his uniform.

“Don’t ever speak that way when she is present.” Kylo growled, “Master Snokes will understand why I brought her.” Kylo released Hux from his hold as he grabbed my hand, pulling me down the hall. We were going to a different room as I tried to remember the way back to the Fighters. “There’s no point in trying to remember.” Kylo instantly said.

“Quit going through my thoughts.” I spat, trying to get out of his hold.

We entered a new room, one that was simple in design: bed, dresser, and a bathroom. Kylo took off his helmet, placing it on the dresser. He then proceeded to take off his scarf and jacket: having an undershirt underneath. I felt uneasy, why did Kylo want me here? What use was I to him? He opened his dresser, pulling out a shirt, handing it to me.

“You’ll be sleeping here.” He plainly told me.

“Like hell I am.” I spat, throwing his shirt back at him. Without saying anything else, Kylo marched his way over to me—grabbing onto my dress and starting to undress me. “Get off!” I shrieked, trying to push him away but after all this time, he became so much stronger. The rest of the dress hung off my hip; Kylo tried moving in closer but I kept ting steps back.

“Why are you so afraid of me?” he asked as if he was innocent in some way. I let out a loud huff as I crossed my arms to cover myself.

“I’m not.” I sternly said, narrowing my eyes at him, “I just know what you’ve become.”

“Celestia—” Kylo whined, getting annoyed with me.

“Lux.” I corrected him quickly, “We are not on friendly terms.” Kylo looked down at me, reaching a hand towards me but I swatted it away.

“Why would I waste such a beautiful name?” Kylo coolly said, he reached once more for me and I had enough.

“Ben, I said stop!” I yelled, shutting my eyes. When I opened them up, I saw Kylo had lowered his arm; taking a step back. I looked away, “Sorry, it slipped.”

The door opened, a stormtrooper marching in; catching me off guard. “Master Kylo.” He reported. I turned away from the trooper, letting out a small scream. “You idiot!” Kylo yelled, using the force to throw the solider out. Kylo took the shirt; he had given me, pulling it onto me. He grabbed his jacket and helmet, storming out of the room. My heart hadn’t slowed down, bringing up old feelings and just making more confused the more than I thought about him and Ben. I finished taking off my dress, getting into the bed. I brought a pillow close to my chest, burying my face in it.

I needed to find a way out of here. I needed to return back to Han and Chewy. I needed to get away from him.

I had woken to the sound of the door opening, as I saw Kylo enter the room once more.

“Oh, I woke you.” He mumbled, taking off his jacket and running his fingers through his hair. “Didn’t mean to.”

“It’s fine,” I mumbled back, “I wasn’t really asleep.” I sat up in the bed, to look at him better. Something was wrong with him: something was bothering him. “Are you ok?” Why did I ask? I don’t care. Kylo sat at the end of the bed, lowering his head but looked over at me.

“It’s nothing that you would understand.” He muttered to me, still having his eyes locked on mine. I looked away, looking down at my fingers as I played with the sheets. “Is there really no hope for us?” I heard Kylo softly asked. I, once again, looked up at him as he caught my attention.

“You already know the answer.”

“You’re willing to throw away everything that we had? All the memories we created?”

“Already did.” I said bluntly, “I mean, you did it so easily.” Kylo stood, so quick, coming over to my side of the bed. He grabbed up wrist, pulling me up to his level. He slammed me up against the wall as I let out a cry of pain. His hand was on my throat as his leg went in-between mine.

“That was different.” He growled at me.

“How so?” I choked out, “You left us. You left me and you took everything away from me. I meant nothing to you.”

“You mean everything to me!” Kylo yelled, “I asked you to come with me, I wanted you to be with me! You gave up on me!”

“Come with you? Are you serious? You didn’t exactly give me a warm invitation.” I chuckled but Kylo’s grip got tighter as it was beginning to get harder to breathe. “St…op…” I put my hands on Kylo’s but my strength wasn’t there. My eyes began to water as I looked into Kylo’s eyes. Something snapped in him, Kylo quickly lets go of me. I fell to the ground, rubbing my neck, “I want to leave,” I cried out as I felt the tears run. I looked up at Kylo, who looked so…empty.

“I can’t let you.” He told me.


“I need you.”

“I’ll find a way out.” I went over to the dresser, grabbing my dress, collecting my things. Kylo grabbed my arm, causing me to stop, pressing his body up against my back. His breath tickled the back of my neck, as his arm snaked its way around my waist. His cold fingertips brushed against my stomach as he went under the shirt, sending chills down my spine.

“I can’t let you do that.” He whispered, bending closer to my ear, “You don’t want to leave either.”

“No—” I shut my eyes, trying to cancel him out, “You can’t use that on me again.” I shook him off, rubbing my head. I turned to look at Kylo, “Please don’t.” I whispered. Kylo pressed his lips together, looking away from me. He wanted to say something but a loud bang interrupted us. The alarm went off as Kylo quickly went to the dresser to get back into his clothes, placing on his helmet. Before he left, he turned to me.

“You stay here.” He ordered me.

“Kylo—” I began to say but he soon stopped me.

“Celestia, I’m home.”

“Troopers to your battle stations! Troopers to your battle stations!”

It had to be Poe or even Han that was coming. I looked at Kylo, trying to make a break to the door but he grabbed onto me pushing me back into the room, “Kylo, let me go!” I screamed, thrashing around.

“I’m not letting you go,” He calmly said; bringing his mask down towards my face, “Not again.”

“This is your fault, Master Kylo!” Hux interjected, bursting into the room. Hux pointed his finger towards me, “If you didn’t trade Dameron for this whore.”

“Trust me, I never wanted to come,” I mumbled. Kylo turned, walking towards Hux, grabbing onto his uniform.

“What have I told you about speaking to her like that?” Kylo growled.

"This is what Master Snokes was talking about.” Hux chuckled. He glanced over at me, “She’s going to make you weak.” Hux spat. As Kylo was busy with Hux, I quickly squeezed by them, running down the hall in total chaos. My mind was scrambled as I tried to remember the location of the TIE Fighters. I kept taking random turns, hoping that one would lead me to just anything that would fly.

I felt my body tense, not being able to move even an inch. “Let me go.” I spat, shutting my eyes as I tried to break the Force in any way possible.

“You need to go somewhere safe, Celestia,” Kylo said, stepping into my view, looking down at me.

“That’s what I was trying to do.” I sarcastically told him, give him a jackass grin. Kylo bent down closer, placing a hand on my cheek.

“Go back into the bedroom.” He said softly. I shut my eyes once more to block him out: to reject his mind control. “Celestia, go back to the bedroom.” He ordered once more. I could feel sweat falling down my face as my body shook the harder I kept trying to reject him from entering my mind.

“Not…again…” I could barely get out the words as I kept fighting: to the point where I was forgetting to breathe. I felt his hand go down to my chin, when I opened my eyes I saw Kylo—without his mask on—just staring at me but his eyes looked as if he was scared.

“Celestia, now’s not the time!” He tried to say calmly, “I need you safe.” It was weird, his voice sounded as if it was dripping with compassion, his eyes begging to me. Was Han right? Was there still light in him?

28.  “How drunk was I?”

Jax knows he’s coming into consciousness when the pounding in his head gets stronger and stronger. It’s like a steady drum beat that he’s moving closer and closer to the closer he comes to waking up. And he knows he’s really in it when his head hurts without even opening his eyes.

Jax lets out a long groan, bringing his palm up to press against his forehead in hopes of relieving some pressure. It’s definitely not working but it was worth a try. And while he wants to roll over and melt into his mattress he knows he’ll feel a lot better if he gets a tall glass of water and downs it.

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My Evening’s in Danger

I might be a bit early because of time zones and shit but for me at least it is @stargazershiro‘s voltron positivity day! So, @shancers here is a little Shance fic that I hope you enjoy ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

The title is a reference to the iconic Incredibles scene, which I love too damn much.

Summary: Superhero AU; Shiro gets a little beat up but it’s all good because his super boyfriend has magical healing powers.

Shiro stumbled through the door, mindful of the bruises scattered over his torso as he cradled his prosthetic arm to his chest. Pidge was going to kill him when he went to them for a repair job tomorrow. For now though, he had bigger concerns. If he could just sneak past the lounge and get to the bathroom to clean the blood off his face he might not be in so much trouble. He tiptoed down the hall, mindful of that one floorboard that always caught him off guard. With his head bowed and him so focussed on his task, he didn’t notice his boyfriend standing in the archway that led from hallway to lounge staring at him like he was a madman. As quietly as Shiro thought he had entered their home, he was still sprung.

“So Champion,” Lance cocked his hip and pursed his lips, “whose life was more important than our anniversary?”

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Back home - Chapter 2

NOTE: I wrote this before I knew that yesterday was Eid so this is supposed to take place yesterday but read it as if it wasn’t Eid. I’m sorry I tried to change it but hten some tings I wanted to write wouldn’t have sense. 

NOTE 2: I’ve assumed that they have dinner at around 7 pm and the evening prayer is around 8:20pm (thanks to @stressedoutteenager for helping me with that)

So this is probably a mess but I felt like the first chapter needed a second part. I hope you like it and I’m sorry again about the Eid thing, I just didn’t know. 

Chapter 1 is here

“Hey all of you! How are you doing? You look beautiful as always.” Elias greets as he always does, looking at the camera in front of him.

He’s sitting in the middle of the couch, Adam and Mikael on his right, Even and Mutta on his left.

Yousef is behind the camera, waiting for his time to come.

“We’re back! And as you can see Even is with us again.” Adam says patting Even’s leg leaning over Elias.

“Yo, man. This is my channel remember?” Elias pushes Adam back slightly so the camera can focus on him again. “Well, mine and Yousef’s but Yousef is not here…is he?”

Yousef can see how Elias’ lips curve into a smirk.

“Where is Yousef?” Mutta asks as if he doesn’t know the answer.

“Yeah, where is Yousef?” Adam nudges Mikael excited to which the boy answer rolling his eyes.

“Well, as long as Yousef is gone I can be here so I don’t know if I want him to come back.” Even jokes following the script they had planned for this video. 

Shaking his head, Yousef takes a deep breath. That’s his cue.

“Well, then you better get going, Even.” He walks in front of the camera and looks at the boys.

“Oh my god, it’s Yousef!” Elias covers his mouth with his hands acting surprised. The same gesture is imitated by the rest of the guys except Mikael who can’t be bothered about it.

“That’s right! I’m back” Showing his perfect smile he turns to the camera and winks. Then he turns again to the boys that are still sitting on the couch. “So, who’s going to let me take their seat?” This is when the script they had planned ends so now they are improvising.  

The boys look at Yousef and then look at each other, neither of them making a move to stand up.

“Seriously? I just came home from Turkey and neither of you are going to let me sit on the couch?” Yousef shakes his head offended.

“Sorry Yousef but it seems like you’re going to have to sit on the floor.” Adam says shrugging and directing his phone which is also filming at him.

“Unbelievable…” Yousef mutters as he sits down on the floor with his back against the couch.

“Okay, fine, I’ll sit with you.” Elias says rolling his eyes and taking the sit next to him. Then he puts his arm around Yousef and adds: “It’s always me and you, Yousef.”

“It’s always me and you, Elias.”

“So…Yousef, tell us, how was Turkey?” Mutta asks patting his shoulder.

“It was great, I really love that country.” He answers with a smile as he remembers his summer with his family.

“So, you haven’t missed us…or anyone in particular?” Mikael asks winking at him with the last words.

“Yeah Yousef, who did you miss the most?” Once again, Adam points his phone at Yousef’s face. “See, the public has been asking a lot about certain date you went on right before you left for Turkey.”

“The public deserves to know, Yousef. How was the date?” Even asks

“I know that they’ve been texting each other the whole summer but Sana hasn’t told me much.” Elias explains. He may or may have not spent the whole summer teasing his sister about the fact that she’s been on her phone all the time and teasing his best friend about the fact that he’s been talking more to Sana than to him.

Yousef doesn’t really know what to answer. Sure, they had an amazing date before he left. Sure, they’ve been texting each other the whole summer. They even facetimed a couple of times. But ever since he arrived yesterday they haven’t had a chance to talk. Last night, by the time they arrived to his house it was too late and Sana and the boys left almost immediately. The drive home wasn’t helpful either, with Elias in the car the closest they got to a conversation was a few stolen glances on the rearview mirror. And today although he’s been at the Bakkoush’s the whole day, Sana has been at school so they haven’t talked either.

Just as Yousef is opening his mouth to say something he hears the front door being opened. He looks at Elias and sees the exact moment he gets the idea, his lips curve into a devilishly smile and he raises his eyebrows. 

“Well it seems like we’re about to find out.” He says looking straight at the camera, then he adds on a louder voice. “Sana, sis, can you come to the living room, please?” 

A few seconds later Sana is opening the door of the living room and before she can do anything about it, Adam has already pointed his phone at her.

“You better not be filming right now, Adam.” Sana warns him.

“Don’t worry Sana, I’ll edit it out.” Mikael says winking at her.

As expected he receives a collective glare, especially from Yousef and Sana since they both know very well that he’s in fact, not going to edit it out.

“Sis, relax. Our public is going to love you. And actually they’ve been asking about you.”

Sana frowns at her brother’s words and looks at Yousef trying to look for a possible explanation. She should’ve known that the second she looks at Yousef her lips would curve into a smile, it always happens. But Yousef is not any better, the moment he lays eyes on Sana he smiles broadly at her. Of course, this doesn’t go unnoticed by any of the boys who soon start laughing and nudging each other.

Seeing the boys’ reaction Sana rolls her eyes and focus on the reason why she’s there, which she still doesn’t know: “Are you going to tell me why I’m here?”

“See, our public has been wondering what’s going on between you two.” Mutta explains pointing between Sana and Yousef.

“Yeah, they want to know if you’re together, if you’re dating, if you’re friends…” Adam continues

“So tell us, the people want to know.” Even finishes smirking. 

Once again Sana looks at Yousef for answers. This time she doesn’t smile, neither does he. Instead they look at each other trying to figure out what the other is thinking.

“We are…” Yousef starts trying to find the right words, the right words he doesn’t know.

“We…” Sana says too. She knows what she wants to be but she doesn’t know if he wants it too. When Yousef smiles at her, Sana finds the words she was looking for. “We are Yousef and Sana. That’s all that matters.”

With that and after showing Yousef one last smile, she turns around and leaves the room.


They don’t get to see each other again until they’re all sitting at the table having dinner. The whole meal has been focused around Yousef and his trip to Turkey. Sana’s parents seem to be very interested in his time there and it’s not like Yousef doesn’t like talking about that country so before he realizes dinner is done and Sana’s mother starts collecting the empty plates.

Sana stands up to help her mom but is interrupted by Yousef’s words.

“Let me do the dishes.” He says as he stands up and starts to collect the dishes left.

“You’re our guest Yousef, you don’t have to do that.” Sana’s mother says with a smile. These boys always had good manners.

“No, I insist, let me help. Besides…” Yousef looks at his phone before continuing. “The evening prayer will be in a few minutes and Sana will want to go pray. I can take care of this. In fact, all of you can go if you want.”

Maybe he’s talking a bit too fast but he really wants to help and he also knows how important praying is for Sana and he wouldn’t want her to miss it.

He turns to Sana who is looking at him with a big smile on her lips. She has a look in her eyes, if Yousef didn’t know better he’d say that she looks proud of him. He then turns to Sana’s parents, her dad still sitting on the chair, her mom standing up with the dishes on her hands. They’re both smiling with the same look as Sana. This makes Yousef feel a little bit self-conscious. He hopes those smiles mean something good.

“Okay, let’s go to the kitchen then.” Sana’s mother says leading the way to the kitchen.

After sharing one last look with Sana, Yousef follows her mom.

“I really can do this alone if you want to…go.” Yousef says placing the dishes in the sink.

“No, it’s fine. I’ll enjoy your company.” She says taking a cloth from the counter and handing it to him. “I wash and you dry?”


Yousef nods and takes the cloth from Mrs. Bakkoush’s hands ready to begin his task.

“So…you still know the prayers’ hours, I assume?” She asks knowing where she wants this conversation to go.

“Yeah, yeah…I have this app on my phone that tells me. I downloaded it right before my I went on a dat…uhm…” He stops himself before he can say the words ‘date with Sana’. He doesn’t know how much her mom knows about that.

“Before you went on a date with Sana the day before you left?” Apparently, she knows everything.


“Sana told me that you brought her food and you waited for her to break her fast to eat.”

“Yes, I knew she’d be hungry so my mom made her some soup.” Yousef smiles remembering that day, definitely one of the best days of his life. “And I kept the app on my phone so I knew when I shouldn’t talk to Sana while I was away…So I didn’t interrupt her while she was praying I mean…”

When he looks at Mrs. Bakkoush she’s looking back at him with her eyebrows raised looking kind of…impressed?

“That’s very thoughtful of you, Yousef. Especially since you’re not muslim.” Those last words sound a slightly bitter to him, but then she shows him a sincere smile and Yousef’s uneasiness disappears a little bit, though not entirely.

Yousef takes a deep breath, he knows that this is his opportunity to say something to try to convince Sana’s mom that he’s worthy of Sana, or at least that he’s going to try as hard as it’s possible to be.

“I love her.” Okay, maybe this isn’t the best way to introduce the topic but he can’t help himself, those are the words that come out of his mouth as soon as he opens it. Cursing himself he closes his eyes for a second and shakes his head before continuing. “I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to be so…”

“Sincere?” Mrs. Bakkoush finishes for him.


Stopping what she’s doing, Sana’s mother turns to face Yousef and leans on the counter.

“Look Yousef, I don’t have anything against you. I know you’re a good guy and honestly I don’t think I’ve ever seen Sana happier than when she’s with you or talking to you. But…I can’t help but being concerned about the fact that you’re not muslim.”

Yousef nods and looks down at the floor. He knew this was coming.

“It’s not because you’re not muslim, it’s not the fact itself. It’s that I don’t want her to feel alone. I want her to be with someone that will support her if she ever starts doubting her faith, I want someone who she can share this part of her life with.”

Yousef listens carefully to her words. He wants to reply, he wants to tell her that he’ll support her, that he would never make Sana feel alone, that he wants to share all of that with her but before he can say anything, Sana’s mother continues.

“But then again…You counted down the seconds left for her to break her fast, you brought her food, you are aware of the times of praying so you don’t interrupt her and…I know that the conversation you had with her before leaving helped her try to be a better person during the last week of Ramadan.” Yousef looks up at her surprised to hear all of that. “Yes, she told me what you talked about. And all of this, Yousef, shows me that you’re there for her when she needs you, that you don’t make her feel alone. And for that I’m grateful.”

“Does this…does this mean that…?” Yousef starts not sure if she should finish that question. He doesn’t want to read too much into it and then end up being disappointed.

Yousef doesn’t get to finish the question and Sana’s mom doesn’t get to answer. They’re both interrupted by Sana entering the kitchen and leaning against the doorframe.

“Need any help around here?” She asks smiling at her mom and her…Yousef.

Yousef’s lips instantly curve into a smile as soon as he sees her, as always. Sana smiles at him too, she likes the view of him being in the kitchen with her mom, it’s something she could get used to.

Meanwhile, Sana’s mom keeps looking between both teenagers with a fond smile.

“Why don’t you two go to the backyard? The sun is about to set, maybe you won’t get a good look of it but it’ll be better than being inside the house, don’t you think?” Mrs. Bakkoush suggests.

Yousef’s head snaps at her, blinking several times trying to process the words. Is she really giving them her blessing in a way? He looks at Sana but she seems as surprised as he is.

“Go.” Mrs. Bakkoush says nodding.

Sana smiles broadly at her and mouths a ‘thank you’ before leading the way out.

“How did you do that?” Sana asks pointing at the house once they’re outside.

“I don’t know.” Yousef says chuckling as he sits on the grass.

Sana joins him and sits right next to him living just a few inches between them. Taking a deep breath Yousef lets himself fall back until he’s lying on the grass looking at the kind of purple sky, the sun is setting now. He hears Sana chuckle a little bit as she imitates him and lies by his side.

For a while neither of them say anything. They just look at the sky and enjoy each other’s company. There’s something bugging Yousef since this afternoon though, and he can’t think of a better time to ask the question than now. Facing her moving only his head he tries to find the right words.

“This afternoon…what the boys asked…about you and me. Are we…I mean…are we…” he stops talking, not sure of how to finish the sentence.

As Sana faces him with an amused smile on her lips Yousef can feel himself blushing. Sana’s eyes look down at where Yousef’s hand is resting just a few inches apart from hers. Without hesitating she takes it and intertwines their fingers.

Yousef looks down at their hands and by the time he looks up at Sana she’s already looking at him with the fondest smile ever.

“We are.” Is all that Sana says and it’s more than enough for him to understand her.

Finally, it all feels the way it should be.

Sana and Yousef.

That’s all that matters.

“I always tried not to talk about personal tings, but it didn’t make any difference because people would just make stuff up. I became a part of a story that other people wrote and I could do nothing about it”. ~Robert Pattinson, Sept. 13, 2015

Rob is again the subject of some fanfiction as a result of a flight at the end of Paris Fashion Week. When he was in Cannes, on May 24th, Rob told LeParisian magazine that he was no longer in touch with his ex-Twilight co-star. We got ample proof that he had been telling the truth when they were both booked on the same flight from Paris back to LA.

It defies logic to think he would try to be on the same plane as her and her girlfriend, so clearly, they had neither talked or texted before the flight. He is famous for being low key and staying out of the tabloids. He would never willingly do anything to enable a tabloid narrative linking him to someone he has avoided for years. According to someone who was also on the flight, they merely nodded at each other and had no contact. Rob was reported to be charming and pleasant with the flight attendants (something he’s also famous for).

With Good Time opening on Aug. 11, it’s likely that Rob is in LA to do interviews, photoshoots and other promotional duties for the highly acclaimed film.  

art by my lollipop ♥ @drawverylittle inspired by chapter 9 of chances are

don’t mind me, I’m just sitting here. crying. and yelling. and making pterodactyl noises. no big.


from this scene:

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Justin has a new hobby. Painting. He claims he needs a Muse so his nanny suggests that her neice be it. Justin’s a little indecisive because when he was little he met her and she wasn’t in the scale of his good taste. But when he sees her he discharges all of what he thought.

Since the request says “Nanny”, I assume that Justin is younger in this imagine. You decide his age.

“Painting, again, Justin? That’s fast becoming your third one this week.”

I turned my head towards Jane, my nanny, and nodded, “Sure am. I think it might be my new favourite thing to do.”

I set my paintbrush down in the mason jar of, now murky green water, “But, I’m getting bored of this piece. I wanna focus on something in front of me, not from my imagination - a muse, as artists would say.”

Painting was something I’d found great pleasure in, and, since starting over 3 months ago; I’d accumulated quite the collection of canvases. I never wanted to put the brush down. Creating things was something I loved to do, whether that be writing or making up a tune on the keyboard - though, those hobbies lasted maybe a week or two, I was hooked on this kind of art.

“Well, you’re doing a great job with this one,” Jane said, setting her hand on my shoulder, looking intently at the log cabin hidden amongst trees that I was currently producing, “But if you’re looking for a muse, how about my niece, (Y/N)? You’ve met her before.”

I pulled a face, “(Y/N) and I weren’t exactly… the best of friends when we first met, were we?”

It was true. She couldn’t deny it. Jane had brought her over a few years ago, to hang out, and she was very annoying. Her traits and personality made her ugly to me; I didn’t want to paint something ugly.

“You guys were younger. I’m sure you’ll enjoy painting her once you’ve started. How about it?”

I could tell that she wasn’t letting up, perhaps I would just give Jane the painting once I had finished with it. I didn’t particularly want a canvas of (Y/N) in my collection, it would stick out like a sore thumb.

A sigh left my lips, “Okay, fine. Tell her to come tomorrow.”


I heard the door click, signalling to me that Jane had arrived with (Y/N); I ignored it, continuing to practice a new technique I’d discovered, dry brush. It was harder to correct my work if I messed up, since I couldn’t use water - though, I did find myself cheating at times and reaching for my mason jar.

“Justin, (Y/N) is here!”

I groaned and put my brush down, running my hands down my face. Here we go. I’d never created still life, Lord knows how long it would take, much to my dismay. Standing up from my stool, I slid open the door that connected the sun room to my living room and stopped in my tracks as my eyes met with (Y/N)’s.

Gulping, I watched as she smiled at me. A few years could definitely change a person, all right. Her once curly, mop hair had been straightened, brows were tame and being the guy that I am; I, of course, took great appreciation in noticing the way her body had developed and was maturing into the woman she was to become.

Hopefully her personality had changed, too.

“(Y/N), good to see you again.”

“And you, Justin.”

Jane glanced between us with a grin on her face and I rolled my eyes playfully at her. A blush grew on her cheeks as she realised that I’d caught her, and she coughed. “Right, I’ll let you get on with it. I’ll bring you guys some tea or something in a moment.”

Nodding, I led (Y/N) through to where my easel and paints were set up and I brought a stool around for her, to which she thanked me.

“So, it’s been a while.” She breathed, shrugging her denim jacket off and taking a seat.

“It has,” I agreed, clearing my throat, “You look different.”

“Well I should hope puberty had done something,” She giggled, making me smile, “You look different, too. A good different.”

“Thank you,” I picked up a fresh canvas, “So, I’ve never painted somebody before. I’m not purposely trying to make you look ugly.”

Her jaw dropped slightly and she laughed, “Okay, I look forward to seeing the end result. How do you want me?”

Her choice of words made my cheeks burn and mind wander to the more secretive parts of my brain, I looked away momentarily to compose myself, only to spot Jane walking in with two mugs.

“Here you go, you two. I’ll be in the kitchen if you need me.”

“How about… head resting on your palm?”

She moved around, crossing her leg over the other and resting her elbow on her knee. (Y/N) set her head in her hand and raised a brow, staring back at me innocently, “Like this?”

Who needed me to paint her, she was already a work of art.

“Perfect,” I mumbled, reaching for my freshly sharpened pencil.

Her eye contact was mesmerising, yet intimidating - I found myself looking away every so often to break the hold she currently had over me. I laughed as she asked sweetly if I could pause so that she could sip her tea, I took those occasional moments as my opportunity to open a window or drink, myself.

“This might take longer than anticipated.” I said, drawing out her collar bone that was visible since she was dressed simply in a plain white camisole.

“Really? How much longer?” She asked.

“Like… a few more sessions longer.”

“Oh, that’s fine. I mean, if that’s fine with you.”

I bit my bottom lip, “Of course.”


“You’re very beautiful, (Y/N).” I plucked up the courage to say.

I was around half way done with drawing the face, and I had made that observation as soon as I’d began. Having to stare closely at her features made me nervous, almost, though I tried not to show it.

Her cheeks tinged pink and I grinned, “T-thank you.”

“And you’ve been good to hang around with. You’re not as annoying this time around.”

She gasped and I chuckled, “Hey. You were annoying, too.”

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at her child-like comeback, “Sure I was. Now stop distracting me, I’m working.” She went to protest but I blocked my ears, making her huff.

In many ways (Y/N) was still the same little girl I’d met years ago, except, this time she acquired a more sophisticated and mature manner. Sure, she still sucked at comebacks and was stubborn like hell - but, she had learned to be patient, could hold a conversation and surprisingly, she was funny.

Not to mention she was beautiful.

“C-could you, umm… sit more upright?”

(YN) glanced downward and blushed as she noticed that I could, very noticeably, view her cleavage and she sat up, pulling her t-shirt with her, “S-sorry. Completely unintentional.”

I smiled softly and went back to the canvas. Perhaps I would deliberately take longer than needed to finish this piece… and it was definitely joining my collection.

anonymous asked:

Unnie! Can you do a part two to making out in a movie theatre bathroom w/ hanbin? I loved it btw xx

hi darlin! this was super fun to write, thank you for requesting! i hope you enjoyed it xx

Title: Hanbin Sleeps Over (Part 2 to the Movie Theatre Bathroom scenario)

Pairing: Hanbin (B.I.) x Reader

Genre: Fluffy Kitten

Word Count: 1,700

Overview: Hanbin comes over to your house one Saturday night, but the paparazzi follow him. He has to hide in your house, and since it is late, he has to sleep over. However, since he is a little brat he refuses to sleep on the couch and ends up sharing your bed with you…shirtless.

Originally posted by gae-phull

The doorbell chimes just as you’re bringing the spoon full of ice cream up to your lips. Mouth still agape, you glance over at the door then back to the spoon. You slightly whimper as you stick the soft and creamy ice cream back into the carton. Who dare interrupt your lazy Saturday night? You had had a crazy long week and tonight you were finally able to just relax and not have to worry about anything. All you wanted to do was put on some Law and Order and eat a tub of ice cream. Which is exactly what you had started to do when whoever was at the door decided to ruin that.

You groan in frustration as you slam the tub down onto the table. As you push yourself off of the couch, the person outside knocks impatiently on the door. You pause, wondering why they would knock if they had just rung the doorbell. Talk about being impatient.

You’re a few steps away from the door when the bell rings out two more times. “Hold on, jeez!”

Reaching out for the door, you grab onto the knob and fling it open. Your eyes grow wide as you take in the hooded figure standing on your doorstep.

“Hanbin?” You ask incredulously. Seeing him immediately put butterflies in your stomach that you didn’t want to feel.

He looks up from under his hood, grinning at you. “Hi there.”

You close your eyes and lean your forehead against the door. “What are you doing here?”

“Don’t act like you aren’t happy to see me. Shall I remind you of what happened a week ago in a certain movie theatre bathroom?” Hanbin winks at you and casually leans against the frame of the door.

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prompt: Post-war. Sakura ignores Sasuke.

note: i wanted a lil drama to spice things up

Sasuke knew for a fact that Sakura ignored him.

She replied to his questions begrudgingly with one word answers, barely glanced at him when he was around and did everything in her power to keep a meter’s distance from him. She wasn’t avoiding him, rather she was deliberately putting herself in his way but not paying any attention to him. She wanted him to know that she had no intention of speaking to him and even if they’d be crossing paths for the rest of their lives, she had no interest in patching things up.

Naruto and Kakashi let her go on with her antics. They did not try to incite he and Sakura to spark a conversation. In fact, Kakashi seemed to be aiding Sakura in her mission to give him the coldest shoulder he’d ever experienced. Naruto seemed hesitant about the ordeal, but he understood Sakura better than anyone else.

There wasn’t a time when Sasuke believed Sakura’s blatant disregard for him didn’t bother him. When someone tried so hard to make him notice their dislike for him, it was hard to ignore. By the seventh month, he was at his wits end.

He caught her wrist as she was walking home one night. She turned around, glanced at her wrist and looked back to him. She didn’t say a word.

“What do you want from me?” Sasuke demanded, unconsciously tightening his grip.

Sakura didn’t even flinch when she said, “Shouldn’t I be asking you that?”

“You know what I mean, Sakura,” he bit out.

“Why do you care?” She asked, her voice solidifying, booming. “Naruto said you cared, but do you? Or are you angry that something isn’t going your way, since you’re so used to it going your way?”

“You think my life went the way I wanted it to go?” He narrowed his eyes, fingers digging into her skin.

“Isn’t that why you try to control everything now, Sasuke-kun? Isn’t that why you’re confronting me now, because you thought I’d be fawning over you?” She was leaning towards him now, slowly inching forward.

It might’ve been his grip on her wrist that pulled her forward. His eyes never left hers.

“You think you have me all figured out then?” Sasuke growled, baring his teeth.

“No,” her voice turned soft, “no, I’m not sure you even have yourself figured out… but I know myself, Sasuke-kun, and I know you’re only going to hurt me.”

There was a moment of silence and a pass of something in the air. It was like they held their breaths at the same time and the world had stopped in their heads and then the gears were shifting again.

When he kissed her, she kissed him right back. He felt her meld into him, her body morphing to conform to his. Her fingers tangled in his hair, her lips moving in sync with his. He saw white, thought blanks and felt wiped.

She moved back slowly, her breaths coming out in shallow puffs. Her cheeks were tinged pink, her eyes hooded.

“I tried my best…” Sasuke grumbled, resting his forehead on hers.

Sakura closed her eyes and sighed. “Try harder.”

SABOLU AU - Where Sabo is a prince and Luffy is his knight!

I have to comunicate that I will enter in a hiatus since my wrist is worse 

I thought I could draw a lil because I tried (I have this ting around my wrist that protects it) and it didn’t hurt me but now the pain is a lot :<

For me this sucks becuase I love drawing with all my heart and I wanted to uplad more chapter of mtw u-u I will upload the 3 one :< I wanted to publish it with the 4 at the same time but I can’t do that I’m so sorry u-u


ok so i’ve been in love with I’m-an-octopus’s work and blog and everything tbh, and when i heard bae wasn’t accepting requests atm and i saw these two hc’s i really could not help myself !!!!! apologies if this is incoherent as I am writing it just past 3am. and also woohoo happy birthday Chris Pratt, love of my life!!

lil owen grady x reader.

this is written from the pov of a female bae. :-)

http://im-an-octopus.tumblr.com/post/122053189754/okay-so-y-n-is-a-pterodactyl-trainer-whos-been and http://im-an-octopus.tumblr.com/post/122046860069/female-bae-hanging-with-barry-and-owen-when

let’s do this

“Aight. For real though, come talk to me when you have Blue perched on your shoulder and following you around.” You sent a sly smirk Owen’s way and leant back on the wall of the raptor enclosure, relishing in Barry’s raucous laughter.

Owen held up two hands in defense, grinning at your remark. “Hey, you may be in the right in this case, but is that a blush I see tinging your cheeks?”

You huffed and tried to play off the obvious heat rising from your neck up. You may or may not have been keeping your eyes on Owen since he complimented your work after you started your training work with your pterodactyl babies. You had a sneaky feeling Barry knew, as whenever you two started at your banter again he kept his brows raised at you 99% of the time.

Just as you opened your mouth to make a pretty clever comeback, Hoskins lumbered by and paused by you three, raising his eyebrows when he saw your equipment and uniform.

“Grady, what is this lady doing so near the enclosure? Please escort her out of the perimeter, there is plenty of women’s work to be done around the food court and shopping mall.” He clapped his hands and made a shooing motion with his hands, which was right before you began to even process his words.

The blush rising in your cheeks became a hot fire and Barry stepped back, having a premise of what was to come. Owen kept his steely glare at Hoskins, thankfully not replying. This was your fight.

“I’ll show you women’s work when I shove my boot so far up your ass-“ Owen lunged at you and covered your mouth slightly, cutting off your fiery rant.

Hoskins geared himself up and reared back slightly before Barry grabbed him roughly by the shoulder and almost pushed him away from you and Owen, yelling at him to take a walk and learn his place.

Under Owen’s ever firm grip you relaxed, still dangerously bristling at Hoskins’ idiotic words.

“I swear to yeezus, Owen, if he ever says a word to me again I will seriously-“ Owen cut you off yet again, but this time with an equally flaming kiss and massaged your lips slightly before breaking apart. You stumbled slightly backwards and he guided you against the wall, one arm firmly around your waist and the other coming up to drag a thumb across your cheekbone.

“Hm. That is a blush, isn’t it-“ You fisted his vest and sealed your lips over his, gaining control as a low moan rose out of the back of his throat.

When you broke apart for only a moment, his piercing eyes fixated on your lips and guided them back to his, a hand on your jaw and taking all but your breath away.

The soft, now escalating kiss sounds elicited a moan from your throat and he broke you apart for just a moment.

“Feisty, darlin’?“


prompt by Anonymous: “How about Bobby giving Castiel “The Speech”?? I’d pay money to see that :D”

word count: 1,436

author’s note: Once again thank you so much for that prompt, it’s been super fun :D

Bobby is a very observant man.

And perhaps his instincts ain’t that sharp than they used to be, but he can honestly tell when one of his boys is head-over-heels.

Granted, he’s never seen Dean in love before, the signs, however, are really hard to miss. The long-lasting looks (sometimes it goes on for freaking minutes!), the lack of any personal space whatsoever and the hesitant and obviously calculating touches. Bobby’s never seen his boy act like this before.

And usually he’d be glad for Dean because he’d sure as hell deserve some goddamned happiness for a change.

But of course Dean chose the most inconvenient time ever to grow some feelings.

The fucking apocalypse, Lucifer roaming free, all of Heaven searching for the brothers … it’s seriously not the most perfect time. Dean, however, never gave a damn about something like that, so it’s no surprise that he waited for the end of the world.

And naturally Dean’s object of affection turned out to be a frigging angel of the Lord.

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