i tried a ting

vvveerrrry small image, but i grabbed these colors right from the January promo “specs” image of mcqueen. so his exhaust/tires colors are slightly red/magenta-tinged. I tried to grab a variety of his eye color range too if anyone is interested. the colors aren’t perfect (need a lil more saturation/tone) but they’re close

SABOLU AU - Where Sabo is a prince and Luffy is his knight!

I have to comunicate that I will enter in a hiatus since my wrist is worse 

I thought I could draw a lil because I tried (I have this ting around my wrist that protects it) and it didn’t hurt me but now the pain is a lot :<

For me this sucks becuase I love drawing with all my heart and I wanted to uplad more chapter of mtw u-u I will upload the 3 one :< I wanted to publish it with the 4 at the same time but I can’t do that I’m so sorry u-u


I pressed my tongue to the roof of my mouth, making the small berries explode all at once. It was sweet and sour and I let the juice slowly slide down my throat in a delicious tickle. I then chewed the pulp up as best I could though I knew that a lot of it would end up lodged in my teeth. I checked my compact mirror to see if there was any major roughage visible in the front and when I happily saw that there was not, I impulsively stuck out my tongue and was delighted to find it a lovely shade of aubergine.

I needed to get back down the mountain. The sky didn’t look that threatening but I could feel the wind picking up from what began as a completely still day. My hair blew into my eyes and as I tried to tuck it behind my ears I felt a tinge of dread about the sudden shift in weather. I grabbed one more handful of blueberries and began to carefully pick my way down the rocky trail.

I descended quickly, much faster than my leisurely climb up.  I saw the clouds begin to race across the sky, chasing each other like children playing tag. I felt the first drops fall fat and heavy, one by one. Then my shadow completely disappeared and I was surrounded by the thick grey of a summer afternoon storm. The rain saturated my hair and clothing in a few short minutes and when I realized that my fate was to be sodden I tipped my head back and let the water stream down my face and directly into my purple stained mouth.