i tried a new way of coloring idk i think i like it better

✰ * º ❛ even more popular text posts ask meme. ❜

‘  my kink is getting some fuckin sleep.  ’
‘  omg here goes your lil crybaby ass.  ’
‘  the beatles wouldn’t even fucking exist if big time rush hadn’t paved the path for them so shut the fuck up.  ’
‘  don’t start buddy. don’t you dare.  ’
‘  gay rights? true, as a gay, i am always right.  ’
‘  not to vent, but: fuck.  ’
‘  the worst pain is to make small talk with someone you once told everything to.  ’
‘  i think i accidentally break my own heart a lot.  ’
‘  sometimes ‘brb’ stands for ‘be ready bitch’ so you have to be careful.  ’
‘  i want to kiss you in a way that makes you not want to kiss anyone else ever again.  ’
‘  shout out to the people who are still friends with me even though i’m a fucking idiot.  ’
‘  it’s safe to assume that at any given moment i want to go back to bed.  ’
‘  i’m a big fan of anything that will help me chill the fuck out.  ’
‘  i don’t go through people’s pictures on their phone cause i wasn’t raised in the jungle.  ’
‘  i think we, as a people, just need to have a glass of water.  ’
‘  i don’t have enough black clothes.  ’
‘  sweetie, i could sleep for ten years and i’d still be tired.  ’
‘  i would sleep so much better with your arms wrapped around me.  ’
‘  me??? tired??? sleepy??? yes, constantly.  ’
‘  i’m pb&j – petty, bitter, and jealous.  ’
‘  the fact that sloths aren’t extinct somehow proves that if you go at your own pace and mind your own fucking business you too can succeed.  ’
‘  i wish i could be the person i want to be, but i’m too tired.  ’
‘  i always look sleep deprived. is that hot?  ’
‘  just because there’s always room for improvement doesn’t mean you’ll never be good enough.  ’
‘  my heart is a soft and sensitive mess.  ’
‘  all i want is a big garden and no responsibilities.  ’
‘  honestly someone not liking beyonce is a deal breaker and not for any political reasons, but just like you’re probably, definitely really boring.  ’
‘  hey guys, i’m a huge fan of genuine love and affection.  ’
‘  now i’m falling asleep and she’s calling a crab and he’s having a smoke and she’s kissing the crab.  ’
‘  i’ve been ever since i heard ‘lonely’ by akon at 9 years-old.  ’
‘  my new years resolution is to stop.  ’
‘  i’m irritated cause i’m not lovable in a romantic soulmate way.  ’
‘  i hate knowing that people that ruined parts of me still live and function like nothing ever happened.  ’
‘  i know i’m cute, but you can remind me.  ’
‘  hey, just wondering, but are you fucking kidding me????  ’
‘  i can’t wait to be in love with someone who is also deepfuck in love with me and we love each other forever n’ ever.  ’
‘  me? clingy? yes. please don’t leave me.  ’
‘  girlfriend application compatibility question: do you keep your depression pile on the bed or on the floor?  ’
‘  anything heart shaped is automatically 200% better. this is a fact.  ’
‘  today’s agenda: screaming into the abyss.  ’
‘  going from ‘today is a good day’ to ‘i hate my life’ takes me approximately 2.6 seconds.  ’
‘  everyone needs to wash their face and go to bed.  ’
‘  i’m worth so much more than the ways i’ve been treated.  ’
‘  hey, can i claim you guys as dependents on my taxes?  ’
‘  i really just ignore phone calls. like leave a message. i don’t check those either but like  ’
‘  i honestly just want to pack my bags and go travel the world and see and explore everything possible.  ’
‘  remember being little and thinking dandelions were fun or a pretty color or something and every adult in an 80 mile radius wouldn’t let you say that without screaming IT’S A WEED.  ’
‘  why did we just accept catdog?  ’
‘  my ‘stay in bed all day’ game’s too strong.  ’
‘  you deserve to be loved without having to hide the parts of yourself that you think are unlovable.  ’
‘  i always forget that i literally don’t owe anyone anything!  ’
‘  i wonder what it feels like to know what the fuck is going on.  ’
‘  honestly… us girls? us women? we always out here, knowin.  ’
‘  would an alien think i’m pretty?  ’
‘  i love boys, but only as a concept.  ’
‘  why do parents get mad when you sleep in all day? like i’m staying out of trouble and i’m not spending your money like what’s the issue here????  ’
‘  i identify as an inconvenience to the world.  ’
‘  i seriously regret telling anyone, anything, ever lmao  ’
‘  dating me is like dating a five year-old. i need all of your attention and i’m cranky if i haven’t had a nap.  ’
‘  i’m literally tired of myself.  ’
‘  don’t introduce me to ur parents unless you plan on marrying me because they’re going to love me and ask about me for the rest of your life lol  ’
‘  what the hell is a straight person? only straight thing i know about is the edge of my beloved sword.  ’
‘  i highly recommend never having feelings.  ’
‘  self care is going into a cornfield at night to get abducted by aliens.  ’
‘  staying up late with another human is such a weird thing like you get this special bond and a what-is-this feeling  ’
‘  do u ever feel like ur not even friends with ur friends?  ’
‘  um no offense but whom’st’ve going to loveth me?  ’
‘  date a girl who fucks everything up.  ’
‘  not all who mcfreakin wander are mcfreakin lost.  ’
‘  i may legally be an adult but don’t be fooled. i have no idea what i’m doing.  ’
‘  a fun and interesting fact about me is that i’m a fucking idiot.  ’
‘  you can start again anytime!  ’
‘  all you can do is learn your lesson. there’s no point in wishing you had did differently. the past is the past.  ’
‘  i can’t believe an angel like me has to suffer so much.  ’
‘  you’re all so obsessed with love and being loved. what about just going to sleep?  ’
‘  i’m smart, but i do dumb shit anyway.  ’
‘  tbh i never deal with my emotions. i just let them ravage my body and then go to bed and then i wake up and do it all over again.  ’
‘  first of all: i don’t know shit, so jot that down.  ’
‘  i’ll just ¯\ _(ツ)_/¯ my way through life.  ’
‘  i’m tired of things costing money.  ’
‘  don’t you hate it when you’re dead inside and run out of apps to refresh?  ’
‘  who cares? do better, move on.  ’
‘  i don’t need a significant other. just a significant income.  ’
‘  appreciation for everyone who’s ever talked to me bc i’m annoying and dumb.  ’
‘  thnks fr th mntl llnss.  ’
‘  what  hasn’t killed me has just made me overly sensitive and defensive.  ’
‘  i don’t know shit ya’ll!!!!! i’m just out here.  ’
‘  binge-watching is great until you run out of the show and have to start watching it weekly like some sort of medieval peasant.  ’
‘  i’m in the wrong realm and i think everyone can tell.  ’
‘  this might come as a shock but I’m Not Feelin too good my dudes.  ’
‘  i’m alive, but only ironically.  ’
‘  there she goes again being over dramatic and by she, i mean me.  ’
‘  do you ever feel like have tried Too Hard to a friend and now you have become That Obnoxious Weirdo?  ’
‘  lgbt: lasagna! garfield’s beloved treat.  ’
‘  my favorite phrase in the english language is ‘i shit you not.’  ’
‘  i’m a real boring bitch! a snoozer!  ’
‘  i honestly look so good lounging in an oversized t-shirt and no pants. when will someone experience the blessing of domestic living w/ me?  ’
‘  you don’t understand how hard it is to take a selfie when you’re ugly.  ’
‘  you son of a mumford!  ’
‘  hi, i’m here to ruin everything.  ’
‘  you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their hands. for example, if it’s a skeleton hand then they’re dead.  ’
‘  the year is 2020 and i am found guilty of treason against the united states for vague blogging that i hate someone and donald trump thought it was about him.  ’
‘  everybody calm down, we’re going to be fine! :))) we’ve weathered worse than this! :) :) :) :) really all this panic just seems like a huge overreaction imho   ’
‘  no beta readers. we publish our crap writing like men.  ’
‘  i need $$$$$ not feelings.  ’
‘  ‘idk imma see’ = i ain’t coming, never was coming, never considered it, never gave it a single thought, only remembered cause you asked again.  ’
‘  oops, i don’t care lol  ’
‘  why girls always crop the halo out of their selfies? stop being so modest. we know the truth.  ’
‘  maurice, you’re not gonna fucking believe this,  ’
‘  i always get told i look like a bitch bc i’m always glaring while i walk, but i’m not glaring, i’m squinting. i have sensitive eyes. they’re watering.  ’
‘  concept: it’s 3 am. candle lit room. a record is spinning. you’re kissing me. we have no worries in the world. we’re warm and content.  ’
‘  i need to go into the forest and scream for an hour and a half.  ’
‘  pls kill all men who yell at girls from cars.  ’
‘  life really isn’t what i expected it to be. less quicksand. almost no quicksand to be honest. lots of metaphorical quicksand tho.  ’
‘  i have a question for u: like are u done… like is it over?  ’
‘  we all have that one person who ruins your day by being alive.  ’
‘  we all have that one person who ruins your day by being alive. for me, it’s myself.  ’
‘  whenever i see police i always try not to act suspicious and fail internally even though i never did anything wrong.  ’
‘  new years resolution: less bitter, more glitter.  ’

playing with fire | taehyung

Originally posted by gotjimin

genre: fluff, fuckboy taehyung, short story, one shot?(maybe; depends if people like it)

pairing: taehyung x reader 

summary: you knew what you were in for, but it was too late to get out. besides, it’s not like you wanted too anyways. 

a/n : obviously based off of blackpink’s song, playing with fire. stan my moms! 

 The name Kim Taehyung wasn’t new to you. Although, you wish you would stop hearing it, everyday, every hour and every freaking second. Taehyung did this—Taehyung said this—Taehyung did that. You found it so annoying. The girls in your school talk about nothing else, other then that cocky, ignorant, horny fuckboy. You honestly just wish that he disappears off the face of the earth and people would actually come to their senses on how irrelevant he is. But today of all days, you dread hearing the name: and the sentence that followed it.

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RFA + V & Saeran - Soulmate AU

This is kinda random, but I thought why not. 

P.s No one asked for this Lololol 

 So basically, AU stands for ‘Alternate Universe’, and for this each character gets a different soulmate au. Aka how they meet their soulmate or how they would find them. 

 707/Luciel/Saeyoung Choi 

Soulmate AU: world becomes brighter when meeting soulmate. 

  •  Everything was always dull to this hacker(same everyone in the RFA)
  • his mother never found her soulmate, so why would he find his??
  • Never thought he’d find his soulmate because of his job 
  • not even Vanderwood had one 
  • Seven craved for someone to literally light up his world 
  • it wasn’t that dark, but then again, that’s all he knew 
  • Maybe it was a family curse (Seven ur like the second youngest in the group shush) 
  • Decided to go stock up on some PhD Pepper one Midnight so he could finish his assignment 
  • Was walking out of store with like two cases of PhD pepper in his hands when someone crashed into him
  •  I mean literally crashed
  •  this person was running at full speed towards the entrance and crashed into this tomato boy 
  • “Oh my gosh I’m so sorr-”
  •  They didn’t even get to finish their sentence before a flash of light encased both of their visions 
  • When they could see again, they were both shocked
  • Seven marvels at how light the world suddenly became
  •  Then it dawns on him, 
  • “Oh my god!”
  •  He completely forgets about his precious soda and hugs the person tightly
  • “My soulmate!”
  • was the happiest boyo in the world at the moment 
  • workers overhearing this and clapped
  •  They exchanged numbers and Seven did a full search on the poor person once he got home
  •  was already and love
  •  spammed the chatroom with heart emojis lmao

 (The rest of the RFA is below)

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The Battle for Yoosung

Hello guys!! Sorry I forgot yoosung in my previous HC so I decided to do a post JUST FOR HIM CAUSE HE IS A PRECIOUS BABY WHO DESERVES THE WORLD

-> MC has a younger better looking sister and that sister (she isn’t a sister anymore :) ) tried hitting on Yoosung <-

• it’s been six months since your first RFA party.
• You and yoosung were “couple goals” because YALL did everything together.
• you played games together, cooked together, -exercise if you know what I mean ;) - because lord Jesus Christ
• this boy was gaining muscle from having you pinned against a certain wall c:
• :)
• so you and Yoosung were finishing battling a certain tribe that took FOREVER to beat
• beat with your team and his team joining forces
• this bean was happy
• he put you back down and just blurted out
• I want you to meet my family
• I kid you not he was like
• (/.O) me ?
• yes!! YOU
•(O.\) BUT WHY
• idiot cause I love you and I want you to meet them
• you smiled and hugged him and kissed him gently
• I know and they will love you
• you went to the other room and saw the chat room blowing up
• you logged on and saw yoosung asking for advice for meeting parents
• -Zen: Just act professionally like Trust Fund Kid Does
•-Jumin: At least I am a better actor than Zen would ever be
•- Jaehee: Mr. Han I don’t appreciate you putting down Zen acting career
•- Jumin: he has a career ? Then why he isn’t receiving checks like I am Assistant Kang. Oh right, he only gets letters.
• - Jaehee Kang has left the Chatroom-
•- Jumin: that is what zen says before he enters an audition
• - MC joined the Chatroom-
• MC DID YOU eat
•-MC: no i didnt because me and Yoosung are going over to my parents TODAY
•- Yoosung has left the Chatroom-
• MC: I have to go you guys :) make sure everyone stays safe! And remember to eat!
• - MC has left the Chatroom -

• Yoosung why did you leave !?
• you just ran to him and hugged him and told him to relax
• you kissed and reassured him that everything was going to be and that your parents are not gonna know if they had sex
• he turned red
• you guys got in the car and went on your way
• you guys arrived and he was a mess
• he was sweating everywhere
• doing breathing exercises like a pregnant woman
• you grabbed his hand and gave it a tight squeeze and looked at him with your eyes
• he relax and was ready
• you heard him sigh “ I am a man”
• you knocked on the door and your father opened it and gave you a TIGHT HUG
• yoosung was thinking
• he extended his arm out and your father just got his arm and pulled it to bring him into a hug
• HUG. YAAAAASSSSSSSSS he was thinking mentally
• he met your mom and she instantly called him son
• he felt right at home
• they told him that this was the first time MC brought anyone home
• he cried on the spot
• you hugged him
• your mother hugged you hugging him
• your father did the big group him
• then you heard your sister sighing
• YALL need to get over yourself-> said Ashley
* yup this bitch name is Ashley* ( if I used your name here you are a wonderful person C: I’m just thinking of whatever name comes into my head )
• but then she saw yoosung
• she lived for innocent men
• she loved the power of making them blush and flustered
• she found a new prey
• she walked up to yoosung and looked him up and down
• MC DO I HAVE something on my shirt do I have something on me
• Ashley: yeah you are gonna have me all over you soon
•MC: Ashley i SWEAR leave him alone. He is mine. Now. Back. Off.
•Ashley: awwwwww MC are you sccaaarreeed ~~
Scared that he will chose me over you
• Yoosung: there THERE is No competition

your parents cried :’)

I Love You, Not Your Gender

Originally posted by martziplier98

Request: howdy, could you do a tyler x reader where they meet at a coffee shop or something and they fall in love, but turns out that the person ty falls in love with is trans Ftm (female to male) and they get beat up or something and ty is like “fuck man. i really love them……” idk just an idea!!!!!! thank youuuu!!!!

Summary: So basically Trans!Reader (FtM) meets Tyler one day at Molina’s Coffee House and they hit it off but then some bad stuff happens but happy ending as always.

A/N So this was definitely different than what I’m used to, but I really got inspired this morning while I was at Starbucks working on some other stuff with some friends so I wrote this! Kinda long, but I’m actually very happy with how it came out! Hope you guys enjoy! Also, I do support the LGBT community, so please don’t take anything I wrote in this fic (slurs/intrusive thoughts) as anything that I personally believe. As always, anything in italics is a personal thought in first person that the character is having. Enjoy!

Wordcount: 1572, much long I’m v sorry

Warning: I cursed, used a homosexual slur, a little bit of violence, and mention of mental issues such as anxiety, intrusive thoughts, and being self conscious.

This request really got me out of my comfort zone, but I’m very happy with how this came out. I’ve never written a Tyler fic or a trans!reader fic so please be nice. I tried my best to get into the mind of what someone in this situation might be feeling and experiencing, but I obviously am not perfect. Anyway, feel free to request! I’ve got a few lined up in my drafts, but the more the merrier!

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(click on the image to get a less-blurry version)

I felt like drawing Sofia in a big poofy hoodie w/ spooky panties

so I drew Sofia in a big poofy hoodie w/ spooky panties

the hoodie design is from the “Green Hazard” skin for DJ Scully from Killing Floor 2 btw because I thought she’d look good in it and I was totally right

i have a couple more ideas in mind for something of a “casual” lineup of all 3 of my OCs in super casual outfits of course, but I think some other ideas i have in mind are of higher priority so those might be a while.

(also made some slight changes to her design, more on that in the Mod Commentary under the break)

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anonymous asked:

What colors would you associate with the members of BTS?

oooh this is such an interesting question! feel free to disagree with me on any of these (it took me so embarrassingly long to think of them jfc):

jin purple; at first, I chose pink, which seems so obvious because he loves the colour but I think purple fits him just well. purple is said to be a rare colour, and I think jin is pretty rare. purple is a mix of blue and red and that just says so much already about jin. blue is calming, blue is confident, blue is loyal, sincere, stable; red is passion, desire, red is bold. together, they make purple, which represents a sense of independence, of nobility, peace, ambition. I personally think jin has a lot of these qualities. jin is striking, but in more ways that just having a pretty face. he’s hard working, smart (another trait purple is said to represent), he’s valiant, he’s confident. he stands out amongst a crowd and he isn’t afraid to do that, he isn’t afraid of the attention. he draws it upon himself, but deep down, he’s caring. he’s gentle with the members, and maybe that’s because he’s the oldest? or maybe that’s just because it’s in his personality. 

yoongi blue; at first, blue can seem cold and indifferent and, sometimes, yoongi may give off that type of aura since he’s usually quiet and reserved. (more below the cut)

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anonymous asked:

Do you like the new young justice designs? I find it weird that Tim had Damian's outfit.

let’s review, shall we? (okay I’ve tried starting this post like 3 times)

Going left to right


I like this, Virgil as a character has been around a long time to have never gotten a costume change. His classic look was always very Freshman who thinks he’s super cool but really is a big dork, and this looks like that kid in Senior year having learned how to be pretty cool. It does violate my rule that a costume shouldn’t just be clothes but Static always looked like his costume was put together with what he found in his closet. Even so it’s still clearly a costume and not just some clothes it’s different but invokes the old look. If I have one major issue it’s that the vest looks very NorthFace, like why are you wearing a down jacket to fight evil? 

Kid Flash

If there’s an outfit I straight up hate it’s this one. The random black parts for no clear reason places, the bright red lines on the dark red and the ugly mustered yellow. Also the shoes aren’t boot boot like sneakers on a skin tight costume? Any ways it’s pretty clear Young Justice dug the Kid Flash uniform from Judas Contract (Picture) but that was a lot less busy with clearer colors, also no stupid goggles. Also that worked since it made Wally look like a skinny kid, the point of that whole flash back was to show how ugly they all were. This is Bart suppose to be “growing up” and it makes him look very small and skinny. Also I love Impulse, I love Bart, I like Bart’s long messy hair, him with short hair is sad. Any ways I thought he should wear Wally’s uniform with basically no changes, like Wally did when Barry died. Last thought, Bart is the only person being touched by the other characters, two character in fact are touching him, and neither of them are Jaime who he had the most connection to in his season, idk read whatever into that


They haven’t changed much he seems to be wearing more low key gloves without the spikes on the sides, I think that’s not great. He’s got a hood, which is fine. I always object to any Robin outfit that has no green in it. Dick’s Season 1 outfit was better because it had short sleeves and detached gloves. I always thought that Tim’s outfit was just okay, and since this is the same thing plus a hood, it also is just okay

Wonder Girl

Cassie has always had pretty shit outfits. This… I mean she looks like she got a t-shirt at Newberry Comics and is wearing track bottoms to fight crime. This is in no way Young Justice’s fault I mean they drew her like this in the comics, but maybe Young Justice could steal some of Donna Tory’s old looks? I mean her second Wonder Girl or the Star outfit would be good also what does she have on her feet? is she wearing toe shoes to fight bad guys? 


Pretty close to what she wears in the comics now, oh and what is with the too short capes? any ways not my favorite Steph outfit, my favorite is her Batgirl both clearly part of the Batgirl Legacy and distinctly her. Now of course Young Justice felt that two Batgirls would be confusing. Though there are two people named “Flash” and two people named “Wally West” in DC comics right now so…. in any case I like this Spoiler much better, the big kinda alien eyes in the full face mask a lot of cape etc. This is okay, it’s a lot less fun then I think Steph should be and makes her look kinda scary

Blue Beetle 

Not much has changed, his back things are more pincer like and Jaime seems bigger, taller and more beefy than before. I wonder if these are meant as hints that the whole reach/evil blue thing isn’t over? in any case since this is 99% the same as it was before and I like it before I like it now, it’s a good look

Traci 13

Your street clothes aren’t a fucking costume! that’s about it, though both her and Arrowette have REALLY weird necks/heads like they look almost alien 


Distracting head/neck issues aside this is a good costume, I question some of the black red coloring, why is her and Kid Flash’s crotch randomly black I feel like it just draws the eye and that’s strange. but otherwise I like it, the chest symbol pops and draws focus, I like the kinda messy in her face hair. I would like to see a bow, and also given the coloring (black red more red) and business of her outfit it kinda has a low-key villain or anti-hero vibe to it. 


As with some of the other’s not much has changed, I liked Roy’s look in the show, the buzzed hair and more combat ready thing. It fits the character and the story really well. I wish his suit was rocking a chest symbol the black in the middle is a little distracting like the symbol is missing. Also I wish they did soething to make his robot arm stand out more make it red/red-orange, just something so it’s clear that he’s not wearing glove you know? but other all I think it fits him very well and is a good outfit

Beast Boy

The more I look at this the less I like it. Beast Boy’s long hair, sideburns, furry arms and tail made him clearly distinct from Teen Titans Beast Boy and DCAU Beast Boy they seem to have ditched the hairy arms and tail, and now he’s wearing an outfit that looks very much like DCAU’s uniform with shorter hair like Teen Titans Beast Boy, should make future fan art a fucking nightmare. Any ways I like the hair cut I’m a little worried that he looks more teenage and less kid, I don’t want an annoying harass “flirts” with girls teenager in anything ever. The outfit is okay, but I liked the choice to put him in shorts, shorts are pretty rare in uniforms and him being barefoot made a lot of sense. It’s a good look but not better than what he had going on before

The scary squad, Artemis, she looks okay I’m happy to see a bow (something the other two arrow people are missing) The half mask works on her (in part because it’s linked to her neck. All that said I’m a little let down, I was thinking she’d keep the Tigress outfit like she said she would. It was a little goofy but I liked it and it was really switching it up for her. Nightwing… um… no, the beefier build and short hair makes him look like Conner and while that’d be an interesting look for Superboy, for Nightwing it makes him look like he’s gonna break into your house and kill you. I really liked the outfit he had before and I don’t like him wearing something that in no way invokes Nightwing. Now at first people were saying this was Aqualad, but now I hear Black Lightning. Gonna go with Black Lightning because he looks older. Kinda let down, Costumes in comics have a lot of Yellow, Red, and black, but not so much blue, I want a nice blue and yellow outfit for Black Lightning. finally Superboy…. *sigh* boi… what you doing? like… it was bad when it was literally a t-shirt and some pants but at least the shirt had a logo! fuck man you’re in a shirt and some cargo pants! Cargo Pants the worst kind of pants! Young Justice missed a great chance to stuff him into a classic Kon look, like this someone please get this boy a costume? 

anonymous asked:

hi!!! can you tell me the differences of the production between all the albums lana has made? idk why they're all so different but same i want more of an insight of how the process was for each one

Born To Die had tight production, tight vocals & I’m sure multiple vocal takes. Heavy beats that sort of overpowered the songs. Produced by Dan Heath, Rick Nowels, Emile Haynie, Justin Parker, Chris Braide, Robopop, & more.  “It has a good mix of really heavy beats, and I’ve been working with The Philadelphia Orchestra. There’s beautiful, lush string sections.”  “in the end, you focus on keeping the songs, the words, the production as good as you want it to be.” ‘I’ve been thinking lately about French influences and hip-hop influences for my record, so I’m going to say “ghetto Monégasque”’ [from Monaco]. “ it’s just beautiful – it’s just strings and beats.“  “I wrote Blue Jeans very quickly at the beach in Santa Monica, and there I knew that that would be the vibe of the album: summery and dark at the same time, the joy of the summer light and the sureness that it wouldn’t last. I immediately knew that Video Games would be an important song for me, it gave a sequel to Yayo, my first record’s last song that I loved.”

Paradise had lush production along with a few of the same producers. She said it was sort of summing up living at the Chateau Marmont and that time in her life and that it was summery.  “I ask them, for example, that the chords sound like American Beauty meets Bruce Springsteen in Miami. Or I tell them “Think of a high school girl who escapes to get high.“  “I like that it feels more lush and tropical, and I like that it has more of a Pacific Coast sound at times, like “Gods & Monsters”. “I write the words and melody and they write all the chords and music. And then Dan Heath comes in for the string arrangements, after which Emile puts in the beats and soundscaping, like birds and bells.”

Ultraviolence -  was more stripped back and with a live band in the studio. “The thing about Dan is that he comes from that DIY place and actually so do I, in a way. So there was a sense of freedom from working with him. I think the fact that we felt really free translated into this early Seventies sound, especially with his wah-wah guitars.”  “He was just gonna do this thing with his friends from Brooklyn down at his house in Nashville. It was a very grounding, but also very free experience.”“I wanted to make a record that was sort of this mix of beautiful jazz undertones and a West Coast fusion, kind of inspired by the Eagles and the Beach Boys and this sort of Laurel Canyon revival thing that was happening in the ’70s.” 

“The way you heard it recorded is the way I freestyled it. I made it up on the spot with my guitar player and left it as it was with that session drummer, and just called it a day on that song. Like the vocal inflection has its own narrative, it’s not all lyric drive, it’s just kind of moments in time that are meaningful to me left as they were, kind of untouched. The fact that I didn’t go back and try to sing it better is really the story of that song, because that’s sort of me revealing to you a facet of myself: I don’t care that it’s not perfect. That’s why that song is more important in that way than what I’m actually saying.” - Lana on PWYC

“From how great the songs were to how confident she is as a musician to her fucking singing every song live, with a handheld microphone and a seven-piece band.” Dan on UV  

Honeymoon  - 

“I guess the first thing that was going on was that I really wanted to have one more record out that was able to speak for me, even if I wasn’t in a place where I felt like speaking about myself. Aside from that I was happy and not really feeling like the album needed to be too cathartic. It felt like a good time to have fun with some elements of psychedelia and surrealism, production-wise.”

Produced by  Kieron Menzies & Rick Nowels instead of Mark Ronson. “I was going to work with Mark but, you know, his single was so big. He stopped by in town for about three days but as soon as he came he had to leave… we tried but he didn’t have too much time.”

“Hopefully my next foray will be into jazz. I feel like I’m getting there with songs like ‘Shades of Cool’ and ‘Cruel World’ and a cover of ‘The Other Woman’ by Nina Simone. I’m inching towards what I really love, which is kind of a Chet Baker, Nina Simone-inspired sound. It’s hard to get that sound because you need great jazz musicians.”

“The production is perfect; I’m looking for a few more songs to tie everything together,” she tells the publication, while also letting slip that a cover of the standard “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood,” which was first recorded by Nina Simone. “It’s growing into something I really like,” Lana said on the new album’s direction. “I’m kind of enjoying sinking into this more noirish feel for this one. It’s been good.”

The album was planned to have - 

  • “majestic choruses, beautiful orchestrations, a type of 50s vibe with a bit of soft grunge”
  • inspiration from Mark Ryden, Fellini and Picasso for more surrealist, colorful songs
  • verse-refrain composition
  • a “strong jazzy influence”

“When I started working on the new album three months after Ultraviolence, it first sounded like a Jazz album. Then, in winter, after three quarters of the record were done, we played with muddy trap beats, and tried how they would fit the tracks.”  The instruments used on Honeymoon (x)

Trembling Hands


Alec looked down at his hands and saw them start to tremble. They hadn’t done this since the almost-wedding with Lydia. Where he first truly felt Magnus under his touch as he let himself to kiss him. To hold him in a way he never allowed himself to do with anybody, in a way that felt like his heart was going to give out. How his hands felt around Magnus hips like they were made specifically to just hold him there, hold him close.

He’s gone now though, like the last note of a song that can still be heard a few seconds after but you can hear that its ended. A beautiful melody that has reached an end without the ability to restart, he’s gone. Walked out without so much of a glance until the doors closed behind him.

And Alec’s hands start to tremble. Of course, they’d begun once the uttered “can’t have both” had reached his ears. Just like clockwork his hands started shaking slightly, unnoticeable. However the shakiness had exhilarated and he started to see blurry. His breath hitches as if his lungs forgot to inhale air, and they did. He moves around trying to make something out of his space, what’s surrounding him.

He knows he’s in the Institute, outside of Max’s medical room. He hadn’t left his spot, he knows that much but everything looks like it closing in and even if he tried, the place looks like spots of colors that he can’t make out of as shapes. He knows this place like the back of his hand, but with his senses lost he feels useless. So trying to use his instinct he goes to the left where he’s fairly sure the door to Max’s room is.

As he walks, his legs wobble and he knows he’s walking on solid floor but somehow it feels like the ground is going to shatter and he’s going to drown. His legs feel heavy, he notices. They are difficult to move, they feel as if they were asleep, but don’t hurt to walk in as if they were though.

When he reaches the door that lead him into the room, he fumbles with the doorknob. Not as if it were lock but more as if he couldn’t quite grasp it. His hands feel weak and his hands slides around the doorknob returning back to the side of his body. He gives it several tries but with each following attempt he can feel himself being drained of energy, so he stops trying.

He starts to feel raindrops on his cheeks and his vision is heavily impacted because he starts seeing black dots form where the color once was turning his stream of colors into undistinguished blobs. He can’t see, not anymore, not to be able to distinguish something and he can feel his chest is about to explode. It feels tight and uncomfortable and he’s fairly sure he’s not breathing.

He can feel himself becoming dizzy and when his feet are about to give out, he reaches out to a nearby table to steady himself but his arms are weaker than his hands so he falls, rather easily and harshly to the floor. He’s not sure if anybody noticed or even if they might’ve heard him since his ears are ringing.

He think he hears a door opening but he’s not quite sure until someone raises his head to their lap. His eyelids are half close, but even if they had been open he’d still see a nothing. He feels a hand on his neck and another one by his wrist, both pressing against his skin at the same time or in a short period of time, he’s not quite sure.

The hands feel warm against his skin and he tries to focus on the feeling of warmth that the hands are providing, but the hands move away before he succeeds. His breathing hasn’t improved but it hadn’t worsen, so Alec considers that as a good sign. The hands are back now, one is going through his hair but the other one is firmly placed on his chest, slightly to the left.

“Alec, breathe” a voice faintly says. He does as he’s told but has trouble complying to the command.

“You’re okay, Alec. You’re completely safe” the voice says softly, near his ear so it seem so faint and so far away. The hand on his chest hasn’t moved but the person’s thumb is rubbing circles around his heart.

“Focus on my thumb, okay? See if that makes it easier for you to breathe” the voice says in a calm and soothing voice and Alec complies. “I know you need to focus on something for anything to work” the voice says in a fondly teasing way that sounds so familiar.

“I-Izzy?” he croaks out, which causes a burn to pass down his throat entering his chest which makes him feel uneasy.

“It’s okay, big brother. It’s alright, I’m here and this isn’t going to last forever. You think you can handle this a while longer?” Alec unwillingly to speak again, simply nodded.

After a while of hearing Izzy’s soothing voice and focusing on feeling on his chest, he could feel himself breathe a little easier, raindrops were still falling on his face but he let them be unable to do anything about them.

When he could breathe normally, his eyesight was better. Some parts were still blurry but he could make stuff out, like the outline of Izzy’s rune, this continued until he was able to look at her straight in the face and saw her eyes filled with concern.

In an attempt to understand what was going on around him, he asked her if raindrops had been falling on her cheeks too. When she told him as she cleaned one of his cheeks that he had been crying.

She explained to him, he had experienced a panic attack. She said it meant he was feeling some sort of intense fear or worry about something. She also said that while some could happen spontaneously, some could’ve also been provoked.

When she asked him what happened, he didn’t know how to explain to her that he wasn’t sure what exactly happened. He remember blurs and feeling utterly broken and devastated. He remembers sorrow and heartache but most importantly he remembers Magnus.

He looked at her general direction, unable to meet her eyes, because his own felt heavy with sadness as exhaustion filled his entire body. He told her, in a whisper.

“I think I lost him”

Rays of sunshine


Requested by: anon

I was wondering if you could write an imagine about bucky amd the reader where the reader is just like an overly excited person and always smiling and happy and at first bucky is very annoyed but then one night he finds out that she’s actually lost everything (or got out from an abusive relatioship idk what you prefer) and she’s only acting very happy but deep down she’s very sad and dark so bucky takes interest and their relationship gets better (maybe she could fall in love with him but he doesn’t love her like that he just really want to take care of her but she’s okay with it) and idk maybe a lot of fluff? Pleaseee 💕💕💕

Summary:  AUAs Tony brings a new addition to the team, Bucky barnes can’t help but feel annoyed by her. (sorry, I suck at summaries) FLUFF.

Warnings: a little angst, swearing. (if you know me, you should know by now that i love swearing)

Word count: 3357

A/N: This ended up being so long! I was planning on making a relatively short imagine and it got out of hand (whoops!) but inspiration hit and now I’m really happy with the finished project. Thank you to the lovely anon who requested this! I hope you like it

Originally posted by wintersthighs

Bucky Barnes is impossible to annoy.

Or so does everyone think until you move to the tower.

Since the moment you step foot on the building, hands filled with boxes and wearing brightly colored clothes, he can’t help but feel a small pang of anger in his chest. He’s barely gotten used to seeing everyone at the tower, and now Tony wants to add yet another bothersome, noisy human being to the equation. Great, fucking great.

“She’ll be her for a while, Barnes, don’t be so rude. I’m sure you won’t mind the company.” He says quietly, elbowing him on the side before he goes to help you with your boxes.

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Supermarket Flowers - Part 3

Summary: Reader gets admitted to hospital after a week, Peter visits her everyday after school. Peter brings reader a little surprise on his visit one day.

Supermarket Flowers - Part 1

Supermarket Flowers - Part 2

Warnings: i made myself tear up while writing this soooo look out :’(

Word count: 1590

You lay in bed in the hospital bed, hooked up to all sorts of IV’s and wires. It had been about two weeks since you were first diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer, and things were going more and more downhill with each day that passed.

The cancer had spread from the stomach, where it was originally, to the far parts of your liver and other surrounding organs. You had tried numerous types of treatments, and your first chemotherapy was last evening. By this time, you had lost some of your hair, and you were even more exhausted.

You move your head to look at Peter, who’s clutching your hand tight, his eyes closed and his head resting on your lap. He had fallen asleep some time before, as he had been up all night in case you needed anything. He had just gotten off school a few hours ago, and ran here as fast as he could.

Reaching up with your other hand, you gently carded your fingers through his hair, taking the time to admire how peacefully he sleeps. You couldn’t help but feel bad for Peter … everyone was so focused on how you were that nobody took into consideration how awful this must be on Peter.

Peter has stayed with you almost every night, changed in the bathroom for school, and left each morning to go learn. Only, he couldn’t learn. He simply couldn’t focus on anything but the clock and getting back to you.

Your arm starts to get tired, so you gently rest your hand on his head, massaging his scalp with the tips of your fingers.

Feeling the movement against his head, Peter groans and lifts his head up to look at you. When he sees you awake, he sits up quick and puts on his dorky smile.

“Heyyy baby! How how are you feeling?! Do you need uhh water or or anything?! I can go get anything you want,” he rambles.

Your voice still kind of groggy, you shake your head and smile, “I’m okay Peter thank you though. Not very hungry.”

Peter nods, smiling soft and rubbing your hand with his thumb. “Do you wanna watch tv? Orrrr color or idk … what do you wanna do?”

Grateful for Peter wanting you to have a good time, you smile kinda sad, “All of that sounds great, but if it’s okay with you I uh I think I’m gonna close my eyes again. It’s kinda late isn’t it?”

Peter looks at the clock, it only being 8:30, and sighs. “Yeah I I guess it is.”

Getting up slightly, he presses his lips to your forehead and smoothes your hair down, “Goodnight baby, I love you, get some good rest and I’ll uhh be by tomorrow afternoon if you wake up after I’m gone.”

Nodding to him and snuggling up more, you drift off to sleep, mumbling, “I love you too,” wondering when your last ‘I love you’ will be.

Peter holds your hand while you sleep, kissing the inside of your palm and letting the tears slip out only when you’re asleep. He would hate for you to see what this is doing to him too, and all he cared about was you right now.

He sits back in his chair, snuggling in his sweatshirt and praying for what seems like the millionth time, wanting God to just snap his fingers and fix you. But he knew it wasn’t that easy.

You wake up around lunchtime the next day, the sun shining through the curtains and the room empty except for you. You felt slightly more energized than you had been, and decided to push yourself up into sitting position.

Looking around the room you realize how hot you are … you’ve actually begun to sweat a little bit. Peeling the blanket off of you, you reach up to put your hair in a messy bun … but more of it just falls out into your hand. Holding it in your palm, you start to cry and put your head in your hands.

Things weren’t supposed to be like this. You were going to grow up and go to college, and live a happy life with Peter somewhere. You weren’t supposed to be lying in a hospital bed, pulling out your hair at the slightest touch.

You’re snapped back into reality when your parents walk in from their lunch trip, your mother rushing over to hug you tight, gently taking the hair from your hand.

“Shhh sweetheart it’s it’s okay, everything’s gonna be j-just fine,” she says, choking back tears and swaying with you.

Burying your face into her neck, you start to sob, “I c-can’t do this anymore mom I can’t deal w-with it all!”

Wanting nothing more than what’s best for his family, your father walks over and pulls you both into his comforting arms, kissing your heads and sharing a cry with you.

“Sometimes, my princess, w-we just need to have a cry and and let it all out. It makes us feel better for the most part.”

You stay wrapped in your parent's’ arms for about fifteen minutes before your body starts to ache again, so you pull away and lay back against the pillows.

Your parents sit down in the chairs next to you, holding your hand as you wipe your eyes, closing them and snuggling back in the thin sheets. Drifting off to sleep, you make sure to tell your parents you love them, just in case this was the last time.

When you wake again, you see Peter sitting next to you, finishing his homework. You glance around the room and see a vase of new red roses on the table at the foot of your bed.

Pushing yourself up, you smile big at the surprise, “Peter, did you bring those?!”

Surprised at the sudden noise, Peter jumps a little and drops his pen, bending down to pick it up. When he sits straight again, he closes his notebook and smiles.

“Yeah I uhh I stopped by the supermarket on the way here and and they had just laid out those fresh ones,” he explains to you as he gets up and brings them closer to you.

“Thank you so much P, they’re breathtaking!” You smile big and hold them, dipping your head down to sniff the fresh petals. The smell reminds you of when you used to help your mom plant flowers in the garden, and you smile even bigger.

“So uhh, how are you feeling?! Any better?! I I took notes for you today and and collected your homework … which I completed for you so yeah,” he rambles, being nervous yet at the same time happy that you’re awake.

“Oh I’m feeling a little better, uhmm I lost some more hair today but uhh yeah that’s that’s normal now I guess,” you say, looking down at your hands.

Peter nods, and puts on a smile, trying to reassure you, “Well I think you’re still just as beautiful as as you were aaand I can’t tell a difference so yeah it’s all good. Right?”

You nod as he gets up and lays down next to you, snuggling you close. “Thank you Peter, sorry I can be so depressing sometimes.”

Peter shakes his head and gives your forehead another kiss, it being his favorite thing to do now, “It’s completely fine, Y/N, you’re going through a lot and and how I feel should be the least of your worries. All i’m concerned about is you right now.”

You lay your head on Peter’s shoulder, tracing shapes on his chest, careful not to rip the IV out of your arm. “I just want to say that you don’t have to put on that tough guy act with me, I don’t expect you to. Nobody expects you to. My parent’s break down every few minutes or so, I completely understand if you need to.”

As Peter listens to you, he gradually starts to let it all loose, and you see a few tears slip out from his eyes.

Hating to see him sad, you hold him tighter and kiss his cheek. “C’mon P let it allll out. Nobody’s judging.”

Finally seeing that it’s okay to show all his pent-up anger and fear, Peter breaks down into a sob and buries his face in your neck, trying to catch his breath in between.

“I just I I can’t l-lose you, Y/N I can’t you’re you’re one of the only people that that I really care about and and it b-breaks my h-heart to see you like this, I’m I’m s-supposed to save people and and I can’t save youuu,” he sobs into your shirt as he holds onto you for dear life.

“Peter, I’m not going anywhere. I promise. I’m going to be a-okay, and we can live happy somewhere. Wherever. Once we’re out of high school and college, we have forever to ourselves. I promise you.”

Peter nods and calms down, taking a deep breath and wiping his eyes. “I’m I’m gonna sleep with you tonight in the bed, just because I want to. A-All that crying just wore me out more than I thought it would.”

You kiss his head and lay back with him, “I think that would be a good idea. I’m tired too.”

Clutching each other tightly, you both close your eyes and drift off to sleep, sleeping peacefully through what would be one of your last nights together.

hey everyone! i hope you liked this third part!! i think there’s going to be one or two more parts, and then it’s over! i will give a warning beforehand: next part will be verrrry sad. 

thank you for all your feedback, i love your comments! 

Ep 21. Fun at the Oak Park Mall (groupfic) (TRIXYA) ~ Mistress

A/N: I’ve been working on one chapter of YV for days and I don’t wanna anymore so I’m putting my efforts into MPGiS. Finale is coming up and after that idk. I kinda wanna do the next season but it’s s intricate and like… hard. Also guys… I’m a high school graduate now. Diploma and everything… weird.

Summary: The Assyousucks and Overboard Park girls have another run in at the Oak Park Mall. Tensions rise and claws come out. Also, some trixya smut for your troubles. Nearly 4k

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Turbulent Flight (Part 1)

A/N:There is mention of a tragic event. Though this is purely fiction, it may be a sensitive read so beware. (Inspired by Flight Log: Turbulence)

Part 2

Life has its turbulences too.

‘There’s been a fatal crash on freeway 107 involving idol group Got7. All members are being transported to Seoul University Hospital, unconscious. More news will be reported—’

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NEW MUNE AU masterpost

As evidenced by posts linked, It’s going to be fairly dark in its premise, set somewhere after events of movie post-defeat of Necross (big bad guy) and the moon guardian Mune being turned into Umbra and throwing the whole world into pitch darkness. 

There’s corrupt guardians, no moon and sun and probably a really cold n hot world on brink of being wiped out by celestial bodies being out of whack. Weird magic, monster lava sohos, spirits of all sorts of alignments, heirloom swords, etc will be part of this. And the cast has these guys leading it 

Their roles are a bit in limbo but i got a good grip of what the three leads do…sorry fish guy, you’re prolly captain of moon guard or idk. I suppose it’ll follow a main storyline but the purpose of AUs is just to mess around in them as short stories so just gonna talk about the possible lore/timeline. mind this is all still flimsy and i just began to speculate literally 3 hours ago. 

A NOTE ABOUT THIS: I WILL BE ADDING AND EDITING THIS AS I KEEP SPECULATING, people are welcome to contribute too! this will be open and I just want to help a fandom grow and people become invested in this!

FOR NEW READERS unaware of what Mune is, check out this trailer! 

NOW THEORY TIME GOING UNDER CUT for bit rant and image heavy

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Words: 3.8k aka too long

Characters: Vladimir Ranskahov, afab Reader

A/N: so much went into the making of this fic: awkward screaming, trouble by halsey, a hell of a lot of help from pietromcximoff, and a lot of cringing. pls tell me if he seems ooc but i need to add vladimir’s romantic headcanons to the hc page so yea idk it is what it is enjoy

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