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16 Jamilton Please and thank you 💞

16: the reunion of people who haven’t seen each other in a long time

he’s A SLOTH

good things about episode 64:

- magnus learning woodcarving because you do it with weapons
- Professor Kristoff: “attack the wood”
- the first thing magnus carves is a DUCK
- merle learning interpretive jazz dancing
- him subsequently getting so good at it that he gets to be a professor
- just merle’s whole stepchart description
- “PAN- DEMONIUM” CLINT!!!! that’s such an amazing name for it!!!!
- taako “stealing” quotes and reattributing them to himself as his contribution to the “light of creation”
- taako about after every quote: “that used to be [insert fantasy celebrity], but now it’s taako”
- “taako time: a book of inspirational aphorisms for the independent soul”
- awwww poor magnus… being embarrassed of his duck:((( 
- “it’s not perfect, but it’s the best i can do” MAGNUUUUUUS:(
- PROFESSOR merle putting everything into his performance and making everyone horny
- the audience applauding hornily
davenport singing an 18 minute song
- lucretia submitting a painting of their original home (/the IPRE headquarters)
- taako’s presentation: dropping it off and just saying “you’re welcome” 
- lup and barry
- L U P  A N D  B A R R Y
- them playing a duet together and being in love and being super cute
- griffin’s description of  love and lup and barry’s love and his whole “speech” is just really beautiful
- “lup grew furiously in arcane power” YEEES THAT’S MY GIRL!!!!
- “they take each others hand high in the air […]
and barry and lup laugh and they don’t let each others hands go
and then they stop laughing and they don’t let each others hands go
and they keep not letting go “ AWWWW  
- yes justin, you’re right, we’re all very sorry that we didn’t get to hear griffin’s romance scene with himself that would’ve been so hilarious omg
- clint losing his shit because of “that’d be the audio equivalent of wrapping your arms around yourself to make it look like you’re making out with someone” 
- lup: “ can i blow up the mountain? i mean YEAH” 
- magnus meeting the voidfish for the first time 
- MAGNUS RUSHES IN(to the cave)
- the baby voidfish being all cute and wanting more ducks from magnus
- “hi i’m taako from tv-”  (hasn’t been on tv yet)  “- and you’re wanged. you’re all pretty much in a bad way pretty badly. and there’s good news and bad news: the bad news i’ve covered pretty exhaustively with the fuckedness that you are. the good news is that you have a shot, […] and normally we don’t enlist people but here’s something i know about you all: you currently have the most inspirational shit mankind, and by mankind i mean me, has ever written in your heads held simultaneously. you motherfuckers believe in yourselves probably more than any group that’s ever been assembled in all of human history. correct? “
(i had to include this whole thing bc if this is not the most inspirational shit idk what is) 
- the baby voidfish getting lucretia “too close to the edge in seaworld-” wet
- lucretia illustrates and tries to understand the voidfish while magnus is playing ducks with the baby
- magnus visiting it and bringing it new carvings even after it’s put in a tank in lucretia’s room


I considered it :3c

Michael being able to use magic is my favorite thing on the pLANET OKAY

The other half of the doodles are under the cut!!

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A/N: Just a random thing that popped into my head.

His resolve shatters the moment her body crumbles to the ground, and an anguished cry springs from his lips as the knife’s infliction splits and spills cascades of blood over her fingers to the ground surrounding her. It pools and grows around her, devouring the floor’s stones and enveloping the tresses of the golden hair he would so often tease and tangle his fingers through. 

When his mind finally catches up to what he was witnessing, Roy tears them from the carnage to find her eyes. Moments before unfocused and clouded from the shock, they now shined with a distressing realization of what she too had to process to finally understand. Her lips part and a strangled gasp pushes past them. Her fingers leave the deeply entrenched gash and her hand gropes around her neck, slowing the ever-flowing sanguine rush only ever so slightly.

It’s her rank that escapes his mouth, despite the veil they had so masterfully spun and hidden behind having fallen. He clambers and clashes with the two grips that hold him back as he watches them carelessly drag her across the floor and to the room’s center. She’s dropped at the devil’s feet, and an audacious smile splits his lips.

The devil beckons him to hurry. That time was of the essence, lest he desire to wait for her untimely demise. 

Roy’s teeth gnash and grind and tears prick at the corners of his eyes. Roy can feel the sparks of energy at his fingertips, just waiting for the contact that would beckon them forth to rain hell down upon those he commanded it against. Embers nip at the tip of his tongue and he readies himself to spit fire.

But it is she who quiets the devil’s hellborn laughter with a whispered proclamation of death’s defiance. Despite the fleeting light and growing darkness her brown eyes hold, her ever present determination still manages to wink through. Despite her body’s tremble, she looks death in the eye and mocks it with one final, grim laugh. 

His heart splits as the devil gleefully reminds them the cost of mortality, and Roy knows all too well that the pool around her has continued to expand and that the life within her continues to dim. The grip on her neck loosens, and for a moment her fingers slide away before she finds feeble bearing once more and continues to expend her energy to staunch the blood’s flow.

A bargain with the devil suddenly becomes appealing, and the ruby red glint of salvation between his fingertips becomes key. His eyes are drawn to it, and a rare hunger for something he never desired envelops him and takes captive every other thought and ambition he had ever had, leaving only one. The answer hangs beyond his lips, just moments from being spoken when the devil himself musters a delighted grin and whispers that she has gone and the sickness that sits in his throat burns him. But before he can shatter completely, a faint utterance of his rank draws forth his attention and he looks.

Her grip has tightened and her eyes are bright. Between gasps and wheezes she demands that he stop, and demeans the only life he puts above his own. He sees just beyond them a resolution that only she can see, but he fears more the diminutive volume her voice barely carries to his ears.

And his answer still sits behind his lips. 

Until her eyes wander skyward and remain there for a moment before they fall back to him. Her message is clear, but the outcome neither she nor he can see. And she’s begging him to listen, and pleading for him to wait as she reminds him that the trust she had given him was equivocal to the trust he was to give her in return.

Roy’s heart clenches and despair fills his chest, for he knows that every moment he hovers between his answer and her plea, she inches dangerously close to the edge of hell. His breath hitches and he takes a final, ragged gasp of air.

He hangs his head so that she cannot see the beadings of tears that plagued the corners of his eyes. And in an act he hopes to god and Truth is right and just, he manages to mutedly utter, “Alright…”

Peach Plum Pear

Ichiruki. AU. Not!Angst.

Joanna Newsom | Peach Plum Pear

For @blooming-stars​: ‘rukia as a sassy bartender that ichigo has a crush on ; )’!

This is loosely based on the idea that they would find each other in any universe and both just know that they were meant to be. (So, soulmates, I guess…) Enjoy! Thank you for your patience! 1286 words.


Work is good.

Work is that kind of monotonous printing-press process, right now, and it’s good. It’s good, isn’t it? It’s getting him money. It keeps him busy - keeps him up at 6 AM every morning and until 12 at night - and really, that’s all he could ask for.

Other things? Less good.

The feeling that his one-person apartment was a two in a past life, and that the cupboard in his bedroom used to be full of dresses and sunhats and some colour, and maybe something artsy - not like his monotone business suits and dress pants (and that one old t-shirt from his childhood that reads nice mood, or something).

Work is good for the next few months.

Then, even work begins to feel misplaced. As if for all the daily routines he does he’s still missing 5 hours of something that should have been there next to him to begin with. And, yeah, Kurosaki Ichigo has never been a man of fate (or faith, for that matter). But he did grow up seeing ghosts at 3 AM cowering underneath his bed covers so, yeah, he thinks that he can handle a little bit of…

Déjà vu, he could call it. Yet he has a feeling it’s a little more unavoidable.

(Maybe, a little more catastrophic).


Déjà vu is still the only explanation he has for why he finds comfort in the wooden beams of a bar a few blocks from his workplace.

It’s on one of those days where the rain mixes with the scent of asphalt to create a heady, warding concussion, one of those days where he feels the burden of something inexplicable. (One of those days is becoming most of those days, but he doesn’t want to title the unexplained just yet).

      He breathes.

There is a tingle of embers under his skin as he walks through the doors, so he thinks that, maybe, the downpour has drenched his nerves, too.

(Or rather, until he catches sight of a 4”8 figure of regal lethality, he realises that he has previously had few embers to compare it to).

She starts a wildfire.

      He sighs.

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