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What I expected the threat in TRR to be like:

Dear Lady Riley,

the last days, weeks and months went by so fast, it’s almost as if it was just yesterday when the social season began.

Not too long ago who would have thought we’d all be where we are today, here in the royal palace waiting for prince Liam’s coronation to begin? Waiting for him to choose his lifelong partner. His wife. His queen.

Not too long ago who would have thought that a simple waitress from New York would ever stand in this same royal palace, beloved by press and people, a beautiful example of the classical “rags to riches” story - the real American dream.

All these months I’ve been watching your every step, Lady Riley. I’ve seen you change. Grow with each hard decision. Learn from each mistake. And you’ve learned well, my darling.

No one would think you weren’t born into the courtly life now. It’s as if you were one of them.

You don’t know me, dear Lady Riley, but I know you. And, oh, I know you better than you could imagine.

I know your interests. Your abilities.

Your strengths.

Your flaws.

Your secrets.

And so I advise you, as someone who only means well, my dear, to leave court voluntarily before the prince chooses his bride.
If not I’m afraid there’s always another way to make sure the course of fate is not being interrupted.

Your fairytale ends here, Lady Riley.
And it’s not a happy ending.

Long live the queen.

With kindest regards,

A friend

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Seven Hours in Heaven - Part 1

Gwen Wessex gets locked in a closet with her arch-nemesis, Ivar Lothbrok.


Warnings: Smut, Modern AU, Fluff, Ivar is a recovering asshole with a potty mouth, talk of trauma involving accidents and death

Rating: Explicit (18+)

This started off as a little plot bunny that was supposed to be a nice, smutty oneshot to dip my toe in the pool, so to speak. It evolved into an 11,000 word monstrosity of fluff and fluffy smut.

ETA: Now expanded to an indefinite length, heaven help me.

All the thanks to @anniemar, who says all the lovely things and convinces me that I don’t need to go live in the mountains as a hermit in shame.

The Punk!Ivar edit was done by the amazing @princess-sweatpants.

P.S. If anyone would like to make a better graphic (It really wouldn’t be hard), I would be ecstatic!

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Hey everyone! Like many of you, I have a bullet journal that I use to organize my entire life. From college to work to my personal life, I have everything sorted out within my bujo. So I thought I would give a little walk through guide of what it looks like. Also, I apologize that the lighting isn’t great, but my desk is in a dark corner and my desk lamp is all I have.

Leuchtturm 1917

I have one of the more popular notebooks among studyblrs,a Leuchtturm 1917. It is in my favorite color, blue. It does it’s job fine, although I can’t say I’m in love with Leuchtturm, especially since the pages are somewhat on the thin side. I do like that it has an index section as well numbered pages, but I think I’ll switch to a different brand after I fill this one up.


I decided on a simple spread for my key page, and left room so I can expand it in the future if I wish. I have basic symbols for events, dates, birthdays, meetings, exams, etc. as well as specific colors for my individual classes as well as personal life.

Yearly Spread

Some people prefer a more detailed yearly spread, but I personally wouldn’t use it so I created a simple two page spread.

Bucket List and About Me

I wanted to do an “about me” page at the beginning and end of my bullet journal so I can do a comparison of what I was like between when I started and finished. It covers basic topics like hogwarts house, major, job, and favorites, and some of these have already changed. For example, I recently switched my major from Biology to Media Arts: Animation and Game Design. As for the bucket list, I thought I might as well add it in since I had an extra page.

Fall Semester

I love semester spreads, and honestly I wish I had fleshed this one out more but it has given me plenty of ideas for the spring. Although my schedule has changed a lot since I had to drop chemistry and change my work schedule, I still love the setup. It makes it easier to keep track of m academic and personal goals for the semester.

Monthly Spread

This has changed the most out of all the spreads I’ve done in my last two bullet journals. I tried to incorporate more artwork into my November spread, as well as trying a new cursive font for the header.

I try to keep monthly goals as well as semester goals. Some of the goals I have for this month includes: officially applying for college (I am only a dual enrollment student), and completing NaNoWriMo 2017.

Habit Tracker

This new habit tracker spread looks great, I am so happy with how it turned out. From artistic stuff (writing, art, and photography) to health (mood, steps, period, birth control) to NaNoWriMo I keep a record of it all.


Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of this spread as it is far from finished. But I use it every month to keep track of income from work and my spending. This is one of my more important spreads, as a poor college student I’m trying to make sure I don’t overspend. It’ll also be helpful one I get my first apartment next May and have to start paying rent and utilities.

Weekly Spread

I love the cute little ghost by the pumpkin, I doodled him for Halloween which I am super excited for. It’s also my boyfriend’s birthday this week. Such an exciting week, and it’s my first time using this spread. I’m happy for the extra space in the upper left corner for some doodling.

Finally, Extra Pages

Here and there I like to add extra pages, sometimes they’re playlists or specific checklists or books to read or just about anything you can imagine. Here I have a set up for my portfolio (for the colleges I’m applying to) and a college applications checklist. With college application deadlines coming up these have been immensely helpful in helping me to keep track of what I need to write, organize, and submit.

Be at Your Window in Five (Connor Murphy x Reader)

Notes: I’m not really sure how this happened? I just started writing it the other night, and then tonight I was feeling really anxious for no reason, so I wrote some more. I guess this would be in an au where Connor lives? I guess this would take place like a year after the beginning of DEH. Connor got help and has been recovering since then. Reader also has mental health problems, and they help each other. Also! Text messages are in bold.

Warnings: This is basically all about the reader having a bad night with anxiety, so just be aware. Very (VERY) vaguely alludes to Connor attempting suicide like a year before this fic takes place. The end is hopeful, so I don’t know if this needs a warning but…I’m putting it here anyway.

Words: 1595


Everyone knows you hate the nighttime, but no one knows it like Connor Murphy.

You lie in bed, the darkness sucking the air from your lungs. You want to move, but you know it won’t help—you already tried sketching, listening to music, and simply pacing on achy feet around your tiny bedroom to make the frenetic anxiety stop sparking in your nerves. But it’s still there, a dark, amorphous creature tearing at your chest. You can feel its thunder and lightning through your whole body, and beneath your sheets, your hands shiver.

It’s a blur inside your brain. When the anxiety comes, thinking becomes a tangled, sideways process. Your thoughts are like ghosts, too indistinct and quick-moving to fully see. As you catch glimpses of them, you can’t pick out individual ones, only the message they all scream at you: that you are failing, that you will always fail. That no one loves you, and no one ever will. That nothing is safe.

Your eyes itch from the tears that have filled them ever since the sun went down. You squeeze them shut and tell yourself what your therapist told you to say whenever your thoughts attacked.

I am safe. I am okay.

You don’t feel safe, and you don’t feel okay.

You tell your thoughts to be quiet, but they haven’t been quiet in a long, long time.

The lump in your throat aches as you try to swallow it back; everything aches from the exhaustion brought on by years of fighting an invisible monster. You don’t want to fight alone.

Your phone rests beside your pillow, and you pick it up to check to see if anyone has texted you. To see if he has texted you.

A message from several minutes ago flickers on the screen. A tiny selfie of you and Connor sits next to his name, the two of you smiling with sunshine splashed across your face. Here in the darkness, it looks like something snatched from another universe. Below the picture is his message. Hey are we still hanging out with Ev tomorrow?

Yes. You bite your lip. The anxiety screams through you, sirening warnings to not say anything else. To just leave it.

But even though your brain wants you to believe no one cares, you know that isn’t true. And no one cares like Connor Murphy.

I’m having a bad night, you type. Can you come over?

Sending the text sparks adrenaline through you. Your heart pounds through ten seconds before he replies. Be at your window in five.

You can’t exactly describe the feeling that goes through you. It’s like your hand has been grasping at air, desperate to grab onto something, to stop you from falling farther. And now someone else has reached down and caught you, if only for a moment.

“Thank you,” you whisper to the shadows. Then you close your eyes, and you wait, silently repeating the words that don’t feel true.

I am safe. I am okay.

The tap on your window pulls you from your bed. Your legs feel strange beneath you, unsteady in the way they are when you’re wading through the waves at the beach. At the window, the shadow of Connor Murphy peers back at you, the hood of his hoodie draped across his shoulders, hair fluttering in the wind.

You’re crying again when you open the window; you’re not sure you ever really stopped, but it’s more noticeable now. The tears burn on your cheeks, and you wipe at your nose to keep it from running. “Hi,” you whisper.

“Hi,” he whispers back. “What’s the matter?”

“I don’t know.” You chew your lip. “It’s just … me.”

His eyes are pale in the dim moonlight, but you can see how they hurt when you say this.

He slips through your window as fluidly as a shadow and closes it soundlessly behind him. Connor towers over you; you’re only a little short compared to most girls, but he’s been taller than most of the kids in school since the end of elementary school. He finds your hand in the darkness and pulls you toward him until you’re pressed against him, your face buried in his hoodie. The material absorbs your tears as it touches your cheeks, soft and warm and so full of the smell of him. His arms are crushing, but in a good way—in the way someone’s grip is crushing when they’re holding on to something they don’t ever want to lose.

You wonder how you could mean that much to him, and it makes you sniffle into his hoodie.

He kisses the top of your head, his mouth feather-light on your hair. He has always been so gentle toward you; everyone at school has always seen him as cold and harsh and acidic, but you’ve known there was more since the day he first said hi to you. You knew he was cold, but you knew he was also hurting and bleeding and crying out for help, and you knew that he was angry and explosive, and you knew that he was soft and caring and protective, and you knew he was depressed and he was happy and he was anxious and he was fearless. Connor Murphy was a lot of things, and you loved him for all of them.

“Do you want to talk?” he whispers.

“I don’t know.” Your breath wobbles, and you let your head rest more heavily on his chest. “I just—I don’t want to be alone.”

“I know.” He kisses you again, then again and again. It feels like butterflies landing on your hair, and you feel a tiny part of the anxious sea inside you still.

“I just—I can’t sleep,” you say. “Nothing feels right.”

His nose nudges your temple, and he murmurs into your hair. “I know.”

Once again you bite down on your lip; it’s a habit that leaves you with dry, cracked skin, but you barely notice you’re doing it most of the time. You know what you want to say, but asking it makes your stomach twist with embarrassment, like it has every other time you’ve asked. But you whisper it anyway, because if anyone will understand, it’s him. “Can you just—could you just hold me for a little bit?”

He doesn’t say anything, but one last kiss touches you, this time on your forehead, and that’s the only answer you need.

He lets his hand fall back to yours and gently pulls you to your bed. He helps you get back under the covers and settled in, and then he kicks off his sneakers and climbs in beside you. It’s a familiar routine, one the two of you have gone through countless times since you first told him about the fear that sometimes tries to swallow you at night, when he told you that same fear sometimes tries to swallow him, too. You lie on your side and close your eyes, and he reaches out and wraps his arms around you in that same crushing embrace he held you in earlier. Your face presses into the crook of his neck, and you can feel his heartbeat against yours.

You can feel yours begin to slow.

“You’re safe,” he says. Once, when he was having a bad night, you told him about your therapist suggesting you use those words. You wonder if they’ve worked better for him than they have for you. “You’re okay.”

You press yourself closer to him. “I just want it to stop.”

Sadness colors his voice when he replies several seconds later. “I know. I want it to stop, too.”

The lump in your throat hurts more than ever, and you can barely get out a whisper. “What if it never stops?”

“It will,” he whispers. “Everything’s going to be okay. It’s going to pass.”

Hearing him say that makes more tears sting your eyes. For years, you’ve watched him fight battles no one else could see. You started to worry one day he would lose. Last year, he almost did. But he didn’t. He’s still here, and he’s okay. It’s still hard sometimes, but it’s getting better. It’s passing.

Everyone can tell you it’s going to be okay, but no one means it like Connor Murphy.

You lie quietly beside him, listening to his soft breathing in your hair, clinging to him in the darkness. Everything in your head blurs in and out of focus, the fog slowly fading into tiredness. The angry thoughts that tell you nothing is okay are still there, but they’re drifting back to the shadows, away from where they can try to hurt you.

I am safe, you think. I am okay.

You’re not sure what that means, or if it means anything. But right now, wrapped in Connor’s arms, it feels a little less untrue.

You keep your eyes closed and feel his closeness to you. You think about how it’s the middle of the night, but he still came. He still got up and snuck into your house because he wants you to be okay. Because he cares.

I am safe. I am okay.

Your story is different from his, but in some ways it’s the same. You fight battles no one sees and almost no one knows about. Sometimes you worry you’ll lose. But you’re still here. You are going to be okay. It’s hard, but you have moments where it’s better.

Everyone believes it will all pass, but no one believes it like Connor Murphy.


Ch,,,, Chuuuyyaaaaaaa

I tried extra hard this time!!! I downloaded like 10 new fonts and did extra work on the cleaning and generally just spent like 2 hours on this because it’s Chuuya! It’s Chuuya being cute with people not Dazai, of course it’s a dream come true!! だって中也だもん、中也のためならこれもいいじゃん、全部いいんだよ!!!(死ぬ)

(coughs blood)

So yes, volume 10 extra! Scans by the ever-lovely @akutagawaprize - thank you so much, I’m a third into the Kensho Ono interview so please wait just a little more! (probably a few days \shot)

There’s one note I’d like to make. I’d said this in another post before, and my rant probably said it all, but POLITE CHUUYA IS MY LIFE OK 

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Hey, bixy, so I was wondering what's the Top-50 of your favourite lines/scenes from your fics? What are the parts you're very proud of? ❤

carpemermaid said:  Hiiii, consider this a ditto to the ask you sent me. Tell us your top 10 favorite lines/scenes/bits/concepts/*cough*smuts*cough/etc from your works <3    

Well, I guess I had that one coming. *snort*  LOLOL  Can I settle somewhere between these two amounts? 

Alright, here comes some shameless self-promotion that has me cringing (I AM TRYING TO GET OVER THAT INCLINATION, I SWEAR!), in no particular order (AND HOLY CRAP THIS IS SO LONG I’M SO SO SORRY!):

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Void - Part 3

Characters: Johnny, y/n, the ‘friend’.
Word Count: 1, 446
Genre: Angst
Warning: Mature Content

A/N: Hey guys ^^ I hope you all are doing well. I don’t know what had gotten into me but I ended up writing a genre I never really had tried, and admin Jiah advised me to turn it into a part of ‘Void’, which I really don’t know what is becoming gradually. I hope you guys like this, constructive criticisms are, as always, welcome ^_^
This part has… mature contents *coughs* so please skip if you’re uncomfortable :)))

Oh, the parts in Italic font happened in the past!

Part 1 Part 2

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Could you do a tutorial plsss? 😭😍❤️


i’m gonna show you how to make two of the variations i’ve posted and they’re actually pretty easy to create. and because they’re minimalistic designs you don’t require a lot of tools to make them. the way i’d describe it is you use a little and it still looks complete. i know at first glance some of the designs look complicated to recreate but here’s the (not so) secret!

it’s actually all about fonts. i’m a big fonts enthusiast so i have a collection of decorative fonts that i like to incorporate in my graphics and i’ll share some of those with you throughout this tutorial.

first and foremost i’ll be using photoshop cc! and the first design i’ll go over is this one

got to file > new and insert whatever dimensions you want, the dimensions i use for my wallpapers is 500 x 888

set a color for your background, it can be any color of your preference. i simply chose a light grey [#eeeeee] for a majority of my wallpapers because it’s less distracting

then create a new layer, i’ve highlighted the button for it right below

and find and click on your elliptical marquee tool, it’s this one

now you’re gonna create the circle outline. in order to do that, hover over your canvas, hold down shift and click and drag your mouse in a downwards motion so you can have an outline of a perfect circle. you can make it as little or as big as you want and you should have something that looks like this

it doesn’t have to be in the middle as you can align it to the center later on. but make sure you’re still using the elliptical marquee tool and right click, find the ‘stroke’ option and insert these settings, minus the color as you can use any color you want

hit ‘ok’ and you should now have an outline. click anywhere in your canvas to remove the marquee tool dashes and now you can align your circle in the center

the font i use for this design is ‘las enter’ which is a really nice underlined font

next click on your (horizontal) type tool and insert whatever color and size you want, it just depends on how big or small your circle is. and type whatever you want as well. it can be a club name, a motto, a phrase, etc.

i personally capitalize the first letter and size my text at a large number so that it’s longer than the width of the circle itself.

press control and c for windows or command and c for mac to activate the ‘transform controls’ which basically allows you to rotate or resize an object in ps

you’re gonna be using it to tilt the text so outside the rectangular box, hover near the bottom right side and you should see a little arrow that’s tilted counterclockwise. click and drag upwards until you tilt the text to it’s desired placement and hit enter on your keyboard

align your text to the center and head over to your layers to click on your circle layer you created with the elliptical marquee tool

you’re gonna erase the left and right end edges of the circle that under-lap with the text to make the design look more tied together

in my case i erased the parts in the circle that were crossing over my phrase ‘example’ and once i finished that, i’m done. i hope that wasn’t confusing!

but sharpen your image if you want and this first design is complete!


the second design i’ll go over is this one, the neon sign

there’s only one complicated thing about this one but it’s still pretty simple as the first one we just covered

so same start as the first, make a new canvas (file > new) and insert whatever dimensions you want, again i use 500 x 888 for my wallpapers

make the background any color you want, i used the the light grey [#eeeeee] for some wallpapers but i tried a grey toned black [#191919] and i actually prefer it more because the dark background makes the color in the neon text look more realistic and complete

the next step is writing your text and the font used for this graphic is ‘kabel

so using your (horizontal) type tool insert whatever size text you want but keep the text white and align it to the center

on your layers tab  hover over your text’s layer, right click and click the option on the very top that says ‘blending options’

a window should open up with a bunch of settings and options and this is where you insert specific settings to give the text the glowing appearance

on the left side of the window find ‘inner glow’ click it and apply these exact settings

next find ‘outer glow’ on the left side of the window and click it and apply these exact settings minus the color, which you can choose yourself, i personally chose a peachy color for this example. keep in mind that this is gonna be your main color, so you’re gonna be applying whatever color you choose here to all the other tabs in this window that we’re gonna edit

find ‘drop shadow’ on the left side of the window, click and apply these exact settings minus the color. but apply the same color here as the one you applied to the ‘outer glow’

now if you take a look at the drop shadow tab there’s a little plus sign with a square around it, click it and it should open a second drop shadow tab which you’re gonna edit next

make sure you’re clicked on the second drop shadow tab and apply these settings minus the color again (and apply your main color)

you’re gonna click on the plus sign next to the drop shadow tab again to open a third drop shadow, but no worries it’s the last setting and then you’ll be done

apply these exact settings to the third drop shadow tab but rather than inserting your main color, the color has to be black this time

then hit ‘ok’ and you’re done with the text

now comes the tricky part, which is the power cords that are placed underneath the text

i haven’t been able to find an overlay or a texture for this so what i had to do was find an image of a neon sign, i ended up finding one from pinterest with white cables and i erased the image with a soft round brush until i was left with only the chords which was a bit of work. but i think it’s worth it because it makes the text look more realistic

so you can either do what i did or just leave the text as it is which still looks fine either way

and that’s pretty much it for those two designs! i’d really appreciate it if you’d like or reblog if you found this helpful! thanks!

I’m back with another rushed hack…

 Connor and Pierre Bellec would never get along.

  1.  One thinks peace with Templars is good, the other…not so much. Bellec hated that Arno tried to be with Elise, Connor would have approved and would have the marriage arranged himself! 
  2. Bellec even used Connor’s work to justify burning the French Assassins to the ground to restart everything, which would even piss him off to beyond existence. 

Therefore, he will be new dad now. 

Making Iverson pay

So, this is the last day. I hope this last one is good. Thanks for an amazing fluff week and hopefully, I’ll be posting another story on here soon.

Keith stomped into his room. He wanted to scream but his roommate was still in the room. He dropped down on his bed and opened his bedside drawer and pulled out his phone.

Are you out of class?

He tapped his finger against the side of his phone waiting for a reply. Finally, the phone buzzed.

Got out of flight simulation practise with Shiro. What’s wrong?

It’s Iverson. He accused me of cheating on my last test. I swear after I helped you get into fighter class, he’s been after my ass. This is getting ridiculous.

Why don’t you tell Shiro, you know, the guy who is friends with guys who are just as in a high position as Iverson?

I’m not going to let him get involved. He might have friends, but Iverson can still end him. I just need to get back at him, nothing bad. Have any ideas?

Oh mullet, you came to the right person. Just got back to my room, it’s empty. Come over.

Keith decided to change first. He grabbed his jacket and headed to the door when his roommate asked, “uh, are you going to come back tonight?” Keith looked at him. The guy shrugged, “you haven’t come back the past couple nights and I kinda wanted to invite my girlfriend over?”

Keith sighed. “Anything happens to my side of the room and I’ll introduce my knife to you.” He didn’t bother to see the expression on his roommate’s face as he left. It didn’t take long to get to the door and knocked.

“Come in.” he pressed the button for the door and it slid open. He walked in to see Lance in the middle of pulling his uniform shirt off.

“Showing off?” Keith asked as he closed the door.

Lance just smirked over his shoulder as he pulled his baseball shirt on. “Only for my favourite mullet.” Lance walked over and wrapped his arms around Keith’s neck, Keith’s hands automatically going to Lance’s waist. “So straight laced golden boy wants to cause some trouble? And all for my honour?”

“Iverson has had it out for you after I helped prove that you were good enough to be fighter, because he likes his choose at cream of the crop and doesn’t want to admit he missed one.”

“Well I am still taking simulation lessons from Shiro, which isn’t amazing as I thought. Not bad, really, cause I get to know Shiro, who is awesome, but not amazing as I thought.” Lance pointed out

“Most lessons are Lance. But seriously, he can’t do this but pissing him off by calling him out on it is just going to make it hard on you.”

“Aww, babe, you care.” Lance sounded like he was teasing but his eyes said different. Lance was on his way to being a cargo pilot but Keith went to the people who decided who went where and fought for him. Iverson was against it, but the other high ups decided to give him a chance. Lance’s grades were good, it was just his placement test was a very points short. Iverson wasn’t happy and decided to try and mess with Keith almost to get back at him.

“I just want to get back at him without the messy things.”

“So a prank. Alright, I might have a few ideas.”

“Just remember, nothing insane. I’m trying not to get us expelled, or extremely disappointed by Shiro.”

“I’ll try my best, but now do I get to spend time with you?”

“There is something I’ve been wanting since you walked in.”

Lance’s smile showed he caught on instantly, “oh well. Maybe I can figure out what it is. Did you want a hug, something to drink? Or maybe…” Lance was quick to plant his lips on Keith’s. The kiss was just what Keith needed and he pulled his arms around Lance’s waist to kiss him for longer before Lance pulled away. “Maybe that?”

“That works just fine.” Keith said, before stealing another kiss. “Ok, but what do you plan to do?”

“Well, the new website is going up tomorrow right? Iverson’s supposed to have a big picture and my dad would be very disappointed if all the web design stuff he taught me wasted away just because I’m training to be a pilot.”

“How do you plan to do that?”

“My laptop, the stuff Pidge taught me and if you still have the school wide text of that old picture of Iverson, that would be amazing.”

The two curled up on Lance’s bed as he typed away getting into the school’s mainframe before opening the html to edit the page.

“How mad do you think Iverson will be?” Keith asked as he watched Lance type away in what he guessed was code. Web design was not his thing.

“Hey if he tries to yell at us, we’ll most likely be around most of the students and other teachers. He can’t do much.”

Keith rested his head on Lance’s shoulder still watching his boyfriend type away. “I like this. We should try and plan more pranks together.”

“Oh trust me babe. Stick with me and you’ll fall in love with it. But you do it to me and you’re declaring war.”

Keith stifled his giggles as he watched the home page of the new website was plastered on all of the TVs. The fonts were changed to the annoying symbol ones, pictures of generic aliens replacing some of the pictures of students in training. The best one was the high school Iverson picture, full of braces, crooked glasses and poor outfit choices.

“Was the Iverson picture too much?” Lance asked, hiding his laughter in Keith’s shoulder. No one knew they were going out but people weren’t paying attention to how close they were being right now, their attention on the TVs.

“Well they see he’s not so scary after all so no, this is perfect.  You are amazing.” Lance gave a big smile in return.

“KOGANE!” everyone turned to see a fuming Iverson stomping down the hall, his eyes locked on Keith. Shiro, who was nearby, followed after. “Alright, I know you were behind this. You get into a huffy fit yesterday and then you’re not found in your room last night. I know it was you.”

“Keith was with me.” Lance said.

“And why would he be with you McClain?”

“What, I’m not allowed to spend time with my boyfriend?” Iverson seemed stunned, and Lance and Shiro looked surprised anyway. Keith just shrugged. “What? People were gonna find out soon anyway. We haven’t been as secretive as before. Besides, I want people to see I stand by those I care about.”

“Aww, babe.” Lance planted a wet kiss on Keith’s cheek, making him wildly react and glare at him a bit.

“Sir, I can confirm they’re together. The website was being put up today. You can’t really blame this on them. It could have been anyone.” Shiro offered

Iverson couldn’t deny that. He left with a glare and a huff. Shiro turned to the two fighter pilots.

“Keep the pranks to a minimum you two.”

“No promises.” Keith said

“If it’s a good date idea, then well…”

Shiro feared for the next time Iverson pissed Keith off. He feared so much.