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30 Best Mellow Frames

Recently I passed 2,000 followers so to celebrate I decided to post a list of my 30 personal favorite Mellow Frames that I made. Why 30, well I was going to do 20, but there were some painful cuts so I decided to extend it to 30. If you want to check them out then just click on the titles. Enjoy. 

30. Where Did It Go?:

Starting off is a short one about an alternate ending to the Kindergarten Kid. Imagine if this actually happened. Might have made that terrible episode worth it.

29. Claire Bites Back:

Honestly, most of my non SU Mellow Frames aren’t that popular (with some exceptions), which honestly makes more worried about what will happen after the show ends, but I digress. This is my favorite movie Mellow Frames since I get to take down the awful sexism of a divisive blockbuster. Honestly I need to make more movies Mellow Frames because movies are my first passion (I am the Mellow Filmmaker). Just ignore the grammatical errors.

28. Steven, Your Aunts Tried to Kidnap and Murder You:

What makes this Mellow Frames is the ending. It’s actually a joke that I had in my head for a while, but I felt like this episode was perfect to have it end on that joke. The one thing that did cause me to go nuts about this is my dialogue. I used “Oh” way too much here. I feel like dialogue is the thing that I need to improve the most as a writer.

27. Garnet’s Rocket Fist:

This is the first Mellow Frames that used photo editing and it was before I had Photoshop. Garnet really should use this power more often, though now the show should really use Garnet more often. I really could’ve come up with a better ending for this though.

26. Episode Choose Your Story 1:

I was inspired to make this because I got tired of always seeing those “Episode Choose Your Story” ads on my Tumblr dash. There are a few funny things that happened after I made this comic. So many people messaged me thinking that these were real stories. I also am 99.99% sure that the people who made Episode Choose Your Story saw this parody. One is that the scenarios in the ads became way more absurd after I released these comics. Two is this ad right here. Notice how one of the options is exactly like one of my parody options. It was not like that before. If my suspicions are true, that’s pretty awesome.

25. Possessing Lars:

I never really thought about this comic that much, but many people told me that this is one of their favorite Mellow Frames. Looking back, it is pretty funny. I like the idea of Rose being able to talk to Steven, but giving him terrible advice (the mentor character giving awful advice is one of my favorite comedy tropes). The ending changes Steven’s motive for possessing Lars, but the funny thing is that it makes too much sense.

24. Fusion Cuisine:

My best Mellow Frames are the ones where I’m making fun of episodes I love, but there is a certain satisfaction in making a Mellow Frames of an episode that I hate (like this one). It just feels good to make your own version of an episode that fixes the flaws of the original. I thought about either including this one or the one I did on The New Crystal Gems. I decided to go with this one because this is my only Mellow Frames that was accompanied with a video (I really should be doing more of those). If I had any regret about this one, it’s the fact that it was made during the time when I tried giving each character a special font in the editing software. That was a mistake. 

23. Why Lapis and Jasper Stay Fused:

This comic is definitely a product of its time. People don’t remember, but Peridot was getting a little annoying as a Villain (at least for me). If you ever wanted to see Malachite call Steven sweetie, this comic is where you can see that. I do apologize for the coloring of Peridot’s font though. This might be the first Mellow Frames where I grab screenshots from SU clips on Youtube instead of using photos from the Steven Universe wiki. I love doing that because it gives me the ability to pick perfect screenshots for my Mellow Frames.

22. Attract:

I’ve made quite a few Pokémon comics. Only two made this list. This one came up after I saw Salandit’s ability to attract the male of any species. I thought that an opportunistic trainer could abuse that ability, so I made a comic about it. The ending of this comic is an example about how what’s portrayed in these comics doesn’t always reflect my personal opinions. I don’t actually mind Ash’s design in the Sun and Moon Anime (I don’t have any investment in the Pokémon anime since I haven’t watched it since I was 10), but I noticed a lot of people did so I decided to drag him at the end of this comic.

21. Hot Times in Snowy Weather: 

I love writing Problematic Pearl. One of my favorite aspects of her character is her crush on big buff women, especially Jasper. Since Gem Hunt didn’t have them interact, I thought that I should have them interact. Sort of…

To Be Continued…


Ch,,,, Chuuuyyaaaaaaa

I tried extra hard this time!!! I downloaded like 10 new fonts and did extra work on the cleaning and generally just spent like 2 hours on this because it’s Chuuya! It’s Chuuya being cute with people not Dazai, of course it’s a dream come true!! だって中也だもん、中也のためならこれもいいじゃん、全部いいんだよ!!!(死ぬ)

(coughs blood)

So yes, volume 10 extra! Scans by the ever-lovely @akutagawaprize - thank you so much, I’m a third into the Kensho Ono interview so please wait just a little more! (probably a few days \shot)

There’s one note I’d like to make. I’d said this in another post before, and my rant probably said it all, but POLITE CHUUYA IS MY LIFE OK 

Making Iverson pay

So, this is the last day. I hope this last one is good. Thanks for an amazing fluff week and hopefully, I’ll be posting another story on here soon.

Keith stomped into his room. He wanted to scream but his roommate was still in the room. He dropped down on his bed and opened his bedside drawer and pulled out his phone.

Are you out of class?

He tapped his finger against the side of his phone waiting for a reply. Finally, the phone buzzed.

Got out of flight simulation practise with Shiro. What’s wrong?

It’s Iverson. He accused me of cheating on my last test. I swear after I helped you get into fighter class, he’s been after my ass. This is getting ridiculous.

Why don’t you tell Shiro, you know, the guy who is friends with guys who are just as in a high position as Iverson?

I’m not going to let him get involved. He might have friends, but Iverson can still end him. I just need to get back at him, nothing bad. Have any ideas?

Oh mullet, you came to the right person. Just got back to my room, it’s empty. Come over.

Keith decided to change first. He grabbed his jacket and headed to the door when his roommate asked, “uh, are you going to come back tonight?” Keith looked at him. The guy shrugged, “you haven’t come back the past couple nights and I kinda wanted to invite my girlfriend over?”

Keith sighed. “Anything happens to my side of the room and I’ll introduce my knife to you.” He didn’t bother to see the expression on his roommate’s face as he left. It didn’t take long to get to the door and knocked.

“Come in.” he pressed the button for the door and it slid open. He walked in to see Lance in the middle of pulling his uniform shirt off.

“Showing off?” Keith asked as he closed the door.

Lance just smirked over his shoulder as he pulled his baseball shirt on. “Only for my favourite mullet.” Lance walked over and wrapped his arms around Keith’s neck, Keith’s hands automatically going to Lance’s waist. “So straight laced golden boy wants to cause some trouble? And all for my honour?”

“Iverson has had it out for you after I helped prove that you were good enough to be fighter, because he likes his choose at cream of the crop and doesn’t want to admit he missed one.”

“Well I am still taking simulation lessons from Shiro, which isn’t amazing as I thought. Not bad, really, cause I get to know Shiro, who is awesome, but not amazing as I thought.” Lance pointed out

“Most lessons are Lance. But seriously, he can’t do this but pissing him off by calling him out on it is just going to make it hard on you.”

“Aww, babe, you care.” Lance sounded like he was teasing but his eyes said different. Lance was on his way to being a cargo pilot but Keith went to the people who decided who went where and fought for him. Iverson was against it, but the other high ups decided to give him a chance. Lance’s grades were good, it was just his placement test was a very points short. Iverson wasn’t happy and decided to try and mess with Keith almost to get back at him.

“I just want to get back at him without the messy things.”

“So a prank. Alright, I might have a few ideas.”

“Just remember, nothing insane. I’m trying not to get us expelled, or extremely disappointed by Shiro.”

“I’ll try my best, but now do I get to spend time with you?”

“There is something I’ve been wanting since you walked in.”

Lance’s smile showed he caught on instantly, “oh well. Maybe I can figure out what it is. Did you want a hug, something to drink? Or maybe…” Lance was quick to plant his lips on Keith’s. The kiss was just what Keith needed and he pulled his arms around Lance’s waist to kiss him for longer before Lance pulled away. “Maybe that?”

“That works just fine.” Keith said, before stealing another kiss. “Ok, but what do you plan to do?”

“Well, the new website is going up tomorrow right? Iverson’s supposed to have a big picture and my dad would be very disappointed if all the web design stuff he taught me wasted away just because I’m training to be a pilot.”

“How do you plan to do that?”

“My laptop, the stuff Pidge taught me and if you still have the school wide text of that old picture of Iverson, that would be amazing.”

The two curled up on Lance’s bed as he typed away getting into the school’s mainframe before opening the html to edit the page.

“How mad do you think Iverson will be?” Keith asked as he watched Lance type away in what he guessed was code. Web design was not his thing.

“Hey if he tries to yell at us, we’ll most likely be around most of the students and other teachers. He can’t do much.”

Keith rested his head on Lance’s shoulder still watching his boyfriend type away. “I like this. We should try and plan more pranks together.”

“Oh trust me babe. Stick with me and you’ll fall in love with it. But you do it to me and you’re declaring war.”

Keith stifled his giggles as he watched the home page of the new website was plastered on all of the TVs. The fonts were changed to the annoying symbol ones, pictures of generic aliens replacing some of the pictures of students in training. The best one was the high school Iverson picture, full of braces, crooked glasses and poor outfit choices.

“Was the Iverson picture too much?” Lance asked, hiding his laughter in Keith’s shoulder. No one knew they were going out but people weren’t paying attention to how close they were being right now, their attention on the TVs.

“Well they see he’s not so scary after all so no, this is perfect.  You are amazing.” Lance gave a big smile in return.

“KOGANE!” everyone turned to see a fuming Iverson stomping down the hall, his eyes locked on Keith. Shiro, who was nearby, followed after. “Alright, I know you were behind this. You get into a huffy fit yesterday and then you’re not found in your room last night. I know it was you.”

“Keith was with me.” Lance said.

“And why would he be with you McClain?”

“What, I’m not allowed to spend time with my boyfriend?” Iverson seemed stunned, and Lance and Shiro looked surprised anyway. Keith just shrugged. “What? People were gonna find out soon anyway. We haven’t been as secretive as before. Besides, I want people to see I stand by those I care about.”

“Aww, babe.” Lance planted a wet kiss on Keith’s cheek, making him wildly react and glare at him a bit.

“Sir, I can confirm they’re together. The website was being put up today. You can’t really blame this on them. It could have been anyone.” Shiro offered

Iverson couldn’t deny that. He left with a glare and a huff. Shiro turned to the two fighter pilots.

“Keep the pranks to a minimum you two.”

“No promises.” Keith said

“If it’s a good date idea, then well…”

Shiro feared for the next time Iverson pissed Keith off. He feared so much.

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Void - Part 3

Characters: Johnny, y/n, the ‘friend’.
Word Count: 1, 446
Genre: Angst
Warning: Mature Content

A/N: Hey guys ^^ I hope you all are doing well. I don’t know what had gotten into me but I ended up writing a genre I never really had tried, and admin Jiah advised me to turn it into a part of ‘Void’, which I really don’t know what is becoming gradually. I hope you guys like this, constructive criticisms are, as always, welcome ^_^
This part has… mature contents *coughs* so please skip if you’re uncomfortable :)))

Oh, the parts in Italic font happened in the past!

Part 1 Part 2

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anonymous asked:

how would rfa+saeran ask mc to the formal at mc's university

how do you even ask anybody out??? Proposals are in bold!~Madre Mod


  • Shy bean is shy.
  • probably slips a note in your locker to meet him somewhere and hope that he puts it in the right locker
  • he spent some of his money for a bunch of roses to ask you with
  • his friends probably “help” with a sign that says “Will you acompany this lost puppy to the dance?”
  • yoosung doesn’t know about the sign
  • he hopes you agree
  • they hope you agree


  • he’s an actor
  • you know what his perfect ass is going to do
  • he’s going to ask you, on stage, in front of the whole school
  • or
  • shove gifts in your locker that asks you to be his partner at the dance. and I quote “Come to the dance with me and people will be blinded by our beauty”
  • don’t ask how he gets the gifts in your locker
  • just
  • dont


  • shyer coffee bean IS SH Y
  • She probably has a full blown plan, a few powerpoints, and an twelve page report in MLA format with 12 word size, times new roman font, and single spaced.
  • it would be pretty cute tbh
  • she has a small notecard on what she wants to say 
  • it ends up with her stuttering “I like you a latte, please make my day tasteful and go to the dance with me.”
  • she gives you a basket full of coffee stuff cause she wants to share her love of coffee with you
  • the school talks about it for weeks


  • his rich ass
  • he could pay you to go to the dance with him
  • until somebody v tells him to at least ask you before he tries to buy them
  • ???? how???
  • eventualy ends up with “Be my partner to the dance and my fortune is yours.”
  • Blunt and simple 
  • just like he is
  • except he will actually give you a small portion of his fortune
  • as in he pays for your outfit, shoes, accessories, ect
  • its adorable to see him do soo much for somebody thats not a cat


  • his is probably one of the most comple x
  • He just leaves little binary code notes in your locker and in the corner of the note is a number
  • everybody is confused
  • he does this until a week or two before the dance and asks you
  • “So did you figure it out yet?”
  • If not he will tell you to put the notes in order and look up the bunches of 1′s and 0′s
  • “Please be the PHD.Pepper to my Honey Budda Chip and be by my side for the dance.”
  • nobody understands why you are hugging him in the hallway with a bunch of notes surrounding you both


  • Blunt and confused
  • he wants to ask you, but he doesn’t know how to make it special
  • So he does something unexpected
  • He shoves a tub of his favorite ice cream into your arms and walks away pushing a few kids out of the way as he does that
  • The tub of ice cream has the word ‘Dance?’ written on it in black marker
  • You scream yes so he can hear you from the hallway
  • he smiled to himself 
  • it was adorable

I’m back with another rushed hack…

 Connor and Pierre Bellec would never get along.

  1.  One thinks peace with Templars is good, the other…not so much. Bellec hated that Arno tried to be with Elise, Connor would have approved and would have the marriage arranged himself! 
  2. Bellec even used Connor’s work to justify burning the French Assassins to the ground to restart everything, which would even piss him off to beyond existence. 

Therefore, he will be new dad now. 


Alrite, here we go!

What is Altertale?

Altertale is an Undertale AU, a universe where Sans has switched roles with Toriel, Papyrus with Asgore, and Gaster with Asriel. There are no other swapped characters in this AU, meaning only Sans, Papyrus, Toriel, Asgore, Asriel, and Gaster have been altered in this AU. Everything else remains mostly unchanged.

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Since my copy of the zine will probably arrive tomorrow, I guess it can be brooklynzine posting time!

Since it’s a Stucky fanzine, I decided to do another attempt at pre-serum Steve and Bucky banter.  Steve being sad/bitter and pushing Bucky away, and Bucky just… persisting.  ::rolls around:: I love that dynamic so much, but it’s soooo hard to do.

I struggled a lot with color on this one.  This comic made me discover that the colorpicker tool on my normal drawing tablet DOESN’T WORK.  (Usually I draw in grayscale there.)  As in, the color that I eyedrop is always slightly more red or more blue or more EVERYTHING than the original color.  AND IT WAS DIFFERENT EVERY TIME.  WHEN EYEDROPPING THE SAME COLOR PATCH.  I came *this close* to giving up on coloring this comic altogether. I ended up manually entering a bunch of color numbers.  On a computer that had no keyboard.  (And then I had to re-tweak everything when I converted to CMYK.  T_T)

Also, so much gratitude to brofisting for not only organizing the whole amazing zine effort, dealing with the printers and the post office and 200+ orders, but also letting me selfishly hog 3 pages instead of 2.  (That’s a separate saga)

[rest of my captain america stuff]

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