i tried a little bit around this effect

Bellamy Blake x OC

Warnings: a Little bit of angst and fluff in the end

The 100 - Who else will?

Long arms snaked around my waist while he kissed my neck slowly up and down. He knew what kind of an effect it has on me but I can’t let him get to me, well not now. I’m still mad at him. “Bellamy, no.” But even though I pleaded him not to, he won’t stop until I give in. But I’m not gonna give up that easily after all us girls have more self-control right? I tried to get out of his grasp, it took me quite awhile but I succeeded. I moved my way to O and the others the only thing they could do is laugh at us but I don’t think it’s funny at all, I know I’m acting selfish but something could have happened to him while he was saving little children’s lives and I don’t wanna be the one who buries him. I love him too much to let go of him. “(Y/N), C'mon. I’m sorry alright? But it’s what I do and have to. If I don’t do it who will? I Love you okay? Please look at me.” His two fingers were on my chin and he made me look up at him so he can look me in the eyes how sorry he is for not telling me in the first place where he went. His other hand is slowly caressing my other cheek, he knows what he’s doing to make me to forgive him and this time I give in and kiss jim boldly on his lips. He kissed me back with no care and both his hands were on my cheeks and pressing me more to him so he won’t let go of him and that I couldn’t go anywhere but his lips and only his lips. People started whistling and of course that made blush like crazy, that bastard. He just chuckles at my responds and tries to hug me but I playfully deny and make my way to our tent. “Aw, C'mon. (Y/N) don’t be embarrassed. I know you loved it.”

A/N: I’m so sorry if it is any bad but this is my first time writing something like this and English is also not my first language. But if you like it I ca  write more like These. But only if it’s alright with you all. Bye lots of love  xx -Emira