i tried a different coloring technique with this one


hoping it will be useful for some of you! (灬╹ω╹灬)
since many, MANY of you requested it, i spent a little time on this one even if it’s messy, hoping that some of you guys may find replies on their questions about “what color do i put here???”

== so, let’s start this tiny tiny lesson ==

★ i’ll start by saying that when it comes to shading, many people think that the only color that fits is black or dark grey, which is the WRONGEST thing you could ever do! even in realism, where you can see shadows that seem greyish, there is a little color, and that is because the surface you are putting shading on, reflects light, which is actually colored and has a pattern/texture on it! clothing, bandages, wood, plastic, rubber, fur, skin, lattex - everything reflects light on its own way, and so has a colored shading. in art, this thing is even more emphatized to make it look pleasing, colorful and catchy, so i drew some little examples to show how i use colors for my shading technique!

★ the first column is made by pastel rainbow colors, the second column is made of normal saturated colors, and the third one is a grey scale.
i tried some different hues and palettes for each one, even if you can see that i frequently use blue and purple.
those two are, in fact, the most used colos in shading, and works super well on basically everything, maybe making them darker or ligher depending if you are using pastel colors or not.
my shading is based on color contrast, infact you can see that i use blues on warm colors and purple/pinks on cold colors: it creates depth and adds a nice effect to it.

★ same with grey scale!
look at how colorful can grey, black and white look! it only needs a little bit of experiments, don’t be afraid to change your shading hue: colors won’t be hurt and you will be happy with the result! ^w ^

★ the same thing i do with shading, i’ll do for lights and lightspots, just with an overlay layer instead of multiply! most used are obviously pastel colors, but i often see people use white for it! instead of that, try a light pink, yellow or blue: you will be super satisfied of the result!
the only colors that often don’t show well overlay layers are neon pink or red: they are too bright, and the only colors that show a little bit are light blue or yellow. Instead of an overlay, maybe try a screen or anormal type layer, just as when you are coloring pitch black!

what i call “warmer” is just a plain peach/orangeish color that some artists use to make shading less plain. Sometimes, even if you blend and blur your shading edges, they will still be “too cold/plain” to look at - and that’s what the warmer solves! don’t worry about how cold/warm your shading is, a peachy pink will always help you: put some of it ( just a thin line or a little blurred one ) on the edges of your shading and blend it until you like the result.
as shown in the picture, it will be a lot better!
some examples of my art with warmer use:
* pixel practice - luka (mostly used on hair and sweater)
* a day at the beach! (hat shadow on hair, thighs and body in general)
* stargaze used on hair and clothing.

*use different shading layers when you draw, don’t just stuck yourself on a single one! i am used to make two of them: one fot the basic/lighter shading, more detailed and soft, and another one for the darker parts of the shading, with a colder color such as a medium blue or a sky blue!

*mix different textures when you are shading! for example, try to add a granulated pattern/texture to your clothing layer!

*remember that different materials reflect light in different ways: you can’t shade fur the same way you shade a tshirt! tshirt will have harder shading, more defined, while skin and fur (velvety things in general) will be more blutter. Same with a ribbon, that will have soft shading and really hard light because ribbons are usually not matte, but shiny material!

*try different blendings on different layers! if for a first layer you blended your shading more to add depht to the subject, the darker/second layer could be a little sharper and defined when it comes to shading tools.

Blessed Samhain! -Lee Bradford on Redbubble. 

I made this with the intent to be greeting cards, so there’s not a whole lot there in the shop. (I can make more things available on request, I just don’t have the time right now). I tried a very different coloring technique for this one and I’m pleased with the result. I don’t do lineart like this very often and I’m very proud of what came out of the pen.

Kind of channeled my inner Amy Brown for this one… 

Here’s hoping I have the energy to do many more of these as the seasons wear on!

I currently live for this guy.


The gang’s all here! :’D

(finally finished these! Added one of Lila because she doesn’t get enough love. Each one is a different style because I have no idea what the hell I’m doing tried experimenting with colors/techniques. Also updated Kell’s background.)

From left to right: Kell, Delilah Bard, and Holland, all from A Darker Shade of Magic by veschwab.

I’ll get over this book eventually ;__;

//This is the first time EVER drawing these two (seriously, I really don’t draw robutts, and the only one I drew from TFA before this point was Wreck-gar giving his ‘Ode to Toilet’). Bumblebee doesn’t look happy having his space invaded by a con.

Needless to say, I had fun with it and I hope that herzspalter has a good hatching day!

Textless version can be found here


Aaaaand here we go! The first doodle for the new Infected!AU! I had a lot of fun drawing Twilight here, and I think I’ve gotten a bit better in displaying a character’s silhouette! I also tried a different coloring technique; I kinda like it, but it probably isn’t the one I want for this AU…. not “dirty” enough, anyway. Aw well. :/

Anyway, Twilight here; this is her in her most bare sans being naked. I’d imagine the survivors of this AU would wear a little extra padding here and there to help prevent getting possibly bitten, so Twi owns leather bracers and such to protect her arms while her pants have a little padding under them. The tape around her legs are to keep her pants from being so loose and reduces the risk of getting caught on stuff. The knife is kept rusty on purpose, to be more of a danger to the living that may threaten her.

The tattoo on her arm covers the bite wound, so it usually negates suspicion at a glance, but anyone looking very closely will be able to tell the bumps of a scar under it. Worst comes to worse, she’s usually able to write it off as a dog bite from years ago.

As for Twilight herself, in this AU she is infected and has been for quite a while (for about 10 years). She’s immune to the infection, however, which was discovered when she was bitten and left her brother’s settlement to die alone, only to return a week later. In this AU, thanks to the infection still having a bit of an effect on her, she’s easier to irritate and is more aggressive (to the point that some cringe at her brutality). The infection causes her to have a high body temperature and a faster metabolism, but it also makes her prone to headaches and the occasional full-body ache. The bite itself usually simmers at a constant dull ache, one she’s learned to completely ignore, but sometimes the scar gives her something similar to intense phantom pains, as if she had just experienced being bitten, despite the wound having been long since healed.

She’s on a personal mission to find and engineer a possible cure to the infection using her immunity as a basis, but her goal isn’t to give this cure to the world. It’s to have it on hand for her brother’s settlement to make their lives a little less scary when under threat of infection; as far as she’s concerned, the world as a whole has long since damned itself, the outbreak not withstanding.

Aaaand yeah. I’ll hopefully have the time to do the rest of the characters the same treatment, but until then, I hope you like this one. And if you have any questions feel more than free to ask! :3

tried out a new coloring technique. not sure if i like it but it’s done! A little Ava’s Demon fanart cause i can’t get over how cute these two idiots are. Im absolutely in love and i need to draw them more. Planning to do Maggie and Tuls next. I call this one “Short Stuff”. kinda self explanatory. Anyway, i ship Flaming Arrow and I regret nothing. 

Also i made it available as a print/sticker/phone case/everything else on redbubble, which you can find HERE .

im also taking art requests right now, so ask away!

I’ve been working on this for a few days haha

So I tried my best to emulate Tomm Moore’s style in The Secret of Kells - one of my favorite films. It’s a really hard style to copy, but I feel very satisfied with the results. I also took the opportunity to experiment with different coloring techniques. It’s all just one huge experiment that actually ended pretty nicely.

Skull in ‘Hoody’

Hi Guys as promised here is another little something from Beginners Journey into Leather Craft here at ‘HandMadeCP’ been doing a few of these lately with different designs and trying out new techniques such as ‘Resisting’ as shown on this latest project. I needed to learn how to get enough resist to leave the actual picture a different color to the rest and as I hope you will agree I think it turned out quite well. I have tried this on several smaller pieces but this is my first large area. Hope you enjoy these build along pics, as ever..if you are a Newbie and fancy trying this yourself I hope these pics will be of some help to you and there are more in depth ones in the archive. so here goes…enjoy.

First I needed a design, so I went online to a site called shutterbox..it’s free to an extent and you can get some good ideas..adjust the size if required and the picture remains still whilst you trace it on the screen. Then transfer in the usual way with damp leather and a stylus tool. For those who don’t know the usual way please see the other Bracer builds in the archives for a more detailed set of instructions which will explain everything. I then used a swivel knife to cut the lines of the picture into the leather as shown.

Once that was done I used a medium sized Beveling tool and began to bevel the lines to achieve the ‘raised’ appearance as shown.

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Chavelle and one of my favorite plants ✨

So here’s my drawing of Chavelle, my friend’s OC, inspired by Stephen King’s IT. But Chavelle is a whole new character, just, like my friend said, ’they are the same kind’.

I’m still working on my style, adding little changes end exploring art and its many different and unique styles and techniques. I only used pencil and tried some color pencils which my mother gave me like a month ago. And yes, I know, that hand xD But it was evening and I was tired, so I didn’t even try to fix it. Btw, her skin originally isn’t white, I just didn’t want to color it. At the end, I quickly sketched the face and went to bed.

I want to mention that I’m working on blog design right now, so I’m sorry if it sometimes looks really bad. Still beginner ;)

Note: after finishing the drawing, my friend told me her hair wasn’t supposed to be blonde, but ginger. Well, we can live with it, right? :D


I’ve been trying out different kinds of “coloring” techniques when drawing WP, but I can’t decide which one I would start to hone and concentrate on. They all have their good and bad sides.

As much as I’m afraid of failing and making embarrassing mistakes I still want to challenge myself and maybe even learn and overcome my weaknesses.

First I tried black shading and limited color palette. It was comfy and went quite natural, even though it was new to me to use this on comic pages, where you have to pay attention to the layout and whole look of the page, instead of making only panel look ok.

Originally I thought about doing only the intro part with colors and the rest using only black and whites, but damn that’s really, really hard. I always afraid that the characters are not popping out enough from the background, I end up shading too much or too less with the blacks, it’s hard to read etc.. So I end up using one effect “color” in hope to get it a bit more clear. But…

…when I end up using one I couldn’t stop myself anymore. Then the third chapter was all grayscaled. And now I’m afraid it looks really clumsy, like I didn’t knew that screentones existed and I can’t use them, I’m too lazy to color the pages and I thought it just screams bad taste..? Like, I know there’s people who are able to make insanely cool pages using shade’s of gray, but I’m afraid I’m one of those who gives this “trying too hard” vibes?

As I have mentioned I started to draw this little poop to challenge myself in many ways. I’m still trying to find my style for creating these pages but blah, I don’t know, I’m kinda stuck?

How can I find the most suitable way to do these? I need tricks for some soul-searching.

Reese and Cyrus, the adorable, handy, environmentalist couple! I tried a new coloring technique with this one aaa

I’ll be making these into cosplays for Jeff and I :3 they are about half way done, each. (Mine is actually almost done! I just wanna make a few props and I need to get a wig aaa)

Jeff and I have a pretty noticeable height difference sjhdbdf


So I tried coloring Mirajane in three different styles! The first is inspired by Tartatail’s style, second one is Unisonraidd’s and last one is my new one! Kind of a mix of all the techniques i know  i’m gonna keep experimenting till i have a style that fits me! So tell me what you think!