i tried ; ;

~25k fic rec

for alexis @wildwomanofthewoods

a long way down (to the bottom of the river)

play the odds

follow me down this time

married for a week?!

true love’s gold

a whole new world

let’s savour what we’re falling over


taking tips and getting stoned

with your love we could breathe underwater

come along with me

love is a word (you gave it a name)

led by your beating heart

sweet, where you lay

in dreams

bring out feelings in me i never show

let me make a thing of cream and stars


Things you didn’t notice in GOT7 Dance Practice videos |
  Just right (Just Crazy Boyfriend Ver.) . 

Now this one is LITERALLY true. In high school I had a pet apple named Tegan Pocahontas and it had a Twitter account and I preserved it in a jar of soap and hand sanitizer and carried it around school for weeks. My physics teacher (ISTJ) banned it from his classroom and at a student government meeting this girl (INTJ) jumped across a table to try to throw it away and we got kicked out of the meeting.

Three and a half years later I still have what’s left of Tegan Pocahontas in a film canister.

derpsmoshygoodness  asked:

Hi Misha! I love your art, they're amazing! Can you do a little tutorial of how you draw Dan and Phil? Cause I kinda struggle on how to draw those cuties :3

Hello!! First of all THANK YOU!! <3 I’m sorry for answering only just now. I’ve never done a tutorial before so I hope this will help you at least a bit haha. 

I usually start with a really messy sketch and then clear it along the way but here’s a little breakdown on how I sketch their faces (keep in mind that I draw them in a stylised/cartoon-ish way :D):

As you can see, their faces are quite rounded, phil’s face is a little bit longer. I feel like dan has a little bit more rounded chin as well.

Their eyes and eyebrows are different too. Phil’s eyebrows are thinner than dan’s and his eyes are very big and round :) Dan’s eyes are more almond shaped.

Phil’s nose is very courved from the side, wheres Dan’s nose is straight.

Idk if this will help you but here’s my drawing process. As I said, I like to do just a quick messy sketch at the beginning and than change things and proportions and stuff like that later as i continue drawing. :)