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Trip to the mountain!~ comic

As u can see I clearly forgot how to draw comics xd and backgrounds are not something I enjoy- so I hope u guys can handle my horrible skill for awhile..

And a short info I still have no idea how to call Fell!Palette here.. for now it’s just P/Puddin I guess and Fell!Goth CC/Cupcake.. also in this comic Puddin and Palette are roommates.. so I guess this is going to be long I think-

Fell!Palette and Palette belongs to @angexci

Goth belongs to @nekophy

Is Spider-Man Ticklish?

Request: So I’m really stressed with finals coming up these next couple of weeks could you just make something really cute and fluffy with Peter Parker please?

Warnings: None

You laid across the your boyfriend Peter with your head in his lap.

“Hey Pete?”

“Hmm?” He said sleepily.

“What happens if you get scared half to death, Twice?”

Peter turned so he could see your face better. “What?”

“Y’know, Like, You’re scared half to death once, so does that mean by the second time it happens your completely dead?”

I don’t know?

You shrugged. “Okay”

“How about this… Is Spider-Man… TICKLISH!?!?”

You began jabbing your fingers into Peters sides. He remained stone faced and looked at you with lips pierced together.

“You’re no fun” You huffed and crossed your arms.

Peter laughed at your childishness, and poked your side.

You let out a high pitched squeal and grabbed your side. Peter seemed very shocked by the sound that came out of you.

“Is that so?” He asked as he began to poke into your side even more.