Winifred Song for @goatkibble​’s Farmer’s Wife Bachelor Challenge.

NAME: Winifred Meilin Song
AGE: 23
ETHNICITY: Chinese Australian
SKILLS: Athletic 3, Charisma 4, Cooking 3

GREATEST STRENGTH: Her quiet self confidence. Winnie is not arrogant or conceited, but she knows who she is and what she stands for and that core strength, her inner well of pride and courage and self-respect, rarely falters.

GREATEST WEAKNESS: Her black-and-white thinking. It’s all or nothing for her. There’s no middle ground, no room for mistakes or setbacks or failures, and she struggles to accept that neither she nor her friends and family are not and never will be perfect.

REASON FOR JOINING: Winifred loathes the crowded, smoggy concrete jungle that she was born, raised, and currently resides in, and she has always fantasized about moving to the countryside. Feeling bored and burnt out after recently having graduated summa cum laude from a competitive university in St. Claire, Australia, she decided against the very vocal advice of her well-to-do parents to put off applying for graduate school and try something different for a while. Winnie has always known that more than anything else she wants a husband and family of her own someday, and she figures that this bachelor challenge will not only be an exciting and interesting new experience for her but also a way for the inordinately picky young woman to hopefully, maybe meet and marry the man of her dreams.

WHAT IS HER PERCEPTION OF FARM LIFE? Winnie has a very romanticized view of what life on a farm is like. Growing up in the big city, she spent most of her childhood either indoors or playing on cement pavement, but that didn’t stop her imagination from running wild. Her all time favorite game, she’d gather up her entire collection of My Little Pony toys, her Barbies, Monster High dolls, and Fisher Price barnyard animals and scatter them throughout her room, cheerfully bossing around the plastic figurines as though she was the stable master and they were her loyal-but-inept farmhands and day dreaming about what it might be like to ride a real horse. Somewhere beneath that hazy, idealistic fantasy, Winifred realizes that running a farm involves a lot of hard, tedious work, but she prefers not to dwell on such a minor, insignificant little detail.

HOW WILL SHE CONTRIBUTE TO FARM LIFE? With her enthusiastic, can-do attitude and unerring attention to detail, Winifred would make a wonderful administrator for the ranch. Not only could she act as a bookkeeper and clerk, but with her outgoing personality and her background as a business major in college she would likely prove to be a great asset to the commercial and marketing side of the family’s farm. And while she may not know all that much about raising livestock or growing crops, she is willing, able, and eager to learn anything she can to help her win over the bachelor’s heart.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: As the only child of a wealthy real estate mogul and his high powered executive wife, Winifred never wanted for anything. Her parents gave her the best tutors, the finest clothes, the priciest toys, but at the same time they worked hard to instill in their daughter a sense of compassion and concern for those less fortunate than herself. They wanted to see her grow up to become a responsible, independent adult, and so from an early age they made it clear to Winnie that she would not inherit a cent of the family’s fortune, instead electing to bequeath their entire estate to various charities when they pass. Winnie, for her part, didn’t care. She looked forward to proving to herself, her parents, and the world that she was not just another spoiled bratty trust fund baby, that she could succeed in life without the ongoing financial support of her mom and dad. And so she worked hard in school and excelled at her classes in college, but by graduation she felt worn out and restless. That’s when she stumbled across an ad for the bachelor challenge, and something about the idea seemed so crazy, so thrilling, so undeniably unlike her that she knew she just had to enter.

Family Oriented | Friendly | Hopeless Romantic | Perfectionist | Unflirty


Day 5: Favorite Parallel
I don’t even know if this counts as one, but it has to be the “if you must blink, do it now” one. In the beginning of his story, Kubo is nowhere near as damaged and broken and he says it every day. The impact isn’t nearly as deep as what it would have been when he says it the final time. You can see the pain in his eye, the fact that he lost his parents still shows but he chooses at that moment to accept it for real. The pain I felt in this moment was a heart wrenching one where I just wanted to hold onto him and tell him that it would all be okay. This moment made me mumble in the theater “my son” and made me even more attached.
But the fact that in the beginning of the movie where it seems so little and unimportant makes it a beacon in the end of the movie, with all new emotion and levels of reading his pain and grief only to be welcomed by a large crowd of people and love flowing all around him.
(It took me like 85 years to find these gifs I’m sorry)

i’m not creative anymore
i guess the inkwell has run dry (just when i need it, like everything i’ve relied on)
my words don’t come out right, not like they used to.
if there’s a sound you better assume it’s my breathing. you’ll get nothing from me, these lips are sealed.
i used to talk, talk, talk
now the silence is my best friend.

sometimes i try to put words to a rhythm, even a melody if i’m feelin’ extra special
it never works.
these notes sound better in my head, and even better than that, not at all.
disjointed phrases set to lackluster notes
practice makes progress right?

try, fail, erase, and repeat, my friend
try, fail, erase, and repeat