I love all Taylor’s albums but when you are heartbroken ‘Red’ is the best one. Full of mixed emotions; songs make you wanna scream, cry, break things, go back to some things, ask yourself why, looking for answers, and then.. you move on, and you’re clean.

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Since it's kinky poetry night (not really) write me so kinky poetry, bro xD

It was supposed to be kinky but what the fuck happened I have no idea. At least it rhymes.

Your hair smells of desire
I let myself forget
How much this world is dire

My heart filled with regret
Your arms are my salvation
Bedsheets now soaked in sweat

My soul lost to temptation
My mind lost to pure bliss
You are the lone sensation

In this cold dark abyss
Our bodies sing of pleasure
I’d kill for one more kiss

You are my sweetest treasure
To use at my own leisure

This is my first post on my art tumblr, and i wanted to do something special(ish?), so here’s a gif for tftbl!

sorry if its kind of bad. this is my first time making a gif, lmao. (hence the watermark for the site i used)

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I like to think that Fenris isn't used to warm baths with bubbles. Once Garrett moves in to the estate, he has Fenris over more than once to give him bubble baths and backrubs.

“What are you doing Hawke?” Fenris asks him. He watches the man suspiciously while he’s undressing himself.

“I’m preparing a bath for my beloved King, why?” Garrett says too cheerfully. Fenris finally agreed to move in the state, it makes Hawke’s so happy his chest too small to contain his feelings.

Fenris snorts at the joke and walks where Garrett is standing near the bathtub. He’s welcomed by the sight of the soap bubbles covering everything. The elf sighs. Hawke tends to exaggerate when it comes doing things for him. Once he mentioned he loved apples to Sebastian and in the next morning the man brought him a basket full of them.

“The water is warm and there’s scented oil too. I hope you enjoy your bath, your highness” Hawke bows and flashes him a smile. He start to make his way out of the room, giving Fenris space and privacy.

“Wait” Fenris says and Hawke stops at his track. He notices Fenris is blushing, the point of his ears too red

“Take your clothes off and join me” the elf says.

“Is that an order your highness?” Hawke counters and Fenris rolls his eyes.

“Shut up and join me Hawke”