exid positivity


- lea(mom)der of the group
- vocals so powerful, you feel them with your whole being
- aegyo queen
- tries to joke, not always succeeds
- has the cutest pup named choco


- does everything (i’m not joking)
- your favourite song is probably written by her
- is there a butt she didn’t slap
- loves hani more than you do
- the most sane out of the five


- smoothest vocals
- plays clarinet and guitar
- the prettiest eyes
- super dorky but also very passionate
- is actually a minion stan


- it’s not angels singing, it’s seo hyerin
- random lord voldemort impression
- could probably fit in your pocket
- plushie enthusiast
- the first half of the savage (maknae) line


- the softest, most relaxing voice
- can rap not only in korean but also in english
- the cutest scrunchy nose laugh
- is way too good at archery
- the actual savage (maknae)

So our favorite evil space boyfriends go shopping, aaaaaaaaaannnd
  • <p><b>Hux:</b> *looks in shopping cart* Ren, what is all this stuff? Sensitive body wash? 'Stridex sensitive'? Dove soap for sensitive skin?<p/><b>Kylo:</b> Uh... yeah. I'm Force-sensitive, remember?<p/><b>Hux:</b> *facepalms*<p/><b>Han's ghost:</b> That's not how the Force works!<p/></p>