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Hollstein Fanfic Rec (March 27 - April 27, 2017)

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I had an honor to try @i-dsims​‘ new collection and I’m in looovee!

Look at them! Look at my sims being more stylish than ever!
- Cali is rocking transparent dress with a fanny pack and this amazing bomber jacket that actually reminds me so much of my childchood. So 90′s!
- Macy (regardless of that face) is loving the beret, the long sleeve crop top and the v-cut skirt with fishnet thighs <3
- Yadira is giving us the power walk in this spectacular cut out dress (enjoy the side boob)!
- Calim
(Cali’s twin brother) looks fabulous wearing this crop top and boxer shorts accessorized with a fanny pack! I’m getting a space vibe hereee!

So yes! This collection truly is stunning! Stay tuned until saturday (I believe). And thank you again @i-dsims for this opportunity to try your wonderful cc! <3

anonymous asked:

So, the fact that HE MADE HIM A MIXTAPE aside, I think what everyone is overlooking (thanks to that glorious glorious detail) is that "it's a gift. You keep those." Basically translates to "just because I'm mad doesn't mean I don't love you" Dean has been so emotionally vulnerable this season and it hurts

Yep. He’s not even MAD, he was WORRIED.

DEAN: Cas, you can’t… With everything that’s going on, you can’t just go dark like that. We didn’t know what happened. We were worried, and that’s not okay.
Cas: Well, I didn’t mean to add to your distress. I… Dean, I just keep failing. Again and again. And when you were taken, I searched for months, and I couldn’t find you. Kelly escaped on my watch and I couldn’t find her, and I just wanted, t– I needed to come back here with a win for you. And for myself.

Dean couldn’t even look at him, he was so hurt. I mean… he didn’t even turn and look up at Cas until after that last line there ^^

Which reminds me, later in the episode when they confronted Cas at the motel room, Cas asked how Sam and Dean even found him:

Dean: Well, when you were scamming me for the Colt, Sam put a tracking app on your phone.

(as soon as the words leave Dean’s mouth, he can’t meet Cas’s eyes anymore… he can see from Cas’s reaction that those words hurt, more than he intended them to)

Sam: Cas, when you came back, you didn’t even look us in the eye.

(aw heck my dude, he looked Dean in the eye plenty during BOTH conversations, in the war room and in Dean’s room…)


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