i trademarkered her name because well

Good and lovely sheep I met today rated

Ile de France - We’re off to a good start. Beautiful girls, incredibly soft. The knobbly nose is a nice touch. Would cuddle. 10/10

Leineschaf - Tired girls, very nice ears. Fluffy and peaceful. Sleep tight, lovelies. 10/10

Coburger Fuchsschaf - Despite being called fox, is actually sheep. Changes colours as it grows up, very good feature. I learnt spinning with its fibre. 10/10

Valais Blacknose - Exceptional sheep. Is named Blacknose because of black nose. Spots on hind legs are trademark, can’t find this anywhere else. Baby ones look exactly like grown ups only smaller. 10/10

Schwarzköpfiges Fleisschaf - Again, good naming. Schwarzkopf because of black head (also because of beautiful hair). Legs match head; very balanced design. 10/10

Angora Goat - Looks like sheep, is actually goat. Deceptive, but I forgive her. Hardworking girl who makes beautiful mohair sweaters. 10/10

Thüriger Waldziege - Again, no sheep but saw me taking pictures and wanted to say hi. How could I deny a request from such a charming lady. 10/10

BONUS: Thüringer Barthühner - You are not even trying. 10/10

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Do you have any fanclans or ocs?

Kind of? I haven’t touched the proper ones in years. 

I guess my big OC was Hawkwing, even if she wasn’t a proper warriors OC. She was a “show host” on a crackfic I wrote with my best friend back on the official message board. She was a ginger tabby with a white chest and purple eyes who was full of energy to counter her cohost Jadepool, who was more cynical and levelheaded. Her trademark food was taquitos because I was in middle school and Invader Zim was my nexus for all comedy. There were some other original characters in there, but they were mostly based on people we knew.

I had some roleplay characters as well as some short-lived fanclans, such as FortressClan, which was based entirely on cats living in the ruins of an old stone mill I took pictures of on a hike. Then way back in late elementary school, my trusty co-author and I wrote out fanclans named after the fours seasons before we even knew what fanfiction was. There was a prophecy and everything. We had a lot of fun.

Nowadays I occasionally daydream one out, but there’s nothing structured.

I’ve been thinking about that Whisp doll that showed up recently and my head keeps circling around this hopeful (potentially delusional) idea…

I sincerely hope that Whisp is this year’s Monster High SDCC exclusive, and that shortly down the road we’ll get a EAH version of her. Because why would MH need two genies? Genies are much better suited for the fairytale world (and Gigi already sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the other monsters in my opinion).
Wasted opportunities seem to be a running trend with Mattel lately, but I really don’t understand why they would go through the trouble of setting up such a good crossover scenario (because “13 Wishes” is chock-full of EAH easter eggs, and has a cliffhanger ending for the character in question) and then just not use it. Just, like…what? *sigh*

Also, the doll in question is “shadow” Whisp (pre-transformation) which just screams “special edition/exclusive” to me. And why the name change for her trademark…?

I’m probably just grasping at straws, but oh how I wish Whisp would show up at EAH. It just makes so much sense to me!