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Nico di Angelo with (Disney) Hades powers!

I recorded this art process, so you guys can watch it soon :D Hope it helps somehow, and now that I can record it, you guys can ask for art help videos or tutorials! I will try to be helpful as possible, even tought Im still a begginer :v I’ll make a post with the videos soon!

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Hi! I know this is a bit weird but can you list your daily routines? You seem like a really organized person.

My routine is prretty much freelance stuffs and improving my portfolio right now. Also, I’m doing online courses at Learn Squared - which is helping me a lot - and I watch one video each week so I can concentrate on doing homeworks through the weeks. I really need to focus to set up time limites and control my situations and I do that with time organization apps. Also, I have a list of goals that I want to achieve. I basically try to make 3 or 4 studies everyday - around 30 minutes each. How do I do that? Setting up schedules, and I kind of learn doing this after reading this post from Wojtek Fus in his old blog. As a self tought digital artist, focus and organization is really important. It’s not something natural to me - I had a really hard time organization my own tags hahaha - but I know it’s important so I really try (I didn’t know I gave someone this impression, I’m actually surprised!).

Dating Xavier Woods would include:

× Being best friends since you was added to main roster
× “please, can you let me straighten your hair?”
× “no way, my hair is glorious”
× puppy faces
× “ok, you can”
× a LOT of cuddles
× so much night games
× he fallin’ in love with you because you won in his favorite game
× people tought that you were already dating cause you’re always together
× “kofi, I think… no, I’m sure that she is my soulmate”
× your first date it’s a typical night game
× “if I won this, you are in control tonight; if you won, you are in control”
× He lets you win because he LOVES you when you are in control (if u know what I mean)
× You are always in “UpUpDownDown” (His Youtube channel)
× “maybe we need to do the “girlfriend tag”
× “you are kidding, right?”
× “princess, people love you, I know they’ll if we make that video”
× Sex before one of his matches because why not?
× Sex after one of his matches because why not?
× Braiding small unnoticeable braids in his hair when he is as sleep. also loving his reaction when he finally notices them and tries to undo the braids
× “this is not funny. okay, it’s funny, but how do you undo a braid, again?”, and he can’t get them undone so you have to undo them 
× He wanting you to be in the new day
× “Woods, I can’t do that moves”
× “oh, but your moves when we got sex are amazin”
× Him saying; “trust me”, and pressing a small kiss on your lips right before running off to do something completely absurd and irrational
× And seconds later him running back to you commenting something like; “oh yeah, and i love you and you look ridiculously hot, bye’’, and placing another kiss on your lips. then running off again
× Falling asleep together in the most uncomfortable and the most absurd positions, but not really caring about a little neck pain
× He feelin’ lucky because he has someone like you in his life. 

The real meaning and message behind ndrv3 is not what we tought (SPOILERS)

Remeber when breaking the 4th wall was just a joke?

No but seriously, jokes aside let’s talk about the ending.

I know that people are fricking pissed at Kodaka for the ending. The ending who was basically the biggest 4th wall breaker in any video game EVER. (At least i think so).

But can we calm down 2 seconds and reflect what all of this meant? What’s the ACTUAL message behind it? (Besides: hahaha all of you are such weeaboos you have the guts to sign up in a killing game , oh, and also your waifu ain’t real, stop being a bitch about it.)

The first thing is that v3 in “danganronpa v3” means 53 and not… victory 3 or something. Meaning there has been QUITE a few other danganronpas in their universe besides this one. I think what Kodaka meant is something along the lines of: More games i make and more people with get interested because of the lenght and praise of the franchise. After that they will ask me to try numberless combinations with the characters, talents, personalities, deaths, etc.

Also my level of japanese is pretty bad so i could be wrong about it but what was actually happening at the end with shirogane was: if people want a new game, then why shouldn’t we make one after all? The fans get the game and the developers money, what’s so bad about it? Sooo… is Kodaka talking through Shirogane right now? Is he saying “Hey! If you guys weren’t there the company wouldn’t have forced me to do all of this! i wouldn’t have made the anime nor the game drv3! But because of all of you i had to do so! Here! Are you happy now? Are you happy that a new game came out even tough the storyline was supposed to be over?”

Bruh… bRUUH. This.Game.Is.Basically.A GIANT FUCK YOU TO THE FANS. And by that i don’t mean only dr fans but ANY FAN of anything! Why is it nowadays we get so many reboots of animes or continuations even tough they were supposed to be over? Because of the fans. Why is it games get prequels, sequels or whatever? Because of the fans!

We. Are. The. Reason. The reason why some of those stories ended in a shitty way and didn’t feel like “The end”. All of this is because we keep up and ask for more games/animes/movies/series/whatever!

I might be completely wrong about this but i think what Kodaka is trying to tell us is: “I didn’t make this game because i had a new cool scenario of a killing game in my head. It’s because all of you asked for it! For me danganronpa had already ended. I didn’t make this game because I wanted to, it’s because YOU wanted to. So please, this is the best way i can say this but: Stop asking for more!”

Wow Kodaka. Wow. Not only you got money from this game but you also left the best message you could. That man really is smart, he got profits from it and at the same time told us indirectly to fuck off.


HAPPY 27TH BIRTHDAY MARKIPOO!!!! You’ve made it so far in your YouTube chanel, you have over 13,000,000 subscribers. You’ve made people laugh when their sad, and you’ve made people forget all about their problems in their life. You gave them an escape from their life, you’ve made us feel like we’re actually doing okay in life. You’ve made us laugh and cry, and scream along with you. You’ve showed us just how important we really are, and we’ll never forget that. And just for what you’ve done we’ll always be your fans. You’ve made me laugh and smile when my parents are fighting or something is going on in my life. Watching one of your videos before a big test at school helps me calm down so I’m not scared. You’ve done way more for us then you’ll ever know. And we’ll forever want to do the same for you. I know I speak for thousand when I say, thank you Mark for the wonderful times you have given us. You’ve made us fall in love with you and your videos, and your personality. We’ll always be here for you, no matter what. You’ve done so much for us, and we’ll never be able to repay for what you’ve done. You’ve tought us that it’s okay to play video game, that it’s okay the be weird, it’s okay to be a little diffrent, because no matter what we’ll always have someone who is just like us, who is you, and we’ll always find friends who trust us and belive in us to the end. Don’t worry what people are saying about Amy. I for one support you both, I think you both look so happy and cute togther. People just need to mind their own business and grow the fuck up. No matter what I’ll always stay subscribed to your chanel. Hopefully you’ll still make videos for the years to come. And I hope that you and Amy stay together if you two are dating. Happy birthday Mark, we love you to the end of the world and back! @markiplier 💙

I’m so sorry guys…I know you’re waiting yesterday for the next part of Underverse!Sans…but i never tought it could me take so long…I’ve been awoke for 27 hours finishing and editing this video in my…super duper faster laptop, my hands are shaking and I want to kick a pillow hahaha XD…

Now I’m exporting the video to test…while my lovely lap goes for a cup of tea and thing about how amazing is the life…I’m going to take a little nap… So, today I will publish the next part of Underverse!Sans…now on video…and stuff…
*Jakei.exe has crashed*

Everyone calling Brandon a white whining ass baby is absolutely wrong. I’m not here to offend you, I’m just telling you to take a good look at his character and answer me honestly. How many of you have cried because of something you care? That doesn’t make you a cry baby. It makes you a real person.  How many of you have to share stuff or anything with your siblings and argue? It doesn’t make you a selfish person it makes you human because, who doesn’t argue with their siblings? 

Brandon gave up his love for Callie for her to be adopted, she self-sabotaged herself by doing that video, my guess is that the judge will see the video and not let Callie get adopted and that’s why Brallie happens. Don’t blame Brandon for having feelings. Don’t blame him for speaking his mind, because everyone has a right to. Blame him if he harms Callie or manipulates her into doing something she is not willing to, but PLEASE don’t blame him for being human.

I’ve put a lot of tought into this, if Brandon is a cry baby then so am I cause I know what it feels to have loved and lost. To have to share your parents with siblings who need them more. To be an artist and have your dreams crushed because your not good enough or lose everything becuse of a mistake,and what The Fosters have taught me is to never be afraid to speak your mind and that is what Brandon is doing and all you do is hate him. Don’t come telling me you believe in love if you don’t accept brallie as a couple.

Under the sea
under the sea

jellyfishes are subarashii~

I just imagined the song under the sea in the japanese version while drawing this x3 I also listened a lot too it.
The idea came from a friend of mine and I’m so happy I did it!
It turned out as cute as I tought and I’m really proud of it.
Enjoy fem!clear diving for jellyfishes <3
I’m going to post a progress video soon too~

Welp, this is just the sketching process of this drawing, but I did it just to show the process. People have asked me to do a step-by-step post, but I don’t even do sketches so I don’t know what exactly I could show everyone ._. So instead I did this… I hope it helps? Maybe even a bit? :)


I WASNT TAKING IT SERIOUSLY BECAUSE really anti? Appearing in a video about poop? Now you’re just ridiculous.







The “happy” message on the board was to make us think “Oh everything’s normal I guess?”







So I was having a Connor’s videos marathon by myself trying to relax from my difficult life and I noticed that he has little nails. I tought it was cute. But later that nigth I started to watch Troye’s teasers for bite and ease and when I saw the hands on ease I thought Wow.

Well, if my english sucks sorry I’m not a native english speaker and I’ve not been practicing lol. 

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The other day me and my friend tought about this yakuza video in which some japanese dude says "can i have some moneEEey" just before getting ABSOLUTELY destroyed but we cant really find it anywhere, tought you might know where to find it.

Found it

Ok guys, please just stop it. This is getting out of hand, you’re overreacting. The girl did ask about phan and now you can’t do anything about it, happened. Was it disrespectful towards dan? Probably uncomfortable, but as long as I know Dan is an intelligent person, so he most certainly shrugged it off and forgot about it. Let’s be real I’m 100% sure she wasn’t the first person to ask that question for god’s sake. But while Dan acted reasonably and properly, you are making an enormous drama out of nothing. You expect people to respect Dan and Phil while you can’t even respect each other in the phandom? This is ridiculous, to send threats to a girl, because she asked about phan, how old are you 12? If you want to discuss a disrespectful behavior then let’s talk about all the videos where people said that they ship Dan and Phil with someone else and everyone immediately goes “NO YOU CAN’T SHIP THEM, ONLY PHAN IS REAL” - capital letters required. Besides, you are forgetting that Dan and Phil are adults, they can handle themselves better than we think. They tought us how to be nice towards other people, that first we should calmly analise the situation, stop judging people out of the blue, but explain what they did wrong. Don’t tell me that you’ve never in your life done anything stupid. That’s all I wanted to say. I’m really sorry for my english, but I’m not a native speaker and i’m still learning.

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I saw someone point out that Peridot knew nothing about music, and yet somehow she learned how to recognize notes and chords by just hearing them one time. I mean, it could be cartoon logic for a series that loves its musical numbers but... I wonder if that means gems are all somehow musicaly inclined (Which explains how the CGs got to play with Greg on the flashback and part of why Steven is so good at music... and why Peridot tought it was boring, because it just felt too easy and obvious!)

I sort of touched on this in my react/review video but I also found it really neat that Peridot picked up on music so quickly- as if Gems are hard wired to understand musicality, even if they don’t have a language to understand it formally, they just know that singing and music is a part of them and can do it well!



1 year is over and I still can’t believe Taylor is following me. January 31, 2015 she liked a (silly) video my sister and I made and I can perfectly remember my reaction: we were at home alone and when I saw The Notification I got all mad and I started laughing and jumping and CRYING so hard…my neighbours tought there was a killer in the house and they came in to see if everything was okay. IT WASN’T. Taylor Alison Swift, my role model, my big sister, and most importantly one of my best friends SAW MY FACE. Since that day many things changed, I feel like I’ve been growing so much, I’ve started loving myself more and I’m so more self-confident! And there are many other million things I wish I could thank Taylor for. She showed me the road to self-love and I can’t be more greatful for what she’s done for me over the last year. So @taylorswift I am now delighted to announce you that I’M FLYING TO NEW YORK CITY IN MARCH!!! Yes. Me. New York. March. Reality. I’m so excited for this (actually I still can’t believe it’s not just a dream but the REAL FUTURE), it will also be my first time outside Europe! I’m attending NHSMUN (National High School Model United Nations) with thousands of students from all over the world; I’ll basically be a delegate at the UN for a few days and after that I’ll visit the city’s attractions and museums. I’m honestly a little bit nervous about this experience cause, coming from Italy, I always feel like I’m not really good at speaking english in comparison to others; I also felt a little guilty when I asked my parents to pay for this when they told me I passed the english exam requested, however I’m so proud of myself for coming this far…until a few months ago I tought I’d never visited New York and now, look at me! TAYLOR YOU CAN’T UNDERSTAND HOW EXCITED I AM. I already know I’ll play Welcome To New York during the whole 9 hours long flight - well, that’s what I’m already doing every morning on the bus before going to school! So, dear Taylor, if you’d like to meet me (yeah, in my wildest dreams maybe) just ask me cause we’ll stay in the same city for a while! Love you so much, I hope you’re having a great day angel. (ALSO SAY HELLO TO MEREDITH AND DIBBLES) Cristina Xx (Guys, I’d be forever in debt with you if you’ll help me and reblog this. My dream is to meet Taylor one day and to thank her for staying always by my side with her music and her kind words. But I know this is quite impossible -she never come to my country so it’s REALLY impossible- but I’ll be so HAPPY if she’ll get to know I’ll be in New York soon. Just make her know this would be such a goal for me! Thank you if you’ll help me, I honestly just love our fandom, we’re like a family and I love every single one of you!!!) P.S. On the photo, I’m the one just being herstupidself on the right!

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Maria Björnbom Öberg

“Astral Affection”

“Jag hade ju råkat glömma att posta time lapsevideon. Men här kommer den, hoppas den ska falla er i smaken och hojta gärna till om ni har några önskemål på videos ni vill se av mig i framtiden! 


I had totally forgot to post the timelapse, but here it is at last. Hope you will like it and please tell me if you have any toughts about what kind of videos you want to see from me in the future!”