i touched the hair

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They also said "If they touch their hair way too much, they gay" 😂😂

i must be the gayest person then since i have the habit to touch my hair way too much

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My question for you: who are your favorite Hetalia characters outside the Nordics? Since I live in America I'll give you a fact about the state I live in. Many people think the first settlement in America was in St Augustine Florida. That's not actually true. The first settlement was Pensacola Florida (city I live near) but it was destroyed by a hurricane shortly after being built. St Augustine is the first ~permanent~Spanish settlement in what is now the US

Besides the Nordics, I love APH Netherlands. I actually even roleplayed as him. I was just in love with his design and his personality. I also want to touch his hair, lol.

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That’s quite interesting though. I think USA bought Florida from Spain or something like that, right?



Remake of this gifset because bless the new gif size limit.

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you know how cas' hair never turns gray cause hes an angel / they make misha dye it. what if the last season in the last few episodes, they let misha grow it out and its the starting point of cas giving up being an angel to be with dean. dean: cas i think you age is finally showing. cas: *touches his hair and smiles* yeah, thats what happens. dean: i thought angels dont age in their vessels? cas: they dont. dean: *is quiet* cas: im not an angel anymore. i want to be here, with you


I recently had a dream I went on a date with Ichimatsu and I haven’t stop thinking about it ever since lmao