i touched the bass

30 Things Said By Musicians Preparing Recitals
  1. “Does this instrument make me look fat?”
  2. “What do you mean we can’t move the pianos out of the practice room??”
  3. “I’m considering buying a cot and just setting it up under the stairs so I don’t have to leave the building.”
  4. *crying because the vending machine filled with Starbucks isn’t working*
  5. “I will trade my firstborn for that cookie.” “Wouldn’t your wife object?” “She’s a teacher she can just steal a new one.”
  6. *bribing their accompanist with coffee in exchange for upping the tempo*
  7. “So I almost broke the pedal board on the grand trying to practice, so I went home and screamed into a pillow instead.”
  8. *oboist crying because their professor knocked over a concert reed*
  9. *vocalist actively swearing because their significant other has strep*
  10. “If you touch my bass, I will kill you and hide the body in its case.”
  11. “Is wine bad for your embouchure?”
  12. ‘My larynx feels like a pogo stick after this song, I think I need to take a day off.”
  13. “I will be you slave for all of next semester for half a slice of that pizza.”
  14. *happy crying because they finished memorizing 90% of their repertoire*
  15. “Three of my classes today were cancelled, it was great!” “What did you do?” “I, uh, practiced an extra two hours and ate lunch for the first time this week.”
  16. *yodeling because their professor said it might help*
  17. “I should just take up a super rare instrument, then virtuosic performance would be waaaaay easier.”
  18. “Were you playing a kazoo in the practice rooms?” “SHUT UP IT HELPS.”
  19. “I drank caffeinated tea today and I could feel the entire vocal faculty judging me.”
  20. *tells a freshman on New Student audition day that heard them practice that yeah, they were totally auditioning into the program later*
  21. “Is it a good thing or a bad thing that I’ve cried in my lesson the past three weeks?”
  22. “Is it a good thing or a bad thing that my teacher cried in my lesson yesterday?”
  23. “****ing Brahms.”
  24. “**** TRILLS.”
  25. “I’ve taken some business courses, opening a coffee shop in Maine is TOTALLY a viable career path.”
  26. “Are those pajamas you’re wearing?” “I call it ‘Musician Chic,’ and it’s what happens when you have to choose between food and getting your favorite practice room in the morning.”
  27. “How is designing a poster SO HARD.”
  28. “Do you think my professor would notice if I submitted last year’s program for this recital, too?”
  29. “I fell asleep on the piano so I decided it was time to go to the lounge to sleep instead.”
  30. “You should all totally come to my recital, I think it’s going to be amazing! :) :) :)”
Safe and Sound


The rage was on hold as the puzzle finally clicked into place, and the box opened. Jace quickly grabbed Simon, pulling him out, and to the floor, holding the other man against his own, almost hot to the touch chest, a deep bass growl rumbling there. “I’ve got you.” The anger was just below the surface, but now he had Simon to look after, his fury at having someone he loved taken from him - someone who was his, titles notwithstanding - could wait. 


so willow smith made a song about marceline????

I can’t live another life Spend another time I can’t spit another rhyme on Gaia Guns and wars won’t stop the fights Not inside your mind Love and communion, there’s nothing better Cheeks get redder There’s nothing better Even in rough weather It’s raining knives, like all the time And I’m alive, irayo eywa, we’re alive Marceline, I’m coming to get you, girl We’re flying so high, catch a ride on Lady Unicorn Marceline, I know you’re not real in this dimension, I mean What’s up with your dad up in the nightosphere Your tears, they’re cleansing all my spheres You touch my hair, I’m playing on your bass But we don’t care, we’re messing up your space You got nowhere to live, but you’ll go back to space Huh… take me with you I’m sick of mildew I’m sick of all of these humans telling me what to do They make you stupid, but we are from Nibiru Remember your cosmic roots Marceline, I’m coming to get you, girl We’re flying Let’s catch a ride on Lady Unicorn Marceline, Marceline Marceline, you’re breathing in gasoline I wish I could sleep It looks so peaceful When i’m watching you At night I can see She’s beatin’, believin I’m grievin’, not many reasons So many seasons, oh Will you stay with me Until the earth runs dry We’ll tear it up, we’ll tear it up Ice in our veins Love in our still hearts I’m not playin’ games And i’m not tryin’ to go offIce in our veins Love in our still hearts We’re just playin’ games And i’m not gonna go on But why not Just the thought I don’t want to sit here In my doom all day I won’t stay, no Stay, Stay, no Ice in our veins Love in our still hearts I’m just playin’ games And i’m not gonna go offIce in our veins Love in our still hearts We’re just playin’ games And i’m not gonna go on Tonight, it’s your fault that I’m this way I go through all that pain Just to be alone at the end of the day At the end of the day

watching 1x07 of rizzoli & isles and it makes me so sad. i miss awkward maura who laughs at her own jokes and can’t tell a lie. i miss korsak rescuing animals and watching puppy videos. i miss frost. i miss protective, genuine friend, no bs jane. i miss jo and bass. i miss rondo. i miss longing gazes and love touches. i miss the rare representation of friendship between women. i miss good writing. i miss everything that this show used to be.

fave bits of the heathens video
  • the downcast/million mile stare
  • tyler reaching for josh
  • scratches on ty’s face>!??????????????????
  • the fading but still present blurry makeup
  • josh scooting past
  • when josh flickers in and out (can we talk about the wardrobe choice im dying i have theories)
  • tyler touching his neck !!!!!!!!!!!! SON
  • tyler smiling at josh and his bass when he walks in
  • josh watching ty’s bass
  • the face when “please dont forget”
  • the looks when the inmates enter !!!!!!!!!
  • the eyelid flutter right before “please don’t make any sudden moves”
  • ty’s silent scream after “watch it”
  • tyler shooting the bass