i touched a llama

‘Bout damn time I did a Copic drawing :| It’s been aaages. Bad llama. Touch-ups done in Photoshop.

Copics: E13, E23, E27, E51, E74, E93, W00, W6, W7, BG11, BG72, BG75, YR31

Other tools: WHSmith A4 sketchbook, WHSmith Sketching Pencil (2B), WHSmith Drawing Pens (0.01, 0.03), Sakura Gelly Roll (white)

As an aside, I was genuinely impressed with the quality of sketchbook paper and fineliners. I picked them up because they were stupidly cheap (£2.50 per item) and I just figured I’d get whatever I paid for, but the Copics blended together really nicely and didn’t bleed through onto the next page at all! And the ink dried quickly and didn’t smudge despite multiple layers of colour. Props to WHSmith!

#3 - You folks don’t give no matches to Mikey (623 - The Amazing Transparent Man) (submission by asktheghosthost)

So you folks wanna touch the llama, huh? That’s right, huh? You wanna touch this ol’ llama? You just go right ahead. You can touch the ol’ llama all you want. You can touch the ol’ llama all night till Hell freezes over, heh heh ha! Not me, though, nuh-uh, nosireebob, I wouldn’t touch that ol’ thing. Llama hasn’t been feelin’ so good. Woo! He smells funny, too. Whoa! Smells really kinda rank, y'know? But you can touch it, if you want, heh heh. Ain’t no law says you can’t, ain’t that right, Mikey? Ain’t there no law that says these folks can’t touch this smelly ol’ llama? Huh, Mikey, huh?

Probably the most disturbing host segment these guys ever did, and I’m not even sure why. And then Mike(y) starts hitting himself!