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YOI BluRay Report

Today I received my Yuri on Ice BluRays, and I thought I’d give my initial thoughts on it (with pics) for those interested. First of all, to answer a question I get a lot, I did order from Amazon.co.jp, mostly because I could set the site to English and I have a high trust ratio with Amazon. There are other places and there was one where you could get some cool tapestry, but I was nervous and I went with the familiar.

The thing you need to know about ordering these is that despite that happily reassuring menu above the discs are entirely in Japanese, no subs, and on this disc we have only episodes 1 & 2. I forget how the exchange rate worked out but I want to say this was around $50 with shipping and all. I did get a super cute tote out of it as well, but at this rate if I keep buying them (I will) I’m going to drop a mint on them. 

Naturally I’ve already rewatched both episodes. These two I honestly could narrate the English almost verbatim over top of the Japanese, but even without that the thing I noticed was how much I didn’t need the English to understand what was going on. Also, for someone who has seen these two episodes no joke over twenty times, minimum, I noticed more new things this watch than I ever have, and that’s because there were no words on the bottom of the screen distracting me. 

(This is my cat Sam, wanting a better look at Victor’s ass, while Yurio throws him some side-eye.)

I also started to recognize Japanese characters and the few (few) words I know. There were a few moments like when someone (Minako?) screamed and said “Ahhhhhh!” and they put the Ah character snaking across the screen and I thought, oh hey, that’s the Ah character, I know what that is, I get what they just did, look at me, I’m reading Japanese. Pretty fucking basic, but it took removing the English for me to do that. 

I can’t say I noticed much different animation-wise, except that BluRays really are sharper than a stream, and nothing ever buffered, thank christ. I need to take this downstairs and play it on our HUGE TV and really swim in it at some point. I do have volume 2 on preorder and will continue to order all of them. 

I will also continue learning my damn Japanese because there’s a frigging commentary in the Special section, by Toshiyuki Toyonaga at least (I think) but of course he’s speaking Japanese. I can’t even read the specials menu page, and the hell I’m turning whatever that second one is on and off. The third thing seems to simply be the opening? IDK. There aren’t many specials. 

Why the hell did I buy this BluRay, spend all this money on something with no subs and barely any episodes or specials? Because I’m an independent artist, I get how this business works, and I want to support this show. Hashtags and AMVs and art is all well and good, but at the end of the day what will get us a season two and what will help Mitsurou Kubo and Sayo Yamamoto and the actors come back will be sales of the BluRays and DVDs. They’re literally running around doing press junkets saying “buy the DVDs” and they’re not joking around. 

I get that these BluRays are pricey and it’s frustrating that they’re not in my native language (though I don’t entirely mind, either, mostly I’m frustrated I can’t learn Japanese quicker), but I cannot fathom how expensive it is to make an anime. I know how much it costs to make a book and how low the returns can be, how high the risks, how honestly it’s the stupidest way to make a living but I do it anyway because I am more than a little nuts. I want a season two for this show like I want air and water. It’s not even about “it would be nice.” My eyeteeth ache for this. I don’t even care that it’s weird to be this obsessed. I could be addicted to something far worse. A few BluRays and random fan stuff and a renewed desire in a old promise to my kid we’d learn Japanese and go to Japan someday seems harmless enough.

If you don’t have the money to get the BluRays, then don’t. Or maybe buy one. Maybe don’t buy the whole set and beggar yourself. I will, however, keep posting pics and telling you about my experience and urging you to snag yourself something. Because what I keep hearing is simply subscribing to Crunchyroll is not enough. Definitely pirating copies is not anything at all. If you’re downloading torrents and that’s all…get your ass onto amazon.jp and at least buy some keychains and a poster, something licensed. 

Art ain’t free. Kubo-sensei poured her soul into this. It shows in the work, but all the stories leeching out now about how she and Yamamoto-sensei went around buying their own tickets and doing everything on their own dimes, begging and borrowing and pleading to get this made…JFC, they deserve more than a click poll and a GIF set. 

I would like to think the stuff at Crunchyroll’s store counts because it’s the same stuff I see at Amazon.co.jp, the licensed material–you would think it all goes back to the same income stream. But let me tell you, international stuff can be weird. Licensing is weird. It doesn’t always work like you think, she said from experience. Decidedly your Crunchyroll and Funimation views aren’t really netting them much except that Funimation and Crunchyroll are saying they’ll pick up the show if it’s offered again, which isn’t going to help them animate Victor’s pearl tears or Chris’s bubble ass or pay someone to write and perform all those damn songs. So if you’re all up on a high from YOI and you want to support Kubo-sensei and Yamamoto-sensei, go to a Japanese site and buy something. 

If you go to Amazon.jp it will immediately, just under the search bar, give you an option to switch to English.

Do you see that there where it says JP? If you click that, you can select English, and the whole site magically, mostly, becomes English. And now you can shop. At first my orders confirmations came in Japanese, which were like, well, thank you for nothing, but then one day Amazon got smart and said, “Hey, would you like these in English?” and I said, YES, PLEASE and now it’s all amazing.

So buy something. It’s easier than you think. The BluRay is their preferred choice. You get a bag at the very least and two episodes to practice your Japanese on. If you wait for episode 7 I hear you get an uncensored kiss. 

If it’s true, I’ll be sure to let you know (and so will others, I’m sure).

Here’s the inside of the booklet that came with the BluRay. I will continue learning my Japanese so I have some kind of clue what it says. Though I can’t help noticing how much English is on this. Guys, we have to get out of our myopic hole and acknowledge other languages exist. 


  • prompt: Rachel wrote a list of the ten things she wanted in her future husband when she was about seven eight. Jesse found it one day, ticked them off, and smugly framed it.

It’s their second day in their new home – a brownstone, like Rachel always dreamed of – and Jesse’s done about 90% of the heavy lifting.  While he lugs in box after box, Rachel skips passed him with small items, a vase, some books, a bag of clothes. A smug smirk, too.

Some would say he’s whipped. Those who wouldn’t would be wrong.

His main task of the day has been to go to Rachel’s storage locker – which she’s had since she returned to New York – to pick up all the things from her childhood home. Her apartment was never big enough to fit her entire life into, but now that they have three floors and seemingly endless space, she’s decided it’s time to bring back the obnoxious yellow and unnecessary amounts of glitter.

Jesse is just thrilled.

Two and a half years into their relationship and a mere six months away from getting married, now seems like the perfect time to upgrade from their old apartment. Rachel moved in with him eighteen months ago, officially, and about two years ago in reality, and Jesse’s decided that his place just isn’t big enough to house the two of them and his Tony Award.

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In Which Everything is Dragons

Assassin’s Apprentice: Dragons aren’t real.

Royal Assassin: Why do you all think dragons are real?!

Assassin’s Quest: Oh, dragons are made of stone. Huh.

Ship of Magic: Hey, those people look dragon-y.

Mad Ship: Hey, that log sounds dragon-y.

Ship of Destiny: Hey, those ships are dragon-y!

Fool’s Errand: I’ve totes seen a real dragon but don’t worry about it.

Golden Fool: These people have very different ideas about what a dragon is.

Fool’s Fate: Let’s go kill a dragon! (or maybe not).

Dragon Keeper: Grumpy dragons and the people who put up with them (barely)

Dragon Haven: Everybody wants a bit of dragons (or a dragon’s bits)

City of Dragons: Mighy morphin’ power dragons (sort of)

Blood of Dragons: Don’t piss off the dragons.

Fool’s Assassin: What have dragons got to do with anything?

Okay so the mods have been posting stuff about anti shippers posting hate in ship tags and I totes agree with it. Don’t post hate in ship tags.

BUT don’t tell people they cant hate a ship. Over on my main I talk a lot about ships I despise, BUT I don’t put my hate in the tag. I use an anti tag!

For example, I’m a huge Bioshock fan. I fucking HATE the B/ookerbeth ship with every fiber of my being. When i voice my complaints, instead of using the B/ookerbeth tag, I use #anti B/ookerbeth (without the slashes and stuff) that way my opinions don’t clutter their tag, but I can still talk about my opinions without worry.

When it comes to ships, we can’t police what people can and can’t ship, but we also can’t police opinions on ships. I have a lot of ships I don’t like or agree with. I get angry when people tell me I’m wrong for not like them (especially in the Overwatch fandom Christ…) but I also don’t parade around invading tags saying these ships must be stopped.

All in all, ship what you want! Dislike any ship that you want! But don’t be a dick. Don’t clutter tags (this includes anti tags. Don’t clutter anti ship tags with the ship in question. The tag is there to keep your tag clean so keep their tag clean) and don’t harass people. That’s all ❤️

-mod Junkrat

anonymous asked:

Can you ship me? I'm 5'0, I have black hair and bangs, I love my friends, wine and all types of automobiles (old cars, motorcycles, dragsters) western/biker themed everything, Elvis Presley, and all things Native American, I'm a very out there about how I feel about certain things and can be very annoying with my opinion, I'm very trusting and that gets the best of me most times, and in twd that would totes get me killed.

i ship you with rick! though it makes him nervous how trustworthy you are, he appreciates that you can place your life in his hands and know you’ll make it out alive. he loves how passionate you are about the things you love, and wishes he could give you them. but he knows his love is more enough. (still, it doesn’t stop him from trying to find vintage cars of elvis records)

send me a brief description of yourself and I’ll give you a ship!

anonymous asked:

Hmm, but there isn't any ships with any bad guy?

////ohboy um I don’t think so??? Depends on your definition of bad guys? Like well there’s Hux ( @starhubris) and Kylo Ren ( @lighttempted) ….and I think that’s it?? Well there’s @beware-the-owlman but its not with Elle- its with her mom. 

aside from that there really isn’t any evil/bad guy ships?? i think? i MIGHT be missing a few cause its late and im supes tired. OH WAIT. Not sure its a ship YET but i could totes ship Elle with Eddie/Riddler @cfgreycells