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Why spend so much time and effort policing other people's tags? Your art is very nice, let people view it how they wish to. It's like your saying 'you can only enjoy this thing if you enjoy it the way I want you to'. that's pretty fucked up.

literally nowhere did i say “you are not allowed to enjoy this art how you wish”, all i asked - not ordered, not commanded, asked - that people not tag it with something that pretty radically misrepresents what it’s about. if someone wants to take a skelebros pic of mine and name it fontcest.png in their files or share it in a fontcest group or just look at it and go “gosh i sure love fontcest like this”, they’re 100% free to do that. all i’m asking is that they don’t tag it with that, because unlike all those previous things i’m able to see those tags, and they make me feel very uncomfortable and like people are injecting into the picture something that is not meant to be there. and it’s such a simple, tiny request that when people deliberately go against that even after i ask them not to do it, it communicates pretty clearly that they have zero respect for the original artists and they don’t care about their comfort or wellbeing or wishes, and i have no qualms about blocking people like that.

like fucking hell anon, pick a better hill to die on maybe


blah blah gemstuff 

bonus non-pink lars version for free, huzzah



tbh I don’t think I’ve ever loved two characters more than I love these two. (Second picture has a reference and the third is transparent )

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What is with this belief that the reylo fanbase will just disappear into thin air if rey/Kylo doesn't happen in future films?

I don’t understand this mindset at all. Where are these people who would just up and leave if the ship doesn’t become canon? I honestly don’t need reylo to 100% happen in order to go on shipping. We already know they are connected somehow! Countless ships have survived on far less than that. It’s not about getting what you want from the creators, that’s what fanfic is for. It’s about seeing the potential for something and just going with it because it makes you happy. Fandom is creatively and so is shipping.

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  • prompt: Rachel wrote a list of the ten things she wanted in her future husband when she was about seven eight. Jesse found it one day, ticked them off, and smugly framed it.

It’s their second day in their new home – a brownstone, like Rachel always dreamed of – and Jesse’s done about 90% of the heavy lifting.  While he lugs in box after box, Rachel skips passed him with small items, a vase, some books, a bag of clothes. A smug smirk, too.

Some would say he’s whipped. Those who wouldn’t would be wrong.

His main task of the day has been to go to Rachel’s storage locker – which she’s had since she returned to New York – to pick up all the things from her childhood home. Her apartment was never big enough to fit her entire life into, but now that they have three floors and seemingly endless space, she’s decided it’s time to bring back the obnoxious yellow and unnecessary amounts of glitter.

Jesse is just thrilled.

Two and a half years into their relationship and a mere six months away from getting married, now seems like the perfect time to upgrade from their old apartment. Rachel moved in with him eighteen months ago, officially, and about two years ago in reality, and Jesse’s decided that his place just isn’t big enough to house the two of them and his Tony Award.

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Conversations in our household crack me up. XD

Me: Royal Merhartwin is def my thing.

Mary: Wait, more so than Royal Merwin?

Me: I mean, Merwin is my OTP, but Merhartwin is my main? Kinda?

Mary: Oh, right, you just prefer Merhartwin over…. crap, what is it? I just keep coming up with Galahad Squared.


Ok but when Lillie and I were standing on Exeggutor Island in the rain and she asked me what I was doing when this was all over and there was a pause and a fucking RAINBOW appeared, it was the gaYEST THING IVE EVER WITNESSED IN MY LIFE!!!!! I LOVE HER!!!!!


He’s dreamed of her every night since he left the castle. It’s only when those dreams turn into nightmares, his queen crying out for him, that he returns. What he finds is not the gentle and fair girl he left to rule her kingdom. Instead there is something dark that sits in her place, it wears her face, her crown, but not her heart. What happened to his dear Snow White? Can he save her before she destroys her kingdom, and herself.