i totally would if i could fall asleep

|| an autocorrect love story ||

lmao I promised my friend that I would take a break from writing, but technically, this doesn’t count since I wrote this imagine MONTHS ago and posted it on my DeviantArt page. I just decided to copy it to my tumblr account because I was really proud of this imagine.

I added a few extra details so that it could fit with Tom!Peter Parker,,,,,, ;)))))

And lets be real, Peter would totally confess to his crush like this lol ♡

warnings: none

please don’t repost this story


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canadianwheatpirates  asked:

We did Hamlet in my last year of high school, and there were a total of four of us who had public speaking training (the others took drama and I was on the debating team) so we were carrying the class reading. I doubled King Hamlet's Ghost and King Claudius (in a fit of irony); in the scene where Hamlet has to swear revenge on his sword, I could see that the class was falling asleep so on the final "swear!" I /slammed/ my hands down on the desk and yelled it at the top of my lungs. Best.

If you’re not performing Hamlet to the level of drama he would have performed Hamlet, then why bother?

Great job!

Kenma Headcanon

Okay so Kenma’s seiyuu, the adorable Yūki Kaji ♡(you can see my bias there), has a really cute but somehow soothing singing voice. I have a headcanon that Kenma can sing exactly like him (for obv reasons) and here are some things that I’d headcanon to follow this headcanon:

-Kuroo has known since they were kids that Kenma’s voice was amazing and begged him to sing for him whenever possible.

-Kenma sings Kuroo back to sleep when he has a bad dream. Just random lullabies. Kuroo just falls asleep totally entranced by his gorgeous voice. Of course Kenma is still pretty shy about it so only Kuroo knew he could sing at that time.

-When Kuroo has bad days, Kenma can tell. He just hugs him from behind and sings.

-Kuroo says it makes his heart fly and cuddles him like “Kenmaaaaaa you saved me.”

-“Kuro, you’re embarassing stop.” He doesn’t really mean it.

-I feel like he would sound amazing singing Kenshi Yonezu’s(I love Hachi ok) Eine Kleine. The lyrics are so moving, coupled by that beautiful voice, it brings people to tears.

-Yaku cries the first time he hears it when Kenma sings to him after a bad breakup.

–“My son is an angel what even.”

-The whole team finally realizes what an amazing voice he has and they’re all in awe.

-Kuroo has a smug grin.

-So Kenma ends up being the one to soothe the members of Nekoma when they’re having a rough time or like when Lev’s cat died or Inuoka’s was having a panic attack.

-Inuoka cried and gave him a big comfy hug when he sang for him. He awkwardly hugged back and whispered comforting words.

-After he sang for Lev, Lev got down on one knee and proposed. Kuroo promptly kicked him in the ass.

-One night during the training camp in Shinzen, while Akaashi and Kenma are sitting together and talking (Bo and Kuro are harassing Tsukki and doting on Hinata. Rip Lev), Akaashi lets out a deep sigh and tells Kenma his Akaashi Problems™(First rate Akaashi-only worries). Kenma soothes him by rubbing comforting circles on his back and sings Days by Jin(Shizen no Teki-P) ft.Lia (Hello I am Kagepro trash)
And wow Akaashi’s face turns like 50 shades of red.

-“Kenma.. your voice… you… I… sing for me more often please I beg you… I just need to hear your voice again wow.”

-He’s never seen Akaashi plead so hard so he sighs and complies.

-Bokuto, Kuroo, Tsukki and Hinata come out when they hear the gorgeous song and voice. (Lev is ded on the ground of Gym 3 because Kuroo is R00D and demanding when it comes to Lev)

-Bokuto’s mouth just falls open like.

-“Bro… we’re so lucky bro…” and tears up because Akaashi and Kenma are sitting next to each other smiling while Kenma sings and it’s too much for him.

-Kuroo almost passes out but catches himself and plasters a wobbly grin.

-“That’s my Kenma.”

-Hinata gets all excited like

-Tsukishima doesn’t say much but you know he likes it to by his flushed cheeks.

-One point in the camp, Nishinoya gets a deep cut on his leg and is sooo down about it, so Yaku gets Kenma to sing for him. (With a promise of apple pie.)

-Noya is just wide eyed and “KENMA-SAN IS AN ANGEL.” and sobs onto Kenma’s shoulder (Kenma gently pushes him into Yaku’s much more welcoming arms.)

-Needless to say everyone has fallen in love with his voice.

-Kenma thinks he should charge people ¥300 per song or something with all these requests… he needs that new Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice game after all.

When You Cuddle (EXO)

“I was wondering if you could make a how they cuddle you one (like the got7 one) for exo? I love your stories they’re so well written!!!”

(gif credits to the original owners)

He would be definitely be super romantic. You’d be leaning into his side, resting your head on his shoulder as he holds you close to him. He would often peck your cheek or your nose just to remind you that he’s paying attention to you. It’ll be pretty vanilla and will only ever take it further if you were to instigate because I see him as the perfect gentleman.

Originally posted by suhomysuho

(wow okay y’all sleeping on leader of the year)

It’d be the cutest. You’d definitely be resting your head on his shoulder and lots of cute giggles. He’ll probably even rest his head on your shoulders a few times and blush like crazy whenever you look at him. He’s a shy boy but he’s also so clingy so he’ll pine for attention then be all bashful. Just nuzzle into his shoulder and he’ll just fall apart bc ur cute and he cannot handle.

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

 (the cutest pixie)

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marry me, part v

for @wibbelkind, who comment-requested this ages ago! (anyone who has sent me prompts, you’re not forgotten!) you can read this story from the beginning here, but all you really need to know is it’s an AU where they finally get their stuff together and this is the first date.

Jemma’s stomach is all aflutter until she looks through the peephole in the door, and laughs.

“What?” Fitz’s voice calls through the wood, hovering at that intersection of amusement and offense. “Is there something on my nose? Is the sauce the wrong sort?”

In answer she opens the door so he can see her dress – black in the skirt, dark blue in the top – and he laughs too.

“Well, it’s certainly not the first time,” he grins, standing there in his black jeans and blue button-up, matching her exactly.

She steps aside to let him in, giving him more space than necessary because while they clearly established this is a date (the word still sends something that feels a lot like Christmas morning all the way to her fingers and toes), everything is very new.

“And I spent so much time choosing it!” she sighs as he sets the tomato sauce on the counter next to the pot she’s just filled with pasta. “I feel a bit silly wearing a dress, it’s not exactly typical for me, and I fretted it would make this all seem so serious and important and maybe I should wear something more casual, but then I decided… Well, it is serious and important, isn’t it?”

He’s looking at her with the affectionate half-smile that means she’s rambling. People don’t normally like when she rambles.

“I think you look luminescent,” he says softly when she’s finished.

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anonymous asked:

wait does keith have nightmares?

He does! Or, well, he has had at least one and I’m not sure whether it’s the first one he has ever had or one in a series of many. Here, let me give you the screenshots from s2e5:

That was the nightmare sequence. So, yeah, there was at least one of them. My personal take is that it was one (particularly bad) example of many, but you could definitely argue that it was the only one. I’ll explain both sides and you can decide for your own^^

Why it could be the only nightmare he has gotten so far: immediately after waking up, he packed his things and and left, scared that Zarkon was tracking him. This is his face after waking up:

Just look at it compared to when he got to sleep:

He is absolutely shaken, his eyes are wide and fearful. The thought of Zarkon tracking him/looking back at him when it should be his own reflection in the blade was undoubtedly what drew him to run away. If it was just one of many nightmares, would he really have reacted that way? Even if it was a really bad one? Keith is, after all, pretty rational in most of his decisions that could affect the team. 

And now to why I think that it was one nightmare of many: Here is the full waking up sequence:

He wakes up, gasps for air and then reaches for his dagger almost hesitantly. Which, okay, that totally makes sense if he is scared of Zarkon looking back at him. However, waking up from an unexpected nightmare usually leaves you confused and full of fear to the point that you act on your instincts or (if it’s really bad) aren’t even completely sure anymore where you are.

None of this is the case here. Keith is scared of what he might see in his dagger, but he didn’t look particularly surprised to be in his room. He also doesn’t seem to feel threatened, despite the fact that Red attacked him in the dream and he was surrounded by Galra soldiers. If he had felt threatened, he would have most likely drawn the dagger out from under his pillow the moment he sat up, especially since he seems to have slept with it for a long time now.

So yeah, I think it wasn’t his first time waking up like this. He knows that it was a nightmare. It was, however, a pretty bad one - which is why he still checks for his reflection in his knife. His eyes are wide and fearful but as soon as he sees that it’s really him in there-

-he is pretty calm again. A nightmare. Okay. He knows how to deal with those. (Except that this nightmare was special because it directly addressed the fears he expressed just earlier today.) 

I’m not finished yet, though. There are also the scenes that are preceding the nightmare. There is Keith waiting to talk to Shiro about his suspicions about a Galra connection but then thinking better of it - he addressed those before when Allura talked about hers btw, but why he didn’t tell Shiro is a whole other topic - followed by him staring at his dagger. 

3 out of 4 expressions portray sadness, insecurity and inner conflict. And then there is the last frame. He almost looks expectant there. At first I thought that it was part of the nightmare already, but the nightmare starts with Keith in the small ship from the hanger that brings him to Red. It is some kind of transition. However, there were absolutely no transition-like frames from where he left Shiro to this scene, from one part of the nightmare to the other or from the nightmare ending to him waking up. So why include this frame if it doesn’t tell us anything? And what is the only thing he could expect before falling asleep?? A nightmare. Why would he expect a nightmare if he has never had one before? 

So, yeah. I think Keith gets nightmares, plural. All of this is just my personal take though. As I said before, both headcanons of him having nightmares (maybe not regularly but occasionally) and of this being his first nightmare are totally valid. There is so little material to go off that I can’t say I’m 100% confident in my interpretation of it… I’m more, like, 60% sure. If anyone wants to add to it, feel free to do so^^

Pillow Talk

((A/N: Bam! Getting ‘em out. I *loved* writing this because as a busty girl, I totally empathize with the reader here. My Twitter can attest to that every time I go clothes shopping. THAT SAID, prompt is as follows:

Hope you like Dean fluff! How open are you to a Dean x Reader where the reader is borderline plus-sized and is self conscious about her breasts (I know it’s a bit overdone)? She doesn’t like how large they are, and how many cute clothes she’s had to forego because they don’t fit right. Dean would flirt with her and try to compliment her to make her feel better. It could also be comically arranged for them to fall asleep innocently, and wake up with an awkward boob-pillow situation. ;)

Word Count: 1300

Warnings: Boob talk. Language.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

For you, @ohheyitsmik!))

“C’mon, Y/N! Serious, how long does it take to pick out clothes?” Dean looked at you impatiently as you eyed the clothing placed haphazardly on the racks in Goodwill. It was that time again where the group of you needed to restock on clothing. Such was the issue with hunting. Get beaten enough in some jeans and they no longer have the ‘cute tattered’ look, but more ‘is she homeless?’ look.

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anonymous asked:

Scenario where RFA + MC go out to see a new horror movie and u two are the only ones in the theater


  • he didn’t really want to be there, but MC insisted on going to see the movie and he didn’t want to let her go alone
  • they went to the first showing on a Monday so of course nobody else is in there
  • Jumin doesn’t seem like the type to be scared by movies, but
  • oh boy
  • he jumped at every single unexpected sound
  • he actually ended up getting super into the movie
  • since there was nobody else there, he started yelling at the people on the screen
  • “You damn idiot why would you go in there?! OH COME ON, OF COURSE HE’S GOING TO FIND YOU IF YOU HIDE THERE!”
  • “……I told you he was going to find you…….”
  • the movie managed to get in his head and he low key started freaking out
  • he stopped yelling like an hour in and just silently kept his head turned on her shoulder
  • he’d peek back at the screen for like ten minutes at a time but he’d freak out and look away again
  • he screamed like three times
  • thank GOD nobody else was in the theater with them because people would either be pissed or laughing their asses off
  • like five minutes after it’s over, he’s totally cool again
  • they both actually manage to totally forget about the movie
  • until it’s time to go to bed
  • MC almost starts crying
  • it’s a loooooong night, but they eventually fall asleep with the lights on


  • this poor kid holy s h i t
  • “MC I told you I’m not good with scary movies”
  • “I didn’t force you to come. I told you you could stay home.”
  • they watched a murder documentary together once so she could only imagine what an actual horror movie might bring about
  • super stereotypical beginning - middle aged white woman with her family, they just moved into a new house, everything’s chill until it’s quite obvious that there’s a demon living with them
  • Yoosung was okay for maybe three minutes
  • suddenly he’s clinging to her arm and he will absolutely not let go
  • she literally couldn’t hear half the movie because he kept screaming.
  • when he wasn’t screaming, he was mumbling into her neck about how bad of an idea it was for him to have come with
  • she kept telling him to shut up because he was distracting others from the movie, even though she was well aware of the fact that they were alone
  • he quiets down, but then points out that it’s just them and continues screaming
  • when the movie was over, he basically sprinted out of the theater
  • mc bought him ice cream because his eyes were all red and puffy from crying
  • that night, she had to guard him from ghosts because he was having a literal, actual breakdown 
  • he fell asleep in her arms with the lights on


  • Jaehee’s never really been into movies, so she doesn’t really know how she’ll handle a horror movie
  • they go to see the movie and, woah, there’s nobody else in there
  • MC literally runs up and down the aisles trying to find the perfect spot to watch from
  • when she finds it, she settles in with her girlfriend and her popcorn and she prepares for whatever may come
  • this girl
  • holy heck 
  • she wasn’t scared at all
  • “That man is obviously not a real priest.”
  • “Jaehee, they’re actors.”
  • “I’ve never seen a priest that good looking. He’s not a priest”
  • “Who do they think they’re fooling with this animation?”
  • half way through, MC starts to wish that there were others in the room so that she’d be polite and shut up
  • “oh my god i’m never watching a movie with her again”
  • at home though, she’s a wreck
  • she starts burning incense and praying
  • is she crying???
  • Jaehee just wants to protect herself and her gf from demons thats all she wants
  • literally the only reason she was making so many comments during the movie was because she wanted to get it into her head that it isn’t real
  • that’s so sad she’s so precious this poor girl
  • moral of the story: don’t watch demon based movies with Jaehee


  • they saw the add for this really cheesy horror flick while watching late night tv and they decided they HAD to go see it
  • the next showing was in 10 minutes
  • It’s absolutely freezing outside, so she literally wraps herself in a huge blanket
  • he thinks its adorable but there’s no time
  • they shove some HBC and Phd pepper in MC’s purse and carefully obey traffic laws speed fuckin racer it to the theater
  • they make it just in time, the movie is about to start
  • it’s like 2am on a Wednesday; nobody else is there
  • in the beginning they both really want to watch the movie, but
  • its just so bad
  • neither of them can get their brains to follow what’s going on
  • “Seven, this is the actual worst movie I have ever seen in my life.”
  • “You haven’t seen the Star Wars prequels then?” heyo
  • they don’t watch the movie
  • they lasted like 15 minutes before MC pushed up the armrest and cuddled into him
  • she takes the blanket off and wraps it around both of them
  • the next hour and fifteen minutes is mostly spent making out and making horrible commentary on the movie
  • “Hey MC I bet I can make this empty bottle onto the demon’s nose next time he shows up”
  • “I dare you.”
  • he does it
  • Seven dubs over all the characters and makes them assess their situation even worse than the original dialogue did
  • she cries laughing
  • after the movie, they go home and sleep because these poor sleep deprived children just need to rest
  • they make jokes about the movie all day when they wake up


  • Zen doesn’t really get scared by movies.
  • he just doesn’t
  • which made her think that it’d be a great idea to bring him with to protect her
  • even though it’s a Friday night and this is a pretty highly praised movie, there’s nobody in the theater
  • they get the perfect seat, settle in with their snacks, all is good
  • the movie isn’t too scary, but
  • the thing about this movie was that while it wasn’t scary in a psychologically scaring way, it was filled with effective jump scares
  • every time there was a jump scare, MC would “eep” a little bit and push herself closer to him
  • Zen thought it was the cutest thing and every time it happened, he’d just hold her tighter
  • after like an hour, the jump scares were toned down a little, allowing them to finally reach for their snacks
  • it was almost twenty minutes without a stupid demon screaming at the camera, so they both think they’re in the clear
  • the poor, poor idiots
  • they let their guard down
  • MC lets out a full scream and drops candy into her lap
  • Zen throws his popcorn up into the air and it flies two rows back
  • she doesn’t know whether to cry or laugh so she does both
  • “God damn it, my popcorn
  • Zen is pretty chill afterwards but poor MC jumps at every foreign sound
  • when they try to sleep that night, MC freaks out and insists on leaving the lights and TV on

Title: Late Night Visits?
Words: 850
Characters/Pairing: Tim Drake/Damian Wayne [TimDami]

“Damian, I’m really—“

“It is fine. I understand that you are dedicated to your work.”

“No, it’s not fine. Because I’m also dedicated to you. I’m sorry.”

[ prompted by replacedrobin, who wanting Tim and Damian being sweet. Uhhhhh. I hope this fits what you were looking for? aaahhh I haven’t written Tim in a few months so this was a challenge. ;U; thank you for the prompt though!! I hope you like it!! ]

“Damian? Is everything alright?” Tim asked, rubbing his tired eyes with his hand. He could hear the exhaustion in his own voice, but he nonetheless had felt a strong flicker of worry upon seeing Damian in his apartment. Had he been hurt on patrol? Wait, would he have been on patrol? God, Tim didn’t even know how late it was. In his defense, it had been a really long week.

Damian must not have been hurt that badly though, because he sighed (was that exasperation? Pity? Annoyance? Tim couldn’t tell. He was distracted by how comfy the sofa looked) and walked over to Tim, and took his briefcase from him.

“…so is that a yes?” Tim mumbled as he stifled a yawn, which earned a soft tut from Damian.

“That depends on your definition of ‘alright,’ Timothy. I have not been injured, no. But I do believe that I am a tad offended.” The Wayne answered, as he set the briefcase on the table.

Tim’s brows furrowed together. “Damian, I’m too tired for your cryptic nonsense. Just tell me why you’re here, please?”

Silence. Damian’s expression was unreadable. “We both promised we would not overwork ourselves this week. I have not patrolled in two nights as to ensure I would be capable of coming today.”

Tim stared. He was feeling more awake now, but as he tried to wrack his brain for what was supposed to be going on, he couldn’t remember.

“You were the one that insisted we do something to celebrate,” Damian prompted, but still Tim said nothing. A huff of frustration, then, “the anniversary of our relationship was today—“ he paused to glance at the clock, “—excuse me. It was yesterday. We planned to have a late dinner here at 8 o’clock, because you were unable to reschedule the W.E board meeting. I was considerate enough to put the food in your refrigerator.”

And now…now Tim knew what that note was in his partner’s voice. Bitterness. He could feel his face turning white as his brain processed this information. Damian had been waiting on Tim for nearly five hours. He had probably been really fidgety and cute like he always was when they did these kind of things, and he had probably asked Dick for advice on what to wear and had maybe even called him when Tim hadn’t shown up, and was that cologne he smelled?—Oh god. If Tim could, he would have taken a moment to appreciate how sweet this was. “Damian, I’m so sorry, it totally escaped my mind,—“ and then he started rambling.

Damian rolled his eyes and was quick to quiet Tim, when he grabbed his hand and started pulling him towards the kitchen. Before they got there, though, Damian dropped Tim’s hand in favor of pointing towards the bedroom. “You look like you are about to fall asleep on your feet, Timothy, and I will not permit you to sleep in your suit. Go change. I will prepare some of the food.”

Tim didn’t protest. He loved his suits, but also hated them. It was a complicated relationship, to say the least. He sauntered into his bedroom and tried to be fast in changing, because he had already kept Damian waiting long enough tonight.

He stepped into the kitchen, but Damian’s back was to him as he heated up some of the food. It looked untouched (it probably was).

“Damian, I’m really—“

“It is fine. I understand that you are dedicated to your work.”

“No, it’s not fine. Because I’m also dedicated to you. I’m sorry.”

Damian turned at that, but his expression was still unreadable. Silence stretched between them for a few moments, before a look of amusement appeared on his features. “Is that your backup plan for if your verbal apology is denied?”

Tim frowned. “What? I’m being serious,” he said as he glanced down at himself, “…oh.”

In his going-off-three-hours-of-sleep-in-the-past-two-days state, Tim hadn’t even noticed he had put on one of Damian’s shirts that had for one reason or another been left at his apartment.

Damian rolled his eyes, “I think you should sleep now, Timothy.”

“Come lay down with me, then. I’m sure a few extra hours of sleep wouldn’t hurt you either, Damian. Then you can give me all day tomorrow to make this up to you.” Tim requested, not caring that he sounded hopeful.

“-tt.- Fine.”

Tim smiled as he exhaled a soft sigh, because it seemed like Damian had forgiven him. He led him back into his bedroom, and wasted no time climbing under the blankets. He heard a noise of amusement from Damian as he laid down next to him.

But Tim was surprised by Damian for the second time that night when he felt two arms wrap around him and pull him right up against the other’s chest. He stiffened at the initial contact, but soon found himself smiling softly as he relaxed into the embrace. He closed his eyes, but not before he softly whispered, “happy day after our anniversary, Damian.”

The food was completely forgotten.


Let me just say it is 5:24am here and I am still on my computer. I’ve had trouble falling asleep for the past few days with no apparent reason. Wish I could tune off for a few days and just rest! Brynn woke me up at 6am yesterday ( I had a total of 2 hrs of sleep ) because for whatever reason-she thought the mailman would come at the a** crack of dawn. Why was she so eager to see the mailman? She was getting her ball routine leotard! She wouldn’t quit asking when would the package arrive. All day long! It finally came late in the afternoon. Of course, she had to try it on right away.

After dancing and playing around the house, it was time to get ready for bed. Violet really enjoys bathtime. <3

At the end of the day, they were all exhausted… 

Scott and Brynn fell asleep on the couch while watching The Lord of the Rings. My husband was always a ‘hardcore fan’ of the trilogy and now he got our daughter hooked on it too! 

anonymous asked:

well you know i gotta do marco, ace, and sabo for the lab partner/trapped in elevator/employee trainer meme 🥐

Get randomly assigned as your lab partner for a whole semester

Ace is going to blow up the entire school and Look I wasn’t much better with this in science so I’m leaning towards Sabo?????????????????????? But also like Ace might just fall asleep and I love science so I could totally just do All of It //fingerguns

Get trapped with on a broken elevator for ten hours

uhhh well I want Marco as my trainer for mcdonald’s so SABO IT IS. Also like debating with sabo would be fun…even if for Ten Hours. Also ace would go crazy being in that small space I feel

Get as my employee trainer for my new job at McDonald’s

Marco has 3000 brothers and like,,,,,,,,,,,the paitence to Match

Part Two; Riley + Zay bond during the triangle ft. Jealous Lucas

Part One

Sorry this took so long, normally I post part two the same day but I didn’t have an immediate idea of how to continue so thank you to the anon that suggested a Lucas / Maya chat! Also I tried to write this in third person like part one but I just couldn’t make it work in my mind without making it Lucas’ POV so I hope that’s okay!!

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

After my chat with Zay I feel better about my insecurities regarding Riley’s feelings towards me. Riley, I made Riley cry.

Riley Matthews, a ray of sunshine, my sunshine and I made her cry. Not only did I make her cry but I’ve been oblivious to the emotional pain I’ve been causing her the past few months.

The whole reason this triangle has gone on so long - other than my ‘confused’ feelings for both girls - is because I didn’t want to hurt either of them. Well that blew up in my face didn’t it?

I’m not sure how and I don’t care how long it takes but I am going to make it up to Riley. Zay and I leave Mr. Matthews classroom in search of Riley, class isn’t set to start for another fifteen minutes so we quickly search the halls for her. We spot Farkle outside the girls bathroom door and quickly approach.

“Is she in there?” I ask concerned.

“Yes,” Farkle snaps at me, “She’s locked herself in the stall and wont come out.”

“I’m going in there,” I insist but both Farkle and Zay try to stop me.

“You can’t go in there man, it’s the girls bathroom,” Zay holds his arm against my chest.

“I don’t care I have to apologise,” I push it away.

“Then I’m coming too,” Zay nods, “I owe Riley and apology as well.”

Farkle lets out a groan but follows close behind us.

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How They Would Sleep
  • Italy: Italy would kind of just curl up in a ball and cover himself with blankets. He might even hold a stuffed animal or pillow to keep him company. Italy wouldn't even wake up if there was an earthquake right by his house.
  • Germany: Germany would definitely be one of those people who lays on his back and doesn't move for the rest of the night. He would sleep like a rock and would be hard to wake up. Germany might even mumble some quick phrases here and there too.
  • Japan: When Japan is sleeping, he would sleep on his side with his hands perfectly folded and tucked neatly under his head. He would also be woken very easily, even if you're just walking by he might get up and scare you a little.
  • America: America would totally run to his bed and flopping down on his stomach and literally falling asleep a minute later. Sometimes he might even forget to take out his earbuds and fall asleep with music on. He might even wake up with them around his neck, practically choking him because he moves around while he sleeps.
  • England: He would fall asleep on his back with his arms and legs all neat and straight, but slowly through the night they would move to go in every direction possible. He also might let out a few sleepy phrases here and there.
  • France: France would definitely sleep on his side and he would literally be wrapped up in blankets like a burrito. He would also be a sleep walker, but he would only get up for about 5 minutes and just look at the stars or take a stroll down the hall.
  • Russia: He would definitely sleep in the fetal position hugging a pillow. Russia would move around a lot in his sleep and sometimes its so much that he would wake up in the morning with no blanket. When it's a cold night, he might sleep with more blankets than needed so that he won't get cold when some fall off.
  • China: China would sleep on his back literally smothering himself with stuffed animals and stuff of that sort. He would mumble and move a little in his sleep, but not a lot to move all of the stuffed animals off him. From all that heat coming from them, he could wake up with a dry and scratchy throat.
  • Canada: This little cutie would sleep on his stomach, like his brother but he doesn't fall asleep as fast. He can have trouble falling asleep sometimes, so he might talk to Kumajiro until he is drowsy and can't keep his eyelids open any longer.
  • Prussia: If Prussia is in an awesome mood he would probably not go to sleep until 5 A.M., and when he does, he would fall asleep on his back and thrash around all night. If he is in a "I am a total loser mood", he would still stay up all night, but this time he would just stay in bed on his side and just stare at a wall until he passes out.
  • Romano: This grumpy Italian would sleep on his back with his hands up and not move for the rest of the night. He would also be a deep sleeper, so if you don't know that he sleeps like that you might think that he is dead. And I wouldn't wake him up early, or else he'll be 10x grumpier.
  • Spain: Mr.Salsa here would try and sleep in the most comfortable position possible, which for him would be on his side cocooned in blankets. He might squirm in his sleep, making him look like an inch worm, and he also might mumble a few phrases here and there.
  • Austria: Austria would be so lazy, he would just plop down on his stomach and fall asleep like that. It doesn't matter if he is sleeping on top of something or sleeping without blankets, if he wants to go to bed, then he wants to go to bed and nothing is stopping him.
  • Hungary: Hungary would be very picky on how she would have to fall asleep. She has to sleep on her side, not facing a wall, with 2 blankets, and 2 pillows on top of each other. Without these, she might not fall asleep at all and be super cranky in the morning.
  • Switzerland: Switzy would sleep on his back, perfectly still. He would definitely keep some sort of weapon under his pillow/bed, because you never know when the enemy is lurking. He can be woken if he hears the front door being opened, but not when Lichtenstein gets up to get a midnight snack.
  • Lichtenstein: Little Lichtenstein would sleep on her back with her hands folded neatly on her chest. When feeling lonely, she might take out one of her old stuffed animals and sleep with it under her arm for the night. Also, when there is a storm, she might even turn on an old night light that she has so she isn't scared.
  • Ukraine: Ukraine would definitely sleep on her back, because of you know... her large breasts. To make it more comfortable, she would put a pillow under her so her back doesn't hurt that much. Ukraine would be woken up by thunder and lightening, but probably not by her brother screaming for help when he sees Belarus in his room at night.
  • Belarus: She would sleep on her stomach, cuddling one of Russia's pillows that she took from his room. Belarus would be a light sleeper, so when anyone comes in her room at night, she could see if it's Russia or not. Also, if she feels the need to, she might sneak out and watch Russia while he sleeps.
When I was six my brother left home. I felt devastated. Our weekday breakfasts of toast and strawberry yogurt would end. So would the summer nights we spent waiting for the other to fall asleep so we could steel the only fan. He taught me to become competitive by racing me to the car and then pulling my arm so I couldn’t reach it before him. He taught me that you don’t stop, you just keep running until you reach the car. He has taught me the qualities of an athlete but also a person. All people need someone to look up to. My brother is my role model.
—  Taylor Crosby!


Looking down at Alex, I stroked the side of his face and sighed. He barely slept a wink last night and with him not being able to sleep, I couldn’t either.

There was no way that I could fall asleep knowing that thoughts like these were haunting him so strongly.

The fact that something like this was keeping him up made me feel uneasy. For one, because he never told me about these fears that he had, not that I’m totally surprised by his actions and also because I didn’t know how to ease his mind.

I can promise him that nothing bad will happen but in his mind that promise isn’t guaranteed.

His childhood was so terrible and I understand why he would have fears like that for his kids but I knew Alex would never let anything or anyone hurt his kids.

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History Part 7

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Author’s Note: Here it is! This is the chapter that will finally explain all the history (hehe) of Derek and Y/N!!! I worked hard brainstorming this part, so I hope you like it! Also, I tried to fit it the best I could into the Derek’s actual backstory, but it may not be perfect, so I apologize in advance. Anyway, Enjoy! c:

Warnings: Language; sexual content; feels; sensitive content


“Scott, you were pretty young, so you probably don’t remember any of this. I did’t bring Derek around much when we got older anyway.

 Derek and I have been going to school together since we were kids. We were in the same class even though he is several months older than I am. In middle school, we got really close. Neither of us had a lot of friends at that time, so it was kind of natural for us to drift together. I remember his sisters, too. We used to all play together constantly. I still remember playing hide and seek in the woods together. Thalia used to hate it when we did that without any supervision.

When we got to high school, Derek grew into his looks and got athletic. He had been doing a lot more werewolf training, so he was pretty fit. He instantly fit in with the popular crowd, you know? Even though he was just a freshman. We started to drift apart. I wasn’t exactly Miss Popularity, after all. Eventually, we didn’t even really talk anymore. Maybe the occasional wave and smile in the hall, but even that became less frequent. He always seemed to be with his basketball buddies and they were way too cool to associate themselves with someone like me.

Then Paige happened. I remember seeing how happy she made Derek, which made me happy. I thought he deserved some normality and relief in his crazy life, even if I was no longer really in it. Then, one day, neither of them came to school. We all heard the rumors. When they didn’t show up again, I went to Derek’s place. His sister answered the door and let me in, taking me up to his room. Man, he was a mess. Seeing him that way made me lose it and the tears just started falling. It was like confirmation that Paige really was dead. Without a word, I went and sat next to him on his bed and just held him. He actually let me. We cried together that day.

It took a long time for Derek to be even relatively normal again. He felt so guilty. I went to his house every day after school. We were getting closer, and it was great. I felt like I was finally getting my best friend back. Eventually, he started to laugh and smile again. It didn’t usually reach his eyes, but it was a positive change. 

About a year or so after her death, something happened that I will never forget. Derek and I were walking through the woods and we came across this little meadow that we had never seen before. I was so excited. I ran out, laughing the whole time and letting my fingers run over the flowers and the grass, totally free. Derek followed me until we just collapsed  next to each other in the grass. We laid there, me out of breath, and Derek just looking at me while I watched the clouds. And then, out of nowhere, he kissed me. I was completely surprised and didn’t kiss back at first, but after he pulled away and I looked into those green eyes, I just attacked him. We made out like crazy.

That’s what started it all. Derek and I’s relationship had hit a whole new level. We weren’t a couple, not by any means. We weren’t technically “friends with benefits” because we weren’t sleeping together. We were just having some fun. We would make out every now and then, maybe feel each other up. But we were still best friends. That is, until Kate came along.

She totally seduced him. Stole him away from me. Derek barely gave me a second glance once he had her in his sights. I was secretly heartbroken. I had some feelings for Derek that were more than friendly, which probably isn’t much of a surprise, but I put on a mask. I didn’t want to lose him again, not completely at lease. So, I acted like I was fine. I tried to warn him about her at first, but it did no good. Eventually, it just caused problems between us.

Then the fire happened. The fire that Kate started that killed Derek’s family. He was a mess, just like you’d expect. And there I was, right by his side the whole time, mourning his family that I’d grown so close to over the years, feeling his pain and trying to take it away the best I could. There were definitely suspicions it was Kate, but Derek wouldn’t hear it. Not until he finally put the pieces together on his own. That was what really changed him, you know. I mean, Paige was bad, yeah. But with the fire…he was totally different. He already had wounds from his past that were just barely healed, and then that happened. I don’t know how it didn’t destroy him.

I got Derek through high school. Laura was trying to handle everything becoming the new Hale Alpha and now raise a brother all on her own. So, I made him my responsibility. I made sure he went to school and did his work and studied and still did sports. I think that’s what helped keep him sane. When you’ve suffered through everything that man has, it’s easy to go crazy. I was with him when he got his tattoo, and when Laura had to burn it into him after it healed. I’d never heard him scream like that before. 

Our senior year was coming to an end and Derek and I were inseparable. We were always by each others’ side no matter what. Everybody told us to “just date already” and Laura used to playfully call me her sister because she was convinced we’d get married one day and she would be my Maid of Honor. He used to sneak into my room at night and we would lay in bed and talk for hours, just staring at the ceiling. Then we’d fall asleep, I’d wake up, and he’d be gone. I loved those nights. It was like nothing could get us, you know? We were invincible as long as we had each other.

When he showed up in a tux, smiling like an idiot and holding out a corsage on the day of prom, that was the moment I really fell in love with him. My date had dumped me at the last minute and of course I had called Derek crying and totally devastated. He hadn’t planned on going, but then there he was. God, that was one of the best nights of my life. Derek danced with me during every song, always making sure that I was having fun. On the last song, he pulled me against him and we danced together, nice and slow. He kissed me then, for the first time in what felt like forever. It was perfect. That night, he brought me home. Mom was working a double, having to stay all night, Dad was already moved out, and you were at Grandma’s. That was the first night we ever slept together. He took my virginity, told me he loved me. He said he knew that he had fallen for me the night we went and got his tattoo done. 

We graduated and I got ready for college. Derek and I were finally together and enjoying every single moment of it before I left. When I moved down there, Derek came the day after I got settled. He used to visit me all the time at college. He’d come and stay on the weekends, sometimes surprise me through the week if I had talked about a particularly stressful time. After awhile, he couldn’t come as much. He had to help Laura with some stuff and he was trying to get settled, too. That’s when the distance really started to take a toll on us. 

My sophomore year, things were pretty okay. We adjusted to being apart and we were handling it rather well. He visited when he could. That was the year of the pregnancy scare. I remember buying a billion tests and calling Derek. He made it down in record time. I was so scared when he got there, just an absolute mess. I’d never seen Derek look like that, even after everything he’d been through. Thankfully, we dodged a bullet. Turned out I was not pregnant, but that really gave us reality check. 

After that, we were pretty off and on. I got busy with school work and activities, and Derek was busy here helping Laura and keeping the town safe. We fought a lot. It was like we just didn’t have time for each other anymore. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I told Derek that I wanted to see other people. Of course, since we were fighting, he had agreed. But two days later, he was knocking on my door and we were desperately making out, ripping clothes off of each other, and jumping into bed. 

No matter how much we fought and broke up, Derek and I always ended up right back in each other’s arms. I can’t tell you how many guys on cheated on with him, and I am by no means proud of that. I just couldn’t resist him; he’s like a damn drug. Nobody measured up to Derek, anyway. Nobody made me feel like he did. Nobody could send the same tingled up my spine with just a look like he could. Nobody could drive me wild with their touch like he could. I tried to get away from him, I really did. The visits home were the hardest. That’s why I stopped coming. I was just too scared to face him again, too afraid of what I’d end up doing.

About a year ago, I started seeing this guy. His name was Jake, and he was really great. I met him at college, and he was just an all around amazing person. We went out a few times and eventually started dating. I really liked him and it was the first time in a long time that I was truly happy. Derek had tried to call several times, and I told him to stay away, that I didn’t want to see him or hear from him. I didn’t want him in my life anymore, I’d met someone else. Then he was at my door, pounding furiously. We got into a huge fight that night. After all the screaming had calmed down, Derek told me that he still loved me. And of course, we ended up back in bed. All. Night. Long. God, that was probably the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“Y/N!” Scott shrieked, him and Stiles looking totally grossed out. I rolled my eyes at them and continued.

“Anyway, Derek stayed for a couple days. I cut things off with Jake with no explanation, thinking that Derek and I were going to be back together and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. He left my place and kissed me goodbye, promising to call. He had said that he’d be back to visit soon, that everything was going to work out this time. That was eight months ago. I watched him leave with a huge grin on my face. Then I never heard from him again. I called, texted, left voice mails, everything. I got nothing in return and finally gave up. 

I ran into Jake a few weeks later. He wouldn’t even look at me. I had nobody. I was totally alone, miserable. So, I buried myself in my school work and my job until graduation. When I moved back here, I didn’t expect to see him again. But, just like always, we ended up back in bed and I started to fall for him all over again. I thought it’d be different this time since we were older and I was living here again. But that stupid skank of an English teacher had to come along and fuck it all up.

Now, I just…don’t know how to move on. How can you forget someone that’s been such a huge part of your life for so long? I’ve loved him for years. So, no, I can’t just go out and find another guy. Not when my guy is living just a few miles down the street.”

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What would involve being in a relationship with the nordics?

Hmm. Just random relationship headcanons?

APH Denmark: Constantly out doing something. He would want to take his S/O everywhere in his country, and show them every awesome thing there is to do. Though he might be obnoxious about it at first, his S/O would have to admit that the adventures were pretty amazing. Basically there would never be a boring day as long as they were together.

APH Finland: All of the cute cliché things that couples do. Going on a picnic in the park with Hanatomago, building a cute snowman together in the winter, falling asleep together on the couch, baking and having batter fights, and literally every other gushy thing you could ever think of. Those are the things that Finland loves to do with his S/O, because it helps him to show his affection even more than he normally would. And it can be fun too!

APH Sweden: I don’t know what possessed me to come up with this, but the most awesome bedtimes ever (and no, not in a dirty way :P) For some reason I can see his S/O being able to coax him into doing almost anything for them. So I could see them one day asking him with the biggest puppy dog eyes if he could read to them so they could fall asleep, and he would totally do it. He doesn’t talk much, so hearing his deep voice would basically be heaven to fall asleep to. They wouldn’t care what he read, as long as they got to listen while drifting off in his arms.

APH Iceland: Awkward hand holding. At the beginning of the relationship, he would probably have no idea how to hold hands. So whenever he tried to reach for their hand or they reached for his, they would accidentally make this really weird hand thing. Like someone would be half holding on to the other’s thumb, or a whole hand would be holding on to a pinkie, just out of clumsiness. At the beginning of the relationship, this would really embarrass Icy because he couldn’t freaking do it right, but after a while it would just become their thing.

APH Norway: It would involve really random nice things. He would never outright say that he did something to make his S/O feel better or just generally happy, but he would be the type to casually leave little surprises and gifts around for them to find. If they ask him about it, he would shrug it off like he had no clue what they were talking about. For example, he might totally clean the house for them one day, or buy them a treat for dessert, or even something as small as getting up early to make them coffee in the morning (this would actually be a big one for him, since he really probably isn’t a morning person).

- Chella

Being Bobby's wife would include...

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-Admin M


-That cute smile of his all the time

-Him making sweet raps about you

-He would proudly show you off

-Overly protective Bobby

-I could see him being the kind of guy who cries when his wife is walking to him down the aisle.

-But at the same time I can see him being really smiley and exited too

-“How did I get so lucky” like all the time from both of you

-Him being super happy to wake up to you every morning and fall asleep to you every night.

-He would be totally Dom in bed but I can see him being really loving other nights.

-Him defending you when someone says anything bad about you

-Being excited for kids eventually

-Getting all sappy when you go through old photos and bring up memories

-“Bobby do you really still need that old Winnie the Pooh doll?”


-Him always checking up on you even if he’s busy.

-Bringing food to the studio when he forgets to eat and bringing extra for the guys

-Him wanting to take you on trips to America to see his family

-Him being a really awesome dad when you finally have kids

-You calling him by his given name when mad at him

-Him secretly loving it

-I see him being a true family man, awh.

When I think of her, I think of home. I think of my best laughs, my longest nights, my biggest smile, my happiest moments, and my unforgettable memories. I never knew it was possible to be so in love with someone that it overwhelmed and completely consumed you, until I met this girl. She had me the second we met. She always did. I still wonder everyday what I ever did to get this lucky, and the truth is I have no idea. This girl is a handful no doubt. She drives me totally crazy but I love it because I love her. I love any little thing she does. No matter if it’s being cute or driving me crazy or making me mad or falling asleep. She could do anything and it would make me fall more and more for her. It’s scary honestly the way I love her. She’s the person that I can never see myself without. She’s the person that can make me feel safe and make me feel better just by holding me or just by hearing her voice. She’s the person that can make me laugh without even trying and make me feel beautiful when I don’t feel like it. I’m telling you I don’t know how I got so lucky to find someone like her. But I do know that she’s the person I want everything with forever. She’s the person I will hold on to forever and never let go no matter what comes our way no matter we go through, it’s always going to be me and her.