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This is really random and quite frankly I have no idea why I'm thinking about this, but do you think they have some form of contraseption in Dishonored? And following history, would it be illegal to use it? (I'm just thinking about like.. I guess the whalers are the biggest issue I have.. cuz you got a ton of people doing hard jobs together with different sexualities and genders, and I'm sure someone has hooked up at some point, and now I'm curious.)

Here’s what I remember from in-game:

  • There is a book that mentions bone charms that provide defense against pregnancy
  • This one is a total reach. I remember two witches talking, I think in the conservatory. There was a cousin who had man problems in some way, and the witch sent off a potion(?) to her that would help her out. I can’t remember the specifics, though, so it’s possible that the man problems were more DV less unwanted babies. This is going to bother me, so I might go find a save file and wander around until I hear it. Unless someone wants to help me out??? I’m like 75% convinced it was the conservatory. It may have been in Dunwall though :<
  • As far as the politics of contraception go, I do not believe we have much information to go on. The Abbey doesn’t address it, nor does anything else in the game. So if you have a headcanon that makes you happy and enhances the way you view the isles, I think you’re good to go!
  • That said, contraception != protection. I have reeeallly vague memories of someone in the first game insulting someone else by saying they had an STI but my memory is so incredibly hazy that I don’t know if it’s worth bringing up. Someone help me and my incomplete recollection?

[Editing to say that the politics thing makes it seem like I care about qualifiers for your headcanons. I don’t, and it wouldn’t really matter if I did, get down w yr bad selves. But I know that I am happiest when I come up with headcanons that support the world that has been created, and I guess that comes through pretty strong when I talk about these unexplored corners of the Dishonored world.]

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For the record, I do the same thing everytime I do a graphics card update and have to set everything back to how I like it… and then I’m totally convinced my game is broken until I remember that I actually have to be in game to tweak age settings… sooo you are not alone bahaahahah! XD

okay i am so glad it’s not just me haha! I’m getting a new laptop at the weekend so have to go through it all again haha!
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You can edit them once you go in game. For some reason you are unable to do so on menu screen. ^^

thank you so much for your help!

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Remember that Extra interview Blake and Alicia did before Season 12 started? The reporter asked Blake what was the one food Gwen had to have on set. "He said nothing because she doesn't eat. I never see her eat." The reporter said "Oh my gosh, don't say that!!

I do remember that, and Blake was totally joking. They go out to eat all the time and like to snack as well (cheese dip, of course, and they apparently love ice cream, too…enough to chase down the ice cream truck! Cuties. 😍🍦)

– M


My first ever live show and it was to @markiplier You’re welcome tour. I got center seats in VIP and everything (hell I even stood on a chair in the middle of screaming). Tonight was amazing and totally worth the wait. I still remember when Mark first said he wanted to do an Improv show after seeing the Game Grumps. I’m so happy and proud of him. He’s come so far. Not to mention the excitement of seeing the old gang and new gang together LIVE didn’t make the night even more exciting!

Tonight will stay with me forever. Thank you, Mark.


Andy BTS of 5x15 (ง •̀_•́)ง



also I’m so sad my baby hyungwon couldn’t be there, the boys kept saying that he was sad he couldn’t come and perform :(

also this isn’t in order

- wonho tripped in the beginning of the show but smoothly recovered
- they introduced themselves in the cutest of ways
- they each performed in separate units, shownu, i.m & minhyuk performed 24k magic, wonho was supposed to perform with hyungwon but kihyun stepped in last minute
- jooheon said that they tried chicago pizza and it was really good but needed a bit more salt (LMAO)
- the translator translated something minhyuk said in english as “this is the last song” and the boys got all worried because the crowd got upset and then wonho started laughing because he said that everyone looked like they were about to attack
- they went downtown by the river and i.m lost his wallet (its sad but I laughed)
- wonho took off his jacket multiple times and the crowd lost it so jooheon kept saying to cheer for wonho’s muscles and that he was the king of muscles (something along those lines)
- also kihyun is so much smaller irl it was so cute
- monbebes did a beautiful rainbow that wasn’t really a rainbow in my opinion but it was still beautiful
- wonho complimented the translator’s voice saying it sounds nice/handsome
- kihyun dabbed about 172962902 times
- wonho also fell at one point and walked off stage limping after that performance but nothing was mentioned afterwards (meaning neither he nor the other members said anything about it)
- they ended the show with very heart warming messages to monbebe’s and said that next time they come to chicago they’ll bring hyungwon and cooler songs
- jooheon, kihyun, minhyuk, & i.m spoke the most in english, kihyun said that because he was in chicago he had to say goodbye in english (his pronunciation is really good!)

  • Lance: How much do you love me
  • Keith: Immensely
  • Keith: I'd move mountains for you
  • Lance: Would you pick up some milk for me then??
  • Keith: woah let's not get too carried away here

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Omg your altean!lance pic reminded me of this post someone made where you can see in a flashback most alteans have dark blue/purple hair and they were like "if your altean!lances hair isnt white might i suggest blue instead of human brown" - what do you think?

hes really cute in blue,,, damn

I’ve found the key to my present in 2006 nicktoons

Okay so i found this first

Then that led me to this

then i googled it and found this was related to it

and i also found this

and i remembered avatar

and generator rex

and i realize what the fuck these are all anime or anime inspired

wtf have i been a weeb since i was literally six years old wtf

Dark Brotherhood: rip off, unoriginal, edgy trash, no taste, ick, to be removed with fire and disinfectant.

Morag Tong: original, exemplary, cutting edge (of fashion and sharp things), great taste, to be tolerated, be sure to send flowers and tasteful leather ensembles

anyone else think pirate radio was like the turning point for amity park teens regarding their attitude towards ghosts?

in the prior episode the casper high students were still p freaked out by the giant ghost mosquito (and who could blame them) but the regular ghost attacks after pirate radio shows a mostly diminished reaction from the students. for the most part, they’re more annoyed and inconvenienced than terrified of overt and aggressive ghosts.

maybe by this point the attacks are so common that they normalized it to their daily lives. or they realized that ghosts can be defeated - by them or by Phantom. maybe ghosts fell from “immortal, unstoppable sources of misfortune and destruction” to “fallible, random nuisance” in the eyes of the teens.

maybe jumpsuits weren’t the only thing that the pirate radio rescue team took home with them. maybe there’s a bunch of casper high students armed with fentonworks weapons, ready and waiting.