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Malec Week 2015– Day 4

“Cross-Over Day”

Can I cross-over into the YouTube fandom? Is that a cross-over? I think so…

I was Drunk; It was VidCon

Alec’s eyes avoided the camera for a moment, despite the fact that he was filming.

But he had no idea how to start.

“So basically I’m an socially-inept human who can’t do much of anything,” Alec finally said.

The green light flashed steadily in response.

“I am literally incapable of doing anything,” he said. He rubbed his temples. He still wasn’t quite over his embarrassing blunder. “So I was on my phone, trying to get to the subway station on 72nd. And I was checking my email and walking down the stairs. Now, the logical, clutzy person wouldn’t be on their phone and walking, right?”

He fell silent again, looking for the words.

“I saw that I had this email from YouTube, and it looked all officially and stuff, which is a big deal because why would YouTube be emailing little ole’ me? So I’m on the first landing and this email finally opens because Sprint is the worst cell phone provider in the world and their 4G sucks– I’m rambling.” He finally looked up into the camera.

“Okay, deleting that– So I’m on the first landing and this email finally opens and it’s an invitation to host a panel at VidCon.”

A smile lit up his face.

“But before I celebrate– back to the story, I freeze on this landing and I’m internally screaming and this person runs into the back of me. Both of our phones go flying and I’m flailing, trying catch my precious iPhone. But the guy behind me is doing the same thing, except his hands are slapping the back of my head, until I fall down the steps– I’m literally falling on my stomach down the stairs, until I hit the feet of the person in front of me– they fall– and our phones are still flying through the air. And if I slid forward maybe another foot, I figure, I can actually catch them before they shatter on the ground.”

Alec cringed.

“So I’m crawling over the top of this person, they’re screaming, I’m screaming, the guy behind me is screaming and– yeah, no, it wasn’t another foot. They fell to the bottom of the steps.”

Alec raised his shattered iPhone.

“I am physically incapable of telling you what happened after. So much yelling.”

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rzerox21xx  asked:

Here's a interesting question. How would each of the 5 main ships(Nalu, Gruvia, Jerza, Gale and if you can Elfgreen) would react when they find out news that they are expecting. Like Warren has telepathy and ask one of the girls why he can't read a separate mind inside her. I assume most of the reactions will either be with joy or just plain hilarious. This would also force 1 or 2 couples to come clean about their relationship status if they are still insist on not being public about it.

Oh, too cute.

Jerza: Erza, at first, I can see swinging between sheer joy and sheer nervousness. Then she’d be the responsible expecting mom who reads all the pregnancy books and follows her doctor’s instructions to a T, up to and including eating five pounds of kale a day.

Jellal, I see being a stable, supportive presence during this time. “Honey, it’s okay to eat strawberry cake once in a while. See, I’ll even put a sprig of kale on it to make it healthier.”

Nalu: Lucy’d do her surprised face, and Natsu would be over the moon with excitement. Then they’d calm down and figure out where to fit the baby (I’m assuming they’d be living in Natsu’s house because rent and Lucy do not go together well.)

Gruvia: She’d be all sweet and domestic, knitting baby hats, painting the nursery, and cooking nourishing and delicious meals. Gray will try to act all nonchalant, but you’d totally catch him smiling over the prospect.

And somehow I can just picture Juvia standing in the nursery, cheering him on while he wrestles with assembling the crib, the mobile, the changing table, the stroller, and all the paraphernalia babies apparently need!

Elfgreen: Becoming a father is very manly! After the initial moment of spluttering shock, Elfman would do his best to be the manliest father out there, annoying Evergreen in the process. She’d probably snap at him for being over-protective but secretly she’d like that he cares so much.

They would argue over assembly instructions and nursery decorations and in the end, Lisanna, Mira, Bixlow, and Freed would come over and quietly take care of all that stuff for them.