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How to Start a War (for Alisa)

After Alisa had departed some time ago, little to no communication was exchanged with her. Weeks or perhaps months, really, though he really had no need for her until now in realizing his own secretive ambitions as well as achieving her goal in finding her father and creator. Shifting uncomfortably, Sergei unfolded himself from the rigid chair and moved to lean his body against the table; hips pressing firmly against the edge as he reached across it. Stretching his muscles as he reached across the tabletop to retrieve his cell phone, a distinctive crack resounded from the popping bones in his lower back, now ignoring the newly found discomfort from the bend in the table cutting into him just beneath the abdomen. He scrolled through his contacts in his phone and moved his stiff body until he found a certain name. Upon finding it, he selected it and began to type an SMS message–short, sweet and direct:

To: Алиса♥
I have something for you.

Message sent.