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Have a WIP!

When Orson found out that none of the children of Isola knew what ‘cultural relativism’ meant, he knew it was time to take action. There had always been an old airplane hangar near to the original camp, but it didn’t offer much protection from the elements so they left it alone. Now, with a few sturdy desks and chairs, he’s starting up Isola’s first school.

On the syllabus is reading, writing, basic survival should you lose yourself in the jungle, effective farming methods, how to maintain the water collection system and wind turbine along with, of course, anthropology.

Orson put all those posters up, both as an educational aid and to cover the shattered windows - another one of those little examples that show Orson really DOES have a heart!

I just suddenly really felt like building Isola’s schoolhouse, even though they can’t use it yet.