i totally just used the history will be made video

Congratulations on your Cesar win Kristen!

so very proud of her. suck on this, haters!!!!!

Oh what a happy day mama!!! Aaaaahhhhh, can you just imagine how immensely proud Rob is? And little SP too :3

Just imagine Rob sitting at home, with tears of joy and pride in his eyes and a sleeping baby girl in his arms, whom he’s trying his hardest not to wake up, but his urge to jump and scream making it difficult for him :’)

Oh! My MN, I am so happy right now, can you here me screaming? I love the minions dancing and I am with them. I just don’t what to say…I am so proud and her parents and hubby I am sure are so smiling right now. Wish she could of had one of them with her. I can’t wait for the day her husband can be with her for support in the future, because their will be more to win in the coming years for this beautiful person. Happy to be her fan. Okay! I still love yea and the fight is off. 2 happy to fight from happyday02

Hi Mama I just can’t believe it!! I wasn’t able to get the live stream so I just kept checking your blog. When I saw the news I just broke down in tears. I hope you will be able to get video of her accepting the award. She was so surprised and all of us are so happy for her right now. It’s incredible to win that award. She has made history! I just wish Rob could have been there but I know they’ll celebrate when she gets home. She also looked beautiful as always.

Hi MN so proud I’m dancing well done Kristen you are wonderful. Jean in Liverpool

MAMA!!!!! Iam alone right and have no one to scream with, but I am screaming!!!!!! OH my gosh!!!!!!! Kind of breathless.

Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! EPIC!!!! Totally screamed so freaking loud!! So proud!! Going crazy over here doing a little dance!! RZ

so proud of kristen



I am crying!!! Soooooooooooo happyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Kristen is humble as always! Love her to death! <33333

Kristen, we are laughing, crying, dancing and just all around rejoicing for you and the honor you just received.  Please know that you have supporters from literally all over the world and we want nothing but the best for you…in every aspect of your life.

Congratulations on making history Kristen, the first American actress to ever win a Cesar.  

You will always be our Valentine!

That’s quite an accomplishment and we are so proud.  But I don’t think that any of us are surprised.