i totally just made up those ship names


Not a popular ship but a beautiful ship nonetheless

anonymous asked:

I really don't wanna be that annoying anon but... do you think that you could perhaps draw some more ironpanther? I'm just completely sold on it and you seem like the only one who likes it as well so... It's totally okay if you don't want to though! I'm just tired of the T'calla tag mainly being made up of T'challa/Bucky which, well...

Well Tchalla and Bucky have great ship names if nothing else… Tchucky, Balla, WinterPather… those are all pretty great. But still…

UH have a bad sketch!

I gave up… as usual. Uh… Tchalla comforting Tony at the hospital while they wait for news on Rhodeys condition? Maybe.

Hands are so hard to draw… ahaha.