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Title: Sunset

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,190

Warnings: Fluff and a little swearing

A/N: This was based off a dream I had last night. I left an irrelevant part out, but I don’t think you’ll mind (; Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!! I love you all so much!!

I recommend listening to this song as you read it <3 Witchcraft by Bohnes

(I totally had that on repeat as I wrote this)

You weren’t sure why Dean agreed to come back to your hometown with you.  He hardly spoke a single word, but you couldn’t be upset with him.  You hadn’t said a word either.  You could tell Dean wasn’t a fan of your family, or their friends for that matter.  You couldn’t blame him.  They were all terrible and hurtful towards you.

You were sitting at the picnic table with Dean, one of your brothers, and a few of his friends.  Dean was humming Metallica as he sat next to you.  It was no secret that you and Dean were dating.  It only made being around your family more difficult.  They always had questions for Dean that you knew he wasn’t going to be truthful about.

At this point, your brother’s friends were annoyed with your presence.   They started to make crude remarks about your appearance.  It’s why Dean started to hum music in the first place.  Your brother did nothing to stop the onslaught of insults.  Eventually Dean got up from his seat at the picnic table and left to sit under a tree several yards away from you.

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BODY ELECTRIC IV // masterlist

A/N: Thank you guys for enjoying BE! Like I said, I think this’ll have like 10 parts (if you guys want more) because I’m totally willing to do it so pls let me know and give me some feedback :) I promise this chapter has more Kylo in it unlike the one before. Thanks for reading, enjoy! [Part One, Two and Three]

Warning: None

Word Count: 3.7K+

“I am not here to hurt you, y/n. Nor am I here to take you back.” Looking up at Kylo as you gulped, your brows vibrated as you had fought back a cry. You didn’t want to seem weak, nor did you want to seem vulnerable, but with the state you were now in it was hard not to. Seeing the small cut along the side of your cheek, Kylo’s teeth clenched. He was glad he got there when he had, at least he was able to prevent the beasts from going any further.

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I worked on a larger and more detailed pic for two hours until my photoshop crashed (yes i totally forgot to save) OTL this is what I had in mind.. kind of.. maybe I’m gonna draw the whole thing properly again, but not tonight

Let us begin this fic by wishing georghiousophia​ a very happy birthday! And also, I think I owe you an apology. This is a birthday fic - as requested - but I sort of strayed from the fluffy request and made something a little darker. I have a bad habit at the minute of trying to suit the story to the character and this is one of those times where it sort of got away from me. I hope you still enjoy it but I would totally understand you making the same request but for a more fluffy version. If you’d like I’ll do a part 2 to this one where he comes back the next year - that was he’s more actively remembering the birthday. Either way, enjoy, my darlings! 

Prompt: I was wondering if you could do a avengers/ Loki one shot for me as its the readers birthday and she didn’t want to tell the others because she thought they had better things to do but Loki remembers and although he knows all the avengers dislike him he comes to Midgard and then there is loads of fluff happens ???

“Castigations and Celebrations” (Part 1)

Your presence within the Avengers was not one that you boasted about. As someone who had made a name for herself in crime and villainy, your companionship with Earth’s mightiest was not the best badge on your brownie sash. During the Battle of New York, however, your intentions were alike and thus your allegiance formed.

One opportunity you never thought they’d give you, despite the fact that you were working together, was to interrogate Loki, the trickster God after his capture.
“Well, well.” He cooed upon seeing you arrive next to his glass prison. “They send the beauty to tame the beast.”
“They sent someone who’d really would rather not be here – so the quicker you refuse to give me any information, the quicker I can leave.”

“Who said I wouldn’t give you anything?” A sneer spread across his lips as his eyes lowered. “A foreign flower such as yourself might be able to charm even me.” You hummed quietly, dragging a metal chair across the railings to sit by the glass between you and the Asgardian. The screech it created caused Loki’s cheek to hollow as his teeth ground together.
“I’ve heard of your silver-tongue…” You mused, lowering yourself onto the seat. “But I didn’t expect to be on the receiving end of it.”  
“Let me a little closer and you’ll receive it in a much different way, if it pleases you.”

“The only thing I want your tongue doing is shedding secrets. If you don’t intend to spill any then I’ll be on my way.” You sighed, leaning back in the chair and propping your feet up on a nearby railing.
“Alright… I shall make you a deal.” He began but you shook your head and held up your hands.
“Nuh-uh. No. No deals, not with you.”
“I see that you’re a little more intelligent than your teammates.” Your mind whisked back to Tony in front of his computer.

“Intelligent? No. Stubborn, absolutely.” You grinned. The God returned your smile, though with a little more malice than you might have liked. His eyes wandered about your figure, not perversely, but more analytically – he was assessing you, sizing you up as an opponent. With a deep breath, you began interrogation.

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I came out of the shower into the bedroom and locked the door. In front of my wardrobe I let the towel glide to the ground. “Gosh, jagi…”, someone whispered behind me. Suddenly I realized Jooheon was listening to music in the bedroom. I turned around, starring in his slightly flushed face and trying to cover up the body parts with my hands. He looked at me with desire, bit his lip and said: “I’m sorry, I didn’t expected that… You look…” Without continuing his words he stood up, took the towel and placed it around my shoulders. Jooheon stepped a bit away and looked at me again. “I’m sorry that you had to see this… I totally forgot you and.. Yeah it is my fault Joo-” He interrupted me by gently grabbing my hip with both hands and pulling me to him that his nose was meeting mine. In his dark voice he whispered in my ear: “Jagiya I really loved what I see, don’t be sorry.” Now he lifted his head so he could look me deeply in the eyes. Again Jooheon stepped back slowly, looking at me and biting his lip. I could see his dimpels because he was slightly smiling. He left the room cozy.

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I was really impressed [by Joyce Linehan]. 
She was a lower-level music executive and she had lots of matching Body Shop shampoo and I’d never seen that before. 
And I thought ‘one day I’ll have enough money and all my cosmetics are gonna match’. 
I also thought that the guy I was going out with - who I later married [referring to Cobain]… and that wasn’t the transvestite in Las Vegas the other time [referring to her short-lived marriage to James Moreland]… 
I thought that he didn’t like me and that he liked this total poser idiot girl, so I wrote this song about him.

- Courtney talking about Doll Parts.

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I had this movement stuck in my head, so I half-assed it into a short animation who opsi e  └|°ε°|┐ ┌|°з°|┘


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“Nice wheels.”

THE SUPERNATURAL GIF BATTLE CHALLENGE | green-circles vs. ruedesarchives

round fourteen | season ten + favorite (deleted) scene | there’s no place like home


Laurel Lance 2.01

 Rosanna Scotto, Anchor/Host (pointing) : So I thought I saw LEA MICHELE, shes part of this…

Skylar: Yes. “Lea Michele has totally had a makeover. Rachel Berry is no more. She plays a complete kook and she’s absolutely hysterical. She wears this neck brace;  her hair is all over the place; she only wears shirts with, like, sparkly cats and glitter on them. […] She does not sing. At this point nobody has sung, but it’s only the beginning. We’ve only made two episodes.” 

HAHA at the host getting so excited to see Lea is in this.    I remember her fawning over her for Spring Awakening back in the day.