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So, if anyone remembers this work in progress i posted two weeks ago, here’s the finished product! (Bonus details under the cut ^-^)

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“But yeah, just give that a little read through…” You hummed, rummaging through your purse as you tried to find your phone. It was ironic that you were a personal assistant (someone who was supposed to be organized and on top of things) when you were consistently losing things! “Your schedule is pretty mellow right now, but things will definitely pick up after you release the album. 

“We’re going shopping next week?” Harry beamed, flipping through the pages of your journal. You had intended to print his schedule out for him but that wasn’t ready yet, so the next best thing was your journal. 

“Mhm. You’ve got a couple outfits waiting from YSL and a pair of boots from Gucci, I think. Or maybe it’s a pair of boots from YSL and a couple outfits from Gucci.” You paused, blinking owlishly before shaking your head. You wrote it down in your journal, so you’d figure the Gucci/YSL dilemma in a second. 

“Uh-huh…” Harry flipped to the next page, suddenly stopping and squinting his eyes. He brought the book a little closer to him and tilted his head to see if he could decipher the message that was scrawled on the side of the page. 

“By the way, for the Late-Late show… James asked me about what you wanted in your dressing room. Are you sure you only want two vanilla soy candles? I suggest asking for things like, y’know, water and snacks. You never know when you’ll get peckish. If you’re worried about coming off as greedy, I can just swing by Target before we get there and pick up some granola bars for you.”  

“A’right, Mrs. Styles. Sounds good.” 

“I-” It was that moment that your heart immediately dropped to your stomach, and you could feel the blood draining from your face. You turned to face Harry with wide eyes, your lips parting in shock. “Pardon me?” Harry’s lips tugged up in a lazy smirk as he flipped your journal around, his finger pointing to the letters that were scrawled in the corner of the page. 

Y/N Styles. Y/N Styles? Does that sound good? It could work. Has a nice ring to it. 

Oh, god. You totally forgot about that. You had written it down because you were just curious, (and maybe you had been fantasizing about walking down the aisle with Harry waiting on the other end) and it looked like you had forgotten to cross it out. Almost instantly, you sprung up from the couch, snatching the journal from Harry and hugging it to your chest. 

“I swear I didn’t write that.” This moment was definitely the highest on the ‘Y/N’s most mortifying moments’ list right now. “It was Y/F/N, and she was just teasing me because I have a crus-” You stopped yourself, letting out a breath. Your cheeks were hotter than hell and your heart was pounding, and you wanted nothing more than for a black hole to appear and swallow you up. 

“Because you what? Didn’t catch tha’, love.” 

“It’s a long story. Say, how about we go get some lunch? I’m starving.” You cleared your throat, your voice wavering slightly. Harry nodded before pushing himself off the couch, swiping his phone off the coffee table. 

“You’ve got the entirety of lunch to tell me this long story.” He grinned, giggling as the mortified expression returned to your face. “I do have to agree with you though - Y/N Styles does have a nice ring to it.” 


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I just love you so fucking much

(Zach Dempsey mini-series part II)

Part I Part III

A/N: Here you have a second part, I think I’m going two more parts (like a mini series) so enjoy it :)

Warnings: English is not my first language.

Words: 1.793



It had been almost four months since Zach asked me out that wonderful day and I’m glad to say that I made the right decision because being with him was the best thing that had happened to me in a long time.

I already knew how kind he could be, but now it was something totally different, he made me feel like if there were no one else in this world but us, he always had a compliment for me in the mornings and the thing I liked the most was that he never tried to hide our relationship, in fact, there were times that it looked like he wanted everyone to know that we were together.

Nevertheless I didn’t like spending time with his friends, I have to say that Alex was my favourite and we used to talk in school, Justin was better than I expected, Monty thought he was better than everyone else and I didn’t even want to see Bryce, having him around made me feel uncomfortable.

Even though everything was ideal there was something around my head lately and it was the fact that we hadn’t done it yet. There had been so many opportunities, but we didn’t make it to the end.

We were taking things slowly and I loved it because that was one of the reasons why our relationship was drama free, bit when it came to that particular thing I couldn’t help but feel bad with myself because it was always him the one who avoided the situation and I knew he had been in other relationships and one night stands, so I couldn’t understand why he didn’t want to have sex with me.

“Oh come on love” he begged pulling my hand backwards in his direction so I could face him “come to the party, you never come to any of them” he was making a puppy face, something he knew that always worked.

“Maybe because I don’t like parties and because you always get drunk” I answered trying to stay firm.

“I promise, if you come I won’t drink a single cup” he said lifting his hand, like he was doing an oath.

“I don’t know Zach… I don’t feel like going to a party” I stopped looking at him and I lowered my tone “but that doesn’t mean you can’t go and have fun”

If there were something I wanted to avoid that was being a possessive girlfriend, one who deprives his boyfriend of things if she’s not involved, I didn’t want to make Zach stop having fun because of my insecurities.

“I would have fun if you were there” I looked at him in the eyes again, with all the love I had to give him with just a look and he brought his lips to mine immediately.

“I’m going to be late for math” I mumble between kisses.

“Then I’ll see you later” he said before giving me another kiss in my lips and other in my forehead, he let my hand go and left for his next class.

I walked to math where I sat with Alex, which wasn’t a great help because neither him nor me were good in this class.

While we were doing the exercises the teacher had said, and I had to say I was trying really hard to understand something in that paper, Alex talked.

“Are you going to tell me what the matter is?” I lifted my head to look at him, I didn’t get what he was talking about “You’re awfully quiet today and what’s even worst, you’re trying to do this exercises, something is really wrong” I sighed, resting my back in the chair; I didn’t think it was so obvious.

“Normally I wouldn’t say this to anyone, I’m not that kind of person who talks about her private life, but since you know Zach longer than me, maybe you can help me with something” I lowered my voice so no one could hear us, even though we were sitting at the back of the class.

“I’m listening”

“The thing is… Zach and me, we haven’t… you know” I didn’t want to say it out loud, but he got what I was trying to say “and it’s always him the one who makes some excuse to avoid the situation and I’m losing my mind trying to find a reasonable answer”

“Have you asked him?” he said it as if it was the most obvious thing to do.

“Of course no, I don’t want to scare him or something. I mean, it’s Zach, why wouldn’t he want to do it? I know his history perfectly”

“Do you think he’s cheating on you?”

“What?!” I exclaimed in a whisper “Not until now, thank you Alex”

I didn’t want Alex’s words to get to me, but unfortunately it was too late, they were setting a camp in my head and taking control of my insecurities.

“I’m sorry, I thought you were trying to say that” I couldn’t be mad at Alex for suggesting that, I’m sure that’s the first thing you think about in a situation like this.

The bell rang and I got my things really quick to get out of there before Zach came to pick me up like he always did between classes.

I didn’t want to overreact because I hated when that happened, but I couldn’t help the feeling inside me telling me to go home, so I listened to it and I left without saying a word.

There were no one at home, so I went upstairs to my room and once I was there I let myself fall on my bed with my hands on my face, like if that could make reality disappear, I was making a big deal of this.

My phone rang again, it’s been ringing since I left, calls and messages form the same person, Zach. I hadn’t read the messages, but I could imagine he wanted to know where I was and what was going on and as much I wanted to avoid the situation I couldn’t do it forever, so I took my phone and I read the messages, replying to them just with “I’m home.”

I didn’t get an answer, but I knew why and when I heard someone knocking at my door I confirmed my doubts.

I went downstairs and opened, when I saw him I noticed how worried he was, but he didn’t say anything due to the expression on my face. I step aside so he could come inside and I closed the door, going to my room again followed by Zach this time.

When I heard he closing the door I turned to look at him, trying to prepare myself for what I was going to say.

“Zach… are you cheating on me?” I pushed my lips together after asking that, I didn’t want to cry for this.

“What?! Of course not, why would you think that?” he asked sorting the space between us and trying to grab my hand, which I moved away.

“Because I don’t know what to think, I’m losing my head trying to understand why every time we’re about to do something more than just make out you stop and make some excuse to leave” his expression was confusion, he was going to say something, but he closed his mouth again “If you don’t want me you just have to say it, but please… don’t make me fall more for you” my voice was cracking more and more by the second “Because I will suffer more when you leave” He sighed and looked me right in the eyes, putting his hands on my cheeks.

“In what world I wouldn’t want you?” he asked looking from my eyes to my lips and back to my eyes again, like if he was doing a big effort by not kissing me right now.

“Then why?”

“Because I love you” my heart stopped in that exact moment, he was the first of us to say those words “and I didn’t want you to think that you were like the rest, because you’re nothing like them”

I put my arms around his neck and I kissed him like I’ve never kissed him before. He brought his hands to my waist and kissed me back passionately making both of us breathless.

“I love you Zach” I said just a few inches from his lips just before he kissed me again.

I felt him smile widely while we were kissing due to my words and I couldn’t help but giggle and break the kiss.

With his arms around my waist he lifted me from the ground; I put my legs around his waist and laughed even more. He walked to my bed, tripping over my bag in the process and making us fall in the mattress.

“You were supposed to be the clumsy one” he said, still on top of me.

“We can share the title” I answered cupping his face between my hands and kissing him.

His kisses were different from the usual, this time they were more passionate and needed, which turned me on so much.

I put my hands on his shoulders, grabbing the neck of his letterman jacket with my hands and taking it off of him.

Then I slide my hands down his torso until I reached the end of his t-shirt and I got my hands under the fabric so I could touch his warm skin. He kissed his way through my lips to my neck making me moan a little and lifting his shirts quickly.

He sit himself straight to take the shirt off completely and I could look at his spectacular body, which a loved feeling on mine.

He put his hands in the sides of my head again, but before he kissed me again I enclosed my arms around his neck and made us roll on the mattress so I would be on top of him.

I looked at him, smiling like a fool when I saw his smile. I sorted the distance to kiss him, but this time slowly, just enjoying the friction between his lips with mine.

I stopped the kiss to look at him again, caressing the soft skin on his cheeks.

“What’s wrong?” he asked

“Nothing” I stopped for a second “I was just looking how lucky I am” I whispered.

He put his hands on my hips while he sat straight under my legs, in that position our faces were at the same height, but I can swear my heart was above the clouds.

“Oh god I just love you so fucking much” he said with a waspy voice before he sweetly kissed me again.

Quite enjoyed writing this one actually. It was a refreshing way to write Loki - not all fluffy and cute and “misunderstood” but not a total psychopath either. Just clever and sassy and nasty and just… Loki. I hope you’ll agree with me when I say that the character in this fic felt much more natural. If you disagree, please tell me and I’ll experiment with it again in the future. I owe immathrowabrickatyou some credit for the story idea for this one, hope you like how I did it. Enjoy, my darlings!

Plague (Part 1)

Loki hated it on Midgard. His punishment from Odin had been Thor’s idea – to work alongside his greatest enemies, the Avengers, so as to try and earn their forgiveness. It had tampered with his plans drastically and left him thoroughly irritated.

He was not the only new recruit either. You had joined as repentance for your crimes but under much less murderous circumstances. You’d been responsible for facing the Avengers in Russia, where they had been searching for Loki’s sceptre, and after tackling you to the ground, Thor had seen your potential and brought you in. It turned out that HYDRA had been holding your family captive and, after their rescue, you agreed to join the team.

You couldn’t stand the silver-tongued God, and the feeling was mutual. Luckily that was the last thing on your mind as you sat snivelling on the sofa. Headache, check. Blocked nose, affirmative. Sore throat – of course! And to top it all off, you were stuck babysitting.
“What is wrong with it?” Loki asked, all too casually from the other side of the room. You glared at him from but Thor placed a gentle hand on your knee to quell your anger.
“Nothing is wrong with her Loki. She’s sick, that is all. You are going to be taking care of her whilst we are on a mission.”

Despite Thor’s words, both you and the trickster knew what he really meant. It was going to be your job to keep him out of trouble whilst the others were away.
“If that stupid ape gives me her disease-”
“Don’t tempt me.” You spat. Thor scowled at you and you coughed before silencing.
“It’s just influenza, Loki. Nothing harmful to us. An inconvenience at best.”

“Can I kill him now?” You pleaded. Thor chuckled before standing. He patted you on the head but you pulled away before he could do so for long. You certainly didn’t need mollycoddling.
“Good luck.” He declared as he departed, long crimson cape flowing behind him.
“I do not need luck, Odinson.” Loki sneered. Thor smirked and peered back around the doorframe.
“Who said I was talking to you?”

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Title: Protected
Character: Danny Rand
A/n: Thanks to the lovely user who sent this request in, I had to rewatch a couple episodes because my mind was running a total blank when it came the Hand.

Danny watched carefully as Madame Gao continued to walk towards him, it was silent in the room, save for the sound of his breathing and the clack of her wooden cane against the stone floor. Danny eyed her carefully, not knowing what she was planning.

He had withdrawn from the challenge, but part of him wanted to hear what she had to say. Madame Gao knew about K'un-Lun and about his father.

“I am amused by the way your mind works, Danny Rand,” Her voice commanded the room,echoing off the walls. “You’re different from the others at the monastery, you’re feelings compromise your actions and cloud your thoughts.”

Danny scoffed, grabbing onto Sabina’s arm and guiding her to the exit.

“That simple fact alone will prove to be very useful.”

Danny stopped his movements, gently pushing Vanessa closer to the door before turning back to Madame Gao. “What do you mean.”

There was a flash of a smile and glint to her eyes that made an unsettling feeling grow at the pit of Danny’s stomach.

“I could be wrong,” She twirled the end of her cane around her hand. “But some of my informants tell me your close to the Meachum siblings, no?”

“Ward and Joy have 24 hour surveillance and are the owners of a multi-billion company. You’ll have a lot of trouble on your hands if you try to take either of them.”

“Oh, of course,” Madame Gao took another step, a mere foot away from Danny as she looked at him with piercing eyes. “But I dont think we say the same about the third Meachum child, can we?”

Danny’s face dropped, his fists clenched together so tight the Iron Fist might have been activated again had the sudden rise in his anger not blocked it. “How do you know about her?”

“Such a sweet girl,” Madame Gao said, evidently amused by the reaction she got out of him. “So kind and humble, it would be a real shame if she were found dead.”

“Touch her and I will end you.” Danny growled,

Madame Gao simply laughed, an unpleasant noise that had a menacing tone to it. “Your threats do very little, Danny Rand,” She turned around and began walking away. “Especially if we already got to her.”

Danny’s mind went blank and all he saw was red as he lunged at Madame Gao, who easily predicted his moments, he barely touched her before he was sent hurling back into the wall and crashing to the ground.

“Have a good evening.”

Danny looked up and she was gone, but the alarms going off in his head and every instinct in his body to get to you as fast as he possibly could.

He scrambled to his feet, latching onto Sabina’s wrist as the two of them sprinted to the exit of the warehouse. They made it to the well before she released his hold on her.

“Go find your friend,” Sabina said, giving him a concerned look. “If she’s in danger you must find her, those people are vicious.”

Danny tried to calm his breathing. “What about you?”

“I can find my way from here, my father needs me and your friend needs you,” She started to walk away from him. “Find her.”

That was all Danny needed to hear before he broke off into a run out of the warehouse.

When Danny finally reached your house he didn’t waste any time to frantically knock on the door. Letting out a frustrated cry when there wasn’t an answer after a minute or two of waiting, he pounded on the door and called out to you before he stepped back and observed the layout of your house.

He quickly looked for anyone passing by before noticing one of your windows opened on the top floor, he maneuvered himself on the wall before reaching the inside, shutting the window behind him and quickly going in search of you.

Danny looked in all the top rooms and had to strongly resist the urge to completely tear the entire place apart until he found you.

He paused in the living room, his breathing and heartrate borderline fanatic when he realized you weren’t in the house. His hands found there way to his hear as he tugged on his hair as his vision became blurry.

This was all his fault.

He should have been there to protect you and know you were in serious danger.

Danny’s eyes snapped shut at the thought of you possibly being dead somewhere in the city, he sunk to his knees and started to silently sob.

In his anguish, he didn’t hear the front door open or the footsteps that came to the living room.


His head shot up, seeing you looking at him with furrowed brows and concerned gaze as he was still on the floor, hands slowly falling from his hair as he stared at you.

“Danny, did something happen?” You took a step towards him but you didn’t make it any further as Danny ran towards you, crushing you with an impossibility tight hug.

He had even lifted you off the ground, trying to hold you as close as he humanly could, causing your keys to drop to the carpet as you had to quickly grab onto him for some kind of support as you let out an “Oof.”

“(Y/n)!” Danny cried out. “My (Y/n).” He voice broke off into a muffled mess as he nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck.

You looked down at him and couldn’t help but be confused. He was still holding onto you and it was the most distressed you ever seen him.

“You’re alive.” Danny said once he set you back on the ground, arms only leaving your waist so his hands could cradle either side of your face.

“You really have to explain what’s going on-”

Your concerns were silenced as his lips captured yours in an overwhelmingly urgent kiss, knowing you would have lost your balance had it not been dor Danny’s tight hold on you

You felt Danny sigh as he continued to give you kiss after kiss, his lips left yours so he could plant smaller ones all over your face and jaw as he whispered “I’m sorry” repeatedly.

“You really should explain.” You managed to break out in segments as Danny kissed you between each word before resting his forehead on top of yours.

“I thought you were dead,” He admitted, his warm breath hitting your skin and making it tingle pleasantly. “Madame Gao got into my head and made me think the Hand got to you. And when I came here to look for you, you weren’t here and I thought I had lost you.”

You wrapped him around in a hug, now understanding why he was panicking. “I’m so sorry, I was working late at the bookstore.”

Danny’s eyes met yours and he gave you one small kiss in the middle of your forehead. “We have to get you out of here,” He said, grabbing onto your hand. “They know about you and I can’t let you stay here anymore.”

“Danny, I don’t think-”

“(Y/n), please just this once, don’t argue with me,” His gaze desperately pleading with yours. “Please let me take you with me so I know you’re safe. You can stay at my place so I can protect you.”

You placed your hands on his jaw and leaned his head down so you could give him a small, but reassuring peck. “Alright, whatever makes you feel better.”

Danny grabbed onto your hands and gave them a lingering kiss. “Thank you.”

BODY ELECTRIC IV // masterlist

A/N: Thank you guys for enjoying BE! Like I said, I think this’ll have like 10 parts (if you guys want more) because I’m totally willing to do it so pls let me know and give me some feedback :) I promise this chapter has more Kylo in it unlike the one before. Thanks for reading, enjoy! [Part One, Two and Three]

Warning: None

Word Count: 3.7K+

“I am not here to hurt you, y/n. Nor am I here to take you back.” Looking up at Kylo as you gulped, your brows vibrated as you had fought back a cry. You didn’t want to seem weak, nor did you want to seem vulnerable, but with the state you were now in it was hard not to. Seeing the small cut along the side of your cheek, Kylo’s teeth clenched. He was glad he got there when he had, at least he was able to prevent the beasts from going any further.

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Title: Late For the Date
Character: Jake Peralta
A/n: It was a lot harder than I thought to manage school and this because i can no longer procrastinate writing during the day and then just stay up till 2am to finish a story.

Previous Part: http://ofnifflersandkings.tumblr.com/post/164424008027/title-minor-set-back-character-jake-peralta

In retrospect, it might have been a bad idea to invite you over to Jake’s place for the date. The whole building was unpredictable and he legitimately had nothing planned.

Jake slumped down in his seat, hands dragging down his face as he tried to formulate an idea in his head.

That or which persona he would take up when he inevitably makes a total and complete fool of himself in front of you therefore causing him to flee the country and herd goats to avoid the shame.

It’s just that he was so attracted to you, that sometimes he didn’t even know what he was saying to you half the time. He hadn’t felt that way about anyone in what felt like forever. Jake wanted to do this date right, and not halfass it like he did with everything else.

“Hey, Cassanova,” Gina said as she gracefully plopped into the seat next to his desk. “Little bird told me you managed to snag a date with (Y/n).”

“Is this little bird Charles?”

Gina laughed while her and Charles exchanged a quick glance at each other. “Maybe, anways tell me all the details of what you have planned.”

Jake huffed. “Funny you mention that, cause I got nothing.”

“That’s surprising coming from you. You’re usually the top guy when it comes to setting up dates.”

“That’s just it though, all my previous dates have been total flops. And I really want this one to work out,” He said, casting her a hopeful glance. “Any ideas?”

“Oh, you want a full on thing? Then no, I cannot be of help to you. But, Amy and her are good friends, so trying asking her,” Gina said, standing up and stretching. “But I mean if things don’t work out, send her my way.”

Jake only nodded, too distracted by his thoughts but when he did his head shot up. “Wait, what’s that supposed to mean?!”

To say it was chaos in the Peralta apartment would be a drastic understatement for the situation at hand. He had been taking better care of the apartment, but now it felt like every little thing was out of place and had to be taken care of asap.

God, is this how Santiago felt all the time?

That poor woman.

Jake pulled up his sleeve to check the time and saw that be still had an hour left before you were gonna arrive.

After his small discussion with Amy, he was fairly certain that the date would be pretty good. He learned that grand or extravagant gestures tend to make you uncomfortable, and if he treated this like a more casual hang out then you would enjoy yourself a lot more.

That was Jake’s main goal for the evening, to make you comfortable around him so you both could enjoy yourselves.

With everything done all he had to do was sit and wait for you to show up.

Jake checked his watch for the fifth time in the span of a three minutes. His knees jolted up and down nervously as he continued to glance at the door of his apartment, barely listening to the silly sitcom he had playing on the television.

You were almost twenty minutes late, something very unusual since Amy and Captain Holt would boast about your punctuality to him, in hopes something might rub off on him.

Another ten minutes passed and Jake tried not to let the hurt settle in, there weren’t any messages from you and if it was something serious he knew you would have called.

Jake let out a deep sigh and went to turn off the television when there were a few frantic knocks at the door.

His whole heart jumped at the sound and he tried to not seem too eager as he went to open the door. Taking a small moment to clear his throat and smoothen out his hair, Jake finally opened it.

“I am so sorry!” You said with a large huff. “So much was happening, I got lost in a bit of my work and then my aunt called me just as I was about to leave and the woman can talk for ages.”

Jake couldn’t keep back the smile, he was just so happy to see you and that he could avoid the potential heartbreak over you standing him up.

“It’s totally cool,” Jake said, trying to seem nonchalant while his heart felt like it was ready to hop out of his chest and take off screaming. “I mean I don’t have any aunts but I can imagine they would be delightful ladies who would talk to me a ton too.”

Jake brought you inside his apartment and gave you a small tour of where everything was. “Bathroom’s on the second door to the left if ya need it and bedroom is the last door of the hall if you need a quiet place to have a mental breakdown like I do twice a day.”

Jake’s ears perked up whenever you laughed and he noticed you open up your bag to pull something out.

“First of all, I wanted to say thank you for being so sweet about me being unbearably late for our date,” You then took out a paper bag and held it out to him, Jake couldn’t help but smile at the brightly colored chalk that stained your hands. “Secondly, I got this for you because I felt really bad about it.”

Jake feigned a suspicious look as he opened the bag and looked inside. “It’s an everything bagel!” He said with a happy laugh as he unwrapped it. “Look! It even has beef jerky! Where did you get this at?”

You gave him a wink and tapped the side of your nose. “I know a guy, makes anything I ask him to really. And I remember you talking about wanting one so I thought it would make up for me.”

Jake’s whole system was being overflooded with pleasant affection for you that he couldn’t help but lean over and give you a big hug.

Though when he realized what he did he almost dropped the bagel. “I’m sorry, that was really awkward and I dunno how comfortable you are with that kind of stuff.”

You smiled at him and shook your head. “No it’s fine, I thought it was pretty cute.”

Jake set the food aside and helped you out of your coat. “Now the date can officially begin!”

You stiffled a laugh as you reached out to move Jake’s head back to it’s former position. “Jake Peralta, if you’re going to be my muse then you have to sit still.”

After watching a couple comedies and spending a good few of hours just talking and exchanging funny stories while the two of enjoyed each other’s company. Then you finally managed to convince Jake to let you draw him.

Trouble was, he kept making silly faces or intentionally moving poses to try and get a reaction out of you. “I’m your muse? I’m not an overly kinky man, but I must say, I do like the sound of that.”

You shot him a look and pushed on his shoulder so he’s stumble out of his weird position on the couch. “Hush up, you’re distracting me from my art.”

Jake placed his chin in his hand and watched your hands float around the sketchbook and how your eyes would quickly switch between his face and the page. “You’re incredibly attractive like this, did you know that?”

You smiled, still keeping your gaze on the paper. “Why Mr. Peralta, you are quite foward.”

Jake chuckled, tilting his head ever slightly. “It’s true, Gina was telling me about the whole attractive artist thing and I gotta say that I’m into it.”

“Guess that’s lucky for me then.” You said, smudging one part of his shirt while you debated what to do next, missing Jake’s content sigh while he watched you.

“Just a bit more,” You said, taking one last glance up at him and then tossing your pencil aside. “Done!”

Jake eagerly waited for you to flip the sketchbook over but when you didn’t he raised an eyebrow. “Well? Aren’t you gonna show me?”

“Should I?” You asked, placing it close to your chest so it was totally concealed. “I don’t think you’ve earned it.”

“Not fair! I am the best muse an artist could have!” He argued, trying to steal the book away from you.

“Lemme see!”

“Nah, I don’t feel like it.”


Jake started tickling your sides. “Show me! Let me gaze upon my beautiful face!” His laughter mixing with yours whenever you tried to swat him away.

“Fine! Fine!” You wheezed, pushing him off of you enough to plop the page onto his lap.

“Aw man,” Jake said as he held the picture close to him. “I look absolutely dreadful, is this what I look like all the time because I should really work on that.”

You nudged him. “Shut up, you’re not that bad.”

Jake wiggled his eyebrows. “(Y/n), are you trying to tell me that I’m pretty.”

“Would you mind if I was?”

Jake blushed, and cleared his throat. “N-Not at all.”

You leaned against him. “Well you’re pretty handsome, Peralta.”

Jake looked down at you and smiled. “You’re not too bad yourself.”

“Thank you, I try my best,” You said with a smile, leaning over to look at the clock on the microwave. “Oh wow, I think I should be heading home.” You announced, rolling off the coach and springing to your feet.

He stood up, handing you your sketchbook and helping you retrieve your things. “You’re leaving me so soon?” He asked once the two of you were at the door. “I didn’t get to turn my charm on.”

You smiled over your shoulder while putting your coat on. “I think you were charming enough, besides if I hang around you too much I’ll lose the allure.”

Jake leaned against the doorframe while you finished getting situated. “Well, you’re welcome at my place any time. I’d be happy to have you over again.”

“I might take you up on that offer, Detective Peralta,” You said, smiling whenever he chuckled. “Anyways, thank you for a very fun evening.”

“It was fun for me too. Definitely ranks pretty high on my best date list.” Jake said, your gazes meeting briefly as he decided weither or not to kiss your goodnight.

“I’ll see you later then.” You said before he could make up his mind.

“Goodnight, let me know when you get home safe.” Jake told you, awkwardly shaking your hand.

You smiled and nodded before turning around for breif second, then quickly facing him again, lightly tugging on the front of his shirt to give him a small kiss on his cheek.

“Will do.” You said, letting him go and walking down the hallway.

Jake leaned over the doorframe to make sure you were gone before fist bumping the air and closing the door.

Definitely the top of his best date list.

The Maid : Part Eight

Summary : Lucy was a 24 years old lone survivor, in her path of survival and escaping death , she stumbled across The Saviors who took her to The Sanctuary, where she found shelter and food. But what she didn’t know was that the girl who always hated and bullied her at school, is one of Negan’s wives (Frankie ) and is about to turn her life into a living hell all over again!

Pairings : Negan x Lucy

Type : slowburn

Warnings : language

Dedicated to @negansmainwife


“Fuck my life!!”
Lucy muttered under her breath as she sat on the cold ground of her cell staring at the dirty wall , hugging her knees. Her breath hitched in her throat and a tear escaped her blue eyes.

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ALTL Part 52

gif is not mine

Title: ALTL Part 52

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Lucifer, Castiel, Balthazar, Michael

Word Count: 1,054

Warnings: angst

A/N: SURPRISE! I TOTALLY INCLUDED MICHAEL. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3 I hope you all enjoy this!

The masterlist to this series can be found HERE!

Gabriel walked into your bedroom that morning, padding up to your bed slowly.  You were so peaceful when you slept.  It was completely different from the face he had seen last night.  You looked so strung out; as if you were going to break.

Balthazar and Samandriel were dead, he couldn’t understand how you could see them.  Perhaps there was something that he didn’t know.  He was sure that he knew everything about you and people like you.  It had been thousands of years since someone like you had come along.  

“In the last war, didn’t I supposedly go missing,” Balthazar rambled.  “How ironic for me to die protecting someone; a human to be exact.  Although  [Y/N] isn’t technically human.”

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“I’m so glad we both finally had time to go out for drinks! I’ve been dying to get some form of alcohol into my body.” You snorted, taking a sip of your margarita and licking some salt off the rim. You always thought the salt was the best part of the margarita… something about it heightened the flavor of the lime while blurring out the bitterness of the liqueur. 

“I have so many stories to tell you from work! Someone keeps eating my damn lunch even though I put a sticky note on the bag specifically saying it belongs to me.” Y/F/N murmured, smiling politely at the bartender when he came over to take her empty glass away. 

A typical Friday night for you was curling up on the couch, binge-watching animal documentaries with Harry. (He preferred to watch romantic-comedies but he knew how much you loved documentaries, and he knew you’d pull out the puppy dog eyes if he were to go against your wishes.) You and Y/F/N barely had time to spend because of multiple reasons: a) she would sometimes have to work overtime, b) you wanted to spend any possible moment Harry because of how busy his schedule was, and c) well, your guys’ schedules never seemed to line up. Obviously, when you realized Harry was on a break for the week and Y/F/N didn’t have to work on Friday, the window of opportunity to go out and get shit-faced with your best friend was wide open. Although, you hadn’t gotten to the shit-faced part yet because the two of you were too busy blabbing your mouths off. Harry had disappeared somewhere in the club with Niall and the rest of the boys, so you didn’t have to worry about him. 

“All I’m saying is that you would totally pick Harry over me.” Y/F/N pointed out, shrugging innocently before picking up the stick of olives and popping one into her mouth. “It’s true! You love that boy far too much.” 

“I- That is not true! I love both of you the same. It’s just that Harry’s schedule is less flexible than yours, so when he has the chance to spend time with me, I always take it!” 

“He loves you far too much, too. Niall was telling me he blew off brunch because he wanted to stay home and cuddle. Harry blowing off brunch? Crazy.” She teased, giggling to herself. 

“Well, when he goes off on tour, I’m all yours. Don’t worry, though. Tonight is all about me and you! This is the first time in weeks we’ve dressed up and gone out for a girl’s night, and all my attention is on you, my friend.” You grinned, clinking your glass with Y/F/N’s before taking a small sip. (Spoiler alert: you spoke too soon.) 

“S’cuse me, s’cuse me.” Harry hiccuped, elbowing his way through the crowd. “Excusez-moi.” You jumped when you felt arms slink around your waist from behind and a chin dig into your shoulder. “Hi.” 

“Hi, Harry.” Y/F/N smiled lightly, Harry looking up at her with glassy eyes. 

“Hiiiii.” He hummed, raising his hand and wiggling his fingers at her. 

“Can I help you?” You smiled, turning your head and pressing a kiss to the side of Harry’s head. “Y/F/N and I are having a conversation.” 

“I’m tired.” Harry murmured, turning his head while sponging kisses to your cheek. The smile dropped from your face, your eyes widening slightly. Uh-oh. You knew what was coming next. “Wanna go home.” …Yep. 

“We’ve only been here for, like… ten minutes!”

“Y/N, it’s been two hours.” Y/F/N corrected, pointing to her watch. “It’s nearly midnight.” Time really did fly by when fun was involved. 

“Can you give me another half hour?” You asked, unraveling yourself from Harry’s arms before swiveling around in your bar stool to face him. “Hm?” Harry pushed his bottom lip out in a pout, his puppy-dog eyes coming out into full force. 

“I’m sleepy. And I wan’ a cuddle.” He yawned, reaching up to rub at his eyes. 

“I know, but-” 

“I’m sleeeeepy.” Harry dragged out, slumping against you before his arms were snaking around your waist again. He shoved his face into the crook of your neck, letting out a pathetic little sigh. 

“You should probably get the baby into bed.” Y/F/N teased, giggling when you reached up to pat the back of Harry’s head. “I know how bad his hangovers are when he doesn’t get a good night’s sleep.” 

“It’s a girl’s night, I’m sure I can get Liam to-” 

“Liam went home early because of Bear, remember?” 

“Right, well, we still have Niall and Loui-” 

Y/N, Y/F/N!” The sound of your guys’ names being screeched out made you turn your head, a groan leaving your mouth when you saw a clearly drunk Niall and Louis stumbling over to the bar. 

“I need t’ pee.” Niall whined, rocking back and forth on his heels before giving you a pitiful look. 

“Me too, I need to wee too.” Louis complained, nearly stumbling down to the ground after tripping over his own feet. 

“Okay.” You huffed, giving Y/F/N a knowing look. You got off the stool, taking Harry’s arm and wrapping it tightly around your waist. You looked over at Y/F/N before nodding over to the direction of the washrooms. “You take the boys to the washroom, and I’ll get the car ready. Think you can handle them coming to the car?” 

“I’m weak, woman! Definitely not strong enough to drag around two grown men.” Y/F/N shook her head, letting out an ‘oof’ when both Louis and Niall practically collapsed on top of her. 

“Y/N, I wanna go home!” Harry pouted, keeping himself wrapped around you all while you tried to pull Louis off of Y/F/N. 

I need to pee!” 

“I already did.” 

Leave it to the boys to take over girls night. 


gif isn’t mine!

I worked on a larger and more detailed pic for two hours until my photoshop crashed (yes i totally forgot to save) OTL this is what I had in mind.. kind of.. maybe I’m gonna draw the whole thing properly again, but not tonight

Let us begin this fic by wishing georghiousophia​ a very happy birthday! And also, I think I owe you an apology. This is a birthday fic - as requested - but I sort of strayed from the fluffy request and made something a little darker. I have a bad habit at the minute of trying to suit the story to the character and this is one of those times where it sort of got away from me. I hope you still enjoy it but I would totally understand you making the same request but for a more fluffy version. If you’d like I’ll do a part 2 to this one where he comes back the next year - that was he’s more actively remembering the birthday. Either way, enjoy, my darlings! 

Prompt: I was wondering if you could do a avengers/ Loki one shot for me as its the readers birthday and she didn’t want to tell the others because she thought they had better things to do but Loki remembers and although he knows all the avengers dislike him he comes to Midgard and then there is loads of fluff happens ???

“Castigations and Celebrations” (Part 1)

Your presence within the Avengers was not one that you boasted about. As someone who had made a name for herself in crime and villainy, your companionship with Earth’s mightiest was not the best badge on your brownie sash. During the Battle of New York, however, your intentions were alike and thus your allegiance formed.

One opportunity you never thought they’d give you, despite the fact that you were working together, was to interrogate Loki, the trickster God after his capture.
“Well, well.” He cooed upon seeing you arrive next to his glass prison. “They send the beauty to tame the beast.”
“They sent someone who’d really would rather not be here – so the quicker you refuse to give me any information, the quicker I can leave.”

“Who said I wouldn’t give you anything?” A sneer spread across his lips as his eyes lowered. “A foreign flower such as yourself might be able to charm even me.” You hummed quietly, dragging a metal chair across the railings to sit by the glass between you and the Asgardian. The screech it created caused Loki’s cheek to hollow as his teeth ground together.
“I’ve heard of your silver-tongue…” You mused, lowering yourself onto the seat. “But I didn’t expect to be on the receiving end of it.”  
“Let me a little closer and you’ll receive it in a much different way, if it pleases you.”

“The only thing I want your tongue doing is shedding secrets. If you don’t intend to spill any then I’ll be on my way.” You sighed, leaning back in the chair and propping your feet up on a nearby railing.
“Alright… I shall make you a deal.” He began but you shook your head and held up your hands.
“Nuh-uh. No. No deals, not with you.”
“I see that you’re a little more intelligent than your teammates.” Your mind whisked back to Tony in front of his computer.

“Intelligent? No. Stubborn, absolutely.” You grinned. The God returned your smile, though with a little more malice than you might have liked. His eyes wandered about your figure, not perversely, but more analytically – he was assessing you, sizing you up as an opponent. With a deep breath, you began interrogation.

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Title: The Chess Game
Character: Danny Rand
A/n: Beginning is based off the song of the same name from “Falsettos”.

Side note though, I know jackshit about chess so I borderline made up my own vague rules for plot purposes, sorry in advanced.

“Danny, if you don’t want to play this anymore we don’t have to.” You encouraged, knowing he wasn’t the most advanced chess player. When the two of you were little he tried to play with you, but always lost.

“No, no,” Danny said, staring at the board with an intense amount of focus. “I can do this, just…give me some time.”

You watched his hand hover a couple peices, mentally trying to remember which one did what. His fingers lightly traced over the top of the King and you saw his brows knit together and you smiled.

“That’s the King,” You reminded him with a cheeky wink. “Treat him nice, use some brains, now protect him.”

Danny looked up at you and tightly smiled. “Yes, now I remember,” He instead went to reach for one of the other peices and saw you waiting for his move. “Could you not watch me? It’s throwing me off.”

You smiled and leaned back in your seat, focusing instead on the grey clouds that were settling outside of your shop window.

“I messed up again, didn’t I?”

You looked back at the board and saw Danny made another mistake. Bashfully, he looked up and you and cleared his throat. “Maybe you could show me? I don’t remember how this works.”

“Does Danny want my help?” You said in a higher pitched voice, not missing up the opportunity to tease him.

“No, I don’t,” Danny said with a defiant huff. “I can do this myself.”

You handed him back the peices you had already taken and reset the board to start a new. “Let’s try again, we’ve already seen the worst.”

“I’ll go first.” Danny confidently went to move a pawn but hesitation flashed all over his face as he started to bite on the lower part of his lip.

“Move the pawn, you’re right.”


“Here.” You pointed to a black square on the board with your finger.

Danny slowly dragged the peice to the designated spot. “There?”

“Danny, that’s the Queen.”


You broke into a fit of laughter, not being able to help yourself as you placed his peice back and gave him the pawn. “That one.”

Danny nodded and moved the correct peice this time.

“Nice first move.” You complimented, noticing the way Danny’s eyes lit up when you praised him for doing well.

“Your turn.”

“Oh yes, thank you kindly.” You gave him a wry smile and moved one of your own pawns, snatching up his in the process.

Danny sighed, rubbing his eyes at how complicated the game was for him. “I just don’t think I’m any good at this.”

He hesitated again on his next move, grabbing the correct piece but not knowing where to put it.

“Here, let me help.” You gently placed your hand on top of his, moving his hand to the correct spot as the peice dragged along with him.

Danny looked up at you and smiled, heat crawling up his neck and ears. “Thank you.”

The two of continued you to play on the occasional question of “Where should I move now?” and the short, but helpful answer of “Try there.”

It played on until you let Danny take your King, weither or not it was completely accurate to the rules…you’ll never tell him.

“Hey, look at that, you won!” You told him.

Danny stared down at the board, dumbfounded. His eyes widened and his lips were slightly parted as he realized he had beaten you.

The smile on his face was totally worth it.

Danny watched you reset the board and he couldn’t help but look on fondly, he knew 100% that you had let him win. But, he didn’t want to make you feel bad by letting you know.

“Think you can handle me now, (Y/n)?” Danny said, picking up one of the knight peices with a smug smile. “I think I might be the new chess master.”

You laughed, snatching the knight from his hands placing it back on the board. “Take a turn.”

Danny leaned over the board to move his pawn, and quickly left a short kiss on the corner of your mouth while he smile. “Thank you kindly.”


gif is not mine

Title: Sunset

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,190

Warnings: Fluff and a little swearing

A/N: This was based off a dream I had last night. I left an irrelevant part out, but I don’t think you’ll mind (; Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!! I love you all so much!!

I recommend listening to this song as you read it <3 Witchcraft by Bohnes

(I totally had that on repeat as I wrote this)

You weren’t sure why Dean agreed to come back to your hometown with you.  He hardly spoke a single word, but you couldn’t be upset with him.  You hadn’t said a word either.  You could tell Dean wasn’t a fan of your family, or their friends for that matter.  You couldn’t blame him.  They were all terrible and hurtful towards you.

You were sitting at the picnic table with Dean, one of your brothers, and a few of his friends.  Dean was humming Metallica as he sat next to you.  It was no secret that you and Dean were dating.  It only made being around your family more difficult.  They always had questions for Dean that you knew he wasn’t going to be truthful about.

At this point, your brother’s friends were annoyed with your presence.   They started to make crude remarks about your appearance.  It’s why Dean started to hum music in the first place.  Your brother did nothing to stop the onslaught of insults.  Eventually Dean got up from his seat at the picnic table and left to sit under a tree several yards away from you.

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PROFESSOR REN II // masterlist

A/N: Ahh, sorry this took a bit, I’ve been busy all day and finally came around to write/post it! Thank you all so much for enjoying part one, I didn’t expect to get back so much feedback! I have a feeling this fic will possibly have a totally of four parts? But I’m assuming and that is if you guys want more; please let me know if you do, I’ll definitely get on to it! Anyway, here’s part two, enjoy and thank you for reading!

Warning: None

Word Count: 4.4K+

Jealousy was an understatement. The thought that the girl he had liked had fallen for someone else–that was their professor–made him sick to the stomach. Hux was furious, how could something like this happen? He was sure the feelings must’ve been mutual, you seemed interested and you were always socializing with the young man when he spoke to you…so why were you making out with Ren?

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Okay so I watched Tangled today and, after making a cup of tea and spilling the water on the side, this idea came to me. I’m still working on requests but I wanted to slip this one in whilst the idea was still in my head. I could very easily make a part two of this but I’ll stick to working through the requests (although if one of you wanted to casually request a part two to this, I totally wouldn’t mind. Like at all.) Enjoy, my darlings!

“Frying Pans! Who knew, right?”

“What do you mean you’ve never had a curry?” Clint placed his hand on his chest, feigning offense.
“Well, I was a little busy.” Pietro chuckled folding his arms. The agent, who had quickly become like a father to the Maximoff twins, shook his head disapprovingly.
“Tut tut Pietro, I am disappointed.” Barton muttered. The silver-haired speedster shrugged, apparently not bothered about the treat he was seemingly missing. When Clint clicked his fingers, Pietro looked up.

“How about you and Wanda come over Friday night? My treat. I’ll show you what real food tastes like.” With a proud smile, Clint began to leave the room so that Pietro couldn’t protest. “I’ve got a small place in the city down on 6th Avenue, Tony’ll give you the address. Call in about 5-ish.” He said, continuing to edge further and further out of the room. Rolling his eyes, Pietro made a mental note to invite Wanda to the recently concocted dinner party and prayed that she would accept.

Despite Wanda having agreed to come, Pietro still found himself knocking on Clint’s front door alone. His sister had apologised and said that “training” would prevent her from leaving the tower until at least 6 o’clock – but Pietro knew that by “training”, she had really meant spending time with Vision who she’d become more familiar with as of late. Trying to pry his mind away from the images forming in his mind, Pietro rapped his knuckles against the door a couple more times. Nothing.

Leaning his ear against the door, he could hear music being played from somewhere inside, albeit too loudly. He came to the conclusion that he couldn’t be heard even if Clint was home. He turned the door handle and, to his delight, it swung open and Pietro walked inside. He stopped abruptly to wipe his feet. He was cocky, not rude. Pietro then removed his shoes and padded softly through the corridor, navigating Clint’s surprisingly large apartment in search of the resident.

The person in the kitchen, however, was not Clint.

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“when are you taking her to the BONE ZONE.”

The Tower was surprisingly quiet. Normally, it would be bursting with activity and voices could be heard from just about anywhere. Instead, it was the complete opposite. Out of the five years you had been there, you didn’t think it had ever been that quiet.

You were in your room practically bored out of your mind. You flipped through the channels on your tv aimlessly.

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**Zayn Malik Imagine **

Title : Number one


You’re best friend was dating a very famous soccer player. She always tried to drag you to their matches but sports weren’t really your thing. To you watching sports was like watching paint dry. After days of begging your best friend finally convinced you to come to a match.

Because your best friend was known with team you were allowed to come and watch them warm up. You sat on the side lines and watched as the players passed the balls back and forth. You best friend carried a conversation with one of the coaches. It was sort of cool that you were seeing the players up close . You usually saw them on tv when your best friend forced you to watch the game with her. You didn’t know any of them by name except her boyfriend.

You continue to watch them warm up when you saw a boy in a beanie stretching on the field. You read his jersey and noticed his name was Zayn. You couldn’t see his face because his back was facing you . Your stare was interrupted by your best friends voice.

“For some one who hates sports you sure look interested. ” they giggled.

You felt a little embarrassed you were caught staring but he was honestly a nice view. You continued your gaze as he stood up and started passing the ball with another player .

“ that’s zayn by the way .. I could hook you up if you want ” your best friend said wiggling their eyebrows

Before for you could respond you were knocked down by a flying soccer ball . You opened your eyes and zayn was hovering over you .

“ you okay, babe? ” he pulled you up

Your best friend rushed over to see if you were okay but as she saw you talk to Zayn she began to back away.

You rubbed your head “ I think …”

He smirked “ I think you need some ice.”

He wrapped his arm around your waist help you to the locker rooms .

He sat you down on one of the bench then went to get an ice pack.
It smelled sweaty which made the headache you already had worse . When he returned you gave him a gentle smile.

“Sorry about that . My kick was really off. ” he said handing you the ice pack

“ it’s okay , I’m fine. ” you reassured

“ you sure that ball hit you pretty hard. I’m Zayn by the way. ” he put his hand out

You shook it “ y/n ”. ’ Soft’ You thought

“ My games about to start so you can lie in the massage room until you feel better. It kinda stinks in here . There’s water in there too. ” Zayn directed you towards the room

“ thanks , Zayn. ” you smiled holding the ice pack to your head

“It’s the least I can do. I nearly knocked you out . Sorry you have to miss the game . If you want I’d like you to come to the next one . ” he offered

Even though sports wasn’t the least bit interesting to you you didn’t mind watching him play .

“ I’d like that . Go number one ! ” you cheered

“ that’s the spirit! You go get some rest, I’ll check on you after that game ! ”

He jogged out of the the locker room to the arena. Shortly after your best friend came in and gave you a look then shrieked.

“ okay okay I’m head still hurts you know. ” you pointed to your head

“ I’m sorry but tell me everything . He’s totally hot . I mean you think he’s totally hot right?”

“ yeah…” You said smiling shyly

Forcing every last detail out of you of what just happened they went back to watch the game. You sat in the room icing your throbbing headache and replayed your little conversation with Zayn . You might have had a little crush …