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B.A.P Hi touch

I got High touch and it happened so fast. They were kind of rushing us so I don’t remember my interaction with Daehyun, Youngjae, or Jongup.

But first person I encountered was Zelo. I was surprised because I was rounding the corner and there they were! I wasn’t prepared to see them that quick and I got flustered. I had some hand made roses I made for them from felt and pipe cleaners, and I was trying to give it to them at the same time. I wish I didn’t do that because I missed out on a lot of interaction. I gave  Zelo his first and thanked him for coming,  and I almost missed touching his hand. He made this face like “Okayyy…” (lol) so I reached back real quick in order to touch his hand.

Then Jongup, Youngjae, and Daehyun were next. I gave them their roses and thanked them but I don’t remember if I touched their hands or not. 😣

Then  Yongguk was next!  He is my bias and the one I really wanted to see. I just remember him smiling really hard at me and I hand him his rose and thank him and he grabs my hand and grips it really hard. I almost died. His hand was so soft. I wanted to tell him I loved him and that he was my favorite but the annoying tour guy was rushing me. So I didn’t get to tell him what I wanted. 😭

Then last was Himchan. I give him his rose and thank him for coming. He grips my hand really hard, stares me straight in my eyes and nods his head and says “Thank you”. His stare is so intense I almost felt frozen in place. I almost didn’t realize it was him because his hair was different. So kind of uneventful. I felt like I totally blew high touch. 😢 That was my only chance to meet B.A.P, my number one favorite Kpop group, in person and it totally didn’t go the way I planned. I spent all that money for a 5 second interaction.

If Powerhouse had announced the photo Op earlier I would have bought that instead.At least I could have been hugged up on Yongguk. Oh well. Maybe they might come back again? I doubt it, but a girl can hope. I also gave them candy as gifts and a picture of me. I also bought  Yongguk some records since he had some in an old Twitter photo. I got him 2 Commodores and 1 Kool and the Gang records. I hope he likes them. 😊

Have Mercy || Klaroline

There’s a wedding to plan, and Caroline’s a little too preoccupied to enjoy her wifely duties - and Klaus is not impressed. This is a gift for Angie (@thetourguidebarbie) and inspired in part by this popular photoset and by @paigemarie007. Smut warning for the Klaroline Arbor Day Smutfest event!

Snuggling deeper into Enzo’s shoulder, Caroline had to fight hard to keep her concentration on the television.

“You’re thinking too loud, gorgeous,” he teased, pinching her elbow. “I’m surprised they don’t hear you from the Chopped kitchen - don’t distract them lest they forget to add the jalapeno candy.”

She nudged him hard. “Shut up, it’s your fault,” she accused.

Enzo sighed and pulled her closer. “I said I was sorry for springing it on you, but you would have been angrier if I waited even a day after receiving the assignment.” Hardly his first deployment with the Air Force, he knew it spiked his best friend’s stress level every time. At least this one would only be for a year. “We still have a week before I have to be on base.”

“Pretty sure Kol has dibs once he gets back,” she muttered. Thinking of how hard Kol took his last deployment, though, Caroline softened. “How’d he take the news?”

“The same as he always does.” Enzo gave a sad smile. “He promised to bring home plenty of work samples to get his year’s worth now.”

Considering Kol was a pharmaceutical rep with a certain blue pill as his top seller, Caroline could fill in the blanks. Allergic to feelings, Kol was one to drown actual emotion with more superficial fun and sex. Hell, it was how he and Enzo started their torrid love affair back in college; the whole ‘friends with benefits’ concept was super convenient for their freshman year as roommates.

After almost ten years together, though, Caroline knew Kol loved Enzo more than anything. His nonchalant attitude would dissipate as soon as Enzo left. “Well,” she sighed heavily, “have fun, then. But I’m planning your going away party, and nudity will not be allowed.”

“About that, gorgeous-”

“Nope!” Caroline threw up a stern finger. “Kol is still on probation for those assless chaps at your birthday.”

“That was three years ago.”


Chuckling, Enzo reached for her hands before they could get to her phone and her lists. “Aside from that totally unfair position on clothing policies,” he joked, “Kol and I actually had a different party in mind.”

Caroline blinked as Enzo patiently waited for the realization to set in. “Oh my god,” she gasped. “Oh my god!” Wrapping him in a hug, she gave an excited squeal until a horrifying thought struck.

“Kol can NOT wear assless chaps at your wedding.”

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Day 1: Discharge

Hello, my name is Allen, and I have just been diagnosed with major depressive disorder. Just yesterday, I rushed myself to the emergency room at Pali Momi Medical center at around 5 PM. I was buzzed, and the duration of my car ride was filled with screaming and crying to the point where I could barely see from the tears. I droved into the emergency ramp, and trembled my way into the emergency room. My extremities were fidgeting, my voice slurred, and my eyes barely able to stay open. I went up to the registration person for the emergency room, where he asked me for my ID and insurance card, which I gave to him with my shaking fingers. He then asked me, “What are you in here for?”, in which I had reluctantly said “I want to kill myself.” To my surprise, he casually entered the information into his computer, which sparked my interest. I then asked him, “Is it normal for you guys to have suicidal patients come in?” in which he responded “Oh yeah, we take care of everyone who needs help”. At that point, I knew that I could finally breathe a sigh of relief. They gave me a room in which a nurse took my vitals, and a urine sample. Later on another nurse drew blood for testing as well. A total of three different nurses came to me to help, all of whom asked me what I was feeling.

I told all of them that I was suicidal, and that I had been that way for months. They asked me if I had plans of committing suicide, in which I immediately said yes. I’ve attempted suicide, a couple times. Thought about it hundreds more. If I wasn’t aggressively attempting to kill myself, I was in a state where I still didn’t care if I were to be killed by an outside source. I wasn’t afraid of speeding, driving drunk, driving high, starving, etc. If I hadn’t lived to die, I lived for lack of reason anyways. My episodes with attempting suicide ranged far and wide. Over the months, I’ve increased the intensity of my desire to kill myself. I’ve went from just thinking about it, to dreaming about it, to telling others that I want to, to actually planning what I’ll do, all the way to reaching the preparedness of driving to my destination of death, or concocting my lethal drink. As you can obviously tell, I haven’t broken through the cap of actually jumping into the water, or swallowing the bottle of pills, or hammering the kitchen knife into my ribcage. Why I haven’t, I honestly don’t know.

Anyways, back to last night. Unfortunately, Pali Momi didn’t have a psychiatrist in residence, so I had to be transferred to one that did. About 3 hours after my stay at the Pali Momi ER, they transferred me to Castle Medical Center’s Behavioral Mental Services. I was on legal hold, which meant that I could only be transferred via ambulance, and couldn’t be transferred by my dad who came to the ER after calling him prior to admitting myself. The EMTs transferred me onto the gurney, and put me into the ambulance. One of the EMTs took my vitals once again, and asked me the questions that I had scripted already at that point. Instead of the responses that the nurses had, which were the professional “Don’t worry we’ll give you the care you need”, the EMT gave me a response that I’d compare to a friend, or a brother. He told me “Yeah man, life’s rough. You’d think you could just take it a step at a time, but sometimes there’s just too many steps, bro.” The realest answer I’ve had the entire way through. 

Once I entered Castle’s BHS, I was scared. I thought, for being in this type of wing, I was going to be in with the psychopaths and crazies. Definitely. Not. True. I had a roommate with me in my room. The nurse introduced me, and he told me “Yeah brotha go get some rest”. His name is Jeremy, but I’ll talk more about him later. I barely had sleep. I got to bed at around midnight, but I could feel myself staying awake for a couple of hours. I was scared that Jeremy would be the type to jump at me, and the rooms had no emergency assist buttons or anything, so I was just laying there terrified. He seemed nice when they introduced me, but I was aware of those mental disorders with multiple personalities, and I just didn’t know if that was what he had. A half an hour or so, and he started snoring, giving me the peace of mind that he was sleeping and I could, too. 

I won’t really talk about the activities from my stay, because in all honesty, that wasn’t what helped me at all. It was the interactions with the other patients. I was woken up at around 7 for breakfast, and I hadn’t known where I was going to sit. I felt safe with Jeremy because he didn’t kill me in my sleep, but I had no idea how he looked like so I couldn’t tell which one he was. So, I sat next to this teenager and then another older black person. It was very awkward because 1) I still had that thought in the back of my mind that I’ll be jumped any time soon and 2) I didn’t know what disorders they had and if something I say would ever trigger them to. Oddly enough, the black person told me “You don’t have to eat it all if you don’t want to”. referring to my very slow eating. Then the teenager also confirmed. That’s when they both introduced me. The black man’s name was Cordell. The teenager’s name was Rascheyl I believe. I saw nothing wrong with either of them. Cordell says he owns an organization called a Ways for Youth. I searched it up and nothing came up, but he says that once he leaves, he will accept clothes donations to donate to BHS for those who will leave the facility with no clothes to wear. He is a very intelligent man in his own way. I doubt he’d do well on an SAT, but he’s street smart. He gave me intel on every person on the wing, and preached on how we’re in here because they think that we have conditions that make us imperfect. But we’re just heavy in the brain in places where these scientists can’t understand, so they save their asses and say that we’re just not normal to avoid looking like they don’t have all the answers. Rasheyl graduated from my high school a year after me. She also came in because she was suicidal. My roommate is Jeremy. Before his stay, he worked for the Department of Agriculture, specializing in invasive species under his bachelor’s degree in Biology with a specialization in Plant and Animal Science from Colorado State University. He was planning to get a Master’s in Toxicology in Oregon. He’s in there for alcohol abuse and depression after his dad and two friends died. All three of them, I saw nothing wrong with them at all.

The psychiatrist prescribed me with antidepressants, believing that this bite sized tablet can keep me from my thoughts every day. The social worker set me up with a therapist who basically assigned me a syllabus for a class on how to deal with my depression. an Insurance representative more or less told me that they want to help, but instead here’s three other numbers to call so that they don’t need to do anything besides pay for the bill. 

The moral of this story, is that all of these doctors and shit can prescribe me all they want and set me up with appointments wherever they desire. But the real healing came from the other patients in there. Who made me believe that my condition won’t hinder me from being a real person. If a street-smart man with intentions to give back, a teenager my age from the exact same environment growing up, and a well off plant biologist with all the credentials, can all end up in the place that calls you insane, then my condition must be as normal as asthma. It doesn’t give me hope of getting out of this suicidal condition of mine, but it does give me hope that I will be capable of great, great things.

Favourite physical attribute: Tom from head to toe

his broom-like ;) hair, his green or blue eyes, his smile, his bearded or clean shaven face, the chiselled cheekbones, the strong jawline, the lips that form to a gorgeous smile, the mischievous tongue that always pokes out, the nose that looks so damn great in profile, the well-defined arms, his lean body, his torso with the always visible nipples, his back with the dimples, his elegant hands that have those long and beautiful fingers, his amazing butt, his long legs, those muscular thighs, and even his feet - and all the freckles, and beauty spots, and scars that cover him. ;)

anonymous asked:

Prompt: "my summer job is working at a coffee shop and this cutie comes in everyday so one day I finally write my number on their drink but then YOU grab the cup by accident and when you call me I don’t know how to turn you down so I end up going on a date with you but wow, actually you’re hotter and more charming than my original crush so it worked out well" PLS WRITE IT YOURE THE BEST

AHH well, anon, there comes a point in every fanfic writer’s life when they write a coffee shop AU. Here is mine. Thanks for the prompt! :)

Oh and I took your prompt and kind of changed it up because I’m a bad person like that. I hope you don’t mind! My brain is a jerk.

The title is from a Lights song ‘cause I clearly don’t do that enough *cough*. And it has not been beta’d or proofread because I’m sure platypiandi is asleep and my wife is asleep and I am hopeless without those two.

You are a cliffhanger ending; I’m the one that doesn’t know anything
Rating: G
Pairings: Hollstein, slight Hollence but only as a way for me to describe how pretty Sharon Belle is


Five more minutes.

Laura’s crush came in every day at 7:40 am, just before the morning rush, but never long enough for Laura to get the nerve to ask for her name or even her number. But! That was okay. Today she had a plan. And in ten minutes she was going to execute it, flawlessly, as she did all her plans.

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Will had been going to C.H.B High school for only a matter of months, and he was already one of the most popular kids there. Tall and blonde, plays guitar, starter on the football team, he was the complete cliche of all popular guys. But it just wasn’t him. He was more down to Earth than he was thought to be. At his old school, before him and his family had moved to New York, he hadn’t been popular. Sure, everybody wanted to be his friend, but that was for his personality. Here he was untouchable. Only the football players were allowed to talk to him. Only the cheerleaders were allowed to look at him. He didn’t know who made the rules, but he hated them. Anytime he tried to befriend anyone they’d make an excuse to leave. It was seriously bumming him out.

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