i totally forgot to post them on sunday

Okay puffs!! Thanks to an amazing follower I bought something I think everyone will love! It won't be coming for a few weeks! But I know you guys will love it!! Can't wait to show you it when it gets here.. you will totally understand why I bought it!!

I hope you guys enjoy! Ps if you want to donate to me to buy tons of cute clothes please message me personally so I can thank you and we can talk on what you would like to see me in! And I will link you to my PayPal or Amazon wishlist! ^-^ thank you puffs so much! And I’m out! *dabs* Oh! Almost forgot! I wanted to remind you puffs I am putting out some new pictures tomorrow thru Sunday! So look out for that I most likely will be posting them around 4pm PST. So look for that and I might put out an audio too! If I get enough people asking for one!

Weekend Giveaway - When Did That Happen Edition - Finished!

Hello hello! Sorry I’ve been a bit erratic on here lately - life is good but so, so busy! Did anyone else completely forget that the Nightsky Silks, Trickster apparel, and Foxrats were going away? Because I did! Fortunately, I snagged all the extras I wanted before Trickmurk, so I have what I need, with a little extra to share.;)

That’s both retired bundles and both Foxrats, with the new butterfly familiars tossed in as a bonus because they’re so cool!;)

Rules are the same as always. Reblog once with your FR username and ID # to enter - likes makes me feel loved but don’t count as an entry. You can enter multiple names/IDs in one reblog, so long as they’re only entered ONCE - if they show up in another post I’ll ignore both entries. (So enter your friends if you like, but make sure no one else is entering them as well!) You don’t have to be following me to enter.:) Giveaway ends sometime Sunday, March 8, before rollover; I’ll update this post when it’s done so be sure to check back here.

Good luck, and have a great weekend!:)

*edit* and done! Congratulations bbasefr - hope you like it all!:)

Dancing in Rapture (private thread with washawaysin)

(washawaysin posted)

“Been here… Ten years now… I don’t really like to think or talk ‘bout life before rapture, but I’m a qualified P.I. Thats all you need to know.”

He found himself holding her protectively tighter as they moved, after all he was in control of her at the moment. His eyes lazily scanning the room, but still keeping in contact with her as he saw the other lifeless couples dance. It made him wonder, looking at the young men and women, why she danced with him in the first place, the old detective that went out for something to eat, and happened to find a girl.

She could feel his grip tighten a little as they continued and she couldn’t help noticing his hands were almost twice the size of hers. She smiled, they probably made quite the sight among the more evenly sized couples. She looked at them again, there was something chilling in the way they moved. Graceful and yet cold, just like the ocean outside.

She searched Booker’s face before answering the question she guessed was on his mind.

“A girl can find young men from here to Sunday in Rapture,” she stated absently scanning the other dancers before adding, “and everyone of them is more arrogant and pig headed than the last.”

“Except for you,” she said returning his gaze, “you’re different, though I can’t say why.”