i totally forgot name of kid

Well, I totally forgot about this until now.

TRICKSTER: Mister, my name is Ed Coleman, my wife’s name is Amelia, I got two kids, for crying out loud I sell ad space

- 3x11 Mystery Spot

and then

AMELIA: Jimmy, you sell ad time for A.M. radio. 

4x20 The Rapture

so i spent all day drawing a mermaid wedding because the idea of praline/shyarly is starting to appeal to me more and more (although i cant think of a name for them- praly? prashy?)

(plus it could be totally canon compliant. like, what if Big Mom decided to marry off one of her kids to a respected member of the fishman island community after obtaining the island, then shyarly would be a pretty good choice + big mom would end up with a new psychic in her crew)

Christmas with the Malfoy's

For @puredramione We were talking about what my next dramione Drabble should be and I suggest Christmas and she suggested with kids.


The Malfoy family is celebrating Christmas with Draco’s parents. Hermione is making sure the kids have everything when Draco goes into their dining room and there’s a package sitting on the table addressed to the Malfoy family. He opens it and inside are six knitted sweaters with the first letter of there name on it. He pulls out one that’s green and has a D on it. He goes up the stairs with the sweater and sees his wife coming out of Xander and Zane’s room. “ What is this?”

Hermione turns around and scrunches up her nose when she sees the green D sweater in his hands. “ Oh no I knew I was forgetting something with making sure we have everything and getting the kids ready and Christmas with your parents I totally forgot to hid Mrs. Weasley’s present.”

“ Hid her present you mean she has been sending theses sweaters to us for the last eight years and you’ve been hiding them?”

“ Yes I know you don’t like the Weasley’s so you wouldn’t wear anything that came from Mrs. Weasley and every year I take a picture of the kids in their sweaters and send it to Mrs. Weasley.”

Draco looks down at the sweater in his arms he doesn’t like the Weasley’s Ron tried to ruin his wedding. He learned to put up with Ginny only because she is his wife’s best friend. But he does have to admit it’s nice that Mrs. Weasley including him and has made him a sweater too.


Hermione had put an bottomless charm on all the bags so they could hold everything Draco and herself need, and their two six year olds and two one year olds need.

“ Hermione are you ready yet?”

Draco has been packed and ready to go for an hour now he even helped Scorpius and Anya bring down their bags and made them a snack. They usually spend Christmas Day at their house but Lucius and Narcissa invited them to their manor. The last time they spent Christmas Day with Lucius and Narcissa was Scorpius and Anya’s first Christmas. “ Coming.”

Hermione comes down the stairs with three bags “ Draco do you think your parents will go overboard like they did with Scorp and Anya’s first Christmas?”

Draco nods. Hermione puts her bag and Zane and Xander’s next to his and checks to see if Scorp and Anya brought there bags down. When she sees all the bags are there she takes her wand out and sends them to the manor.

They are using the floo network to get to the Manor. Hermione holds Xander while Draco holds Zane and Scorp and Anya hold on to their parents when they get into fireplace.


The floo network takes them to the Malfoy winter home. They don’t live in the Malfoy manor anymore not since the war. Lucius and Narcissa live in there summer home but when it starts to get cold they move to there winter home.

They arrive and the whole house is decorated like a Christmas wonderland. Snow falling at every entrance, fully decorated Christmas trees in every room, every room decorated from ceiling to floor with red and green ribbons, and bows (more green than red.) real icicles on the window.

Narcissa rushes into the room dressed as mrs. Clause and a house elf behind her with a tray of Christmas cookies. “ You have to come outside I didn’t know you were coming by floo powder.”

The whole front yard and house is Santa’s workshop complete with reindeer, Santa on the roof, the house all light up, lights all down the driveway leading up to an green arch way, all the trees have lights. “Mom, dad can we go pet the reindeer?”

Hermione looks over at Draco who look at his mom “Are they safe?”

“Of course have fun.”

Both parents nod and the twins run over to the reindeer. Xander and Zane are still in their parents arms there looking around. Draco and Hermione bring Xander and Zane over to pet the reindeer, the kids loved all the decorations.


That night after dinner Draco and Hermione unpacked the kids stuff and got them all situated then went to Draco’s old room and Draco sees Hermione looking out the window. He knows something is on her mind something is wrong. “ What’s wrong?”

“ I just wish your dad liked me. Sure he accepts me but we both know he only accepts me because I gave him grandchildren. To him I will always be the muggle born that his sister in law tortured in his living room and friends with Harry.”

Draco pulls her into his arms “ You are the most beautiful, bright and loving witch I’ve ever met. I don’t know why my dad just can’t see that he’s too set in his ways. Do you remember a couple days before second year started we were all in flourish and blotts and Gilroy Lockhart was promoting his books and when you, Potter and the Weasley’s were leaving I stopped you and you met my dad, and he said I told him all about you.”

Hermione nods “ He wasn’t lying. That first Christmas in first year I went home and my mom wanted to know everything. So I told her about the classes and how Pansy, Blaise, Grabbe and Goyle were doing. Then I told her there was this bushy haired know it all girl who is in Gryffindor. She’s so annoying and perfect raises her hand for every question. I talked about you until Christmas break was over. My mom listened to me talk about you everyday. After the first day my dad locked himself in his study and didn’t come out until I changed the topic. Then the next time I went home was summer and when my mom saw me the first question was how was your first year the second question was how is Hermione.”

Hermione smiles into his chest “ You couldn’t stop talking about me?”

“ I still can’t ask Blaise he’s sick of hearing how amazing you are.”

Hermione kisses his neck “ So you don’t regret marrying me?”

Draco slides up her sleeve and on her her arm the mudblood scar from when his aunt tortured her is still there he kisses it. “ Never in the last eight years have I regretted marrying you I love you.”

“ I love you too.”

The next morning Draco and Hermione are woken up by Scorpius and Anya. The six of them go downstairs and Lucius and Narcissa are waiting for them dressed as Santa and Mrs. Clause with tea and a whole breakfast layout. In another room that is decorated from floor to ceiling in Christmas decorations with a fully decorated Christmas tree in the corner, snow is falling.

Lucius as Santa passed out all the gifts and everyone watched as the kids open their gifts Zane and Xander are sitting on their parents lap while they open gifts. All four kids got lots of presents but the popular gift this year was the brooms Scorpius and Anya got and were told that they could fly them after breakfast, Zane and Xander also got brooms but they are training brooms that would only go inches off the ground. They also got a toy train, chocolate frogs, and Bertie Botts every flavor bean. No matter how many kids Hermione and Draco have they love seeing the excitement on their kids faces at Christmas.

Hermione is leaning into Draco’s side watching their kids play when Draco kisses her cheek and whispers. “ Merry Christmas sweetheart.”

“ Merry Christmas Draco.”

the flashpoint paradox starters (pt 1)
  • “Stop! You’re supposed to stop for people who need help!”
  • “Not so fast, (name).”
  • “Forget about them, you can’t change other people, it’s just a waste of energy.”
  • “ Accept the things you cannot change. Have the courage to change the things you can and have the wisdom to know the difference.”
  • “I don’t totally get that.”
  • “Race ya!”
  • “Happy birthday, (name).”
  • “I’m so sorry. I should have been there.”
  • “If I’d only been a little faster, I’d have been there.”
  • “(name), you were just a boy/girl/kid. There was nothing you could have done”
  • “If I’d been there, maybe I could have stopped it.”
  • “Stop doing this to yourself”
  • “Well this is something I can change.”
  • “Looks like you’re the bottom, and I’m the top!”
  • “And I thought you forgot about us.”
  • “So this little reunion is about revenge?”
  • “Offing you is just a bonus part of the job.”
  • “No offence, but none of you clowns are smart enough to pull this off.”
  • “I knew using these morons would put you off your guard.”
  • “they’re motivated by greed.”
  • “I’m going to bring this shrine to your ego down on your head." 
  • "What are you talking about? We didn’t bring any bombs.”
  • “Your lives aren’t worth much.”
  • “You got your posse, I got mine.”
  • “Clearly, you should never do this stuff without me. You end up with crap all over yourself.”
  • “What’s plan B?”
  • “We’re out of options.”
  • “I’m not going to just leave you here.”
  • “(name). Go.”
  • “I’d suck it in if I were you.”
  • “aren’t you going to do something?”
  • “Waiting is the worst part.”
  • “What are you doing? You can’t escape.”
  • “You’re going to die.”
  • “You may have my powers, (name), but you have almost zero imagination about using them.”
  • “I understand the food’s not great there, (name).”
  • “No matter how fast you are, you can’t save everyone.”
  • “(name)’s a classic sociopath. They have a nack for knowing just what will get under your skin.”
  • “Nothing I can’t run off.”

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Idea: Some like situation where Quinn sees like the ghost of his dad or whatever and at first his dad is confused and then Quinn explains that he's a him and that his name is Quinn now, and that he's married and has kids and then Leonel just smiles and kinda tears up a bit and he's like "my grandchildren.... my son..." and he just starts crying and hugs his son and grandchildren best he can and then he goes to hug Damien and tell him to take care of his little boy for him and that he's a gr8 man

I totally forgot I had this ask in my inbox and now I’m crying?

The Game - Michael Clifford Smut  (daddy!kink)

(Hi guys! So in celebration of reaching 9k followers I thought I’d post a Michael smut, since I haven’t done very much of him, and I’ve been working on this for a while now. It’s really hot. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it!) 

daddy!5SOS series: Ashton, Michael

Word Count: 4,150+

Requested: Yes. 

Smut: Yes.

A/N: They are at a club to start so if you’d like to listen to this song while reading the club part you can, or the other songs mentioned. I do.  

The Game. 

I popped the colorful straw between my red stained lips, shivering once the chilled, sweet liquid burned my tongue. The alcohol had found its way to my head around a half n hour ago, but I hardly cared. I chewed gently on my straw, my eyes searching over the crowd of sweaty,drunken young people. Bumping up and grinding, heated hands dancing over eachother’s bodies intimately. I knew exactly what I was searching for, the nice guy. The one who looked semi awkward as he stood off to the side, watching his mates dance, and converse with pretty girls. Cute of course as always, but never approachable because of the stance he took, the way he scrolled through hisphone, raising his eyes swiftly to sweep the crowd then dropping them back tothe lit screen in his palm. He was never bothered because girls always saw him as someone of importance, like he wouldn’t give them the time of day. But I knew better. I knew boys just as well as I knew my own body. He would give any pretty girl that approached him his full attention, he was just too friendly to go out and blatantly hit on a girl.

Bingo. He was standing at a high table off to the side, clearly not using the stools due to his height. I doubted his legs would even fit under the small table if he tried. He was cute. More than cute. He had tall blonde hair, and broad shoulders. His body adorned in tight black skinnies and a low cut long white shirt, a red and black flannel placed over top. I bit my lip as I looked at him and smirked, pulling the straw out of my glass and throwing back the rest of my hardly drunken cocktail. I smoothed out my tight black dress, adjusting it so just the right amount of cleavage showed, I wanted to take him back to my place for a hookup, not come off as a desperate show off. I ran my fingers quickly through my curled hair and then set off, my heels clicking against the floor in beat with the loud club music blaring through the room.

I placed a sweet smile on my made-up face as I approached the table, and by the time I’d reached the table he was staring at me with slightly parted lips. 

“Hi there, mind if I join you?” I questioned with a shy voice, one I used to trick boys into thinking I was just as socially awkward as they were.

“Yeah.” He gave a small smile and flashed the lip ring adorning his lip I hadn’t noticed before. “Wait, I mean no, no I wouldn’t mind. Sorry, always get those mixed up.” He laughed lightly. He was very attractive, and broader than I’d thought. 

“It’s okay, me too.” I grinned as I pulled myself up onto one of the stools and turned to him as I crossed my legs. “I’m Y/N by the way.” I offered as I held my hand out.

“Luke.” He nodded as he shook my hand. “You here alone?” He questioned as he picked up one of the beers off of the table and brought it to his lips. 

“Yeah.” I giggled shortly. “But clearly you aren’t. I mean unless you just like to drink four beers at a time.” I joked as I gestured towards the bottles spread across the table.

“Oh no.” He laughed as he put his beer down. “I’m actually here with my three mates.”

“Oh?” I smiled. “And they left you all alone?” 

“No actually, they went off dancing. I’m not too much of a dancer.” He chuckled. “But that guy there, with the brunette? The one with the black and blonde hair? That’s Calum. And the one over there with the longer brown hair, with the blonde, that’s Ashton. And Mike…well if I’m being honest I have no idea where that idiot got off to. Probably fucking someone in the bathroom.” He shrugged and I nodded, looking back to eye the other two. They were very attractive just like Luke, which made me curious to know what the other one looked like.

“Well what do you say, we get you something stronger than what you’re sipping on and then see if you might want to dance?” I cocked my head as I raised my brows.

“Stronger, yes. Dancing, I’m not too sure.” Luke licked his bottom lip slightly as he eyed me.

“Oh please.” I whined as I hopped down from the stool. “I love dancing.”

“Fine, but only if I get to dance with you.” He smirked as he slipped his arm around my waist, leading me towards the bar. He was tall but from the way he casually held my waist and walked cockily I could tell he wasn’t anywhere near new to girls. Perfect. He was exactly what I’d been looking for. He was experienced, but still friendly.

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Day 5

@totally-not-using-a-fake-name @just-musicals  @monsterunderthefedora

Hoo boy. This kid. This kid right here. Again, another AU I haven’t posted about, this is from the Jasper in Deadland/ Dear Evan Hansen AU (idk if we named it yet. I think I said Hansen in Deadland but eh). This is Connor/Felix, who takes the place of Agnes/Gretchen. This, ladies and gents, is Felix

-like Gretchen, once he forgot all of who he was, Connor turned to a life of party and became Felix

-oh you bet he bleached his hair

-During the day he works as a tour guide around Deadland, but at night he goes out and parties hard

-in Deadland, you can basically do anything you want and not face physical repercussions (i mean you can get hungover but that’s about it), so Felix has been experimenting like crazy (psa don’t do drugs kids, crack is wack)

-he’s actually an incredible dancer, everyone loves it when he takes the floor

-he knows he looks like trash and he doesn’t care

Wrapping things up is the Bug Boys, from the cursed BMC insect AU, Bee More Chill

-Michael’s shell (though not seen in this picture) is covered in colorful spots. He keeps a stash of sidewalk chalk and whenever the chalk wears off/ it rains, he rolls around in it to reapply

-Jeremy loves the taste of red fabrics more than any other flavor and he has no clue why

-He is a moth, but all of his friends are daytime insects, so he wakes up midday and goes to bed at midnight to try and balance things out

-Michael is always hunting for spilled foods and drink for him and Jeremy to eat, and he always takes Jeremy along to try a new puddle of whatever he just found on the ground

-oh you bet your buttons Michael curls up into a little ball and rolls around- once Jeremy gets his wings they race to see who’s fastest

-when Jeremy gets spooked he fluffs out big time and his antenna start wiggling back and forth like crazy

Here they all are! I know there are a fair amount more, but here are the ones I could draw in seven hours. Big thank you to @just-musicals and @totally-not-using-a-fake-name (and anyone else whose helped build these AUs) for being the coolest friends ever and letting me spit all my weird ideas and stories at them; y’all rock :)

Things That Have Occurred At Saxophone Group Parties:
  • - Freshman guy climbed onto the top of the swing set and walked across it like a balance beam.
  • - Same freshman guy did a backflip off said swings.
  • - A different freshman guy tried to flip off the swings and face-planted.
  • - Senior girl, "You know I figured out a really hard math problem and then if found out *other senior's name* was curing cancer at *nearby college* and that sums up my talent."
  • - Upperclassman girl, "I'm always a slut for potato chips."
  • - Squad leader was flipped off after exiting the highway.
  • - I calmly pointed out a spider on my squad leader's arm. She started to scream and almost crashed the car
  • - Played a game of Mau and some of the lines were "Yeah Boiiii" "(name) of all gays" "This is like totally how i drive" and then one of the seniors took out Mau cards and started using them for solitare mid-game.
  • - our seniors kept asking why our section never did bonding activities like the clarinets
  • - one kid started singing careless whisper over and over
  • update: i previously forgot this incident.
  • - squad leader lands on another squad leaders lap and says "i'm not sure if this is racist because you're Indian but you smell like Indian food."

my jaw is on the floor right now because i just realized the the “””dover ghost””” rob was referring to isnt even a real urban legend its a fuckign creepshow 2 reference. im not even kidding. i totally forgot that creepshow 2 even existed but i was just doing my laundry and found the shirt i have with the hitchhiker on it holding his dover sign and i screamed irl bc it all clicked into place

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I love you work so much!!!!! Can you please do a genderbent percabeth?

Aww thank you!

  • Priscilla sighed as she listened to a boring lecture on similar triangle proof. She hated math, especially geometry.
  • The only good thing about geometry was this boy named Andrew. 
  • He sat two seats in front of her. She loved his neat short blond hair, his outfits that always scream, “I’m trying not to look dorky even though I am”, and his gray eyes. She could just look at them forever.
  • “Miss Jackson, do you have an answer for question two on the homework?” Mr. Chiron, her math teacher, asked.
  • Priscilla looked down at her blank worksheet that she totally forgot to do. “Uh, the answer is three?”
  • Chiron sighed as other kids snickered. “Miss Jackson, did you even attempt the homework?”
  • “No.”
  • “I thought so, because if you actually did any of your homework, there would be no possible way for your answer to be three since you are proving similar triangles.” 
  • She sank down in her seat, hoping that she would disappear.
  • “Mr. Chase, what was your answer for number two?” Mr. Chiron asked.
  • Andrew sat up slightly straighter. “Triangles ABC and DEF are not similar. Two of their three angles are not the same. Thus the triangles are not similar.”
  • “Very good.” He said as the bell rang, signaling the end of the period.
  •  Priscilla packed up her things as fast as she could so she could get out of there.
  • “Mr. Chase, Miss Jackson, can you two stay for a moment.” Mr. Chiron said as everyone was packing up.
  • Priscilla sighed. This was is. She was in trouble and her crush was going to hear how much trouble she was in. 
  • It’s not her fault. Geometry is boring and all these theorems don’t make any sense to her.
  • Her and Andrew went to Mr. Chiron’s desk. He waited until everyone left the room before addressing them.
  • “Priscilla, you’re almost failing my class.” Mr. Chiron started.
  • “I’m sorry, sir.” She mumbled.
  • “And I don’t like to see my students fail, especially those who don’t try. So, I decided that Andrew is going to tutor you. We already discussed it and he has agreed to tutor you under my supervision here after school everyday.” 
  • Priscilla looked over and Andrew, who was ever so slightly smiling at the ground. She guessed he didn’t like to be talked to after class either.
  • “You two will start today at three. Don’t be late Miss Jackson.”
  • With that, they were dismissed.
  • Priscilla looked at Andrew. “Look, I don-”
  • “Don’t be late, okay? I got work at five and I can’t spare any extra time today. There’s a lot to go over if you want to pass this course to graduate.” Andrew got right to the point. 
  • “I won’t be late, Andy.” 
  • He slightly glared at her. “Don’t call me that. I like Andrew better.” He walked away to his next class.


  • Three o’clock rolled around and Priscilla was two minutes late. She got caught up talking to her pal Grover about heading to the skate park later.
  • Mr. Chiron was no where in sight. But Andrew was sitting in the front row with a desk pulled right next to his.
  • “You’re late.” Andrew told her without looking up.
  • “Sorry, I got caught up talking with-”
  • “I don’t want an explanation. Just an apology. I only have an hour and twenty-eight minutes with you now and I’m wasting another to talk about this.”
  • She walked over and sat next to Andrew. “Wow, you are bossy.” 
  • He sighed. “Look, I’m doing this to get volunteer hours for Honor Society. And since Mr. Chiron is the advisor for the club, he suggested this to me since I’m behind on hours.”
  • “Ah, so that’s how you got stuck tutoring me.” She smirked.
  • “Can we please just get on with this?” He sighed.
  • Priscilla tried, truly tried, to understand what Andrew was explaining. But nothing was clicking. 
  • Andrew sighed in frustration. “What do you like to do, Priscilla?”
  • “For fun? Skate boarding with my friends.”
  • “Tell me more about skate boarding.” 
  • “Why?”
  • “Because you and I need a break and to help tutor you better I need to figure out how to make the material relatable.” 
  • She smiled a tiny bit and talked about her and Grover going to the skate park twice a week when it was nice out to help get her mind off of school. And how they would play Horse to practice their tricks.
  • Before she knew it, Andrew had to go. 
  • “So, tomorrow, I’ll see you in class then back here at three.” Andrew said as he packed up his things.
  • “Fine, but tomorrow you have to talk about yourself. I need to get to know my tutor.”
  • Andrew smiled a tiny bit. “Sure. Later Priscilla.” He ran out of the room to get to work on time.
  • Priscilla smiled, she might enjoy tutoring with Andrew.

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In the Harry Potter AU, Washington is totally Dumbledore. Alex, John, and Lafayette would probably be the Golden Trio too.

this… is true. except laf is gonna have to be harry because lams is actually romione you feel? 

like. laurens backing lafayette in his duel against burr. alex tags along yelling at them for breaking the rules. madison tags along too because he forgot the password to the dormitory. (also alex setting jefferson’s robes on fire because he’s totally snape)

laurens hexing burr because he called alex a m*dblood. barfs up slugs for the rest of the day. WHAT A KID. 

ALEX PUNCHING BURR IN THE FACE. HE JUST. PUNCHES HIM AND RUNS AWAY. laf and john don’t even know what to say

“lafayette,” wash said C.A.L.M.L.Y. “did you put your name in the goblet of fire.”

john adams is totally umbridge. “now who could you need protection from?” “OH I DON’T KNOW MAYBE KING GEORGE III” (chorus goes “ooooh”)

burr having washington at wandpoint but not being able to do it so jefferson steps in and does it oh no im making myself sad

john and alex making out furiously in the middle of battle. “guys do we have to do this now” asks laf. he is ignored. 

“george thomas lafayette you were named after the two bravest men i ever knew” (alex glares @ laf in the background)


Para Sempre Part Four

“Yes that’s my last name.” You said and you turned around and started to walk away again.

“Y/N wait! Why do you keep walking away from me?” Neymar said walking closer to you.

You stood there and just stared at him.

“Why did you leave? Why did you leave with out telling me?” Neymar asked reaching for your hands.

“I-I never left. I still lived in Brazil What my parents told you was all a lie.” You felt tears forming in your eyes.

“Then?” He asked

You told him everything. Well kinda you just made up that you ran away, but you didn’t tell him that you had his son.

He was silent for a moment. Then suddenly he just leaned in and kissed you. That long awaited kiss. It felt warm, kinda like home.

“Im I’m sorry.” Neymar said pulling away.

“Neymar.” You smiled.

“Look Y/N let me take you somewhere nice.” Neymar said.

“Okay.” You smiled.

“So your visiting?” You asked him.

“Yeah kinda. I came because Santos called me telling me about a kid. I think his name is Thiago? They told he’s really good, so I want to see for myself.” Neymar laughed.

Thiago. You forgot to tell him you were leaving.

“I I have to go.” You said quickly as you turned around and rushed home.

“Mom. Where were you I was worried.” Thiago asked.

“Went for a walk honey I’m sorry. I totally forgot to tell you.”

“It’s fine mom.” Thiago said.

“Hey mom I have my first training with Santos today.” Thiago told you as you walked in the kitchen.

“Yeah I know. Are you ready?” You asked him.

“Yes mom. I’m just nervous.” He told you.

“Thiago don’t be. You go and show them what you got. Your a great player.” You said and gave Thiago a hug.

“Can we go now mom.” Thiago said a couple minutes later.

“Yes we can honey.” You grabbed your car keys and your purse and followed Thiago to the car.

You got to Santos and parked your car.

“You’ll do great honey.” You said to Thiago and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks mom.” Thiago said as he got out of the car.

“I’ll catch up with you.” You said to Thiago as he got his soccer bag from the trunk.

As you walked to Thiago you already saw him talking to the coach and Neymar….

“So your Thiagos mom.” The coach laughed. “Nice to meet you.” He said with a smile as he shook your hand.

“Nice to meet you too.” You smiled.

You were nervous. Neymar was only standing a couple feet away from you. He looked at you so confused. And then you saw that he would just stare and smile at Thiago.

Thiago started to train with the Santos team. That left you alone with Neymar. You could see that Thiago was sending you looks like ‘what is going on?’

“You never gave me a chance to ask for your number so I could take you out.” Neymar laughed.

“I know I just had to get home. I’m sorry.” You smiled.

“Thiago is your son?” Neymar asked you as you sat down on a bench and he joined you.

“Yes.” You smiled.

“Your married? And I kisses you! I’m so sorry!” He said.

“Neymar. I’m not married. I don’t have a boyfriend. I’m single.” You told him.

“So then what happened to Thiagos dad?” Neymar asked.

Hope you guys liked it. 😊

Not Technically A Jedi- Part Two

Anakin x Reader

Summary: Reader has been working in the Jedi temple for years, living close by for safety from their family. When a sudden threat prompts you to have a small security detail, things get close with a certain padawan.

Words: 2,063

Warnings: more swearing.

A/N: Part two is here! Thank you to everyone who left me nice messages for part one, and for making it my biggest fic so far! Please enjoy, and feedback, positive and negative, is always appreciated! Thanks everyone! (Gif is NOT mine)

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Dinner for Three

Can you do a imagine where y/n and Dan meet through Phil. Phil invites y/n to a restaurant with Them and they both fall for each other instantly! Thanks!


I quickly reapplied my lipstick and fixed up my hair. I was already 20 minutes late meeting Phil for lunch, and I was a complete mess.

  I hadn’t actually intended on being late. Phil, AmazingPhil, Phil Lester-whatever you want to call him and I had made plans. I’d known him for years, but only recently just came back in touch. You see, he and I basically grew up together. Unfortunately, when university came, he went one way and I went another. 10 years later, here we are. I wanted to look decent.

I hopped out of my car and fixed my jeans up, making my way towards the restaurant. I had no idea why Phil wanted us to go to such a high end classy place. We’d end up being loud and annoying as we reminisced our childhood together. Either way, at least now that we were old enough we could both pay for our own meal.

 I went up to a waiter and fixed up my dress.

 "I’m meeting a friend here. His name should be under Lester?“
He looked down the list, running his finger over various names before nodding.

“Right this way.” He gestured for me to follow him which is what I did. Just a few steps away, we arrived at Phil’s table. It wasn’t just Phil however, but someone else. A very handsome someone else, if I do say so myself. I figured that it was just his roommate, but I’d still ask. I knew Phil had a YouTube channel and I’d watch it every so often but I wasn’t a complete and total insane fan, but I was more or less aware in what he was interested in nowadays, which wasn’t that different to what he liked as a kid. We had a lot in common then, and it seemed like we did even now.

 "Hi, I’m so sorry I’m late.“ I fixed my dress and slid into the booth, sitting right next to the guy. I’d seen him in Phil’s videos but always forgot his name. I shook both of their hands.

"It’s fine, we only got here like 5 minutes ago. We were worried that we were the late ones.” Phil chuckled and gestured to the guy. “This is Dan, my roommate.”

 "Nice to meet you.“ I looked into Dan’s eyes and immediately felt a warmth go through my body. He was so hot that it was actually making my body want to sweat.

 "Same to you,” Dan smiled, showing off his dimples. His dimples were so deep I could go and live in them. I was in awe at how beautiful he looked when he just smiled. His smile was so so wide and so gleeful that his eyes basically got lost in his cheeks.

We all talked for a while, getting reacquainted with one another. I learned Phil ended up actually leaving university with two different degrees, one of which was more useful than the other. They’d both be going on tour and seeing the world soon enough, which was pretty exciting.

 "What did you go to university for?“ Dan asked, turning his head and looking at me. I was completely lost in his eyes. They were so passionate and hid so many things in them and that fascinated me. It inspired me to just look at him.

 "Medicine.” I replied, eating a piece of lettuce from my salad. He looked at me with a satisfactory grin and nodded.

“Pretty and could save my life if I had a stroke? I’d say that’s a win-win.” He stated with ease. My breath literally caught in my throat. Was he actually flirting with me?

 "You guys both have a pretty great career. I mean, you film videos and get to travel a lot? Sounds amazing,“ I took a sip of my wine and tapped my fingers on the glass. He gave me a cheeky smirk and nodded.

 "It’s good. Keeps us busy, especially with working at BBC, too.” He ate a piece of bread and I nodded.

 "I’ve heard a few of your shows. You guys really know what you’re doing.“ Phil chuckled at my comment.

 "If only everyone thought that ‘eh, Dan?” He patted Dan’s back. He let out a tiny laugh as well.

“If only.”

After we ate we all went out for ice cream. We all ordered chocolate and vanilla swirls on a cone and walked as we laughed. It felt like we had all been friends throughout our entire lives because I fit in with the two so well. Phil and I had technically grown up alongside each other, but it felt like we’d never been apart.

 They’d invited me to their apartment. It was already 10pm, and I didn’t have anywhere to be early in the morning so I went. The house was nicely decorated with their interests pinned of the wall along with their accomplishments. It was refreshing being there, rather than in my little apartment I had with my little cat.

 "I’ll be right back, going to the toilet,“ Phil nodded and quickly got up. For the first time this evening, Dan and I had been alone, and he wasn’t wasting any time.

 "So… Have you got a husband or like, a boyfriend or something?” He ran his fingers past his fringe and pushed it to the side. I shook my head and looked at my lap.

 "Nope. I’ve been single for like two years. What about you? Any special lady in your life?“ His eyes connected with mine, and it felt like he was staring into my soul. In a good way. Hell, anyway he looked at me was good.

 "Nope. Nothing going on for me,” he smiled and scooted closer to me, his eyes on my lips. “Would you mind if I tried something?”

“Go ahead…” I trailed off, biting my lip. His cupped my chin and steadily placed his lips on mine, savouring every moment of the kiss. I didn’t hesitate to kiss back. I craved every bit of him. Every part of him on me. My skin on his skin… God. I needed him right now.

The kiss only lasted a few seconds, but it felt like hours. When we pulled apart he simply tugged at a piece of my hair that was in my face and kissed my hand. Then, little did I know that the next few words he’d say would be the words I needed most in my life.

 "Would you go on a date with me, Y/N?“

Ha, I totally forgot to post a pic of the new kid I just paid for! He’s a mack snow RADAR with a super clean stripe from funky jungle lines and I’m really excited to get some new blood into my group! Photo courtesy of the breeder, Gecko Gallery. Dunno what I’m gonna name him

“Fighting” Zootopia Drabble


“Hey give it back!” Cried a small bunny girl. Her green eyes glossing over towards a red fox pup, wearing a black shirt with an antelope skull printed on while wearing blue shorts, holding the tablet over his head. She had been sitting in the living room watching her favorite cartoon, “Princess Rabbit” when her tablet was snatched harshly out of her paws prompting her to get up from the couch and adamantly shout to retrieve it.

“No way!” He said stubbornly. “It’s my turn! so nah!” he said sticking out his tongue. Her cheeks grew red in anger.

“Mama said that I can use it first!” The bunny girl said defiantly, stomping her foot and clenching her paws into fists down on her sides. She grabbed the fabric of her frilly pink dress and leaped up trying to snatch it away from her brother’s paws. He put his arm out, pushing her back, which was easy since she was much smaller than him.

“It’s my turn!”

“No it’s not! You big dummy!”

“You had it for too long!”

“No I haven’t!” she began pushing his arm trying to get his paw off of her head.

“Stop pushing me! You stupid idiot!” Suddenly the two of them were suddenly pulled aside by a pair of large paws, they were picked up by the scruffs towards the set of glaring eyes of their father. Their ears suddenly went down.

“Micheal! Samantha!” He barked. “Why are you two fighting?!”

Samantha sniffed, her fists going to her eyes and began to cry. She doesn’t like it when her papa gets mad at her. “H-he took my tablet, Papa! I was using it and he took it!”

“No I didn’t!” Michael said, avoiding his father’s disapproving eyes. He shrunk when he heard his sister began to bawl loudly already prompting their father to put the two down on the ground. He went down on one knee, going down to eye level while he pulled Samantha towards him, hugging her slightly while he talked with her brother.

“Micheal! What did I say about lying to me?” His father asked with a scolding tone. The fox pup looked at his feet, kicking the carpet slightly when he replied in a small voice.

“To not try because you’re the master of lying?” He said in a repeated tone, having heard it a thousand times. His father nodded while he patted Samantha’s head, hearing her sniffle while she calmed down. “And what did I said about you picking on your sister?”

“Hmm, to not do it?” he grumbled under his breath. His father’s muzzled recoiled.

“Excuse me?!”

His son sighed and said it again in a louder voice. “To. Not. Do. It.”

“And what were you two doing?”

His son fiddled with his fingers, a habit he got from his mother. “Fighting.”

“And what will your mother say if she caught you fighting?”

“That…” He nibbled at his lower lip. “That I get a second chance?”

“Try again.”

He frowned. “That I’m grounded.”

“That’s right, now I want you to apologize to your sister, give back the tablet to her and you are grounded for three days, which means “no tablet”.”

Michael’s head shot up. “But Papa!”

“No buts! There are no negotiations here!”

Michael scowled, his black eyes turning watery. His canines grinded against each other while his body shook and shoved the tablet into his father’s arms before running towards his room, shouting down the hall before slamming the door. “I hate you and I hate this family!”

His father flinched from the sound of the slam. His mouth fell agape in shock from hearing those words come out from his own adopted son’s mouth. The same one that he cared from when he was just a few weeks old. The same one who told him everyday that he loved him just before going to bed, and now? What was he supposed to say?

He gently gave the tablet back to his adopted daughter’s paws, not saying a word. She looked at him with large concern eyes while she watched him get up, reaching for his smartphone. She stared at the screen of her tablet and suddenly, she was in no mood to finish watching.

“He really said that?” Judy asked, clutching Nick’s knee. The two of them were sitting at the edge of their bed in their private bedroom. The door was closed to keep the children from overhearing. Especially Samantha, who had very good hearing. Nick rubbed his temple, nodding.

“How long is this “phase” of his is going to last, whiskers?” He asked, staring into her eyes. “He was always a good boy when he was a little pup, and now he’s almost a teenager and I feel like he’s changing!”

Judy rubbed her husband’s back. “Hush, of course he is, he wasn’t going to stay the same forever…”

“Judy!-He’s going to turn out like me when I was working the streets!”

“That’s not going to happen, you’re over reacting.” She gently said, cupping his cheeks. “I’m sure he didn’t mean it, he loves us. He loves his sister. He loves me and he loves you.” Nick bit the inside of his cheek, feeling Judy come close. She gave him a sweet kiss on the forehead, her thumbs stroking the fur on his cheeks. He leaned into them, giving her a sigh.

“How about we go in and talk to him?”


Judy knocked on her son’s door, with no answer, she opened the door. “Mickey? Can I come in?” she said in her sweet motherly voice. She heard a loud snort, almost like a snotty sniffle. She stuck her head in and saw her son underneath his blue covers. His small body looking like a clump of blankets. She stepped into his messy room with Nick right behind her. He stood by the door frame while he watched her sit down beside their son. “Mickey? Can you come out and talk to me?”

The bundle of blankets moved and heard him give out another sniff, before a wavering voice answered. “….No…go away, mama.”

Judy put out her paw, touching her son’s back and felt him jerk away from her. “You know you can’t hide in there forever, sweetheart. Why don’t you come out? I’m not mad at you.”


She glanced back at Nick, who waved his paws at her, urging her to continue. She turned back towards Michael. She let out a breath, putting her hands on her lap. “Do you not want me to be your mama anymore?” Nick eyes widened from the question. He watched intently as his son continued to give her the silent treatment. He could see Judy’s amethyst eyes began to gloss over, a small tear running down her cheek. “A-are you not happy with our family?” she asked, her voice breaking. That was enough to make her son sit up, the blankets going down. His eyes were swollen and his cheeks were soaked. His lower lip quivered at the sight of his mama crying and buried his face into her bosom. Holding her tightly.

“Don’t cry mama! I didn’t mean it! I didn’t mean it!” He announced loudly, causing his sister to peer inside shyly. Judy held her son into her arms burying her face on top of his head, giving him a kiss while she hugged him. Her daughter, seeing her mother and brother crying was suddenly overwhelmed herself and ran forward with open arms, hugging her brother and mother. Judy laughed slightly through her tears and glance back at Nick, who, he too, was beginning to become emotional. He stepped forward, ready to take his family into his arms and to hug them tightly, never wanting to let go….until he woke up.


He jerked upward from his desk, finding himself in Judy’s office. He blinked seeing Judy staring at him. Her eyes wide before she tilted her head.

“Hey?…you okay?…” she asked. Nick blinked rapidly, and whirled his head around the room unable to remember what year it was. “Nick? w-were…were you crying?”

He reached up, brushing aside a tear. He clutched his head, his eyes darting back and forth. Judy leaned forward, pressing her palm against his forehead. Feeling for a fever. He was sleeping for a long time before he woke up.

“Are you alright? What happened?” her voice seemed to echo in his mind.


this is dedicated to the person who wanted to see a fox and bunny kid together, whoever you are ^_^ sorry I totally forgot your name. I hoped you enjoyed it!