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ART TIP: Keep a balance between digital and traditional art

because there are things traditional art will teach you that digital art won’t, and the same goes the other way

You know what I think?

‪I think Derek actually is the one who had Stiles questioning if he only liked girls.

I feel like at first he just realized “huh, he’s so goodlooking wow.” Then that morphed into like a sexual thing. Like he only really saw Derek’s good looks and the whole cool werewolf thing as his only good qualities at first because ya know, they used to hate each other.

So it made Stiles question but he could easily brush it off at first because he’s still a teenager and he doesn’t have it all figured out yet, the whole “this is just a phase” thing.

But then he actually starts liking Derek, in a “we’re sort of an odd duo, but we do make a pretty good pair” (of friends!!!!). Like they actually got passed the “you need me to survive that’s why you’re helping” stage. He really just genuinely started liking Derek, just calm friendly like at first, but that like into more of a crush like than a friend like without him even noticing.

And he feels it there but he just avoids it but then that night at the glow in the dark party? Kaitlyn asks the golden question, “do you?”

And he just sits there for a while. His mind immediately flashes to Derek and he thinks like “wait a minute, I actually fucking might,” like guys, that is.

Stiles sort of realizes it’s become more than “you’re hot and I wanna experiment,” and more than, “I actually don’t mind hanging out with you anymore, it’s kind of cool because you’re not as much of a shitty person as I thought you were.” It’s more of a “I really think I’m falling for you but I’ve liked girls my whole life and we used to hate each other. What’s going on?”

So he doesn’t get the chance to ever answer because he really isn’t sure at first. But the thoughts after that question are stuck with him. And overtime, he starts noticing little things about Derek, like really taking note. Like Derek’s actually smart and actually selfless and his bunny teeth and how he’s actually funny when he tries (it’s a bland and dry humor, snarky remarks when they bicker and Stiles gets sarcastic but Stiles appreciates and enjoys it regardless). Stiles starts realizing all these things that could factor into why he might actually like Derek (if he does because he isn’t 100% on that yet).

He starts realizing that Derek really isn’t the guy he met back in the woods, that Derek is more, that Derek is actually a great person under that hard exterior. He starts realizing how he used to get and still gets whenever something goes wrong with Derek, how he starts worrying and all. He starts looking at Derek in a new way, looks when Derek is oblivious, sort of the whole “admire from afar” thing, and can hardly help it, can hardly deny that he starts getting a little happier whenever Derek comes around, but he’s still, in a way, denial.

The night Derek almost dies changed that because for a brief moment he felt like he stopped breathing as he watched Derek bleed out on the ground.

He felt numb and he wanted to stay but knew he couldn’t. All he could do was hope that Derek would still be well and alive in the morning, that they would all be, and then he’d be able to tell Derek because he knew completely. Knew what it felt like to almost lose someone you care about so much.

Stiles wasn’t sure what he was going to say, how Derek would take it or how it would effect them, but it didn’t really matter in the end because he never got to say it.

Derek left and Stiles couldn’t even be mad because he knew Derek needed it, deserved it.

So, life went on and he tried to shove his feelings aside because it didn’t really matter anymore.

Except it did, which he realizes on the night at the school, seeing Derek’s initials.

I’d like to think that the reason for Stiles’ smile was because he had fully come to term with the fact that he did indeed have feelings for Derek. He wasn’t able to tell Derek, but he could finally admit it to himself.

No more questioning, no more “this is just a phase.” None of that.

Stiles just accepted it, and he was okay with it.


Where did you get the idea you can sit around all day doing nothing?

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Hello, Aga from Poland. :D I really love your fics. If you have time I have a prompt: It’s Derek birthday after he leaves town and Stiles drunk dialing. Bonus if Sheriff walks in and take his phone and wishes Derek happy birthday.

Oh, thank you!! <3

Since the fandom’s pretty much agreed that Derek’s birthday is on Christmas, I decided to use that here. Hope you enjoy!!

He’s had entirely too much eggnog to be left alone with his phone. His dad should know that. His friends should definitely know that.

But Scott’s busy, caught up in some kind of mating dance with Allison that involves hanging out awkwardly in doorways under the mistletoe and sending her sad eyes, and Lydia’s keeping Allison company at the other side of the room while she sends covert, longing glances back. His dad’s laughing with Melissa with that love-struck sort of look that’s been building up in his eyes for years long now, and probably hadn’t even noticed Stiles swiping the bottle, adding way too much rum after he’d ducked back into the kitchen with it. It’s a holiday, after all, and he’s allowed to have a drink to celebrate.

His dad just didn’t specify how much drink the drink was allowed to have.

So when Stiles ends up in his bedroom, staring at his phone, it’s everyone’s fault, really, and no one’s. Honestly it feels kind of inevitable. Him lying in his room, on the outskirts of the mating dances, scrolling idly through his contact list until he pauses on a familiar number. He has it memorized even though he probably shouldn’t, but this might not be the first time he’s opened up his contact list to stare at it these past few weeks. To look at the name typed out over the digits, to wonder at the way so few letters can leave his chest writhing with so many unresolved feelings.

He lifts his thumb, brushes across the short word fondly, and jumps as the phone registers an attempt to call and starts dialing.

Stiles seriously shouldn’t be surprised that it happened. He’s a clumsy, melancholy drunk, and it’s about time he accepts it.

The phone continues to ring while he stares, transfixed, at the tiny image of a phone blinking on his screen. Connecting… connecting…

It’s the phone’s fault, he decides. That stupid, sensitive touch screen, stirring up trouble by calling people it has no business in calling, just because Stiles had been maybe brushing his thumb across that name, thinking about hearing that stupid grumpy voice. And so maybe he’d been imagining the smooth screen was a rough, stubble-covered jaw, been half lost in imagining what it might feel like under his fingers… but that’s no reason for his phone to go ahead and call him.

And Derek’s surprised too, it seems like, because while Stiles is busy scowling at the stupid device, he answers, and there’s a startled lilt in his voice when he says Stiles’ name.

Stiles should probably just say he’d dialed the wrong number, or shoot out a quick, cheerful “Merry Christmas” and let that be that.

“You’re not here,” is what slips out instead, his hands clenching a little, his lips twisting into a pout that probably carries into his tone.

There’s a short silence from Derek’s end, and then an amused huff of air.

“Are you just noticing that?”

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Why Don’t You Ask Her

A/N: Three months later and this is finally being posted. I don’t know if it’s actually been three months, but the point was that it’s been a long ass time. Sorry to whoever requested this btw.
I feel like the ending uses names too much, but like the same pronouns can get confusing okay? 
Never the less, I hope y’all like it.

Pairing: Jughead x Fem!Reader

Words: 2,838 

Warnings: swearing, angst (lmao this became way more angsty than i had intended it to be), and that’s all I can think of

Request: (From the dialogue list) 16 with Jughead please. Like the reader feels like she isn’t good enough because Jughead is always writing and hanging out with Betty or something!

16. “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”

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Another thing I didn't understand about Rowling's portrayal of James and Sirius is that there is such a difference between what is told and shown. In OOTP everyone assumed James to have matured because that is what is told. Many people assumed that this is because of the Werewolf prank. But she contradicts this in DH. He apparently bragged about what happened knowing Snape had to be silent and attempted murder was not enough for him to stop the bullying.

Yeah, I totally agree.  I waxed lyrical on this a while ago (actually, I think I have some responses still in my drafts folder which I forgot about until now, ugh).

…but yes, I think it’s such a curious stance because I totally understand the narrative decision to knock James from his Hero perch that Harry had (understandably) installed him on.  I think it’s a beautiful twist that the James vs Severus war wasn’t a Draco vs Harry style disagreement as Dumbledore had led Harry to believe, but that James was someone who Harry himself would’ve reviled.

I think that’s really interesting, and a brave departure by JK for the character.  It would’ve been all too easy to make James a saint, but by explaining Severus’ extreme revulsion instead of accepting Remus’ explanation that ‘Severus was jealous of his Quidditch ability’ or whatever other nonsense, it adds a depth to the Marauders era that didn’t exist previously, and it has the consequence of making James et al as problematic as Severus himself is.  

What I find utterly bizarre is the fact that she doesn’t make James’ redemption arc explicit, and it’s all too easy to go, “Hmm, but show me how he changed?”  It’s almost as if we’re supposed to accept that he changed because Lily married him, but that’s ridiculous; one character is not the barometer of all that is good and evil in the world.

It would’ve been so much more powerful had James changed due to the werewolf incident.  Unfortunately, as canon stands, James has no such crisis of confidence, and his efforts as a hero (which he undoubtedly was) are marred by the truth that he saved Severus because of Sirius and Remus, not because of doing the right thing - because nobody who saves a fellow human from death for ‘the right reasons’ then decides to randomly attack them ‘for fun’ or because their friend is bored.

As someone pointed out the other day (@delphi-lestrange ?), if James had been given a clear redemption, it doesn’t damage Severus’ arc; even if James grew up, unless he actively apologised to Severus for his previous behaviour, he doesn’t get to go, “No, I’m good now, you need to stop hating me,” as if that erases the previous 6/7 years.

I just think it’s a shame.

Crazy for you! (Part 1)

Based on this amazing prompt! 

@mutantgurls i tried to  do the prompt you told me! sorry i took so long! i changed things a bit? so i’m not sure if you’ll like it. i started writing and got carried away lol

ao3: Click me to read! ♥

Warning?: I guess… underage drinking? and that’s it

Lance was bored. 

He was tired of just… Sitting and waiting for Pidge to finish extracting the information they needed.  Lance sighed and lay down on the floor. He and the others were supposed to be protecting Pidge if any enemies arrived, but there were no enemies around. The ship was completely empty.

From what they heard, the Galras were attacked by a group of rebels and fleed from the place to save themselves. Unlike other Galras, these Galras forgot to do something really important: Destroy their ship and the information in it. This, of course, was some really good knews for them. 

Lance should feel happy. It was very rare when they had a missions like this, with everything going well and according to plans for once. But he was tired of waiting. There may not have Galras on the ship, but hell, the information was well kept. It took Pidge two whole hours to finally get in the system and start retrieving the good stuff. The bad news? The process was terribly slow. 

He tried talking and joking, but after the first hour Hunk and Pidge looked like they were going to fall sleep in any second. 

“Pidge!” Said Lance suddenly getting up from the floor and walking fast to where she was sitting. 

“What is it?" 

"Can i borrow your computer?” He had an idea to help time pass faster. 

“What are you going to do?”

“It’s a surprise!”  Pidge glares at him. “Come on, Pidge, pleaseeeee-”

“Ok, whatever. Just don’t touch anything related to the information.” 

“Relax, Pidge. Just trust me, you will like this.” 

Lance wasn’t even 5 minutes in front of the computer when some loud music starts playing. Pidge and Hunk jumps in surprise and then share a look. They are all silent for a moment, only watching the big smile on Lance’s face before bursting into laughter. 

“Oh my God, really Lance? Hips don’t lie?” 

“Hunk, my friend, this is a great song.”

“Of all the songs that i have in my computer you had to pick that one.” 

“Come on! You like that song too! Don’t you guys remeber when went to his club near the Garrison and we totally owned the place?”

“God, no! Don’t talk about that! I’m still trying to forget!” Says Pidge covering her face with both hands.

“Fuck you’re right! I forgot about that time. You and Pidge were dancing in the bar!” 

“And you, Hunk, were kissing with every stranger you met!”  Hunk lets out a little squeak at this. And Pidge and Lance laughs. 

“Oh dude you’re right! He was even making out with two persons at the same time, it was crazy!” 

“W-well!  You both were dirty dancing with each other in the fucking pole!” Lance and Pidge gasp at this, the girl getting completely red. 

“Oh my God! Hunk’s right! We were fucking amazing, you remember, Pidge?”

“I’m trying not to.” 

“Dude, we were so crazy—”

“You were, and still are, the crazy one. You were the one to take us there and to manage to get alcohol. Which i might add, was a terrible idea.” Said Hunk, while Pidge nodded besides him. 

“But we had fun! It was so cool! I still have the pics and some videos! And I know you, my Pidge, had a lot of fun with me even when you deny it!” 

“Oh God did you guys–?!”

“Lance, I told you not to say anything about it!”  

“Oh come on! It’s been, what? A year since that happened? And I was good, admit it.” 

“I feel so sad you guys didn’t tell me before. So betrayed.”

“Hunk, my man, she didn’t let me. But now that we are in space, it doesn’t matter anymore.” 

“I hate you so much, you will regret this.” 

“Don’t be dramatic Pidgeotto. Come on, dance with me! I know that you both love this song as much as I do!” 

Of course, Lance doesn’t wait up for an answer. He only grabs Pidge and Hunk by the wrist and pulls them closer to him. He stars singing the lyrics and moving his hips to side to side in perfect sync with the rythm of the music. Before Pidge can try to go away, Lance takes her again by the wrist and makes her give a spin then putting her body closer his. Hunk laughs and Pidge can’t help but giggle too. 

She puts her hands on his shoulders and starts dancing, infected by Lance’s energy. She moves her hips too, trying to copy Lance’s moves. Hunk stares at them with awe. He gives one step back before Lance is suddenly on him to, moving his hips and putting his hands on his chest. Pidge is laughing by Hunk’s surprise and joins Lance into trying to make their big friend dance with them. 

Then the song changes, and “Side to Side” starts. 

“Oh my goooooood! That’s my jam!” Moans Lance making his friends laugh harder.

Shiro and Keith were on the halls keeping an eye out for any enemy that could appear before they were surprise by the faint sound of music. It takes Shiro a few seconds to recognize the song. He shares a confuse look with Keith before trying to contact his friends through the comms with no results. 

“I guess they got bored.”

“The ship is empty… Maybe we should go with them?” Keith suggets and Shiro only nods. They have been standing there for two whole hours, and nothing has gone wrong. It wouldn’t hurt to join their teammates. 

They start talking towards their location, and the closer they get the more they could listen the music and laughter of their friends. 

The song ends and a new one starts. When Shiro steps into the room with Keith, he is not sure what he was expecting to see, but clearly, he wasn’t prepared to see Hunk happily dancing with Pidge, and Lance moving his body beautifully with across the place.

“What… ?” Keith only looks at them with a frown. His little question only brings Lance attention to him, who only smiles and proceeds to drag him and Shiro insde the room near to Hunk and Pidge to make them dance. 

Pidge pulls Keith between Hunk and her to make him dance. The red paladin looks really lost for a few seconds. Pidge noticing his distressed, takes his hands to guide him. Slowly, a small smile appears on Keith’s face and can’t help but laughing a bit. He never dance, but right there, between Hunk and Pidge, he felt lighter. 

Lance is left with Shiro. He puts his arms on his shoulders, then letting them slide down, caressing his chest on its path. Shiro can’t help but blush. The boy lets him go for a second to turn around and put his back against him. Shiro is too scandalize to say anything, and Lance takes both of his hands and place them on his hips. Lance keeps singing and acts like if the way he was dancing against his leader is completely innocent and not sexual at all.  

Shiro looks over where the others are. They aren’t paying attention to them, they are having fun on their own and looks happy dancing together. Shiro shooks his head and chuckles. He puts his arms around the boys waist making him jump in surprise and he resting his head on his shoulder.

He dances with Lance like nobody is watching, enjoying himself for once. When their friends whistle at them, they only laugh. He dances with Hunk, Pidge and Keith too. They all have a great time, and Shiro feels… Happy. 

Like Keith, he feels lighter. For a moment, he can forget about everything. He forgets about the war they are fighting, about his responsabilities. He feels like a teenager again (he was only a few years older than them, but still the galras took to much away from him).

When it’s time to go, Shiro takes Lance’s hand and whispers a little ‘Thank you’. 

Lance smiles, and only nods. 

They leave the ship and returns to the castle, not noticing they were being watched the whole time.

Ayeeeee! hope you like this one. Now i have three fics that needs a part two to be written. Aha ha. ha. haaaa ay no manches por qué soy así? :’v 

Stood up- Jongin/Kai Scenario

A/N: hey everyone! Happy hump day! Here’s another request. 

Can you a Kai x reader smut where he makes you mad so you dom him with handcuffs, teasing, cock rings, and overstimulation? (Love your fanfics btw😁)

Here you go :) . Thank you for the request and I’m so glad you like our fanfics. I hope you enjoy! 


“Where the hell is he?” I say to no one in particular. I was home alone, waiting for Jongin to get here.

I was starting to get worried because I haven’t heard from him in hours.

I look down at my phone to check the time, 11:30 read across the screen. I check my messages, nothing new from Jongin.

He hasn’t answered the last three times I’ve tried to call either, so I decide to text Junmyeon.

Sent: Hey JM Have you seen Jongin? He was supposed to be here hours ago and he’s not answering his phone.

Received: Hey Y/N!! I think he went out with Jongdae and Minseok, I think they were going to the club near work. They went after practice.

Sent: Okay, thanks JM.
Received: You’re welcome! Good luck finding him!

“What the fuck” I breathed, tossing my phone to the side.

He decided to stand me up and go out with Dae and Min instead of having movie night with me. I shake my head, trying to get my thoughts in order.

If he decided to go to have fun at the club, I’d show him what he was missing.

I changed into my favorite little black dress, Jongin’s favorite, and pair it with black high heels. I quickly fix my hair and touch up my makeup before heading out the door.

When I got into the club I immediately scan the room for Jongin. I found him on the dance floor, dancing next to Minseok, Jongdae and a few random girls.

I stopped at the bar and threw a few shots back before heading over to the dance floor.

Jongin never noticed I was there until I was standing right in front of him. I could tell he had been drinking a fair amount, his eyes glazed over.

He was trying to figure out what to say, but honestly, I didn’t care what he had to say right now.

I was going to give him a show, make him think about what he’s missing.

I start dancing with him, swaying my hips and running my hands through my hair and before he could respond, I turned around and put my ass back into him.

His hands found my waist and he pushed his hips into me momentarily before I pushed his hands away and stepped out of his reach.

His brow furrowed when I walked over to Minseok and pulled him to me.

“Play along” I said into his ear, the club music making it impossible to whisper.

He looked at me confused, and before he could agree I had my hands wrapped around his neck and started dancing with him.

His hands found my waist and he danced along. After the song was over I hugged Minseok and kissed his cheek, thanking him. I walk up to Jongin and ask him if he’s having a fun time.

“What the fuck are you doing here? And dancing with Minseok?” He growled.

I placed my hands on my hips and sighed before leaning into him to speak.

“I would ask you the same fucking question Jongin. Fuck it. If you don’t even know why I’m here, then forget it. I’ll see you when you get to my place.

Before I could turn to leave, Minseok came up next to me and put an arm around my shoulders

“Are you sure you want to go to your place and wait around for Jongin? Why don’t you just come home with me?” He asked before turning to Jongin “Oh Hey Jongin, I didn’t see you there.”

He smirks and winks at me, heading back out to the dance floor before I had a chance to say anything.

I smiled and shook my head at Minseok before turning my attention back to Jongin.

My expression droped when I looked at him, and I gave him a disappointing look before I turned on my heel and headed out the door to go back to my apartment, leaving him confused on the dance floor.

I got home and waited on the couch for Jongin to arrive. He walked in the door about twenty minutes after I arrived, still pissed about me dancing with Minseok.

“Alright Y/N, are you going to tell me what the fuck is going on?” He slurred his words slightly.

‘I don’t know Jongin, should I? You know, since I had to get dressed up and go to a club to remind you that I’m still your damn girlfriend?” I snap at him

“What the hell are you talking about? He questions, looking genuinely confused.

‘Movie night. Remember that? The one you blew me off for so you can go to the club with Jongdae and Min so you could get fucking drunk.’

The expression on his face softened and I could tell that he knew that he fucked up.

“Baby I’m so sorry I totally forgot, the guys were going to the club and we hadn’t had a boys’ night out in a long time and I totally forgot about movie night.” He explained, trying to make up for what he did.

“That’s still no excuse Jongin. I got ready and came out after 1130 to remind your drunk ass to come home. It’s bullshit. I’m so furious with you right now, baby boy” I explained, furrowing my brow at him.

His head dropped as soon as he heard me call him baby boy. He knew he was in trouble.

I walked up to him, swaying my hips a bit. I placed my hand under his jaw and brought it up, making him look at me.

“Baby boy, you made some pretty poor decisions tonight. Do you think you should go without punishment?” I inquired, placing my hand on his crotch, caressing it gently.

“N-No Ma’am” He replied, his breath hitching in his throat.

I placed my hands in his shirt and pulled him towards the bedroom. He sat down on the bed and I pulled the cool metal handcuffs out of the drawer.

I removed Jongin’s shirt and placed the handcuffs on his wrists.

“Alright baby boy, since you decided to blow me off tonight, this is your punishment. No touching. I can do whatever I want to you and if you grab at me or touch me intentionally, I stop. Got it?” I ask as I remove my dress and drop it to the floor.

“Yes Ma’am” he replies, swallowing hard and licking his lips as he looks me up and down.

I step out of my heels and walk towards him, pushing him back on the bed. I remove my bra and panties and removed his pants and boxers. I start to climb up his body but remembered one more thing I needed.

I went back to the drawer and pulled out a medium sized silicone cock ring. I walked over to Jongin and pumped his length a few times before placing the ring at the base of his erection.

I climb on top of him and push his cuffed arms above his head, instructing him to keep them there. He did as he was told and I cupped his face, kissing him softly.

I deepened the kiss for a moment before moving down to his neck, sucking a hickey into the spot just below his ear. He hissed at the contact and I moved back up to his face, giving him one more kiss before trailing down his body.

I moved down his body, leaving kisses and small hickeys along the way, making sure to pay extra attention to the spot on both of his hips. I sucked hard at the apex of each hip, causing him to buck up towards me each time.

“Ah, remember, I’m in control. Stay down if you can help it baby boy.” I remind him before moving my hand to his member, stroking him a few times before licking a stripe up his length.

I felt him writhe beneath me as a soft whimper escaped his lips. I took him into my mouth, bobbing my head up and down. I went slow at first and gradually increased my speed.

I could tell that he was getting close, but I was nowhere near finished with him yet, so I removed my mouth from him with a pop, denying him of his orgasm as I made my way back up his body.

A loud groan escaped his lips as I made my way up to him. I kissed him once more, taking his bottom lip between my teeth. He sucked in a breath when I bit down gently and then released it.

His lips were beautiful and full, and his bottom lip was now slightly swollen. I paused for a moment before sitting up and looking down at him.

“Jongin, I’m going to stop teasing you soon, but I need you to do something for me before I stop, okay?” I asked, running my hands up and down his chest.

“Anything” He responded, his heart beating hard against his chest.

I instructed him to bring his arms down from above his head and as soon as he did I moved up his body, straddling his face.

“Fuck” he moaned. I could feel his hot breath as it fanned across my wet core, sending chills up my spine.

“Okay baby boy, remember, no touching, including yourself. If you do you will receive more punishment.” I demanded

All he could do was nod as I sat down on his face gently. His full lips immediately began licking and sucking on my folds.

He darted his skilled tongue into me and I rolled my hips against his beautiful mouth to create more friction.

He continued to keep his hands down, his mouth making short work of me. He flicked his tongue against my clit gently and lifted his head slightly so he could access me better.

“Fuck Jongin, right there. Shit.” I moaned out, unable to hold in my orgasm much longer.

He continued licking the same spot, increasing pressure as he went before sucking my clit into his mouth, sending me over the edge.

I sat down on his face a little more and rolled my hips again, riding out my orgasm.

He licked me one more time, teasing me until I quickly climbed off his face.

I grabbed a towel nearby and cleaned his face off. He gave me a wink as I tossed the towel to the side.

I removed the cuffs, allowing his wrists to have a bit of a break.

He brought himself up to a sitting position toward the end of the bed at my request, his hands on either side of him for support.

I removed the silicon cock ring from him and gave him a moment for the blood flow to shift back to normal before sitting down on his lap facing him.

I sank down onto his already sensitive member and he whined in response.

“Please baby can I touch you now?” he begged, and for the first time in a long time I caved to his request.

“You can, but as soon as you try to take control, the cuffs go back on” I stated simply, giving him a warning glare.

“I promise, you’re in control” He reassured me, gently caressing my hips.

I lifted my hips and sank back down onto him slowly, teasing him a few more times before picking up my pace. My hands found his shoulders as he continued to hold my hips gently.

A long string of curse words left his lips as I rolled my hips hard a few times, his dick hitting my g-spot with each hip roll.

I could tell he was getting close, his breathing irregular and his whines increasing with each passing minute. I felt the buildup of my own orgasm reaching its peak once more.

“Cum with me baby. I need you to cum.” I moaned into his ear.

Moments later we were both coming undone. He moaned my name loudly as he rode out his orgasm and multiple swear words left my lips as I rode out my high.

He laid back on the bed, pulling me on top of him and kissing me gently before rolling us both over on our sides. He ran his hand up and down my shoulder and looked at me, his expression soft.

“You know I didn’t mean to stand you up tonight right? I really did forget. I’m sorry.” He spoke softly as he explained.

“I know baby, I just needed you to know how upset that made me, so I punished you for it” I replied, running a hand through his hair.

“Honestly though, I deserved it. I won’t forget next time, okay? I promise.” He stated, smiling at me.

“Good, because if it happens again, the punishment will be even worse” I replied, looking up at him with a glare.

He swallowed hard, unable to control his reaction to my words.

“Deal” He said as he cupped my face and kissed me.

Walking out of the bathroom of your apartment; your boyfriend Finn not acknowledging your new custom designed Balor shirt that Sasha’s husband had designed for you. Taking matter into your own hands, you shimmy out of your shirt, but he still doesn’t have your attention. Apparently chatting with Rollins is more exhilarating than his own girlfriend, in her fullest glory with her “Bella Twins” barely clinging on to that lacy bra that drives Finn cray. You ball up your shirt in frustration, throwing it to Finn’s face.”Y/N what the fuck . . .” Finn was cut short when he saw you in nothing but a bra and a pair of skinny jeans. His eyes hungrily traced your upper body; more specifically your breasts.”Hey dude, are you still there. . .Hello. . .” Finn threw the phone aside, wasting no time in kissing you.”God, I love dese babies.” Finn buried his head in your boobs, kissing and caressing them.”These are mine, only mine, understood.” You nod, chills traveling down your spine as Finn fumbles with your bra. He lifts you, his hands groping your ass, and your legs wrapped around his rock hard erection.”What is this?” Finn asks untangling your balled shirt.”Sarath designed it for me. He spent week adding every detail necessary to make it as perfect as possible for tomorrow.” You respond. He lifts it up in front of his face, admiring every detail there is.”Why’d you take it off love? I bet it looks better on than off.” Finn combs your hair to the side, then slides the material down to your belly.”Damn.” Finn sighed, his eyes glued to your shirt.”You know how I say I love you better naked. . . Well I totally change my mind now because this shirt the way it’s cute off to make you show cleavage and all the gems attached to it. . . OH.” Finn tackles you down.”It just makes me want to fuck you more.” Finn’s thirty lips meets your.”Yeah, so I can sense that there will be a lot of daddy, demon references and definitely a lot screaming so I will just. . .hang up.” We had totally spaced out and forgot Seth was still online.
Promptober Day 7: Kingsglaive

(For @miluette‘s Promptober!)

That night, Prompto donned his Kingsglaive uniform in front of Noctis for the first time.

Prompto slinked out of the bathroom, the soles of his slightly-heeled boots clunking against the hardwood floor with each nervous step. He’d worn this uniform a couple times before now, but only briefly, just to make sure it fit him right. And every time, he’d stared at himself in the mirror, feeling more and more awkward until he couldn’t fight the urge to strip himself free of it faster than it took to put it on any longer.

Right now, he felt similar. Probably because Noctis was sitting right there in front of him on the edge of the bed, staring, and he hadn’t yet said a word. Compared to how Noctis looked in his ‘Kingly Raiment’, he looked like he was on his way to a costume party or something.

“Looks bad, right?”  Prompto mumbled. He shifted his weight from foot to foot. “I know. It looks weird on me. Can’t quite pull off the whole trenchcoat look. Never could.”

Noctis rubbed at his bearded chin, studying him. “Actually… you know… it suits you.”

“You’re just saying that to make me feel better.” Prompto crossed his arms, raising his eyebrow.

“Actually, I’m not.”

“You so are.”

“If anyone looks weird in uniform, it’s me. I mean, come on. Check it out.” Noctis lifted his arms as he looked down at himself. His outfit was in need of a good ironing already, but somehow he still managed to make it look fit for a king. A king could wear creased and wrinkly clothes if he wanted to, dangit.

“Yeah, but you’ve got a cape. That automatically makes you, like, ten times cooler by default. No one messes with a dude in a cape.”

Noctis laughed at that. His awkward, soft laugh. Still the same, even after ten years. Prompto never forgot it. It still made his heart flutter and a smile grow on his face.

“All right. I’ll give you that. But you’ve got the boots.” Noctis gestured to Prompto’s feet lazily.

“Eh? What about the boots?”

“They, uh. They look… good.”

Prompto lifted one foot, studying the footwear curiously. “Really?”

“Totally. They make your legs look twice as long. If I’m being completely honest… they’re pretty hot.”

Prompto paused. “Are you coming onto me, Your Majesty?”


“Dude. You never told me you had a thing for boots.”

“I don’t.”


“It’s not really the boots. It’s more like… I… have a thing for you?” Noctis rubbed at his chin again, a new habit that Prompto quickly interpreted as a shy fidget.

“Huh. Still? Even after ten years? I sure lucked out, didn’t I?” Prompto smiled crookedly as he made his way over to the bed.

“Especially after ten years.” Noct smiled his own crooked smile. Prompto was still beautiful to him. Ten years of darkness, ten years of uncertainty and ten years worth of tired bags under his eyes, but Prompto was still Prompto.

Prompto gave him a kiss that was ten years in the making.

see you again // cth

based off see you again by tyler the creator ft. kali uchis

You live in my dream state

We’re lowkey my fantasy

Everything about Y/N was perfect. Everything about us was perfect. I always dreamed of dating someone who would always be there for me whether I was home or on tour and Y/N came at the right moment. I was hesitant about getting into a relationship when I was going to tour in a couple of months but I couldn’t let Y/N get away. Y/N is the type of person that you would think only shows up in your dreams. Someone who laughs at all your jokes and who calms you down whenever you have a breakdown. Someone who you can never kiss properly because they’re too busy looking at you and showing that big dumb smile. That was Y/N.

“Honey, Are you alright?” Y/N asked. That was when I realized that I dozed off thinking about my significant other. We were currently laying down by the pool at night, looking at the stars and talking about whatever. I pulled Y/N closer to me and kissed their forehead. “I was just admiring your beauty.” They rolled their eyes while smiling. “Please don’t tell me that ‘the scenery is beautiful’ and then say that I’m the scenery.” I chuckled. “But you are.” I replied as I kissed them.

Can I get a kiss?

And can you make it last forever?

I said I’m about to go to war

I don’t know if I’ma see you again

“Are you sure you can’t go this time?” I pouted. “Baby, you know I have classes. I’ll call and facetime you whenever I can.” Y//N said while hugging me. One of the worst things about touring was that Y/N couldn’t come along. I tried convincing them but Y/N still has one more year of college to complete. These past four months with Y/N have been so magnificent that I totally forgot I had to take a plane across the globe to meet tons of fans. Although I love the thought of going to unfamiliar places and meeting new people, it just doesn’t seem right anymore if I don’t have Y/N by my side.

“I’ll call you when we land, alright?” I said while caressing Y/N’s cheek. A tear fell from their eye as they smiled and nodded. I kissed them passionately and something was different about it. I would always kiss Y/N whenever I had the chance but this one had a spark to it. I took one last glance at Y/N and reminisce about the past few months with her. They were the best months of my life and I’m already excited to come back and spend more time with them. I couldn’t stop thinking about Y/N and our last kiss during the plane ride. I felt an unfamiliar feeling inside and it made me want to vomit for some reason.

That’s when I realized that I have fallen in love.

I said, okay, okay, okay, okidokie, my infatuation

Is translating to another form of what you call it? –Love

Two weeks into the tour and I’m still freaking out. No matter what I do, this feeling would never leave me. I haven’t been able to talk to Y/N normally and I don’t think they’ve noticed me acting weird. I can’t be in love. I never even believed in love but here I am now, infatuated with Y/N. I couldn’t deny this feeling. I should’ve known that a person like Y/N would have me whipped. I couldn’t stop thinking about my future with them and how our wedding is going to be planned and how our kids are going to look like and what their names should be. I don’t even know if she feels the same way about me which kills me. Ashton has been bugging me to tell Y/N how I feel but I’m scared of their reaction. I didn’t want to lose what we have and if it means that I must hide this feeling until they feel the same way, then so be it.

But it’s been eating me alive. I thought that maybe telling Ashton that I was in love with Y/N would make me feel a little less weird but it didn’t do anything. Now I’m currently in my bunk, thinking about Y/N while the other guys are fast asleep, not worrying about anyone. I decided to grow some guts and tell Y/N how I feel. No matter what their reaction is, I must accept their feelings as well.

I got out of my bunk and went to the back room of the tour bus for privacy. I dialed Y/N’s number without even thinking about what time it is back home. “Calum?” Y/N said after the third call. I can tell that they’re tired by their groans. “Is there something- “

“I love you.” I cut Y/N off. “Fuck, I’m so in love with you and I didn’t realize it until I was in the clouds. You are the best thing to ever happen to me. I didn’t believe in forever but you changed that. You’re so beautiful in every way possible. I can’t stop thinking about you and all the new memories I want to make with you. I was afraid of telling you because I didn’t know what you would say but fuck it hurts so much to keep this bottled up inside. Just tell me how you feel and I will be okay with it.”

There was a 3 second silence until I heard a little chuckle. “I never had someone confess their love to me at 4:47 in the morning. I remember watching old 5sos videos and being mesmerized by you. I always told myself ‘man I wish he could be my soulmate’ and now I feel like you are. I love you so much Calum, don’t ever think that I don’t.”

Tears that I didn’t know I was holding back started to fall as I let out a hug smile. “I love you too, soulmate.”


first time doing this after like a year or two. currently going through some things so I thought maybe I could do this in order to get things off of my mind. I tried to make this imagine gender neutral so sorry if there’s a mistake somewhere. If you want a personal preference just tell me which guy, your name, and your pronouns in my ask


201.8 last Monday –> 200.2 Tuesday –> 199.6 Wednesday –> 199 Thursday –> 197.8 Friday –> 200.4 today

It turns out I’m not a witch. Or if I am, I’m one who has no power over her lactose intolerance.

I went to the cheese/pizza party Friday night, and it was glorious. I drank two glasses of rye, I ate many ounces of different cheeses, I had a little truffle honey that migrated over from my fiancé’s side of the plate we were sharing, and I polished off a heap of bresaola and prosciutto. Pretty low-carb! Then the pizza arrived, and I had two Sicilian slices, and they were JUST AS GOOD as I remembered them being.

You know the absolute sense of disillusionment you feel when you cheat and the thing isn’t as good as it was supposed to be? I had none of that. And the pizzeria even forgot to put toppings on the Sicilian! It was truly just crust, sauce, and cheese, and it was still everything. I felt like cheating was totally the right choice.

And then I spent all weekend feeling horrible! Like, super tired, headache both days that Advil couldn’t cure, rash on my neck, stress eating to feel better, way over my calories terrible. And look how much weight I gained! Uggggggh, my favorite thing makes me sick.

I’m not sure it was worth it, guys!

oh my dudes I totally forgot to tell y’all about the thing my best friend and I are making!

So it’s a podcast called Still Burning. And it’s the story of this lady who was the captain of a space ship, the youngest captain the military had ever had. And she, like, memorized every page of the manuals. Then, this disaster happens and her crew all die, and she’s ruined about it for like 30 years. She retreated into herself and formed an alcohol dependence and all this terrible shit. So 30 years after the accident, still blaming herself for it, she hears the story of this new captain who went through the same thing: a black hole swallowed up their ship and killed all of them despite the ship apparently following procedure. And she realizes that it wasn’t her fault–that it was the fault of the protocol. Looking through it, she realizes that a lot of the protocols are either outdated or based in theory rather than fact. So she returns to pilot a ship and intentionally puts herself (and her crew) in dangerous situations so that they can rewrite the procedure with methods that work. 

We recorded it two years ago, but I hated the script I wrote, so we’re going to redo it when I have the motivation to write it again. Also it’s full of whump lmao. Whump and strong lady leads–the captain, the medic, and the mechanic are all women. 

“Kiss?” someone inquired.

“Um,” the writer responded, after the words had been written. “I can explain.”

But she couldn’t. Not really.

(Only because this was already KINDA SORTA written … not really, I had 400 words and now it’s like 5000—canon to Warren is Strange THE SEQUEL [title in progress] slash Whale Song, but will definitely not stay totally canon. It’ll get somewhat rewritten to fit the context of the actual sequel once I get to that part of the story … whenever that is. Probably. Lord, if only I could explain the absolute mess that is my “Warren is Strange & etc” doc right now. I’m really sorry.)

ALL WARNINGS FROM PREVIOUS INSTALLMENTS STILL APPLY. Meaning the same shit from the video games/Warren is Strange. Just to be safe.

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IM AT 500 FOLLOWERS OMG. thank you !!

I CANNOT BELIEVE I’M ALREADY AT 500 FOLLOWERS ?? I mean how the hell do you even keep up with me? I’m such a turtle when it comes to replies… Worst than that, even. When I started this blog, I didn’t think that I would go this far and be lucky enough to talk to all of you? When I first started I never thought that I would love indie that much ?? I was always used to group rp so this new set was quite new to me. Now though, it’s like my favorite thing and I love every single person I met on here ?? Anyway I’ve been wanting to do a milestone since forever but always forgot about it ??? This though, I can’t forget so… Let’s do this !!! Under the cut will be the people I appreciate the most here !

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What Happens In Vegas

Pairing - Jungkook x Reader (Taehyung is a main character as well)

Genre - Stripper Au

Word Count - 3824

Part 1/?

Warnings - Sexually Explicit Content (Y/n Is a stripper)

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight

A/n - I’m super excited for this series. I plan to upload every Wednesday. Enjoy! (:

I glanced in the mirror at myself. I was dressed in gold T- strap bodysuit. I had straightened my hair and was wearing red lipstick. My bronzer glistened my skin and as I slipped on my Louboutin high heels I was ready to take the stage.

Tonight was a special night. It was New Years Eve. I knew that I could expect to make well over a few grand tonight and If i didn’t I would have to hear from my boyfriend as to what I did wrong.

As I stepped onto the stage to dance I felt the heat of the spotlight hit me. Men cheering and throwing money before I could even start dancing. My moves were well calculated. I knew exactly when to do what. When to bend over at the right time, when to show a little more skin. I took everything slow, not giving more than necessary for the time being.

When I walked off of the stage I had earned well over five hundred bucks and that was just in my first hour. I still had five hours left. Five hours that would include private dances, which I knew would bring in the majority of my money for the night.

Countless private dances, creepy guys and free shots of vodka later and I was heading out of the door. Tonight had been a great night. I had surpassed my goal and I knew that my boyfriend would be happy.

As I rode up the elevator to our penthouse apartment, I couldn’t help but think about my bathtub. Being in my line of work was exhausting not only physically and emotionally but mentally and I desired nothing more than a nice bubble bath with candles lit around it and maybe a glass of wine.

I walked in the door immediately taking of my shoes. I heard music coming from the living room and realized that my boyfriend wasn’t alone.

“Babe. I wasn’t expecting you to be home so early.” He said as I walked into the room.

“Tae, it’s almost one O'clock in the morning. Who is this?” I said looking at the barely dressed woman sitting on the couch next to my boyfriend.

“Hello, I’m Stephanie.” She said standing up and extending her hand for me to shake.

“Stephanie would like to get into our club. We were just having a little interview.” Taehyung said winking at the female resulting in an extremely high pitched laugh from her.

“Yes, Tae oppa told me that you are the highest earning dancer at his club. If I get in maybe you can teach me your ways.” She said.

“Yes maybe.” I said giving her a fake smile.

“I’m going to take a bath.” I said to Taehyung before excusing myself from the room.

The feeling on my body being submerged in the hot bathwater was probably the best feeling I’ve felt in a while. It seemed to mend my sore bones and soothe me to a state of almost unconsciousness. I decided to get out of the water before I officially fell asleep. I wrapped a towel around my body and walked into my bedroom to find my boyfriend sitting on my bed.

“Great job tonight babe. You did well.” Taehyung said as he sorted through the large amount of money I had earned.

“Thanks. That’s even after I tipped the bartender and DJ.” I told him.

“Good girl.” He said standing up and walking over to me.

“Aren’t you glad that you are dating the man who owns one of the most prestigious strip clubs in all of Vegas?” He asked.

He was right, the club where I worked was a high end strip club in the heart of Vegas. Girls auditioned and waited for months to get into the club. This club was where all of the high payers would come. Doctors, celebrities, people who had just won lots of money gambling and wanted to show it off. If you wanted to make tons of money as a dancer getting into this place was your best bet. Thankfully I had met Taehyung when I was 18 and he was just opening the club.

“You look so sexy right now.” Taehyung said as he moved my hair to kiss me on my neck.

“Take this off.” He demanded in a whisper as he pointed to the towel around my body. He then continued to suck at the soft skin.

“Actually Tae, I’m really sleepy right know. Can we please do this tomorrow?” I asked.

Taehyung immediately displayed a disappointed look on his face and let out a deep sigh.

“So you show off your ass to strangers all night, but you won’t even let your loving boyfriend have his way with you?” He asked.

My feet hurt, my head hurt and I just wanted rest. But I knew Taehyung. I knew that if I didn’t give him what he wanted he would hold it against me. So I did what I had to do to shut him up. I dropped down to my knees, and began to tug at the material of his jeans.

“Why don’t you let your girlfriend take care of you tonight?”

“Good girl.”

By the time Taehyung was satisfied It was nearing three O'clock. I finally was able to close my eyes and get some rest.

Tomorrow would be another day. By day I’d cater to my boyfriend’s every need and at night I’d sell my body.

Every night as I drifted off to sleep I couldn’t help but ask myself.

Why am I doing this?

Jungkook’s POV

Originally posted by classybts

“You ready for tonight?”

“Do I have to go?” Jungkook asked his friend as they entered an elevator at their workplace.

“What man would miss out on an opportunity to go to the most prestigious strip club in the country? Jimin asked.

“A man who doesn’t want to drive almost 100 miles to see strippers.” Jungkook said.

“Come on, your going to miss out on my bachelor’s party just because you don’t feel like driving?”

“Ah, I guess your right. I’m just not really into strippers.”

“Do it for me. You are my best man I want you there.” Jimin said as the elevator finally arrived to the bottom level.

“Fine. I’ll be there. Which hotel again?” He asked.

“I’ll text you all of the info in a minute. I totally forgot I need to pick up the rental car. All of us guys are driving together so by at my house by six don’t bail on me man!” Jimin said hurrying out of the building.

As much as Jungkook wanted to come up with some lame excuse as to why he couldn’t make it, he knew he couldn’t. He had been friends with Jimin since middle school. Jimin had a lot of friends but still chose him as his best man and he felt honored. Plus who knows maybe this weekend in Vegas would be better then he expected.

He was horribly wrong. Although the dancers were a lot better than ones he had seen at other clubs, Jungkook was uninterested. Jimin was drunk out of his mind and Jungkook spent most of the night following him around to make sure he didn’t do anything he’d regret the weekend before his wedding.

“Just a few bucks, come on man. I really need money to tip the next dancer. I hear she’s the best here.” Jimin pleaded.

“Fine, and then we are leaving.” Jungkook said as he reached into his wallet to pull out fresh bills for Jimin who had spent all of his money already.

Moments later the stage went dark. The music started and within seconds a young women walked onto the stage.

The spotlight immediately flashed on her and the crowd erupted with cheering. When Jungkook saw her he understood why she was the main attraction of the club, she was stunning. She took her time moving her body and everyone in the room was captivated by her dancing. Within three minutes she was naked and although Jungkook was at a strip club he felt a bit bad looking at her this way. Jimin was thoroughly impressed, he had used most of the money Jungkook gave him within the first couple of minutes of her dancing.

Once her performance was over she collected all of the money she had earned in that brief amount of time. Men were begging her for private dances but she said she was finished for the night.

“That sucks, I guess we will have to come back and see her tomorrow after hitting up the casino.” Jimin said.

“Maybe, let’s leave now.” Jungkook said looking down at his clock.

Jimin drunkenly mumbled something about leaving in a minute and Jungkook decided he would go outside to get a breath of fresh air.

As Jungkook made his way outside, he saw the girl he had seen onstage just a view minutes ago she looked like she was having an argument with a man.

“I told you not tonight.” She said.

“Come on sexy, just one dance.” The man pleaded grabbing on to her arm.

“Let go of me before I call security!”

“You think you are so good don’t you? You think you’re better than me? Come on, Just let me have a touch. I know you give it up easily anyway.” The man said pulling her closer, he was apparently drunk.

Y/n struggled to get the man off of her and walk away but he wouldn’t let her go.

“Did you not hear her when she said not tonight?” Jungkook said as he approached the two of them.

“Who the fuck are you?” The man said with slurred speech.

“Does it really matter? How about you walk away while I’m being nice.” Jungkook warned.

“Who do you think you are?” The drunken men said before swinging at Jungkook.

Jungkook put little effort into dogging the punch. The man missed by a lot and then hit him in the stomach with his fist as he doubled over.

“I think you’d better leave.”

“Fine, but I’ll be back tomorrow and I want that lap dance.” He yelled as he walked away towards an alley.

“Are you okay?” Jungkook asked turning his head to look at Y/n.

“I’m fine, thank you for helping me.” She said.

Y/n seemed as if she had a little apprehension in her voice when she spoke as if she was unaware of Jungkook’s motives.

“I just hate to see men harassing women.”

“And yet you are at a strip club.” Y/n said smiling lightly.

“Well, yeah. My friend is getting married so this is day one of three of his bachelor weekend.”

“Ah I see.”

“Yeah he was actually disappointed, he wanted a dance from you.” Jungkook mentioned.

“Yeah I don’t give private dances on Fridays, but you know what? If you are going to be here tomorrow I’ll definitely give him a dance first.”

“Are you sure?” He asked.

“Of course, only because you helped me deal with that creep.” She said pointing to the man who was now bending over and vomiting on the street.

Before Jungkook could reply a tall man approached the two of them wrapping his arm around y/n’s neck and pulling her closer to him.

“What’s going on here babe?” He asked.

“Oh Tae, this man was kind enough to get rid of some creep who wouldn’t leave me alone.” She said.

“Wow, some guy was messing with you? What an awful boyfriend I am for not being here for you when you needed me.”

“And thank you. What can I do for you in return?”

“Oh I don’t need anything. Actually I’m going to head back in now and find my friend.” Jungkook said turning around.

“Wait y/n called after him, Taehyung releasing her from his grasp.

“What’s your name?” She asked.

“I’m Jungkook, and you?”

“I’m Y/n. Ill see you tomorrow Jungkook.” She said before finally returning back to her boyfriend.

“See you.” He replied.

Y/n’s POV

Saturday morning arrived and I was glad that I only had two more days of working before I’d get a break.

Taehyung had came home late last night. I often wondered what he was doing out so late some nights but he told me it was business pertaining to the club. I woke up and took a shower and then went to the kitchen to make breakfast. I was almost finished cooking our breakfast when Taehyung entered the kitchen.

“Good morning sexy.” He said wrapping his arms around me from behind.

“Good morning. Where are you going?” I asked noticing that he was dressed.

“I have interviews to do all day today. I’ll see you tonight at the club.”

“Okay. Well at least eat breakfast with me before you leave.”

“No time, I’ll grab something on the way.” He said making his way towards the door.

“Oh, Tae wait.” I called after him.

“What is it?”

“A couple of girls from the club invited me to go out for dinner before work tonight. Would it be okay if I went with them?” I asked.

“Sweetie, you know I don’t like you around those girls.” He said wrapping his hands around my waist and pulling me in.

“Those girls? Tae I’m one of them.” I told him.

“No you are not. You’re in a totally different class then them. You’re mine and I don’t want you around them.” He said kissing me on my lips.

“I never do anything. I really want to go just -”

“Enough, you will do as I say.” He said cutting my words off.

“Fine.” I said looking down.

“I love you.” He said stroking my cheek.

“Me too.”

I closed the door and locked it behind him feeling completely dejected. Really though, I had no reason to feel that way. I should have expected as much. Taehyung could be really controlling at times. But I knew that he was only like that because he loved me. He wanted to protect me from the world.

I took out my phone to text the girls and let them know that I would be unable to meet them, they were not surprised. The rest of the day I did the normal things that I’d typically do. I did laundry, made dinner and cleaned the entire apartment. Around seven, I got dressed and headed out. Once I arrived at the club I went to the dressing room were the other girls were.

“Y/n, everyone’s asking for you already!” Jessica said.

“Yeah, a lot of men were wanting private dances last night. So I have a busy night ahead of me.” I replied glancing in the mirror.

“Girl send some of those men our way if you can’t handle it.”

“Oh you all know I can handle it.” I said laughing and heading out.

I entered the VIP section of the club to see who wanted a dance, typically those were the high paying customers.

On my way there I noticed someone whom I had seen before. Oh yeah it was the guy who had helped me last night, and I totally promised I’d give his friend my first dance.

“Jungkook?” I said approaching him.

“Hi, Y/n. This is my friend Jimin.” He said gesturing to his friend next to him.

“Hi Jimin, I heard you wanted a dance?” I asked the man who seemed extremely excited to see me.

“Wow you are even more beautiful up close. But actually, the dance will be for my best man here Jungkook.” He said winking.

“Huh?!” Jungkook said.

“Come on its my gift to you for being a great friend. I already paid.” Jimin said.

“You do it. This is not really my thing.” Jungkook said.

This made me chuckle a bit.

“Am I intimidating to you?” I asked.

“A bit.” He replied.

“Come on, It’ll be fun.” I said grabbing one of his hands.

I thought shy boys were cute. They were actually my favorite because they would hardly ever touch you and they were pleased easily. It was extremely easy money. After much convincing by Jimin and I, Jungkook finally decided he would do it. I lead him to a private room and closed the door behind us one we entered.

“Take a seat, make yourself comfortable.” I said as I started to adjust the lights.

He definitely was not comfortable. I almost felt bad for the poor guy.

“Jungkook, why don’t you relax? I’m not going to bite you, unless you pay me extra.” I said.

Jungkook laughed at this.

“I’m sorry, I just feel like this entire thing is a little degrading. Don’t you feel that way?” He asked.

“Well, not really. I think a person who is able to express themselves sexually like this has to have a high amount of confidence.”

“I guess that makes sense, I just feel really awkward right now.” He said straining in his seat.

“I’m not even naked right now. Are you gay? Because I can tell where you can find a really good male strip club. ”

He laughed again this time a bit louder.

“I’m not gay. I like women. In fact, I’m extremely attracted to you. But i’m sure you hear that a lot.” He said. He was right, I heard those words a lot.

Beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, and my boyfriend’s favorite, sexy.
I hear those words so much that it takes away the meaning in them. Or at least the feeling you get when someone compliments you.

But for some reason when Jungkook spoke, I could sense his sincerity.

“Thank you. I think that’s the one non offensive thing you’ve said to me all night.” I said genuinely smiling at him.

I walked over to him and sat down next to him and he smiled as well.  His smile seemed so genuinely sweet. I could sense he shyness still but it had dissipated a bit. Seeing him smile made me feel warm inside, unexpectedly.

“Okay so here is the deal. You don’t want me to get naked, but you already paid and we don’t give out refunds. What do you wanna do?” I asked.

“We could talk?” Jungkook suggested.

“You are at the best strip town in the country with the best performer at the club and you want to talk? Well, I guess I’ve done weirder things.” I said.

“You’re funny. You make me laugh a lot.” Jungkook said.

“Thank you, you are quite the charmer yourself. So what do you want to talk about?”

“Well, we could talk about you? What do you do besides uh, stripping?” He asked.

“Not a lot really. My boyfriend keeps a pretty tight leash on me.”

“Your boyfriend? Oh the guy from last night.”

“Yeah that’s him, he is actually the owner of this club.” I told him.

“Really? He looks so young.”

“Yeah we are both pretty young, his dad gave him a loan to open up this place when he turned 20 and I was working part time as a bartender at another club when he found me. I’ve been with him since the beginning.” I said.

“Oh I see, what made you decide to pursue this career?”

“I needed money to pay for college, at first I wanted to work part time but when I started to work for Tae, we decided that I’d be full time so I dropped out of college.”

“Did you decide that or did he decide that?” Jungkook asked.

“I guess it was sort of a mutual decision, I make enough here and Tae takes care of me financially so there was no longer a need to finish school.”

“What were you studying in school?”

“I’m not going to tell you.” I said looking down and smiling to myself.

“Why not?”

“You’ll laugh at me.”

“Come on, I wont laugh. Tell me and I’ll tell you something embarrassing about me.” He said moving closer to me in his seat. I could tell he was starting to feel a bit more comfortable with me and I liked that.

“I was trying to get my bachelors degree so that I could get into law school.” I said.

“Wow, you wanted to be a lawyer?” he asked.

“Yes, my father was a lawyer and when he passed I vowed to follow in his tracks of becoming a lawyer. Foolish isn’t it?”

“Absolutely not, as a matter of fact I think it’s the most amazing thing you’ve said since I met you. You should go for it!” He told me.

“No way! I think its a little too late for that don’t you agree?”

“Of course not, you look young. You still have so much time to do whatever you want to do with your life. You can be or do whatever you want to do y/n.”

As Jungkook spoke to me I couldn’t help but feel my cheeks burn from smiling so often. He made me feel like I was valuable in just this short amount of time. Not because I had a sexy body and knew how to use it but just because of my aspirations and goals.

“No one has ever said anything like that to me before.” I said.

“I think you need to surround yourself with better friends then.” Jungkook said.

“Maybe, anyways now it’ your turn.”

“My turn?”

“Yes you said you’d tell me something embarrassing.” I reminded him.

Suddenly the timer that I had set signifying that It had been thirty minutes started to go off.

“Looks like the time is up.” Jungkook said, I knew he was happy he didn’t have to reveal his embarrassing secret.

I stared at the timer for a while before standing up to finally turn it off. I was lost in my own mind. The thirty minutes had seemed to pass so quickly. Usually when I was in this room, it felt like I was in here with one person for hours. But talking with Jungkook, the time flew by. I wasn’t quite sure that I wanted it to end.

In my life I had very few people to talk to. It was nice for someone to take an interest in me. To actually want to know more and with no expectations.

I really liked that.

Jungkook walked out to the main lobby with me and we looked at each other both trying to process our thoughts before finally speaking.

“Thank you for that.” Jungkook said.

“For what?”

“For, talking to me. I enjoy your company.” He told me showing that cute smile of his that I was starting to adore.

“No, thank you.”

“Do you work tomorrow?” He asked.

“Yes I do actually, will you be here?” I asked. I was embarrassed to admit that I was smiling from ear to ear. The prospect of being able to talk to him again excited me.

“Yes, maybe I’ll get another “dance”. He said laughing.

“You totally should. Anyways I need to go, I have a lot to do tonight. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I told him.

“See you.”

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Difficult Times

Fandom: Brettonio

Tv Show: Chicago PD / Chicago Fire



Rated: M

Words: 2377

Part: 1 of 2

Characters: Sylvie Brett  Antonio Dawson  Kelly Severide  Gabby Dawson

Genre: Romance, Drama

Part 1

She was standing her ground, she knew she was wrong but was not going to give in anyway. The sun had already settled a few hours ago but she just came home because work had taken longer than she had expected when she told her friend to go home to her kids and she’d take care of her stuff as well. She hadn’t noticed time flying by as she was deep in thoughts. The radio had been playing quietly in the background playing music. She had really lost track of time, when she heard the vibrating of her phone inside of her purse.

She picked it up without looking who was calling. “Where the hell are you?” Antonio’s with anger filled voice shot through the line. Sylvie was taken aback by his sudden outburst, so much, she almost dropped her mobile.

“Still at work.” She snapped back. “Come down will ya. I have a lot of work. I just lost track of time.”

“We said we have dinner together tonight. I cooked.”

“I am so sorry hon. I totally forgot.”

“Don’t Hon me Sylvie. You better make this up to me or…-” “Or WHAT?” Screaming into the phone, Sylvie stood up not carrying that her chair fell over at her sudden reaction.

The line went dead.

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Fan Fic: Emma's First Valentine (1/1)

Summary: Emma Swan doesn’t like Valentine’s Day. It’s a lame Hallmark holiday built completely for commercial purposes. In fact, she’s oblivious that the day is almost upon Storybrooke.  Now that she has a family and a potential valentine, will she change her mind?  Set a couple of weeks after the events of 4x11. Fluffy, feelsy, Captain Swan, of course.

A/N: This is for Halle aka Swanshooknbug! I’m your CSSV. Happy Early Valentine’s Day! It’s been lovely chatting with you! Now I know Valentine’s Day is not your favorite, well in this story, it’s not Emma’s favorite either… maybe we can change both of your minds ;) Also there’s a little Easter egg in there from the first AU you mentioned… teenage!Vampire Emma. 

Can also be read on ff.net and AO3


With an appraising eye, Mary Margaret looked her daughter up and down as she descended the stairs of the loft. Emma was dressed head to toe in black.  Black boots, black jeans, black sweater, black jacket, put a black beanie over her golden locks and she’d look like she was ready for a night mission in a spy movie. However, to the best of her mother’s knowledge all was quiet in Storybrooke this morning. Quiet mornings had become the norm over the last couple of weeks. Ever since Belle banished her husband, secret missions were rarely necessary.  "Emma, what are you wearing?“

Emma glanced down to take in her outfit. "What? My normal clothes.”

“Well, yes, but that’s a lot of black.”

“I always wear black.”

“Sure, but not so much… all at once.” Mary Margaret said trying to hide her dismay, and failing.

"How do you want me to dress? Like that?” Emma asked with a sweep of her arm, finally noticing her mother’s eye-catching ensemble.  She was wearing a red wrap dress covered in little white hearts, topped off by a light pink cardigan.

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