i totally forgot his name

Meiji hoenn looks great

in case you haven’t noticed, i’m weird. i’m a weirdo. i don’t “fit in,“ and i don’t WANT to fit in. have you ever seen me without this stupid hat on? that’s weird.

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Yeah not a lot of bad posts on the tag lol so that's a relief. Also age isn't a big deal so I don't know why it's causing such a problem. I always thought the cadets were around the age of 18-21. Anyways, has there ever been a model or actor who you see Keith and shiro as?

ur lucky you missed majority of the war lol but that aside INTERESTING QUESTION! can’t think of anyone for keith rn but I can totally see hideo muraoka as shiro…..he’s illegally beautiful just look at him 

I know it’s a late post but I just want to give a shoutout to the conductor during the May 24, 2017 evening show of Book of Mormon in West End because it really feels like he’s part of the ensemble, giving out perfect reactions to every scene and dancing in his little spot in the orchestra in Every.Song WHILE he conducts and being just as scared as Elder Price when he’s in Spooky Mormon Hell Dream and his piano skills are perFECTION and I love that guy so much I wanna give him a hug

8 months later part 2

Hey guys! I was really happy to see that some of you liked the story, so I decided to write a part two. From the beginning I thought it would just be one short story, but I got so many ideas so it might come out more chapters after this one, if you would like it to.


Part one: http://jackieswift.tumblr.com/post/156452687077/8-months-later


*Adam’s pov*

I sat there with a finish message and was just about to send it to her. When I remembered that I wasn’t the only guy she had liked during 2016. When she broke up with me she started dating Tom Hiddleston just a few weeks or maybe a month after. I was so destroyed at this point. The love of my life didn’t give me a chance to win her back, she showed me and the whole world that she was the winner of the break up when she was seen together with him. At first I thought it was a sick joke, my Taylor wouldn’t do that. Then, when I heard he had bought her a ring and she turned him down and he couldn’t stand it, it was over between them and maybe I had a chance. I didn’t knew if the whole story was true. But the first time I heard it, I hoped it was. Because if she turned the ring down she might still have feelings for me. My friends gossiped a lot about it, and Tom said something about don’t believe everything you read, but at the same time, they broke things off right after that.

I read the message again “Dear Taylor. I just saw your video and must say congratulations. The song is great, the video is too and you know when we first started dating, and how you were very insecure about your body, I’m happy you’re over it now. Because even though we are over, I still stand behind my words. You are the most beautiful woman I’ve met in my life. You seem to be so happy, and I’m really glad for you. I really wish you the best. I know this might come as a shock to you, but Taylor I miss you so fucking much. I can’t stop thinking about you. And if you wrote this song about me, which I really hope you did, please give me a call. -Adam”

I couldn’t send it. What if the song was about Tom. “Wondering if I dodged a bullet or just lost the love of my life”, that could totally be about Tom, or at least if he really was ready to propose and she turned him down. If she thought she loved him, but that it was too early. If he really gave her a “now or never” and she decided to go with never, because it was too early to call him the love of her life. She actually called me that, so maybe the song isn’t about me. And why would she see me around in all the empty faces when she met Tom right after we broke up. What if she replies something like “Hey Adam, good to hear from you. That’s so nice of you and I’m happy everything turned out great for you too. I’m sorry, but the song isn’t about you. I really miss you though, what do you say about two friends grabbing a coffee sometime next week? -Taylor”. Taylor is too nice to just be writing “Haha that ego, no it’s not about you.” but still. It’s a big chance the song isn’t about me and then I know it’s over for real. Then I know she will never be mine again. So maybe it’s best to think that I have a chance, because at least that give me some hope.

I deleted it. I couldn’t do this to myself. Taylor is probably having a part and is celebrating with her friends and everything. Why should I ruin her night? I still love her, so I can’t do that. That text message would make her so sad if the song is about Tom. Because if I had sent it and the song was about Tom, she would have to break my heart again. And I know that would break her too.

*Gigi’s pov*

I was sitting in Zayn’s lap. Feeling so happy. I’m only 21 years old, but I have found the one guy I wanna spend the rest of my life with. I had him right in front of me and I was so proud over him most of the times, but tonight I was a bit extra proud. Because my bestfriend and boyfriend had realised a song together and the music video was hot, mysterious, but still no kissing and nothing too much. “I love you so much” I whispered to Zayn. “I love you too babe. You know you are the most beautiful girl in the world right” he said and made me blush. I kissed him and heard how Taylor excused herself from the room. “Do you think she’s okay?” I whispered to Zayn when she was gone. “I have no idea, why do you ask?”. I gave him a serious look and then said “The song honey, it’s about Adam.”

OHH GUYS, was the first thing I thought to be honest. I loved this man more than anything in the world, but still he didn’t knew the story that he was telling in his song. He didn’t knew the song was about Adam.

“Adam?” he asked a bit confused. “Yeah, that guy you called di*khead on twitter, remember” I answered as I rolled my eyes. He started to laugh, “oh you mean Calvin Harris. I totally forgot his real name is Adam.” I started to smile, to me Calvin was Adam, but I remembered that because of their twitter fight me and Taylor hung out with out the boys most of the times. They met and hung out a few times, but still I got where it all came from. “I think I need to go and check on her” I said and kissed Zayn one last time before I started walking away.

I walked up, and asked pretty quiet “Taylor, where are you?” and didn’t get an answer. I walked to Taylor’s bedroom, and then I heard the sound I hated the most. The sound of someone crying their eyes out. I walked against the noise and it took me to her bathroom. “Taylor open up” I said with a pretty calm voice. “No, go back to Zayn. Have a great evening. I don’t wanna ruin this for you two. So go and have fun.” she answered.

“Open that damn door, I’m not going anywhere” I said, when she finally opened up I saw three bottles stand in front of her, one with red wine, another with whiskey and the last one with champagne. It smelled terrible in the bathroom. And when I lifted the bottles I realised it was a lot left, but still, she had been drinking so much more than her body could handle. I might need to take her to the hospital was my first thought. “What the hell?” I said and even more tears started streaming down from her cheeks. “Why did you do this to yourself?” I asked her while I tried to wipe her tears away. She laid down over my lap and said “He should have sent the text” I finally got up my phone and called Zayn so he could get a driver. But at the same time I started wondering about her words. The signals goes away….”ADAM” I said and Zayn answered “no, Zayn?”. “Babe I need you to fix a cab and a driver. FAST” I know he can hear it in my voice, that I’m worried. “What happened?” he asked fast. “It’s Taylor, she needs to get to the hospital.” Right away he hung up and I know that he tries to get a driver as fast as possible. “Gigi, I hate that I still love him. Did he have to do that?” Taylor said and then passed out in my lap. “Taylor, what did he do” I tried to ask, but it was impossible to get any connection with her.

I take up my phone and go to contacts and search for Adam. Click on text message and then writes in “What the hell did you do?” and click on send before I even thought it through…


Do you want another chapter so you can find out what happens with Taylor and how Adam will respond?

Meeting Ed: Take 3

So It took every bit of will power to not tell you guys every little detail about yesterday but I FINALLY can!!!

So basically it all started when we arrived at MTV around 12:30, we checked in and were escorted up into the MTV offices and into a screening of the documentary, and it was absolutely wonderful as all you guys know by now :) after that our escort Christina brought us to the MTV news floor to get ready for the meet and greet, we waited for about 15-20 minutes for everything to get set up and for Ed to finish eating, then after that, it was time to go in. I’ve said many times that I never get nervous when meeting Ed but at this point, my heart dropped. The meet and greet was held in a tiny room with a backdrop set up as well as a full camera crew, I think that’s what intimidated me most, not the fact that Ed was standing right there but that the whole thing was being recorded. Angela went first and she had an adorable conversation with Ed about one of his old CDs (and he was totally confused as to why she had it) and her awesome tattoo shoes. It was then my turn. Knowing the rough day Ed had yesterday I made sure I gave Ed a huge hug (it was our best one yet) He then noticed my friend Bridget holding the poster I made and asked if she made it but she quickly made him aware that it was mine. He took a look at it and I explained that I had printed one out for him, he then said that it looked awesome and that he had actually seen the poster on Instagram a few days ago. I then took out the fan poster and explained that I had gathered over 300 names to created the design. He said something along the lines “oh my god that’s awesome” we then took our photo and before I had to go I made sure to discuss one last thing…the pregnant picture.

I am the ass behind that edit. Most of you know that I made it a year ago because of Ed always tweeting that he’s pregnant after a big meal, but only a few know that one of the other major reasons was to scare Angela who is afraid of pregnant women. So basically what happened, I made Angela stand in the back of the room so I could reference her and took out a print of the edit. I held it up and said “remember this?“ And he goes "Ohh so you made that didn’t you?” I then explained the whole story and that I had made it to scare Angela and pointed to her. He was laughing and I said “so yeah sorry for scarring you” and he goes, “nah Athina was pretty freaked out but I loved it.” He then rubbed his belly and did the happy face (you know, the one where he looks like a kitten) and told us the name of his food baby (I totally forgot it) and held the photo up to the camera. The whole thing was actually filmed so hopefully it goes up eventually :) I then asked him to sign my posters and we said our goodbyes. The whole thing lasted maybe 4 minutes, not a lot of time but every second was great.

Also notice that he’s holding the poster

His face when I was telling him about the pregnant edit. 

The signed poster

After that I was walking down the hallway into the floor lobby and spotted Stuart and Mark in an office eating soup, so naturally, having never really greeted them before I yelled out a huge “HEY STU!” He smiled and gave us a very polite “hello” :) Unfortunately we were being rushed along so I didn’t get to give Mark a hello as well.

We then made our way into the studio where we sat front row right next to the Q&A girl (I honestly forgot her name but she was super nice) The whole thing was better than I expected, I didn’t expect there to be games, or for him to perform another song besides Sing but he did :) Just sitting there watching him was awesome, taking in his weirdness and his mannerisms, I could honestly sit there for hours just listening to him talking about nonsense. Anyways, that part was great, Angela got to asked a question and I was plopped right along side her so you can see bits and pieces of me throughout. She was wearing her middle earth leggings which Ed proper fangirled over during filming (I’m sure a few of you noticed) and it was adorable. 

After the filming Ed performed probably the most beautiful cover of “Chasing Cars” I’ve ever heard him do. He kept asking to be patient since he hadn’t done it in years and messed up the loop twice but it was beautiful and camera’s were still rolling so you guys may be able to see it eventually :)

After that Ed left and we were asked to stick around to do interviews and some pictures with the sponsor product. I was interviewed by the same girl who interviewed Ed during the stream and it was awkward as hell and I sound so fake and cringey but whatever look out for that during commercial breaks over the next two weeks and please take pictures of my awkwardness so I can have a laugh.


We then were asked to go outside to take pictures in front of MTV with Pepsis in our hand because of reasons 

Look at dis chin I got going on

Oh yes.

Overall these last few days were amazing and I’m so thankful that I was chosen for this amazing opportunity. I’m also so happy that Angela and I (along with her friend Lydia and my friend Bridget) got to properly hang out while I showed them around New York. I’m not sure how out of thousands of people, we were 2 of the chosen winners but I’m so ridiculously thrilled that it happened. 

Anyways that’s it, If I remember anything I’ll be sure to include it. Be sure to look out for my MTV News segment and tell me if you guys see it :) Also, I will be receiving more photos soon so I’ll post those when I get them :)


Me while sleeping: dreams of kissing my favorite female artist, dating my friend, making out with my classmate

Me the morning after: hahaha what was that?! Dreams are sooo weird!! I’ll never undestand why I dream about things like that!! Maybe I’m trying not to think about the crush that I TOTALLY have on… Matt? Simon? I forgot his name because I was so mesmerized by his handsomeness!!

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Hi! I totally forgot the name of a fic I wanted to re-read. Dan is a botanist/florist who works at a flower shop called "Game of Thorns" and Phil passes by/walks in every day. Phil is engaged to somebody and asks Dan to arrange the flowers for his wedding. Dan falls for Phil and Phil falls to Dan. Phil keeps it a secret from his fiance until he finally tells her and DnP end up together

I Dare You to Love Me - Dan owns a popular flower shop and has more of a passion for flowers than he does for people. That is, until Phil stumbles into his shop - and consequently into his life as the two develop a fast friendship and Dan finds himself all but infatuated with him. But there’s a problem: Phil’s engaged and Dan is the florist for his wedding. And even more complications arise when Phil begins questioning everything he’s ever known about love - and himself - when he realizes that the path to true love isn’t always… straight.