i totally forgot about this one lol

I completely forgot about this one.

I really wish the game had kept this design for Maria’s 2nd phase. The badass bloody cape (which I can’t help but thinking was going to swish-swoosh around like Gael’s), the Pthumerian look and flowing hair… really a missed opportunity.

Oh well, I always have my fanfiction and this totally happens and everybody freaks out lol.

Stalker Sam

Pairing: Sam x oc (Sam)

Request: Yay!!!! Can I get a Bucky( or Sam Wilson) imagine where cap, Sam, and Bucky all go running every morning and then the reader starts running that route too and they ofter to stay by her for safety cuz it’s still kinda a dark out.(you can take the plot from there) I just love those running scenes and guys acknowledging their privilege to help others. Sorry if that was long I don’t usually request stuff lol. Can’t wait! ❤️💙❤️💙There was one more detail of the fic I forgot to ask about and that was the reader being a random civilian. I TOTALLY understand if you’ve already written it or you have a dif plot in your head. It’s writers choice. 💚sorry if it seems like I’m bugging you a lot😄💚

A/n this goes out to @applepiehater101 for winning a contest a few months back. Thank you for being patient with me. Also this is going to be a little confusing so play close attention.

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Sam loved going on early morning runs because not a lot of people were out and about and him, Steve and Bucky were able to workout. That all changed when Sam moved into town and started running the track they ran around the same time. He was startled the first time he heard her voice because he was alone when he heard “excuse me”. He looked be “sorry” she apologized before she ran past him.

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This one actually required a lil bit of guts to post because while this works for me, I’m just starting to branch out of the research phase of witchcraft and starting to do my own practice, but I’m still petrified of doing things “wrong.” That disclaimer aside, I’m gonna explain what I’ve been working on and experimenting with.

So I’ve been making spell jars with candles on top lately. The idea here is that the spell jar is harnessing the energy of its contents when the candle is burning. That’s my intention for it anyway, and it seems to be working quite well.

This particular one I made today for the purpose of cleansing residual energy after I’ve helped a spirit cross over. I’ve had some issues with spirits in my apartment lately so that’s the reason for this.

It contains:
💧Stream Water (for cleansing)
💧Swamp Water (for banishing)
🌱Juniper leaves + berries (for cleansing and protection against malignant forces)
🍃 Violet Leaves (protection against evil)

(Also I’m totally aware that the ingredients list in my grimoire includes sage. I just forgot to add the sage before I sealed it lol).

I tried it out and it works pretty well. After I helped this one spirit cross over, I left it burning where she was standing for a few minutes and the residual energy was lessened but not gone. I’d imagine I’d need to let it burn for longer.

Anyway this was a little insight into my current practice. Maybe it could serve as an idea for someone else, or maybe I’m about to get roasted. I don’t really know.

Either way, thanks for reading ☺️

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Lol I was so convinced Deamus is canon since year one I totally forgot Ginny and Dean dated.

I’m pretty sure Dean used to talk a lot about Seamus to Ginny like “shit I think he’s mad at me because I’m on the team and he’s not. I’m pretty sure he hates me now” and she was just like “omg get over it and let’s just snog”

“But do you think-”
“Dean we are not in this corridor because I want to hear you talking about Seamus. Really.”

Everytime they snog Dean saying “can’t wait to tell Seamus” and Ginny is just 🙄 “omg why don’t you snog him instead then? I’m out”

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I think its funny that everyone usually says Lena is the thirsty one. Meanwhile Kara was so extra this ep lol. I remember in an ep of Smallville, when they introduced Aquaman, Lois got close to him and Clark was a total ass to him. He wasnt even with Lois at that point either but it reminded me of Kara crashing their date lol

Extra 😅

Extra 😍

Yes she certainly was.

Oh!! Yes Clark vs. AC in the Talon! I forgot about that scene! It was a pretty similar idea, wasn’t it? Lois and AC trying to flirt and in the meantime, there’s good ole Clark being all macho yet still appropriately passive-aggressive while coming across as the “overprotective brother” type. Then you have Ms. Kara #That’sWhatFriendsAreFor! Danvers crashing dates and attempting to interrupt romantic moments. Because journalism, right??

I see you, anon. And I like it.

  • Harry makes no argument about Jesse’s decision to stay on E-1. 
  • Like sure my daughter can stay, two speedsters ain’t enough to protect one city,so why not, right?
  •  And yeah Savitar and his agenda don’t concern me at all AND tbh I don’t want to stay here and help you guys to fight him, lol byeee!
  • Also I won’t talk with Snow about her cold powers.
  • *did writers forgot about “we’re a team” episode??*
  • Harry don’t like HR i get it okay but i expected him to watch and observe not act like a total douchebag ugh

Did some surgery today.
This was taken about 0.5 seconds before I was told not to use the snook hook. (Which is the instrument currently in my hands 🙃)

Today was just a rough day for surgery Lab. I started off by putting on my gown completely inside out (totally broke asepsis). After being told not to use the snook hook*, my uterus got stuck inside my model and one horn came completely off. And that was just my practicing. Lol. My partner and I got confused trying to ligate the uterine body because I forgot to move everything out of the way in the correct direction, she snapped the suture while tying down the pedicle, and we had a time trying to remember how to bury knots (don’t worry, we figured it out!). Both of our uteruses ended up getting stuck in the models, but hers didn’t break. Lol.
We did start singing to help calm our nerves and saw one of the professors silently singing to himself a little after. I asked about bonus points for singing during the exam. No dice.

*for our exam (which this is practice for), one of the uterine horns will already be exposed when we enter. The snook hook is used to just find one horn and then you kinda pull it out as you go. Fun fact.

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Misha Collins didn't really get an anteater, he went to the San Diego zoo with Maison and west over the weekend and I'm guessing he took a few pics and he's just posting them up one by one. Remember he posted a pic with his kids and the armadillo a few days ago? That was from when they visited the zoo.

Oh that’s right he did post about going to the SD zoo! Lol I somehow totally forgot 

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You know, as a b*s fan, i totally see yr point abt a**ys. They are literally driving me to the point where i don't care abt b*s anymore when they used to be my supreme faves. As long as i treat them as... Isolated from the world it's fine but the moment i see "b*s also covered this song" im ready to drop them and fight every last a**y

Lol I saw a bunch of them comparing mx’s and b*s’s cover of that one song. ,(I forgot the name) That made me pretty mad. They were talking about how b*s was so much more energetic than mx and all I was thinking was that “my mx babies have been overworked like dogs for the past 4-5 months yet they still had the energy to give us a kick-ass performance.”
Yet a**ys had the nerve to criticize them. I’m not mad.

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This is gonna sound lame but when I was a kid I totally wanted to be a super hero. You know, do good, help people, all that. It was the dream until I grew up a little and became really cynical and miserable. I kinda forgot about it actually. Lol, but then I watched season one of Supergirl and, welp, it inspired me. Not, to like, put on a cape and run around town, 'cause that's nuts. But it made me want to care again. Cheesy but whatever.

I love this so much? Also I love cheesy and being inspired by seemingly minute things so I get it dude. We live in a hyper cynical world so being kind and helpful and good are all pretty revolutionary acts.

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"Totally forgot to remind her about the interview". You had one job. LOL! Just kidding. Nice that you got to talk to Leanne.

LOL I’m sorry! She did say she would hope to see me before SDCC is over, and I know where she holds her interviews so I’ll get to see her again!

// HEYO! :D Here’s my version of the Meet the Artist meme that’s been going around! I got several admin asks as well, so might as well knock out two birds with one stone! 

Fun Facts & Q&As under the cut!

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so let me just put this out there... there are about 36 to 37 songs in the Cody series which would make it seem (at least to me) like there's a song for each chapter that relates to the mood of each one... now am I off or am I getting warm with this theory😉😉😉

Umm… no, lol. You’re not close to your theory.

There are 38 songs total Originally 37, (I forgot one and added it today, ha) and I’m currently working on chapter 30. I don’t know how many chapters I’ll have when I finish the series. 

These songs are songs that help inspired write the series. For example, the first verse of Kevin Fowler’s “Best Mistake I Ever Made” inspire the whole series. 

Some songs are songs I use in the series, like Jake Miller’s “Shake It” and Dustin Lynch’s “Just The Way You Are”, (That scene is my favorite!) and Billy Currington’s “Must Be Doin’ Something Right”

Then all the smutty like songs definitely inspired the smutty scenes, like Jake Miller’s “Can’t Help Myself”, “Pillowtalk”, and “Overnight”, 98 Degree’s “Stay the Night”, and Billy Currington’s “Must Be Doin’ Something Right.”

Lastly, there are just some songs that relate to the characters in someway.  I know there are a lot of other songs I could use, but I think I pick the best ones for the series. I hope you like them

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The How I met your mother episode where Barney pins for Robin and the "time stands still" when he realizes she chose Kevin?

I totally forgot about that episode! That would have actually probably fit the chapter’s theme more than the one I thought of does! I’m tempted to pretend that I just referenced HIMYM now ;) lol but… nope. Not the one I was thinking of.

(Forgotten Angel Readers: Guessing what T.V. show I referenced in chapter 71: “Tick. Tick. Tick.”): Take a Guess

So I totally forgot how much I miss blogging and journaling my little “life”. I wish I had time to also write in my cute journals I collected in the past. When I was younger, I had a few journals. The one I particularly remember well was one I wrote in throughout my seventh thru freshman year. I wrote about silly things, and then mostly about my relationship with my first real boyfriend, Charles. I specifically would only write in it with a fine tipped permanent marker pen, LOL. But I remember the doodles, the little stuff I did to memorialize me at that time. I need to do that again, whether it’s here or in an actual journal. I also recall another, it was a spiral one with Chococat on it. I documented my abusive (although I didn’t realize it while I was 17) relationship with another guy, who was older. It’s still painful to recall that. 

Anyway, I guess I’m just trying to say I’m going to be making more of an effort to get back to typing about my life again, however insignificant.

I was tagged by @benditlikebedford like 3 days ago and I totally forgot lol

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name: Nicole
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favorite fruit: raspberry
favorite season: fall
favorite book series: Not a series but anything and everything by Chuck Palahnuik
favorite fictional character: Dude I don’t fucking know
favorite flower: daisy
favorite scents: Puppies, honey, roses
favorite color: it’s black at the moment
favorite animal: bats! And dogs
favorite artist/band: Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s, The 1975, idk at the moment I’m loving Pale Waves, The Japanese House, and Wolf Alice so
coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: coffee
average # of hours of sleep: 7-8
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dream trip: I’d love to go back to Barcelona, but all over the world really.
last thing i googled: bus tickets to go to Montreux on Friday
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how many blog do i follow: 767
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1, 12, 13, 39, and 40

1. What was the last thing that made you laugh?

Oh gosh..and idiotic thought of mine. I was like thinking how long I’ve been up since I technically only slept one hour and that song….its been one week (I totally forgot it) popped in my head.

12. Do you have any party tricks that most people don’t know about?

I mean if imitation of various noises count, then there’s that.

13. What was an instance that completely turned your bad day/week around for the better?

Honestly idrk..

39. What was the most relaxed you’ve ever felt?

Hm…I guess the last time I was drunk lol.

40. And finally, describe any one thing that makes you super happy…

Everyday this happens but hiding in a random place so I can scare my gf when she gets home. Dead serious.

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