i totally forgot about this one lol


I’m sorry for being slow with the answers (I don’t have the motivation for now.).

Here are drawings I posted on Colorslive.com. They are the first introduction pics I made for Weeabootale. As you can see, some characters changed lol.

-Flowey was supposed to have an Asgore message as collar but guess what? When I made the first Weeabootale comic, I totally forgot about it x’D So I canceled that.

-Despite being embarassed to be an idol fan, Sans was supposed to be the calm, cool, nice and wise big bro type. It’s hilariously ironic since he became the exact opposite x’D (rip weeb Sans)

-Alphys was supposed to be shy and look innocent (despite having a perv hidden side). Rip Alphys too.

-The one who has changed the most is DEFINITLY Gaster tho. He was supposed to be the innocent-looking guy without any real personality who’s only here to troll Sans. Freaking RIP. (I’m glad he changed tho…<x’D)

maybe I should remake these drawings with the actual weeabootale characters now….

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quick suggestion: you can actually change the little message thing that pops up in the askbox. for example of says "Ask Box" right now but you can change it so it says "check my ask tag '#dat ask' before sending a question" or something like that. that way people get reminded when they send asks. I'm pretty sure you can't do this one mobile but u can definitely do it on desktop by going into the settings stuff (sorry that's not really specific lol)

huh i totally forgot about this feature!! thanks ill definitely implement it 

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regarding the ritual summoning theory: I would prefer for Yusaku to being the only one (or rather one of the few) to use RS, since in a statement (you can find it on the wiki article for the new series) the VR duelists are going to be akin to something like internet personalities, so a nobody like Yusaku coming out of nowhere, using an underrated summoning method and beating famous internet personalities with it would attract a lot of attention (much to Yusaku's dismay)

Oh man, I totally forgot about the internet personality aspect of the plot. Probably because I’m not sure what to make of it lol.

As for what sparks Yusaku’s eventual renown (a character who hates attention is just begging to inadvertently become famous)… that would depend on what pushes his initial character development forward. His claim to fame can be a slow burn if he’s inspired to change and try things by the people around him, in which case he could potentially use any summoning method and it would lead to the same conclusion.

However, if what jumpstarts his character development is the fame in and of itself, then he will have to do something very different from the standards of his world. If taken to it’s logical extreme, he could become something of an overnight celebrity (or his persona will, anyway). I don’t think he’ll pioneer some new summoning method, for the same reason why I don’t think his potential power will be malicious: too much like Yuya. But some random guy running around, ruining peoples lives with his underrated gishki monsters? You’re right, that would attract loads of attention! 

I could even see him gaining a quasi cult following. Maybe people who feel so strongly about him (whether it be admiration or hatred) that they try to find out who the person is behind the persona. Being exposed sounds like it would be his worst nightmare, which naturally means that it has to happen. Winning by doing something out of left field would enable things like that to happen, and I can’t think of any existing mechanic that would do it better than rituals. 

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I should have read chapter 13 before the other story, bUT NO, I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE ANGSTY, BUT NOT THE KIND OF CHAPTER THAT WOULD MAKE ME CRY, YOU BETTER MAKE UP FOR THIS WITH THE NEXT CHAPTER! Also, I like that you scheduled the first happy one again on Valentine's XDD still sad tho, I need to track down a fluff fic now....

oh i just realized what i did haha i totally forgot about valentine’s day, but yes! that will be my gift to you!


i promise the next chapter is way better! it’s a little angsty/tense but then it’s nice from then on! i hope you guys like it!

TBH, if it wasn’t for you guys reblogging my prompts, I would’ve totally forgotten about them.
@shadowyin-yang, thanks for reblogging the kitty shapeshifter one. I still want to write it but I completely forgot that it existed lol. So thanks for reminding me haha.

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It’s Obikin Time - 💕 Special Valentines Edition! How do they spend it? Is it romantic or does it go hilariously wrong? If there are presents, what are they? Special food, love holos, romantic location - yes/no? What’s the vibe: fluffy, sexy, awkward, something else? (As it’s V-Day, feel free to tag another Obikin shipper & send them this heart: ❤)

Yes!! I love Obikin time! Thanks anon!

So I think Obi-Wan and Anakin are the kind of couple who utilizes those coupon books– things like “One Free Hug,” “One Household Chore,” “One Lap Dance,” lol. It started because Anakin totally forgot about Valentine’s Day one year and felt so bad about it Obi-Wan had to come up with a solution. So, coupon books! They could theoretically use them at any time but they generally don’t have the time and it’s more fun to cash a bunch of them in at once anyway.

Anakin always goes for Chocolates and a Makeout Session. He says he’ll “share” the chocolates with Obi-Wan but that means 1 or 2 pieces for him and the rest for himself. He also knows the makeout session will ~probably~ lead to more, so why cash that coupon when he could save it and giggle at the thought of presenting it to Obi-Wan when Obi-Wan’s so not in the mood?

Obi-Wan likes the Massage and Cuddling coupons. Anakin’s hands are /magic/ and he could really use the relaxation time. They both like snuggling up to each other, but the coupon means it’s an all-day-affair. Anakin might suggest romantic places to travel to for the day, but they have to have a comfy place indoors for this. Obi-Wan always gets Anakin flowers for two reasons. One, because Anakin likes them, and two, Obi-Wan knows it’s the one day of the year that he’s a little selfish.

Tagging: @thekakapocantalk, @aalcalinaa, @stopaskingme, and anyone else who wants to do it!  ❤

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hey, there was some drama re: some gloves with love/hate on them and the caption "choose the right one <3" and everyone is like 'an #iconic moment' but i wasn't part of the fandom then and i don't know what happened, can you explain it to me please???

Two years ago…
February 2015.
Either read that or check officialtaylornation.tumblr.com/tagged/johnnie

Lol, I totally forgot about all this till you reminded me. The flashbacks!

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What's happening with reform school ? Don't feel pressured, I just love it so much lol😘

Tbh ive been working on garza high so hard that i totally forgot about it. I may wait a bit on reform until i at least have one story complete lol hope thats okay?

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THESE ARE THE BEST AUTOBIOS: just kids by Patti Smith, a story lately told by Angelica Huston, simple dreams by Linda Ronstadt. I am a memoir fiend, these three are the most beautiful WRITERS and the books are very escapist. I want to live inside of them lol. Plz read them and let me know what you think

DUDE!! I’ve heard so many good things about that Patti Smith one and wanted to read it and totally forgot about it till now!!!! Thank you so much I’m definitely gonna look into all of them!!!! You’re the best!!💝🌸🌝

Oh man, I totally forgot to post this here.

I am pregnant!!! Currently 9+ weeks! Last year I had two miscarriages and it was really rough. 

I took it as an opportunity to clear a lot of negativity from my life and from my facebook feed, lol. I had a handful of “friends” that I have been told over and over don’t actually like me.

While, I never got to the point that I was comfortable posting about my losses, I knew one day I would and I didn’t want people on my friends list who didn’t like me but were allowed to be a part of such a delicate and painful life experience. 

When I posted my pregnancy announcement I finally shared about my losses and most people didn’t acknowledge that part of the announcement (it was a longer post so people may not have read it fully), but a few people thanked me for sharing the small bit of my story that I posted. 

I am not in the clear. The chances of a miscarriage are pretty high while still in the first trimester. I am feeling really confident about this pregnancy though!

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brown nation which I Watched For You

My all-time ultimate fave character: DIMPLE. Also Bobby. Also Roli because I’m Love Her. 

A character I didn’t used to like but now do: IDEK.

A character I used to like but now don’t: I dunno.

A character I’m indifferent about: Gautam lol.

A character who deserved better: DIMPLE!!!!!!

A ship I’ve never been able to get into: N/A.

A ship I’ve never been able to get over: I REALLY LIKED HYDER AND SAMANTHA RIP ME.

A cute, low-key ship: Hasmukh and Dimple lol.

An unpopular ship but I still enjoyed it: N/A.

A ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened: Was there one I have No Recollection.

My favorite storyline/moment: WHEN THEY LOST THE DOG. I need to rewatch I feel like I forgot so much lol but oh my gosh.

A storyline that never should have been written: I dunno.

My first thoughts on the show: “South Asian representation!!!”

My thoughts now: This show is one of the most realistic portrayals of Asians in America for me. I loved that it was Realistically Bilingual. I loved the characters. I loved that there are those who immigrated here and still retain their accent, those who were born in America, etc. Also Hyder is Too Good. I feel so proud of this production even though it’s not even Mine. I love.

Send me a show!

Heeeeey! Sorry for answering the tags late! But let’s talk about the Mumen/Sonic fusion again ♥ 

Thanks for all the name suggestions, but I think I’ll go with Dark Choco(late) suggested by @west-8th-avenue for now *_* I was also thinking about Chocolate Croissant but it’s kinda long? 

Also the reason why I didn’t draw goggles in the first picture was, that he totally reminded me of Reno from FF7 so I was thinking about a visor, which I forgot to draw LOL. So yeeeah, I added the visor thingy here and Inliners (thanks @love-and-toleration903)

And about the tsundere thingy (gosh I still have to google these terms):

old ass B&N haul I forgot about until this morning, lol.

Pitt artist pen color packs: 19x3
Pitt artist pen black set: 25
off brand Micron pens: 16?

total: $98

P.S. I learned on this trip that Faber-Castell doesn’t make any other skin tone packs besides the pasty white people one. I highly encourage you to steal from them 🙂

This arc is all over the place, I totally forgot that Mashima set up fights for Erza and Kagura vs (I forgot who) and Wendy and Chelia vs Dimaria who’s got some freaky time power and idek if Laxus is gonna be okay and Ichiya is still recovering, Natsu is still unconscious, no one knows if Brandish is still loyal to Zeref, Lucy may go on a journey, Acnologia is hunting the dragon slayers, Mavis has yet to learn about what happened to Warrod and co., still don’t know what happens if the E.N.D book is open, Gray still doesn’t know who END is and we still haven’t seen Zeref’s new emperor clothes like whaaaat