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Hi, there! I think you forgot to mention one more thing for the BD3 commentary: that Yuuri actually let Victor pay for business class to Barcelona. Victor, please... I can see Yuuri be awkward about Victor's huge expenses in any case, pffft.

Hi! I just listened again to the commentary to make sure (I listened to all the part where they discuss about plane tickets), but she doesn’t mention anything about that. Is this information from the commentary or from somewhere else?

(Oh and I can totally see Yuuri be awkward about Victor’s expenses, especially because he doesn’t look like someone who likes luxurious things, lol. If they live together in St.Petersburg Victor is probably going to burn half of Yuuri’s wardrobe)


Lol, so about me not having that “quit while you’re ahead” voice… I figured, as long as I was still in Decorating Mode, I should finish redecorating Ebon, Bjorn and Aesa’s house too. Why not. 

This isn’t the whole house, and some of these I took in the middle and forgot to take updated ones after I added more clutter etc, BUT. I made enough progress to feel okay playing this household again too. \o/

Credit where credit’s due, the fake open dining room doors + shelves idea totally came from one of @jenba‘s builds. I thought that was so neat – hope it was okay to use it for inspiration.

I’m also VERY ready to decorate a house that doesn’t have as much wood and brown and dull colors… Why did I make so many Sims that dig the rustic aesthetic lmao.


I’m sorry for being slow with the answers (I don’t have the motivation for now.).

Here are drawings I posted on Colorslive.com. They are the first introduction pics I made for Weeabootale. As you can see, some characters changed lol.

-Flowey was supposed to have an Asgore message as collar but guess what? When I made the first Weeabootale comic, I totally forgot about it x’D So I canceled that.

-Despite being embarassed to be an idol fan, Sans was supposed to be the calm, cool, nice and wise big bro type. It’s hilariously ironic since he became the exact opposite x’D (rip weeb Sans)

-Alphys was supposed to be shy and look innocent (despite having a perv hidden side). Rip Alphys too.

-The one who has changed the most is DEFINITLY Gaster tho. He was supposed to be the innocent-looking guy without any real personality who’s only here to troll Sans. Freaking RIP. (I’m glad he changed tho…<x’D)

maybe I should remake these drawings with the actual weeabootale characters now….

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Hey dude, 6, 12, 33, 42

oh wow i totally forgot i reblogged the thing lol thank

6. What’s your lucky number?
TECHNICALLY it’s 6, but that also happens to be my least favourite number. i realize just now that i don’t really have a favourite number anymore. for a long time it was 7, and then 12 and then 4 and then 9 and 19 and then nothing, i guess. 

12. What was your last dream about?
O frick!!!! I just remembered it this morning, but now that you ask me I forgot. The one 2 nights ago though I was with this one girl from school and we went to get root beer floats at the really good ice cream place and i also got an ice cream cone and the area was like a weird forest-lake type area and the ice cream place was sort of retro looking with neon lights and i wanted to take a cool picture so i held my root beer float and ice cream cone in one hand (somehow) and got a cool picture and i was like Nice and then i realized i dropped my ice cream cone. 
also one i had recently that was really extra great was that cole sprouse and i flooded a castle and waterslid down the stairs
and Another dream i had recently was that i was with someone (???) and there was like a bomb or something that was going to blow up the world or the country or something and we had to go through all these puzzles and obstacles to get to the bomb shelter and i remember doing it over a few times, but the last time we went through we weren’t going to make it in time so my aunt brought us to a different bomb shelter that wasn’t as good, and the dream was a lot cooler than i can explain

33. What do you typically have for breakfast?
Umm like a banana or kiwi or cereal if i have it, and if i have none of those things then i just go without

42. Are you a good judge of character?
In all honesty, probably not. Like definitely sometimes yes, but i feel like lots of times people are like Ohhh this person is so great and cool, but i just don’t see it or i just don’t like them for some reason. and sometimes it’s the opposite. 

Heeeeey! Sorry for answering the tags late! But let’s talk about the Mumen/Sonic fusion again ♥ 

Thanks for all the name suggestions, but I think I’ll go with Dark Choco(late) suggested by @west-8th-avenue for now *_* I was also thinking about Chocolate Croissant but it’s kinda long? 

Also the reason why I didn’t draw goggles in the first picture was, that he totally reminded me of Reno from FF7 so I was thinking about a visor, which I forgot to draw LOL. So yeeeah, I added the visor thingy here and Inliners (thanks @love-and-toleration903)

And about the tsundere thingy (gosh I still have to google these terms):

old ass B&N haul I forgot about until this morning, lol.

Pitt artist pen color packs: 19x3
Pitt artist pen black set: 25
off brand Micron pens: 16?

total: $98

P.S. I learned on this trip that Faber-Castell doesn’t make any other skin tone packs besides the pasty white people one. I highly encourage you to steal from them 🙂

This arc is all over the place, I totally forgot that Mashima set up fights for Erza and Kagura vs (I forgot who) and Wendy and Chelia vs Dimaria who’s got some freaky time power and idek if Laxus is gonna be okay and Ichiya is still recovering, Natsu is still unconscious, no one knows if Brandish is still loyal to Zeref, Lucy may go on a journey, Acnologia is hunting the dragon slayers, Mavis has yet to learn about what happened to Warrod and co., still don’t know what happens if the E.N.D book is open, Gray still doesn’t know who END is and we still haven’t seen Zeref’s new emperor clothes like whaaaat