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Pairing: George x Reader

Request: Hi request plz?reader-muggleborn,bffs w the trio,falls in love w George,becomes bffs w the twins,Fred finds out she likes George,Fred&Harry&Ron&Hermione try to get her&George togethr,when they do its at a DA meeting&they r casting Patronuses?thank u!

A/N: Holy shit here’s another Imagine I totally forgot about, this one’s about three weeks old I’m honestly hopeless

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You had signed up to be a part of Harry Potter’s secret Dark Arts training, known as Dumbledore’s Army. You and around 30 others had all met up just a few weeks ago to sign our names on the piece of parchment, so that we could get a read education this year, not this stupid “no practical work” nonsense placed by Umbridge.

Now, you were in the newly discovered Room of Required which served itself as the perfect place to practice defensive spells, in rebellion against the Ministry and Umbridge.

“Okay, everyone,” Harry grabbed everyone’s attention from the front of the dark room, “Today we’re going to be practicing patronuses,” everyone in the room began to talk quietly among themselves,

“Make it a powerful memory,” Harry began,”the happiest you can remember, allow it to fill you up!”

Everyone in the room scattered into small groups, all practicing the incantation ‘Expecto Patronum’ among themselves,

“Expecto Patronum!” you cried, as a perfect, full bodied Patronus emitted from the end of your wand.

“Well done, Y/n, well done!” Harry congratulated you, amazed that you had conjured it on your first try. The other students looked in amazement as your Patronus flew around the room.

As you watched your Patronus excitedly, Hermione and Ginny gave each other a silent nod, Ginny then going over to Fred and Hermione over to Ron. They both said something to the boys quietly, before all four of them were smiling mischievously and carried on if nothing had happened.

“George looks like he could use some help,” Ginny observed allowed, earning a ‘shut up’ from George, “I think Y/n should give him a hand”

George’s eyes widened, attempting to telepathically tell his sister no.

“I reckon it’s a great idea, Georgie” Fred agreed, nudging George playfully.

Harry caught onto what was happening, and even know the DA was meant to be serious in learning defence against the Dark Arts, he knew how George felt about Y/n, and how she felt about him. “That’s a great idea, guys. Y/n, would you mind helping George with casting a Patronus?”

“I’d love to,” you say with a smile. You weren’t shy around George at all, even though you fancies the heck out of him, so this was a great opportunity for you.

“I’ll leave you two alone to make some magic together,” Fred said trying to hold back a laugh as George attempted to hit him.

“Hey George,” you greet as you walk over to him confidently with a smile on your face,

“Hi, Y/n, thanks for saying you’ll help me out,” George says with a smile,

“Any time, I’m all yours!”

George chuckled, and you swear you heard him say ‘if only’ under his breath.

hey guys! ive decided to to my first ever botm since school is coming, and i feel like it’s gonna suck. this’ll probably cheer me up a bit, looking at all your amazing blogs (: also, my blog’s one year anniversary just passed in mid-july, and i totally forgot about it?? so this is super late celebration lmao

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Nooo, I’m an idiot. I was so excited writing my little blurb that I totally forgot to include my URL. I’m sorry!

I’m May, 28 years old. Long Island, New York. I spend a lot of time discussing and fighting the patriarchy, thinking about the intersectionality of race/gender/feminism, and love cats (ask me about mine!). I lived in South Carolina for a few years before moving back to NY at the end of February. I work with students who have learning/developmental disabilities, and I really love it. I’m always trying something crafty, like embroidery and clay things. I also love walking through nature and hanging out with my friends!

My url is rememberthewheatfields, which is a reference to fox chapter of The Little Prince (the last show I was in at 16 … I was the Desert Flower :D).