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  • Lance loves to draw and is really good at it and before he got into the Garrison he had several scholarships to art schools
  • Art was like therapy for him (it helped with his depression) so he always had a sketchbook on hand
  • He left his best sketchbook in his room at the Garrison when the Voltron thing came up
  • But he still has a pocket book that he has all the time
  • He loves listening to Coran tell stories bc it gives him ideas on what to draw
  • Same with anyone really
  • Hunk and Pidge like to tell stories about their families and fun times that they had with each other
  • Keith just has a bunch of crazy stories from when he was shipped around in the foster care
  • Shiro has funny stories about his awesome dog and his time in the Garrison
  • Lance decides to make drawings of scenes from their best stories without them knowing and give them as presents
  • Corans stories are enough that he has and idea for Allura too
  • He stays up for 2 nights in a row using the last of his art materials
  • Lance is about to walk into the kitchen to get a snack after he finishes the last drawing but he hears talking
  • Everyone (but Lance) is telling deep/sad stories in the middle of the night bc they somehow all were awake and went to the kitchen for some munchies
  • (Hunk made them food)
  • Someone brought up the idea of looking for Lance so he can come talk with them but someone else shoots the idea down
  • “nah, he needs his ‘beauty rest’ supposedly”
  • “He always talks so this is a nice break from all the silliness to actually talk maturely”
  • “Yeah i’m actually kinda happy he isn’t here, he would just ruin the mood”
  • Everyone agrees and lets the issue drop, unknowing that Lance is behind the door
  • Lance goes back to his room, not hungry anymore, just sad
  • The next morning everyone is tired when Lance walks in, a fake smile plastered on his face, still depressed from the night before but wanting to give his presents
  • Before he can say anything Pidge tells him to just go away, we’re too tired for your flirting
  • His smile drops into a frown
  • He sets the pictures on the table next to him and walks away
  • No one notices the papers until it’s too late…

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I’m sure there’s a bunch of Yuri on Ice x ballroom AUs out there but here’s another hahaha. I’ve been wondering about it since the two of them danced together at that afterparty, so it was a lot of fun to sketch them out ;D

A bit afraid to continue it any further though because while I EXTREMELY love any form of dance, I don’t know a whole lot about dancesport (just researching it for an evening got me dizzy lol). I just don’t want to draw it wrong, considering how important posture/line/expression/etc is. 

But anyways! Bottom two pics are some sketch/character info. I like to think Yuuri focused mostly on standard, but is secretly quite good at latin (revealed in a drunken moment perhaps heh). And Victor has had his vain streak bumped up a notch, but is no less skilled. I was on the fence about him being injured but I felt it might humanize him a bit more to have him be in the middle of some sort of personal hardship. Ahhh still in yoi withdrawal oh well…

*EDIT* I forgot to mention I totally drew this while thinking about Inoue Satou’s 10 Dance manga! If you haven’t read that (it IS bl though), please go read it. It is amazing!

You know what I think?

‪I think Derek actually is the one who had Stiles questioning if he only liked girls.

I feel like at first he just realized “huh, he’s so goodlooking wow.” Then that morphed into like a sexual thing. Like he only really saw Derek’s good looks and the whole cool werewolf thing as his only good qualities at first because ya know, they used to hate each other.

So it made Stiles question but he could easily brush it off at first because he’s still a teenager and he doesn’t have it all figured out yet, the whole “this is just a phase” thing.

But then he actually starts liking Derek, in a “we’re sort of an odd duo, but we do make a pretty good pair” (of friends!!!!). Like they actually got passed the “you need me to survive that’s why you’re helping” stage. He really just genuinely started liking Derek, just calm friendly like at first, but that like into more of a crush like than a friend like without him even noticing.

And he feels it there but he just avoids it but then that night at the glow in the dark party? Kaitlyn asks the golden question, “do you?”

And he just sits there for a while. His mind immediately flashes to Derek and he thinks like “wait a minute, I actually fucking might,” like guys, that is.

Stiles sort of realizes it’s become more than “you’re hot and I wanna experiment,” and more than, “I actually don’t mind hanging out with you anymore, it’s kind of cool because you’re not as much of a shitty person as I thought you were.” It’s more of a “I really think I’m falling for you but I’ve liked girls my whole life and we used to hate each other. What’s going on?”

So he doesn’t get the chance to ever answer because he really isn’t sure at first. But the thoughts after that question are stuck with him. And overtime, he starts noticing little things about Derek, like really taking note. Like Derek’s actually smart and actually selfless and his bunny teeth and how he’s actually funny when he tries (it’s a bland and dry humor, snarky remarks when they bicker and Stiles gets sarcastic but Stiles appreciates and enjoys it regardless). Stiles starts realizing all these things that could factor into why he might actually like Derek (if he does because he isn’t 100% on that yet).

He starts realizing that Derek really isn’t the guy he met back in the woods, that Derek is more, that Derek is actually a great person under that hard exterior. He starts realizing how he used to get and still gets whenever something goes wrong with Derek, how he starts worrying and all. He starts looking at Derek in a new way, looks when Derek is oblivious, sort of the whole “admire from afar” thing, and can hardly help it, can hardly deny that he starts getting a little happier whenever Derek comes around, but he’s still, in a way, denial.

The night Derek almost dies changed that because for a brief moment he felt like he stopped breathing as he watched Derek bleed out on the ground.

He felt numb and he wanted to stay but knew he couldn’t. All he could do was hope that Derek would still be well and alive in the morning, that they would all be, and then he’d be able to tell Derek because he knew completely. Knew what it felt like to almost lose someone you care about so much.

Stiles wasn’t sure what he was going to say, how Derek would take it or how it would effect them, but it didn’t really matter in the end because he never got to say it.

Derek left and Stiles couldn’t even be mad because he knew Derek needed it, deserved it.

So, life went on and he tried to shove his feelings aside because it didn’t really matter anymore.

Except it did, which he realizes on the night at the school, seeing Derek’s initials.

I’d like to think that the reason for Stiles’ smile was because he had fully come to term with the fact that he did indeed have feelings for Derek. He wasn’t able to tell Derek, but he could finally admit it to himself.

No more questioning, no more “this is just a phase.” None of that.

Stiles just accepted it, and he was okay with it.

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Don't forget that Louis' impending "fatherhood" was announced in New York and Ever Since, their lives have dramatically changed -- with no real end in sight.

GET THE FUCK OUT I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THE GMAs. It’s where Louis “confirmed” the fatherhood for the first time and where the int. asked Harry if he was okay aka the most painful moment in tv history and it was in NEW YORK. GOOD FUCKING BYE.

Happy Birthday EXO maknae Oh Sehun~ 🐣🐣🐣🎉

(Conffession here, I can’t really add details here since today is such a chaos -with work etc etc 😢 I only have very limited time to draw it. It supposed to be spring theme, since Sehun’s birthday is when sakura blooms, but in the end I totally forgot about the initial idea 😥 but yeah next time I need to manage everything better 💪)
Hope you like the fanart! 💕