i totally eat people

i can’t stop thinking about how fucking ridiculous periods are like

we have an internal organ that squeezes out its own lining once a month and we just like

take a painkiller, stuff a wad of cotton up our vagina, and go on with our daily lives

is that badass or what

Kara mentions how Alex is protective of her. So now, everytime Rookie Officer Kara has a rough day at work, Maggie calls Alex and they take her to get burgers. 

It’s a really great system: Kara feels better around food and her sister, and Alex is always amused by Kara’s appetite and Maggie’s presence calms her down. 

As for Maggie, she just really enjoys seeing both girls a little bit more relaxed. :)

Based on @queergirlwriting ‘s fic (x) where Kara is a rookie that Maggie takes under her wing.

Please don’t repost anywhere else :)

“Fy faen, I’m gonna miss you.” Isak said between smooches to Even’s face. They were laying in their bed, snuggled close and limbs tangled. 

So, tomorrow is the first day back to school after the summer break. This marked the end of the last few weeks that both of them spent mostly together, apart from the occasional meeting of friends alone or work shift. They got used to having each other around almost the whole day. 

“You’re having a free period at noon, right?” Even asked and nuzzled their noses together. Isak nodded (mostly to bump their noses further). 

“Yeah, Jonas and I wanted to go to KB for that and visit you.” Even’s face brightened. 

“Yeah?” Three hard pecks to Isak’s lips.

“Hmhmm.” Isak carded his hand through Even’s hair and then locked his arms around his neck and threw a leg over Even’s hip.

“I’m gonna miss you, too, baby monkey.” Even pulled him impossibly closer as Isak playfully bit at his jaw. “But, I can’t wait to meet my hot third-year boyfriend for lunch tomorrow.” 

“Hmm, if that gets you going, just wait until I get the red overall thing at the end of the year.” Isak’s grin was paired with a flirty eyebrow raise and Even mock-gasped before closing the remaining (none at all) distance between them. 

(Since Vilde infected Mags with the russ enthusiasm, there was the lose plan to form a russ together. Even if they just wanted to get a rental that matched the Los Losers van and not spend any real money for it, because effort). 

They made out some more after that. Because they are sappy and gonna miss the shit out of each other. Even though they will see each other in the morning. And at lunch. And right after school. But they have to get used to it again, ok? 

  • Let them be a bit clingy for the week. 
  • Let Isak wrap legs and arms around Even. 
  • Let Even say “my baby monkey” four times as often as usual. 
  • Let them pout and tell each other “I love you” in a dramatic voice as if this was the end. 
  • Let Even make Isak his favourite breakfast (pancakes, go home with your waffles, Mahdi). 
  • Let them walk hand in hand together to Isak’s tram stop. 
  • And let them part with a kiss that makes it look like one of them is going off to war. 

(And when I say “let them”, I’m speaking directly to Jonas, who is rolling his eyes at this so often he almost gets a head ache)

  • some idiot: i can't believe people actually don't eat wheat! like, they're totally missing out and their wheat free diet doesn't actually work anyway.
  • me, grabbing the person by the arms and leaning in close: some people don't have a fucking choice you numbskull, there is a thing called coeliac disease

sometimes, i wonder if you can see the stars in my eyes when i look at you.

Here’s how to eat **healthy** on minimum wage

- be sure to have a fully equipped kitchen with functional burners and oven (thus ruling out most students, especially the ones living in dorms) 

- live somewhere with a cheap grocery store available with walking distance or public transport (thus excluding basically anyone who doesn’t live in a big city) 

- if you just moved out, visit your parents for dinner as often as you can (ruling out anyone who’s left their home town and/or come from abusive families) 

- preferably live in a country/area with a generally healthy food culture where vegetables and proteins are typically cheap (ruling out Americans, the English, and big parts of Europe lol) 

- for me, it helped to prepare literally every single meal myself (which I could because I wasn’t disabled in that aspect) 

(I did however have a mild eating disorder so I didn’t mind eating little or just the same thing three times a week and honestly fuck beets and potatoes I hate them now) 

- if possible, come from a family with the social and economic resources to teach you basic cooking from an early age 

- live by yourself so you don’t have to handle anyone else’s expenses or food habits (thus ruling out anyone who doesn’t want to deal with all the shit I just mentioned all by themselves and needs occasional help with everyday tasks) 

I could do all these things when I first moved out. My food budget was 150$ a month, and honestly, I got by fine and ate no processed food for almost two years. I could do this because I had the privilege to meet every single one of the afroementioned criteria but honestly if you expect every poor person to meet every single one of these checkpoints (and yeah you basically need every single one) and complain about their eating habits by holding them to these standards then you’re a piece of shit

i know someone irl and he texts me every day all day long and i feel so guilty bc i. cannot talk so much to him and remain interesting and non-miserable. he’s such a nice person but the fake personality i use at school is legitimately Not That Deep and there’s just only so much talking i can do In Character™ before it becomes incredibly stressful to try to remain in character while also not seeming rude and/or like a cardboard cutout of a person and he just always wants to talk SO MUCH

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girl anorexia is not your answer to losing weight! you need to eat something just lose weight a healthy way!!!! i've dealt with anorexia for 7 years now and am still 79 pounds (19 y/o male) and it sticks with you forever. If there is one thing i wish i could do it would be to GAIN weight in a healthy way. if u ever want me to come off anon and message u and help u i totally will but i hate to see other people struggle w eating disorders ):

If you dealt with anorexia yourself you should know it’s not that easy to stop, it’s a vicious cycle of self hatred and loathing. I really do appreciate he sentiment behind it, but I’ll conquer this when I’m ready

@itsdragon96 said: Why not both? ;) There can never be too much cookie dough!


@ixamxleigh said:  Are you just going to eat it raw or cooked?

I’m totally gonna eat it uncooked but how many people ACTUALLY get sick from cookie dough I’m so… I just …want to eat cookie dough and I don’t want to make it hahhahahhahahaha

I’ve heard it’s the flour more than the eggs too?? Idek tbh

@cosmicvoyyager said: make your own cookie dough. sell it. use the profits to buy twice as much cookie dough as you could have before. profit

You’re a genius.

I’m not totally sure, but I think the Marvel Zombies only eat people? I wouldn’t say only humans, because they go on to pick the rest of the universe clean after getting all life on Earth (the Acolytes, Forge, and Black Panther survived by hiding on Asteroid M, only coming back five years after the zombies had gone) so obviously they eat aliens too. But I’m not sure we ever see them eating animals (maybe it’s a sentience thing?) and it’d be hard for the survivors to make it on a vegetarian diet.

So I’ve thus far been writing Malcolm’s world as still having animals in it

And I was thinking, it would be pretty cool if people who could take animal forms (Wolfsbane, Snowbird, etc.) could have survived too by doing that.

Vidcon Day 1 Thoughts

-Rant Alert-

I had so much fun on the first day of Vidcon! I was able to meet so many creators just walking around the convention but one thing I noticed was a lot of disrespect towards YouTubers.

First I saw Ricky Dillon leave his hotel which prompted HUNDREDS of screaming girls to crowd around him. He tried saying, “PLEASE! I’m late for my meetup!” But people kept swarming to a point where he and security could not even move.

Next I was walking around when I heard a bunch of screaming so out of curiosity I walked over towards the hotel entrance. Apparently, Grace Helbig had just returned to the Hilton and was mobbed by people. This broke my heart because I know she HATES that. Girls were crying and yelling, “IT WAS GRACE I GOT A PICTURE WITH GRACE!!” I find that so intrusive and rude.

Finally, Kian Lawley came back to the hotel and people went BONKERS. Security had to pull on him just to get him through the crowd. That is pathetic because now it’s becoming a safety hazard for YouTubers to simply walk around.

Every YouTuber I’ve met, I calmly ask if it’s okay for a picture and let them initiate any hugging that might take place. I know it’s hard for other people to be so passive, but please just respect YouTubers. I mean it’s really not rocket science. They are real people too and they are much happier if you quietly approach them and treat them like a human.

Like damn.

-End rant-

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I totally agree with eat what you want, i've had people on both ends of the vegan non-vegan spectrum telling me what i should and shouldn't eat

It’s fucking ridiculous. I spent a solid chunk of my life starving myself because of what people told me I should and should not eat. Never again. It is nobody’s fucking business what you put in your system.

My body, my choice.

It’s funny. I used to eat shit when I was in middle school and early high school. And all my friends would be like “oh, wow Moga, really? a bag of cheetos is what you brought for lunch?”

Then when I went vegan, those same little fuckers said “You’re vegan? ha, wonder how long that’s going to last.” or “You’re only eating a salad for lunch? Wow, are you like watching your weight or something?”