i totally eat people

i can’t stop thinking about how fucking ridiculous periods are like

we have an internal organ that squeezes out its own lining once a month and we just like

take a painkiller, stuff a wad of cotton up our vagina, and go on with our daily lives

is that badass or what

Kara mentions how Alex is protective of her. So now, everytime Rookie Officer Kara has a rough day at work, Maggie calls Alex and they take her to get burgers. 

It’s a really great system: Kara feels better around food and her sister, and Alex is always amused by Kara’s appetite and Maggie’s presence calms her down. 

As for Maggie, she just really enjoys seeing both girls a little bit more relaxed. :)

Based on @queergirlwriting ‘s fic (x) where Kara is a rookie that Maggie takes under her wing.

Please don’t repost anywhere else :)


“…Steven, I assure you, Blue Diamond is nothing like Amethyst.”

“Hey!  You don’t know that!  She could totally be into eating people.”

“Amethyst, I’ve met her.  She’s not going to eat Greg.  It wouldn’t even occur to her as a possibility.”

“Come on, Steven, tell Pearl to stop being such a stick in the mud.  I’ll bet Blue Diamond eats lots of people!”

“Steven, sweetie, I’m going to take Amethyst away, now.  You stay here with Garnet and calm down, okay?  Come along, Amethyst.”

  • some idiot: i can't believe people actually don't eat wheat! like, they're totally missing out and their wheat free diet doesn't actually work anyway.
  • me, grabbing the person by the arms and leaning in close: some people don't have a fucking choice you numbskull, there is a thing called coeliac disease

sometimes, i wonder if you can see the stars in my eyes when i look at you.

anonymous asked:

Do you really believe that people with an eating disorder see a distorted image of their body compared to what it really looks like?

I’m honestly not sure how to answer this. I think people with eating disorders have a totally different perception of how bodies should be and how their body compares to others’, and I definitely think that they’re hyper critical of their own body which would make them focus on their ‘flaws’, like stretch marks or cellulite or tummy fat, far more, and have an obsession with how they want to look which makes them think they don’t look good enough now. but I don’t think people with eating disorders see themselves as morbidly obese when they’re underweight. personally, i knew how thin I was. people were always telling me, my clothes were baggy, the scale was confirming it, and I could see it in the mirror. I think it’s a common misconception that people with eating disorders always hate the way they look or think that they’re fat. I was so happy with the amount of weight I had lost, but, in my head, that meant i would be even happier if I lost more weight. I knew i was thin but i wanted to be thinner. I guess it depends on the person, y’know?

Vidcon Day 1 Thoughts

-Rant Alert-

I had so much fun on the first day of Vidcon! I was able to meet so many creators just walking around the convention but one thing I noticed was a lot of disrespect towards YouTubers.

First I saw Ricky Dillon leave his hotel which prompted HUNDREDS of screaming girls to crowd around him. He tried saying, “PLEASE! I’m late for my meetup!” But people kept swarming to a point where he and security could not even move.

Next I was walking around when I heard a bunch of screaming so out of curiosity I walked over towards the hotel entrance. Apparently, Grace Helbig had just returned to the Hilton and was mobbed by people. This broke my heart because I know she HATES that. Girls were crying and yelling, “IT WAS GRACE I GOT A PICTURE WITH GRACE!!” I find that so intrusive and rude.

Finally, Kian Lawley came back to the hotel and people went BONKERS. Security had to pull on him just to get him through the crowd. That is pathetic because now it’s becoming a safety hazard for YouTubers to simply walk around.

Every YouTuber I’ve met, I calmly ask if it’s okay for a picture and let them initiate any hugging that might take place. I know it’s hard for other people to be so passive, but please just respect YouTubers. I mean it’s really not rocket science. They are real people too and they are much happier if you quietly approach them and treat them like a human.

Like damn.

-End rant-

unstableuproar  asked:

Are you planning on being vegetarian forever? It sounds fucking dreadful, to be honest, although that might just be me.

I thought it would be, but it’s honestly not even difficult. I just eat other stuff I like, and I doubt really feel any strong cravings for meat. I like veggie burgers if they’re black bean patties. And I still eat cheese and egg and stuff. I’m not a vegan.

I think it’s important to note that I am totally cool with other people eating meat. I have no moral qualms. Nor have I done it for health reasons. My reasons for becoming a vegetarian are strictly to impress a girl. Nothing more. Nothing less.

anonymous asked:

I totally agree with eat what you want, i've had people on both ends of the vegan non-vegan spectrum telling me what i should and shouldn't eat

It’s fucking ridiculous. I spent a solid chunk of my life starving myself because of what people told me I should and should not eat. Never again. It is nobody’s fucking business what you put in your system.

My body, my choice.

It’s funny. I used to eat shit when I was in middle school and early high school. And all my friends would be like “oh, wow Moga, really? a bag of cheetos is what you brought for lunch?”

Then when I went vegan, those same little fuckers said “You’re vegan? ha, wonder how long that’s going to last.” or “You’re only eating a salad for lunch? Wow, are you like watching your weight or something?”