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be the one || coliver fic
  • for my lovebug, conwalshs, happy valentine’s day, cutie pie!
  • i really hope you like this sappy mess xoxo

Connor lights the final candle, annoyed with himself for the sudden case of nerves running rampant through him. Never in his life did he think he’d actually be doing something like this. The idea always seemed laughable, that one day of the year could reduce a person to sentimental mush but here he is, going above and beyond for a holiday he never thought he’d feel inclined to celebrate.

He looks over at his work, proud of the ambiance he was able to achieve. If it weren’t for the candles he’d be standing in sheer darkness but intimacy is the effect he’s going for this evening.

The sound of keys at the door takes his attention away. He waits with bated breath as Oliver lets himself into his apartment and closes the door behind him.

“Oh, great,” Oliver mutters, flipping the switch on and off before giving up and sighing. It takes a beat for him to notice the glow, Connor discerns.

He remains perfectly still, feeling a bit foolish to be standing there, practically in the dark but for Oliver, Connor has been learning there’s just about nothing he wouldn’t do. He draws in a breath, hearing the motion of Oliver stepping further inside and rounding the corner.

Oliver freezes at the site of Connor decked out in a fine suit and bouquet of roses in his hands, rooted before a perfectly set dinner table.

Connor smiles at him, taking in the shocked expression of the other man and the warm grin that etches into his features. He can’t see his eyes, however– the reflection of the candles doing a good job of obscuring his view but Connor feels safe in thinking that Oliver just might be tearing up.

“Connor…what is all of this?” Oliver asks in disbelief, tentatively coming closer.

“According to my calendar, it’s February fourteenth so I’m thinking it’s Valentine’s Day.”

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