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I know you said you'd wait for Beth anytime she gets here and I totally agree. But on how you're feeling how sure are you that she might come back the finale? I'm like 65% sure. I'm not trying to get myself too hopeful because sometimes I feel like I'm crazy and she's never coming back. Also, who do you think we'll be the first to see her again?

(combining these asks because they’re similar)

I am not comfortable making predictions in regards to time. Right now everyone is tense and nervous, and many of my followers are scared. I don’t want them to get their hopes up and then get too upset. The finale is ideal timing, as it will allow Beth to return at the start of the AOW arc, helping to balance the odds. And her return would kick-off the one hundredth episode, filled with her reunions. But nothing is set in stone in regards to timing. TPTB have their plan, and we’ll just have to abide by it. In regards to reunions, it’s hard to guess who from TF Beth will meet first. That depends on so many variables, though I think the likeliest ones are Morgan, C@rol, or Michonne, though Tara and Heath are also possibilities, going by parallels and who is out in the world.

For those of you who are nervous, I recommend that you take some time away from TD. Leave the fandom for a few days or weeks, give yourself some time off, and then come back. Review old metas and theories in my archive (X). It really does help.

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So one thing that's always bothered me about season 4 and Kitty's reaction to Eric having sex. On the episode where they go on a date she clearly tells them he has a responsibility, which makes him uncomfortable. Then she does the same to Donna. Then once it happens it's like a complete shift in character to her being deviated. I've always told myself it was just the reality of the situation but that just doesn't seem to be enough. Just wanted your thoughts. Thanks!

I agree with you. It’s a total (inorganic) character shift – and it happens between “Hunting” (2x13) and “Parents Find Out” (2x19). The writers assigned to those episodes (by the showrunners) should’ve conferred with each other.

In “Hunting,” the following scene happens:

Midge: I think Eric’s the sweetest kid. So, Donna. Have you and Eric–
Donna: Mother, please!
Jackie: The answer’s no.
Donna: Hey, hey! Everybody just shut up.
Kitty: Well, I for one am not so naïve as to think that you and Eric–
Donna [covering her ears]: Aah!
Kitty: Okay, well, I guess we’re upsetting her, so what should we do now?

In this episode, Kitty thinks Eric and Donna are already having sex, and she seems to be a “hip, with-it” mom about it. In “Parents Find Out,” however, Kitty is characterized as never having believed Eric and Donna had sex. When she finds out they are, she takes to her bed in a depression.

That ‘70s Show’s writers too often changed or manipulated characterization to serve plot (and punch line) instead of having the plot arise naturally from who the characters are. The characters’ core personality and beliefs are depicted inconsistently.

I say this often, but if T7S were a novel, it would need to be deeply revised to make the characters consistent. That’s not to say fictional characters – like real-life people – can’t change their goals or beliefs. But those changes must be substantiated by the story.

An in-episode example of an organic character change happens in “What Is and What Should Never Be” (5x03). At first, Red is miserable and unsupportive about Kitty’s pregnancy. The following exchange occurs between Kitty and Red during the first third of the episode:

Kitty: Oh, there you are. How you feeling? Better? I bet you’re feeling better.
Red: I’m fine.
Kitty: Is that liquor on your breath. What is the matter with you, Red?
Red: Well, you know – I mean – it’s just – I’m not selling the Corvette!
Kitty: What?
Red: Kids are expensive. That’s gonna be the first thing to go. I waited twenty-five years to have that car because we had kids, and – believe me –  I love them … but this is supposed to be our time. Kitty, people our age don’t have kids. They have grandkids.
Kitty: Well, we’re having a kid, so deal with it!
Red: Well, I’m having a Corvette, so deal with that!

Later, Eric confronts Red about his attitude about Kitty’s pregnancy:

Eric: Hey, I was just inside with mom, and she’s really upset, so … I just want to know what’s your problem?

Red: You made me bald.

Eric: What? 

Red: Five generations, not one bald head in my family. Then you came along and – well, look at it. [Shows Eric his head.] Children make me bald.

Eric: You know what? Wear a hat. ‘Cause mom is really scared, and she could really use a little damn support right now. And I don’t usually tell you what to do ‘cause you usually do the right thing, but this time you didn’t. You know how you’re always telling me to be a man? Well, be a man!

By the end of the episode, Kitty finds Red painting Eric’s baby cradle in the garage. The scene goes as follows:

Kitty: Oh, so you’re hiding out here. You got a call from some man about a Corvette. What, are you gonna buy another one so you can ride them around like a couple of waterskis?
I’m selling the Corvette.
Kitty: What?
Red: Look, can we finish this later? I’m kind of in the middle of something.
Kitty: Is that Eric’s old cradle?
Red: Yeah. Well, uh … the paint was all chipped off and … I kinda remember that, uh … that they liked sleeping in this thing. When they weren’t peeing and pooping all over the place.
Kitty: Oh, Red … that is so sweet.
Red: Yeah, well … it might be fun. [Hugs Kitty] Hell, this time, we might even get an athlete.

Red’s change of attitude (and heart) in this episode doesn’t come from nowhere. It shifts because Eric’s words reach him. We’re shown in the episode why Red changes his mind and behavior. Eric reminds Red of who Red is at the core when fear and selfishness don’t rule him, and the change it causes in Red is organic and in-character.

For a discussion of an organic character shift that occurs over the course of many episodes, see my essay: Steven Hyde: Organic Character Development.

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oooohhh what if trini and kim are in kim’s zord and trini has a really bad fear of heights and flying, but she’s with kim so she tries acting all cool (failing obviously) and to calm her down, kim kisses her cheek, and holds her hand, to which trini yells at her to keep her eyes ahead, and both her hands on the steering joysticks

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I know a lot of characters on TVD got the short end of the stick, but I honestly believe Katherine got the worst of it. And what's worse is that her storyline was so interesting and they kept giving Us little bits and then left us hanging. I'm forever bitter over her ending .

if you would’ve sent this before 8x16, i would’ve been like “nah, there’s still some people who got it pretty bad”, but after 8x16 i can firmly say that i totally agree with you


  • person: how can you keep that in your ROOM? it wants to kill and eat you!! it's vicious!!
  • my snake: (balls up because I wiggled her feeder at her)
  • my snake: (balls up because she saw a paper towel)
  • my snake: (balls up because she saw her reflection)
  • my snake: (periscopes too high and falls over dramatically, balls up and peeks around like "WHO DID DAT")
  • my snake: (hides in my bra for warmth)
  • my snake: (puts her own head under a running faucet and sits there for ten years) (it feels nice I guess?)
  • my snake: (rubs her chin all over my hand until I scratch the itch)
  • my snake: (gets stuck inside a paper towel tube, balls up when I free her from it, immediately goes back in)
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: totally agree

Could you write like the smuttiest thing you’ve ever written please!!

I kinda want to blame this request for this sin but oh well… This is pure filth so please don’t read it if you aren’t comfortable with smut. This has not been proofread so I’m sorry for any mistakes.xxx

Y/N couldn’t believe how stupid she was when she agreed to this. She regretted it the moment she said yes. Now it’s been almost two weeks. Twelve days. 288 hours. Not that she was counting.
It happened during a night in with Harry. They both had a bit too much of red wine, their lips stained and their words getting slurred and silly.

“I bet you couldn’t go a week without sex.”
She looked at him with wide eyes for a moment, her deep red lips parted.
“What? I can totally go without sex. Unlike you, you’re a horny mess after an hour without sex.” she smirked at him.
“S'not true! I bet I can go longer without sex than you.” he stated proudly.
“A bet? You wanna bet, Styles?”
“Yes. We’ll see who can go longer without sex.”
“And what does the winner get?”
“Mind blowing sex.”

Exactly that was what she was craving for right now, mind blowing sex. It wasn’t that she was addicted to sex or needed it to function but when your boyfriend is Harry Styles and looks like a goddamn adonis and you know exactly what he’s able to do with his perfect body it’s hard not to get horny.
He was teasing her as well, every morning his hand would wander a bit too low when they were cuddling and every time he came out of the shower his towel was almost falling off and sometimes it really did fall off, accidentally of course.
She was teasing him as well though, only sleeping in one of his shirts and a pair of lace panties or wearing her favorite pair of jeans which she knew made her ass look extremely good.
It didn’t help her though, he noticed all her teasing and sexy looks but he never made a move on her. He wanted to win this bet.
She wanted to as well but if she was quite honest she didn’t think she was able to go another hour without his naked body pressed to hers.
She knew he was upstairs right now, in their ensuite bathroom, taking a shower. And she knew he would come down in a few minutes, showing off his irresistible body.
She couldn’t take it anymore, her body was going crazy. The constant ache between her legs made her feel dizzy and the fact that she just needed him made her go upstairs.
She entered their bedroom, smelling his shower gel. She wanted him. She needed him. She didn’t care about the bet anymore, it’s been too long.
He came out of the door a minute later, surprised to see her standing in the middle of their bedroom, looking all nervous and messy.
“You okay, love? You look a bit flustered.”
She shook her head, she was almost near tears now. The desperation and frustration grew inside of her, making her body move over to his and pressing her lips to his in a hard kiss.
She felt his shock, before he finally began to kiss her back and wrap his arms around her.
“What’s going on, hm?”
He knew exactly what was going on, she was needy. But he wanted to hear her say it.
“Want you. I-I need you. Harry, please, I can’t-”
“Shh, baby.” he shushed her rambling gently.
“What so you need, hm?”
“You, please.”
“What do you need from me?”
“Harry!” she exclaimed frustrated.
“I need to hear you say it, baby. C'mon tell me.”
“I want you to fuck me.” she whimpered.
He smirked at her, satisfied with her answer.
“But then you’ll loose the bet, darling.”
“I don’t care about this fucking bet, Harry! This was such as stupid idea. I just want you to fuck me, take me in every way you like.”
“So desperate? S'not even been two weeks, my love.”
“But it’s been too long.”
“Alright, s'true. Get out of these clothes, baby.”
She did as he said, immediately throwing her shirt to the floor and stepping out of her jeans and panties.
“Good girl. Now lie down on the bed for me.”
She lied down on her back, waiting for him to come to her. She heard his towel hitting the floor, falling beside her clothes. She looked up at him as he started to crawl onto the bed until he was hovering over her naked form but not touching her yet.
“Didn’t think you could go this long without having me fuck you, baby.” he whispered against her neck, his lips brushing over her skin and making goosebumps arise on her whole body.
“Didn’t think I could go so long without fucking you.”
He pressed the first kiss against her sweet spot, right under her ear and her bach arched off the back, pressing her chest against his. She heard him groan quietly when her naked tits touched his chest.
“I missed this so fucking much, baby. Never again, yeah?”
“Never.” she agreed.
His kisses wandered lower, over her collarbones down to her boobs. He nibbled on the skin there, using his tongue to lick over it. When he reached her nipples he sucked on each of them, licking over the pink flesh before he released it and wandered lower.
He took his time with kissing ever inch of her but this wasn’t what she wanted. She didn’t want him to be gentle and loving. She wanted him to be rough. Really rough.
“Harry, please.”
He knew that tone, the desperation and need in it. He knew he was torturing her right now but he won’t keep going like this. He’s going to give her what she wants.
He came up from where he was kissing around her hips, looking her in the eyes. He leaned down to press a kiss against her lips, covering her mouth in a sweet and passionate way.
“You went twelve days without this, right? Twelve is a nice number.”
His face moved to the side, his nose nuzzling into her hair and his mouth right over her ear.
“How about I make you come twelve times? A orgasm for every single day you didn’t have me.”
She whimpered at his words, wanting that. Wanting him to make her come undone as many times as possible.
“How’s that sound?”
“Please, Harry.”
“Yes? You want that?”
“Gonna count them, okay? Gonna count every time you come for me, yeah?”
“Yes, Harry.” she nodded frankly.
He moved down her body again, until he was right between her legs. He grabbed her knees, making them bend and her feet plant on the mattress. He started to kiss down her left thigh, moving closer to where she was pink and aching for him.
She spread her lips apart when he decided it was enough of the teasing, groaning when he saw how wet she was. He glided his middle finger between her lips, gathering some of her juices and rubbing over her clit with them. A breathy moan left her lips at the contact, missing his touch too much.
He finally leaned down then, licking a broad stripe between her pussy lips and humming at the taste of her. He loved this when she filled all his senses, he was only able to see her, smell her, taste her and feel her.
He licked over her clit, lapping at it with the tip of his tongue. He circled the nub before he licked over it from side to side and then moved down to her entrance where he pushed his tongue inside and moved it up and down against her walls. She was moaning and groaning, her hands in Harry’s hair, pulling it and messing it up.
He hooked her thighs over his shoulders so he had better access to her and could bury his face deeper into her. His hands were sprawled out on her hips, holding them down so she couldn’t squirm away.
He licked her deeper now, right between her lips and massaging all the right places. He could feel her getting close already, her thighs beginning to shake, her pussy beginning to clench and the juices kept pouring out of her.
“Harry, I-I’m gonna-” a loud moan interrupted her words when he licked over just the perfect spot.
He sucked on her clit then, trapping it between his lips and massaging it with his tongue at the same time. She came within seconds, screaming out into the bedroom and pulling Harry closer by his hair. He groaned against her when he felt her come, loving the way she moved her pussy against his face and her cum dripped out of her. He knew she came hard, her voice breaking with every moan and her body shaking and trembling with the waves of pleasure that cursed through her whole body and made everything clench.
When her thighs finally fell open and Harry was sure he got every drop of her he sat up, breathing harshly. His lips were swollen and wet with her and his eyes dark and wild.
“You forgot something, my love.” he reminded her.
She wasn’t able to think properly, her brain probably jelly just like her bones. She remembered what he requested of her earlier though.
“Good girl.” he praised her.
He moved up again, kissing her briefly.
“Sit up.”
She did as he said, sitting up and watching how he lay down on the bed.
“Over my face, darling.”
“What? Harry, no.”
He knew she didn’t like this too much. It felt amazing and she knew that but she hated the thought of sitting on his face. She was always scared of hurting him.
“Baby, c'mon. You know how good it’s gonna feel.”
She looked at him skeptical for a second before she sighed and gave in. She moved so she was straddling his face. He pulled her down immediately, making her sit right on his mouth. She moaned immediately when she felt his tongue on her again, dragging up the full crease of her.
“Yes! Oh fuck.” she moaned out and she knew Harry was smirking against her.
He moved one hand from where he was holding onto her thigh to her mouth, silently telling her to suck his fingers and get them wet. She wrapped her lips around them, getting them dripping wet. When he was happy with her sucking he moved them down to her entrance, immediately pushing two fingers inside of her, causing her to moan at the delicious stretch.
Harry started pumping his fingers inside of her, stroking that one spot she could never reach herself.
Y/N’s hands reached up to hold onto the headboard, moving her hips against Harry’s mouth. He moaned against her when he felt her starting to ride his mouth, letting her move just how she pleased.
He resettles her above him after a moment and then she feels the firm press of his hot tongue against her clit, licking it with just the perfect pressure.
Harry fucks into her with his fingers, twisting and curling them. His lips sucked her clit into his mouth, flicking over it and making sharp pleasure run up her spine.
“Y-Yes, oh shit.”
She was already so close again, almost overwhelmed with all the pleasure he made her feel.
Harry curled his fingers inside of her, pressing hard against her g-spot. She’s clenching down around his fingers, so close to coming. He hummed against her, the vibrations hitting her clit immediately and that was all it took for her to explode again.
“Harry, yes!”
Harry’s fingers fucked her through it, prolonging her orgasm and keeping her right there. His lips kept on sucking on her clit, making her come so hard she fell forward against the headboard. Harry held onto her ass cheeks then, moving her against his mouth in the same way he would do it if she was sitting on his cock.
“Harry, oh fuck!”
He kept on moving her against him with his hands on her ass cheeks, licking her so deep she came for the third time with a shaky cry and clenching thighs.
She whines when it gets too much and Harry lets go of her, helping her off him.
“What was that, my love?”
Y/N was shaking, a whimpering mess but Harry knew she wanted to keep going. Needed to keep going.
Harry needed this himself, he missed this over the last two weeks. His dick was standing to his full potential already, his tip a angry shade of red and leaking precum that made it look slick.
“Can you sit on my cock, baby?” he asked her sweetly, innocence lacing his words.
She nodded the tiniest bit, moving so she was straddling his hips. She eyed his dick hungrily, missing that body part the most. She took hold of his shaft, enjoying the fact that Harry groaned out at the feel of her hand around him.
She lined herself up with his tip, sinking down immediately. Loud groans left both of their mouths, their eyes falling shut with the pleasure that came with having each other like this again.
Y/N took him as deep as possible, sitting properly on his dick with her ass hitting his thighs. She began to rock her hips, making him rub against her favorite spot. Harry was looking up at her, not quite sure if he should look at her blissed out face or the place where his dick was sliding into her pussy.
Her hands were on his butterfly tattoo, bracing herself. She bounced on him then, making his dick fill her up with every movement of her hips.
“Yes, fuck yourself on my cock.” Harry groaned out, moving his hands to her thighs.
Y/N was moaning and whimpering above him, slamming down so hard on his cock that her ass created a filthy sound against his thighs.
One of her hands wandered to in between her legs, rubbing at her clit to get herself there faster. Harry felt his eyes rolling back in his head when he saw her touching herself right on his dick, the sight so overwhelmingly sexy that he was sure he could come right then and there.
He felt it when she was close, her walls squeezing his dick and her hips moving even faster. She kept on rubbing herself until she finally came with a hoarse shout, her whole body shaking with the pure pleasure her own fingers and his cock made her experience. She came hard, Harry could feel her slick coating his cock and dripping onto his thighs. Her pussy was squeezing Harry’s dick so hard he saw stars but he wouldn’t come, not until he got everything from her.
“Four.” she moaned out when she finally stopped the movements of her hips, her fingers still stroking over her clit to ride out her orgasm properly.
Harry sat up when she wanted to let him slid out of her, pulling her by her thighs tightly to him so she was still sitting on his cock. A surprised shriek left her at his movements, her eyes wide and her mouth parted.
He slapped her fingers away from her pussy, replacing them with his own and rubbing her bundle of nerves in hard circles. A high pitched moan left her, trying to squirm away from his fingers.
“Harry, fuck I-”
“I want you to come, right on my cock from only my fingers.”
She groaned disbelievingly, she felt his cock so deep inside of her, she just wanted to move and make him fuck up inside of her but he held her down on his dick, not letting her move the slightest bit.
His fingers were rubbing her clit so roughly but just the way she liked it and she came within seconds, still worked up from her last orgasms.
Her pussy clenched down on Harry’s cock, making him groan out but he kept still, only feeling her orgasm on him. He rubbed her through it, the way her pussy squeezed his cock making him moan right with her.
He removed his fingers from her, wrapping his arms around her waist and lying down with her on top of him, his dick still inside of her. He knew she would be sore the next day but it didn’t matter.
He bent his knees, planting his feet on the mattress. Her thighs were spread, her knees on either side of his hips. He gave her one experimental thrust, loving the way she moaned out loud at the pleasure.
He unwrapped his arms from around her, his hands grabbing onto her ass, spreading her cheeks apart before he fucked up into her. He held her down on his cock so she couldn’t move, his dick slamming into her hard and fast. She was screaming against his shoulder, his dick feeling so fucking good inside of her. Harry was moaning into her neck, this position absolutely wrecking him as well.
Y/N came so fast it was incredible, screaming and sobbing loudly against Harry, her nails leaving scratches on his arm. He slowed down a bit when she kept on crying out against his shoulder, now rolling his hips into her rather than thrusting with full force.
“S-Six.” she stammered out when she was able to think again.
“Such a good girl, baby. You still good?”
He pounded her pussy again, his thighs slapping against her ass hard. He slapped down on her ass with both hands at that was all she needed before she came again. She wasn’t able to count her seventh orgasm because it became her eighth right afterwards, growing into one mind blowing orgasm that made her shout out.
“Yes, baby.” Harry breathed out when her pussy got incredibly tight again.
He made her sit up then, letting him slip out of her.
“Hands and knees, love.”
It took her a bit longer than usual to position herself due to the shaking of her limbs but she managed to within a few moments.
He lined himself up behind her, sliding into her immediately. He wrapped his arms around her, pressing her back to his chest. He spread her thighs a bit wider so he had more access before he began to fuck her again, her ass hitting his thighs loudly with every move.
She came again within seconds, her pussy now so sensitive that it only needed a few thrusts to explode. Harry moved one hand to her clit before she could finish completely, intensifying her orgasm with his hard circles against her nerves and making her groan out.
He fucked her right through it, not letting up on his pace and his rubbing.
“Harry! Oh!”
Another orgasm rocked through her body, making her fall forwards. Harry let her, leaning over her and still rubbing her clit with his fingers.
He removed his hand from her, pressing her down on the bed completely and slamming into her so hard the whole bed moved and the headboard kept on hitting the wall with loud thuds.
He didn’t even feel her next orgasm, her pussy grew so tight around him that he wasn’t able to feel her clenching anymore. But she did come, he could hear it, her loud moans and shouts.
“Eleven.” she whimpered out.
She was completely fucked out, he knew she was but she had one more inside of her. Only one more.
Harry was right there, at the edge of his orgasm and he knew he only needed a few more seconds before he would come inside of her. Y/N was still lying on her stomach, her hands gripping onto the sheets.
“You gonna come with me, baby?”
She only moaned at that was all he needed before he began to pound away, paying attention to that one spot inside of her that would make her explode within seconds.
And she did come within a few short moments, coming harder than ever around him. Her juices came pouring out of her, drenching the sheets underneath them. Her scream was so loud it teared right through Harry, making him come deep inside of her and coating her walls with his hot release. He stilled inside of her, pushing as deep as he could go, his cock still releasing rope after rope of sticky white cum.
He was scared that she passed out for a moment but her moans and whimpers reassured him that she was still conscious. He pulled out of her finally, hearing her whimper at the loss. He looked down and saw her release mixed with his cum pouring out of her, onto the sheets.
He lied down beside her, his breathing harsh and ragged.
“You okay, my love?” he asked her softly, his hand stroking over her back.
She looked at him with half lidded eyes, her lips parted.
“How the fuck did you make me come twelve times?”
Her voice was wrecked, raspy from all the shouting she’d done.
Harry laughed out at her words, his shoulders shrugging.
“I’ve got no idea. But it was hot as fuck.”
She turned around finally, laying her head on his chest with a sigh.
“We are never ever going without sex again. Never.” she stated.
“Never.” he agreed.
“We need to change the sheets.” she whispered after a few moments, a bit of embarrassment audible in her voice.
“That we have to do, love. Never thought you could come like this. My dick really has to be amazing.”
She hit his chest playfully, scolding him with her eyes.
“Shut up, you wanker.”
“Oi! I’m very glad that I don’t have to wank anymore, thank you very much.”
“Oh god, Harry.”

alright don’t get me wrong, melissa killed it in the musical episode and the superfriends were really cute but also what if alex got stuck in music meister’s alternate universe instead of kara? 

  • because let’s be real, alex is probably the one who introduced the wizard of oz to kara so her knowledge of movie musicals is pretty widespread
  • anyways she gets to this universe and meets barry for the first time and is totally 100% ready to deck him in his dopey smiling face 
  • (“barry allen? as in the barry allen who brought my little sister to an alternate universe to fight deadly aliens because your little vigilante task force wasn’t strong enough?? even though her family is literally trained in fighting and taking down aliens? that barry allen?” “i now see that was a mistake.”)
  • and alex begrudgingly forgiving and agreeing to work together with barry because she has to get home to her family somehow
  • and barry understanding why kara literally talks about alex all the time, like alex hung the moon or something, because even without powers alex is probably the strongest and most driven person he’s ever met, accepting the mission and diving in headfirst, doing whatever she needs to do to get home. 
  • (alex mostly just wonders how this universe has a pretty accurate replica of kara’s dorky, loving personality in the body of the fastest man alive. she definitely doesn’t take comfort in the similarities between the two. nope, not at all)
  • ((okay, a little bit. but only because there’s something in barry’s smile that just reminds her of kara, of home))
  • also, barry and alex fighting over which movie was better, singing in the rain, or the wizard of oz. they finally come to a consensus, saying that the sound of music probably tops both. 
  • also, barry completely surprised at how pretty alex’s singing voice is, because lbr chyler’s voice could probably summon angels
  • and at the end, when both alex and barry get shot, which honestly, i don’t think would’ve happened because alex is probably has more awareness of bullets and the danger of shootouts than both barry and kara combined, let’s be real
  • and then cisco vibing iris and kara to the alternate universe 
  • kara would most definitely be there because alex, despite the healing she has gone through over the course of the show, still has a very broken, very damaged heart, what with all of that happened with her father, and she’s probably still having nightmares about the white martian mind meld and the myriad mind control, where she turned on the people she loves
  • plus all of the inner turmoil in her head with her coming out and also trying to balance work, family, and a completely new relationship
  • alex is damaged goods, but kara’s undying love for alex would definitely remedy that
  • (and let’s be real, the love goes both ways, what with kara feeling lonely and like she’s losing her sister, her anchor to reality, so alex totally could’ve saved kara in canon, showing that she’ll always be there for kara and is never letting her go.) 
  • anyways, iris and kara are vibed into the alternate universe and barry and iris have their epic true love’s kiss 
  • kara kneeling next to alex, tears streaming down her face, because alex totally couldn’t be dying, alex was the one to save the rest of the superfam. alex was, is, their rock, and alex couldn’t die on her, not like this. 
  • and alex smiling through bloody teeth and “what i wouldn’t give for one of the deo’s bulletproof dresses right about now,” and kara laughs and grips alex’s hand and presses a kiss to alex’s forehead
  • and then they’re back in star labs and alex is alive, alive, alive
  • and kara pulls alex into a rib-bruising hug and j'onn joins in and then they all go home
  • home, to their earth
  • home, to national city
  • home, to kara’s apartment, where winn and james and maggie are waiting with pizza and potstickers and cookie dough ice cream
  • and alex and kara snuggle up on the couch together, surrounded by their friends, their family, and feel so, so loved

Maeve’s other big costume moment in the season finale is what I call the “rogues gallery” of hosts trying to escape. Westworld’s costume designer Ane Crabtree told me that this is Thandie Newton’s favorite Maeve costume.

“We’ve seen her with absolutely no costume on – which is kind of a costume in and of itself – and as the madam and as someone on the frontier, but what I loved about the end is that her favorite costume was herself in these kind of black uniform trousers and a lab coat and she said she looked in the mirror, and she said ‘Oh my god! This is empowering; this is like being a fucking Black Panther.

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You and Peter turned the corner into the big living room. You both had wanted to check out where all the yelling was coming from. Ringing through the whole tower.

“Pepper and i are better, Obviously!” Tony defended himself, Crossing his arms and sticking out his tongue at Steve.

“Ororo and i are royalty. I think we win this.” T’challa said calmly. 

‘Pf. As if. Hope and i have a close relationship!” Scott huffed. “I can hall her now and she’ll agree!” Honestly his defense was a bit sad.

“I’m the only married one, Soo…” Clint says. Totally forgetting about T’challa. He gave him the meanest side eye you had ever seen.

“Jesus, Does it really matter that much?” you budded in. Making everyone stop. You were right. They were acting like five year olds. But really, When do they not?

“Yeah guys it’s kinda stupid to fight over.” Peter murmured. Almost quiet enough to not hear. You nodded in agreement. While the rest of the room went completely silent for once. 

“Thinking about it…. Peter and Y/n are actually the best couple.” Bucky said with a smirk. A blush rose on both your faces. Complete embarrassment flooding through you.

“We’re not a couple!” Peter burst.He was actually starting to shake. Poor kid.

“Not yet at least.” Natasha added. Making the rest of them laugh. Oh you were going to kill them.


“Patrick and I also have great chemistry off-screen. What is chemistry but rapport – it’s friendship; it’s attraction. I’m attracted to his goodness, his goofiness, his willingness. He is a radiant spark of a human being and, frankly, he lights me up like few can; he makes me shriek with laughter. Reuniting with him this time around for The Conjuring 2 was even more jocularity and mirth. We ease into buffoonery and antics as soon as you throw us together. Reprimanding us won’t help. It’s like adding baking soda and vinegar together – it just gets frothy and fun. We’ll get the job more than done, but not without a thousand wisecracks. I love to pull that guy’s chain, and he loves to pull even harder on mine.” - Vera Farmiga

Okay but–

So imagine Moana growing up and Maui visiting the village every so often until it becomes like normal, right?

But then since Moana is the chief and what not they start talking about an heir and stuff!! And now all the village dudes are like excited but terrified if trying to ask for Moana’s hand in marriage.

Because like
1. She totally went out by herself and came back a hero.
2. Maui - a demigod - is like her older brother. 3. She is badass all by herself.
4. She is this amazing woman who isn’t afraid to he herself.


Taking a moment to appreciate the fact that when Chloe tells Beca that Titanium is her lady jam and that the song “really builds,” she actually makes the universal jerking-off motion with her left hand. (And I would so love to know whether that was something that was scripted, whether it’s something the director decided on, or whether it’s just something Brittany Snow threw in there.)

I mean, this is a character who not only walks into the shower of a total stranger and immediately tells that stranger which song she masturbates to, but in case the point wasn’t clear enough to Beca, she then acts it out by miming the diddling. 

I feel like everyone always agrees on what a sweetheart Chloe is, but not enough people grasp just what a fucking weirdo she is.  Chloe Beale is a freak.  I love her so much.

Okay I know this fandom has had a million posts about Lucien being a victim of abuse from his family as well as Tamlin and LISTEN TO ME I AGREE WITH YOU HE TOTALLY IS A VICTIM, YES.


Y'all best believe I sure as hell expect a DAMN GOOD apology and change of behavior from Lucien in ACOWAR. He is a victim - YES. But he also let. Tamlin. Abuse. Feyre. He LET Tamlin lock her up in that godforsaken mansion and LET him stifle her powers and he KNEW Feyre was dying inside because of it. He even tried to kidnap her for Tamlin when she and Rhys were in the woods training!

Lucien is a victim. But he is also guilty by association and the fact that he is a victim of abuse himself does not EXCUSE his behavior, it only EXPLAINS it.

I think Lucien is a fabulously complex character. He is also problematic. I’m excited to see him in ACOWAR for many reasons, the most of which being the apology I think Sarah will write him towards Feyre accompanied by him finally standing up to Tamlin and hopefully whooping the tool’s ass. I’m here for his redemption arc but some of y'all act like he doesn’t even need one.

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At the Con in Germany last week, Stephen Walters said something interesting: He said he adores Cait, because "Cait really is all heart". I thought that was very interesting, because I think a lot of fans (and especially non shippers) seem to see Cait as a business-woman and much more rational and less emotional as Sam. When I heard SW say that, I thought though, we don't know her at all and that it would explain a lot of Sam's protective behavior towards her. Also for him always taking the blow?

I totally" agree, anon. Cait has said that she can be shy at times-and this may cause some to see her as less “emotional” especially when compared to very outgoing Sam, when it’s really just shyness. Many actors are more comfortable on stage and otherwise dealing with others when they are in a “role” but are afflicted by shyness when doing interviews or fan encounters when they are just “themselves”. This may be true for Cait as well.

But, as you point out, anon, Sam has her back. Big time. He’s not only her biggest cheerleader, but he’s also her biggest protector as well. We saw this in twitter when a fan suggested that Sam was disrespecting Cait. “Idiot” was his succinct, one word response. This is the only time Sam has ever said anything rude to a fan, ever, and it was in defense of Cait. And we saw it again at the London fan meet when some fans tried to give Cait some trouble over her not appearing at fans conventions or going on the world press tour for Outlander.. “It’s too much” Sam said- and continued to make fan con appearances alone, and also did the Outlander world press tour solo so that Cait could have some time before the Money Monster press that would eat up much of her hiatus. And those are just a small sample of the sort of care he takes of her. It’s apparent in every appearance they make together.

So Sam isn’t just talking the talk that he’s concerned for Cait’s welfare and happiness. He’s walking the walk too. Big time.
And all of that adds up to be a bit more concern and care than the average friend would be expected to provide. Especially if the lady, and gentleman, in question had other “obligations”. But it feels just right if these two were instead “obligated” to each other.

Okay so I know that it’s a pretty common idea that Mama Bittle already knows that Bitty is gay (an idea that I kind of agree with as a kid who was also best friends with thier mother in high school.  they just fucking know everything.) But a hilarious possibility just occured to me so I’m going to take the other side briefly of: What if Mama Bittle still assumes that Bitty is straight?  Well I’ll tell you what’s happened.  Larissa. Fuckin. Duan. Man.  


  • She has totally answered Bitty’s phone groggily in the morning because Bitty is still asleep in her bed and massively Tub Juice Hungover “Oh hang on Mrs. Bittle, he’s right here.” Cue Lardo clearly just rolling over and shaking Bitty until he’s alert enough to take the phone and let her go back to sleep
  • She has also thrown herself on Bitty’s bed and demanded snuggles while he’s in the middle of Skyping his mom. “Yo Bits, spoon me while I smoke this, yeah?  Fuckin science requirement sucks balls.”  [scandalized silence] “…Oh…Hi, Suzanne.  Sorry bro, my b.”

  • Bitty sends her mini pies in the mail over the summer, and she Skypes him to say thank you complete with eating a pie on camera so he can laugh at her outrageously pornographic sounds of appreciation.  Bitty didn’t even think to put in his headphones because duh it’s just Lardo, but Mama can’t look him in the eye at breakfast.

Mrs. Bittle and Coach discuss the incidents and while they’re happy that Bitty is happy, they’re kind of worried that this crass stoner girl is going to be their daughter in law.  When Bitty comes out and they realize that their son in law is probably going to be the quiet and well-mannered Zimmermann boy they are tickled pink

A hidden message within Kaede's room (NDRV3 spoilers)

Fun Fact about NDRV3 (7)

An interesting fact came up in Japanese fandom

If you go to Kaede’s lab, you’ll find curious set of notes on the blackboard.

This just looks like a normal musical score at a glance but…
It’s actually a secret message written in the code devised by Philip Thicknesse in 1772.

Each note corresponds with following letters:

Now, if we decode the score on the blackboard using this…

We get ‘yasurakani nemure(安らかに眠れ)’, meaning ‘sleep in peace’

Kaede’s VA said she sometimes wants to crack up Kodaka’s head to see what’s inside there and I totally agree with her.

Dark Circles (Peter x Reader)

Anon said: Hey, I just read your pda head canon and totally agree with Peter leaving tons of hickies 😂 please could you do a Peter X reader imagine where reader has stayed the night and they’ve made out and done stuff so when they come down for breakfast the next morning she doesn’t realise she has hickies on her neck and collarbone LIKE A LOT OF THEM. And Lucy doesn’t know what they are so immediately rushes over and asks reader if she’s okay. Meanwhile Edmund and Susan can’t stop laughing and tease them

It had been one absolutely wild night for (Y/N) and Peter. They had gotten very little sleep the night before, and when she woke up all she felt was tired.

“Pete,” she groaned, nudging his shoulder. Peter refused to be woken up and just rolled away from her on the bed.

“Go back to sleep,” he mumbled into his pillow. (Y/N) sat up in bed and rubbed her neck. She stretched her back before turning to glare at her boyfriend. He opened one eye lazily.

“Want me to bring you up some food Sleeping Beauty?” she ruffled his already messy hair.

“Ask Su if she’ll make some bacon and eggs,” Peter grabbed her hand and gave it a squeeze. “We can split toast.” (Y/N) got out of bed, threw on a tank top and shorts, and made a beeline to the kitchen.

“Good morning,” Edmund greeted without looking up from the paper he was reading. The three siblings were seated at the dining table in front of the kitchen.

“Morning.” (Y/N) nodded in their direction and was almost past them when Lucy gasped.

“Oh, (Y/N), are you alright?” she rushed up to the older girl and grabbed her shoulders.

“I’m tired, don’t look at my dark circles,” she laughed. Using her hands to cover her eyes, she didn’t see Lucy inspecting her.

“Is that what these are?” she asked innocently, poking at her neck.

“What?” Edmund and Susan were trying not to laugh; Lucy was pointing at a hickey on (Y/N)’s neck. Really, her neck and chest were speckled with them.

“Are these dark circles?” Lucy repeated. (Y/N) had no idea what to say.

“Yeah Lu. They can occur when someone stays up too late,” Edmund smirked without looking over. Susan had to hold her hand to her mouth to hide her laughter.

“Peter’s hungry, I’m getting food.” (Y/N) practically ran into the kitchen. She rubbed her face roughly with her hands, chiding herself for not looking in the mirror before she came downstairs.

Peter waited patiently for her to come back. When the door to his room creaked open, a blushing (Y/N) appeared holding a plate of toast.

“You should have told me I had hickies all over me before I chose this shirt,” she shook her head and climbed into bed.

“I honestly didn’t notice.” He just then saw how marked up her neck was.

“Lucy thinks they’re dark circles because I didn’t get a lot of sleep.” (Y/N) looked over to see Peter smirking. She laughed and hit him with a pillow before pulling the covers over her head.

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It might sound dumb but I'm so grateful for Riri not hiding her forehead! I was bullied since I was a kid for my huge forehead and I felt ugly as I saw no women in the media or in real life with the same features, but look at her stunning personality rocking every look! So yeah, another reason for liking her :D

Wow, I love this. Yes, I totally agree with you. I think it’s amazing that she makes you feel good about a feature you were insecure about  ❤️

 Plus, she he embraces it: