i took this while my camera was on a tripod :)

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hi! love ur bullet journal spreads so much ahhhh 💕☺️ i just watched your june plan with me and i wanted to know how you get that camera angle while still being able to confortable work on ur bujo? i've always wondered how the above view vids work ✨

well, i use my phone!! i have a little table-top tripod with a phone holder attachment on it, (that i bought separately), and then i put my tripod out to the side and angle my phone lengthwise so it’s sticking out over my spread! took me a while to figure that out, haha, but it’s the easiest and quickest way to get overhead shots for me! i would love to be able to do overhead shots with my bigger camera, but i know that’s gonna involve like a tripod arm and stuff which get pricey. so i’m happy with my phone for now! 

The Chase: Prankster!Josh Washington x Reader

Part Two- The Lead

As requested by Anon: “Seems like you’re being swamped with requests but could you please do one where the reader replaces Sam, and it’s at that point in the game where Josh is chasing you. Maybe have a bit more info on what happens after he catches you, or even how you escaped. Hell, it would be interesting if you found out it was Josh during the scene as well. Shake up the story a bit.”

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The Light After Sunset

A lot of times when I’m out shooting, I notice that people leave once the sun sets below the horizon. Little do they know that most of the time, the sunset merely marks the introduction to the spectacle that is to come. This was both taken after sunset and facing the East (opposite from where the sunset was).

Unfortunately a little afterwards while I was shooting a time-lapse scene, a rogue strong wave came and knocked over my camera and tripod which ended up with my camera submerged for a good couple of seconds. The lens seems to be a lost cause, however I’m hoping my camera pulls through! I immediately took out the battery when it happened and I’ve been drying it out ever since. I won’t attempt to turn it on for a few days just to give it ample time to fully dry. 

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil


Foundation Portfolio: For my second personal assignment I decided to go with a more conceptual and surrealistic style. My proposal for the assignment was to “composite a figure sitting center frame with hundreds of paper cranes flying around them.” While I kept the core of my proposal, I decided to add another element of whimsy and have the subject levitating and raising his hands as if he were bringing the cranes to life.

I had an idea of the image I wanted, and a location in mind for the backdrop, so I grabbed some gear and a subject, and we got to work. After scouting the best spot for the photo, I set up a tripod to keep the camera in one place while I shot a background plate to serve as the base image. Then I had my subject jump into the air while I captured the best image of him “levitating”. After that I tied some string to the two paper cranes that we had made and held them into the frame while my subject took various exposures. This made it so that each of the cranes looks realistically integrated in the scene. When that was done I took all the images into Photoshop and masked all of the elements into place.

In the long run I’m hoping to turn this into a series of people doing magical things. Witches & Wizards!!!

Fanfic - Best Friends Kiss - 1/1

Summary: Linda convinces Barry and Iris to do the “best friends kiss for the first time challenge”. 

Rating: PG

Word Count: 943

A/N: Because I needed something sweet and fluffy :)

“Why are we doing this again?” Iris asked for the third time.

“Because its fun,” Linda insisted. “Because it might be our only opportunity to get a viral video. Because you and Barry love me enough to go along with any of my crazy whims.”

Linda watched in amusement as Barry and Iris shared a look of matching exasperation. It amazed Linda how completely in sync her two closest friends were. They were only eighteen yet they had the dynamic of an old married couple despite the fact the two had never been on a date. Of course it was obvious to anyone that Barry and Iris harbored feelings for the other.

“This is different from your usual whims,” Barry shifted uncomfortably. “You’re asking us to make out in front of strangers.”

“I’m asking you to make out in front of the internet. Totally different.” Linda waved him off. “Guys the ‘Best friends kiss for the first time’ challenge is huge on youtube. But if you two are scared to do it -”

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Björk: Big Time Sensuality video’s diary.
The 16 mm camera was locked off on a tripod at the tail of the flat bed truck. Which allowed me to move around while @bjork was performing. I took about 20 rolls of film while in the same time we were shooting the video. One of the rare time I could direct and photograph for my own pleasure in the same time.

Stephane Sednaoui sur instagram

BRF Photo

A few years ago, I realized that I had too many hobbies and not enough time to enjoy any of them in a meaningful way. So, I decided I needed to pick one and focus on it (no pun intended). Photography was and continues to be that hobby, although it has developed into so much more - a true passion. It is a way for me to create and to share with the world.

I used to shoot with a Canon EOS 20D, but recently upgraded to a 60D. I mainly use a Sigma 18-250mm lens, a Dolica carbon fiber ball-head tripod, and the occasional extender tube. Every once in a while, I will post a shot I took with my iPhone (because I was without camera that day), but most shots I post are dSLR. I process with Lightroom, and sometimes use Photomatix, Photoshop Elements, and/or Topaz Adjust.

I hope you enjoy my work.