i took this video myself


See you on the flipside Vine!

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Have you ever tried drawing with just water and a broom? In case anyone missed this post, Wander was recently approved to be a character that can be drawn via water art by custodial at Disneyland! Finally got to see it in action for myself yesterday, so I took a video of the process! Huge thank you to @alicia-lvn and @extraordinarycircus for teaming together to help make this possible! And, of course, to the cast member who was kind enough to draw Wander for us. 


A video I didn’t know would happen. When I saw that trailer though I guess my mind had other ideas and this video happens. I need more Makkachin in my feature.

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popular titles from nintendo in 2014 [u.s.] happy new year!

I’ve been missing it badly….

So here’s the mini video of the ocean off the coast near Pisa, Italy.

I never thought of myself as an ocean or beach person, much preferring the forests and mountains, but I gotta say… this little rocky coast made me weep, and made me love the sea. The witch and nature lovers in me was beyond happy and totally at peace here and I need it back soon… 🌊🌊🌊

Took the video myself, but it’s only letting me post a few seconds of it…


i took a video of myself painting the next mermaid for funsies!

painted on 300gsm watercolour paper with red, gold, and black ink.
footage is sped up to 400% (sometimes 800%).
total time spent on this painting was about 90 minutes.
music used is from the Ookiku Furikabutte soundtrack!

i literally just recorded this on my phone, which ran out of memory towards the end, so some steps like when i added bubbles and highlights with a white gel pen aren’t shown.

lesson to learn from my mistake: change brushes when you’re going from black ink to colourful! it’ll keep the colours purer.

sorry about the way the footage skips around, i kept accidentally blocking the camera with my head, haha

if you have any questions feel free to ask! \o/

Lavellan Keeps Her Vallaslin (3 Ways)

I was telling mercurialmalcontent about the Solavellan romance and the way Solas treats Lavellan if she chooses to keep her vallaslin (in that he isn’t weird/creepy/predatory/condescending about it the way that fandom sometimes paints him) and I offered to make a transcript, so… here it is!

Below are (most of the) variations of how the Solavellan breakup scene can go. I included the second half after she decides to keep or remove her tattoos as well; I’m not going to go through every single one for my own sanity, but I wrote the dialogue for the main three reactions to hearing “The vallaslin are slave marks”, and one path through each of the three different branches during the breakup itself.

Because I love you guys and I hate myself.

I took gameplay video as well, and I recommend watching the scenes themselves if you can because the voice acting adds a lot of context. I’m not sure how this sounds with Sumalee instead of Alix, but I might redo it with a VA change just to see.

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