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DC preferences #1 How you meet

Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman

She was tracking down another immortal. From what she understood, they weren’t an Amazon or a God, but they never aged. She didn’t expect her search to lead her all over the world, she had been in Syria, Somalia, South Sudan, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, now she was walking the wards of a children’s hospital in Dublin.

She was almost distracted from her mission by the children. She took her time to talk and take a picture with each of them. She immediately knew it was you when she saw you, talking with one of your patient’s parents, a stethoscope hanging from your neck. Once you were done she approached you. What she didn’t expect was you to greet her with a gentle smile, “I knew it was a matter of time before you found me Miss…”

“Prince, Diana Prince” she said as she held out her hand.

“Dr (y/n) (y/l/n)” you said as you shook her hand, “I know you’ve came a long way, but would it be okay if we spoke later, my shift ends in an hour”, whilst looking up apologetically.

“I will remain here until you are done” Diana said a small smile pulling at her lips.

Kara Danvers/Supergirl

You had the same powers as her and her cousin but you weren’t Kryptonian, well not entirely. You were a well-known hero and worked as an illustrator for children’s books in National-City. As a result of your work you were going to be interviewed by Catco’s new art and literature editor, Kara Danvers.

The two of you were in the middle of your interview when your phones went off. Lucy Lanes name flashing on your screen, Alex Danvers flashing on hers. That’s when your eyes met. “You work for the DEO” you said simultaneously.

Alex Danvers

As the DEO chief doctor, the first time you met Alex Danvers wasn’t the best circumstances. “Agent Danvers could you please sit down” came the frustrated voice of your co-worker.

“Dr Williams go get a coffee I’ll take over” you said as you walked into the room. As soon as your co-worker left Agent Danvers started her protests once again.

“You may be a doctor but you are also an agent and I order you to let me go and do my job” she said as she stood in front of you. You sighed in response and Agent Danvers thought she had won.

“DEO Health Policy 1.1.A states clearly that when it comes to the health and well being of all agents, no matter the rank, the doctors have the final say, so Agent Danvers sit your ass down on that bed and let me stitch up the cut on your head and carry out a concussion evaluation” you said looking her directly in the eye. To your surprise she smirked.

Lucy Lane

You were a naval meteorologist and met Lucy for the first time during a military tribunal, you were asked to give your expert opinion on the weather conditions that may or may not have affected the flight of an army jet. After Lucy saw you were a reliable witness you became her go to for cases involving meteorology.

It had been several years since your last court appearance and you were now working in Catco, travelling the world and reporting on the weather and natural disasters. It was when you saw Lucy that morning that the two of you got talking, “Major Lane is that you?” you asked, feeling relieved that it was her when she turned around, “Lieutenant Commander (y/l/n), it’s good to see you” she said.

“Its good to see you to, but its just (y/n) now, what brings you to National City?”

Cat Grant

It was early on in both of your careers when Cat Grant first interviewed you. “So (y/n) where did you get the inspiration for your latest film” she asked relaxing back in her seat preparing to take notes on your answer. “To be honest, is it okay if I call you Cat?” you asked and she nodded back, “To be honest Cat, I took it from everyday sexism, when bringing a character like the Black Widow to life you look at what society say are her weaknesses and turn them into her strengths.”

“People are complaining about there being a female dominated cast in a super hero movie what do you have to say about that” she said, sighing slightly at the stupidity of the people complaining.

That was when a broad grin took over your face, “I never even noticed that it was female dominated”. That was when Cat Grant knew that she would get on well with you.

Harley Quinn

“Touch my friend again and I swear to god you’ll be drinking from a straw for the rest of your sorry miserable life” you threatened the guy who was easily a foot taller than you. Harley was kind of shocked, she was about to step in and beat the no good creep into a pulp when she saw you.

“If you’re jealous sweet cheeks, I don’t mind you joining us” he said as he grabbed your hips and pulled you towards him. That’s when he was suddenly doubled over in pain, holding his hands between his legs. Before anyone could react he was on the floor twitching and electricity was coming from your hands.

You didn’t notice his friend come up behind you. But Harley did. “Hey Mista, sneaking up on people isn’t nice ya hear” she said as she hit him round the head with her bat.

By the time the two of you had beaten up every guy in the bar it was late and way passed closing. “Harley, nice ta meet ya” she said offering you her hand and a wide smile.

“(y/n) and its good to meet you too, thanks by the way god knows what those guys would have dome if you didn’t help” you said taking her hand and smiling back at her.

“Don’t mention it, ya need a hand getting your friend back home?” she asked looking at your friend who was out cold in the booth where you had left her.

“That would be amazing” you said, giving Harley a grateful look.

Poison Ivy

Once she herd of your powers she knew she had to meet you. How did you have the same powers as her? She needed to know. That was how she ended up sat in front of Gotham city hall, looking at you from a distance. She watched carefully as you gently touched a rose on one of the rose bushes that lined the walls.

Then she noticed the movement of the dandelion poking through the paving stones. She touched it lightly, feeling its message. “If you have something to ask Miss Ivy, just ask it”, she looked across at you with an eyebrow raised only to see you smirking at her.

Winn Scott

You needed a second pair of hands and fast. Of course the first person who your bosses at the DEO though of was Winn. You were in your office typing with one hand and trying to untangle wires with the other. “Agent (y/l/n) this is Winn, he’s going to give you a hand with the thing you’re doing that I don’t really understand” Kara said as she looked around your office, eyebrows knitted in confusion at the absolute chaos.

“Hi Winn thanks for jumping in” you said, briefly looking up at him “Right now were hacking an unknown alien system in a coding language we don’t understand, whilst connecting up Kara’s pod to use Kryptonian tech to create confusion and make them think the hack isn’t coming from a human source”. You said as Winn reached out and took the wires untangling them allowing you to type with both hands now.

“So hook this up to the CPU and create a Kryptonian firewall using the pods basic coding for reference” he said, “That pretty genius” he said as he connected the wires. “Well see if it works first” you said smiling.

J'onn J'onzz

You thought you were the last of the Green Martians, until you saw him. “You seem to have fitted into the human world well” said the Martian standing in front of you.

“How” you said as you looked up at him in awe, “I thought…”

“That you were the only one left” he said, looking at you as you transformed in front of him.

Jimmy Olsen

As Catco’s war correspondent you travelled the world with you laptop, notebook, pen and your usual photographer. However your usual partner had changed job, looking for a slower pace of life. So you sat in your office waiting for your new photographer before you planned out your new trip. That was when you saw the head of photography at the door. You looked up in confusion, “I’m assuming you’re coming to tell me that you couldn’t find a photographer for this trip” you said.

“I couldn’t find a willing photographer, so I will be going with you” he said as he held up his camera.

“And Cat’s okay with this?” you asked, wondering whether she would really let her award winning head of photography go into a war zone.

“She wants good pictures, you and me are the only people crazy enough to go into this particular war zone” He said as he sat down on the chair opposite you.

“Fair enough” you shrugged as you pulled a map out of your desk.

Clark Kent

You worked at the Daily Planet as part of the world political section and you both covered American Politics. You met him after you returned from reporting on a NATO summit, “Hi, I’m Clark Kent” he said standing up to shake your hand once he saw you. “I’m (y/n) (y/l/n), it’s nice to meet you” you said as you shook his hands.

Bruce Wayne

You found him battered, bruised and unconscious in the dumpster at the side of your apartment building. You immediately ran in doors and got your neighbour to help bring him in side. Being a nurse you had medical supplies in your apartment.

You were patching him up when he woke up, “Who are you?” he said as he looked up at you realising his mask was sitting you your coffee table. “I am (y/n) (y/l/n) but I feel more like Claire Temple at the minuet” you said as threaded the needle, preparing to stitch the cut on his head. “Now this might sting a bit” you murmured as you leaned towards him.

a few of my spoken word/slam poetry favs!! :)

1. Loyce Gayo- How We Forget 

“We forgot burning cities. We forgot cities are still burning.” 

2. Sierra DeMulder- Mrs. Dahmer 

 “Will I be forgiven for the sins I did not commit, but created?” 

3. Jeanann Verlee- Unsolicited Advice to Adolescent Girls with Crooked Teeth and Pink Hair 

“When the boy with the blue mohawk swallows your heart and opens his wrists, hide the knives, bleach the bathtub, pour out the vodka. Every time.” 

4. Siaara Freeman- The Drug Dealer’s Daughter 

“Some nights, I put on my father’s chalk outline and teach it how to walk. My face is a haunted house my mother screams at out of habit, not fear. Most days I am an alley that no one will enter alone.” 

5. Rachel Wiley- 10 Honest Thoughts on Being Loved by a Skinny Boy 

“I say, I am fat. He says, No, you are beautiful. I wonder why I cannot be both.”

6. Melissa Lozada-Oliva- Like Totally Whatever 

“And like, maybe? I’m always speaking in questions? Because I’m so used to being cut off.” 

7. Imani Cezanne- The Hunger Games 

“I can’t help but notice how painting poverty in whiteface makes it fantasy. Makes it fiction.” 

8. Arati Warrier- Witch Hunt 

“I picture myself coming out and my parents heartbreak flooding all of India.” 

9. T. Miller- The Other Black Man 

 “Joke: A woman, a black, and a gay all walk into the same bar. In the same body. Punchline: her life. Punchline: her death.” 

10. Ariana Brown- Volver, Volver 

 “Can you still be considered an immigrant if you are traveling to a place that was yours to begin with?” 

11. Crystal Valentine- Black Privilege 

“Black Privilege is having the same sense of humor as Jesus. Remember how he smiled on the cross?” 

12. Hieu Minh Nguyen- Stubborn Inheritance 

“It took my mother eight years to accept me for being gay, for eight years I sat and watched my house burn.” 

13. Khary Jackson- Carolina 

“They stopped asking me why I howled in my sleep. They knew better than to call you a fever.” 

14. Rachel McKibbens- Last Love 

“Go with the one who loves you biblically. The one whose love lifts its head to you despite its broken neck.” 

15. Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz- For People Who Keep Asking Me Why I’m Still In Slam 

“Because I have heard poets say things in front of roomful of strangers that made me pulse, made me sweat, made me want to push further, risk everything, be that beautiful.”

16. Olivia Gatwood- Manic Pixie Dream Girl

“Once, I told you I was afraid of my father, and for a moment I was so human that the audience lost interest.”

17. Aaliyah Jihad- From My Mother to Her Late Daughter

“This home is your shrine now. Your portrait is painted in Jack Daniel’s stains in the linoleum. The smell of your hair is trapped in billows of fireplace smoke.”

18. Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib- Summer of 2009

“Which is to say that we are too old for all this shit. And by ‘this shit,’ I of course mean living.”

19. Christine Howey- My Passing, 1988

“And after building up my courage in the car for two hours, I walk inside.”

20. Suzi Q. Smith- Black Hole Mouth

“If you could just be black enough, if your hips could narrow and your lips tuck in, if your hair could be more polite, if your face would just apologize, always arguing with itself so publicly.”

Documentary single image winner – Street Wrestling, India

‘This picture is of a game called dangal – which means wrestling in English,’ says Indian photographer Retam Kumar Shaw. ‘I took this picture in Kolkata, from the terrace of a roadside building. I wanted to show not only the game but also the nearby situation; many local people are involved in the wrestling matches.’

Photograph: Retam Kumar Shaw
Alleyways (Emre Can)

a/n: here’s your request @addictedtomaluma 💕 this is nsfw

“What do you think about this one, Emre?” You twirled around, holding one of the softest pieces of silk you’d ever felt to your chest.

“I think a lot of things about it.” Emre smirked, stepping closer to run the rich fabric between his fingers.

It was his idea to go to India this year during his off season. You’d always wanted to visit the country, and he surprised you with tickets on the last matchday for Liverpool. Emre, like he always did when it came to you, went all out. He made sure you travelled in style on a private jet, and booked a room at one of the most exclusive resorts in Mumbai.

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This took me WEEKS to finish!!! This was for a pointillism contest a while back. The best part of this is that I can feel every mark that the pen made! It was all done with a caligraphy pen and colored india ink.

The idea behind it came from CQ’s Ask Error comics, basically making me think about what if Error used his strings to make Blueberry fight Ink.

Underswap belongs to @popcornpr1nce
Ink belongs to @comyet
Error (more like Error’s strings, since that’s the only thing I used for this picture. XD) belongs to @loverofpiggies

JB’ s dating profile (based on facts)

Name: Im Jae-bum (not Im as in I am, but IM)

Age:  21

I love: a lot of Black musicians such as D’angelo, Michael Jackson, INdia Arie, Musiq Soulchild, Ray Charles.It’s obvious I love Black music! I took a picture with Jill Scott…well a poster! I do get really smiley when I meet my Black fans, especially if she’s my type. I’ve done double takes. I really can’t help it! So beautiful.

drewtanaka-deactivated-deactiva  asked:


“They were reminders,” Calypso says to Piper one evening. 

Piper pauses from her work at the kitchen sink, wrist-deep in hot, soapy water. She turns to look at Calypso, confusion weighing on her expression. “Reminders? What are?”

Calypso wrings her hands, pacing from the far end of the kitchen table to the porch windows. The windows, open and screened, let in a gush of humid summer wind, catching Calypso’s bangs and ruffling against her dress. 

The smell of grass and hot pavement drifts over to Piper, mixing oddly with the spices Calypso likes to keep on the open shelves. She catches a faint whiff of Calypso’s perfume and asks again, “What were reminders?”

Calypso bites her lip, looking as if she regrets saying anything at all.

Piper dries her hands on a nearby dishtowel, and walks over to Calypso. “What’s wrong?”

Silently, Calypso leaves and comes back with a stack of photos, all with torn frayed edges and bent with folding lines. She hands them to Piper. 

“Reminders…?” Piper mutters, flipping through the pictures. Surprisingly, she recognizes them all. Trips to Italy, Spain, India… Their 100th anniversary spent in Paris… Even the time Piper nearly killed herself by falling into the Grand Canyon while trying to show off… Piper smiles at the warm feelings bubbling in her chest at the memories and glances up at Calypso. She honestly doesn’t know what to say.

“You once asked me,” Calypso says, taking the photos back with deliberate care, like she thinks they’ll turn to dust or burst into flames the moment they touch her hands. “Why I always took so many pictures.”

“I…” Piper starts. She ticks through the years and remembers all at once. The irritation she once felt, when their relationship was young and Calypso was fresh in her freedom. Why on earth she’d ever introduced Calypso to cameras. Why Calypso insisted on slowing their adventures for pictures, and lots of them. “I think I asked more than once?" 

Calypso laughs softly and steps closer, hugging Piper around her waist. "I never told you.”

“That you didn’t,” Piper replies, returning the hug. She dips her nose into the soft strands of Calypso’s hair and breathes in her scent.

Why can’t you just enjoy the moment, Calypso! She can hear herself saying. Instead of constantly looking through the lense of that stupid camera!

“I was so afraid back then,” Calypso says, quietly, and Piper ignores the fact that there’s still a quiver of fear in her voice. “So afraid that everything was a dream and I’d wake back up again on Ogygia. Alone–” Her voice cracks and her next word is lost.

Piper feels her shaking, and helplessness rushes through her. She holds Calypso tighter, regret at her actions all those years ago flowing through her. What she had done and promptly forgotten. “Even if the gods themselves had forced you back there, you know I’d have followed.”

“I know,” Calypso says, voice thick. “But now, all they seem to do is draw up those old feelings.And I can’t–I can’t even talk about it. They aren’t just reminders of our times together anymore, but why I took those reminders in the first place and I–”

Piper hushes her, and pulls away to thumb at the tears trailing down Calypso’s face. “You don’t need to.” She looks at the photos and to Calypso. She reaches out and takes the stack, Calypso’s hand still clutching the other end.  

And after a long quiet moment, broken only by the buzzing insects outside the window screens, Calypso relents. She releases them with a great shuddering breath. 

“We’ll have some new memories,” Piper murmurs, setting the photos in a drawer to be dealt with later. She takes Calypso back into her arms and kisses her soundly, confidently, like this was all the proof Calypso needed of her freedom. She pulls away. “We’ll get you a camera and plan some trips. We haven’t taken any in a while." 

"China.” Calypso says, readily.

“Ireland.” Piper replies, just as quickly

They have a wet-eyed glare off, before bursting into a round of giggles And when Calypso sighs and nuzzles her face into Piper’s neck, Piper holds her tighter, smiling despite the thought that pops into her head. 

I really wish I had a camera right now… 

not really about photography but photos sue meeeee

also they are both immortal due to piper’s agreement to stay on ogygia originally bye

42. Accidental First Kiss (Request Week)

Dan: Dan had missed your birthday due to a family vacation. To make up for it, he wanted to take you out for dinner. It was after the dinner, and you two were sitting on a bench in the park. “I have your present,” Dan said reaching next to him. “You didn’t have to do that. The dinner was more than enough.” You weren’t sure how you didn’t realize Dan was carrying your present all night. “Too bad,” he said placing it on your lap. You took the tissue paper out of the bag to reveal a ceramic elephant. You took it out and stared at it in awe. It was about nine inches tall, painted cobalt blue with gold hand painted designs on it. “It’s beautiful.” “I saw it at a vendor’s booth in India and immediately thought of you,” he said shyly. He knew that elephants were your favorite animal. “Thank you Dan. I love it." The same time you turned to kiss his cheek, he turned to reply to you. You ended up kissing his lips. You both pulled back quickly, eyes wide, and cheeks red. "Sorry!” Dan laughed. “That’s not exactly how I pictured that would go,” he whispered inaudibly. “What was that?” you asked. He answered by cupping your cheek and pulling you in for a proper kiss.

Phil: Your parents fought all the time and you were sick of it. Your music on the loudest setting wouldn’t even drown them out. To get away from them, all you had to do was text Phil with ’walk?’ and not even five minutes later you two would be on the sidewalk walking into town. Your parents never realized you were gone. Currently, you were sitting on a bench eating ice cream. “I’m sorry I do this all the time. I just can’t stand to be around them,” you said quietly. “Don’t apologize. It’s fine. I know how your parents can get. I wouldn’t want to be around it either. And I don’t ever want you to feel like you can’t text me about something, okay? I’m always here for you.” You smiled. “Thanks, Phil.” The same time you turned to kiss his cheek, he turned to smile at you. You ended up kissing his lips. You both pulled back in shock and quickly apologized. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry.” “I didn’t mean to do that!” “Sorry!” After the apologies, you quickly changed the subject. You walked around for another hour or so until you deemed it alright to return home. You parted your separate ways, you to your house, and Phil to his two houses down. Both of you were thinking about that kiss all night.

As you may have seen in one of my previous posts, in celebration of 500 followers(!!!), I’m posting requests all this week, ending on Sunday the 21st. If there’s anything you want to see on here, feel free to send it in! I only have three so far, so please send some! :)


432 Park Avenue Update

When I wrote about the skyscraper going up at 432 Park Avenue last year, it was only in its infancy:


But now, as you can see from the pictures I took this past week, the CIM Group-Macklowe Properties effort is well on its way into the midtown sky. It presently stands at 961 feet high, but will reach its zenith of 1,397 when finished in late 2015. According to the current skyscraper database of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), that would make it the third tallest residential structure in the world behind only the Diamond Tower (1,417 feet) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and World One (1,450 feet) in Mumbai, India. 

Impressive as that sounds, 432 Park will only dominate the Western Hemisphere until some point in 2017. That’s when the Vornado Realty Trust-Extell Development Company tag team plans to complete its Nordstrom Tower. That obelisk will soar 1,423 feet above the currently flattened lot at 217 West 57th Street. Let the skyscraper wars commence.

“Malika Browne’s father, Stephen Browne, far right, in Rishikesh, northern India. Also present, left to right: George Harrison, Pattie Boyd, John Lennon, Nick Nugent and music teacher Ajit Singh.” - The Guardian, 27 October 2012

This fan story took place during The Beatles’ 1968 stay in Rishikesh, India, and is posted courtesy of The Guardian:

“Snapshot: My father and the Beatles

This is a picture of my father, Stephen Browne (far right), taken in Rishikesh in northern India with John Lennon, George Harrison and Pattie Boyd in 1968. He was on a gap year, teaching at two schools, before going to university.

The Beatles were in Rishikesh for much of that year, learning Transcendental Meditation with their guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and experimenting for their next album, which by my calculations might have been Abbey Road [sic - The Beatles, aka the White Album].

My father took up the dilruba (half sarangi, half sitar) while he was in India. On the day this was taken, his dilruba teacher had asked my father and his friend, Nick Nugent, whether they would like to come along to present an instrument to Pattie Boyd for her birthday. The picture was probably taken by the Beatles’ official photographer.

This photograph is a prized family possession and is tinged with bittersweet emotion. A few years ago, when we lived in New York, my parents, siblings and I trudged through the snow to Kinko’s copy shop on Christmas Eve to photocopy and scan the picture for safekeeping, and so that we could each have a copy.

Nobody remembers who was responsible for removing the original from the photocopying machine – but whoever it was forgot.

We returned to Kinko’s on 78th Street many times over the next few days in the vain hope that somebody would hand it in, as they might have in the snowy, Christmassy New York of the movies, but they never did.

At least we’re left with this facsimile. The dilruba is still in the attic.

Malika Browne” - The Guardian, 27 October 2012 [x]


My skin has went to light to dark to not so dark to dark and back my whole life. And it took me 18 years to be okay with that.
My parents and grandparents applied tumeric to my skin when I was a baby then began buying fair and lovely for me every time they went to India. I was always told how pretty I would have been if I wasn’t so dark. Whenever I posted pictures I’ve had to make sure my lighting washed me out or a filter never revealed how dark I truly was. As you may notice, my filters used to be extreme just to hide the color of my skin.
Then one day my cousin asked me who even decided that dark skin wasn’t as pretty as light skin and that made me think a lot. I stopped wearing fair and lovely, I enjoyed beaches and the sun and I was happy. It took me a long time but I am happy with the way I look.
Until I went to India this summer. Where every house I went to, someone would mention how dark I got then blamed my mom for it. Everyone asked her why they would let me get this dark as if my skin color was a disease that needed to be treated. And now I’m forced into applying fair and lovely twice a day.
I swore to never let my child feel the way I do about her skin color. I never want her to. And I don’t want anyone else to feel that way about themselves. You’re beautiful despite the color everyone thinks you should be.

I’m not wearing a bindi but #ReclaimTheBindi reclaimthebindi

Me: Hi I’m Tanay, Photographer/Doodlist from India. My blog contains all my own work. There is no real theme, just a record of compositions that catch my eye. I use a Nikon D3100. 

I don’t have a profound vision on photography, I enjoy taking pictures and documenting things. 

this photograph i took at my friend’s home. A morning i woke up just to see how a normal, everyday seen thing can turn out to be such a nice frame.

This is an old picture.  I took this years ago of an old Portuguese fort in India about 60 miles from Mumbai.  I was lucky enough to have a tour of abandoned forts in India.  It was interesting and given all of the colonial activities in India in the last 100 years, there are plenty of abandoned forts. 

musings on life as an outlander

Many of you know that for the past 5 weeks I had the opportunity to visit India for an extended business trip. Many adjectives can be used to describe my life and the experiences I have had during this time – eye-opening, breathtaking, exhilarating, exhausting, overwhelming, isolating. Fun. Unique. Epic.


I’ve seen things in India – incredible contrasts – that I’d never experienced before. People driving expensive European sports cars past an intersection where multiple families are living in the open air under a tarp. Muslim women covered in black – faces included – from head to toe. Hindu women draped in beautifully woven shawls and saris in every color imaginable. Buses jam-packed with people. Quiet beaches and hillsides.


And amid all this – here I was. An outlander. Not just in terms of looks or religion or culture or customs or nationality or dietary habits – because of experience. Because of perspective.


I had very limited interaction with other Westerners during my stay – my colleagues in the office were all from India. Everywhere I went, whether amid the explosive color and sounds of Mumbai, or the dusty, dry hills of Hyderabad, I stuck out. People took my picture – both with and without my permission. Others asked me where I was from, wished me well during my stay in their country, and even offered to explain things to me about food, culture, customs, cricket, politics, and daily life that I’d never be able to understand on my own.


And I realized that as an outlander, so far from home and everything familiar – working intense hours, where the work week consists of sleeping at the hotel and working extended hours in the office – your world shrinks. Due to the time difference, you barely speak with friends and family. You eat different food, and at different times of day than you normally would. You don’t go out at all during the week. The newspapers all report on stories for which you have no context. And in India, although almost everyone really does speak English, there are so many other languages (Hindi, Telegu, Maharati, and scores of others) that surround you every day.


I’d never understood the lines of Claire’s opening voiceover in 01x07 “The Wedding” until now – “You forget about your life after a while.” Because everything that is your life at home does not exist when you are an outlander – all the small details of your life that you take for granted, or cherish, or enjoy every day just can’t be replicated in such a foreign environment.


And now that I’m safely home, and can finally take the time to start reflecting on everything I have seen and done and experienced over the past 5 weeks, I realize just how many aspects of my life here in New York I have forgotten. Have learned to live without, because I’ve had to.


Now it’s my life in New York that feels foreign. Today I feel like an outlander in my own life.


People are amazingly resilient. We adapt to our surroundings – not just to survive, but to thrive. I have, and I will again. It will definitely take some time for me to get- to regain- my bearings. And having all of you, and our wonderful, dynamic community, will certainly help. =)

Jumble Jar // Things to try: Disposable camera

Go to the drugstore and pick up a cheapo disposable camera like your parents gave you for your fifth grade field trip. This camera has two settings, flash and no flash so you just have to point and pray that it will turn out cool. You can either waste all your film in one wild night, or save them for special moments. The Fujifilm ones come in sets of two, so put stickers or write in sharpie and label each one differently. Label them “wild nights” “stuff I shouldn’t get away with” “tranquility” “my best friends” or whatever else and shoot accordingly for a day a month or a year. When you get your film developed you will relive all of those amazing memories again.

These are some pictures we took at Beach Goth and even though they were taken two weeks ago it feels like they are grainy frames from the 1970s. 

Get out there, get messy, and take some pictures!


Emma & India

Just got back from a 6 week trip to India, overall I had a great time, although there was a sad event which put a dark cloud over my last few weeks there. This was one of the first images I took, I had arrived in Delhi a few minutes earlier and was headed to my cousin’s house by car…I spent most of the journey hanging out the window taking pictures. This autorickshaw driver gave me an evil look, but it turned into a smile when I showed him the shot on the back of my GF1.

Every trip has a soundtrack, and this is the track I kept hearing over and over, my cousin Ojaswini couldn’t get enough of it, she even had it as the ring tone on her phone. Ellie Goulding : Love Me Like You Do