i took this on an iphone


  • i assembled a bed, a console table, a swivel chair, a standing mirror, 2 tables, a dining table. all with my trusty scissors and nothing else. perhaps with a lot of determination. i feel like dying tho. 
  • my cousin just skyped me and told me that a lucky draw that i took part in (from CGV) just announced that i’m the first prize winner (an iphone 7, although the highest prize is a brand new audi) but i a. did not keep the receipt and number. b. the sim card i used in vietnam was lost after i landed in melbourne. so i was lucky but didn’t get to enjoy the fruits of my labour (?). 
  • i’m still laughing bc this is the second time i got the first prize in a draw but wasn’t present to receive it wtf? 
  • i’m very tired. 
  • please let this luck go on and bless me in my uni application. 
  • dear gods above. 
  • how about you? how did your day go? tell me because i miss tumblr and you guys so much. 

I tried taking a time lapse with my iPhone during the eclipse earlier today. Turns out it wasn’t tilted at the right angle and didn’t get any of the sun. So instead of posting a dumb, unremarkable photo I took today, I decided to share someone else’s amazing eclipse picture!

If anyone wants to see a decent time lapse of clouds, let me know because I can definitely deliver!

Image Credit: Bryan Minear (Instagram: @bryanminear )

If anyone has any cool eclipse pictures from today and wants to share, send them my way! I might even post one on my blog :)

Dianne Bentley saved receipts, helped take down her cheating governor husband.

The text copy, of course, leaves out all pics and formatting, (not to mention being unnecessarily laborious and time-wasting) but you can google a sentence or two to find the source (mic.com).

“When male politicians do shitty things, their wives are generally expected to stand quietly and supportively behind them, in press conferences and in life.

Not Dianne Bentley, though.

According to Business Insider, when she discovered that her husband, Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley, was having an affair, she set the sabotage machine in motion that ultimately brought him down.

The governor resigned Monday as evidence mounted that he had violated a number of campaign finance and state ethics laws in pursuit of an extramarital relationship with his adviser Rebekah Mason. That the Alabama House Ethics Committee amassed so much evidence in the first place is thanks in no small part to Dianne Bentley, who saves receipts.

According to the impeachment report, the Alabaman first lady first sensed something was going on between her husband and Mason in September 2013. At the time, Mason had not yet moved to Montgomery and was living in the governor’s mansion pool house. She was also, Bentley noticed, aggressively texting the governor during off hours and for non-gubernatorial business. But Bentley didn’t get concrete proof until February 2014, when she and the governor attended a National Governor’s Association in Washington, D.C. Mason came along, and Bentley saw her texting flirtatiously with the governor at the dinner table one night.

"I can’t take my eyes off of you,” the governor texted Mason, in full view of his wife, according to the report.

In spring of 2014, the governor made a few unambiguous fumbles that blew his cover. Once, he texted his wife to say, “I love you Rebekah.” He also gave her his state-issued iPad, apparently oblivious to the fact that it was synced with his state-issued iPhone and that any texts he might send from that phone would be accessible on the iPad.

Dianne Bentley watched her husband call Mason “sweetheart” and overheard the pair discussing the governor’s “Private Rebekah phone” and speak of making an escape together. Mason apparently called the governor a “handsome wonderful amazing funny sweet man,” to which he responded, “You are wonderful my sweet love.”

Bentley’s wife took screenshots of it all, which can be viewed here.

She also obtained audio evidence. In March 2014, according to the report, she turned on her phone’s recorder, dropped it into her handbag and told her husband she was taking a “long walk on the beach.” She left her purse behind, and within one minute, the governor and Mason were chatting on the phone. Their conversation eventually took a turn from business to Mason’s breasts.

Dianne Bentley filed for divorce in 2015 and handed over her evidence to the ethics committee in 2016. Taken together with accounts from staffers on both sides, who attested to threats and the misuse of state money in an effort to sustain the affair but keep it secret, it paints a very clear picture. The governor pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges on Monday, and will never again run for or occupy public office.

And that’s why you always save receipts.“


took a break from tumblr for abit and i’ve got 💯 msgs to do the may and june lockscreens ❤️so grateful for y'all though
here they are !! (timely just before may lmao) i hope you guys like these and i tried to fit in as many requests as i can (motivational, pastel, peach, mint….)
ok and so once agn, the calendars are from @emmastudies printables and picture credits go to the amazing studyblr people🖤

“Different yet the same…”

little drawing i did with my phone at a tournament. it was fun but man, it’s hard to draw with your finger on a tiny iphone screen:)))))

An accounting of the day of top surgery:

  • I had to stop eating and drinking at 8pm the night before for a surgery scheduled at noon the next day.
  • I showered in the morning, but I was told not to put on any lotion or deodorant or anything so I didn’t, and then I had to put an anti-nausea patch behind my ear before we left the hotel. I brought the medicines I was prescribed just in case I needed them.
  • My mom and I arrived about 10 minutes early, and about 1 and a half hours before the surgery. We sat in the waiting room for a bit, and I got a wristband with my name and birthdate and stuff on it.
  • I didn’t have much paperwork to do because they had gone over that with us yesterday in the pre-op appointment, and over the phone and email in the course of the month leading up to the surgery date. They also gave me a post-op binder to wear a few days after the surgery if I didn’t like the ace bandage, and took my before pictures during the pre-op.
  • I had to take off all my jewelry, which meant 3 rings for me. One of the ring was the one my partner gave me, and it was stuck on my finger because I don’t take it off often and I guess my finger has grown and we had to use lotion to get it off!
  • They left my mom in the waiting room and I had to pee in a cup in the bathroom, which was a little worrying because I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink since 8 pm the night before and it was noon of the next day and I had used the bathroom before leaving the hotel so I was worried there wouldn’t be any in me but it was okay.
  • Then the nurse took me back to a different room, and I changed into a hospital gown and put on tight compression socks then got in a rollaway bed. She chatted with me as she did my blood pressure with the cuff, took my temperature, and asked if I had any allergies or if i had gotten surgery before.
  • I had a squeezey thing on each of my legs sort of like a blood pressure cuff to keep my circulation going well during the surgery. It didn’t hurt, but it was a bit of an odd sensation.
  • The nurse wanted to put the IV in, but I’m very nervous about that that type of thing although I’d never had an IV before so I asked her if she could bring my mom in for moral support, so my mom came. I also got my iPhone and earbuds and listened to my music to help distract me while I held on to my mom’s hand.
  • The nurse was going to put the IV in my hand, but she changed her mind and put it in the crook of my arm because I was anxious about it. The reason she’d put it in the hand usually is because you can move around more that way, and if it’s in your arm you have to keep your arm out straight and relatively still. I was pretty freaked out, but it didn’t hurt much and just putting in the IV was the most anxious or upset I felt during the whole thing.
  • Then the nurse showed us the drains and explained how they worked and stuff. She also went over the post-op instructions and medications.
  • She brought a thing where you were supposed to suck the air in to raise up a stick in it, but I wasn’t able to get it to raise high enough. They gave it to me to take back with us, and said I was supposed to try doing it 9 times an hour after the surgery to keep my lungs from getting collapsed because being in an ace makes it hard to take deep breaths and then the lung things can rub against each other and get irritated and cause pneumonia.
  • The anesthesiologist came and asked me if I had any allergies to medicine, and asked if I did drugs or drank alcohol (which I don’t) and if anyone in my family ever had an issue with anesthesia in the past. He also said that I’d have a breathing tube in during the surgery, which took about 3 hours, and that he’d take it out after and I’d be awake for it but not remember it at all, which is true.
  • A new nurse came in who introduced herself as the nurse who would be there during the whole surgery. She asked me what procedure I was getting, and I said top surgery. I was a bit worried that she didn’t know what was going on, but she had been asking to check with me to be sure we were all on the same page, like a last minute consent check. She told me that the lights would be bright in the operating room, but I don’t remember being in there.
  • Then Dr. Steinwald came in, and I got out of the bed and he drew on my chest with a marker to show me what it would look like after surgery and to give himself an idea of what was being cut where. Then I got back into bed.
  • The anesthesiologist told me that I’d be given Valium in my IV so I would be relaxed but conscious, and then I’d be wheeled to the operating room where I’d have to switch out of the bed and take off the gown and breathe in oxygen from a mask that smelled like a beach ball.
  • I don’t actually remember even leaving the room where I was with my mom, let alone going to the operating room or switching beds or anything. The next thing I knew, it was a few hours later and I was half-asleep in a different room with my mom there.
  • I was wrapped in an ace bandage that I have to keep on for a few more days before I can switch to a compression vest, and I had two drains in.
  • I was pretty nauseous despite the anti-nausea stuff they put in my IV and the nausea patch behind my ear, and I threw up on and off for the next two hours there when I woke up but there wasn’t anything in my stomach because I had to stop eating at 8 pm the night before. They put more anti-nausea stuff in my IV, but it didn’t work.
  • The nurse emptied the drains twice while I was there, but I don’t remember it. I kept falling asleep for like 3 to 10 minutes and then I’d wake up again and not know where I was, and they took my temperature to see if I had a fever and I didn’t.
  • My mom said I was pale and there was a thing on my finger to monitor my oxygen and a blood pressure cuff on. The oxygen levels kept getting low, and the nurse had to wake up me up take deep breaths and I’d do that and fall asleep again. This was happening for the two hours I was in the recovery room.
  • They tried to offer me saltine crackers, ginger ale, and water because people are usually hungry after the operation but I didn’t want it because I was feeling nauseous. I also got two black bands to go on my wrist to help with the nausea.
  • I was in a paper gown, and before we left I had to change in to my clothes, and then a woman took me out to the car in a wheelchair. My mom thought I should have stayed longer, as I was feeling pretty sick although I wasn’t in any pain.
  • I was sick in the car a time or two although I thought I was awake in the car because I had been trying hard not to fall asleep so I wouldn’t get carsick, but my mom says I was pretty much asleep the whole trip.
  • When we got to the hotel, I walked through the hallways with my mom holding on my arm, and when I got to the hotel room I was sick again then got into bed and fell asleep for about 2 hours.
  • I was sick when I woke up again too. Then I had the first dose of pain medication at 7 pm.
  • I texted everyone reassurances that I was okay for a while, then after a bit I tried to look at some apples slices and threw up again. It also turned out that the anti-nausea pill I had swallowed was supposed to go under my tongue.
  • We emptied the bulbs on the drains, and there was a bit more than 30 ccs of blood in each. Then I went back to bed. Mom woke me up to get the next dose of pain medicine at 1 am. I was wary about the Percocet because they said it can make you nauseous and I think it might be making me constipated because I haven’t had to poop yet.  
  • I wasn’t allowed to unwrap the ace bandages or take off the compression socks. After 48 hours I can take off the ace bandages and the gauzey stuff under and put on a compression vest, and in 72 hours I can take off the compression socks. I get to see my chest for the first time later in the week.

The first day after top surgery:

  • I haven’t thrown up today and I’m not nauseous! 
  • I’m not very hungry either though, but so far I’ve had a bagel and some grapes and a protein fruit shake drink.
  • I feel okay, just kinda tired 
  • I spent a lot of time in bed listening to music, and I got up for a short walk down the street. 
  • I’m not in any pain because of the medication. 
  • I didn’t do the breathing thing yesterday, so I’m trying to do it more often today.
  • I started to take an antibiotic pill today which tastes gross.
  • The compression sock hurt the ball of my left foot because it’s a bit too tight I think. The right foot and leg are doing fine though.
  • It’s going to be some time before I’m up to my usual level of activity because I’m not supposed to do anything that brings my heartrate up for 4 weeks after surgery.
  • I’m feeling optimistic though because years down the line I’m going to have a flat chest and it’ll make the recovery worth it.

More posts on my top surgery recovery can be found at https://questingqueer.tumblr.com/tagged/my-top-surgery

I’m happy to try to answer any questions someone might have, but I made a Top surgery page on @transgenderteensurvivalguide so check there before you ask me because there’s a chance your question is covered in that info. 


“Hey 😊 Could you do a reader x Klaus where the reader lets Kol drink some of her blood to help him heal after being seriously hurt and Klaus gets super jealous? Thank you!!” 

This morning you woke up alone in the bed you share with your boyfriend, Klaus Mikaelson. Your head was pounding and you were especially dehydrated from the drunken night out you had yesterday with your girls. You definitely regret getting so wasted.

The first thing you did was throw on your pajama pants, because who wears pajama pants to bed? Especially when you share a bed with the hottest Mikaelson brother, well, in your opinion that is. 

The walk to the kitchen was definitely a pain. Your feet were dragging to the floor and your faced looked as if everything was too bright.

“What puts you in such a mood?” Kol notices while he’s in the kitchen drinking a glass of water. You were surprised it wasn’t a glass of blood this time.

“I’m so damn hungover. Please don’t mess with me right now, Kol.” You weakly grabbed a cup from the top cupboard.

“Perhaps I can cure you of that.” He suggested.


“My blood. Have at it before I change my mind.” Kol bites into his inner wrist, then puts the dripping blood into your empty glass that you held.

You hesitated, looking back and forth at the blood-filled glass and Kol’s face. You never thought about trying vampire blood to cure a hangover. If it really works, then you’re going to go out drinking more often.

“Would you prefer wasting your day being hungover?” Kol added, turning his grin to a not-so-amused face.

“Okay okay.” You put your hands up in defense, then proceeded with drinking until the glass was empty and bam! Just like that, you were all cured as if all those shots you took last night never happened. “Wow.” You said in disbelief.

“And you probably wondered why Nik wakes up peachy the morning after he drinks.”

You were singing your favorite song in the kitchen as you were washing the last of your dish from the yummy leftover spaghetti you just ate. Kol was sitting on the island on his iPhone. Here to ruin the fun, Klaus walks in with a puzzled look on his face.

“And how is it that you’re all better? You appeared nearly dead before I left.” Klaus questioned, furrowing his brows.

“Uh, Kol gave me his blood.“ You said, wiping your hands dry with a towel.

“It’s not like you were at your bloody death bed, love. Those extra minutes of waiting for your significant other will not kill you.” Klaus shot you a glare. What’s gotten into him?

You and Kol glanced at each other because the two of you were caught off guard at how jealous Klaus was being. “Okay? Got it boss.” You replied, then walked off to your bedroom. You weren’t in the mood to get into an argument with the big, bad original hybrid.

You were curious why it was such a big deal. Klaus has a habit of getting slightly jealous when it comes to men hitting on you, but vampire blood? From his own brother? Even Kol knows how much you are in love with Niklaus, so you don’t see why your boyfriend was being such a grump about it.

“Well, that was quite uncomfortable.” Kol hopped off of the counter to head to the living room but Klaus stopped him before he had a chance to take another step.

“Please enlighten me Kol as to who gave you permission to do so.” Klaus implied, looking as if he wanted to rip Kol in half.

“Pardon? I wasn’t aware that it was a crime to cure a hangover.”

“I find it quite obscene as my sweetheart wasn’t dying now, was she? I won’t hesistate this time to make that dagger your best friend as I’ve also noticed you have been overly friendly to Y/N for my taste.” Klaus scolded.

“Nik, Nik, Nik, you’re always for the dramatics.” Kol chuckled. “Would you rather me be ill-mannered with Y/N?”

“I’d rather you keep your distance.” Klaus growled, then dramatically walked off.

Whatever U Want

Summary: When Y/N finally has a few hours to herself, she decides to use her time wisely. By wisely that  means calling her favorite phone sex line  Whatever U Want.  After several different session with the sexy Ryan, she begins to think it might be her best friend Dean.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader, Annie (OFC)

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Phone sex, dirty talk, female masturbation, sex toys, boners

Rated M

Word Count: 1,651

A/N: This was my submission for @notnaturalanahi Crack Challenge! Thank you again for giving me an extension.Thanks again to @impala-dreamer for beta reading my stuff!  Feedback is always welcomed I hope you enjoy!

Part Two

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“Dean?” You called out from your room down the hall in the bunker. You turned your head slightly, waiting to hear if he would respond to you. After you didn’t get a response from Dean you looked towards Sam’s room, the door shut. “Hey Sam!” You went silent again waiting for any kind of answer.

Letting out the breath you had been holding in, you shut your bedroom door. The two of them must have finally gone on that supply run they were bickering about this morning. Which meant you had an hour or two of alone time all for yourself! Seeing how the three of you had been crammed in a motel room for a good week, you needed a break from the testosterone. You needed some personal playtime with yourself more than ever.

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painted kisses

pairing: tom holland x reader

requested?: yes, by the lovely @tomhollandxreader ! i hope this is what you were after :-)

word count: 1253

summary: tom gets a little restless while wandering through the local art gallery so the reader comes up with a game to keep them amused.


“i don’t mean to be rude,” tom whispered in your ear, arms slung over your shoulders, “but that’s quite possibly the ugliest painting i’ve ever seen in my entire life.”

you snorted, turning your eyes away from the beige and grey depiction of european scenery and elbowed your boyfriend gently in the ribs, making him laugh and double over.

“why are you whispering?”

tom stopped giggling and made an indignant face, looking around the room.

“you never know who might be listening. any one of those people might be the artist.”

turning around, you glanced around the interior of the local art gallery’s main hall. it was especially quiet for a saturday afternoon and a few lonely patrons wandered the corridors on either side of you – mainly elderly people here for the history and young hipsters here for the aesthetic. a solitary security guard leant against the entrance pillar, eyes glued to his phone screen. you looked back at tom, who tilted his head towards the guard, eyebrows raised.

“no,” you rolled your eyes, smiling and walking on, “he’s definitely not the artist.”

“how do you know?”

tom shuffled after you, hands pushed into his jeans. your lazy saturday dates out around the town had become a regular thing, ever since you’d started dating four months ago. now neither of you bothered to dress up too much but tom still looked effortlessly good. his black skinnies fit perfectly and the white rose t-shirt harrison had lent him was carefully rolled up at the sleeves, exposing his biceps. you reached for his hand and he met you half-way, letting your intertwined fingers hang down between the two of you as you entered the next room.

“tom, that hall is literally called ‘the renaissance era’. that’s the 13th and 14th century - there’s no way the artist is still alive,” you poked your tongue out and he grinned, running a hand through his unruly curls.

“fine, miss history-buff. but seriously, how was that painting art-gallery-worthy? i’m like, 99% sure that pads could’ve done something better.”

you laughed and squeezed his hand.

“okay, i got an idea. if you want to do something fun and avoid the shitty art, let’s play a game!”

tom stopped you and drew back a little, raising his left eyebrow in a question.

“y/n, it’s a public art gallery.”

you shushed him and pulled out your phone, cheeks getting red with excitement.

“go along with it, i promise it’ll be fun! do you have your phone on you?”

tom dazedly pulled his iphone out of his back pocket and handed it over, too busy watching you to care. he thought you looked especially beautiful today under the clean white light of the gallery, and he knew you well enough to know that your good ideas always turned out to be something that he would add to his collection of best memories with you.


“sorry,” he smiled, blinking once to wake himself up and looking down at you. you held his phone up to him and tom took it, returning his hand to yours and kissing your forehead quickly. “so what’s this fantastic plan of yours?”

you smiled and tapped your phone on his chest lightly.

“we’re going to have an art scavenger hunt around the gallery.”

tom returned your smile, eyes shining at the idea of a challenge.

“i’m in, love. lay out the rules for me.”

“okay so,” you bit your lip, “we’re going to split up and race each other to find different works of art that fit the theme we choose. and then whoever finds an artwork first gets a point, before we start the next round.”

“what’s the phone for?”

“facetime,” you winked, “so we can be apart but i can still make sure you’re not cheating.”

tom nudged your hip with his and grinned.

“fair enough. you don’t want me asking the security guard a.k.a. renaissance artist for help, i get it.”

you blew tom a kiss and he pretended to catch it.

“alright, let’s get started. first theme?”

you thought for a moment.

“an artwork with a dog in it!”

tom nodded appreciatively and stepped away from you, backing himself towards the far left exit. he held up his iphone.

“i’m calling you now – ready?”

nodding, you swiped ‘accept’ and tom’s slightly-pixelated face appeared on your screen. he made a funny face and you laughed, hearing it echo on the call.

“good luck baby.”

“oh, you’ll need it.”


“the security guard’s giving me a funny look,” tom hissed, still on your facetime call, and you started to laugh, earning yourself a similar glare from the old man sitting on the gallery lounge.

“doesn’t matter, i found an artwork that uses the colour pink anyway, soooo…”

tom cussed and then clapped a hand over his mouth, looking down with his eyes wide.

“am i allowed to swear in an art gallery?”

you laughed harder.

“oh my god, you’re a mess.”

“i’m your mess though,” he smirked and held the camera up to his lips, puckering them and pretending to kiss you through the screen.

“yeah, yeah – don’t suck up to me because i’m the winner.”

“you haven’t won just yet – we’re tied, love.”

you and tom had been playing scavenger hunt for the past hour in the art gallery. every so often you’d run into each other and he’d reach out, snaking a hand around your waist and pulling you in for a kiss as you passed him. glancing down, you checked the facetime call - 73 minutes long.

“tom, do you wanna leave? we can maybe grab some food down the street and head home for a movie?”

he cocked his head and smiled at you sweetly through the video call.

“that sounds like an amazing saturday night to me, love. but how about we finish this game? i’ve got one more thing for us to find.”

“mmmkay,” you smiled back, familiar with tom’s competitive streak. “what are we looking for this time?”

“a kiss.”

you giggled and started to move, ready to beat your boyfriend on this one. there was a statue you’d passed a few times in the eastern corridor – a greek marble sculpture of a man and a woman, locked in an embrace. tom wasn’t going to be winning this one.

“know exactly where you’re going, do you?”

there was some humour in tom’s voice and you flipped him your middle finger over facetime, not even bothering to look down as you marched east through the gallery. the doorway to the statue was just ahead –

“better watch where you’re going, darling.”

tom’s voice echoed as you entered the corridor and you bumped straight into your boyfriend’s chest, accidentally knocking your phone out of your hand.


before you could respond, tom wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you closer, using the other hand to lift your chin and drop his lips to yours. he kissed you heavily, dipping you back a bit but supporting your weight as if you were as light as a feather. your fingers found their way to the nape of his neck and you lost yourself in the kiss, curling them into the soft hair you found there. tom moaned and pulled away slowly, making your head spin. he looked down at you in awe, watching as you touched a finger to your lips and gazed back up at him, looking beautiful and star-struck. a cheeky smile spread across his face.

“i found the kiss. guess i win.”


Still enchanted by Kimi no Na Wa! So I made some phone wallpapers as followed:

The first image is for the Note 5 (1440x2560)

The second is for the iPhone 7 Plus (1080x1920)

The third is for the iPhone 7 (750x1334)

The final image is the original I took the croppings from. IT IS NOT MY ART. I could not find the author’s name or handle online. If this is you, or someone you follow/know please message me, I really want to see their other work and help them share some of it!


I hope you enjoy!


“Harry they all look the same.” You saw him roll his eyes at you as you took a seat on the plush couch in the middle of the Gucci store.

When Harry called you and asked for you to accompany him on a shopping trip you knew this is where the two of you would end up. What you didn’t expect was to spend half an hour looking at four pairs of black boots that all looked the same.

“This one has a buckle on it,” You turned your head and let out a sigh as Harry picked up one of the boots. “This one has some nice fringe like detail and the other is jus like plain.” Harry was now standing in front of you with two of the boot options in his hands.

“Get the plain one.” Your answer made him tilt his head and furrow his brows as he stared at the two boots in his hands. “Or get them all.” You added making him roll his eyes.

“If ya help me make this decision I will get you one of those sweatshirts that’s like mine you’re always trying to swipe from my closet.” Harry knew that would get your full attention, you quickly stood up and walked over towards the other pairs of boots he was contemplating on buying. He followed you and stood behind you as you tapped your index finger to your chin while giving each boot a once over.

“The plain one is still what I️ would go with.” You turned around and grabbed the plain boot out of his hand causing him to shoot you a confused look. “You have boots with details, from buckles to fringe. But what you don’t have is a simple plain black boot.” You added and this made him nod his head in agreement, he leaned over and placed the other boot he has holding back on the display table.

“I agree, need a boot to wear fo my mo casual days.” This made you laugh as Harry slung his arm over your shoulder as the two of you walked towards the front of the store.

“Now about that sweatshirt.” You looked around the store and a small frown took over your face once you realized they didn’t have any out. Harry just pulled you closer to his side once the two of you made it to the counter so Harry could pay for his boots.

“Can have mine love.” He whispered in your ear before placing a quick kiss to the top of your head. He dropped his arm from your shoulder so he could pull his wallet out from his back pocket. You took this opportunity to walk around the store to avoid hearing the absurd dollar amount Harry was about to drop of a pair of shoes.

You were in front of the store by a window looking at a purse when you heard it, it was a quiet tapping and when you heard it again you turned your head and looked around the store. You only saw Harry and the lovely man who was currently ringing him up. When you turned to look out the window your eyes went wide when you saw you were face too face with an excited fan and her iPhone. You looked around and saw a group of fans outside the door waiting for their chance to see Harry, this wasn’t anything new to you but it still always took you off guard when they snapped pictures of you as well.

“I really didn’t think they would find us here.” You heard Harry let out a groan as his free hand ran through his hair. You just pulled your sunglasses out of your purse and slid them on your face as you walked towards the doors. “Oh, not so fast love.” You felt Harry’s hand grip around your wrist causing you to stop moving and turn your head so you could look at him.

“Want to go out the back?” You questioned and when he saw him start biting at his bottom lip you knew he was thinking of a plan in his head. He released your wrist and you took out his phone and before you could ask who he was calling he put it up to his ear and walked off.

“Okay, I’m going to go out the back where Jeff will be waiting and you go out the front and just head towards the coffee shop.” Harry’s words quickly took you out of your daydream and back to reality. You gave him a confused look as you slid your glasses up to hold your hair back so you could stare at him.

“Harry we can both go out the back, it’s not a big deal.” You reassured him but he just slid on his own sunglasses as he turned to looked at you.

“I can’t be seen with you right now.” You felt your heart drop a bit as his words sunk in. “I’ve had too many rumors about me dating whoever I’ve been see with recently and I don’t need another one at the moment.” You knew he wasn’t happy about people assuming he was dating everyone he was seen with but he never let it affect the two of you before until today.

“People know we aren’t dating Harry.” You shot at him in attempts to make him change his mind about letting you leave with him. “They know me, we’ve been seen together quite a bit and no one has started a rumor.” You added and when he just let out a sigh you thought maybe you had gotten to him.

“Don’t want to risk it.” With that he spun around on his heels as his phone beeped making you assume that it was probably Jeff letting him know he was outside. “Meet you at the coffee shop.” He shouted over his shoulder as he quickly made his way towards the back of the shop and when you heard the back door open and slam closed you felt your heart sink.

You took a deep breath and let it out slowly as you slid your sunglasses back on and headed towards the door. You put on your best smile as you pushed the door open and when the fans soon realized it was just you their smiles faded to looks of disappointment.

“Where is Harry? He left you?” You tired to ignore the slight stinging sensation behind your eyes as the girl you had seen earlier through the window stood in front of you.

“Had an emergency come up.” Was all you said before walking past her and down the sidewalk towards the coffee shop, you saw the black SUV turn the corner and you smiled when you saw it drive towards the coffee shop. Your smile quickly faded as you saw it drive past it, You rolled your eyes as you felt you phone vibrating in your back pocket. You slid your thumb over the lock screen and brought it to your ear as you crossed the street.

“Don’t be mad,” you couldn’t help but let out a sigh as Harry’s voice filled your ear. “Jeff needs me to go over a few things. I will see you at the house tonight. Don’t let Niall pick the movie until i get there. Love you, bye.” And with that you heard the line go dead, you shook your head in hopes to make the tears threatening to slide down your face go away as you slid the phone back into your pocket. You quickly just decided to skip the coffee and head back home thanking the heavens that you didn’t live far.

“He did what?” Niall shouted from the kitchen as you plopped down onto the sofa in your living room. You had just gotten done telling him about your little shopping trip with Harry and to say he was upset was a mild understatement. You just reached for the soft throw blanket that was behind your head as Niall made his way into the living room.

“He doesn’t want to risk it, totally understand that. I mean who would want a rumor going around they were dating me?” You explained as you pulled the blanket down and threw it over your lap.

“Now dats a load of shit and you know it.” You felt Niall sit down next to you and you instinctively leaned into his side as his arm found its way around your waist so he could pull you closer. “He’s a right dickhead fo makin ya walk out da front instead of leavin wit ya. Gonna give em a piece of me mind when he shows up.” You felt Niall’s grip on you tighten as you rested your head on his shoulder.

“I know he didn’t mean it in a rude way Ni.” Your voice was low and you couldn’t help but sniffle a little, you hadn’t even noticed you had tears coming out of your eyes until you reached up and wiped your face with the back of your hand.

“Bloody hell, when did it decide to get cold outside? We live in California for crying out loud.” You sat up a bit when you heard Harry complain as he walked through the front door. Niall quickly got up from his position on the couch and you knew by the look on his face he was about to let Harry have it.

“Better question is when da ya turn into an absolute prick Styles?” Niall crossed his arms over his chest as he glared at a very confused looking Harry who just shrugged off his jacket before hanging it up on the coat hook by the door.

“Am I s’posed to know what the hell you’re goin on about?” Harry shot back at him as he walked towards the kitchen. Niall rolled his eyes and uncrossed his arms as he followed Harry into the kitchen.

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath before standing up and throwing the soft blanket back onto the couch before turning and heading for the kitchen. You knew if you left Niall in there alone with Harry there would soon be plates and mugs being thrown and that was never fun to clean up later.

“Ya jus gonna up and leave her and Make her walk out into da swarm of fans fo what? To avoid a bloody rumor?” You watched the realization of Niall’s words hit Harry as his face went from a scowl to a look of almost horror as he looked over towards where you were leaned against the entry way of the kitchen.

“She could’ve gotten hurt Harry, all over a stupid bloody rumor that wouldn’t even be dat bad for ya to have goin around right now mater of fact.” Niall snapped at him as he glared back at Niall who took a step in front of you when he saw Harry make a move towards you.

“Oh come off it Niall, not gonna hurt her.” Harry argued causing Niall to roll his eyes as he stood between you and Harry. “I wasn’t thinking.” He added causing Niall to laugh and shake his head.

“No fookin shit ya weren’t thinkin.” This made you laugh a little causing Niall to look over his shoulder at you and shoot you a little wink. You watched Harry let out a huff as he stepped to the side in attempts to be able to reach his hands out towards you but Niall just smacked them down causing Harry’s jaw to clinch, a clear sign he was getting annoyed.

“Niall, move.” Harry’s tone was one of annoyance mixed with anger and you just gave Niall a small smile when he looked at you as if to ask for your permission before moving to the side.

“Make her cry again mate and we will be throwin hands. Dats a promise.” With that you felt Niall lean down and place a quick kiss to your cheek before turning and making his was back to the living room.

You heard Harry let out a sigh of relief as he finally was able to step closer to you and reach for your hands. You slowly looked up towards his face as you felt him intertwine your fingers with his, the corners of his mouth were turned down into a slight frown as you saw his eyes scan over your features.

“I’m so sorry love.” He squeezed your hands as he ducked down a bit so he could look you in the eyes. “I’m an absolute ass, I️ shouldn’t have left ya to face the fans alone. I don’t know why I did that.” You could tell by his tone that he was sorry, but it didn’t really help you feel any better about the situation.

“I know why you did it, you don’t want anyone thinking we are dating. I get it, you have rumors flying around about you all the time. Don’t need one involving me added to the mix.” You dropped your attention from his eyes to the floor so you didn’t have to see his face drop even more as the words came out of your mouth.

“I don’t want you to be a target princess.” You felt him drop one of your hands so he could place his thumb under your chin and lift your head so you were once again looking him in the eyes. “I don’t care if people think we are dating, hell half the nation thinks Niall and I are dating.” You couldn’t help but smile as Harry dropped his hand from under your chin.

“Ha! Ya bloody wish we was datin! Damn good boyfriend I am!” You saw Harry roll his eyes as Niall shouted from the living room causing you to laugh as Harry shook his head.

“What I mean is that I just don’t want you to be a target for anyone to say anything mean or untrue about you love, I am truly sorry fo makin ya walk out the front while I ran off through the back. I still can’t believe I did that, I’m sorry you thought I just didn’t wanna be seen with you.” You felt him drop your other hand and soon you hand his arms wrapped around your shoulders and was being pulled towards his chest. You slowly wrapped your arms around his middle and gave him a little squeeze so he knew it was okay.

“Don’t do it again.” You mumbled into his chest as you felt him kiss the top of your head. He began rocking you back and forth a little as his hold on you tightened.

“So sorry fo makin ya cry petal,” you felt his chin rest on the top of your head as he pulled you as close to him as possible. “Won’t happen again.” You just smiled and nodded as you saw Niall enter the kitchen with a huff and a roll of his eyes as he saw the two of you hugging.

“So about that sweatshirt?” You teased as you lifted your head up from his chest.

“Better buy her da whole store.” Niall stated as he walked over and smacked Harry upside the head causing Harry to drop his arms from your shoulder and try to smack Niall back but he quickly dodged his hands and headed for the fridge. “Dat was for makin her cry again. Told ya we would be fightin.” Harry looked down at you with wide eyes as he made sure you didn’t have any new tears streaming down your face.

“She’s not cryin ya dick.” With that Harry walked over and smacked Niall in the back as he was reaching into the fridge for one of his beers he kept on the bottom shelf. Niall flinched and almost smacked his head on the top shelf of the fridge.

“Jus fo tha I’m pickin the movie tonight.” You rolled your eyes as you watched them bicker at each other like an old married couple. Harry crossed his arms over his chest and pouted as he looked over at you.

“Oh no, I’m not in this. You two figure it out, I will be waiting in the living room.” You explained as you turned and left them standing in the kitchen. You took your usual spot in the middle of the couch covered with your blanket as you heard the two of them argue over if it was a romantic comedy or action movie type of night.

“Well ya made her cry so you don’t get ta pick anythin for tonight. Dats yer punishment.” You held back a giggle at Niall’s words, and soon you saw Harry walk into the living room and drop down next to you looking defeated. You placed a hand over his thigh and gave it pat.

“We are watchin a good ole action movie and havin Chinese!” Niall exclaimed as he sat down in the loveseat after grabbing the remote to the TV off the coffee table. You laughed as you heard Harry let out a groan and run his hands over his face.

“I will buy you the whole Gucci store if you tell him you don’t want Chinese food.” Harry whispered in your ear as he pulled you a little closer to him. You laughed and shook your head no at him making a playful whine come from his lips.

The rest of the night Niall made sure to point out that Harry didn’t get a say in anything from what action movie we were going to watch all the way to what he ordered from the Chinese restaurant.
You knew Harry was sorry by the way he made it a point to tell you he loved you every so often during the night, even made sure he left you a certain pink sweatshirt on the end of your bed when he went to go put his new boots away in the closet of the spare bedroom.

You had forgiven Harry because you understood he didn’t care if you were seen together, it happened all the time but at this moment he just didn’t want you to get he same amount of hate the other people he was seen out and about with were receiving. You knew he wouldn’t do anything to deliberately hurt you, this was just his way of protecting you. If there was one thing you knew about Harry and Niall it was that they would do anything to protect you and that’s something you loved about them.