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Part 1- Decided to just do a huge infodump so here u go

Voltron High:

Keith-Junior (17 yrs old)

-he plays percussion (tenors) and hes RLY good holy

-literally speed mcgee

-hates the uniforms bc he cant put his hair in a ponytail or wear it down, hes gotta put it up. it kills the mullet aesthetic

-literally would kill for anyone in percussion

-usually hates social settings but AT BAND CAMP LEMME TELL YOU

-has a crush on the really cute colorguard boy and messed up his solo once bc said boy was STANDING TOO CLOSE THANKS

-Actual little brother of Shiro

-Shiro teases him 24/7 abt being a band nerd

-Keith punches him in the fucking nose

-plays drums for fun ayye

-BEST FRIENDS with pidge like this small child is salty and he loves her

-HUGE classic rock fan. AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Queen, he loves it all

-never studies and still does fuckin great on all his tests and Shiro hates him for it

-they gayest of the gays

Lance-Junior (17 yrs old)

-is the cute colorguard boy

-who else tbh

-can lowkey play guitar

-is BEST BROS FOR LIFE with hunk man

-theyre always startin shit in the band room

-its almost always lances fault

-but colorguard is where its AT boi

-originally joined bc “uh hello cute girls”

-he eventually just became the group guinea pig for testing makeup n shit

-really flexible?? uh?? who are you???

-hand eye coordination 10/10

-the only reason allura is captian is bc shes a senior tbh otherwise it would be him

-loves the makeup

-and the outfits

-constantly trying to show off to cute drumline boy

-(thats keith)

-literally loves every one of the girls on the team and would die for them. gladly. theyve become his surrogate sisters

-(not like he needs more siblings, he has two older brothers and two older sisters whom he loves v much)

-changes in the girls locker room with them. none of them give a shit bc he doesnt like, look at them or say anythign suggestive

-he just wants to hear the locker room gossip

-and hes always really respectful and never makes a big deal about the fact hes a guy

-once got teased for it by someone on the football team

-that guy never got a date for the rest of the school year all bc of the colorguard girls

-is the type of student to not study and pass with B’s and C’s.


-found out he was bi on accident but hes proud asf thanks

-is half cuban/half irish

-his house is the party destination of their friend group. his mom is a literal angel that sets out snacks for all her 6 adopted kids

Pidge-Sophomore (15 yrs old)

-pit pit pit pit

-plays auxiliary but mostly dabbles in cymbals

-her and keith are TIGHT yo

-hes like the second older brother she never asked for

-jk she loves him

-and matt

-but her and matt are always play fighting

-“get off the feild, shortstack!” “i will once you learn how to score a fucking touchdown!”

-“youre a fucking nerd” “youre on the football team and youre a virgin” “yOU TAKE THAT BACK”

-loves pit so much tho like wow

-*aggressively bangs cymbals together*

-a lil shit

-makes all the band memes

-has bets with hunk about who will ask out who first (between lance n keith)

-very gay. who let this angry gay child into highschool?

-made the band groupchat

-dont let her near photoshop

-is actually matt’s biggest fan

-that one kid who stays up til like 3 am online the day before a test and then studies for said test at lunch only and gets a 100%

Hunk-Junior (17 yrs old)


-but not really

-hes crushing on the first chair flutist, shay (junior)


-Best Bro Lance™ is always trying to play wingman

-shay always ends up blushing real hard

-her brother, rax, (whos on the football team) does not Approve™

-its okay, she whispers to her fellow friends in the flute section, rax graduates next year. theres no stopping her then

-such a pure couple everyone in band ships it even coran

-anyways hunk is like, freakishly good at clarinet

-it took a lil getting used to but once he learned how to do a trill he woULDNT FUCKING STOP

-literally never chips reeds, ever. How. How does he do it. burn the witch

-forgot his cork grease at home once. he actually almost cried

-always brings snacks to the aftergame parties and the end of semester parties and p much every party

-(sidenote: top of his class in cooking)

-literally loves band so much this fucking nerd me too

-broke his finger sophomore year and couldnt play for two months, died a little inside every day

-is a total sweetheart everyones best friend

-keith and him gossip during games in the bleachers

-will actually fuck up your shit if he needs too

-actually tried out for football in freshman yr? but he tried tackling someone and actually broke the poor kids arm so coach was like “listen kid i would love to but youre a liability”

-never studies n gets straight A’s

(i hit tumblrs post limit oops. more to come!)

(sha/la/dins dont interact)

single dad!jooheon
  • jooheon has one lil girl named miyoung and he loves her with his entire heart she is his whole world!!!!👨‍👧💖
  • his college gf got pregnant by accident right before they both graduated and jooheon dropped everything (he wanted to pursue music) and took a desk job at an entertainment company so he could provide for their family, expecting it to be the three of them
  • except his gf told him a month before miyoung was born that she didn’t want to be tied down to jooheon or their baby and basically left jooheon as soon as miyoung was born and she could leave the hospital
  • so jooheon sacrificed a lot because of miyoung, but he never let it get him down because he loves her so much!!!! they live in a lil apartment full of toys because he spends all of his spare money on her and he always makes sure to be able to eat dinner with her every night
  • his friends were all pretty shocked when jooheon told them about his girlfriend getting pregnant because they were worried about him being able to settle down, but of course they all love miyoung and she calls all of them uncle shownu and uncle hyungwon etc
  • but she doesn’t love any of her uncles as much as she loves her dad!!!
  • because he has a desk job miyoung has been going to a daycare near their apartment during the day and he picks her up but he gets a promotion that changes his hours slightly so he goes in later and gets out later, and it makes it more convenient to take her to the daycare right by the entertainment company
  • miyoung is rly upset by having to change daycares but there isn’t really another option so she settles for being the biggest drama queen her lil 3 year old self can be
  • the first day jooheon brings her into the daycare with her clinging to his leg and he’s greeted by the prettiest teacher in an apron and guess what!!! it’s you!!!
  • miyoung is pouting and you crouch down to greet her and as you introduce yourself jooheon is just like…….. wow look at their rosy cheeks….. their pretty hands…….. their cute ears…….. their angelic smile!!!!
  • it’s been awhile since he’s really been taken by someone right away but as you tuck miyoung’s hair behind her ears and compliment her and his daughter starts to giggle he feels an interest he hasn’t felt in years…. and when you look up and smile at him he’s really ! wow! well he finds you incredibly charming that’s for sure
  • gently he leans down and pries miyoung off his leg and kisses her on the forehead  goodbye, and another daycare worker brings her into the room but u…… you’re still there
  • “she’s adorable!!!” you say to him and he swears he’s going crazy but your ears are a little red and you stammer a little over your words
  • little does he know it’s because you’ve never had a parent so close to your age and so handsome and you’ve also never seen someone with a smile as kind as jooheon’s
  • he introduces himself and you introduce yourself and you both shuffle from one foot to the other for a second and then he’s like well i gtg to work!
  • and you’re like! oh i’m so sorry i’ll see you tomorrow!!!! it was lovely to meet you
  • and the morning after that and the morning after that and so on you and jooheon exchange hellos. your coworkers tease you that you always seem to find something to do by the door when jooheon usually drops miyoung off but you just blush and act like you don’t know what they’re talking about!!!!
  • miyoung pretty much falls in love with you from day 1 because she’s shy and you have a very calm personality, and she loves to gush about jooheon to you and every time she tells you a story about how her dad took too long braiding her hair and it made him late for work or how he beat uncle wonho in mario kart the other day it makes you like him more and more
  • of course you take care of the other kids too! but miyoung is your favorite and sometimes when all of the other kids are napping or playing outside the two of you will draw together or something like that
  • you make her lil origami animals all the time! and at home she tells jooheon all about you and she has a shelf of the origami and names them all and while you’re growing a crush on jooheon he is also most certainly growing a crush on you
  • because jooheon thinks his kid is probably the best judge of character in the world and she obviously adores you, it doesn’t hurt that you’re adorable and kiss miyoung’s forehead goodbye everyday
  • he never thought he would be jealous of his own child …… but here we are ….
  • miyoung…….. well miyoung is way smarter than u would expect a toddler to be and she’s probably been spending too much time with changkyun because she’s also very sly
  • so one day jooheon comes to pick her up, and he had to work a little later than usual so miyoung’s the last kid there and when he comes in she is like “will you come over and eat dinner with us?!??!?” to u without even asking her dad lmao
  • and jooheon’s like !!!!!!!! and ur like !!!!!!!!! but you’re both SUCKERS for miyoung and let’s face it neither of you are gonna pass up an excuse to spend more time together than the normal 10 minutes you get
  • so the three of you drive to their apartment (you take the subway to work) and miyoung chatters on in the backseat and you pretend not to be glancing over at jooheon every three seconds
  • and whenever he laughs at one of miyoung’s stories and his eyes sparkle you feel yourself get even weaker
  • this continues on over dinner but you find out that the two of you get along very well, jooheon’s more outgoing than you but he doesn’t overwhelm you and he’s so sweet and puts miyoung in her chair and then pulls out yours so you can sit down……. and the two of you wash the dishes and talk quietly while she watches cartoons
  • then you join her and she bullies jooheon into playing ponyo and gets all sleepy and crawls into your arms and falls asleep
  • and it feels like the three of you??? are a family??? as he gazes adoringly at the two of you and then gently takes her out of your arms to put her to sleep…..
  • and even though you’re nervous you know you weren’t making up the soft smile on his face in the kitchen and the way he glanced at your lips over dinner
  • so when he gets back and sits back on the couch you carefully….. slowly put your hand on top of his…. and you feel like you’re in high school again when he turns his hand over and laces your fingers together…. but in a good way
  • and jooheon hasn’t been able to really feel young since miyoung was born ,,,…,,… and he’s okay with that but sitting there with your small hand grasped in his and your head resting on his shoulder ……. he’s grateful that he finally feels the pressure of being the perfect dad lift off his shoulder….
  • he can’t drive you home because he doesn’t want to leave miyoung alone and he won’t stop apologizing about it, but you shut him up by kissing him and when you leave with the tiniest smug smile on your face jooheon swears his heart …. stops
  • everything happens naturally from there, you start spending more and more time over at their house eating dinner and lunch and sometimes just being there with jooheon and miyoung …….., shownu babysits miyoung once a week and you go out on date night …,,,,, he does aegyo on you and you just coo and pinch his cheeks like you do to miyoung and he gets pouty ,,,,,,,,,, the first time you sleep over you wake up when miyoung comes in saying she had a nightmare and you hum to her until she falls asleep in your arms…. jooheon watches sleepily and that’s when he says i love you for the first time
  • he tells you about his dream of being a rapper and producer and you encourage him to pursue his dreams and jooheon knows that if he has you and miyoung he could probably do anything in the world
huck finns, rated

E.W. Kemble illustration: the original huck. detailed artwork and really the classic image of huck finn. however if you look too closely at his face he sort of looks like he came straight from the mouth of hell… literally even mark twain complained to his publisher that it was “an ugly, ill-drawn face” and said that “Huck Finn is an exceedingly good-hearted boy [who] should carry a good and good-looking face.” yeah. he said that. 6/10

Elijah Wood: mmmMHHMMMM DID SOMEONE SAY GOOD AND GOOD-LOOKING FACE???? oh my GOSH what a PRECIOUS ANGEL, my heart is melting, look at the way his perfect baby skin glows in the light, his big blue eyes, his soft feathery chestnut hair, I LOVE?? HIM??? i’m so down for tiny frodo huck finn; he is vaguely reminiscent of a baby deer and so so pure and blessed (but maybe a little too pure and blessed, he looks…rly clean for a homeless kid) 8/10

Brad Renfro: 90′s huck. so unforgiveably 90′s. look at his face. you can almost hear him saying “chaa dude.” he looks like he belongs in bill and ted’s excellent adventure, not in nineteenth-century missouri… but one time someone called him “blueberry” by accident and i guess that was funny. he is one of the dreaded “hot, rebellious, brooding teenage hucks.” however, he is not the worst. that is still yet to come. 4/10

Tom Sawyer no Bouken Huck: awww! what a cute!!! he’s kinda slow and awkward but in a good way and it’s real precious. because he’s an anime he does weird stuff when he’s excited. like. bite things that aren’t food. i won’t try to explain just watch the show sometime. ALSO, one time he almost took a pee in front of the girl he liked, but depending on which dub you watch you might be saved the embarrassment 7/10

Huckleberry no Bouken Huck: the distant cousin of tsnb huck. and leT ME TELL YOU, he is GOOD, he is SWEET, he is PURE, nggggggnhhh and i think i know why. tom sawyer literally does not exist in this specific adaptation and therefore has not been able to wield his corrupting influence. just kidding. no. but. this huck has an animal sidekick so he’s basically a disney princess. his character is fleshed out SO WELL, his relationship with jim, and also his backstory with his father?? only problem is a low animation budget, so sometimes he looks derpy, but overall he is a Good Huck™ 9/10

Jake T. Austin (in case you couldn’t read the giant frickin credit oh my gosh tone down the ego): yeah remember when i said the worst was to come?? this. is it. hOOOOOO BOY when you look at this angsty teen the emo levels are OFF THE CHARTS. look at his bad boy rebel pose. look at his busted up hat that vaguely makes him look like a pirate. for heaven’s sakes even his pipe is extremely frickin extra, what even is that thing? says poetic crap like “the river is my mother” and is probably perpetually stoned. is this the kid who traded an insect for tom sawyer’s baby tooth?? that’s not huck, that’s just the overdramatic moody loner kid at your high school 2/10

Jeff East: look how cute and precious this boy is!! unlike several of the other hucks, he looks adequately dirty. he also has this really awesome cabin all to himself by the side of the river where he lets muff potter and tom sawyer come over to sing songs. he looks the right age, unlike the teenage emo hucks. yet, he isn’t TOO pure like elijah wood is, and he strikes a good balance between being too much of a good boy or too much of a bad boy. however, he crosses the line of puberty in the sequel and becomes a little awkward and can’t sing very well…but…never mind that, he is a very good huck 8.5/10

Leon Seidel: cute!! precious!! a little ball of sunshine!! he’s just…aaaaa i wanna hug him!! he looks the right age and is also dirty-looking enough to be believable. watches cows roam over the fields and just wants to live a simple life. he will make you sad sometimes, but not in an emo way, so it’s okay. i’m loving the blue color scheme, it really ties him in to his connections with the river also 8.5/10

furry huck: BLOCKED, DELETED, AND REPORTED. holy CRAP what a cursed sight to my poor virgin eyes. NOT?? HUCK??? AT ALL???? this is a TALKING FOX, a talking FOX, voiced by a 30-year-old country singer. it’s just…all so wrong. he ends up with amy lawrence at the end of the movie what the frick??? worst thing i’ve ever seen. let’s just forget all about this monstrosity and pretend it never existed. -99999999/10

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I'm always a slut for Marauders fics, especially something about accidental sexts

Alright, consider this dedicated to you, @punkkore, @thegreenravenclaw, @vanimaspot, @itcomesbetweenus, @booksdestroyedmyentirelife, @hp-heart
In which my boys are trashy af, and past me forgot all about Peter. Sorry Pete. I’ll make it up to you in a later fic.

Accidental Sexts & How To Know Your Friends Are Keepers (2015)

It took him exactly two seconds after hitting the send button to realise he made a terrible mistake.“Fuck!” He hissed, staring at the screen which happily informed him his message had been delivered. “Fuck fuck shit fuck triple fuck on a rock.”

Regulus chose that moment to pipe up in the doorway. “If I tell mum you’re swearing she’ll take away your laptop again.” Sirius growled, and grabbed the nearest object - an introduction to university science - and hurled it at Regulus’ head. His brother ducked away just in time, the heavy volume smacking into the wall instead. “Hey! Now I’m definitely telling!” “If I strangle you before you’re out of this room she’ll never know.” Sirius pointedly looked at Regulus’ loose hanging tie. Regulus’ eyes widened, and he all but ran down the stairs, probably to go complain to the house keeper. Sirius rolled his eyes, and flopped back on the bed, lifting his phone and giving the screen a morose look. “Of all people, I sent it to James. Of fucking course.”

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Ahhhh I'm nervous I've never asked for a request before! Can I request the RFA members seeing MC's Instagram before they meet them in person?


This has been in my drafts for days tbh (sob I’ve been too busy;;)

I kinda made it so that they’re already in love with MC and everything but they JUST saw their instagram haha;;

Here we go~



-It wouldn’t really be him finding your instagram

-But you because you got rly curious

-(And really wanted to see some of his selfies lololol)

-He would notice you followed him and flip out

-Cus he doesn’t know how you look like

-Would like every single image you’ve ever post it (and comment)

-Would immediately blush bc omg you’re so cute 

-Sometimes would get jelly though

-He’ll try not to freak when he sees selfies with you and another guy

-Doesn’t rly work though

-It’s actually your family relative

-But you don’t tell him that lol

-Would also freak out every time you post a picture of you doing something dangerous (like zip lining idk)

-Zen mom insticts lololol

-Would call you immediately just so you’re safe

-Is dying to see you


-The first time he saw your instagram he almost fell off the chair



-Would be totally red as he saw every single one of your pics

-He wouldn’t even follow you though

-Cus he would be embarrassed bc you know

-Stalker yoosung ofc ofc

-He might have spent 3 hours trying to find the account

-& some Seven bribing lololol

-If you ever post any pics with food you like I can guarantee 100% he will try to recreate that dish for you

-Would practice like crazy just so that he gets it right for when you two meet

-If you’re a person who does cosplay he will immediately screenshot the pics and treasure them

-Not before he almost faints from the cuteness though

-(his instagram in the future would prob be him taking care of animals such as puppy and kitty selfies  haha no yoossung you are the puppy) 


-You prob told her your instagram

-Mostly so that she would follow you and you could see her pics lol

-She would, like Zen, like every single picture of you there

-Unlike Zen she wouldn’t comment

-Because shy (coffee) bean

-Cutie would note down the places that you’ve been and liked so that both you guys would go visit eventually

-Takes notes

-But guys rly though

-Can we just

-Can we just talk about this??

-Imagine Baehee having a rough day and deciding to check your profile

-She immediately brights up and blushes a bit as she sees pics of you meant for her (like hearts and everything)

-Now every morning it becomes a routine for her to check her insta so that you can brighten up her day at the office

-/she can’t wait for you guys to meet/ 


-As soon as he found out you have an instagram he immediately got seven to look for your account

-Prob almost buys the actual app lmao

-When he sees your pics he just blushes





-In the middle of his meetings he would check your instagram out

-“Mr.Han we are in the middle of a meeti-“

-“Would you like to be fired Mr.Kim?”

-(Tbh savage jumin, savage lolololol)

-If you had instagram for a while I bet your butt Jumin would scroll down to the olden days where you started posting

-At some points you would post pics of your hair in different styles and he would LOVE it

- wants to pat your head now lol

-Mini heart attack if you post any picture of you with some sort of cat ears on- on purpose lol

-Lowkey jealous your pictures aren’t blurry like his because he rly wants to show the world how beautiful Elizabeth the 3rd is :^( :^( 


-Prob hacked your account the second you entered the RFA tbh

-He rly thought you were cute????

-And when he saw your selfies, memes, life experiences he would find himself smiling

-Would blush and stop once he realized

-bcs nononono what I can’t love this person Im trash

-Never rly told you he got your account

-…or how he did it

-Until after the whole mess and you guys got together

-It would be by complete accident as well

-When he referenced one of your pics lol

-“Hey Seven! You won’t believe what I did today!”

-“lololol yeah I saw your pics of you zip lining with your cousin haha”

-“wait….what pics”

-“hahahahaha….haha”(heavy breathing)

-His favorite pictures would be of you smiling/ having fun

-Because he wants to treasure that smile so, so much.


((If your blog was based mostly of aesthetic pics hahasorry))

-Seven would be the one who told him about your Instagram

-Because y’know he is a professional photographer

-and your photos are not as good compared to his

-So you were a bit shy with showing him the photos you took

-However when he sees your insta he is amazed

-He LOVES your pictures

-Every single one of them

-Even if it’s just a selfie or pictures of food

-Because this baby is so awed and happy to see more of you than he knew

-His heart skips a beat the first time he sees you (omg THIS CUTIE IcaNT)

-Imagine him asking you for a picture taking date (since he knows your address and everything)

-He’ll let you borrow his favorite camera

-You’ll also use your phone though to take selfies of you guys

-Honestly so happy to see those pictures once you post them

Edit: added V~


Fresh Beta - Liam Dunbar

Fresh Beta – TW Imagine

Prompt/Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader is Lydia’s younger sister and kinda acts like she did in season 1, and her and Liam don’t rly get along cause he thinks she’s dumb but she becomes Scott’s new beta and somehow shows just him how kind and vulnerable she rly is? Thankyouu!!!!

A/N: I switched it up a little bit, considering another anon’s idea that I accidently deleted (so sorry!) The reader isn’t like Lydia and she doesn’t act dumb in this Imagine! Sorry, but I hoped you liked this Imagine anyway, as always feel free to send feedback! (Sorry if it’s so short!) Xo

Pairing: Liam x Reader

Word Count: 1195

Originally posted by whatafantasyy

Narrators POV

“I don’t want her here!” Liam whined.

“Shut up Liam!” Stiles scolded him from the driver’s seat in his Jeep while Liam was sitting at the back.

He rolled his eyes and groaned.

“Why am I sitting at the back anyway? There’s no-one at the front!?” Liam continued to bug Stiles with his complaints.

“Oh my god would you please for the love of God, SHUT UP?! We’re almost at Scotts anyway.” Stiles sighed, he was already stressed from keeping Liam safe and contained on the way.

Stiles pulled his jeep onto Scott’s driveway and quickly rushed through the door.

“Here, you take care of him!” Stiles sighed out of relief as soon as he entered Scott’s house.

Scott was standing outside, talking to Lydia. You were Lydia’s younger sister after all.

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