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Bucky Barnes x Plus size!reader

Word Count: 1128

Warnings: mild cursing I think that’s it.

Summary: Reader is only 21 and Bucky is having doubts about his relationship because he’s so much older, and gets uncomfortable when he’s out with them in public. Full of fluff as much as I could muster.

Bucky looked down at you as you cuddled up further into his chest. He had gotten back from a small mission, not too big of a deal. Instead of going back home to the tower, he decided to come to your apartment to stay with you. Although he was only gone for a week he had missed you like crazy. Each night he was away he craved to have you in his arms. Everything about you made him go insane. The way you laughed at your own joke before managing to even get a word out. The way you danced and sang along to that terrible pop music, he hated so much. He loved your voice, even though you hated it, but going a day without hearing your voice was torture for him. He loved that you were your own person, you didn’t let anyone influence any of your decision, that your confidence rose-up above anything else. That drove him insane, almost as insane your body would drive him. It was the most beautiful canvas he had ever seen, embellished with flaws that created masterpieces almost as perfect as one of Picassos paintings, and he loved that. There was a problem though, or more so of an idea that was implanted into his brain a few months ago. The way he felt for you was special and nothing could take that away from him. 

You had just turned twenty-one and apart from the fact that he was years older than you and new to the 21st century. He had obviously experienced more of life than you had. He felt like being with you was the most sinful thing he had ever done. Every time you and he walked around the city of New York, the looks he got from people made him uncomfortable. He wasn’t sure if it was because he had a metal arm. Or the fact that he was almost 100 years old. He hated that even his friends made him feel uncomfortable about his relationship with you. They often would call him your babysitter joking around but that upset him so much. Surprisingly even his best friend Steve would make little annoying comments about your relationship. The one person he thought he could always count on, didn’t approve of the fact that he was dating someone so young. And it hurt him. 

Bucky hadn’t noticed you were awake until he felt your hand on his forehead. You tried smoothing out the frown lines that formed across his forehead whenever he was thinking hard about something. “What’s the matter?” You asked trailing your hand to his freshly shaven cheek. Softly caressing it with your thumb.

“Nothing.” He answered before burrowing his head into your chest pulling you closer to his body. If there was something you knew for sure about Bucky, because he was always so damn indecisive, was that whenever something was wrong he’d keep it so himself. He felt like his problems weren’t as big as anyone else’s, you had reassured him that no matter how he was feeling his problems mattered as much as anyone else’s. 

“Come on Bucky I know when something is bothering you, you have that look on your face.” Knowing you weren’t going to stop asking, Bucky groaned and pulled away from you laying on his back. You followed his every movement and wrapped your arm around his torso. “I’m old.” He whispered barely audible but just loud enough for you to hear. “No one approves of our relationship; do you not see the stares we get whenever we walk in the room.” He finished bringing his hands up to his face. You sat up and looked down at him, you could tell this was something that had been bothering him for a long time. 

“Bucky who cares, our relationship shouldn’t be anyone’s—concern except ours.” You stated taking his hands into yours, making him look up at you. “I’ve seen the way people look at us, frankly I don’t give a shit because I’m with what we have I’m happy with you. In fact, sometimes I feel like I’m too young for you and that you should be out with someone closer to your age. Instead of someone who’s enough someone who’s not going to hold you back.” Bucky sat up as quick as possible and wrapped his arms around you. He knew he was having doubts of his own but he never knew you were having them too. Guess the two of you were more alike than you had originally thought. 

“Love, you’re not holding me back, you’re more than enough for me. Sometimes I feel like I’m the one who’s holding you back from enjoying your twenty somethings.” He said trailing his fingertips up and down your back. 

“You’re not holding me back either Buck, I’m okay with where I am in life right now. Even if I wasn’t it wouldn’t be because of you, it’d be because of me, so can we both agree that our relationship is ours. And if someone had anything to say about it we can just beat them up or ignore them.” You looked up at the man you had grown to love as he looked down at you the person who had stolen his heart. 

“You’re right.” He smiled and kissed your forehead as he held you tighter. “Can you let me go now cause I’m hungry.” You said trying to get out of his grip, only to have him tighten it.

“Not until you give me a good morning kiss.” He chimed

“Bucky, I just woke up and have morning breath.”

“I don’t care I want my kiss.” He whined pouting his lips, like a child who was denied the privilege of an extra ice cream scoop.

“After I have breakfast and brush my teeth you can have your morning kiss.” 

“I’d much rather have you as my breakfast.” He smirked causing you to look up at him blushing. Bucky took his as his chance and planted a quick kiss on your lips.

“You’re so gross Bucky.” You groaned managing to get up after his arms loosened up, from laughing so much. You shook your head and made your way to your bedroom door. Before you could open it, Bucky called out to you, making you turn around to face him.

“You really want to be with me?” He asked

“Well, it depends, the moment you have to get dentures I’m running straight for the hills.” 

a/n: thank you everyone for reading hope you all liked it cause I wrote like 5 times lol,  I’m still taking request so if you have any let me know ya kno. thank you.


Montgomery de la Cruz x Reader Imagine (Part 3/?)

Hi guys, thanks you like two previous parts. This part is a little mess I feel, but everyone interrupted me like a million times so I don’t know.

Quick reminder that English is not my first language, s I’m sorry for any mistakes. And for any mistakes at baseball terms, cause I don’t know a shit about baseball.

One more question: Do you prefer parts to be shorter and be published more often or longer but not posted as often?

Part 1

Part 2


At first he was a little shocked, then he put his hands on my hips and slightly pushed me away.

“What happened to you today?”

“You always do that?”, I asked. “I mean, girl basically jumps on you and you push her away? Do you even get laid or just talk about it?”

Monty chuckled.

“Alright, so I treated you the way you did treat me week before and now you wanna fuck?”

“I’m just done with this teasing”, I this point I almost shouted. “We’re gonna hook up, get over it and move on with our lives”, I said with demanding tone.

He didn’t say anything, just stared at me.

“And we’re not leaving this bathroom until you fuck me”, I crossed my arms and wanted to go and sit on the egde of bath.

But Monty’s hands, still on my hips, suddenly tightened, he pulled me closer and kissed me roughly. I tangled my fingers into his hair, when he squizzed my butt.

“Oh, and I’m done with your stupid rules”, he said between kisses, then his lips went down my neck and sucked my collarbone.

“Do you have some collarbone kink, or what?”, I hit his arm.

He grabbed my wirst a little too strong, but suprisingly I didn’t mind.

“Can you just shut the fuck up?”, he asked, looking into my eyes.

“Make me”, I dared him and didn’t have to wait long until he basically punched my lips with his.

The kisses got more and more sloppy, our breaths got heavier, Monty’s hands went all over my body. I unbottoned his shirt, took it of him and threw somewhere behind, it didn’t take long until he took of my dress. 

He pulled me up and pinched me to the wall, I wrapped my legs around his hips. My hands went down on him, to unzip his pants, and that’s all it took for him to hardened. He reached to his pocket and took condom out of his wallet. He tried to open it, but his moves were so sloppy I thought I was gonna go crazy.

“Oh for fuck’s sake”, I snatched it from his hand, opened with my teeth and put it on him, all of this while looking straight into Monty’s  eyes.

“Go on, Monty”, I nodded my head letting him get inside me.

He pulled my panties down, slowly slided in, I bit my lips trying not to make any noices.

“God, you’re so tight”, he whispered putting his forehead on mine.

My legs wrapped stronger around him as he started thrusting in and out. I was about to start moaning, when someone knocked the door.

“Y/N? Are you there?”, we heard Jessica asking. Monty put his hand on my lips before anything came out of my mouth.

I looked at him with eyes wide open. He took a deep breath and said, “She’s throwing up”, trying to sounds normal.

“Oh my God, Y/N, are you okay?”, she asked really concerned.

I nodded my head, letting Monty take his hand off my lips.

“Yeah, I’m good, I just need a minute”, I said.

“Why… Why is Montgomery in there?”

God, just fuck off, Jess, I thought.

“He’s holding my hair away from my face”, I quickly made up a response.

“Don’t worry, Jess, I’ll take care of her”, he said with cocky grin on his face, as his hand was rubbing my thigh.

“Okay, Y/N, listen, there should be spare toothbrush in the shelf above the sink, you can brush your teeth, when you’ll be done”, I rolled my eyes, waiting for her to go away. 

Suddenly, Monty thrusted in me, I had to bite his arm trying not to moan.

“Montgomery, don’t”, I whispered into his ear. 

“I brought you water”, Jessica continued,”I will leave it here for you.”

“Thanks, I love you”, I said, hoping she would finally go.

“Be quiet, or everybody will find out”, Monty rubbed his nose on my neck.

He started thrusting in me again, I scratched his back trying to keep him as close to me as possible. Heavy breaths were all we could go away with, but it was harder and harder to stay quiet.

“Mont…”, I moaned as quietly as I could.

“Fuck”, his hands tightened on my body. He started pumping faster. “You feel so good”, he whispered. One of his hand started rubbing my clit.

“Oh my…”, my body shook. “Monty, I’m gonna…”

“I know, come on, babe”, he started kissing my neck as if he knew it was my weak spot.

I clawed onto his arms, he scratched my hip, and when final wave of pleasure came for both of us he kissed me and I bit his lips so hard I could almost taste his blood. 

My muscles loosened up, Monty stopped thrusting into me, and laid his forehead on my shoulder. I played with his hair, trying to calm my breath.

“You can put me down now, you know?”, I giggled.

He gave me one last rough kiss and put me on the floor. I dressed up again, Monty threw used condom and wrapping to the bin.

“Your hair looks like shit, you know”, I said, looking at him. Well it definitely wasn’t his perfect hairstyle anymore.

“Have you seen yourself in the mirror?”, he asked. “You basically have ‘I just had sex’ written on your face”.

I came up to the mirror.

“Fuck”, I groaned.

My hair were tangled, my cheeks were blushed and I had weird, definitely not post thowing up, glow on my face. I opened a shelf a took spare toothbrush Jessica told me about, found toothpaste and started brushing my teeth. Montgomery looked at me confused.

“What? I’m brushing my teeth after throwing up”, I mumbled with mouth full of foam.

I took last quick glance at his abs, when he starting bottoning his shirt. Not quick enough though, cause he noticed it.

“You like some good abs, huh?”, he smirked.

“Not gonna lie, girls like some good abs and jawline”, I shrugged my arms.

“You know, you can call me some time and I can some you some abs, you can show me some other things”, he came closer behind me and put his hands on my hips.

“Monty”, I turned around to face him, “it was one time action, alright? I teased you, you teased me, we finished it in Jessica’s bathroom.”

“Don’t you say”, he looked down at our hips touching.

“Let’s go”, I said, moved away from him and went to the door. As I was unlocking, he quickly grabbed my ass. “Stop doing this”, I patted his hand.

“I didn’t hear you complaining few minutes ago.”

“You’re a dick”, I opened the door, stormed out of the bathroom, grabbed bottled up water Jessica left for me and went downstairs…


On Monday during lunch break I was sitting with few people when suddenly Jessica came up i basically threw her phone on the table.

“Look at this!”, she shouted to all of us pointing at the picture on her phone.

“What are we looking at?”, I asked.

“This is the corner of the condom wrapping”.

“Aaaand?”, Jeff encouraged her to keep talking.

“Somebody had sex in my bathroom!”, she shouted again.

“Jess!”, I tried to keep her quiet while looking around to check how many people had turned around.

Oh God,I’m screwed, I thought.

“What’s up boys and girls?”, Justin and Monty came to the table.

“Somebody…” Jess started shouting again.

“Somebody have some fun in Jessica’s bathroom during the party and left something”, Sheri interrupted her with quieter tone and showed guys the picture.

“Jess, it was a party, things like this just happen, don’t make drama”, Montgomery rolled his eyes.

“Okay, cool, but can people at least clean after they’re done?”, she crossed her arms. “ I’d be dead if my dad found it”.

“But he didn’t, another happy ending in your bathroom”, I put my thumb up and stuffed my mouth with food, which was typical for me - stress eating.

For the whole time I didn’t even looked at Monty, being paranoid someone would somehow found out. I ignored him to the point, when he said he’s gotta go for a chemistry, I waved at him while scrolling through my instagram feed.

“Hey, Y/N”, Justin kicked me under the table.

“Ouch, what?”, I started rubbing place on my leg he kicked, knowing the bruise would show up before the end of the day.

“Don’t you two have Chemistry together?”, he asked.

“Right. Yes. We have”, I patted my head and giggled nervously. “See you later guys”, I grabbed my bag and went with Monty, who was cracking up trying not to laugh.

“To be honest, I don’t have to do anything, you gonna give us out with your weird actions” he said when we had left the cafeteria.

“Shut up, I’ll start acting normal, it’s just that piece of wrapping…“

“There were probably more people in that bathroom that night, some of them probably had sex…”

Some freshman kid accidentaly walked in Monty, and him being, well, him, grabbed kid by shirt and pushed to the wall.

“Watch where you’re walking”, he said.

“I’m… I’m… I’m sorry”, kid picked up his books from the floor and quickly walked away.

“I’m embarassed just by standing next to you”, I said. “What was that for?”

“He walked in me”, Monty clearly didn’t see anything wrong about his hehaviour.

“That’s not what you do, when someone walks in just by accident!”

I spotted girl walking down the hall, looking down at the phone, I started walking towards her, pretending I’m looking for something in my bag and soon we walked into each other. After few ‘sorry’s’, ‘no, no, it’s okay”, she walked away. I turned to Monty.

“See? That’s what you should do.”

“I have reputation, I can’t loose my face”

“Reputation of a bully. You know more people would like you if actually stopped bulling everyone”.

He didn’t say anything, just rolled his eyes.


When lessons had finished Jessica, Sheri and I went for cheer practice.

“Okay girls, we have busy next week”, coach told when we were stretching before practice. “We have an assembly on Tuesday, basketball game on Wednesday and baseball game on Friday and we’re doing all of them.“

“Since when we do cheerleading on baseball games?”, Sheri asked.

“It’s still just an idea, we’ll do it once and see if it works. There is one more thing”, Mrs. Montez chuckled. “I spoke to the teams’ coaches and you know, it’ll be firsts games of the seasons, and the opponents are hard, um, that’s what they said, so they asked if you could, you know distract them a little bit?”, she was clearly uncomfortable asking for that.

Oh, somebody thought cheerleading is all about supporting your team and spreading good energy or something? Bullshit. It was mostly about distracting the other team with short skirts and splits.

“I guess we can shake ass a little”, Jessica snorted.

We performed on basketball game during halftime. We danced to Selena Gomez’s Me & My Girls* and let’s just say that me winking and mouthing lyrics, and I always lip sync during performance, like “I know we’re making you thirsty” or “You can look but don’t touch, I’m not here to hook up, I’m just here to turn on” did not help the other team stay concentrated on the game.

Monty was watching everything from the bleachers, I glanced at him few times just to see him basically eye-fucking me. Liberty Tigers won, with Zach being MVP of the game, as usual, after few celebrating jumps and handsprings I started picking up my stuff.

“I have a question, but promise you won’t slap me”, Monty suddenly showed up next to me.

“Just hearing this makes me wanna slap you”, I said without looking at him.

“Whatever, I’ll take the risk. You wanna hook up sometime?”, he asked.

“Subtle”, I sighed and turned to face him. “Thank you, but no. See you around”,

I took my bag, passed him and went to my car.

“Oh come on, you liked it last time”, he cought me up.

“Monty, half of the girls in this school wish they could make out with a devil, it’s you, go molest someone else”, I rolled my eyes.

“Then why did you teased me with that winking and cocky smiles during dancing?”

I bit my lower lip. Fine, maybe I was teasing him a little bit again, but this little fucker deserved it.

“You’re sucker for this cheerleader suit, huh?”, I laughed throwing my bag at the backseat. “Fine, maybe there is some sexual tension between us”, I finally admitted, “but it doesn’t mean we have to do something about it.”

“It’s unhealty, you know?”

Suddenly I came up with something. He played baseball and damn, he was good, but not THAT good. Plus home run wasn’t easy to score.

“Okay, we’ll make a bet”, I said finally.

“I’m listening” he smiled and leaned on my car.

“It will be baseball metaphor, and I’m not too good at it, so focus”, I cleared my throat. “You do home run on Friday’s game, you get third base with me”, I said looking him straight in the eyes.

He squinted his eyes, took a deep breath, and answered, “Deal”.


He fucking did it. Not only that he got home run. He got two. We did the same performance we had done at basketball game, I lipsynced, winked, when he was going to batter’s field I accidentally droppen one pompom and bent down to reach it, knowing he was looking at me, everything just to distract him at least a little bit, but no, the second he hit the ball, everyone new it was gonna be a home run.

“Fuck”, I mumbled at it took me good few seconds before I realised I should cheer.

Before his second home run, he literally pointed at me.

“What was that about?”, Justin was seating at the bleacher above the place where cheerleaders were standing and he could talk to us.

“We made a bet”, I said. “About, umm, chemistry project”.

Before he could answer something Montgomery Fucking de la Cruz got his second home run.

“Well, looks like he’s not gonna do much about that project”, Foley said after everyone stopped cheering.

“Yeah, looks like whole work’s gonna be on me…”, I sighed as I spotted Monty winking at me.


*This song is dirty as fuck, just like this whole fandom, trust me

Let me know what you think, hope you like it even though it’s a mess lol

7 Nights with Jumin Han
So, I woke up at 6am this morning with a bad stomach ache, but whilst I waited for my painkillers to kick in, I came up with a silly little fluff thing, featuring @sinfulinsecret who gave me permission to use her in this. Just fluff, just silly fun so enjoy!

7 Times Quinn used an excuse to share a bed with Jumin Han.

Ever since my flat had been having electrical issues, the guys from the RFA had offered me a place to stay whilst it all got fixed. Obviously, I was extremely thankful to all of them but, my issues were, Zen was too flirty, Yoosung played too many games, Jaehee was never there and Saeyoung was never off his computer. The offer I received from Jumin was the one I took. Bad idea, since I had fallen hard for him and he was just simply way too easy to manipulate. Too naive, bless him.

His place was lovely, but the room I was staying in was so large and empty, I didn’t want to sleep alone. I wanted to sleep with Jumin…just sleep though, maybe I’d let my mind wander to sexier realms at a later point. Right now, I had to make up some excuses to get into Jumins bed.

1st Night.

“Jumin?” I asked, peeping my head round the door, once I had knocked lightly.

“Hmmmmm, yes?” Jumin asked, all groggy like.

“There’s a spider in my room…” I said simply.

“It’s 3am, I’m sure the spider won’t hurt you, Quinn, go back to bed” Jumin replied, rolling over.

“B-but….Jumin, I know its there and…” I stuttered, really playing up the fear.

I heard Jumin sigh and lift up his blanket.

“Just sleep here then, I’ll deal with it in the morning” he said and I grinned from ear to ear.


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Best Friends| 01

This is also something I wrote on Wattpad before this but I am going to finish it here:)

Genre: Best Friends AU, College AU 

Word Count: 1831

Originally posted by jeonify


I don’t know what I did to get myself into this. I had no will power. He was my best friend and I let my crush on him blur my mind and cloud my judgement and let me be something i don’t think I’ve ever wanted to be with him.

Friends with Benefits.

Well, Best Friends with Benefits.

Our families have been friends since they were in college and pretty much started their families together. The four were best friends. So we grew up together and pretty much did almost everything together. In high school Jungkook was always a bit more popular than me. He was known because he was cute and talented. Which I didn’t blame anyone for.

If people I didn’t know knew me, it was most likely because they saw me with Jungkook and knew me as his friend. It was annoying yes, but I had my friends who didn’t really care for Jungkook, and knew about my feelings for him.

Of course I had that one friend who didn’t care and still went after him. But that’s long gone, in freshman year.

It was a Saturday and my best friend Bridgette was over my house. We were bored so I asked Jungkook if we could come over. He said yes and luckily for us, we just had to cross the street because He lived right across the street.

He opens the door for me and hugs me tightly. I hug him back and walk into the house as he greets Bridgette. I walk to the kitchen and get a water bottle.

I sip out of it and turn around as Jungkook and Bridgette sit on a stool at the island of the kitchen. I lean against the counter and close the cap.

“So my girlfriend’s coming over.”

Jungkook has had girlfriends before. Granted we were only 15, and he didn’t take them too too seriously because he thought that should wait till he’s older, but he takes them serious enough to now mess around with other girls. And it didn’t faze me. I know he only thought of me as a best friend and I didn’t get my hopes up. I get jealous watching him with his girlfriends but I suck it up and just like to watch him be happy.

“Finally going to tell us who the lucky girl is?” Bridgette asks.

“Well you guys know her. I told her It was okay for her to tell you guys since we made it official now.” He shrugs.

“Wait what? Who is it?” I ask as I sit down across from him on a stool.

The door bell rings and he jumps up to get it. “It’s her.”

Bridgette and I exchange a look and I sigh and roll my eyes opening my water bottle and taking another sip. Bridgette turns around at the sound of  the door closing and her eyes widen. She can see the front door from where she’s sitting and can see Jungkook’s new girlfriend. She turns back to me and shakes her head. I furrow my eyebrows still swallowing my water then taking another sip as Jungkook walked in with his new girlfriend.

My best friend, Abby.

I cough, choking on the water , and get up going towards the sink. Jungkook laughs and comes toward me and pats my back. “You alright there?”

I calm down and stand up straight as he rubs my back now. “Yeah I’m fine.” I laugh lightly.

“Babe, why didn’t you tell them we’re dating now?” He turns from me and looks to Abby.

Babe. Abby is his new babe.

I saw Bridgette glaring at her and Abby just smiled as if nothing was wrong. As if she didn’t just stab me in the back.

“Oh, I thought you wanted to be the one to tell them, or at least together.” She giggled and reached out for his hand. He grabs it and pulls her to the other side of him so now he’s in the middle of us. The three of us leaning against the counter. I start to feel uncomfortable so I move and stand next to Bridgette who’ still sitting on the stool.

“Did you want to watch a movie with us?” Jungkook asks as he nods towards the living room.

I get a text, from Bridgette. Saying to pretend it’s from my mother and say she wants us home.

“Oh god, mom wants us home to watch Bryan while she goes to work. Maybe another time.”  I say and faux smile.

Jungkook looks slightly disappointed but smiles none the less.

We left after that. I ran up to my room and just laid down staring up at the ceiling as Bridgette had laid down next to me. She was more angry than I was. I was more feeling betrayed. I know she always flirted with him but I never thought she would actually date him. I thought she was that good of a friend. After that day I hadn’t hung out with her or Jungkook much. Because hanging out with Jungkook meant hanging out with her.

After they broke up Jungkook and I got close again. We both didn’t talk to Abby after that. Me realizing she wasn’t a good friend and him realizing she wasn’t a good girlfriend. That was four years ago.

Now, We just graduated from high school and our families wanted to take us on a trip before we head to college. Our parents decided we can bring one friend along with us, so I brought Bridgette and Jungkook brought Jimin, his best friend from school. It’s now our fourth day here.

But our first day is the reason I’m in the situation I’m in now.

We were all watching a movie in the boy’s room. Bridgette fell asleep on one couch and Jimin on his bed. Jungkook and I sat on the floor leaning against his bed. The movie was only about half an hour in but they were tired from the travel here. Jungkook was on his phone and I was watching the movie but I wasn’t really paying attention.

I heard Jungkook lock his phone and I saw him turn to me but I continued to stare at the screen, even though I was paying attention to him and not the stupid movie.

“(Y/N), can I ask you something?”

I then look at him to see him staring at me intensely. I nod and lay my head back onto the  bed and watch him as he opens his mouth but closes it. “Are you okay?” I ask.

He nods and leans in a bit closer to me. He looks down at my lips and I thought “this is it.”

“Have you.. Have you ever had sex before, babygirl?”

He’s always called me babygirl, but him saying it in that sentence changed the whole meaning of it.

I lick my lips and nod.

“Who was your first time?” He leans in closer.

“That doesn’t mater.” I whisper.

He smirks and cups my cheek. “Damn right it doesn’t.”

I look down at his lips then back to his eyes and he’s looking down at my lips. “Jungkook-”

“I want to make a deal with you, something I’ve been thinking about before tonight. You can decline it if you want, it wont change anything between us.”

“What is it?”

“You know what friends with benefits are, right?”

“I’m not twelve, kook.” I roll my eyes.

He chuckles then leans in closer so our noses are barely apart. “I want to do that with you.” My lips part in shock. “The only thing that would be different, is that we’d be Best Friends with Benefits.”  He brushes his lips against mine.

Instead of replying a yes or a no, I just kiss him. We made out for a good ten minutes before we left to my hotel room and left Bridgette and Jimin in his.

We haven’t had sex in the past three days, but he’s been making googly eyes at me ever since and that’s death enough.

We had agreed on a few “rules”.

1. We’re allowed to talk and/or have sex with other people.

2. We can’t act out in public.

3. We can’t tell anyone.

I obviously told Bridgette(she thought I was stupid), so that’s already broken. I know, I let this long crush I’ve had on him cloud my judgement, because if another guy had asked me, I would’ve thought he was stupid. Not saying the thought it stupid, it’s just not my style.

I know Jungkook isn’t looking for a relationship, since we’re just about to enter college in months time and he hasn’t had a girlfriend since junior year.

I sigh as I turn over in my bed to the night stand in the middle of Bridgette and I’s bed. I reach for my phone as she groans in her sleep due to the light and turn towards the wall.

That’s why I took the bed closest to the window.

I get a text from my mom telling me we have to be ready in an hour. I sigh and wake Bridgette up. We brush our teeth and get dressed after doing our minimal makeup.

I get dressed in high waisted shorts with a white, loose long button up shirt with my  black and white converses. Bridgette was dressed in black shorts with a maroon loose shirt with her white and black Adidas.

We make sure to grab my card key to the room and phone before leaving. We make it downstairs as everyone is sitting down on the couches. Everyone as in my parents and Jungkook’s. We’re in Hawaii and we’re going to an amusement park not too far from here.

“Did you see Jimin and Jungkook?” Jungkook’s mom asks us as we walk towards them.

“Uh- n-”

“Right here mom.”

We all turn towards Jungkook and Jimin to see Jimin wearing jean shorts with a white(ish) button up shirt with an orange sweater tied around his neck. Jungkook wearing jean shorts with a white button up shirt with some black design all over and a blue blazer.

“Don’t you idiots think it’s too hot to be wearing a blazer.” Bridgette starts pointing at Jungkook.

“And that sweater around your shoulders.” I roll my eyes at Jimin trying to look like a rich kid. Even though he was.

“We’re already hot anyways.” Jimin remarks and winks at us.

I laugh at him and turn to look at our parents who tell us to get into our cars. Jimin and Bridgette following close behind them.

“Let’s go buddy.” Jungkook says to me and flicks a part of my neck that I had to cover with makeup, because of him.“

I flinch and hiss at his movement due to the sensitivity, to which he smirks at but bites his lip to hide it.

This is going to be a long day.


Zach Werenski - Childhood Crush

anon request: Can you make a Zach Werenski one. Maybe about him taking that puck to the face during the playoff game. And can it be really cute and fluffy

@faithmikami requested: Hi there! I was wondering if you could write an image where a girl is dating Zach Werenski and attends the third playoff game against PIT. She’s in the crowd and sees him get injured and is allowed to go to the locker room to see how he is. Thanks! :)

anon request: can i have a zach werenski imagine about his injury and you going to the next game to watch and then coming home and taking care of him/cuddling him

anon request: Can you do a Zach werenski imagine please? Maybe about the injury if you need inspo :)

anon request: Can you do an imagine about Zach Werenski? Maybe like being in the crowd as he got hit kind of thing? Thank you!!!

an imagine about zach werenski’s injury was a very requested imagine and i still have more requests about this. i do love zach werenski though so i have no problem writing these!! XD i decided to put a cute little twist to it so i hope you like it

requests are open:))

Originally posted by werenskiz

“yes y/n zach would love if you came and visited us here in colombus!” mrs.werenski gushed into the phone. for me it was just hitting the end of exam time and for my best friend zach it was the beginning of playoffs. well soon to be the third game.

“i don’t know mrs.werenski, i want to but i have so much to do” i babbled on about why i shouldn’t go. “y/n zach hasn’t seen you in forever, he would love it if you came to watch” that’s where she had me. i haven’t seen zach in so long. i used to always watch him play hockey at the joe, he truly was a talented player.

zach and i were always best friends, the dynamic duo. i was always by his side and he was always by mine. he supported me in my hockey and i always supported him in his hockey, even till this very day. throughout the years i manages to develop feelings for zach that a best friend shouldn’t feel and i’ve tried pushing them away but they always pop back up. he’s never really shown an interest but maybe i just never looked.

“fine” i fake sighed but was quickly followed by a overly girlish squeal. “i’m so excited too see him!” i laughed to his mother. “trust me y/n, he’s gonna be happy to see you too!” she joined in on my laughing. “when should i book my flight?” i asked. “oh don’t worry about that hun, we have it all covered. ill send you an email and print the ticket that’s in it, and there is your flight” she explained.

i could hear the loud sound of zach from the other side of the phone, “zachs coming but ill see you soon!” she said in a hushed tone and hung up. i smiled before putting my phone down and quickly opening up my email. the flight leaves tomorrow at 9:00am. oh boy. it was already 6:30pm and i haven’t even started packing.

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Halloween (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Things get a little out of hand at a Halloween party. Will Ethan save the day?

Warnings: yelling? drinking? idk none really. 

A/N: This was inspired by @fireflydolan ’s list of Halloween with Ethan. So everybody say thank you to her! Everyone’s a tad older in this - old enough to drink at least. Enjoy!

“Babe, what do you think?” You called from your room, putting the finishing touches on your makeup for the halloween party tonight. You, Ethan, and Grayson were all invited to a massive Halloween party. You were originally from Salem, Massachusetts, so Halloween was everybody’s favorite holiday. After you moved to L.A., you always made it a point to go home to go trick-or-treating with your little sister and see the changing New England leaves. This would be your first Halloween dating Ethan.

Ethan poked his head into your room and smiled as you finish your dramatic makeup. The two of you had a lot going on since you flew back from L.A., so you didn’t have much time to get costumes. You decided to be vampires since you could pull it off with the clothes you had and some heavy makeup. You had done Ethan’s makeup first. It was no small feat, as he could hardly sit still because he was so excited to meet some of your old friends.

“Ethan!” You had said with a giggle as he bounced in your vanity chair at your mother’s house where you were all getting ready. “Stop or I’ll poke you in the eye!” He grinned and wrapped his arms around you.

“I was gonna say something about poking you later, but even I couldn’t make that sound good, could I?” The two of you couldn’t help but laugh.

You had just put on your dramatic false eyelashes and finished the most intense cat-eyeliner you’d ever attempted. It was bold, but not clownish, just as you were hoping for.

“What do you think?” You repeated. Ethan stared down at you, his mouth slightly agape and he smiled, showing off the fake vampire fangs that took you all of 45 minutes to glue onto his teeth.

“I think you look incredibly sexy, (Y/N),” he said, wrapping his arms around you and dipping his head down to kiss your neck once, gently. It filled your stomach with butterflies, even after all this time together.

“Will you put the two bite marks on my neck?” You asked, handing him the fake blood and the paint brush you had both used to apply it. He nodded and took the things from you.

“Sure,” he replied and pulled you close. You looked at him, confused for a moment before he leaned down and bit your neck, hard enough to leave a mark.

“Ethan!” You giggled as he gripped your hips and bit your rested your hands on his chest. He nibbled and sucked at your skin, leaving a mild mark behind when he finally pulled away. He grinned at his handiwork and winked at you.

“Had to make it look believable,” he said before pecking your lips quickly.

He unscrewed the cap and used the back of the paint brush. He put a small dab of the substance from the Halloween store on the end of the brush and poked your neck, repeating again for the second time. He watched as the substance ran down your neck and blew gently on it to help it dry, as you had for him earlier. It looked pretty believable. You sat down at your vanity and looked in the mirror, fairly impressed.

“Wow, well done,” you said, looking up at him with a smile. Your fangs were already in as well. It had only taken you five minutes to put them in because you, unlike your boyfriend, could sit still. He shrugged and put the tube back down on your vanity after putting the cap back on.

“What can I say? I’m an artist,” He boasted and you can’t help but laugh as you roll your eyes and get up to change.

“You mean you’re not wearing that to the party?” He asked, frowning and sitting down in your vanity chair.

“Nahhh, I gotta find something more…vampire-ish,” you said, thumbing through your outfits, looking for something that would fit the bill. You and Ethan both knew that meant you were looking for something a little bit sexier than you normally would wear.

You smirked as Ethan became more and more excited/anxious to see what it was you were looking for. You had an idea and grabbed your leather jacket that was hanging at the front of your closet before venturing further to pull something from a drawer.

“Hmm, I think it might be over here, actually. Hey, will you go make sure Grayson is ready to leave in five minutes?” Ethan frowned, but did as he was told and went off to find his twin brother. You did Grayson’s makeup first, because he was more patient and less bouncy than Ethan and wouldn’t have bothered the two of you while you were getting ready. He was actually already downstairs watching tv with your little sister, who had just gotten back from her trick-or-treating rounds.

You pulled together your outfit, sprayed on some perfume and headed downstairs. When the boys saw you, both their mouths dropped open.

You picked out a black lace bralette, with an exaggerated silver chain necklace (you couldn’t wear a choker because of your fake bite marks), and a pair of torn black skinny jeans. You threw your leather jacket on over it, and wore a pair of spike-heeled boots. You had dark red lips and you looked -

“Amazing,” Grayson said with a smile. Even your little sister ‘ooh’ed at you. Ethan looked a little less than thrilled.

“What?” You questioned, looking at him innocently.

“Guys are gonna be all over you, (Y/N), don’t you think it’s a little much?” You gave him a look - raised an eyebrow and folded your arms over your ribs. He sighed, knowing he’d been defeated.

“Come on, Gray, let’s go,” he said, sounding a little dejected.

You grabbed your essentials from your purse and put them in your jacket pocket, zipping it up so they wouldn’t get lost.

“Bye, Mom! Bye, Dad! We’re going to the party! We’ll be back before dawn!”

“Make it 2,” your father said from behind a newspaper. You groaned but accepted your curfew and the three of you were off.

The house the party was at was only five blocks away, so you decided to walk. Most of the youngest children had already gone home - trick-or-treating hours were winding down, and now teenagers and adults were out, enjoying the revelry and feeling like kids themselves again.

As you walked down the street, you noticed a group of drunken frat boys were eyeing the three of you, and you knew Ethan would start something, so you pulled the twins to the other side of the street and kept walking, avoiding them as best you could. You breathed a sigh of relief when they didn’t bother following you. It seemed like they had gotten the message.

The party was already in full swing once you had arrived. Lots of your friends from high school were there and you enjoyed catching up with them. Ethan and Grayson made friends with a few guys you had been close with and the party was a general success. You had more than a few drinks and so did Grayson, but you noticed Ethan was holding the same beer most of the night.

Grayson was talking to a pretty girl dressed as Princess Peach and Ethan was sitting next to you on the couch. One of your favorite songs came on and you looked back at him, an open-mouthed, half smiling expression on your face. He rolled his eyes, but smiled and took your hand, leading you out onto the makeshift dance floor.

You grinned as the two of you danced and swayed to the music. You’d had quite a few drinks by this point and you were starting to feel them, but you were still having a great time. The music rattled through your body and made your very bones vibrate as Ethan held your hips. You stayed out on the floor dancing with him and quite a few other people for a few more songs. As the latest song ended, Ethan leaned forward to whisper in your ear.

“I’m gonna go get some water for us.” You look up at him and nod so he knows you understand, even in your drunken stupor. You look around for Grayson and see him still talking to the girl in the slutty Princess Peach costume, so you shrugged and continued to dance by yourself. It wasn’t long before you felt a pair of hands on your hips, but even in your state of haze, you knew that they weren’t Ethan’s.

You whirled around to see the same drunken frat boy from earlier that you had avoided on your way to the party. You didn’t know him, and you didn’t think you’d see him again. You attempted to pull away from him, but his grip on your waist only got tighter. You fidgeted and fussed and pulled your hands away but he kept on trying to snatch them.

You squirmed uncomfortably and called for Grayson over the jock’s voice, but the music was so loud that he couldn’t hear you. As you fought him off, you started to feel more and more upset, but you were never a weepy drunk. Anger rose from your stomach up into your head as he started saying all manner of vulgar things to you. That’s when you snapped.

“I don’t know WHO in the FRESH FUCK you think YOU are, but I am NOT going home with you!” You shouted, pushing him back with impressive force. The music turned down as you started to yell at him and people began to stare. “I am not your plaything, I am not an object, and I am NOT YOUR BABY!”

By now, the whole house could hear you, and the only person moving in the entire house was Ethan, pushing through the crowd to get to you, still flaring with rage. By the time he arrived, Grayson was at his side.

“Alright, (Y/N), that’s enough…” he tried to calm you, putting a hand on your shoulder. You immediately reached back for him and kissed him fiercely on the lips, just for a second, but long enough for everyone to see and take notice. Ethan was surprised, but he returned your kiss like he always did.

THIS is the guy that’s taking me home, and you’re lucky he showed up before I could BEAT YOUR ASS you fucking PIG!” Ethan practically dragged you out of the house, kicking and screaming. Grayson almost had to hold your legs so you wouldn’t kick any other party-goers in the face.

Outside, the fresh October air cooled your face, and you didn’t even realize how flushed and hot your cheeks were until you suddenly felt cold again. You were still fuming as you tore up the street back towards your house, the twins in toe.

“(Y/N), that was awesome,” Grayson said, trying to suppress a laugh. You did’t really acknowledge it, you just kept walking, trying to burn up the rest of your anger and frustration. Ethan still hadn’t said a word since you’d left the party.

It was almost three blocks before you calmed down and stopped to catch your balance because your buzz had caught up with you. You had tripped over your heels, but Ethan caught you, just like he always had. He sighed, sounding annoyed.

“Baby, you need to slow down before you break your ankle,” he said, helping you right yourself and keep your balance. You held onto his arm and looked up at him. Your eyes were misty and dark from all the alcohol.

“Are you mad at me?” You questioned, sniffling. “Because I swear I didn’t encourage him or anything, and Grayson couldn’t hear me over the music and -” Ethan cut you off with a smile and a laugh.

“No, baby, I’m not mad. I just wish I could’ve protected you before you had to resort to that. I always want to protect you.” He sighed and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you close to him. You rested your head on his chest and closed your eyes, letting your arms snake around his middle.

“I know you can protect yourself, babygirl. I know that and I’m so proud of that,” he said, stroking your hair to try and calm your quiet sobs that had suddenly begun to wrack your body. You didn’t even notice them come on until he started rubbing your back over your jacket. “Like I said, I just wish it could’ve been me who told that asshole to fuck off.”

You nodded, your cheek still pressed against his chest, your heart pounding in your chest. You’d almost forgotten that Grayson was there until you heard his voice.

“For what it’s worth though, (Y/N) is scary as shit when she’s pissed off, and it was still awesome…”

After a brief pause to take in what Gray had said, the three of you broke into relieved laughter and the tension seemed to rise like steam off the ground, clearing the air. Ethan wrapped his arm around you and kissed the top of your head. You smiled warmly at him and your arm went around his waist.

“I’m so proud of my girl,” he whispered as the two of you walked side by side, back into the night.

Be gentle. This is my first self-published imagine. Feedback is more than welcomed. I love you all.

An Open Letter to Tim Curry

“The very first part in healing is shattering the silence.”

I was tired of crying. I hated myself for being a coward. I hated my silence. I hated my body. I hated the memories that plagued my mind day and night. I didn’t want to feel anymore. I was done. I took a bottle full of Ibuprofen and my mother’s Diabetic pills. I locked my door. My parents were cleaning the garage and I wanted to make sure I had alone time during my final minutes here on earth. I put on a CD I had burned off of my computer. All of my favorite songs were included in that CD. I swallowed all of the pills I could, as tears streamed down my face.
“I’m sorry Mom. I’m sorry Dad.” I cried.
And then I heard one of my favorite songs that took me back to my childhood. I could picture my mother singing along to it as she cooked dinner in the kitchen, as I played with my Barbies. It was Tim Curry’s “S.O.S” song from my favorite album of his: “Fearless.” I froze. Then I began to sob. What was gonna happen to my mother? What would become of my father? I screamed.
And then everything went black.

I had a beautiful childhood. I was the first-born child of my very young parents. A beautiful couple that immigrated from Mexico when they were very young. They fell in love when they were 14 and were married at 19. Both my parents loved having date night at the movie theater. Movie night was every Saturday night at our house. Friday night, was movie night for my parents. They were also huge on music. Film and music played a huge part in my family’s lives. My mother was a big Tim Curry fan. While most people know him as an actor, I grew up listening to his music. “Fearless” was my favorite album. Ever. “I Do the Rock” was my jam and my karaoke song.
The first time I saw Tim Curry in a movie was in Home Alone 2.
“That’s him?” I asked my mom. He looked different then he did in his music videos.
“That’s him!”
“But he’s so mean!”
From the on, my mother allowed me to experience his work as an actor. Slowly but surely. I was huge on “Darkwing Duck”, “Dinosaurs”, “Mighty Max.” And later, “The Pebble and the Penguin”, “Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas”, and my favorite, “Muppet Treasure Island.” In short, I watched whatever I was allowed to watch at the time. But I was enamored by his voice. Not one of his characters sounded alike. And I was convinced, as I am now, that he was the best actor in the universe.
My 5th grade teacher was intrigued for my love for Tim Curry. I was a kid and was listening to someone no other kid listened to. I adored books and was always assigned an advance book to read on my own. I was way ahead of my classmates. When my teacher asked me why I loved books so much, I told her, “because when I read them, I can picture movies inside my head.” I think I left her speechless that day. And when parent-teacher conference came along, she asked my parents why I was such a big fan of Tim Curry.
My teacher concluded that it made sense why I was such a huge bookworm: I had Tim Curry to thank for that. I listened to the man’s voice all my life and he was responsible for this little weird girl to have a vivid imagination.
But that imagination wasn’t always that vivid. I had to create it in order to survive.
It all began one summer day in 1995. I was 7. My first real little friend was my little cousin. And her mother, my aunt, was like an older sister to me. I adored her and worshipped her. And would follow her around everywhere. So I slept over at her house almost every weekend.
That hot, summer evening: I was playing Barbies with my little cousin. When I heard my aunt tell her husband she was gonna go out with her friends and to watch over us. She was gone for the evening. He approached us in the bedroom. He asked his daughter to play with their puppy. And I was left alone with him.
“Do you want to play a special game with me?”
“Yes!” Of course I wanted to play. I loved games!
He closed the door. And asked me to lay down on the bed. I remember he got on top of me and started kissing my forehead. Then he kissed my neck. I froze. I was confused and scared. Then I felt him take off my shorts. He began to touch me all over my body and I was terrified. Then I heard my little cousin’s voice, “Are you playing the game you play with my mommy?”
Then it really hit me. Whatever had just happened was wrong. Horribly wrong.
He was pissed off and he screamed at his daughter to get out. He buckled up his pants and warned me not to say anything. Or my parents would get hurt. He got up and left me alone in that bedroom.
My childhood was lost that evening.
The abuse continued until I was 12. And I never said anything to anyone. Every time he did it, he would tell me he would kill my parents if I said anything. I believed him. I began to hear the fights he had with my aunt. And they were physical. So I was silenced. But I promised myself I would never let myself be alone with him.
One night, he told my cousin and I he had rented an “amazing movie” and that we would “really like it.” He made popcorn and we sat down. I was eager and excited to be able to watch a movie unsupervised by my parents. It was the TV series, “It.” I had heard about the movie from some of my friends who were allowed to watch it. I was never allowed. Until that night. And Tim Curry was gonna be in it! It was perfect!
Too bad it never registered in my mind how terrified I was gonna be. I began to close my eyes soon after it began. When he saw me, he offered to sit me on his lap. I was so terrified, I agreed. What an idiot! As soon as I was in his lap, he began to touch me. Again, I froze. I wasn’t sure what I feared most: Pennywise or that pedophile. After he was done. He decided to turn it off. “Let’s get you girls in bed. It’s getting late.”
Before heading to bed, I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. He followed me inside. And again, closed the door. He made his way into the toilet, where he sat on it. He took off his boxers and asked me to approach him. He was aroused. He sat me down on his lap one more time, but this time, he did so in a way, I was straddling him. Soon, I felt the sharpest pain between my legs and I screamed out in pain. Tears streaming down my face. He covered my mouth and let me go. “Put on your clothes and go to sleep!” He snapped. And once again, he left me there alone.
When the abuse finally ended (it ended because I had entered the puberty stage in my life) I began to truly hate him. Seeing pictures of myself in our family book, I see pictures of myself going from a smiley, bubbly girl: to a more shy and introverted, sad little girl. I rarely smiled in pictures after turning 8. No longer did I have a lot of friends. I liked to be alone most of the time. I had books and I had music. I hated the dark. And would have a hard time falling asleep. I always kept my Tim Curry’s “Fearless” cassette tape next to my bed. I would listen to it before I went to sleep. It made me feel safe. To this day, that album feels comforting. And it brings me back to that beautiful childhood I once had.
My teenage years were a nightmare. I began to hang out with an older crowd. And began to smoke weed at 14. It escalated to cocaine by 15. And I tried ecstasy 4 times during that time. Ever morning, one of the guys I would hang out with, would give me my share of coke. Cocaine was the only way I could quiet down my rage. Feel some happiness. Or so I thought. The only two classes that truly interested me were English and Theater.
Even though I had strayed far from Tim Curry and those happier times, I still carried his picture from the 1980’s in my front binder notebook. Something my Theater teacher adored about me.
I mistreated my parents during those times. I would yell at them, fight them. I was ruthless. And they would have never imagined why. I made my mother cry numerous times. Way more than I care to admit. I was a walking time-bomb. Ready to explode. A zombie without feelings. I cried every night and wanted desperately to die.
Then it happened. October 22, 2003: I had just turned 16. I swallowed all those pills and tried to commit suicide. I remember waking up in the hospital with my parents beside me. Both in tears. Why, they wanted to know. What had led me to this. They both told me how much they loved me and how much it had broke them to see me unconscious in that bedroom. They didn’t want me to die and they needed me. I began to cry. And then I told them everything. The sexual abuse. His words and promise that if I said anything, they’d be dead. The drugs. Everything. My parents were broken. Completely shattered. My mother almost collapsed to the floor in that hospital room. But they believed me. They believed me! My whole family did. And we filed charges against that monster that day.
I went in a rehabilitation center for a month after that. Willingly. I wanted to turn my life around now that my secret was finally revealed. I felt liberated. I wanted to start fresh. It was in that Center that I finally got to watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I was hooked from the beginning. What on earth was this? And why didn’t I know Tim Curry had played a transvestite? I was in love! And it was the first time I smiled in a long time.
I returned to school that semester, completely changed. I began to talk to my old friends. Friends I knew since childhood. Friends I had stopped talking to because I couldn’t stand them before because I hated them for having a normal life. Unlike mine. I began to truly focus in school and I excelled in all of my classes. Eventually becoming an Honor roll student.

I began to read and watch every Tim Curry interview I could. I was in awe of this man. His intelligence, his charisma and his passion was contagious. I always wanted to be like him. Even as a kid. But at the moment in my life: I took to heart every advice Tim Curry offered in interviews. To be kind. To dream. And to make a difference. I used that as my inspiration to apply to every University I possibly could. I wanted to study law. I wanted to make a difference and help others in need. I knew I had life experience and the heart and drive to do so.
I wrote an 8 page essay as apart of my application for schools, where I wrote about what had happened to me. About my life experience. And why I wanted to study law. And what kept me going. And yes, I did write about Tim Curry and how he allowed me to dream even when everything seemed hopeless.
I was offered a scholarship to Stanford University.
I am an attorney now, that volunteers every week at what we call, a “free clinic” where I help those who cannot afford a lawyer. I offered legal advice and I also occasionally go to High Schools around my area to talk to students about the importance of education. And why it is important to be honest with your parents. And honest with yourself.
My life has been a rollercoaster. And no matter how harsh or how dark it was at one point; I now live my life in happiness. I am at peace with myself. I know that what happened to me was not my fault. I know that I was given a second chance in life. And I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I would not have turned out the way I have without Tim Curry and his work. His art. I spend nights, crying, wishing everything would end: and then I would hear his voice and it would calm me down. I spend my childhood imaging I could do anything because I adored books and I had Tim Curry narrating my childhood with his voice-over work.
With every step I took, with every mistake I made: his work was always surrounding me. His pictures, all over my wall, reminded me to hold on and to not give up. Even when I almost threw away the towel. When I almost gave up, I knew deep inside that hearing his voice would make things better. His work gave me an early education to love. To inspiration. To prosperity. And to resilience.
I met him in Boston a couple of weeks ago, and with tears in my eyes, I got to thank him for saving my life. And even though I wanted to so badly, explain to him what I had been through, I felt he understood. His eyes never left mine. And that, to me, was worth everything in this universe.
So, I thank him for my life. And I thank the Universe for allowing us to live in a world where Tim Curry graces us with his talent.

National Sexual Assault Hotline:
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

Breathless (3)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: She’s breathless, and not in a good way.

Word Count: 2.2k+

Warnings: angst, one swear word, major plot twist & cliffhanger.



Originally posted by evansmaximoff

Ever since Sam broke up with me, I’ve tried to stay out of the Compound as much as possible. I trained with Natasha in the morning, filed paperwork, and then I disappeared. I didn’t want to run into Sam or Bucky. Neither of them could see how broken I was.

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I Don’t Want You to Get Hurt

Characters: Sam Winchester x reader, Dean Winchester (mentioned)
Word count: 1357
Warnings: angst, arguing, accident, minor injuries, hospital, making out??, swearing, fluff
Request: Could you do a piece for Sam X reader where they get into a fight and the reader storms off, and leaves in one of the cars to get into a car crash while driving in anger? Like not super major but enough to hurt them and maybe break a bone or two? Please and thanks! ☺️
A/N: Thanks for the request, nonnie! <3 I’ve actually had this done for like two weeks, but I didn’t like the way it turned out for some reason, so I was really nervous about it. I’m still not 100% satisfied, but now I’m just going fuck this and posting it…
(GIF not mine)

“No. Sam. Seriously. I get why you want to protect me! I get that you don’t want me to get hurt. I don’t want you to get hurt either. But you can’t just make me stay home all the time. I’ve stayed behind on two hunts already. Not another one.” I dumped my cup and plate in the sink.

“You almost died last time, y/n!” He was towering over me, his expression a mixture of frustration and fear.

I sighed heavily, walking around him and to the door of the kitchen. “You know that when you start hunting, you pretty much sign your life away, okay? I mean come on. You and Dean have died hundreds of times. I half died that one ti-” I stopped talking for a second as Sam gave me a look. “Okay. Bad point… But either way. You can’t just stop me from going out there and helping save people from shit they don’t even know about!”

Sam started to say something, but I walked into the hall without another word.

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[ Why I Love ] - Chpt. 19

 To Be Alone With You 

Negan x Addison

A/N: I’m going to try updating this fic series once or every other week :3 I’m not quite sure when my next update for my Jason fic will be or if I’ll even continue it we shall see ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Please let me know if you want to be on or off the tag lists <3 xxx

Chapter 18 || Masterlist 

(gif by @mypapawinchester


Birds chirped melodically as the sun rose. The gentle rays lit through my window and painted a soft, yellow square on the dark floor.

I can’t remember the last time I heard birds sing to announce the breaking dawn. In another life, I would have resented their bothersome noise but in this moment I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the familiarity which they brought back.

My head weighed a ton and my eyes were dry after last night’s emotional release.

That’s when I remembered clinging onto Negan like a child as I purged all my tears on his shoulder. He maneuvered me into his arms, gently leaning back against the bed and holding me close. His fingers stroked my hair, while he sat there quietly and allowed me to have my moment. I should have been petrified by my outburst, but instead I’m oddly comforted and completely surprised by his response. Eventually the exhaustion took over, and after managing to synchronize my breathing with his, I drifted off into deep sleep.

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After you left me. |Part 2|

Originally posted by danielsoftgf

Title: After you left. [Kang Daniel x OC] 

Genre: Angst

Summary: he left to be a part of Wanna One, and broke her heart. (Daniel’s POV)

Part: 2/3. (UPDATE: This was meant to be a fic with just two parts, but I added another one bc someone requested it :) )

Word Count: 1303

Last chapter: 1

Next Chapter: 3

Note:  I’m a bit scared of this becoming too predictable, so I left the ending like that. However, you can request another chapter if you want.

Also, I’m working on a Ha Sungwoon scenario request, which I’ll upload soon :) 

사실은 네가 나에게 있어 잊혀지지 않을 사람이란 걸 말야

To be honest, I now that to me you’re someone who I just can’t forget.

//I Loved You - Day6//

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i threw out my toothbrush bc i had masturbated with it (and obv didn't wanna brush w it after) but my sister took it out of the trash and kept it to clean things with. idk what to tell her. she has my pussy toothbrush.

i thought u were gonna say she took it out and brushed her teeth with it so i breathed a sigh of relief at the conclusion tbh

William Nylander - Last time

I loooooveee all your writings they’re so good omg. Well anyway could you do one where the reader sends William nylander a semi nude photo and then his brother sees it by mistake?

You had just gotten home from a huge sale at Victoria Secret’s when your phone pinged signaling that you had a message from none other than William Nylander, your boyfriend.

Hey, babe how was your day?

Wonderful! Just got home from Victoria Secret’s ;)

Oh, and what did we get? ;) ;) ;)

Instead of texting him you sent him a photo of you wearing the matching set. You two talked some more before saying goodnight.

William was due home today so you made sure to get up super early to get some cleaning done and what not knowing full well that once he got home you two were not leaving this room. After a fast shower and some hot tea/breakfast you were off to cleaning the house. You were so into a cleaning mode that you didn’t even hear your phone ring until the third time.

“Hello.” You said pausing your music.

“Hey, baby what took so long?” William asked.

“Oh, I was cleaning and I had the music on high.” You giggled as you sat on the armrest of the couch.

“Okay, so don’t be mad but remember that photo you sent me last night?” William asked unsure.


“Well…um…last night I went to go brush my teeth and well…um..well Alex unlocked my phone and…”

“NO!” You yelled knowing where he was going with this. “Alex’s saw my nude! OH GOD! WILLIAM! OH GOD!” You said placing your face in your palm.

“I mean you weren’t totally naked.”


“I know, I know. I’m sorry….If it makes you feel better he total jealous and loved your body.” He said in his most sexy voice.

“You’re such a dork. And that’s the last time you get a picture like that.” You laughed.

“What!? No!!!”


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Movie Affair

Chapter VIII

Current obsession; Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Summary: Life as a young actress was hard, but when you get a part in a promising movie and reunite with the man you’ve fantasized about since you were 15 things get harder. At first it’s like every dream you ever had is coming true. But reality pulls you down from cloud nine as you start to fall for the one guy you weren’t supposed to.

WARNINGS: Language, spoilers of the movie Anna Karenina,

A/N: I’m taking WAY too long between chapters and I’m sorry. I’VE HAD IDEAS BUT WHEN I TRY TO WRITE THEM THEY JUST GO POFF. But I won’t abandon it so no worries, I know this is shit but I was desperate to post something for the readers.


I groan as soon as I’m awake, cursing the damn headache that had started to take over. With a sigh I bury my face on the soft pillow, taking my time to take in the events of the previous night. A smile making it’s way to my lips when I think of Aaron. I couldn’t believe I’d finally gotten what I wanted.

In fact I got even more than what I wanted. Shower sex,wich was a-mazing, plus, I got another round.

With a smirk on my face I roll to the other side of bed, Aaron’s body coming to view. He was sleeping on his stomach, his face turned the other way. All I could see was his messy curls and the part of his back that wasn’t covered by the sheets. And let me say, back muscles were HOT. They tensed and relaxed according to his breathing, the kind of thing one would like to see every damn morning.

Still smiling I sit up and kick my feet off the bed. Thinking how sexy it would be if I put on his shirt… But immediately throwing that thought away when I remembered it laid somewhere in the bathroom completely soaked.

I get off the bed and walk to my suitcase. Grabbing something to put on and then head to the bathroom quietly. Expecting to find that my face was a disaster, since I hadn’t removed my makeup from last night.

But huh, it’s been worst. Most of it was gone after yesterday’s shower, it was the eye makeup that was all smudged. So I washed my face -removing it- and brushed my teeth, putting my hair up in messy bun after.

That’s when, a train of thoughts hit me. Throwing my mood up from a 90 down to crap.

What if Aaron regretted last night? What if it wasn’t as great for him as it was for me? Would this totally ruin our friendship? What about his girlfriend? ….

I took a step back, taking a hand to my forehead. Oh my God his girlfriend! He had a fucking girlfriend! “I wanna throw up” I say to myself and cover my eyes. “I’m so gonna burn in hell…” I whisper taking a deep breath.

Looking over at the bed I think “He wouldn’t have slept with me if he still had a girl right? I mean… C'mon would he? Little cinnamon roll that he was? Cheating? Nah, I didn’t think so”.

With that thought in mind I calmed down a little, but still… I was most definitely going to ask him later.

I walk out of the bathroom in a pair of pijama shorts and a tank top, climbing back in the bed. I tried to simply lay there on my phone, but I ended up sitting up and looking at Aaron’s sleepy figure.

First I ran my hand through his curls, and then I tentatively trailed it down to his back. Tracing his muscles with my fingers softly. I felt his breathing quicken a bit and he shrugged, making me pull my hand away. Shit, he was awake now. Fuck.

He slowly lifted his head, taking in the suite. His eyes caught the bra on the floor and he kicked an eyebrow up. A small smirk on the edge of his lips. He then turned his head to me and I smiled sweetly. “Morning” I said, chuckling when he dropped his head on the pillow again, closing his eyes and mouthing the words “Morning” back.

“Keep doing that” he asked sleepily. I chuckled again, taking my hand to his back and continuing to trace his muscles with my fingers. A smile taking over his lips as I did so. “Feels nice”

In my head, I was trying to decide wether to say something or not. And also, what to say if I were to say something. I didn’t want to sound like one of those girls that after a one night stand pretended to start a relationship. But I didn’t want to seem too indifferent either. So I just opened my mouth and expected the worst.

“Are you due on set today?” I ask and he seems to think for a second. I didn’t do that bad…

“I have no fucking clue” he laughs and I snort. I lean down to press a kiss on his cheek.

“Well I am, but at night anyway, so I could really go for breakfast right about now” I say carefully and watch his reaction. He sighs and opens one eye to look up at me.

“Or, we could get room service…” he proposes and lifts himself with his arms. “Put up a movie…” he turns to me, resting his weight on one arm.

“Watch it..” he smirks and shruggs “Or not…” I chuckle and with that he moves closer to me and hugs my waist, laying down again. He rests his head on my thigh and snuggles agaisnt me.

“We could do that too” I agree moving my hand to his hair and massaging his head. Aaron groans in pleasure and holds me tighter, burying his nose on my stomach rolls. Earning a giggle from me as it tickled.


“I don’t understand!” I yell in frustration “I don’t know why I let you choose this movie” I angrily point at the tv while Aaron laughs at my reaction. “THIS SUCKS!” My eyes go wide and I throw a fry at his face.

“Hey! it’s still my movie ok? don’t insult it.” he complains eating the fry.

“Your acting was good” I say staring at the credits “And Keira’s too, I mean..She’s great! But the plot and the way it all just… UGH" I grab my face chuckling with exasperation “It sucked alright? I need to know more, like, like… what happened with him? for example. They don’t explain that!” Aaron simply laughs at me and my face turns into a frown.

“Well, I can answer that. You do know its a book right?” he asks staring down at me with an amused smile. I groan.

“One I would never read that is” I lie and roll my eyes, making Aaron chuckle.

“Well, after she kills herself he is kinda lost y'know? So in the book he joins some military team and goes off to some place where he is most likely going to get himself killed. That’s why her husband kept their daughter.” he explains and twist my lips.

“So he dies too? Seriously? What is this, Romeo and Juliet? Ughh” Aaron chuckles more and I throw my back agaisnt the headboard.

“I don’t know if he dies, but I sure like how passionate this movie got you. You even cried!” I glare at him and start laughing, Aaron laughs too shorty after me.

“Of frustration!! That’s horriblee! I don’t even know why I’m laughing!” I say and sniff, putting the rest of the crackers on the floor.

“You liked it tho” Aaron says and I huff.

“It fucked me up but yeah, I guess I liked it… in a fucked up way” I chuckle and turn to see him, he smiles proudly and I roll my eyes “I thought it was totally cliché that she got pregnant tho, like, really”

“What did you expect? They didn’t have any contraception methods in their time” Aaron says and I shrugg.

“Then they should’ve kept it in their pants!” I joked and Aaron raised an eyebrow.

“Oh you think so?” He asks and I nod with a smile. He slides underneath the sheets and grabs my waist, pulling me to his side and towering over me. I chuckle as he leans down and seals our lips together. A shiver crossing my chest and climbing up my throat as I cupped his face in my hands.

Where was this going to leave us? I didn’t even want to care bout it. The kiss started to get intense as he got completely over me and slid his hands down my body. But before I could actually do something he was pulling away, a bewildered look on his face.

“Shit” was all he muttered and then his eyes found mine. “We didn’t use a condom yesterday” he said like he had just realized, I squint my eyes.

“Mm-hmm, and? please don’t tell me you have an STD” I comment with wide eyes please, please, please…

“No!” he says and backs away a little “But I’ve got sperm…” I snort, relaxing. “Hey it’s serious, I don’t want to be a parent just yet” he says and I smile.

“Dude I have a prescription for a very good ‘morning after pill’ ok?” I say and he frowns.

“Yeah and the morning just passed…” he says and I let out a laugh. He did not know how these things worked did he?

“Aaron it doesn’t mean to literally take it in the morning. I mean, the sooner the better, but with the one I take I have up to five days to take it, ok?” He nods slowly and I chuckle, he really did get scared there.

“But you’re gonna take it today right? Just to be sure” he asks and I laugh.

“Yes, I’ll take it today.” I say and sigh “I’m too young to have kids anyway so stop thinking about that” I say pulling him closer and tenderly kissing his lips again, he kisses me back immediately and takes a hand up to my cheek. Caressing his thumb across my lips when we pull away.

“I forgot how cute you look without makeup” he says and smiles, making me grin like an idiot.

“I bet you say that to all the girls” I joke, trying to play it cool and he chuckles.

“I don’t think you wanna talk about other girls right now” he said trailing his lips off to my neck. He places a tender kiss there and sucks in that same spot, making my eyes close and getting a slight gasp out of me.

His left hand finds my hip and keeps it on place as he starts to make his way down my chest with his lips. And he is just about to remove my tank top when my phone rings. I mutter a “damn you” as I look for it, wiggling from under Aaron’s body.

I find it under my pillow and frown at the unsaved number. Still, I answer it and take it to my ear.


“We need to talk.” I frown more when I hear Ross’s voice on the other end of the line. Standing up from the bed I walk away from the Aaron to get some privacy.

“No we don’t, and I’d be glad if we talked only when strictly necessary thank you.”

“No, listen. I’m not looking for a fight. I just wanted to apologize, about last night. I know I was a dick and crossed the line.”

“Oh! It’s a good thing you know Ross, because it was messed up.”

“I know Y/N, that’s why I’m calling. If it’s still possible I’d like to keep good terms with you. I’m usually not like that, I just had way too many colorful shots yesterday.” I roll my eyes, not wanting to keep this conversation any longer.

“Like I said, I’m fine with only talking to you on work related stuff. But I’m not going to be your friend Ross, and this doesn’t mean I forgive you. I’m just going to be civil towards you for our jobs sake.”

“And that’s fine with me for now. I understand if I gotta make it up to you, I won’t push you Y/N.”

“No I don’t wan…. what the fuck? ” I look at my lockscreen picture facing me back. He had hanged up and not even heard me. I roll my eyes and clench my jaw. This guy was going to get on my nerves so badly.

I spin around and walk to the bed, dropping my phone on it and sigh. “What was that about?” Aaron asked.

“Ross trying to apologize about last night, like it’s that easy” I roll my eyes again and see Aaron frown.

“What did he do that was so bad?” he carefully asks and I take a deep breath. Not sure if he actually wanted me to tell him.

“He crossed a line, thought he could get away with …” I awkwardly make a strange face and Aaron gives me a confused look “Touching me” I explain, grossed out and embarrassed. Aaron’s eyebrows shoot up, his mouth drops open.

“He what?”

Now I’m scared to repeat. He looked mad, I knew he’d be mad. Why had I even told him?! He would go kick Ross’s ass. And not because we had just slept together, but because he was a gentleman like that.

I mentally slap myself as I awkwardly look away from him. Maybe I low-key wanted that, for him to go kick Ross’s ass for me. But he would risk his job and his reputation if he did so, and I couldn’t allow that.

“Listen he was drun…” before I can carry on making up an excuse for Ross he shuts me up.

“Well if he couldn’t keep himself on check perhaps he shouldn’t drink!” Aaron’s breathing gets worked up as his anger grows. “I should teach him a lesson on how to respect women”

As cute as he sounded being so mad with his british accent and all that was one thing I wasn’t going to allow. So I climb on my knees to the bed and put my hands on his shoulders, gently pressing them down. “Listen, you don’t need to do anything, I’ll deal with Ross. Let me deal with him ok?”

Aaron’s eyes find mine and he sighs, looking like he’s debating wether to accept or not. He slightly rolls his eyes and relaxes under my hands. “Fine, but only because I know you can deal with him.” His eyes quickly find mine again and I smile, pecking his lips out of temptation. He chuckles and wraps his arms around me, devouring my lips and throwing me on my back to the bed. I give him a dirty giggle and lick and bite my lip. He keeps his eyes on it and with a finger releases my lip from my teeth. Only to trap it between his and make me chuckle agaisnt his lips.

“For the record…” I trail off when he pulls away. “I think you looked hot with blonde hair.”

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Prompt:  Hello you’re taking request yes? Could you write a bones fic where the reader gets a bit too drunk and he has to carry her home, please? :))
Word Count: 1195
NaNoWriMo Word Count: 6423/50,000
Author’s Note: I love this.

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Love Affair Part 10

Beginning: Love Affair Part 1

Warning: Cussing

Love Affair Part 10

Chapter 19

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” I said as I pace back and forth in the bathroom. “What am I going to do? What am I going to do?”

I went back to the bathroom sink, reading the instructions on the box again. I opened the box and took the test stick out. I follow the instructions and once I was done, I sat the test on the bathroom sink by the box. I set the timer on my phone, when the test should be done.

“Okay. It’s okay to be fine. It’s okay going to be fine.” I said, as I started pacing again. “Only miss three days of taking the pill and that’s all. I should be fine, right? Right.”

I stop pacing as sigh in relief. Then I started thinking of the times we had sex during those three days.

“Fuck.” I said as I started pacing again. “We had sex three times on Monday. We had sex another three times on Tuesday. No wait.” I stop pacing. “It was kinda four times because we kept going even afterwards we.” I made a clicking sound. “So four times.” I started pacing again. “Then Wednesday twice. So that’s.” I started continuing with my fingers. “Shit. That’s nine times he came inside of me.” I grabbed my head. “Oh my god.”

I kept pacing back and forth, trying to figure out if the test was going to come out positive. Once again, I stopped pacing a I started thinking of I couldn’t bring pregnant.

“Wait, I should be fine because I’ll be on my period by tomorrow.” I said, smiling a bit but it soon fade. “No wait, that’s not right.” I started thinking of the day I usually get my period on. “Shit. Shit. I was suppose to get it Monday and it’s Saturday. I’m five days late. I’m five days late.” I started pacing again. “I’m five days late. Shit. Shit. Shit.”

The timer on my phone went off and I reach other and turn it off. I slowing looked over at the test. I picked it up with shaking hands as I read the results. I grabbed the box and look it over before I looked back as the test. I kept doing it over and over again, till I finally sat them both back down.

“Fuck me…”

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Let me love you - Finn Balor

This is a request from @ashleyamorexo

Prompt: Dean’s sister Ashley is a mother of one. It’s Dean who helped her get away from her abusive ex. Then she met Finn and he made her life extra sweet.

You can find my other writing here: Masterlist.

Tagging: @alexahood21@panic-angel3314@nickysmum1909@m-a-t-91@ridingmoxley@blondekel77@wweshield-imagines@reigning-in-manhattan@panda-girl1999@thehardestbuttontobotton@little-miss-naill@rainbow-unicorn-pony  @66psychotic99

**Ashley’s POV**
I had a fair share of a rough childhood. Dean was always by my side to guide me. There might have been a fall out over my ex and how I lived my life but I soon found the way to the right path with Dean’s help.

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Request: i was really wanting a harry imagine about how your first kiss feels maybe both p.o.v. if u want :) thanks :))

– –

Hey, so as I’ve said, my blurbs/imagines tend to turn into stories. So this may not really be what you had in mind, but I hope you like it anyway. - Courtney xo

Kiss Me Kiss Me

here’s to teenage memories…

Samantha’s POV

Harry was my first. No, not that first. And not my first love either. Not even my first boyfriend really, because whatever it was we were doing, I wouldn’t constitute as dating. I don’t really know what we were. Just…friends? Hanging out? Whatever you’d wanna call it.

Okay, okay so I had a terrible crush on him. But my point is, he was the first boy I’d ever kissed.

And what a kiss it was… To this day I can still remember it, still remember what it felt like. I even remember what I was wearing, as silly as that sounds.

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Wow its been so long since ive written batman joker stuff holy shit. inspired by @gayforbatjokes colour au. i need to edit it and might continue it idk…

Jack’s life was perfect, or near enough.

Indeed there were some bad aspects; He was woken by a screaming baby 3 times per night, his wife would be irritable and snappy during the day from the lack of sleep, as would he. He wasn’t too fond of his job either, he’d never imagined himself as a pencil pusher but the arrival of their little ‘Angel’ James had forced him to take the first job he came across.

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