i took this a while ago but i like the picture


Blackpinkofficial: Hey everyone 🙈 merry christmas 🎄 I miss u all so much.. like no joke.. :( i really do.. although we can’t spend this christmas together.. I hope you all enjoy a memorable day with your friends and family~ stay safe and I hope to see u all very soon. Love you all to bits and pieces haha 😘 With love, Rosé. (p.s. this picture’s an old one Lisa took for me a while ago.. again, all credits to her crazy photography skillz..🙌 whoop whoop)

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#MISSUALL #메리크리스마스 #보고파용 #loveubaes Hey everyone 🙈 merry christmas 🎄 I miss u all so much.. like no joke.. :( i really do.. although we can’t spend this christmas together.. I hope you all enjoy a memorable day with your friends and family~ stay safe and I hope to see u all very soon. Love you all to bits and pieces haha 😘 With love, Rosé. (p.s. this picture’s an old one Lisa took for me a while ago.. again, all credits to her crazy photography skillz..🙌 whoop whoop)

It’s time to bring some truth to the illusion of the fitness industry!

That is not a typo! These pictures were taken about 1 minute apart. A few weeks ago I took a picture of myself with a t-shirt on, unflexed, and no pump. Then I immediately changed my shirt, found some good lighting, did a few push ups for a pump, and took a picture while I was flexing.

To the untrained eye these pictures look like they could be months or even years apart but really it’s just a matter of seconds. I did this to illustrate 2 main points:

1. When you see your favorite fitness celebrities on social media and magazines, you have to realize you’re seeing them at the perfect angles, pumped up, and in good lighting. Quit trying to look like them, because they don’t even look like they do in their pictures! This is a highlighted version of themselves, and it’s not what they look like all the time.

2. When you are very lean, don’t expect to feel massive when just walking around in a t-shirt. I’m wearing a large t-shirt in this picture and I’m absolutely swimming in it. The way people treat me when I’m wearing a t-shirt is far different than how I’m treated when wearing a tank top or have my shirt off.

When I’m in a t-shirt people will give me all kinds of advice on how to get big and lean, or make comments about how “skinny” I am. However, when I have my shirt off people constantly ask me for advice, instead of the other way around.

Overall, you just have to realize that much of this industry is based on perception and illusion. How you perceive yourself and how others perceive you can be easily manipulated.

Don’t expect that you’ll always look and feel like the picture on the right. Far too many people hold themselves to unrealistic standards in fitness industry. It’s important that people know the truth about what is realistic and what is not.

122416 Rosé instagram update

Hey everyone 🙈 merry christmas 🎄 I miss u all so much.. like no joke.. :( i really do.. although we can’t spend this christmas together.. I hope you all enjoy a memorable day with your friends and family~ stay safe and I hope to see u all very soon. Love you all to bits and pieces haha 😘 With love, Rosé. (p.s. this picture’s an old one Lisa took for me a while ago.. again, all credits to her crazy photography skillz..🙌 whoop whoop)

My class was cancelled and I’m trying to decide if I should be a good girl and wait two hours to go to my next class but another part of me is also thinking YOLO

My friend died a couple of months ago. This wasn’t the very last text she sent, but I broke my phone recently and I lost almost every single thing I had of her–including our last picture which we took hours before she died, and the very last text I got from her that I got that same day and I can’t remember what it said at all. She sent this one in particular about two days before she died though, and when I went through our old texts right after she passed, reading this one freaked me out to the point where I felt like I couldn’t breathe. There were countless of other texts that came after this one, but this message in particular is lodged in my brain because for a while, I couldn’t stop thinking about how she wrote this not knowing that she’d be dead about 48 hours later. She’s still in my recents on Snapchat with it saying I opened a snap she sent me days before she died, but I have no clue what the content of it was and I feel terrible that there are so many things she sent that I’m never going to remember and that I was so terrible at replying back (which she made fun of me for only weeks prior) because I took my time with her for granted. I thought she’d be in my life forever, and I remember I use to picture us at 40, 50, 60, reminiscing about being young and stupid and just having the time of our lives. But we didn’t get to have that; we barely got to be young together at all. I don’t even remember if I told her I loved her or when the last time I told her I loved her was.

You never know when your lasts with someone are ever going to be, and especially not when they’re so young and have a whole future ahead of them. It’s hard to wrap my head around it sometimes. One minute, everything seems okay again, and then next it just hits me that this person, this person who was the most wonderful human being to ever enter my life and who would’ve accomplished so many amazing things is just…gone. There are moments where I forget, but something will remind me and it’s like losing her all over again. Just…tell every one of your loved ones that you love them whenever you can and make sure they know it because even if you feel invincible, like your loved ones are invincible and that you and them are exempt from the very worst the world has to offer because it can’t happen to you, it does happen; death and tragedy happen to everyone. It happens, and you never get the chance again to fully know that they hear you when you say that you love them, so cherish every moment you have with those you love and live every day letting them know just how much they mean to you. 

Yuri on Ice Prompt Idea

(I meant to put this out a little while ago, but I got on a Sing fix.)

Otayuri adorable evening.

*Yuri invites Otabek over for dinner and some down time after the Grand Prix.
*Otabek gets there covered in snow.
*Yuri turns on the weather to hear a massive Blizzard will cover the city.
*Otabek is forced to spend the night with Yuri and his cat.
*They have dinner and Yuri tells about his parents abandoning him and being raised by his grandfather.
*The power goes out.
*The two cuddle together on Yuri’s bed and Otabek strokes Yuri’s hair.
*Yuri falls asleep on Otabek and the two stay there all night. *The power is back on by morning and they eat breakfast.
*Otabek posts the pictures he took of sleepy Yuri on Instagram and Victor loves them.
*Yuri tries to kill Victor at the skating rink.
*Otabek loves his Yuri.

A little long, but I like how people have been responding to these prompts. I hope to do a lot more of them over time. Have a nice day.

12,000 and 13,000 Follower Milestones!

Hello everyone! So a little less than a month ago, I was tasked by a few followers to celebrate my 12,000 and 13,000 Followers Milestones, and while I plan on keeping the 12,000 one secret, I would like to share the task I completed for 13,000. 

Tasked by @thekinkygrad, I was to put on a pair of panties, and take pics when I put the pair on, take at least 4 pics in different places throughout the day in public settings, and then go to bed with them on. So of course, I decided to do this on the day of the Super Bowl… After I put them on, I took a picture with them when I was getting my gas filled, when I was at Safeway and then at Fred Meyers, and finally one at my friend’s house during the game. I hope you all enjoy this little display of public fun, and keep an eye out for the 14,000 Follower Milestone!


Buncha expression memeess!!

I did all of these a while ago, but never posted them here. I was debating if I should wait until I finish the next set before posting them but I have to focus on something else before I do so… posting them now!

I took the poses on the first drawing from here, and the rest are all from here! Click the pictures for captiooons! ♥


Egg Lake, on a map and from a plane.

We called this place Lost Lake because we stumbled upon it 15 years ago while lost. Then trying to find it again a year later, I got lost. So Lost Lake. Years later I met other people who also knew of this place and they called it Egg Lake. Because it’s shaped like an egg. So Egg Lake.

I took an airplane ride about ten years ago and took pictures.

Not much of a lake, it holds no fish, as it’s only about 4′ maximum depth.  Tiger Salamanders (waterdogs) are abundant, though. It all but dries up during drought years.

It has become one of those special places for us, we’ve been visiting it ever since.

About the Bull drawing

@cassandrashipsit talked about this drawing I posted a while ago …

… and pointed out that it made her think of the dramatic way people are falling/flying in Ghibli movies. But wait! It’s not just dramatical falling! Depending on how you turn the page, it will always look like something different:


ok so these r from early december but i thought i’d post them now that there’s actually a dear evan hansen fandom. i just wanted to say that obviously the show was amazing but also the whole cast was so sweet and even tho there were a ton of people they talked with everyone for quite a while and when i met ben platt i showed him this crusty pic from when i met him 4 years ago after i saw mormon in chicago (he was cunningham) and he was like “oof chubby ben” and then we took a better picture so yeah it was a Grate Nite


A drawing I did about a month ago, of the way I hold my hands. (mirrored, because I used a front facing camera to get refs, and I forgot to compensate for the mirroring, oops)

Then also something I found online today. A photo my dad took of me, in an unknown context, wherein I am doing the exact same thing. Basically, proof this has been A Thing for a while. 

I have, in the nearly 6 years since this picture, started looking like the drawing, in terms of hair and gender presentation. So I guess this is a rare chance to see a pic of me from before. (they/them)

Ok so I’ve mostly stopped shaking at this point but here’s the story of how I met Tyler Joseph at Chipotle.  This happened like an hour ago so I’m writing it down asap so I don’t forget anything.

I was cleaning the line and it was about twenty minutes until we closed and i heard one of my coworkers whisper someone to my manager and I didn’t think much of it.  I looked up and yep right there was Tyler and next to him was Jenna.  It took me a while to process that it was actually him because you know I usually see him in pictures and videos so I kinda stared at him a bit which was totally not ok but I couldn’t help it.  I just stood there trying to work up the courage to say something to him so I think I just started off with a small “Hi Tyler”.  He looked at me and said hi back.  I told him that I was at the Bunbury Music festival in Cincinnati and that you can kinda see me in the Lane Boy Music video.  He was like “Really? That’s so cool! I guess I owe you some money then”  And Jenna laughed and I said hi to Jenna and she said hi back.

I asked him if it would be weird if i asked for a picture and was like “no no thats cool” and my manager took the picture and after that I just thanked him and told him how much of an inspiration him and Josh are to me and so many people and I told him that I love Mark’s videos and that he really inspired me.  Tyler thanked me for everything that I said and said that it was really nice of me to say all that.

Still shaking, I went back to work and had to jump on line and help.  Tyler told my manager that he wanted to pay for the next 10 people in line.  For some reason out computers couldn’t do that so he just paid for the couple behind him.  I saw him take a picture with someone in the dinning room and I tried to keep myself from staring.  I was shaking the rest of my shift though not as badly.  My manager told me that Tyler comes in to out store every so often because he lives just down the street.  

I wish I hadn’t been so nervous and thought of better things to say but I’m so glad I was able to meet him and he was so nice and it just means a lot to me.  

This is the picture x

anonymous asked:

Hey!! So I'm a first year physio student and I'm in my first week of uni and I'm already struggling with the workload. There's so many little things to remember and two of my classes are quite challenging for me and I'm stressing out wondering if I can even handle this. Do you have any tips for a struggling first year student? Thank you xx

Oooh physio! Are you liking the subject though? :) Well I took first year BABS and in 2nd year I did anatomy and physiology. I found those subjects were really content heavy, kind of like biology in high school. I answered a question about studying for first year BABS a little while ago, so check that post out here

Also, for memorising a lot of content, I would recommend flash cards, particularly for anatomy. Just like write the structure on one side, and put a picture on the other side. You can use them both ways. 

Physiology they usually have dot points at the beginning of the lecture like this right? I think this is one of those subjects where the slides will be really comprehensive, so you can just study straight off them. Try the blank paper method (write everything you know on a blank piece of paper before and after study so you can figure out what you’re missing). Or try covering up the slide, and reciting the content of the slide. Testing yourself has been proven to work - it strengthens connections between the neurons of your brain. 

I feel like this answer is kind of incomplete, so I might come back and add more later. Maybe send me your url so I can notify you if anything comes up. I’m just mind blanking about physiology at the moment and it doesn’t help that I did it two years ago, even though I usually remember that stuff well LOL 

Hope that helps though! ^__^

Ok i was remembering this dream i had a while ago where Mista found this doll thing that was a stand, (pretty much like Surface) and when he touched it, the doll took the form of Giorno. So Mista was just hanging around with this doll but to him it was like he was with Giorno, so he fell in love with it, like, Mista was hugging it and kissing it, it was v gay. So one day Mista’s like “mmmmm imma confess to Giorno with a picture a made” so he grabs his phone and the picture is a photo of himself with a bunch of filters and stamps that say stuff like “ily” “eww” “cute” u know the ones, and i dont remember anything else,,, i just remember that at the end everyone in the gang is like why are u hanging around with a doll.
Also turns out that Mista send the pic to himself by accident, and real Giorno was just doing his stuff,, he never knew

So, couple of weeks ago, I was eating my granola and yogurt at my desk, before work while playing Pokémon Go, while waiting for my shift to start. That is indeed my computer wallpaper, and I thought the mashup of Ghostbusters with a Ghastly was hilarious, and took the picture, and not hesitating, I tweeted at Dan Schoening to show him, adding that the Ghastly situation was now in control.

He agreed this was funny and that Egon looks like he’s scanning it.

It was nothing but a funny coincidence, and we both left it at that.

But then I already had tickets to Fan Expo, in Toronto, basically mainly because he was going to be there, and, while commissions weren’t guaranteed until much closer to the convention, I sort of toyed with the idea to get that sketched, if he had time and commissions were open. Originally, I was planning on bringing a sketchbook and having him use a page of that, but while looking for comics to get autographed, I found one of my bank sketch Subscription Variant covers and thought “Perfect!”

So when we went up to him to chat, get stuff signed and retrieve something a friend had forgotten at his table, I asked if he was open to commissions, and since we were all pressed for time because our train home was around the same time as his flight home, he asked what I had in mind, I explained, and he loved the idea, since this was something he could do with the time constraint we all had.

I am in awe. He could have been in his regular clothes, with only the PKE meter in hand, like the Ghastly randomly appeared in his lab, as Pokémon tend to do in the game, but he’s in full uniform and wearing his pack on his back and a trap at his belt. O_O

Egon poking the Ghastly with a finger as he tends to do when trying to see if something or someone is corporeal was Dan’s idea, and it’s just perfect.

This was worth every penny, and then some.

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“Whoops I got tagged by (I think) @orsonkraennic a couple days ago I’m…”

how did u look so cool tbh I’m jealous

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You’re too hot for this world babe

omg stop both of you, I’m just trying to live some bullshit hipster life over here the fact that I took those pictures while riding around in the back of truck obviously makes it like 1000% cooler