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top 5 reasons to love jjp!

IZZY MY LOVE!!! I’m glad you asked because you know how much my never ending love flows for JJP so be prepared its a long one im just gonna reLEASE THE FEELS

1. The neck grabs/loving stares

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2. Their relationship is not close, but deep



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3. Their touches….

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4. They shine so brightly when they’re together

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5. They worked through all their hardships so that they could stay together

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Protecting the Hokage. Or, fighting beside the Hokage

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Prompt! (Feel free to ignore, this might make no sense as its 3am so..) After Jake and Amy get married Charles will occasionally just ask for "Peralta" purely so he can watch them both turn round and do the strange giggle he did with the marshmallows

Someone changed her desk nameplate.

Strangely, Jake notices it before Amy. It’s approximately five minutes into their first day back after the honeymoon, still a bit sunburned and moony-eyed but also totally ready to get back to work. Amy’s hung back a moment, still chatting with Terry about the resort they’d stayed at, and while Jake had taken a moment to appreciate the way the wedding ring on her finger somehow made the diamond on her engagement ring catch the lights above her even more than before, he’d turned away to head toward their desks.

His gaze had basically drifted over the nameplates (the way it always does first thing in the morning), but the altered initials had caught his attention, drawing him up short five feet from their pod. He’d stared. He’d even blinked a few times.

But no matter how many times he’d tried to clear his vision, he was still reading DET. AMY PERALTA and DET. JAKE PERALTA.

“Jake?” Amy’s voice at his shoulder snaps him out of his trance. His head swivels toward her, meeting her confused gaze with one of his own. “What’s up?”

“Look,” he points at their desks. She looks, stares, but still has that same bewildered expression on her face when she looks back up at him. “Seriously? You don’t see it?”

“See what?”

He scoffs, drops his messenger bag right there on the floor, and heads straight to her desk. She advances a few paces as he walks, stooping to grab the strap of his messenger bag, bringing her up closer than he’s expecting when he whirls back toward her, but he still smirks - one part triumphant, one part bemused - when he points to her name plate. “Detective Amy Peralta?”

She furrows her brows, staring at the nameplate like she’s never seen one before. “Who did that?” She asks, glancing at Gina.

Gina grunts, eyes glued to her phone, clearly disinterested.

“The Peraltas are back!” A familiar voice squeals from near the stairs.

“Well that answers that question.” Jake sighs. Charles is practically crawling over the small throng of people standing just outside the bullpen gate, his face flushed with excitement, eyes glued to Jake and Amy.

“I told you I wasn’t changing my last name, Charles,” Amy says, her exasperation clear in both her tone and her facial expression. Charles appears not to have heard her; he’s too busy bouncing on the balls of his feet and pointing at the nameplate.

“Charles, buddy,” Jake tries, rounding Amy’s guest chair to take his messenger bag from her. “What’d you do with her old nameplate?”

His grin falls away, replaced by a look of indignation. “What, praytell, are you insinuating? I dare say this is an utterly baseless accusation - nay, an act of pure treachery -”

“Check your drawers,” Amy interrupts. Jake pulls the top one open and rolls his eyes - the nameplate is tucked between two bags of gummy bears.

“I thought maybe after spending a week officially married you might change your mind,” Charles says dejectedly as Jake passes her old nameplate to her across their desks.

“It was super thoughtful of you, dude, but Amy’s definitely staying a Santiago.” Jake says as he drops to his seat and powers his computer on. Amy nods as she kneels beside her desk to slide the new nameplate out of place. “Besides, we’re hella married now, so she could change her last name to Fartmonster for all I care. Side note, Ames, let’s stop by the DMV and change your last name to Fartmonster after work tonight!”


“You’re the most boring wife I’ve ever had.” She sticks her tongue out at him, and he responds in kind. “Anyways, point is, we’re hella married. Isn’t that what you’ve wanted all along?”

Amy snorts, but Charles seems to very seriously contemplate Jake’s words. “I guess.” He says slowly. “Are you guys sure, though? Like, have you really thought it through?”

“We’ve really thought it through.” Jake confirms.

“Well that makes things complicated.”

From the corner of his eye, he sees Amy’s head snap up; when he turns toward her, her eyes are narrowed in accusation. “What else did you do?” She asks.

Charles makes a noise, a loud scoff, that echoes through the bullpen. “Unjustified betrayal, my dear woman! How dare you!”


Charles clenches his jaw and takes a small step backwards. “I need to go cancel a few orders I made last week that are totally unrelated to what we were just talking about.”

He scurries away and Jake chuckles, shaking his head as he turns back toward Amy. “I was just kidding about the most boring wife I’ve ever had thing. You’re, like, the fifth most boring wife I’ve ever had.”

“Flattery will get you nowhere, Peralta.” She says primly, her attention fixated on her desk calendar despite the smile threatening to curl the corners of her mouth upward.

He sighs, melting into his seat. “I bet if we asked Terry right now we could get an extension on our honeymoon. Holt still hasn’t seen us.” Jake offers.

Amy’s head tilts to her left a few degrees, an affectionate smile on her face. “Maybe,” she says, spinning the new nameplate between her fingers. “But we’ve got a ton of work to catch up on here.”

He shrugs, and she laughs. “Ready to be the most badass married couple detective police partners of all time?”

Her affection is dimmed by her frown. “That was a grammatically horrible way of phrasing it,” she says, “but…yeah, definitely.”

His computer flashes to life then, drawing his attention away from her. He glances back a moment later, just in time to catch her carefully tucking the new nameplate into her purse.