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Jensen had put on some bulk over the summer, and it wasn’t all muscle. You stared at his jaw and thick neck and couldn’t help but lick your lips. It made your heart happy that Jensen was putting on a little empathy weight. Especially when you felt like a beached whale.

You were excited to be having a baby, but being pregnant in the middle of the summer sucked ass.

Jensen had insisted you get out of the hot Texas heat and come to comic con with him. You had relented, happy to be near your husband.

As you watched him at the end of the Nerd HQ panel, you couldn’t help but lick your lips. No one told you that you would want to jump your husband’s bones at the most inconvenient and inappropriate times. Earlier when he had made the damn innuendo about taking his jacket off, you almost had to get up and excuse yourself. You had wanted nothing more than to help him “jacket” off right there in front of God and everybody.

Thankfully, you had calmed yourself and controlled your raging hormones. Until now. You watched Jensen put on the flat billed cap, backwards. He didn’t wear that kind of hat often. Sure, the backwards hat look wasn’t unusual, but there was something about the combination of rolled sleeves, the hat, and his neck peeking out of that damn black shirt that made you shift in your seat.

He eyed you from the stage, a small smirk of satisfaction forming on his lips. He knew exactly the effect he was having on you.

You moved to get up, heading to the side of the stage. You were going to make sure the two of you got a little alone time before he headed off to his next event.

The panel wrapped and Jensen headed off stage, a smug look spread across his face. He approached you, running his hands along your stomach as he leaned in to kiss you deeply.

“Hey momma,” he said, pulling away from your lips, his hands resting on your stomach.

“You’re such a fucking tease, Ackles,” you growled, running your hands along the bare skin of his neck that was exposed thanks to the top two buttons of his shirt being undone.

Your fingers danced along his neck and settled there, playing with the short fine hairs that ran alone the base of his neck.

“I’ve got two hours before my next appearance. Wanna run off with me for a little bit?” he asked, raising his eyebrows suggestively. “I haven’t even began to tease you, sweetheart,” he whispered, his mouth millimeters away from yours, his nose bumping yours. He was teasing you, and you were putty in his hands.

You pressed your lips to his and looked into his eyes. “I’d run off with you anywhere, Ackles. Anytime. Anywhere,” you replied, a sparkle in your eyes.

He threw on his jacket and threaded his fingers with yours as he dragged you behind him. “Well, lets go baby. We’ve got all the time in the world,” he chuckled, pulling you to the car so that you could head back to your hotel.

You wrapped your arms around his bicep and hugged yourself close to him as Cliff guided you through the screaming fans. Jensen leaning into you to whisper in your ear.

“I saw the way you were squirming when I took my jacket off earlier,” he whispered, his breath hot on your neck. “Maybe you can help me "jacket” off in the car?“ He winked.

You bit your lip and glared at him. "You’re dirty,” you laughed, slapping his shoulder and burying your face against his neck, kissing him.

“You like it,” he smiled as you reached the car, opening the door for you. “Was that a yes?” he asked with a grin.

“Hell yes,” you said, pulling him into the car practically on top of you.


HAPPY late BIRTHDAY @shmoofles !!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


It’ll only be a couple of steps until my shoulder meets the sleeve of your shirt; a couple of steps until I reach the door while you enter to the cafe, unaware of me despite of how aware I am to you. Probably it’s all been calculated so I won’t bump you. But if only I woke up earlier than usual, if only I took the wrong way, if only I run faster that day, I might be that girl who’s coffee spilled in your arms yet you still smile at her in a way like the universe struck you a chance.

禅 -ちゃん. The Afternoon Artist

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“No Laughing Matter” Mega Post

This is the episode I have invested the most time on ever. I wanted to have this ready earlier, but it took way more time than I imagined. Also, it became way bigger than I planned. But if you liked the episode and really like Luan, take a look at it for some interesting details.

*Some of the stuff I talk about here probably never was in the mind of the writers. They could say this isn’t how they wrote Luan here. But that’s just it. This is how I see Luan’s character in No Laughing Matter

Reflections, a bit of analysis, some a little bit dark speculations, and a LOT of GIFs and images

“No Laughing Matter” was sad actually, but just for the needed amount of time. However, during that time, it almost costed me tears.

That little melody… that was so sad. And what the heck Leni: “She’s so annoying!”, and Lincoln: “I wish she would just stop!” You guys are supposed to be the nicest siblings! I guess sometimes, even if unintentionally, your loved ones can hurt you really. 

Notice her voice during the time we can’t see her face because of all the funny stuff she carries. Also when she’s throwing it all into the bag, even when Lincoln is speaking at the same time. To me, it kind of sounds like Luan is trying not to cry.

Luan surely cried for some time after hearing her siblings complain. But now that she’s throwing away all her beloved comedy props, she must have felt sad again. She might had been considering doing it at some point, but after revealing it to Lincoln, she probably had a moment of anger and decided to finish with all this stupid comedy thing for good. And she just threw Mr. Coconuts in the bag! And she referred to all of it as “trash”! 

And of course, this was called. They had to take Luan's “Get it?!” and use it against her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had another emotional breakdown after she forced Lincoln out of her now empty room, not finding any trace of what she used to be.

This was the most tragic, and also the most wrong conclusion Luan reached. Because if some don’t laugh with you, it doesn’t mean others won’t. But apparently, Luan can’t believe she’s funny to anyone if she thinks her siblings dislike her comedy that much.

Now, this was a different side of Luan, being all low and speaking scarily normal. Luan’s behavior and language is lacking of anything that differentiates her from the rest.  

She’s like an actress just reading her lines.

Unlike that merry melody that was played when Luan was inviting the kids to her show, there’s no music at all in these scenes.

It looks as if she was also “practicing” how to be nice to her siblings. Even complimenting them.

Somebody said Luan is apathetic rather than depressed, and I think that’s right at some point. However, Luan wasn’t just walking around like a zombie, not caring for anything. Her clever comedian mind was working hard for another purpose.

You look at her face. She’s trying to decide which is the appropriate way to react to this without using a joke.

You could probably say that she’s just puzzled about her siblings doing these unusual things, but remember, just recently, Luan used to respond to everything with a punny comment. Now, she has quit that, so behaving “normally” in these everyday situations is sort of a new territory she’s exploring.

At some moments, I’d dare to say she even looks afraid she could be responding wrong to her siblings.

And boy, she was way far from being unemotional. It doesn’t happen everyday that we get to see so many different faces from Luan. For now, let’s focus on the fact that Luan can be serious too, and get genuinely angry.

But really, who wouldn’t lose it if your siblings keep spitting different flavored fluids at you? She had to change her clothes at least three times that day.

And something curious, what was the deal with this book?

What exactly was she so interested in that she even had to read it while walking? That’s dangerous, Luan!

Kind of looks like… some computer program thing?

It may be that Luan was trying to find something new to dedicate her life to. Or perhaps, this was some way of avoid thinking in comedy?

All in all Luan was trying to adapt to her new self. She apparently had accepted the change pretty fast and maturely. That doesn’t mean she didn’t go through any hard experiences.

Lincoln finds out about Luan’s decision apparently just one day after she overheard them “venting”. Which means she went through the entire process of convincing herself she’s not funny and giving up comedy in just one night. And the next morning, she’s serving Lincoln totally harmless punch. 

Maybe it wasn’t just one night, and a few more days passed before the kids found out about Luan. In which case, all of them, and especially Luna, failed to notice something was wrong with one of the Loudest of the Louds. Either that or Luan managed to keep it in the very low profile.

I think it was the first scenario, but whatever the case was, the important matter is that this girl had a BIG internal crisis that she solved by herself.

I don’t intend to understand and explain Luan’s mental state in this episode. I just want to point out that she probably didn’t really finish detaching from her comedian self. 

We don’t know if she really cried about it, or how much she did it, or what she felt towards herself and everybody else; shame, guilt, hate, misery, etc. All we saw was that in a short period of time, she was looking just fine, without any major signs of uneasiness, and even being so confident that she had taken the right decision. This is what makes me believe she may had left some things unsolved. Because, this was her passion in life after all. She abandoned it too quickly.

And here is where I think we could talk about depression, or identity crisis, or any other psychological thing that could have hit Luan in the days after the events of the episode. And I think we get a glimpse of that possibility when the kids attend the Chortle Portal show.

So Luan decides she can go and enjoy comedy even when she is not a good comedian. She thinks everything’s alright, but she instantly begins another conflict with herself. Her belief that she’s not good at making people laugh suddenly makes her wonder if she is not even good at being capable of laughing with real good comedy.

This is where it seems that Luan didn’t solve her crisis in the right way. She has given up comedy, since she’s not funny, but now, that wrong belief is making her consider giving up something not related to not being funny. Because I think we all agree that you don’t need to be a genius comedian to… just laugh at something funny.

This is a dangerous logic that was putting Luan in a wrong path. Even catastrophic. She probably was gonna start thinking she is not good for anything related to comedy. That she doesn’t belong to comedy. She doesn’t deserve it. She’s not worthy of it.

If Lincoln hadn’t done what he did, and had they just watched all the performances that night, Luan may had ended really damaged. 

Because the way I see it, to Luan, it still hurt. All those years working so hard to be funny had made her love comedy. And suddenly, she has to turn her back to all that. However, I don’t think she forgot her love for making people laugh in such a little time. She may have covered it with shame and sadness when realizing she was annoying to others, but it was still there. She might have forced herself to ignore it, and that’s how she thought she had solved everything.

Going to a place that celebrated comedy suddenly reminds her how much she loved that. It hurts to Luan to think how she can’t never again do what she loved most, because she’s not good at it, and that’s probably when it occurs to her that perhaps she can’t either hear a joke and laugh with it.

If she had kept thinking that way, it would’ve been too much for her to endure. She wouldn’t have been able to keep watching the comedy show, or to even think about comedy, because it hurt too much that it reminded her of what she had lost

So she would’ve probably ended up rejecting it. 

Luan probably would have left the building not only definitely distancing herself from comedy, but also hating it. Maybe even hating herself for having tried to be funny.

And after this, it’s almost sure she would have developed a serious case of depression. Along with who knows what other emotional scenarios. Have you ever wonder how Maggie became an Emo? Well, this looks like a probable way to it.

I almost feel tempted to put here an image of Emo Luan, but no.

Because thank God, none of that horrible stuff happened to Luan, save that for the fanfics. And we know how it all ended.

Nobody is probably gonna know how much good Lincoln’s plan did for Luan, but it sure had a tremendous effect on her.

She was just about to follow that wrong path from above, when her still alive comical instinct put her on stage.

You can see she doesn’t believe it at first, but it’s true. It is laughter.

We have to stop a bit to consider that Luan is used to hear laughs from almost only little kids at birthday parties, and in her house there’s usually groaning when she tells a joke. So this laughter must have been the sweetest sound she wasn’t expecting.

That moment when she came back

This is no joking matter. She is making grown ups laugh. People she doesn’t even know.

And this is probably the second most important moment of the episode. Her sisters and brother are laughing with her puns for the first time ever in the whole series!… Ok fine, that’s not fair. This should be like the second time they laugh.

So, in the end, Luan sees that people do laugh with her comedy, and that she really is funny. Her siblings were just a little annoyed by her recent bombardment of comedy, and it was more because of the physical jokes.

Let’s take a moment to look at Luan’s happiest most sincere face that shows she feels like she just came back from death and has another chance at comedy life.

This is what she really needed and wanted to hear. And it’s the perfect scene to end the main section of this Megapost.

Nah, THIS is the perfect image.

A special mention to Leni in this episode, for breaking her sister’s heart.

But also for being the only one who thought something might be wrong.

And of course, for this beautiful thing.

I want to finish by remarking a couple of things about the episode in general.

On the bad side:

  • It bothers me that Luna wasn’t the first one in the house to notice Luan had given up comedy. I mean, Luan threw her contest flyers in the trash can in their shared bedroom. And if she did notice, then she didn’t give it much importance, or the writers didn’t take this opportunity to show more about their sisters relationship.
  • This crisis Luan had seems like the type of matter parents should take care of, or at least be aware of. Ok, I get they may have been busy. But they didn’t make time to attend their daughter’s very important contest? I thought at least Mr. Loud enjoyed puns.

On the good side:

  • Luan actually WON the Junior Comedians Contest! She made a whole audience of adult strangers laugh. That puts her in another level. She means some serious funny business now.
  • This experience is gonna teach Luan a lot of things. She knows exactly what, but I bet she’s gonna be more confident against critics. I wish we could say her family is gonna be less annoyed by her comedy, but it seems some things never change in the Loud House. She just have to learn to tolerate the intolerant.

That’s it for good now. I’m glad if you make it until this point. There will be a second part to this, of course much shorter and focusing on a different aspect of the episode. It will not be much friendly though.

Also, if somebody noticed the Charlie Brown reference in this episode (if there was any), please tell me, because I haven’t found it yet.

the new workout plan

Title: The New Workout Plan
Pairing: Lance Tucker (The Bronze)/OFC (named)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Lots of smug Lance, smut, just the usual
A/N: Sorry it took me so long; I was planning on getting this done WAY earlier, but I was struggling, and I had to work at my second job this morning. Anyway, this one is for @paodelsan, I hope you enjoy it!

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Act Like Nothings Wrong

A T.O.P/Choi Seunghyun fanfiction

Summary: When your friend drags you backstage at a bigbang concert, introducing you to Choi Seunghyun, a man that causes you to lose all sense and reason, what else is there to do, but act like nothing’s wrong…

Chapter Summary: You discuss your feelings towards TOP with Jiyong, before being taken to Bigbang’s condo. 

Chapter Type: Fluff, with the tiniest, miniscule amount of angst.

Disclaimer: This chapter becomes a little cheesy at the end…but enjoy the fluff and romance whilst you can… ;)

Chapter 1  Chapter 5

Chapter 4

Instead of getting into a car and driving back to the hotel, you all decide to go for a walk down the river- followed, of course, by the bodyguards, but TOP explains that they’re hired for 24 hour watch and that you should try to ignore them as much as possible, because that’s how it was. Its about 20 minutes later, Everyone has settled onto some benches and are laughing jovially with each other, when TOP says that he is going to buy some cigarettes from the convenience store from just across the way, Daesung and Lucie volunteer to go with him, but you say that you’ll wait for him on the benches with Jiyong and the others. Before he walks off, he grabs your hand and kisses it, just like the first time, but he then leans in to kiss you on the cheek and those same familiar butterflies are felt in your belly. You smile down at your knees, and before you can even lift your head, his fingers are there under your chin and your gaze is moved to his dark eyes that are smiling at you.

‘Beautiful,’ he whispers before taking off, looking behind him nervously but with a smile on his face a few times, before he is out of sight. You work to collect yourself, straightening out your dress and taking a few breaths, but then you hear Jiyong lean towards you from the other bench, so you look up.

'Are you okay now? After earlier, I suppose it must have been a bit of a fright for you,’ his expression is concerned, but you can tell from his body language, that he wanted to talk to you about something else other than the incident that had happened earlier.

'Yeah, im fine, I just… i’ve had people be like that before, it just seemed worse this time for some reason…’ you realise you’re babbling and immediately stop yourself and look at the ground- GD didn’t want to hear your life story.

'Well, we dont need to talk about it if you’d rather not?’ you’re glad for the escape and smile at him as a way of saying thank you. He sits up a little straighter and you realise that hes about to get to whatever he had been trying to say this whole time.

'So… how much do you know about TOP?’ at the mere mention of his name your heart starts to beat a little faster and your palms become sweaty.

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Dangerous (Matt Murdock x Reader)



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It seemed just like another night to Matt. He had his suit on and he stood vigilant to his favourite spot on Chrysler Building.

The night seemed to flow smoothly and he was ready to return home for a good 5-hours sleep. Suddenly, he heard a woman curse loudly and groan in pain a few blocks from where he was standing. He quickly stood up and made his way to the spot.

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anonymous asked:

You know what just because there is to much cute going on, please may you write a "He ignores you but you act cute and he forgives you" for Callum and Micheal

Omg yay I was hoping someone would ask for this!!

Calum’s is here (X)


“Ashton, can you help me with my geography homework pleaseee” I asked nicely

“Sure I’ll be there in a minute” he replied

“Yaay thank you” I jumped squealing

“Why didn’t you just ask me for help?” Michael asked

“Because ashton stayed in school and will know more whereas you dropped out of school so he’s smarter!” I said playfully

“Oh, okay” he said looking pissed off.

Ashton walked into the room and sat down beside me. Michael then got up leaving to probably go play video games or something.

After about an hour of Ashton helping me I decided I should go find Michael to ask what pizza to order for dinner.

“Mikey” I said barging into his room to see him as I predicted playing on his Xbox.

“What pizza should I order?” I asked

He looked at me then turned back round to focus on his game.

“Michael? What the hell?” I asked confused as to why he just ignored me.

I gave up knowing it was a lost cause trying to get him to reply.

I made my way over to him taking the controller out of his hand. He glared at me harshly.

Taking his face in my hands I rested my forehead onto his making him look at me,

“Why are you ignoring me Mikey?” I asked pouting.

Once again he didn’t reply so I started making cute silly faces at him and running my hands through his newly dyed hair.

He let out a sigh before placing a small kiss to my cheek. I scrunched my face up and he laughed suddenly remembering he was in a mood and returning back to having a blank expression.

After a few minutes of staring at each other he gave in.

“Do you think I’m stupid? Because you know I dropped out if school?” He said embarrassed.

“What? No! You are not stupid” I gasped realising he took what I said earlier the wrong way.

“Michael, listen, you are smart in your own way and I love you just the wag you are! Anyway who cares about being smart when you can sing and play guitar you’re gonna be famous!! So screw being smart” you giggled kissing him.

“ god I love you” he smiled cutely

“I love you too Mikey. NOW LETS ORDER PIZZA” I screamed making him laugh at my craziness.

I guess you could consider this my contribution to Inktober? Though I would be super behind if this was official. I’ve just been sort of on a halt with painting so I decided to whip out my pencils and ink and try my hand at a little something.

I was listening to the Gorillaz earlier and it took me back. Like WAY back. If you knew me in middle school, you knew that that band was my life. Seriously. I couldn’t get enough. And 2-D was always my favorite!

Done with mechanical pencil and a black Faber-Castell PITT artist pen in my sketchbook.

I feel like I’m stuck in that OH FUCK moment when you knock over a glass and you see it falling to the ground where it will break into hundreds of pieces. You try to catch it, but it never quite works out, does it?

(Except that that ‘glass’ is my life and I’ve been trying for so long to catch it/myself before it/I hit the ground, yet all of my attempts seem to be nothing but futile. The ground is getting closer.)

Another drawing that took way too long. I realized earlier today that I’ve drawn FNaF OCs but never the main four. Fixed that. Honestly this was a good practice in costume shapes and proportions; I’m gonna be doing some FNaF commissions soon and some variety will be needed in designing peoples’ characters into Fazbear style ‘bots. Bonnie is the most inaccurate because I had to go off memory though.

(( I’ll be opening FNaF commissions soon if anyone’s interested. Just shoot me a message for details and reserve a spot! *PayPal only* ))

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