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Hey sixpenceee! I don’t know if you’ve heard about this yet, but I thought it might just be cool/creepy enough to share!

Here’s the lowdown on the hashtag. A little while ago, photographer Meagan Abell discovered some undeveloped film while in Richmond, VA. Intrigued, she took them home and scanned them (a few of the scans can be found above). Not much is known about the photographs, or their origins, but Meagan started a hashtag to find the girls in the pictures, and the photographer.

With the internets help, Abell has already figured out the location the pictures were taken (Playa Del Rey, LA, California), the likely date they were taken (October 17, 1958), and even a few candidates for the models! More info can be found in the links below.

“The most important thing for me is finding out what the story is behind the photos! Community is really important and without it, I more than likely wouldn’t even have a chance of finding the original owner. That is what photographic art is all about. Help me find the owner!”                                                                  —Meagan Irene Abell




eoghanmcdermo: .@thewhitmore @niallofficial Too late.

eoghanmcdermo: Sorry @thewhitmore - we did it again. We took it up a level. @NiallOfficial 

thewhitmore: Two years ago two boys named Eoghan and Niall went into my home while I was out and into my underwear drawer. Then took pictures wearing my underwear on their head. And tweeted them. It’s been a long process but I’ve finally had my revenge!!


my bullet journal set up

hey guys! i get a lot of asks about my bullet journal so i decided to make a post about my set up and how i use my bullet journal! feel free to send me a message/ask if you have further questions :)

note: i took these pics a while ago it just took me a while to put this post together so all the dates will be kinda old:)

pic 1: materials

these are all the materials that i use. pictured:

  • muji dot grid journal
    • love love love the paper and this was only $5.50 at the muji store in nyc!! :’) the only thing i would complain about is that it’s not that durable bc im clumsy and i always throw my things around and im worried this will rip apart on accident
  • crayola marker 
    • because i’m super cheap and im not ready to get mildliners yet so i just use this old marker for colored accents
  • muji 0.38 gel pens
    • my favorite things ever. hands down
  • uniball signo 207 pen
    • i like the gel in this pen but holy it skips SO much. it’s really annoying and i can’t believe i’ve dealt with it for so long bc im almost done with it now…this pen used to be my main pen before muji but now i just use it for a “bold” effect
  • sticky notes
    • these were cheap (found them in my house) and i like the color pop it adds
  • white out
    • definitely necessary bc i always mess up; i think i’ve used it on every page lol:)

not pictured: my stabilo pens. i hadnt used them to set up my bullet journal initially but not i use them for color coding.

i also included my symbols legend. i almost forgot about this because i don’t use it that much since i’ve memorized all the symbols in my bujo, but i just keep this index card on hand in case i have new symbols to add.

pic 2: table of contents

simple table of contents. in hindsight i wish i put this on a right-hand side page like most books are supposed to start so that it would start on an odd page (if u get what im saying?) but thats okay. if i have a lot of lists together, i would group it under one listing.

pic 3: yearly overview

most people just like to put a 12 month calendar with color coded dates for their yearly overview, but i chose to do a calendar and a list describing each thing i marked. this was super helpful for me because i forget everything so i knew i needed a description for all my markings. left side is a 6 month overview with color coded dates circled (see legend in first pic) and right side is a list view of each month with dates and event descriptions under each month.

pic 4: monthly overview 

im gonna start with the right side, because that’s the page i set up first. i’m not very happy with the neatness of this page; i wish i left more room for the daily events list on the side! anyway, this page is set up like my yearly overview page, with dates circled and explained on the side. the difference is that i chose to put more specific short term events like deadlines, tests, and appointments. in the bottom left i put goals and tasks that span the entire month, which i wouldn’t be able to include in my weekly spreads. 

the left hand page is for any useful notes, monthly tasks, or is simply a goals/planning page. as you can see, i planned a club meeting on this side, and also wrote down some random notes. 

this was my first monthly overview page and im not v happy with it; next month i will definitely leave more room for the events list and have more of a focus on my goals.

pic 5: weekly spread

i’ve experimented with this a lot in my old bullet journals and previous pages, but this is my favorite way to organize my week (as of now) because it looks good and i save a lot of time not worrying about perfect calligraphic dates or nice straight lines or cute drawings.

1. write the date neatly in a bolder pen. i use a 0.7mm uniball pen.
2. underline it with a mildliner or a pastel marker. i use a light pink crayola marker.
3. list tasks, events, and notes in a thinner pen. i use a 0.38mm black muji pen.
4. put future tasks on a sticky note and transfer to daily task lists as necessary

pic 6: test schedule

sometimes, having a scattered list of dates and tasks in my bullet journal is not enough, especially when it comes to studying, because i often get distracted by less important immediate tasks, instead of my long term study schedule. this test schedule is super helpful when i have a lot of upcoming tests so i can see what dates are coming up and when i should take time out my schedule to study!

i made a chart of the next three weeks, listed everything i have to study for, marked the dates of the tests, and shaded in every day i was going to study for. this is definitely something i would recommend if you are a visual learner and you’re super forgetful (like me!!)!

pics 7&8: daily task format and symbols legend

after experimenting with a lot of daily task list formats, i like this one the most. i also included my legend last because most of the symbols are only ever used in the daily task lists.

if you’re new to bullet journals, a circle is usually used for events and a box is used for tasks. a “migrated” task means the task was not completed, but it has been moved to be completed on a different day.

for those of you who are familiar with bullet journals, you may notice some symbols that i use that aren’t bujo standard:

  • water droplet/apple/moon
    • these are health trackers. inside each symbol, i evaluate each aspect of my health respectively
    • water: # of cups of water
    • apple: nutrition. i just put happy or sad faces based on how satisfied i am with my nutrition that day.
    • moon: # of hours of sleep
  • colored boxes
    • these are priority indicators. i include these within boxes when i have a lot of tasks to do, and i like them bc they keep me organized while keeping my bullet journal minimalistic.
    • i use the eisenhower urgent/important principle to prioritize. you can read more about it here, i might make a post about it soon!

and that’s all! that was a reaaally long post so im sorry if you just had to scroll through all that, but i tried to be helpful based on my experience with a bullet journal. if you take away anything from this post, it’s that i experiment a lot with the style and format, which is actually one of the reasons i love the bujo system. i hope you found this post helpful! reblog or like if you did, and feel free to ask questions in my inbox!

happy studying!

Here, I don’t know. I saw someone ask Kim about happy Alycia/Lexa related things. Thought this might give you guys a smile. This was from set while 2x10 “Survival of the Fittest” was shooting. Eliza took it. It’s probably the weirdest picture ever but have it anyway. 

I would also like to add that that cake was delicious. This was a year ago and I have not forgotten. 

Ok so I’ve mostly stopped shaking at this point but here’s the story of how I met Tyler Joseph at Chipotle.  This happened like an hour ago so I’m writing it down asap so I don’t forget anything.

I was cleaning the line and it was about twenty minutes until we closed and i heard one of my coworkers whisper someone to my manager and I didn’t think much of it.  I looked up and yep right there was Tyler and next to him was Jenna.  It took me a while to process that it was actually him because you know I usually see him in pictures and videos so I kinda stared at him a bit which was totally not ok but I couldn’t help it.  I just stood there trying to work up the courage to say something to him so I think I just started off with a small “Hi Tyler”.  He looked at me and said hi back.  I told him that I was at the Bunbury Music festival in Cincinnati and that you can kinda see me in the Lane Boy Music video.  He was like “Really? That’s so cool! I guess I owe you some money then”  And Jenna laughed and I said hi to Jenna and she said hi back.

I asked him if it would be weird if i asked for a picture and was like “no no thats cool” and my manager took the picture and after that I just thanked him and told him how much of an inspiration him and Josh are to me and so many people and I told him that I love Mark’s videos and that he really inspired me.  Tyler thanked me for everything that I said and said that it was really nice of me to say all that.

Still shaking, I went back to work and had to jump on line and help.  Tyler told my manager that he wanted to pay for the next 10 people in line.  For some reason out computers couldn’t do that so he just paid for the couple behind him.  I saw him take a picture with someone in the dinning room and I tried to keep myself from staring.  I was shaking the rest of my shift though not as badly.  My manager told me that Tyler comes in to out store every so often because he lives just down the street.  

I wish I hadn’t been so nervous and thought of better things to say but I’m so glad I was able to meet him and he was so nice and it just means a lot to me.  

This is the picture x



Hi everyone!

A little while ago I released my first version of the Lindsay Jeans which was a massive succes, and since you all liked it so much I decided to create another version of it, this time with even more rips and 6 more colors.

* HQ textures 

* 24 colors

* Teen-Elder

* CAS thumbnail

Enjoy! :)

*PS.  The first preview picture has terrible quality! Sorry, I took these pictures from my laptop which has a smaller screen, hence lower quality :)*


DOWNLOAD TSR - Coming Jan 16, 2016


Taehyung scenario
Genre: smut
Word count: 4053

Okay, so this is my first smut EVER. I am very very nervous about this but I really needed some Taehyung’s hands appreciation in my life as I have an unhealthy obsession with them so I thought, why not write it myself? 

I hope you guys like it, as always feedback is very very appreciated, I love trying out new things and I’ve been wanting to try writing something like this for a while now. Enjoy! :)

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I took this picture of my grandfather while visiting family in France one summer when I was sixteen. He passed away four months ago from lung cancer. He had a terrible cigarette addiction that could not be helped. No one should have to go through the grieving period that I went through. Please reblog this and let others know that there is an alternative to cigarettes that is less harmful called E-Cigs for heavy smokers.

I’m sure that not everyone in the family remembers him fondly, however this picture is how I’ll always remember him. Please keep him in your memories and spread awareness that this terrible end for many cigarette addicts can be avoided.


Protests against Pegida and for a “colourful Dresden”

After two weeks without protest of Pegida (Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the Occident) they are marching again today in cities like Dresden and Munich. But fortunately there are people standing up against Pegida and the like! Two weeks ago, while I was walking through Dresden, I got caught up in one of their protests. And needless to say I was relieved to see that there are people not being susceptible to fearmongering. Here are some of the pictures I took that evening. 

The signs say:

(1) Refugees welcome. Bring your families. (I)(2) Prejudice against foreigners is so 20th century.
(3) Refugees welcome. Bring your families. (II)
(4) Those who reject refugees do not need to celebrate Christmas.
(5) Don’t take out your temper on the weakest.


A while ago I asked for your definitions of ‘home’ and received the most diverse replies from all over the world which were a real pleasure to go through.
I have put together a selection of the most beautiful and inspiring responses in a little zine. Many thanks to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts!
I hope you enjoy my selection and visual interpretation of them. :)

The printed zine is available in my online shop


I finished painting up our custom gaming table! Craig bought this table from a thrift store a little while ago and we talked about how neat it would be to have a rad table to play D&D on. So I set to work making that a thing!

I included the process pictures for anyone who’s curious to how I did it. First, I taped off the area we wanted the gaming grid area to be, then sanded the finish off the table so the chalkboard paint would apply a little better. Took about three coats of the chalkboard paint to get a good opaque finish on it. The grid itself I drew on with a white oil paint marker and a long ruler. Then I drew up in my sketchbook some ideas of what I wanted to paint around the gaming grid, drew them larger onto the table in pencil, and then painted them on with acrylic paint! The painted not chalkboard paint areas were then sealed with a matte spray just to make sure the acrylic paint would stay when cleaning the table off from general use. And that’s it! It works great, we use these chalk markers to draw on the grid and it comes off really easy with a wet paper towel and doesn’t stain. Overall really happy with how it turned out!

So picture Hook and Emma in her room in her apartment just shortly after her memories return. She's packing while Killian lingers near by....

“This painting of you and Henry here…it’s quite good. Very lifelike.”

Emma turned her attention away from her packing and smiled. “It’s not a painting..it’s a photograph.”

Killian picked up the frame. “A what?”

Emma dropped her clothes and went to him. “It’s a way to capture a memory in this world. Henry and I took this a few months ago…it’s a selfie.”

He turned to look at her. “A selfie? What the bloody hell is a selfie?”

“I’ll show you,” she said with a smile as she fished out her smart phone from her pocket. She then scooted behind him and pressed her cheek against his as she held out her file. “Smile!”


“Just look at the tiny machine in my hand and smile!” She ordered between her teeth as she smiled

Killian did as she said, giving the weird rectangular box his best, most genuine smile.

“There,” she said as she took the machine away and immediately began to fiddle with it.

“What are you doing?”

“Hang on.”

Moment later, a noise turned his attention to another machine across the room on a writing desk. When Emma began to walk toward it, he followed her…looked over her shoulder as he something began to spit out of the machine.

Emma snatched the photo when it was done and turned to face him. “Here you go…a selfie.”

Hook took it and when he looked down his heart literally skipped a beat. He saw himself looking back at him, along with Emma…smiling brightly as their cheeks pressed close together. It was so real…as if it would come to life at any minute. “Emma,” he finally murmured as he looked up from the photo into her eyes. “This is magical.”

She grinned. “No…it’s called technology.”


He smiled as he handed the photo back to her, but she simply placed her hand on his wrist to stop him. “You keep it.”

“Really?” he asked hopefully.

“Sure…in fact.” She lifted her smart phone again and the printer spit out another copy. “This will be mine.”

He smiled again as he looked back down at his. “I will cherish this always, Swan.” He tucked the photo between his fake hand and chest so he could lift his hand and tucked her sit behind her ear. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” She studied her photo again. “You’re very photogenic.”

“Is that a good thing?”

She laughed softly. “Yes…it’s a good thing. It means you take good pictures.”

He gave the photo last glance before tucking it inside his jacket next to his heart. “I’ve spent the past year without you, Swan…now you’re here in front of me, but it’s nice to know that if we are ever apart I can pull this…selfie out and think of you.”

Emma felt her heart tumble painfully in her chest. “Killian,” she whispered as her eyes shifted to his lips.

He stepped closer to her, leaned in as he reached up to touch the side of her face. “Emma….”


Henry’s loud voice had them both springing apart. “I’m done packing!”

“Okay!” Emma called out. “We will be right there!”

Killian smiled softly as he took a step back. “I’ll go join him…let you finish.”

“Okay…yeah…we probably need to get on the road soon.”


He turned away from her and walked to the door, only to turn back to look at her. “Swan.”


“You are quite photogenic as well.”

He then winked and walked out of her room and out of sight.

Emma smiled as she looked down at their photo again and the pressed against her heart like it was her most cherished possession. “You’re in trouble, Swan…big trouble.”

My lens broke a few weeks ago so i’ve only been able to take pictures on my phone, which is why most of the pictures i’ve posted of Watson lately aren’t the best quality.

Here’s one I took before my lens broke while we were out in Hill Country. Good news is that my lens should be fixed soon! :)