i took the time to make this rn

CLYDE: So Tweek? What happened next?

TWEEK: It’s really not that interesting. I told you most of it already.

CLYDE: Yeah but you were super boring and vague. I want details, bro!

TWEEK: I, uh…

CRAIG: Hey guys, there’s a car outside.

CLYDE: What?

CRAIG: I said there’s a car outsid–



STAN: Uncle Jimbo! Finally!

ERIC: It’s Stan’s crazy redneck uncle!

KYLE: How did he get here so fast?

BUTTERS: Oh boy, we’re saved!

KENNY: Mpphh mph!

JIMBO: Now, now. It’s not “crazy redneck,” kid. I prefer “gun-happy conservative.”

ERIC: So you mean a super redneck?

JIMBO: Yes. Exactly.

JIMBO: Now Stanley, I’m not going to ask why– or how for that matter– why you and all of your classmates are up in the middle of the mountains, or why there’s a suspiciously clean yet abandoned bus a mile out.

JIMBO: You’re just lucky you got a hold of me while I was in the neighborhood.

STAN: Does this mean you have guns with you?

JIMBO: Plenty of them, glad you asked.

STAN: You didn’t happen to see any guys wearing ski masks around, did you?

JIMBO: No, but I might have shot a couple of… deer… who may have been suspiciously shaped like a human beings and also were wearing ski masks. On accident, of course.

ERIC: Awesome.

JIMBO: Wow there sure are a lot of you. I don’t even know if I have enough room for–

JIMBO: Oh, Jesus Christ! I’m too late! He’s dead!

JIMBO: I hope he wasn’t anybody important.

JIMBO: Now– now kids, you’re good bud Jimbo here is going to teach you a couple things about disposing of a body–

STAN: Oh, no. That’s just Scott Malkinson.

STAN: He’s got diabetes.

SCOTT: asfkjgfsv


JIMBO: Well we need to get out of here and get this boy a chocolate bar, pronto!

CLYDE: That’s Stan’s uncle?

CRAIG: Yeah.

CLYDE: I don’t want to get into a car ride with him. He looks like he smells.

CRAIG: It won’t be any worse than being in a car with you.

CLYDE: Ouch, Craig.

CLYDE: Your comments sting my soul.

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Also i love your art i didn't know there was so much needed in comics to be considered good omg reading your short verbal tutorials make me realise there's always something that needs to be in that particular scene from what i see, you're improving a lot (this is just me encouraging you and giving you compliments) thanks for somehow making me smile with your comicsssss

AhhHHhHh thank you so much!!! Also yep, comics are definitely a lot of work haha. But it’s very rewarding to tell visual stories that have subtleties because it makes the experience richer. It’s what I tried with the namjin texting shenanigan. I wanted to give all of them a color of their own in a limited amount of pages and that took a lot of brainstorming haha. But im so glad my comics make you smile and that my sort of tutorials help inform! Someday I’ll make a visual one but as of rn I only have the time for those :’)

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tips on finding things to do in the summer for a rising college student? im a senior rn & it's weird finding internships/opportunities when i'm not necessarily a college student but at the same time i'm not a high school student???

Hi! Good question. For my summer before college, I took a part-time job to make some pocket money and I just hung out with my close friends while I could. 

I know some of my friends who did internships for NASA, paid research positions in Texas universities, volunteered at hospitals nearby and shadowed physicians, etc. A lot of my friends, like me, also did small part-time jobs in retail/restaurants/etc. Those are also options you could look into, depending on what your path is. For research positions and possible internships, I would say definitely start applying ASAP.

CD (Peter Parker x Reader)

(I don’t own GIF!)

A/N: I am hella into angst guys so if you have any angst you can go ahead and send those in whenever you want! Even when requests are closed. I am an angst queen. 

Requested: Yes!! (Hey!! Could you do a very angsty Peter Parker imagine where the reader goes over for the first time since uncle bens death and it’s all just sad?? I’m in a really angsty mood rn. I’m an angst hoe. Anyway thank you!!)

Warnings: Angst, Fluff.

Word Count: 800

You stood nervously outside the tan door, hesitating to knock. You had a CD gripped tightly in your hand, which read ‘songs to make you feel better.’ You took a deep breath lightly tapping on the door–hoping for an answer.

May opened the door a slight (but definitely fake) smile plastered on her lips. You smiled back waving a little at her.

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DEAR GOD MEREGE pls tell me how long it took you to make the "drop the mambo" meme ;V; bcs i am doing your meme rn and it already took me so long and i havent even finished the lines or tweens or basically anything TTvTT yarrghhh i suffer so much, it's the first time i am doing sth like this (ಥ ͜ʖಥ)

It took me like 3 days oml
I suffered so much with that video
I wish u luck with it
u can do it

I know ;^)))

I can’t believe I clawed my way back into basic education after being illegally removed from basic education just in time for this to happen. I’ve been sick since I was about 16, 17? I’m 23 now? That long it took me -fighting the heathcare system the whole way, seeing teenage girls and women like me waking up during surgeries and denied basic healthcare, writing suicide notes from the pain because no doctors care about us enough to treat it, kids my age then dying of completely preventable causes- to get to a point that I was just functional enough to get a basic education. All I wanted is some upward mobility to get a job I can actually do and income enough so I’m not completely fucked when I’m 30 or 40 and all 53 conditions I’m extremely predisposed to getting later in life but earlier than most start kicking in. And the same four years I was going to rely on disability scholarships and grants AND HOUSING to maybe consider collage was a possibility for the first time in my life, this shit happens. They don’t want us out of the social security system they want us to not exist. 

so im trying to be healthier

just bc it makes me feel better and relieves stress. i did yoga for 45 minutes 3 times this week w my instructor (for a grade so i had no choice but now i love yoga lmao),, took a 20 minute walk and jog, im a tired bean

but rn ima put on a face mask and watch markiplier and relax for the rest of the night

i might do isometric exercises idk but tomorrow morning i’ll do yoga and try a harder pose and go for another run with my doggie

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almost dad when can i date

You’re asking me–? 

And why does she keep calling him that? Is it supposed to be flattering? Because it kind of makes Levi feels like he’s stepping on another man’s toes, and one that isn’t exactly around to reclaim his daughter’s attention either. 

While it’s true, Mikasa’s under his care now, it wasn’t with the purpose of taking on the fatherly duties she might’ve come to expect of him that he took her in. But rather, he knows what it’s like to be left without anyone. This one is of his own blood somewhere down the line, and he’d be damned if he sat by and let her grow up the way he had to – So that’s why Levi gave her a home. He has no idea how to give her a dad. 

I don’t care what you do, so long as I don’t have to listen to you crying about boys. Or whatever.

we are all freaking out about the obvious reason to freak out here but… 

did Chowder just drop all his boxes there but took the time to hang a Sharks poster?

of course he did

ik my url is terrifyeol rn for october but i figured i might as well use my actual one for this haha but ANYWAY LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!! BOYS AND GIRLS!! IT IS TIME FOR MY FIRST FOLLOW FOREVER I HOPE Y’ALL ENJOY IT

basically i’ve had this blog for a month?? less than a month?? and i already hit a follower goal so i’ve decided to make a follow forever because why not.. i’d like to thank you all sososooso much (esp mutuals and those who talk to me) for putting up with my problematic self as well as my thirsty bias tags as well as my trash blog… i honestly love you all so much i can’t even say it enough so here we go!! (even if you’re not on here i still love you please don’t hate me pleapslepwlapslpelaeplse)(if we’re mutuals and i forgot u then send me an ask bc im bound to mess up yikes)

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here’s some pictures from the train back in new york with my best friend that i forgot to post. story time: i remember being so exhausted when i took these; it was one of the longest days of my life since we got up at 5am to take the subway to the station so that we could make it to wantagh for warped tour on time. we met some guy on the train who was going too and he kept flirting so we pretended to be girlfriends while you braided my hair and i did my makeup, but he gave us an uber code that we used all day. we stayed there until 7:30 and got on the train back, when i took these while hannah was half asleep on my shoulder. even still we managed to make it to times square that night and i remember everything was so big; until then my hometown of milwaukee and chicago were the only big cities i had been to so stepping out of the subway and walking up into the huge crowds of people and everyone in costumes and all of the huge advertisement signs was something completely different than i was used to. we walked around and managed to shop around sephora and starbucks until we took the subway back to brooklyn where we were staying, but instead of going to bed we were up until almost 1am waiting in the lobby so that our friend could let us into the dorms of the building. traveling the east coast with my best friend was something we had planned since we were 15 and actually getting to do it at 18 has to be one of the best experiences of my life. people from the midwest don’t get out much, but im glad i did even if it was just for a month.

wowowow I hit my next goal in under a month and I’m so overwhelmed rn because all I do is shitpost and complain;;; thank you to everyone who follows and reblogs from me you’re all great and ily;;

First of all I want to say thank you to id-tap-sehuns-ass. We haven’t know each other for very long but I love you so much even if I say I don’t<3 Thank you for being here and making Tumblr 10 times more fun than it already is. You’re very important and I just want you to know that you can always talk to me if you need to and that you’re probably one of my closest internet friends.

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Queen America Singer Schreave!

This took me about 4-5 hours, though i did take some long breaks in between. I had so much fun doing this! I tried a new style of shading, and I had to redesign her dress so many times.

oubrielle is my instagram! check it out if you feel like it haha 

Catching Up

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Requests: … Is it alright if I request a thing? ~Where reader was the girl that did the do with sam ((it’s was both of their first times)) and run into eachother yrs ltr on a hunt and they still like eachother? ((Sorry if that’s weird or If you don’t take request rn.))

can you do a one-shot where dean purposely leaves sam and the reader alone in their motel room right after a pretty violent hunt, knowing that they’ll have to patch each other up, which could lead to them finally getting together (and for both of them to stop unknowingly whining to dean all the time about their feelings for each other)?

AN: First off, of course you can request a thing! Although sorry it took a while to get done. I decided to combine the requests because I thought it could make a cool story. I actually really loved writing this so I hope you guys like it too and maybe let me know what you think?

Originally posted by zest-wincest

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I’m honestly horrified and disgusted by my own country rn. To anyone out there who is also Brazilian, my heart goes out to you. This is the biggest shit show I’ve ever seen in my life and politics hasn’t been so wrong and disgraceful ever since last time people took away our voice and vote (the military dictatorship, that some of the people who are taking over scream that they want back). The death of democracy is here and the worst part is it’s being celebrated by ignorance and the ones manipulating everyone else who naively think it will make things better. I guarantee it won’t, you’re being played and we’re ALL going to pay the price.