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If any of my beautiful followers have any stories about how LSD (or any hallucinogens) has negatively affected their lives please let me know!

I feel like there hasn’t been enough attention on how many young people have gotten fucked up by hallucinogens, so I’d like to write an article on personal experiences (totally okay if it’s anonymous).

My fiancée was hospitalized for taking what he thought was lsd last year. He started hearing people in his head and hallucinating pretty much constantly for a few months.. He even accused me of cheating on him with Tupac for goodness sake! It took him almost a full year to get back to himself.
I also feel that once a person does get screwed over by one of these drugs people just call them crazy and make it seem like it’s their own fault. When let’s be real.. Who hasn’t experimented a little? I just wish people couldn’t understand that drugs effect everyone differently, like if I were to take some booms rn I’d be having the time of my life, but if my bf took them he’d have to be hospitalized for two weeks.

Thanks for yalls help 😘

thank you all so so much for 4k !!
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since i haven’t done this since 600 (??i know) i thought it’d be nice to do a proper ff again!! below i’ve listed a bunch of lovely mutuals who i love with my whole entire heart :)

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Badass Princess

 Anonymous said:

Can you write an imagine where the reader is a princess who lands on the island but like she’s all tough and Peter finds out and is surprised?

Warning/s: nothing?


Summary: you’re a badass princess

Princess Y/N wasn’t allowed to leave the castle because of safety purposes but she was never the one to follow the rules so she left anyways. She leaves the castle most of the time to play with the other teens in the village. When her father found out about it, he freaked out. It’s a good thing that Y/N’s mom is a nice woman because she convinced Y/N’s father to just get her a teacher to teach her how to fight for herself and so he did.

Y/N’s father got her a good teacher named Mulan. Mulan taught her how to use a sword, a dagger and a bow and arrow. Y/N was a fast learner so she mastered everything in just a few weeks. Though, Y/N regretted breaking her father’s rules when a bunch of pirates surrounded her when she was currently out the castle.

“Looks like we got the princess” the captain motioned for them to get Y/N. Though Y/N tried to fight, the pirates overpowered her. One of the pirates hit her head, making her go unconscious.

Y/N woke up and realized that her hands were tied and there’s a cloth around her mouth, preventing her from speaking. “Oh look. The princess has awaken” a pirate mocked as he removed the cloth from her mouth.

“There will be no pirates left on this ship when my father found out about this” Y/N growled. The ship erupted in laughter as Y/N said that. “Oh princess, you’re quite the joker aye? Look around you. Does it look like we’re still in your kingdom?” the captain smirked. Y/N looked around and gulped when she saw that they were in the middle of the sea. The captain laughed when he saw Y/N’s nervous face. “I don’t think your father’s little minions can come all the way to Neverland.” He boasted. Y/N made a confused face. “Neverland?” she asked.

Before the pirate could even answer, the ship was raided by a bunch of teenage boys. When one lost boy walked towards Y/N, she smiled. She was about to talk when a bag was placed over her head.

‘Great’ she thought. ‘Kidnapped again’

“I swear when I get out of this, you all will be lifeless corpses” Y/N spat through the bag on her head. She only got chuckles in response.

After a while, the bag was taken off of Y/N’s head as her sweaty face became visible again. The one who looks like the leader grinned. “She’s got the looks”

Y/N gritted her teeth as she muttered ‘pig’. 

“Oh. Feisty too. I’m Peter Pan by the way.” the guy slyly smiled. Y/N responded with a bitter smile. Pan walked over to her and held her hands.

“Now I’m gonna untie you. Don’t try anything, alright?” Pan looked at Y/N as she nodded. As Pan untied her hands, Y/N kicked Pan where it hurts and attacked the other lost boys one by one. Slamming her elbows on some faces and kicking them on the stomach.

When everyone was laying on the ground, she turned around to run but was met by a chest. Y/N looked up to see a smirking Pan.

“Well that was new. Who knew a princess could fight like that?” Pan chuckled. Y/N glared at Pan. “I just want to go home alright? Let me go and no harm will be done.” Y/N stood proud, showing off her royal blood.

“Was that a threat?” Pan chuckled.

Y/N took out a dagger that was hidden in her dress and pointed it at Pan making him chuckle.

“You know, you quite amuse me.” Pan started.

“I think I’ll keep you”

note: writer’s block. sorry this was short but I’m really dumb rn xD. For those ‘Part 2′ requests… I might post them .. not so soon. lol so sorry

Even stood in front of their bathroom mirror and corrected his hair. Isak leaned against the doorframe and bit his lip. It’s been 15 minutes since they wanted to go over to Jonas’ for their pregame before they would all migrate to Eva’s party later. 

Sana had shot both of them a text earlier, giving them a heads up that her brother and those other guys would be there. So, ever since they knew of that Isak had watched Even closely, trying to calm him with touches and reassure him with kisses or murmured sweet nothings.

But Even held up great and hadn’t really shown any nervousness right until it was time to go and suddenly he felt like his shirt looked horrible and wait, did his hair look strange? Was it too high? Or did it deflate?  

Now Even lowered his hands and frowned at his reflection. This made Isak push off the door and come up behind him, circling his arms around Even’s waist and stroked soothingly with flat palms over Even’s stomach. Chin tucked over his boyfriend’s shoulder he raised his brows flirtatiously. 

“Someone looks hot.” He said and nosed the side of Even’s neck, who closed his eyes at the gentle touch and sunk against Isak’s chest a bit. 

“I’m… maybe I’m a bit nervous.” Even said, voice sounding just slightly croaky, and put a hand over the ones on his stomach. Isak made eye contact with him in the mirror and winked. 

“That’s ok. I got you. We got this and if it gets too much we will just take a time-out or leave, ok? Lets just do it at your pace.” 

When Even gave him a thankful smile Isak turned his face to give him a loud, mwah sound making cheek kiss. “I love you, Evi.” 

At this Even turned his head, too, so they could kiss properly and his hand squeezed Isak’s fingers as he took a deep breath. 

“I love you, too.” 

CLYDE: So Tweek? What happened next?

TWEEK: It’s really not that interesting. I told you most of it already.

CLYDE: Yeah but you were super boring and vague. I want details, bro!

TWEEK: I, uh…

CRAIG: Hey guys, there’s a car outside.

CLYDE: What?

CRAIG: I said there’s a car outsid–



STAN: Uncle Jimbo! Finally!

ERIC: It’s Stan’s crazy redneck uncle!

KYLE: How did he get here so fast?

BUTTERS: Oh boy, we’re saved!

KENNY: Mpphh mph!

JIMBO: Now, now. It’s not “crazy redneck,” kid. I prefer “gun-happy conservative.”

ERIC: So you mean a super redneck?

JIMBO: Yes. Exactly.

JIMBO: Now Stanley, I’m not going to ask why– or how for that matter– why you and all of your classmates are up in the middle of the mountains, or why there’s a suspiciously clean yet abandoned bus a mile out.

JIMBO: You’re just lucky you got a hold of me while I was in the neighborhood.

STAN: Does this mean you have guns with you?

JIMBO: Plenty of them, glad you asked.

STAN: You didn’t happen to see any guys wearing ski masks around, did you?

JIMBO: No, but I might have shot a couple of… deer… who may have been suspiciously shaped like a human beings and also were wearing ski masks. On accident, of course.

ERIC: Awesome.

JIMBO: Wow there sure are a lot of you. I don’t even know if I have enough room for–

JIMBO: Oh, Jesus Christ! I’m too late! He’s dead!

JIMBO: I hope he wasn’t anybody important.

JIMBO: Now– now kids, you’re good bud Jimbo here is going to teach you a couple things about disposing of a body–

STAN: Oh, no. That’s just Scott Malkinson.

STAN: He’s got diabetes.

SCOTT: asfkjgfsv


JIMBO: Well we need to get out of here and get this boy a chocolate bar, pronto!

CLYDE: That’s Stan’s uncle?

CRAIG: Yeah.

CLYDE: I don’t want to get into a car ride with him. He looks like he smells.

CRAIG: It won’t be any worse than being in a car with you.

CLYDE: Ouch, Craig.

CLYDE: Your comments sting my soul.

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no hurry on the doodle comic, I know those things take a heck of a lot of work! please look after yourself and those rubber-hose hands of yours, but I do have to also mention that you have slam dunked me into the Magicstone trash harder than I ever thought I could be slam dunked and I am.... delighted? confused? very confused actually but my god I love it so yeah any time you post that content it makes my day

thanks for the patience and health concern I have… so much to do and I’m trying really really hard not to burn myself out with everything, which is frustrating because man you know I want to draw stuff for you guys I love you guys so much? so much. also sorry/not sorry for going Space Jam on you with that cartoon duck ship there took me by surprise too (tbh Magicstone is super therapy for me rn so maybe I’ll do some this week for me and you)

Put Up or Shut Up // Brett

themes/warnings: smut, angst

combining these two for the sake of time and also my own sanity!! sorry these took me 100 years to get to, things r mighty busy for me rn but i hope you enjoy nonetheless! Also im sorry if this sucks a little im kinda inexperienced with writing smut. thank u so much for takin the time to read my stuff, it makes me v happy =)

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Can I get Jumin HC calming mc. mc who have PTSD and terrible flashback rn about her past. Sorry if the subject is too heavy I'm having hard rn . Thank you for your time if u are writing for this.

Hi nonny! I’m so sorry you’re having such a hard time recently. :/ And, I’m sorry this took me a few days to get to - I wanted to move it to the top of the list since you’re having a hard time, but I still didn’t get it to you as quickly as I’d hoped! I did some research for this but please, please - tell me if any of this makes you uncomfortable in any way (this goes for everyone). I’ve never struggled with PTSD myself and I know sometimes research just doesn’t do these kinds of things justice. I tried to be as ambiguous as possible about the nature of the flashbacks because I know different traumas can cause different reactions and that certain methods of comfort might hurt instead of help.

Requests are open.~

✦Jumin calming MC with PTSD

  • when you wake up from an awful, triggering nightmare, Jumin wakes up too
  • he realizes what’s happening immediately
  • maybe this kind of thing threw him off guard in the beginning, but by now he knows what he’s doing and how to help (he hopes)
  • as long as physical comfort is welcome and okay, he doesn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around you
  • murmuring warm, comforting words in your ear
  • hand rubbing soothing circles on your back
  • if you want to talk about it, he listens, if not, he doesn’t press
  • he’ll bring you hot tea, turn on soft lighting, play calming music - whatever you need
  • everything he tries to do to comfort you, he makes sure it’s okay and that he’s helping, not hurting
  • he realizes different things might be helpful on different days so he never assumes he knows what you want or need in regards to your PTSD
  • if you ever need something he doesn’t have - no matter what it is - he’ll acquire it ASAP
  • constantly reminds you that he’s here, he’s not going anywhere, that he’ll always be here for you
  • but he’ll listen if what you need is alone time, too
  • not that he’d ever go farther than one room over
  • he doesn’t always know what to say but he always, always keeps telling you he loves you more than anything
  • he knows by now he can’t protect you from the past - or even that there’s a 100% guarantee that he can protect you from the future (not that he’ll ever stop trying)
  • but he’ll always reassure you that he will do his best to keep you safe and happy
  • whenever you have a particularly bad flashback or nightmare, he’ll take the next day off work, just to stay with you

I’ve been fading in and out of tumblr as of late and I know it’s probably because I never took the time to follow new blogs that are relevant to my new interests. So we endin’ that noise  TODAY!

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  • blackness 
  • star / empire
  • steven universe
  • overwatch 
  • music (esp. if you make playlists or whatever)
  • cool character aesthetic edits 
  • attractive individuals 
  • bisexuality

Feel free to check my blog out as well if you want :)

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Really sorry to bother you! But could you please rec me some good books with lgbtqia characters? Thank you sweetie :)

yessssss of course!!

  1. the half life trilogy by sally green!! half bad and half wild are out already! angry poc bisexual witchy boy that you can’t help but want to protect tbh. the initial writing style made me go ????? but don’t let that put you off PLEASE bc it’s rly wonderful and deals with so many things (trigger warnings for death, suicide, gore, and a lot more but those are the main things i think?)

  2. the torch keeper trilogy by steven dos santos. again, the first two books (the culling, the sowing) are out already and i’m praying we get the raising soon tbh. amazing books that feel really hunger games (i hate comparing ya dystopian to thg but there are certain similarities. anyway). poc gay main character. this books comes w a lot of trigger warnings as well tbh, going from death to gore and everything in between. 

  3. madeline miller’s the song of achilles. it’s queer iliad fan fiction tbh. prepare to have your heart ripped out. if you know the original story of achilles and patroclus,  but it’s like that only 18 times worse. 

  4. alison bechdel – fun home. this is a graphic novel and idk if you are into that, but it’s honestly so great??? there are a lot of lit references and sometimes it’s hard to catch them all, but tbh it doesn’t really matter because the story is still so good (it’s autobiagraphical but don’t let that stop you tbh) and it’s told in such a beautiful way? (ps also check out the musical once you read it) 

  5. boy meets boy by david levithan. tbh this is the lowkey easy queer ya romance novel we all deserve? it’s rly basic tbh, just boys falling in love, but it’s just nice to read something cute once in a while (though the story deals w more than that as well, but u know) 

  6. kissing the witch, honestly this book honestly. it’s written by emma donoghue and it’s not??? a novel in the tradition sense of the word i guess?? it’s more like a bunch of short stories w a smilar theme? anyway, it’s all retellings of famous fairytales, some of them w a queer twist on it (most of them, i guess). they’re all about women and the language is so so so beautiful, i love it so much. it’s sad but also happy and like………. it touches my soul tbh 

  7. alex london w proxy duology!!!!!! it took me so long to get to proxy lmao but really u should read it!!! it’s again dystopian, with as main character a poc gay cinnamon roll. the sequel to proxy is guardian and honestly i don’t have much to say abt these books except go read them please

  8. the line of beauty by alan hollinghurst. i had to read this book for my queer lit class and at first it was a pain in the ass to get through it lmao. i’ve cursed this book so many times and at one point i wasn’t sure if i’d ever finish it, but in the end i did and it was so worth it……. it’s probably one of my fave books i had to read for that class. the way it’s written is just??? plain poetry??? honestly??? and it deals w homosexuality in the 1980s, but also w racism and classism and the aids crisis and all that. if you have a lot of time and feel like frustrating yourself but also enjoying it, go read it!!! 

  9. the raven cycle by maggie stiefvater. okay tbh i’m not sure how i feel about putting this book on a queer books list but…… well, okay. this book has queer character(s) but the way they’re handled makes me feel kind of…… idk. their queerness is never mentioned and everything is Between The Lines and it’s all so under the radar that i’m just like??? fuck it tbh. but i enjoy these books a lot and all the characters make my heart bleed and i love the relationships so i can’t leave it out either? the books are wonderful in the way they deal w modern magic and friendships and relationships (platonic and romantic) and like, wanting thing and needing things and longing for things etc etc. so i would rec them for those things more than for the queer aspects lmao but anyway a rec is a rec

  10. aristotle and dnate discover the secrets of the universe by benjamin aire saenz. lmao okay confession time, the first time i saw this book  was when it was recced to me by goodreads, and i just looked at it like ??? what kind of fucking title is that??? and scrolled pst it lmao. but then it showed up again and i checked it out and it sounded nice to i bought it and FELL IN LOVE oh my god. don’t let the title foor you. this book is amazing, it’s so tragically beautiful??? but it’s also happy, and it feels so real to me? like nothing about it is fake or made to look differently or influenced in one way or another? it just feels real and raw and i love that about it. the main storyline is two mexican boys living in the 1980s meeting each other, but believe me when i say it’s so much more than that 

  11. lost and found by carolyn parkhurst. the queer aspects of this novel are….. hard to describe lmao. they’re only a small part of the storyline but then again they’re also a p big part? actually let me just copy the blurb of this novel tbh: “What do a suburban mom, her troubled daughter, divorced brothers, former child stars, born-again Christians, and young millionaires have in common? They have all been selected to compete on LOST AND FOUND, a daring new reality show.“ this book will definitely not be everyone’s cup of tea but yknow. 

  12. adaptation duology – malinda lo. ya scifi w a bisexual girl protag. i haven’t read the 2nd book (inheritance) so i can’t say much about that. tbh the pacing of this book felt rly kind of weird sometimes, but yknow. bisexual girl protags are rare so i won’t be picky. i’ll take it. 

  13. rebecca brown – the gifts of the body. again this is more a bunch of shirt stories and they are also hard to explain lmao. the main theme of this book is aids, the protag is a nameless person, a home care worker who helps people w aids. we read their storries and learn about their lives and what happened to them. it was??? surprisingly emotional to me tbh. 

  14. blue is the warmest color by julier maroh. if you’ve seen the movie: don’t let it fool you. the graphic novel is a lot less male gaze-y lmao 

summer beach set pt. 1!

hello everyone i’m sorry for the huge hiatus i just got bored from making icons and recently joined new fandoms, but i recently just made these! i’ll catch up on the other sets i haven’t done (time travel, circus, happy party train, ice cream, tennis, some score match cards, & redoing tennis)

this is something new i’m trying so i apologize if it looks bad, it also took forever asasdfgfdgghl i think it looks too dark, but for now i’ll try some other effects and such. right now i’ll be working on requests (i apparently have like 4 rn?? i’m glad you guys requested but i’m not glad it took me about 3 months to answer them i’m SO sorry!!) i also have to work on my theme jeez its so bad i apologize for that also

Sin worthy double chocolate chip cookie recipe for those interested 😈

2 cups. All purpose flour
1 + ¼ cup. Cocoa powder
2 tsp. Baking soda
½ tsp. Salt

1 cup. Butter
1 cup. White sugar
1 cup. Brown sugar (I used demerara)
2 tsp. Vanilla extract
¼ cup. Milk (bonus, if it’s chocolate)
2 eggs, room temp*

1 cup (or more). Chocolate Chips, any kind you like. I used dark chocolate.

Pre heat oven to 350 degrees F.

You’ll need 1 medium bowl and 1 large bowl.

Put the “Dry” ingredients in the smaller bowl, whisk together and set aside.

Put the “Wet” ingredients in the bigger bowl. Cream the butter and sugar once mixed thoroughly combine, add the other “wet” ingredients (in the order listed) mixing inbetween :)

Pour the “dry” mix into the “wet” mix bowl a little at a time. Then add the chocolate chips. Try not to over mix, a little bit of powder won’t hurt :)

Line a baking tray with parchment paper (or however you prefer). I make smaller cookies, so I use a little more than a tbsp worth of dough per cookie and I can fit a dozen per tray. Just take a spoon and drop the dough on…try to keep the dough away from your mouth…or you might not have any left for cookies…

Bake @350 degrees F for 15 min** and let rest on the tray for 5 min before devouri…I mean removing from tray.

(* Protip: if your like me and just took the eggs out of the fridge rn. Sit them in a bowl of warm water while you prep the rest of the mixtures. They’ll be warm by the time you need them.)

(**Protip: since oven temps can vary, a good way to tell if your cookies are ready (around he 12 min mark) is to poke the cookie (be careful, it’s hot in there) if the dough sinks in and doesn’t come back up the cookies need more time.

I hope this makes sense! Enjoy your cookies!!

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i feel so bad for chyler rn like she legit uprooted her entire family for this dumpster fire... she took the time to make sure she was being authentic and true to alex's coming out. she makes the effort to read and respond to many fans and offer words of comfort and encouragement. then the writers sideline her relationship with maggie and some of her co-stars trivialize and make fun of lgbtq+ rep... like w o w chyler sweetie i'm so sorry

god i know chyler was the fucking actress we deserved like the only person who could’ve done it better was an lgbt actress… she’s so fucking good to us and this is what supergirl gives her back. i wanna be a show writer right this instant so i can have her and lana play love interests

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lol Liam and nialls tweets make them sound like old men rn but Louis's video was sweet

I appreciate that they both sound like retirees who took time out from watching the talkies on Turner Classic to fire off a message on the talking box

Chapter 8


“You really need some soap in your lil’ filthy mouth.” I shook my head as I listened to Jaylen’s battle rap with Odell. Literally every word they used was bitch, shit, fuck, pussy and etc. Basically what everybody raps about nowadays. Don’t get me wrong, some of these rappers actually do the trick when I need to get hype but I was always an old soul. Then again, I literally listen to anything.

I knew Jaylen was playing though, because he’s read some of his poetry before and it’s deep. He read it to me a while back when we were first getting to know each other but that was it. It’s like you have to break down this big wall to get Jaylen to open up.

“My mama used to tell me the same thing.” He laughed as he danced to the music playing in the living room. I could tell that he loved music from the way he was dancing. He was actually good. He’s literally good at everything.

“Now you know I’m the King around here when it comes to this dancing shit.” Odell stood up from the couch. He was about to give me a headache.

“Get yo man.” I shook my head as I nudged Winter.

“I ain’t claiming him with those corny ass dancing skills, get yo brother.” She nudged back making me laugh.

I knew they were only dancing to make time go by faster so the food could be ready. I was cooking for all of them. I’m trying to spend more time with them all because Jaylen told me about myself. I honestly didn’t even realize how fake I was being. I swear love has you so blind but luckily I caught myself and wasn’t delusional about it.

It’s just that… I get really insecure when it comes to relationships. My very first boyfriend cheated on me and made me believe that it was my fault. While I was in High School, I was cheering and if I wasn’t cheering, I was in any club you could think of. The guy I was dating felt as if I was putting everything before him, so every time I would be out occupied with my extracurricular activities, he would be cheating.

He made me believe that it was my fault that he cheated, and each time I think about it I just cringe because of how naive I was. I don’t know.. sometimes I just feel like the same thing is gonna happen with Kai so I try to spend more time with him. I need to realize that every guy isn’t my ex.

After Jaylen walked in on me, I felt extremely like shit. Especially because I had just kissed him the night before when I’m the one that told him to keep our relationship strictly friendly. Luckily, neither of us has brought it up ever since it happened.

I haven’t told Kai about the kiss yet and I don’t plan on it because I know he’s gonna be so pissed. Not even pissed, more heartbroken than anything because I stood there and told him that Jaylen was just a friend and he didn’t have anything to worry about. I wasn’t good with keeping secrets or lying so I knew eventually the truth was going to come out.

Jaylen was a bit distant at first but he’s back like he never left.

While I stirred up the bowl filled with strawberry cake mix, I swayed my hips to the soft R&B playing. It was literally my favorite genre when it came to music. You could never go wrong with R&B. Especially the 90’s and early 2000’s.

Just as I was about to pour the mix into the pan Jaylen bumped into me which made some get on my cheek. “Look at yo clumsy ass.” He laughed as he held me in place before licking the mix off of my cheek. Here he goes.

“I don’t know where your nasty mouth been.” I scrunched up my face. Jaylen got around so I know it ain’t just been on me.

“On you.” He winked at me before making his way back into the living room. I just shrugged his comment off and proceeded to put the pan of cake mix in the oven. Everything else was done, I just wanted everything to be ready at once. My mom used to do the same thing.

“Damn Robyn what’s taking you so long?” Odell came into the kitchen while rubbing his stomach. He literally just came from nasty ass McDonalds so he should be the last person complaining.

I wasn’t eating any of this, because I was a complete vegan now but it wouldn’t hurt to cook for them. I had a nice black bean burrito waiting for me in the microwave.

“O, your greedy self just had something to eat.” I shook my head as I opened the fridge to grab a water bottle. Odell had this fridge filled with Gatorade. Yuck.

“I know but whatever you cooking smell good.” He smirked.

“You’ve always been hella greedy.”

“Speaking of.. look what I found.” He smiled as he pulled a picture from his pocket. He sat it on the countertop and I gasped. It was a picture of my dad at one of the many barbecues we had. He would literally have one every time he took a break from working. He was really tight with his family and homeboys so having get together’s was just an all time thing for him.

“That’s the day your greedy self ate his plate!” I laughed loudly as I held my stomach. My dad would always smoke and drink Hennessy in the backyard at every cookout with all the men, so my mom and I knew to leave him a plate some where every time because he’d get really hungry. I made his plate because my mom was catching up with the women in his family, and I had forgot to write his name on it. He literally was on everyone’s case about it until he walked in the living room only to see O going in on it.

“He was about to about to beat someone’s ass until he realized it was me.” Odell laughed, shaking his head.

“He brought that up every time he saw you.”

“Ya pops was funny as hell.”

“Yea..” my laughter died as I went over to the oven to check on the cake. I didn’t really like talking about my parents, because it was emotional for me every time. I still don’t think what happened to them was fair. They were both very good people.

Sometimes I feel like it was my fault because I didn’t lock the door like he told me to that previous night. This is why I reminded Jaylen every second of the day to start locking his.

“You fuck with Jaylen?” He asked breaking me out of my thoughts.

“What?” He gave me a look and I sighed.

“No, were literally just friends. You know I have Kai.”

“Cause y'all think I don’t be peeping all that flirting shit. Y'all literally look at each other like chicken. That’s my boy and all but just like I told him.. I don’t want you messing with him on that level. He wild.” He explained as I just nodded and pretended to be listening. Was it really that noticeable?

“You don’t even have to worry about that O, we’re literally just friends. But everything should be ready in like 5 minutes so tell them to come in here and wash their hands.” I told him as he nodded and went back into the living room. Not even a second later, Jaylen and Winter were rushing into the kitchen.

“Wah deh pah di menu!” Winter said excitedly as Jaylen and I twisted up our faces in confusion. Odell was used to it by now.

“Speak English, we don’t understand that shit.” Jaylen spoke as she flicked him off and rolled her eyes.

I shook my head as I brought our plates to the table. “You need help?” Winter asked as I nodded.

“Just don’t touch my food.” Jaylen said to her. These two could never chill for two minutes.

“Don’t worry, ill make sure to spit in it.”  She smiled as she took the food off of the stove. I had made beef and chicken enchiladas. The cake was for Jaylen because he’s literally been begging me to make it.

Once Winter had made their plates, I got out the cups to pour them all some lemonade. Once everything was finished, I wiped the imaginary sweat off of my forehead and sat down.

My phone had lit up in my pocket, so I knew it was a text. When I read the screen, I seen Kai’s name.

Kaibear😍: Wyd rn

Me: spending time with family, why wassup?

Kaibear😍: oh my bad, just come by later then.

I nodded as if he could see me before setting my phone down and putting my attention on everyone’s faces. It was quiet because they all were grubbing.

“Why you not eating? I know you hungry.” Jaylen questioned.

“Yea, you usually got an appetite like O.” Winter joined. That was a lie.

“Y'all ain’t seen What The Health?” I questioned as Odell and Winter shrugged. Besides that documentary, I just wanted to overall live a healthier lifestyle. Eating cleaner was one way to start.

“Yea.. but I done came this far so fuck it. We all gone die one day anyways. Fuck living in caution. It’s way too much food out here to be eating healthy and shit. It ain’t like I eat junk all the time.” I shook my head at his response before chuckling. This boy wasn’t scared of death at all. The thought of it scares the hell out of me.

“True.” Odell agreed.

“Can’t relate.” I drank some more of my water.

“Oh yea, I ain’t washing dishes either so one of y'all better get to scrubbing.” I looked at all of them. Jaylen drank the rest of his juice before getting up.

“I don’t live here so..” He quickly licked his plate clean before darting towards the door and leaving. Every time something got messed up he would always pull that I don’t live here card. Yet he was over here like everyday.

“I’ll wash em..” Odell laughed before shaking his head at his lazy best friend.

“Good! That’ll give me and Winter more time to each other.”

“Gay.” Odell said under his breath, making Winter thump him. He held his ear and looked at her like he wanted to kill her.

Laughing at them, I grabbed her hand and led us to my room.


“Kai!” I called out as I dropped my keys on the coffee table. I seen a light on, but his house was so damn big that I didn’t know where it was coming from. I should’ve called before I came.

I walked further down the hall, and noticed that he was in his office. I didn’t know if I should go in or just wait for him because he told me we were going some where. I didn’t like being disturbed when I was working on something and I’m pretty sure he didn’t either.

“You know school’s about to start so how about free haircuts and stuff for the kids? You know you’ve always wanted to give back.” I heard a female voice. I guess I was gonna go in. I knew he had females that worked at every barbershop he owned, so that’s probably what she was here for. After he explained everything to me about his assistant, I trusted him. He didn’t have to introduce me to every female he worked with.

“Kai, I know you heard me calling you.” I walked in as he sat at his desk with his reading glasses on. They looked so good on him.

“I didn’t, I was too busy discussing some shit. Wassup?” He pulled me onto his lap, kissing me on the lips. I looked at the woman who sat in front of his desk and noticed that she looked familiar. I couldn’t put my finger on it though. I’ve seen her some where. Maybe at one of Kai’s shops?

She gave me a fake smile but I just shrugged it off.

“I just wanted to know where you were. When you’re done, meet me in your room.” I got off of his lap, standing up. He nodded and cleared his throat.

“Babe this is my assistant Kayla, Kayla this is my girlfriend Robyn.” Kai introduced us as I studied her. She smiled before holding her hand out for me to shake.

“Wow.. it’s nice to finally meet you. I’ve heard so many things about you.” She smiled forcefully. So she was just going to act like she wasn’t just talking shit about me via text message?  

“Wow.. I’ve heard nothing about y-”

“Ok! Babe, I got something waiting for you upstairs. You should go check that out.” Kai said as he rubbed my thigh before helping me up. I nodded and kissed him before leaving.

As I made my way to his room, I cut the light on and noticed rose petals trailing towards the bed. I was literally melting on the inside.

There was a big life size card lying on the bed, and I was dying to read it. When I opened it, both sides were filled with words. It must’ve taken him ages to fill this whole card up.

“Baby, you trying to go out to ea-”

“Come here!” I jumped on him, making us both fall in the process but neither of us didn’t care.

“You read the letter?” He laughed as he looked up at me since I had fell on top of him.

“Not yet but the fact that you did all this..” I bit my lip as I noticed the fresh fade he had just got plus the trim on his beard. I haven’t seen him all week because I’ve been trying to spend more time with everyone plus he’s been busy.

Before he could say anything else I beat him to it. “Babe you look so good right now.” I looked him in his dark cocoa brown eyes.

“Oh yea?” He smiled, biting his bottom lip. I nodded, as he chuckled.

“What’s on ya mind?” He questioned as he held my hand.

“How bad I wanna please you right now.” A smile instantly crept up on his face.

“I would love that, but I wanna take you out first so let’s go.” He said as he helped me up off of the floor. Grabbing my purse for me, we both left out of his room hand in hand. Good thing he reminded me to dress nice.

While we walked through the hall, he stopped by his office and looked at the woman who was previously here. She was cheesing extra hard, while she walked around the office, picking up things and held a conversation on the phone at the same time. “Jaylen seriously.” She laughed, talking to whomever on her phone.

Jaylen? Well, that could be anybody.

“You supposed to be in here working, not chopping it up on the phone.” Kai walked in, making her jump. She rolled her eyes before putting her phone away then getting out paperwork.

“I already did. The deal’s finalized. We’re about to be Bill Gates rich!” she smiled as she passed the papers down to him. What deal? We?

“You lying..” he said, not bothering to look at the papers.

“Look for yourself.” She smirked as she folded her arms over her chest.

He looked at her once before picking up the papers and observing them. After a few seconds of reading, he immediately picked her up and spun her sound in the air cheering. What the hell..

The feeling of jealousy instantly took over my body and I couldn’t help but to feel like I was in competition with her. I’ve never seen him this excited before. You would’ve thought the letter was from God himself telling Kai that he was going to heaven.

“We did it! You’re a genius Kayla!” He shook her in excitement as I stood here awkwardly. Maybe I should leave.. You would’ve thought she was the one that he was supposed to be taking out.

I got cute for nothing.

“No you are!” She yelled back as their cheering died down.

“Babe, aren’t yo-” He noticed the look on my face and cut himself off. I just took that as my queue to leave.

I obviously wasn’t needed.


“Bro get yo ugly ass on.” I shoved Odell as he stood in front of the TV while we was playing a competitive ass game of 2k. I was talking mad shit before we started playing and now my ass bout to lose.

I didn’t even plan on talking shit. He kept pushing my buttons so it was bound to happen. I wasn’t bout to let him play me like I was a bitch. I was winning until his big ass decided to block the whole fucking tv. Cheating ass nigga.

“Playing too fucking much.” I shook my head, getting serious because this shit was getting intense. I never lost a game to him and if I did today, I was literally gone jump off a cliff. I’d lose my damn mind.

“Look at you bout to cry and shit!” He laughed loudly, teasing me as I clenched my jaw and slapped his hand out my face. I was about to fuck him up in the blink of an eye if he kept playing with me. I was about to lose 1k and his rich ass thought it was funny. Ain’t shit funny about my money.

I don’t care how much money I got, I came from nothing so money was still a big deal for me. If some one was to owe me a dollar, I would still want my fucking dollar rich or not. This nigga O could blow his nose with this 1k I was about to lose to him like it was nothing. I couldn’t let my money go to waste like that.

“Hey Jaylen?” I heard Robyn’s voice making me suck my teeth. I was starting to think that O put her up to this shit. She’s been here since I got here and not once has she tried to get my attention.

“Not now Robyn damn, gone some where.” I groaned as I looked at the time and there was only 10 seconds left in the game.

I was either gone make it or break it.





Besides this bullshit ass performance I just presented in this damn game, I was fucking starving. The baked potato I had in the microwave was calling my name and I couldn’t wait to go get it. We’ve been playing this game for literally hours. I’m not even the type of nigga to be on the game all day, but this shit had to be done.

“WHERE MY MONEY AT?” He yelled breaking me out of my thoughts. I looked up at the screen and my mouth was formed into the shape of an O. My stupid ass wasn’t even paying attention.


“Fuck you and this game, you cheated hard then a bitch.” I plopped down on the couch as I took the stack out  my pocket and tossed it to him.

He ignored me and took the stack, putting it in his pocket and dancing his way to his room. Fuck his noodle head ass. It felt like I just got my heart broken all over again.

I heard footsteps so I looked around and noticed Rob coming out of the kitchen with fruit in her hand. I had forgot she was still down here. “What you had wanted?” She rolled her eyes. I was gone get her ass for that ugly shit.

“Nothing since you had that stank attitude over a damn game.” She started to walk back towards her room. I hated when females said that shit. It wasn’t just no damn game.

Shaking my head at her dumb and selfish choice of words, I got up so I could go drive around some where.

I had a whole free weekend. I didn’t have to paint anything for any clients, and I wasn’t really inspired to just free style with it. Every time I had free time like this, I never knew what to do. Maybe a museum would get me inspired.

I would do something with Robyn but she just pissed me off when she rolled her eyes at me. I hated that shit. I knew her stubborn ass was mad too. I guess I’ll be the bigger person like I always fucking was.

Me: get out yo feelings and come ride wit me 🙄

After that whole incident with her kissing me then hopping back on her nigga dick, I kept my distance for a few days. She really had me fucked up like everybody knows you don’t do shit like that. She broke the code.

I was over it though.

My phone had went off, indicating that I had a text. It was Robyn after taking forever to type the damn little amount of words she sent.

Robyn🌸: bye cause you just ruined my day.

I smacked my lips and started to type what was on my mind.

Me: girl if you don’t bring yo fake mad ass to this damn car 😒 ain’t nobody ruin ya day stop over exaggerating.

I put my phone down and waited for her to come down to my car. Turning the radio up, some shit I was tired of hearing at the moment was playing so I just played music from my phone. A little Future wouldn’t hurt.

Once my passenger door opened, I looked over and Robyn had plopped down in the seat with that same ugly ass mug on her face. “You really mad? What you mad about?” I laughed, poking at her side only for her to swat my hand away.

“Because you got an unnecessary attitude with me over a game and shooed me off like I was one of your slaves or something. ” she explained as I groaned and rested my head on the steering wheel. Now I was about to have to kiss her ass.

It wasn’t that deep.

Then again, she was sensitive as hell so I wasn’t surprised. I guess I hurt her feelings. I honestly ain’t mean to get an attitude with her, I was too caught up in the game. It happens.

“Rob.. I’m sorry. I ain’t mean to just brush you off like that, but when I’m playing the game I honestly don’t be paying attention to what I say. You can’t take a nigga serious. You know I wouldn’t just shrug you off like that on the regular so why you tripping?” I apologized to her overly sensitive ass, hoping she’d accept it.

She must be on her period. Had to be.

“I’m sorry it’s just that today isn’t really my day.. I woke up to see my phone blowing up because this damn girl stole my designs. I work really hard on them just to have them stolen.” She shook her head. I’ve been meaning to ask her about that because it was literally all over my twitter.

I don’t know why she was surprised. Them hoes steal everything. I’d be pissed too though.

“Nigga you better sue that ho-” I was cut off by the sound of my phone ringing. I picked it up and answered without checking who it was.

“Yo,” I answered. This was my personal phone so I could just answer it any kind of way. If it was my business phone, I made sure to sound as white as possible.

Anything was possible when you sounded Caucasian over the phone. That’s why I be getting so many gigs now.

“Hey, you called?” I sucked my teeth. It was Kayla’s busy ass. I literally called before me and O started playing the game.

“Girl that was hours ago.”

“I’m sorry, you know it’s about that time for  every one to start going back to school so business has been hectic lately because of the sales.” She explained, which she didn’t have to. I was playing with her. I knew when it came to working for the nigga she worked for, she put her time and dedication into it.

I understood everything. My line has been blinging non-stop because these teachers wanted me to paint their halls, classrooms, and etc. I didn’t have to start until next week, that’s why I was trying to chill and kick it right now.

The vibe she gave off was fun to be around. We could drink and talk about shit literally for hours. Ion know if I was ready for a relationship again, but it’s been on my mind heavy. I really ain’t trying to make the wrong decision, cause I like what we got going right now but I know she bound to hit me with the What Are We card.  

Shit, when I started fucking with Robyn I felt the same way but I don’t got time to be waiting on somebody, ya know? She clearly wanna be with King Kong, so I ain’t even gone try to talk her out of it. She made her decision loud and clear when she decided to go fuck him after she kissed me so I’m done trying. She wanted us to be friends anyways.

I shrugged my thoughts off and started to talk to Kayla.

“You good, gone and get that money. When you free though? I’m gone be busy as hell after this weekend.”  I sat my phone down and turned on the Bluetooth in my car, because I was tired of holding it. I told y'all I could barely drive and I wasn’t about to wreck my precious car trying to hold a conversation on the phone.

“Tonight actually.” I could hear the smirk in her voice already.

“You got condoms?” Ion know if I was tripping or not but I think I seen Robyn cover her ears.

“Yes Jaylen, but let me get back to you later. I’ll text you when I get home.” She laughed before hanging up. I smiled and put my phone back in the cup holder. Shit was going down later.

“What you over there grinning about? Freak.” Robyn broke me out of my thoughts. I looked over at her and noticed the disgusted look on her face. Jealous ass.

“You know what I’m grinning about, but anyways.. how you been?” I changed the subject. I ain’t like talking to her about Kayla and I’s relationship because she was forever saying I was a hoe when I wasn’t. Just because you have sexual relations with people from time to time don’t mean shit.

“Good before I woke up to this tragic ass news.”

“It’s aight Rob, don’t sweat it. Ima call up some people, and we gone get this shit straightened. Don’t even worry about it. I told you that you too pretty to be stressing.” I assured her as I patted her thigh as we came to a stop light.

“Jaylen why are you being so nice?” I looked at her sideways. I wasn’t even being “nice”, I was doing my job. If I fuck wit you I’m gone make sure you straight at all times.

“What you mean? I ain’t being nice.”

“You weren’t like this when we first met.” True. Talking to her everyday made me realize a lot of shit though.

“Look, I told you I was gone always have ya back no matter what right? I meant that shit Rob. You work hella hard and put ya blood sweat and tears into yo work, so I don’t got a choice but to help.”

“Thanks, and I’m sorry.” she mumbled before silence filled my car. We all knew what she was sorry for and to be honest, I ain’t really wanna talk about it. Shit had me sick for a few hours.

“It’s cool, Rob, for real. You hungry?” I asked, forgetting all about my potato that was probably digested in Odell’s bitch ass right about now.

“Nah, I’m okay.” she shook her head and sighed.

“Fuck he do to you?” I asked, clenching my jaw. She looked up at me and patted my cheek softly.

“For somebody who doesn’t give a damn about my relationship, you sure are always on go.” She pointed out and I smirked and turned red before looking back at the road.

“I don’t give a damn about ya'lls shit. I give a damn about you. Ya’ll feuding again?” she shooked her head.

“No, I’m just stressed because I can’t put my models in the designs I do have because they’re gunna think MY shit is unoriginal.” she was known to overthink everything, this was regular Rob times 10.

“Relax. By Monday, this shit gon’ be sorted out. I got an ill ass lawyer. You bouta to be paid out the ass.” she smiled and my heart skipped a beat. She was literally one of the baddest females I’ve ever met. Odell wasn’t good for a lot but he linked me with her. A nigga had the heart-eyes around her ever since.

“Where are we going?” she asked, looking at her watch and yawning.

“I know you’re hungry and my ribs showing so we going to Chipotle until something else comes up.”

She shrugged and we started talking about everything. I should always know what I’m getting myself into whenever I initiate a conversation with Rob because she like to get in a nigga mind. It’s therapeutic but sometimes, certain wounds don’t be healed yet.

“No rice or beans in my damn car, Robyn.” I put my fingers in her face and she slapped them away.

“Suck my ass.” she mumbled with her mouth full.

“Assume the position.” I said with a little bit of seriousness, trying to pick her up. Why she always challenging me like I won’t have her on medical leave from her job with this ill ass danger between my legs.

“Stop!” she whined while continuing to eat. “Next question!”

“Aight uh, favorite movie and why?”

“Love Jones. It was romantic from front to back, it had a few bumps but that’s what love is. I could watch it over and over.” she said and then sipped my Cherry Sprite. She always worried about where my mouth be but her mouth ain’t too far behind mine. Always drinking or eating my shit, man.

“Larenz is my nigga and Nia Long could still get this shlong.” we both busted out into a laugh. When it died down, she asked hers.

“You ever been in love?” THAT’S the shit I be talking about. Always so fascinated with my soft side. I played with my keys and nodded.

“Twice. They both had other niggas.” the car went silent.

“You’ll find who you’re looking for, Jay.”

“Nah, the jig is up. It’s too much fuckin’ energy. I'ma just have my fun for a night and just perfect my craft. If it’s real, I won’t have to look, she’ll just pop up.” Like you did when Odell sent me to pick you up.

She caressed my arm and leaned on my shoulder. “She’ll be lucky.”

“As fuck. I’m dope. Anyway, favorite artist?” I changed the subject before I leaked how I really felt.



“Her name is Robyn and we both bad.”

“Yeah, you ain’t lyin’ about that.” I mumbled before my phone starting ringing. Probably Kayla with an answer to them plans.

“Wassup?” I answered.

“I’m free at around like nine.”

“Aight, I'ma be there.” I mumbled, being brief so I wouldn’t kill the mood.

I hung up and looked over at Rob. All this talk about love was making me horny, I knew she wasn’t giving up the puss so I gotta get it elsewhere.

“Ready?” I started the car and she nodded.

“Yeah, I should probably get home.”

I drove back to her crib and we both got out, headed to our respective doors. “Monday, I'ma fix it. Take a nap and stop stressin’.”

Her nigga obviously wasn’t hitting it right since she was always stressing like this. That aint my business though.


Calling Robyn for the like the 10000th time, her shit still went straight  to that damn voicemail. I knew she was pissed off but damn. If she don’t answer in the next twenty minutes I'ma have to pull up. Not on no crazy shit, I just don’t want us to leave each other not on good terms because tomorrow ain’t promised to nobody. I made that mistake before, why would I let it happen again?

The look she had on her face made a nigga feel like the biggest asshole in the world. I don’t know why I did that dumb shit, I was just so caught up in the moment.

Kayla had been telling me she could get me a deal that honestly just sounded too good to be true. I mean, she’s proven herself every time she said she was gone do something but that particular deal just sounded too fairytale.

I was already financially stable, but with this deal, even the next, next, and next generation of my family gone be straight. I’m talking Filthy rich straight.

Turns out, she actually did what she said she was gone do and we have a meeting tomorrow and all I have to do is sign papers. Right now would be the perfect time to celebrate with my girl but I guess sometimes shit just don’t go as planned.

The whole point of me telling her to come over tonight was so I could take her out. I’ve been tied up with work lately, going out of town and shit so I felt that it was best to take her out. I was missing her like crazy. That’s my fucking baby I swear.

I groaned and picked my phone up dialing one more time. It rang for the longest. Call me what you want, I ain’t bout to stop chasing after my fine ass girlfriend.

“Kai, what? Stop bothering me.” She answered loudly, sucking her teeth. She got shit fucked up if she thought I was bout to let her talk to me like a punk.

“Stop bothering you? My nigga you my fucking girl, fuck outta here with that shit.”

“I mean exactly what I said. You was acting like ole girl was God himself so go talk to her.” She hung up, slightly pissing me off.

Kayla had walked in, breaking me out of my thoughts. I noticed that her appearance looked like she was about to go on a red carpet. I guess she was about to go see one of her niggas.

“What are you staring at?” Kayla asked with a smirk on her face. I shook my head and snatched my keys from off the coffee table with my shoulder holding my phone up, trying to get Robyn on my line again. Of course, I failed again and came up on her voicemail. Now it was definitely time to pull up, I knew I wasn’t gon’ catch her in the act or no shit, I just want my girl to know that it’s her and only her I’m thinkin’ about.

I shot Kayla a text telling her to lock up whenever she was ready to leave for her dick appointment and headed in the direction towards Rob’s place. I was putting my engine through hell with how fast I was going, Robyn has been the brightest spot in my life since I met her, life was just started to turn in my favor and I wanted to share everything that I was about to gain with her.

My thoughts became overbearing over the music so I just turned the volume off, not to mention that every song that came on reminded me of Robyn. I sighed and gripped the steering wheel tighter, making a sharp turn on her block, clenching my jaw.

I parked close but not close enough to the point where I’d be noticed, I called her one last time and when I went to hang up because it rang so many damn times, she answered. Light sobs filled my ear.

“Kai, what?” I heard soft music playing in the background and I sighed.

“I’m outside. I just wanna talk, baby.” I pleaded.

“Well, I don’t want to. Go back home and seal the deal with Kayla.”

“Robyn, cut the shit. Be a woman and come talk to me, my nigga. We too grown for this shit.” She chuckled darkly.

“I am a woman! Your woman! A stranger wouldn’t even be able to tell though, you were all over her right in front of me.”

“This phone shit ain’t solving nothing. Come outside.” she sucked her teeth and ended the call. From a few feet away, I saw her pretty ass coming outside. I smiled and opened my car door to meet her halfway.

On my way upstairs, I heard a familiar fit of giggles from the next door over from Robyn’s crib. We both looked up at the same time and while my eyes flashed murder, Robyn’s flashed fear and hurt. How in the fuck did Kay get here before me?

We saw the white-skinned tatted nigga dressed up ready to take Kayla out for a night on the town. Kayla was far from my bitch and killing this nigga wouldn’t be for her damn honor  in no way, but just for my satisfaction.

“Rob, get back in the house.”

She started to argue with me but saw the look on my face.

“Wassup, Pussy Beard?” Jaylen screamed from the stairs. I laughed menacingly and made hurried steps towards him. Eager to end his loud-mouth ass for good.

“Kai, don’t!” Robyn yelled.

“Nah, let this nigga touch me. I dare his bitch ass.”

“Who are you talkin’-” Kayla asked before she saw me.

“Kaiden? Fuck are you doing?”

“You know this nigga?” Jaylen mumbled.

“I hit it first, bitch!” I yelled. Now it was my turn to laugh.

“Not well enough. Both pieces of ya pussy hit my line every night with the ‘wyd’ text? Take ya wavy ass back to New York where the fuck you belong, dick.”

All I could see was red at this point.